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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  February 23, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we're getting new information about breaking news we are following for you in bucks county. in the past few minutes, we have learned police are involved in a standoff at a gun shop. katy zachry is live on the scene with new information in just a minute. and the florida governor is here in philadelphia trying to get businesses to head south with him. we're asking pennsylvania's governor tom wolf what he thinks of the whole thing. and get ready for another arctic blast. a live look outside right now as temperatures are on the way back down. even if it feels a bit warmer and more comfortable this morning, it's about to change. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. the 40s we enjoyed yesterday, let's hang on to those thoughts. >> that's the only thing we can hang on to. >> the record cold we have to hang on to again. meteorologist bill henley is here with his first alert forecast. temperatures are falling and most of the area is still above freezing but the spots that have dropped below freezing can
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expect to see ice. cape may is above freezing so there's water on beach avenue. but it's 33 degrees here at nbc 10. and to the north and west, if it hasn't dried out, it's freezing for pottstown, reading, allentown, 31 degrees. right at the freezing mark for trenton. and the rest of the area will drop below freezing as the day goes on. we'll be in the 20s during the day. it's 7:00 30 degrees. 24 at 9:00 with a cold wind blowing at lunchtime. just 25 degrees then. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten. new information now on this breaking news we're following for you this morning of a police standoff in tullytown, bucks county. nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us just with an update. tell us what you know. >> reporter: i talked to some police who are out there and they said the barricaded situation is behind me a little ways down levittown parkway inside mike's gun shop. the address is 232 levittown parkway. so initially we understood, we
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thought it was inside this shopping complex, it's now across the street from this large shopping complex on levittown parkway, mike gun's shop. earlier we told one person possibly two people were caught burglarizing the place and then there ended up being a standoff with police. so right now a barricaded situation inside a tullytown gun shop. we were just approached by some police who are moving us closer not closer but will give you a different vantage point. we are going behind the walmart that is across the street from this situation where the s.w.a.t. staging, fire and police are. they have brought in a number of emergency responders from throughout the tullytown and bristol area. we'll get a different vantage point and get a little bit closer to where police are on the scene working this case. and we'll have more for you in a bit. but i want to tell you that right now there are a number of
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streets closed off, including most importantly levittown parkway, which is where mike's gun shop is located. and there are some additional street closures in the area. and jillian mele will have more on that. in fact, right now we'll go to jillian for more on the impact of traffic there. jillian? >> especially once the businesses open later in the morning depending on how long this is out there, that's when things could be a big problem for drivers on the road. all the barricades are up there, so route 13 is blocked off at levittown parkway. as katy mentioned, closures all along levittown parkway and the surrounding roads in the area. take mill creek parkway as your alter naught to route 13. take hanes road as we continue to monitor this. we'll give you new alternates if they push back the closure points. in west kensington, details about this with jesse gary headed to the scene of an accident involving an overturned vehicle. this is near north 22nd street and norris street. and this is a live look out of mount more row, route 73 at 295
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you can see the roads here are looking good. thank you. 4:33, fire officials in cape may county are trying to figure out what started an overnight house fire in wildwood. crews are called to arctic avenue around 12:30. no one was hurt and fire officials say the house is a total loss. and within the past few minutes we just got new information from this crash in camden county. police say the driver hit a patch of black ice on blue anchor road at 11:30 last night and crashed into the trees you see there. crews had to free the woman from the truck. she wasn't seriously injured we are told. that road was closed for about an hour. happening today, the governor of florida begins a two-day trip in philadelphia trying to lure businesses out of pennsylvania. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in university city. so matt the governor is coming here trying to take businesses and jobs, what are leaders here saying about that? >> reporter: well, they think it's a political stunt, tracy, but governor rick scott is here trying to convince local companies to quote, buy a
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one-way ticket to the sunshine state. one of the big reasons for it is taxes. florida has no state income tax and a lower corporate tax rate than pennsylvania. the governor will be meeting here with companies today and tomorrow. i asked his office how many are which companies are scheduled for the meetings but his office said that was still be finalized. i spoke to the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce who admire governor scott but don't believe taxes will be enough to lure companies out of the keystone state. are you concerned that some businesses might actually go to florida as a result of this? >> it is all about information sharing and businesses will make decisions based on a variety of factors, whether it's fax-related, whether it is quality of life access to workforce, so the more information that businesses can gather about what is right for them is best. >> reporter: we asked pennsylvania governor tom wolf's office for a response here's what they said. this is nothing more than a political stunt by the florida
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governor, governor wolf knows what the business community needs and is working to improve the stagnant economy he inherited by investing in education and creating strong middle-class jobs. governor scott's political theater doesn't mean anything. i am scheduled to sit down with governor rick scott later this morning. meanwhile, congressman bob brady here in philadelphia is not holding back on his thoughts about this chris. i'll have that coming up at the top of the hour. now live in university city matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 4:36. happening later today the trial is set to begin for a philadelphia man who is accused of raping a teenager girl by pretending to be a police officer. john cashew went to the girl's home showed her a fake badge and got her out of the home by telling her it was surrounded. he took her to this hotel on roosevelt boulevard, handcuffed her and raped her. camden is taking a different
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approach to help the homeless. >> next, the city's plan to give people a permanent place to stay. plus the real cost of a speeding ticket. a new report shows the ticket itself is just the beginning. still ahead, a state-by-state breakdown of how much this will jack up your insurance. so cool for him. the big winners of the oscars. the film that cleaned house and the stars who were the talk of the night.
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4:39. leaders in camden county are looking to end homelessness in camden. this program will help target those with substance issues. under the initiative they are given housing first and then get help overcoming their issues to get a job. later this afternoon we'll find out when the program will start how people are selected for it and where the funding will come from. 4:39. today people in montgomery
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county will have a chance to talk about the issues facing their hometown. it's called conversations with their commissioners. tonight tonight is the first session that will take place. temperatures are falling right now. right now philadelphia is at 34 degrees, but much of the area has dropped below freezing. this is as warm as it's going to get all day long. 34 in wilmington. trenton, right at the freezing mark. and look at bucks county langhorne, 34 degrees. expect to find slippery conditions with ice forming for areas that didn't dry up. doylestown, down to 30 degrees. 30 degrees in quakertown. and perkasie same thing. slippery conditions this morning, but it's otherwise going to be dry. we're starting to track a few flurries in lancaster and burkes county but those are not reaching the ground. the dry air is pushing into the area. wet weather will stay well to our south today. that's not the issue.
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the temperatures are, by 10:00 this morning, we'll be down to 23 degrees in philadelphia. that's more than a ten-degree drop from where we are right now. look at the teens north and west as we go into the afternoon. the skies will clear out. good-bye clouds and good bye warm weather. 25 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon in philadelphia. and then as we drop into the evening, 7:00 this evening, 8 degrees in allentown. 15 for wilmington. and millville, 19 degrees. so as the day goes on it's going to be turning colder and colder. that wind making the difference today. winds gusting to 20 miles an hour and beyond. actual temperatures this afternoon will be dropping into the lower to middle 20s. i'll show you how long that's going to last with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. and 4:41. again, this situation in bucks county is affecting traffic near the shopping center where police are in a standoff with apparently some suspects from a burglary there. >> specifically people in
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tollytown are told to stay in their homes and roads are blocked off around the area. jillian is here to get us around it. >> route 13 is closed off and levittown parkway is blocked for a stretch. take mill creek parkway or haines road. also in west kensington, we are following an accident near north 22nd street and norris street. then finally a live look outside at 95 at girard this is the southbound side heading into center city. the major roads look good in the area. 95 and 76 the blue route are all clear. a new battle is brewing on capitol hill this morning as the countdown clock ticks away. >> next, we'll look at the fight that's putting homeland security in jeopardy and what has to happen to keep that department open. plus with more record cold on the way, philadelphia is trying to keep outdoor pets warm. the door-to-door effort to help animals survive the bitter blast. and honoring the best in film. we'll show you all the big moments in last night's academy awards and the film that took top honors.
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when lawmakers return to capitol hill this morning, they will be meeting to secure the $40 billion budget. >> reporter: the $40 billion budget helps protect places like the mall of america that was recently mentioned in a video from al shabaab. they claimed responsibility for the deadly mall attack in nairobi, kenya. after that the fbi and homeland security staged mock attacks at more than 400 malls across the country. but the homeland security money may run out on friday if congress doesn't act. >> if we go into government shutdown, some 30,000 employees of my department will be terminated including a lot of
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headquarters personnel who i count on daily to stay one step ahead of groups like isil. >> reporter: the other employees would be forced to work without pay. the money has been in limbo because some republicans refuse to fund homeland security without also rolling back president obama's orders delaying deportation of 5 million immigrants. now with the federal courts on their side ruling against those orders opponents may let the issue go for now. >> i am willing and ready to pass a dhs funding bill and let this play out in court. >> reporter: the obama administration's plan is to appeal. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. 4:46 today. president obama will meet with some of the governors tonight after hosting them for dinner last night. tom wolf and governor chris christie were in washington for the meeting. and governor christie will lay out his budget for new jersey this week.
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he'll deliver his budget address tomorrow. two big issues to address, the state's public pension system heavily in date and the transportation trust fund that runs out of money by july 1st. christie has opposed raising taxes to replenish the funds. happening today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter will include small businesses to hire younger workers this summer. he will hold a briefing this afternoon about this at 2:00 at city hall. today marks one week since philadelphia's building here became encased in ice. this is after firefighters doused it with water last monday. neighbors have referred to it as the ice palace. officials say the owner is still trying to find a demolition company to tear it down. there's a fence going up around the property but some neighbors say it's not big enough to protect the public if it comes
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down. >> i worry that even if it falls, it's going to go all in the street. i worry that this is not going to block it. >> we tried to contact the owner of the property but at this point we have not heard back from him. this weekend the animal control center in philadelphia offered straw bedding for people carrying for outdoor pets. the straw repels moisture and keeps the animals warm. this is the first winter that dog owners can be fined for me reflect of providing proper shelter for their pets. they will continue to offer help for those looking to keep their pets warm this winter. and the u.s. coast guard is hard at work trying to break up ice on the delaware river. they shared this video of the coast guard cutter cleet equipped to break ice up to 18 inches thick. and i know we were all tracking snow accumulating over the weekend here. this is what a guy in frederick, maryland came up with. sort of a creative way to show
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the snowfall there in a time lapse. instead of using a ruler, he used a wine bottle to put together the time lapse. it piled to the top of the bottle, about 12 inches. i only got enough to cover the very bottom of my bottle but that's a different story. you don't have to worry about that. what melted yesterday is now starting to refreeze. it didn't dry up and now it's getting colder and colder. you can see the ice flow on the delaware this morning. otherwise a clear view across the delaware. 34 degrees in philadelphia. this is as warm as it is going to be during the day today. it's actually going to be in the 20s during the day. cold air is racing into the pocano mountains. they will feel it first with temperatures in the single digits for much of the day. in the mountains with a wind at 17 miles an hour for mount pocano and wilmington. that's the wind dragging in the colder air. we still have some clouds
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around, but the wind thanks to the cold blast is going to blow the clouds out of here. and this cold will have us close to records again tomorrow morning. for today, we will see clearing skies. the cold wind will bring the temperatures down so this afternoon the temperatures will range from 22 to 26 degrees with winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles an hour. sunshine won't be enough to warm the temperatures up to what we're feel right now. and then it gets much colder. tomorrow morning, 4 degrees in philadelphia. the record for philadelphia is 2 degrees. but much of the rest of the area will see temperatures hit the records or go below tomorrow morning. then 24 tomorrow afternoon with lots of sunshine for tuesday. a few clouds. partly sunny and milder on wednesday afternoon. up to 37 degrees. but it doesn't last. the cold is back for thursday and friday. a warm up over the weekend as clouds arrive sunday leading to rain later on sunday. sunday afternoon, a high of 44
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degrees. all right, bill. new information now on this breaking news of the police standoff. before we get to traffic, let me tell you about this live picture of a police standoff two suspects, one or two suspects were caught during a burglary at a gun shop in tollytown in the shopping center there. police have been in the standoff and we just heard from the police chief one of the suspects or the suspect is now on the roof of that business. they have asked the media to stay away that's why we're giving you this very generic view of the scene right now. but dangerous situation here. they have asked people who live around the shopping center to shelter in place, in other words, stay inside your home because they don't have this guy or more than one person captured yet. >> and any of the businesses open overnight, they are asked them to close. >> the walmart right there. >> right. the roads are closed around the area if you're traveling there. >> as the situation progresses and as we get more information, we'll get updates on the closures. route 13 is closed down at levittown parkway.
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we did find out levittown parkway is specifically shut down between spur lane and route 13. some other neighborhood streets are in the area are blocked off. keep that in mind. take mill creek parkway or haines road. either of those will be just fine if you need to get around it. we'll keep you posted on that situation. west kensington still following the accident with an overturned vehicle near north 22nd street and norris street. and the major roads are quiet. they are looking good. this is the westbound side of the vine as drivers head out to 76. chris? 4:52. it was the biggest night in hollywood. the 87th annual academy awards and a small film that had a huge night. >> "birdman." >> "birdman" starring michael keaton brought home best picture in the acting category. eddie redmayne won for "theory of everything."
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and julianne moore won for "still alice." >> do you want some clowns or somebody to take you seriously? >> "the voice's" queen bee christinaing a christinaing a aguilera is back after having her second child. >> i have a newfound sense of myself and that has to affect my coaching. >> good luck beating team blake. they just can't seem to stop that guy. christina would have to derail blake who had last season's winner and four out of the seven champions. the new season of "the voice" premiers at 8:00 tonight followed by "the night shift" at 10:00 and "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. a full weekend of dancing as penn state raised millions for a great cause. that was the announcement there
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of hundreds of students taking part in penn state's dance marathon over the weekend. and that was the reaction when they found out they raised more than $13 million. all of that money for pediatric cancer research and care. this event began friday night and wrapped up late yesterday. the 46-hour event was filled with the longest student-run philanthropy in the country. the price you pay for a speeding ticket doesn't stop with a ticket. next, the new report shows just how much your insurance premiums can jump and for two of our states it's a whole lot more than the rest.
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4:56. happening today, people in delaware have the chance to weigh in on proposed rules watching over animal shelters in the state. officials will let public owners
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get involved today with new rules to increase adoptions. and later this week the pennsylvania lawmakers will talk about changing the state's liquor laws. right now it's illegal to buy alcohol out of state and bring it back to pennsylvania. reports say some delaware county lawmakers want to change the law to make it okay. others say this could hurt businesses by allowing them to buy liquor outside of the state. new this morning, a report just released takes a closer look at how much your insurance can jump if you get a ticket from the police. the report commission found that insurance premiums can increase up to 92% after a single moving violation. that's the national average. it also found the state where you live can affect just how much your violation impacts your insurance policy costs. we'll take a look at the state-by-state breakdown now for a speeding ticket. for drivers in pennsylvania it will increase by 43%. in new jersey, 37%. and in pennsylvania much less 14%. if you're caught driving under the influence, your rate could
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increase by 112% if you live in new jersey. 72% for drivers in delaware. 55% in pennsylvania. to see more categories on how much tickets will impact your insurance rates, just go to or the nbc 10 app. you're talking speeding tickets, now we'll talk parking tickets. you almost expect the parking authority to ticket your vehicle if you park in the wrong spot in philadelphia, right? after a viewer issued a ticket by police we started digging into a questionable citation that could end up on your windshield. harry hairston has the first look. >> reporter: parking isn't easy in philadelphia. justin rizio thought he had a good thing on queen street. >> this used to be free parking. >> reporter: until he got this ticket but he was not sure what it was for. the violence code didn't make a lot of sense. and what the officer wrote led to more questions. questions no one wanted to answer. >> he wrote down two completely
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different things so i had no idea what i was getting the ticket for. >> i think perhaps clarity is in order here. >> reporter: today at 4:00 we dig deeper and ask questions about a parking violation given to more than 700 drivers. for the investigators harry hairston. "nbc 10 news." you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 starts right now. >> businesses closed roads shut down and people being told to stay in their homes. we are live on the scene of a police standoff gathering new information on what led to the standoff at a gun shop in bucks county. and protecting jobs. local leaders are playing defense this morning as florida's governor makes his pitch in hopes of luring businesses away to the sunshine state. we could use some sunshine today. the bitter cold making a comeback with temperatures falling all night. this morning they are still going down as we await another arctic blast on the way for the area. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson.
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we'll begin with meteorologist bill hen willin the first alert weather center to find out about the temperatures. we'll see the sunshine today but it won't help temperatures coming down. we do have clouds overhead right now with nothing falling from the clouds. i don't expect to see wet weather today, but we'll see temperatures come down. now 33 degrees here at nbc 10. philadelphia international, it's 34, but look at the temperatures that have dropped to freezing or below. wrightstown, trenton, this is where we'll see the cool conditions. thanks to the wind feels like temperatures, 27 degrees in philadelphia. the hour-by-hour forecast calling for a breezy morning. at 6:00 we'll be at 31 degrees. by 9:00 down to 24. and the wind will be blowing the clouds out of here but i'll keep the temperatures down heading into the afternoon hours. at noontime just 25


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