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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  February 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> i'm tracy davidson. we'll begin with meteorologist bill hen willin the first alert weather center to find out about the temperatures. we'll see the sunshine today but it won't help temperatures coming down. we do have clouds overhead right now with nothing falling from the clouds. i don't expect to see wet weather today, but we'll see temperatures come down. now 33 degrees here at nbc 10. philadelphia international, it's 34, but look at the temperatures that have dropped to freezing or below. wrightstown, trenton, this is where we'll see the cool conditions. thanks to the wind feels like temperatures, 27 degrees in philadelphia. the hour-by-hour forecast calling for a breezy morning. at 6:00 we'll be at 31 degrees. by 9:00 down to 24. and the wind will be blowing the clouds out of here but i'll keep the temperatures down heading into the afternoon hours. at noontime just 25 degrees.
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we're going through it hour by hour to show the cold air moving in when i'm back in ten. now we'll go to first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning to you, jillian. the highways across the area are looking good. no big problems to report, but we're dealing with two situations right now. in west kensington, we have the accident involving the overturned vehicle at north 2nd street and diamond street. jesse gary just got to the scene and just tweeted this photo. as you can see, the vehicle is on its side. so that roadway is going to be blocked off. the other problem we're following is outside of bucks county tullytown, a lot of closures near route 13. that's closed at levittown parkway. levittown parkway is closed near spur lane and route 13. more on the breaking news situation there. jillian, you talked about that. we have more information on the suspect who was at the center of the police standoff happening in bucks county now. it's happening at a shopping center on levittown parkway in tullytown, specifically a gun shop there. police have closed several roads
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in the area as jillian just showed us. katy zachry has been on the scene for us for about an hour now. katy, you just talked to the police chief so what did he tell you there? >> reporter: yeah the tullytown police chief met me in this parking lot. we are kept a safe distance away from mike's gun shop where this is playing out. around 2:00 a.m. as we zoom into the distance across levittown parkway and zoom into the area where this is happening. around 2:00 a.m. the police were alerted that someone broke into mike's gun shop on levittown parkway. when police arrived at the location, they found the suspect on the roof. now, here is some of my conversation. i just had this with tullytown's police chief daniel doyle. do you know if he's armed? >> we are not sure. >> reporter: the fact that he's on the roof talk about the added difficulty in kind of that adding to it. because his angle is his vantage
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point, right? >> the difficulty is we don't have a set of eyes up there to see what he's doing. it's dark out and that's kind of hindering our efforts to see whether he's armed or not. >> reporter: and police are right now, i'm told they set up a pretty wide perimeter around mike's gun shop. you have about 50 officers here. many of them s.w.a.t. officers here who have come from throughout bucks county. they have been on the scene for about the last hour or so. again, police believe they know there's at least one person, one suspect they are dealing with. there could be more. they don't know if there are two or three, but again they have eyes on one individual who is on the roof right now. the difficulty is it's dark out and they don't have a helicopter to put above the scene. so they have been trying to reach that suspect. they have been using a p.a. system. but i'm told that right at this point the suspect has not communicated back with them.
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we are going to stay here and have another update for you in 30 minutes. reporting live in tullytown, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." four minutes past 5:00 now to more breaking news as philadelphia police are searching for a driver who hit several parked cars and took off. jesse gary is live on that scene in west kensington. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, the vehicle in question is sitting in the middle of north 2nd here near diamond. that's a toyota rav 4. this happened before 4:00 this morning with the female driver heading south on 2nd crashed into the ford f-150 and rolled that vehicle into the middle of the street. i talked to the owner of the ford who owns this car sales dealership over to the right. he tells me he got the car saying somebody hit his truck and the driver of the rav-4 has driven off. the tow truck is on his way to tow the wreckage out of the middle of north 2nd and hope to
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get this roadway opened shortly. another update in 30 minutes or so. live in kensington jesse gary "nbc 10 news." new from overnight, firefighters were called out to this home in wildwood that started at 12:30 on arctic avenue. nobody was injured but fire officials say the house is a total loss. they are still trying to figure out what started the fire. happening today, the governor of florida begins a two-day trip to philadelphia in an attempt to lure businesses out of philadelphia to florida. matt delucia is live in university city. matt some of our local leaders are not too thrilled about this visit even though they say it's a stunt, right? >> reporter: yes, they believe this is all politics. it is not uncommon for leaders to go from state to state, trying to convince businesses to come here. but this is being done in a very public way. governor rick scott is really trying to convince local businesses to buy a one-way ticket out of here. one of the big reasons, he says is taxes. florida has no state income tax,
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a lower corporate tax rate than pennsylvania. governor scott will be meeting with companies here today and tomorrow. a full schedule i'm told. i sat down with congressman bob brady accusing florida's governor of grandstanding in a state with democratic leadership. and he doesn't believe any companies will leave. >> i think he's going to grandstill a hospital. it is not easy for a business to pick up and we're not giving them any good reason. and they are also motivated by our new governor who again is a very successful business person. >> reporter: the pennsylvania governor tom wolf's office tells me they believe this is nothing more than a political stunt. now, this is the first day that the florida governor is visiting with the hopes of soliciting businesses. i did ask that office if there are any plans to go to any other states, say new jersey or delaware, at this point they tell me there are no other plans. i am scheduled to sit down with
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governor rick scott later on this morning to talk about this. in the meantime could pennsylvania be doing anything more to keep businesses here? a question i'm trying to get an answer to coming up in the next hour. for now, live in university city, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 5:07 now. happening today, the trial is set to begin for a philadelphia man accused of raping a teenager girl by posing as a police officer. the investigators say john casseus met the girl went to her home and showed her a fake badge to get her to leave the house by telling her it was surrounded. he took her to a hotel, handcuffed her and assaulted her. and secretary jay johnson says a shut down of his department would hurt the possibility of catching somebody like isis. 30,000 workers will be furloughed if that happens, that
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includes the majority of fema workers who spent the last two months on winter storm response. today people in montgomery county have the chance to talk about conversations with their commissioners. this is the first time the discussions will happen mean the public and city leaders. the owner of the flowertown tarmer's market plans to close the building home to more than a dozen vendors. the community and vendors are fighting back with an online petition to keep it open. tonight officials will take a vote to rezone the property. we took a vote right now to keep the temperatures we have at this hour because it's warmer now than it's going to be during the day. a strong gusty wind is bringing in some colder air. and ice is forming already in some of the suburbs as temperatures are already below freezing.
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that arctic blast will continue to bring temperatures down in the 20s this afternoon. and then tonight we're on our way to another round of record cold temperatures. right now 14 degrees in mount pocano. see light snow in the pocano mountains. don't expect to see that in trenton and dover. trenton, 32 degrees. dover is just a couple degrees above freezing. no sign of any snow falling here. this is camelback this morning. just temperatures have fallen and the numbers will continue to come down during the day. a few flurries moving through burkes county and into lancaster county. you may see a snowflake or two, but we'll be dry for the rest of the day with the steadier rain way to the south coming at us. the cold that's a different story. that's coming at us throughout the day. at 1:00 this afternoon, 20 in allentown. we're in the 30s right now in philadelphia. it will be 25 degrees this afternoon at 1:00. and 26 degrees in wilmington. getting colder as the day goes on. a cold gusty wind.
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northwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. they will clear the skies, but bring our temperatures down into the 20s this afternoon. making weekend plans? well, plan on a milder weekend, up to 33 degrees on saturday. that's not all that warm but 44 on sunday afternoon. and rain developing later on sunday. the full seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. icy roads, watch out for those this morning. there are slick spots as evidenced by this picture in camden county overnight. winslow township police say a pickup truck hit black ice on blue anchor road at 11:30 and ran into this wooded area. the driver had to be freed from the truck but she was not seriously hurt. and keep in mind today that the amtrak service in the northeast corridor will continue to operate on a modified schedule because of weather issues. the northeast regional schedules have been adjusted between new york city and boston or washington, d.c. all other services will operate normally. also of note the barricade
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situation in tullytown, people have to get around that as part of your morning commute. let's go to jillian mele with more on that. >> big-time closures for drivers in bucks county. route 13 is blocked off near levittown parkway. that will be closed until the situation ends and that's no telling when that will be. route 13 is closed near spur lane. mill creek parkway is an alternate. west kensington where jesse gary was live at the scene, we have an overturned vehicle near north 2nd street at diamond street. that's blocked off and american street is your good alternate. aside from that the majors look good. no issues on 76 95 the blue route, 422 is clear. this is a live look at route 100 near route 13. 33 degrees outside right now. help for the homeless a new program to provide housing for the homeless no matter why they are on the streets. that's just the first step. plus shopping security. we're following the terror
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threat targeting malls many the united states and around the world.
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5:14. we are following a couple breaking news stories. this one is impacting a lot of people with a police standoff taking place at a shopping center in tullytown right at route 13 near levittown parkway. there's a gun shop there and police say there's one burglar, at least a couple burglars may
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have tripped an alarm. and right now the suspects are still either inside the shop and the police chief said one may actually be on top of the business now. so they are trying to make an arrest here but the situation is evolving. it's a warning to people who live around the area to stay in their home shelter until the suspect is apprehended. and we are following a crash in west kensington. the driver lost control of her suv and crashed into a truck. the suv rolled over and this has 2nd street blocked off at diamond street in west kensington. it's 5:15. now from the south jersey bureau, a live look at camden where county leaders will announce a new program today aimed to end homelessness in the city. it's causing housing first to target those with mental illness or substance abuse issues. under the initiative they will be given shelter first and then later will focus on how to get
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them a job. later we'll tell you how people will be selected for it and the source for the funding. the government says there's no credible evidence saying that an attack will happen at the mall of america, but extra security is being put in place at the mall in bloomington, minnesota. similar threats were made against malls in canada and britain. homeland security secretary jay johnson says his department is taking the threats seriously and he's urging caution. >> i'm not telling people to not go to the mall. i think that there needs to be an awareness, there needs to be vigilance and, you know people need to be careful, obviously. >> and the threats come from the group al shabaab who take credit for a deadly mall attack in 2013. and three british girls who traveled to syria to join isis now have their families bleeding for their return. authorities believe the girls
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may have already slipped into syria by car. over the weekend their relatives made emotional pleas asking them to return home. and look at this, a new video from isis to show a training camp in syria for kids. those kids can be seen lining up doing physical exercising, chanting and praying. the instructors say the children are syrian and foreign. the group often returns to their child recruitment as cub fighters. the father of an american aid worker killed by isis says the u.s. government put policy in front of american lives. the 26-year-old kayla mueller was killed after months in captivity after her death by isis. her father, carl talked to savannah guthrie in an exclusive interview. >> we understand the policy about not paying ransom but on the other hand any parent out there would understand that you would want anything and
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everything done to bring your child home. >> mueller said he's sure the government will work on changing their policies. you can watch the entire interview on the "today" show starting at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. 18 minutes after 5:00 and we'll go to first alert traffic reporter jillian mele for an update on a couple situations. >> it's a busy morning. starting off in bucks county route 13 still shut down at levittown parkway. levittown parkway is closed near spur lane and route 13. take mill creek parkway to get around that. west kensington is blocked off near 2nd street. the suv is still out there on its side. jesse gary is live at that scene. we'll keep you updated on both of those situations. finally, this is a live look at fort washington. 309 is completely clear at the
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pennsylvania turnpike. the turnpike is free of any accidents. now we've got a cold day in the making. it hasn't happened yet, but temperatures are starting to come down right now. still in the 30s, this is a dry view looking from atop the lowes hotel in center city. still holding out at 34 degrees in philadelphia. that's not bad, but we'll be nowhere near this warm this afternoon as we'll be in the 20s. cape may looking at water on the streets. a typical scene around the area after the snow that came through saturday night. right now it's icing up north and west. reading, coatsville pottstown doylestown, all below freezing. but it's still just above freezing in cape may airport. north cape may, there are colder temperatures there. we could see icing even at the shore this morning. it hasn't dried up and temperatures are falling. wood vine 34 degrees. it is down to 33 in somersport.
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temperatures will be colder and colder. we'll get lots of sunshine this afternoon. there's a blast of cold air that's going to be squeezing in. that's going to have us at record levels again tomorrow morning. 22 to 26 degrees. that's this afternoon. a cold wind blowing that will allow for clearing skies. but it's never going to feel warm this afternoon. and it gets colder tonight. 2 is the record for philadelphia. it will be down to 4 degrees tomorrow morning. but other areas will be colder. wilmington, cape may, you could see records in those areas. partly sunny after a cold start wednesday. 37 degrees is the high temperature. then the cold returns for thursday. and friday the temperatures start to climb over the weekend. saturday afternoon 33 degrees. into the 40s sunday. the clouds are back with a chance of rain. a lot of people are thinking about escaping winter but if you would like to trade snow for snow white, it's going to cost you more. we'll have new information about
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5:323. we could approach record lows
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tonight and tomorrow morning. and experts say don't pay to see your credit score. more than 50 million people have free and regular access to their credit scores. also more than a dozen major credit cards will offer up the same scores to some consumers. plus, several popular websites will give you a look at your free credit score. >> do not pay for it, it's free. and it's going to cost you more to visit america's happiest place. here's landon dowdy with more on that. >> reporter: tracy, good morning. it's going to cost a bit more to visit the happiest place on earth. disney is raising ticket prices for its u.s. theme parks. the one-day pass for disney world is now $105 up from $99. the first florida family attraction to break the $100 mark. other disney parks in orlando and california are also raising prices. sea world and universal orlando typically increase prices soon after disney. a disney spokesman says there's a lot of demand for the company's attractions.
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and checking the market stocks could come under pressure to start the week. futures are lower and the markets are coming off a positive week. the dow closed at a record high on friday. and the nasdaq added another 15-year high. today we'll get reports on home sales and later this week home prices consumer confidence and inflation. on friday the dow rose 150 points. the nasdaq up 31 to 4955. >> landon dowdy at cnbc thanks. temperatures are dropping and they won't be coming back up. we're seeing the warmest readings right now. and that includes the shore. cape may is about to see some ice forming as the roads have not completely dried. right now in the first alert traffic center jillian mele. good morning to you, bill. to you at home as well. this is a live look at 422 at oaks. that's the eastbound side clear right now. most of the majors look good. however, we do have two breaking news situations that are both impacting traffic.
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right now in levittown, bucks county there's a police standoff with officers and a burglary suspect. i'm told the suspect is on the roof of a gun store. we'll have more information after i talk to the police chief. that's coming up just after the break. i'm jesse gary live in west kensington where a vehicle continues to block north 2nd right at diamond. we'll get new information from the scene right after the break.
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we are following two breaking news stories right now. first a police standoff at a gun shop. right now businesses are closing, roads are shut down and residents are told to stay in their home. and a driver loses control and hits another car and runs off. we are live on that scene as well. and jockeying for jobs. florida's governor is in town trying to take advantage of the winter blues to lure companies in this area to the sunshine state. and an arctic blast. we are back below freezing in parts of the area this morning. the cold air will be with us all week. a reminder to watch out for slick spots on streets and sidewalks as you head out. good morning and welcome to "nbc
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10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we'll begin with the first alert forecast with bill henley. yesterday we were in the 40s, but that's a distant memory now. 47 degrees yesterday, but that was a one-day deal. we are back to the cold this morning with temperatures falling. and we do have clouds overhead. that's actually helping to keep the temperatures in the 30s right now, but those clouds are not going to last. we'll see the wind kick in and clear out this warmer air that we're seeing right now. 34 degrees in philadelphia. it's already below freezing for pottstown. allentown now in the 20s. and it's falling. so get ready for a cold day. 30 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00 down to 24. and then 25 degrees will feel like it's in the teens at lunchtime today. the temperatures come down even more this afternoon. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten but right now we'll go to first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning to you, bill. so far so


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