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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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payment on the home of your dreams. call citizens bank at 1-866-999-0218 or visit >> we are following breaking news out of the lehigh valley. a police officer is stabbed following a chase with a suspect involved in a domestic dispute. that suspect is dead. doug is live in east allen town for us. doug what can you tell us. >> this is a scene held by pennsylvania state police for six, six and a half hours now. you can see one of the marked united states from the police department. this started with domestic stabbing around 3:00 this morning. a suspect then apparently left that scene and went over to an
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address in the town. that is where the police officer got involved along with pennsylvania state police trooper down here to east allentown. apparently the suspect could not make the turn went over a snow bank and hit a fence. as he jumped out of his car to flee, what police were telling us, the officer tried to apprehend him. that is when the suspect allegedly stabbed the officer and that is when both the officer and state trooper opened fire. a release just put out by lehigh county coroner's office that person they are listing as john doe dead from multiple gunshot wounds. wounds." i spoke with the police officer. he's undergoing surgery, conscious, not life threatening. it was one stab wound to the body. state police and all the authorities including lehigh district attorney expected to hold a press conference at 3:00 to release more details.
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right now one suspect dead. officer out of surgery expected to be okay. more details later in the day. live in allentown, nbc news. >> doug thank you. we're also following breaking news in burlington county. police tell us a shooting at a workplace moorestown. police are on the scene at shields business. bureau reporter cydney long is live there now. sydney, you've been speaking to police. what's happened? >> i have. it is our understanding that both these employees, both males coming onto their shift. we just found out from police that some fellow employees may have, in fact witnessed this deadly shooting. we really haven't seen employees in and out. take a look. you can see crime scene detectives out here in front of this business shields business solution there comparing notes as we speak. police are not yet telling us any names of the deceased or
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victor any potential motive. >> officers arrived on location and found that a shooting had occurred beginning in the building and finishing outside the building. >> police say the shots were fired only by one man, not an exchange of gunfire like police say appears to be an attempted murder then suicide. the shooter is the one deceased and he was the only one armed. the employee locked up had already locked up his employee issued gun. he repairs tam machines and reloads them with cash. police wouldn't tell us if the the men worked together or how long they knew one another. they are saying now the victim suffered at many as four gunshot wounds but was conscious when paramedics arrived. here is how police told us it unfolded. >> the gentleman getting shot tried to flee and this gentleman chased him to the building worked his wayous out back.
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>> moorestown police station is a minute or two away. they arrived quickly this morning. we can tell you they are also assisted this morning by burlington county prosecutor's office maple shade as well as detectives with mount laurel told employees who may have witnessed the shooting are right now being interviewed. as for the victim it is in fact, four gunshots not three as initially reported. we're told he was shot in the upper torso area. he is being evaluated at cooper medical center. as soon as we have any information, any more information on his condition, we will bring it to you. live in moorestown burlington county, i'm cydney long, "nbc 10 news. plunging temperatures across our area this morning. a live look at center city philadelphia. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast. it's gotten much colder since i started my shift this morning. >> that's right. yesterday into the 40s.
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tonight, the poconos, well below zero perhaps as low as 10 below. the flags an indication the cold air is coming right back. temperatures continuing to go down during the afternoon. record cold in several areas during the night tonight and a frigid week overall. we only have one day that i would say is not going to be frigid all week. it's already down to 19 in allentown and quakertown 20 in redding. in doylestown 26 in philadelphia. we were in the 30s just a couple hours ago. 21 in trenton and we're in the 30s down towards the shore. that's not going to last either. so be prepared for colder and colder weather as we go through the afternoon and into the evening. another bitter cold night tonight. record cold in parts of the area. look at this by 8:00 we're
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already in the single digits north and west. by 11:00, we're getting closer to zero already below zero in the poconos. these temperatures at 6:00 a.m. we'll see just how low it's going to go tonight and how cold it's going to be for the rest of the week. the seven-day in a few minutes. >> bucks county police standoff. in the last hour the second suspect was captured after being on the run since early this morning. the standoff started around 2:00 a.m. after a burglary at mike's gun shop on levittown parkway in tullytown. jesse gary live at the scene. tell us how this tense situation finally came to an end. jess. >> reporter: two suspects at the bristol county police department. officers on the scene a few mince ago reopened surrounding streets. they have lifted shelter in place that delayed start of the school day for two nearby
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schools. this protracted search started around 2:00. tullytown police say two men broke into mike's gun store through the roof which tripped the burglar alarm. responding officers spotted one of the pair on the roof setting up a perimeter preventing escape. a half dozen helped search the area. the wanted man found hiding in the ventilation system of a neighboring pizzeria. >> we started pulling down the ceiling. we borrowed equipment from the fire department and started pulling the drop ceiling down to the point where it was inevitable we were going to find him. >> that investigation has begun, shelter in place lifted. one school st. michael of the archangel closed for the the day. the would be robbers called 911 while hiding trying to lure police away with tale of a body on lakeside drive. police pinged the cell call found it was coming from inside the search area. unclear if the pair managed to steal guns. atf helping in this
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investigation. right now officers removing bags of evidence from the roof of the gun store. live in tullytown, jesse gary nbc 10 news. philadelphia police say a hit-and-run driver who hit several parked cars flipped her suv and took off returned to the scene hours after the accident. the accident happened around 4:30 this morning on north 2nd street in the city's west kensington neighborhood. police tell us after the woman hit the cars and flipped her suv she ran off. about four hours later she came back and told police she had a seizure. police tell us she won't be charged. one person rushed to the hospital in critical condition after an early morning crash involving a car and ambulance in camden county. the accident happened around 5:00 this morning on the white horse pike in magnolia. police are still investigating what caused the crash. fire officials in cape may county are trying to figure out what started an overnight fire there in wildwood. crews were called out to arctic avenue around 12:30 this morning. no one was hurt.
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fire officials say the house was a total loss. icy roads to blame for the crash in camden county. wins low township say driver hit a patch of black ice on blue anchor road around 11:30 last night and crashed into some trees. crews had to free the woman from the car. she was not seriously hurt. the road was closed for about an hour. meanwhile happening now, the governor of florida is visiting philadelphia in an attempt to lure businesses out of pennsylvania. nbc 10's matt delucia live in center city. matt how is the governor explaining this trip and the possibility of taking companies and jobs out of the state? >> vai, let's put it this way, before my interview this morning, the governor's office handed me these flyers detailing why florida is better than pennsylvania when it comes to business. governor rick scott says it's his job to do that while local leaders i've been talking to in philadelphia say it's their job to make this entire effort a failure. >> my job is to get jobs for
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florida families. >> and to do that florida governor rick scott tells me he needs to get companies to move to the sunshine state. he believes better tax rates and employment are some of the key ways to woo pennsylvania companies out of here. he blames governor tom wolf. >> what your new governor is doing is not good for businesses. when it's not good for businesses, that's when people lose their job. >> he fired back calling this nothing more than a political stunt. the governor did not make a visit when governor corbett was in office, on a cold winter's day several are lined up to listen. >> what do you say to the people who may end up losing their jobs with their companies if they decide to pack up and move to florida? >> my experience is everybody likes to move to florida. they like the weather, beaches, amusement parks, get out. we've got a great education system. >> warmer maybe. but better? i went to the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce. >> are you concerned that make
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businesses might actually go to florida as a result of this? >> it's all about information sharing. businesses will make decisions based on a variety of factors, whether it's tax related, quality of life. >> congressman bod brady believes companies might use the meetings as leverage but doesn't think governor scott will have any success. >> guys like him fall on their face all by themselves, you know. he'll fall on his face all by himself. everybody will see what it is. it's a grandstand play. >> well florida's governor is here today and tomorrow. one company he's meeting with is wawa which already has a dozen stores there. some of this is about expansion but also getting some companies to leave and never look back. live in center city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> governor chris christie will lay out his 2016 budget this week for new jersey. governor christie will deliver his budget speech tomorrow. two big issues he's expected to
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address, the state's public pension system which is heavily in debt and the transportation trust fund which will run out of money by july 1st. christie has opposed raising taxes to replenish that fund. up next the mission to stop isis. could the obama administration strategy be changing? the steps the new defense secretary is taking overseas today. plus shopping security we're following the terror threat targeting malls here in the u.s. and around the world. glenn? >> gusty winds and plunging temperatures today. i'm tracking the return of record cold when we might see at least a brief break from this arctic air just ahead.
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office, u.s. defense secretary ashton carter is in kuwait talking about strategies that defeat isis. today carty is holding a war council with 30 american military diplomatic and intelligence experts. carter's wants to learn more about the current one. before the conference carter told troops that the base of the u.s. will deliver a quote, lasting did he fweet. the meeting after criticism for president obama's strategy for countering isis. family members of three british girls believed to have fled to syria to join isis made an emotional plea for their them to come home. the girls 15 and 16 are from the same east london school.
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they disappeared last tuesday. authorities believe they boarded a plane to turkey. the family said there were no signs in advance that the girls were interested in extremism. >> to convince such young girls at that age so vulnerable it's wrong, evil. it's an evil thing to do. you're breaking up entire families. >> authorities say before the girls disappeared one of them had online contact with a fourth woman who left for syria in 2013 to marry a jihadi fighter. 11:16. we have breaking news here. skyforce 10 has been launched. it is hovering over this breaking news. this is in camden county. look at this thick black smoke coming from the scene of a tanker fire. this is what we know right now.
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pen salken that tanker exploded over route 130. it caught fire tense to burn. that second scene right now there's another scene skyforce 10 is on. you see cars there trying to maneuver and get out of the way. this is close to the betsy ross bridge. it is on the northbound route 90 ramp. that second fire there looks like it's more on the road and we're working to find out why that second fire -- we're looking at this as you are, folks. so bear with us. we don't have any information on whether there's anybody injured here. we're trying to make out whether that's a vehicle that's on fire. it could be a tanker truck that's burning with that much force.
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it's possible that that's a vehicle but it's hard to tell. it's basically burning out of control. lots of black smoke in that area. again, if you happen to be traveling in that area you may be coming off of route 73 trying to get on route 90 to get on the betsy ross bridge. i would suggest you stay on route 73 and get over the bridge so you're not in this area. if you're headed towards new jersey on i-95 i would stay off of the betsy ross bridge and keep going onto the bridge street exit and make your way over again, follow your way over. that would be the best alternate to get around this fire. this is a tanker fire. it's hard to see. that tanker probably is engulfed in that fire. it is burning pretty well there. we don't have any information on
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anybody injured or hurt here. we don't see another vehicle. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing here with me. he's standing by and can talk about maybe the wind conditions which may help this fire continue to burn. glenn. >> yeah. not just continue to burn but spread that smoke for quite a while. we have some fairly gusty winds out there, northwest winds behind the front. it's dropping the temperature. but those winds, as you can see blowing the smoke quite dramatically from right to left which would be northwest to southeast right into the residential area. so it's not blowing it back onto the road. it's blowing it right toward where the houses are very, very close to the road. that's some pretty awful looking smoke. >> there are two fires burning, as you can see here as skyforce
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10 pulled out. there are two separate fires. they look maybe, ig, 100 guess, 100, 200 yards away from each other. this is on route 90 northbound. i come over from south jersey and i use this area fairly frequently. to get ott onto the betsy ross off 73 northbound and onto this interchange on route 90 which is where this fire is burning to get onto the betsy ross bridge. those folks that are on the ground they look like fire personnel and waving in maybe some help. they have i'm sure shut off route 73 to the route 90 interchange. this is northbound on route 90. this is how folks in south jersey get over to the betsy ross bridge get over to the
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pennsylvania side. so we're getting some new information. this is from pen salken police. pennsauken police. there's 89,000 gallons of fuel aboard this tanker burning. police are concerned about those living in the area. there are nearby homes there. this is the area near pal myra and maple shade. they do have concerns. you see the black smoke. 89,000 gallons. >> vai. >> yes? >> two locations for this fire.
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if you look right at the edge on the right-hand lane that's toward the houses there may be some snow right on the edge of the road or maybe whatever looks wet could conceivably be icy. because we've seen the temperature drop several degrees just in the last few hours. it was above freezing at 6:00 and 7:00 a.m., but now it is dropping quickly. so anything that was liquid or slushy has become icy. and we obviously don't know if that had anything to do with the accident but this is appearing to be ice on the side of the road. >> there's a squad car making their way around. let's bring in the pilot and
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have him give us some information on what he says. >> hey, vai, how are you doing? able to see where the betsy ross bridge actually is. this is the betsy ross bridge in the distance there. if you follow that down towards route 130 interchange, you'll see that that exit ramp is where the fire is. there's two different locations. there's the fire on the side of the road. as i pan the camera up you can see the second fire location which looks like it was actually the truck. we can see a wheel there as we zoom in. >> we can make out skeletal remains of the truck there. more visible, this fire continues to consume this vehicle. 89,000 gallons of fuel burned in the two locations of the fire.
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that right there. we're just learning this information now, giving it to you from my producer. the 95 exit for the betsy ross bridge has been shut off because of this fire. you cannot get to new jersey on the betsy ross bridge. police personnel have completely shut down any possibility, any of those exits that get you onto the betsy ross bridge off of 95 whether northbound or southbound. you'll not be able to get off at that exit for obvious reasons. if you have loved ones or someone driving home you may want to get on the phone and call them, let them know this is the reason they should continue on and get off at bridge street winding their way over on the pal myra bridgemyra bridge.
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if they are heading that way, getting on the route 90 interchange. the palmyra bridge. two fires burning out of control. black smoke. that wind not helping any. glenn here chatting and telling us that ice on those roads may have had something to do with it. we don't know. we don't have any idea why this tanker burst into flames and caught on fire. we will get that information. we're trying to make phone calls and find out why that's happened and why this tanker is burning, but these are dramatic pictures coming to you from south jersey pennsauken camden county fire personnel are on the scene. it doesn't appear any of them there are trying to put this
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fire out either. they are just letting this burn. pennsauken police have concern about fire and local homes that are in the area. pennsauken and maple shade, a little bit further up is the town of palmyra, new jersey. see personnel there, looks like they are trying to string hoses. but they are on the ground. >> vai, the smoke is something that gets detected on radar occasionally, but it needs to go up to a certain elevation. so the smoke right near the ground doesn't necessarily show up. you can see the wind is so horizontal. it's just blowing pretty close to the ground. >> yeah. skyforce 10 pulls back a little bit, we can see a little bit better the homes that are in that area that are being affected by this black smoke.
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we'll take a break here and come right back to this breaking news story out of pennsauken, camden county.
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. nearly 11:30. pennsauken camden county. taking a look from sky 10 at
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this fire of the a tanker truck, 89,000 gallons of fuel and it's burning out of control. we've been on the scene here for the last 15 minutes or so. do we have -- first of all, let's go to our lieutenant from the pennsauken township police. lieutenant, are you on the phone with me? >> yes, i am. >> i appreciate you coming on. can you give us just a synopsis of what happened here when this happened and what is going on? >> about twenty minutes ago the tractor-trailer traveling route 90 ramp to route 130 north apparently overturned into the guardrail. the truck was carrying 89,000 pounds of gasoline. it ruptured and it's on fire. it's running down embankment to the neighborhoods. fire department is trying to control it from getting to homes in the chadwick section of pen sawingen. >> lieutenant can you tell us
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if the driver of that vehicle is injured? is he in the vehicle? was he rescued? did he gets out? >> he was rescued by the first officers that arrived on the scene. he's in the ambulance at the top of the ramp as you can see there? >> what caused this? was he driving too fast? was there ice on the road? can you tell us exactly what happened or note what happened? >> i don't know at this time. i don't know what caused the accident at this time. >> we're talking to lieutenant probasco. you can see the homes from skyforce 10 you can see they are not that far away. we're looking at the second fire. looks like it might be contained. you have concerns about the residents in that neighborhood? >> yes. you can see where the tanker is. behind that gas is running down the embankment and going into storm drains and causing fires.
11:32 am
you see the firefighting back now. >> we don't see any -- we see the fire personnel put out the second fire. this one we're looking at you may not have access to the monitor to see what we're seeing. we're looking at the hull of the vehicle. they aren't trying to put that out. did they make a decision it's a lost cause or why vice president they put that fire out? >> i haven't had a chance to talk to the fire department yet. i don't know what operations are going on with the fire department. >> what about contacting the residents of that neighborhood? have they been evacuate cindy has anybody evacuated those folks there? >> some evacuated, we have units working on that now. >> i'm sorry, lieutenant probassco in terms of your
11:33 am
evacuation plan and trying to get folks out of the way. >> we have officers now knocking on doors. any houses in the vicinity they are evacuating those houses now. >> do you have any idea of the radius of evacuation? entire neighborhood. >> just homes backing up to the ramps. >> okay. lieutenant, thank you very much for your time and coming on the phone with us to update us and give us some detail on this breaking news story. a tanker that had 89,000 gallons of fuel burning out of control, the driver of that vehicle was rescued. he was not injured. so we don't think there were any other folks on that tanker. let's go now to dan kent who is our pilot on skyforce 10. dan, tell us what you came on the scene, how quickly you got
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there, what you saw when you came on the scene. >> we were actually dispatched to go to another story in west philadelphia. when we walked out of the heliport we saw thick black smoke from the landing. we headed up this way. once we arrived on the scene we noticed there were two fire locations. the first fire location is where the tanker truck is on the left with the heavy black smoke. on the right here as i zoom in that was another fire location which has definitely subsided every since we've been here. you do still see some flames but they are working on that fire location and seem to be getting a handle on it as more fire trucks pull up. >> dan, the lieutenant for pennsauken was telling us this overturned vehicle happened going from route 90 to 130 north. can you give us a more specific location where exactly this spot
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is? >> as i pull out here you can see that major artery going right underneath is is route 90. that ramp is from the betsy ross bridge. as it comes around here it will cross over route 90 to go to route 130. >> okay. that helps -- that gives us some idea. we see some vehicles that are on there. there is some movement. let's go to vince in the studio with me and has some access to pictures in the area. vince, what can you tell us? >> vai, we've been getting pictures in. this came from nbc 10 app. they were able to submit this to us. this is from the scene there. if you take this full you'll be able to really understand how huge this fire is from the ground. thick, black smoke billowing in
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the sky on route 90. onto give perspective, dan was explaining that from the sky. this is route 130 and route 90. route 90 is basically what takes you over into northeast philadelphia over the betsy ross bridge. this is the on ramp there. we've heard from fire officials and police officials in this area that they were going around the ramp the driver was, and he hit the guardrail, overturned. 89,000 gallons of fuel is going and burning in this area. unfortunately it is going down the on ramp into the neighborhoods. the biggest concern right now is to make sure they can stop the fire before it goes into those neighborhoods and could possibly light homes on fire. they said flaming fuel is going into the storm drains so they want to ensure they can stop anything before they get into that area. let me take you to our discovery app banjo so i can show you this is what the smoke looks like. talking about this from skyforce
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10, walked out on penns landing. this the same vantage point. you can see it from far away. this is from cherry hill and you can see the smoke coming through in that area. let me show you on a map here. this is route 90. let me use the pen here. this is route 90. that is the betsy ross bridge that brings you into philadelphia. on ramp we're not sure which one, but one of these on ramps here. if i zoom in -- excuse me for one second. if i zoom into this area you can see there are plenty of homes right in this area greenbrier road. it looks like barkley avenue. monsignor fallen drive. we're not sure which of these areas is at risk but we want to make sure people know what's going on in their neighborhood. glenn "hurricane" schwartz do you have thoughts on this? >> the wind direction is coming
11:38 am
out of the northwest. that's why any kind of fire in this area blowing toward the residential area rather than this wooded area on the other side the wind was blowing just the opposite way, it wouldn't be that kind of danger to the neighborhoods in this particular area. the wind is blowing 20 miles an hour sustained. we have gusts even stronger than that. >> sure. >> and that's really unfortunate timing. if it was something that happened tonight, it would be practically no wind. so the smoke would at least stay right where it is now. >> glen as we look on the photo there, if you can hear us pan back out to the smoke plume happening on that on ramp so glenn could illustrate. see that smoke coming to the side there. so glenn, this is exactly what you're talking about, right? >> yeah. and that wind has been picking
11:39 am
up all morning. the other thing again, the temperature has been dropping. so anything that was wet on the side of the road or slushy on the side of that ramp i'm sure has turned into ice, whether it had anything to do with the accident or not. but look how -- it's just right at house level practically, because the wind is so strong it doesn't get a chance for the smoke to go up into the air. >> when you see down there at the bottom left of the screen and now you can see through the smoke the fire emergency trucks there. one just pulled out of a driveway there as sergeant probasco told us they are alerting all those folks from the fire area. they are trying to evacuate them to get them out of our homes. >> vai, i have an update from one of our producers. we've been calling the newsroom.
11:40 am
we got an update on the amount of fuel. >> 900. >> that's a good thing, not 89,000 like we were told by police when this event started happening. >> we're looking at basically close-up pictures. tina in the control room would you give us that shot from the lows hotel on the side of the river in the philadelphia area if you're wondering why that black smoke is there, there it is. this is a live picture from our loews hotel camera. this smoke is toxic. for those close to the area, it's extremely dangerous for those in the vicinity here. that black smoke is drifting over a number of miles there. it's hard to estimate but through south jersey i suppose.
11:41 am
this black smoke is wafting through the air. it's extremely dangerous, toxic, containing carbon monoxide. it's very dangerous, which is part of the reason why they are evacuating that area according to lieutenant probasco from pennsauken police. fire crews are there on the ground. this tanker truck was traveling on 130 trying to get -- route 90 rather trying to get on 130 north when he overturned that vehicle. it burst into flames contains 8900 gallon of fuel. we mentioned earlier 89,000 but it is 8900 gallons of fuel. you see the hull of that vehicle there, the skeletal remains of it as this fire continues to burn and rage out of control.
11:42 am
the second fire about i'd say 2 or 300 yards away from this vehicle has been brought under control. dan kent who is flying skyforce 10 there is where the other fire was. looks like they have managed to control that. let's go back to vince. >> hey, vai. we've got more social media photos and images from viewers using social discover app, banjo. this gives you another view of the intensity of this fire. we can see here that the thick smoke is blowing just like glenn was talking about into that neighborhood here. you can see fire crews and police have shut down the area as we go through this way. this is what it looks like in one of the neighborhoods nearby. tina says my house is sitting in a cloud of smoke from the fire down the street and it's creepy. lila we're not sure who that
11:43 am
is, is freaking out. we'll be reaching out to tina to see whether she's safe. a summary of her morning, tina says down the street from the fire. again, we were showing you as far away as cherry hill you can see the smoke. this is what it looked like. eric took this picture driving down the road there, fair way corporate center. looks like an old wawa there smoke is burning. probably 130 what it appears to be in that area. so obviously this is what it looks like in center city philadelphia. obviously a dangerous situation for people living in that neighborhood. like you said vai, you talked to fire officials over in that area, they want to make sure they keep people in those homes out of harm's way because of the winds that are blowing and also the moving fuel those 8900 gallons of fuel that is rolling into that neighborhood from that on ramp. >> vince, lieutenant probasco
11:44 am
from pennsauken township told us this is gasoline. our folks are making phone calls on it. i wanted to make sure that indeed, was what it was. that's gasoline. that's 89 gallons of fuel a lot of fuel. obviously it is burning, creating thick, black smoke wafting through the air in south jersey. you can be seen from miles away. taking a look at social media pictures, folks who are snapping pictures from their neighborhoods as they are driving by this area. that's helpful for us as a news organization so we can give our viewers and those who are paying attention to this an idea where this is happening. we want to try -- they are also trying to evacuate as many of those people as they possibly can in that neighborhood. just to the left of that black smoke is an entire neighborhood. you can see that's somebody's backyard. several back yards are lined up right across from that tanker
11:45 am
fire. this is in pennsauken township. they are doing this best there to contain this fire and evacuate people get them out of harm's way. we went on the air at 11:00 during this broadcast. my estimation is about 15 minutes into our broadcast when we received word this was burning and raging out of control. this is probably about a half hour in. glenn -- i'm going to bring in chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz social media to the right and pictures on the left there, what the wind is doing to help and aid this fire. >> right. it's blowing right around 20 miles an hour now. that black line that you see snaking through, that's the delaware river. so the city of philadelphia is just on the left new jersey is toward the right. and the arrows indicate the
11:46 am
direction of the wind. so obviously there is no smoke that would be going across the river toward northeast philadelphia. you can obviously see it from parts of northeast philly and i-95 but it's blowing in the opposite direction of i-95. it would be blowing more in the direction of 295 over in new jersey. now, the temperature, which was about 35 degrees, just four or so hours ago above freezing and anything was liquid was liquid now is frozen because the temperature is now about 25 degrees. it continues to drop. so the wind of course bringing in the colder air from canada. that direction will continue all afternoon. it's not going to be one of those cases where the wind shifts as you go through the
11:47 am
day. it's going to be fairly gusty. it will die down during the night tonight. but as the wind diminishes it will still be coming from this same direction. so the smoke would not be going across the river toward northeast philly. it will continue to go toward the southeast in new jersey. >> glenn, thank you. we're going to go -- we have on the phone with us our south jersey bureau reporter cydney long who was not that far away. she was in moorestown covering another story for us. tell us what you can see from where you are. >> reporter: we just put it in our gps and we're approximately six miles from route 90 in pennsauken. we can see the smoke just faintly from where we are from our location in moorestown. i've been reaching out to the chief of pennsauken fire department, chief colombo. we're waiting to hear back from
11:48 am
the county dispatch also to pennsauken police and the cooper medical center just to see if anyone would potentially be going to the hospital or local doctors if they are breathing in any of this as they are being evacuated from this neighborhood. we can see the smoke visible from where we are. police sending a video of them pulling up on the scene. you can see thick, black smoke and soot one of the officers gets out of the car. you can see the embankment with the winds and weather we've had it would carry to homes there. they are knocking on doors to get people out of their homes and safety potentially, vai, for them not to be breathing in this smoke that's now billowing right into their homes, their neighborhood there. vai. >> cydney are you seeing -- i know you said six miles away can you tell sense there's
11:49 am
traffic issues in the area as you're driving with people either driving towards this or sometimes people are want to do or just in terms of normal traffic, this is creating any havoc, any problem where you are? >> not at this point, vai. we're locked down with our camera. we can go check that out, of course. the chopper may have a better vantage point of that. no, not where we are at this location at this point. i'll give you a good description now. >> that smoke, is it drifting towards you and moorestown where you are or are you seeing it drift away from you? >> it's drifting a little towards us vai. it is. i can tell it's much much thicker towards the ground obviously. it is coming our way a little bit. i'm not sure which direction that might be from where we are. we did put it in the gps. it is about six miles and it's clearly visible from our location. >> cydney long our south jersey bureau reporter checking in here
11:50 am
from moorestown where she's coming another story, not very far, six miles, according to her gps. you can see from the pictures of the loews camera. that black fire is engulfing the entire jersey area. it's pretty significant. according to the website fire engineering, when it comes to burning gasoline tankers, the best action may be no action which may answer some of the questions we had earlier. firefighters may want to let the fire burn itself out. that's because if gasoline flows into the u.s. sewer system fires can occur far downstream from the incident. if unburned gasoline gets into the system it can ignite causing manholes to erupt. raw gasoline should be allowed to burn out, which is why you saw those firefighters standing by. they just allowed this tanker to burn. that's apparently what they do.
11:51 am
glenn, i'm going to throw over to you. you're monitoring over at the "weather center" situations there. what can you tell us? >> right. let's put it in total perspective with the wider view in the map and where we can see philadelphia in relation to where this particular event is taking place. the wind continues to be out of the northwest. it's blowing the smoke in the same direction. the wind is not going to change. the wind isn't necessarily going to increase more than it already has but it's not going to die down. it's not going to change directions. so where that smoke is blowing now, the direction that it's blowing now is going to continue. now, if there was no wind the smoke would just be able to go
11:52 am
straight up or some of these particles would be able to dissipate in the same spot. what happens is the wind is so strong it's blowing all these particles horizontally. so the houses close by unfortunately they get exposed that much more because of the way the wind is right now. we also have what's known as an inversion where the air is not rising that quickly, and so we kind of have a little lid on the atmosphere here which is also helping prevent this smoke from going up. >> glenn, thank you. i've got a woman, florence panto, who is on the phone with us. she lives just behind where this tanker is burning out of
11:53 am
control. we're learning that the fire department's do allow that for a host of reasons. florence, can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> florence tell us when you first realized that this tanker was burning and tell us exactly where you live in relation to it it. >> caller: there's so many sirens on. my son had called me up. he said are you and dad -- he said, look out the window. it's basically a block away from my house. it's jet black smoke everywhere fire engines everywhere. so my son called to see if we were going to be evacuated, you know, but i said i didn't know at this point. it just jet black smoke. i've never seen so much smoke. from what i understand there was
11:54 am
a tanker. it may have been on 95 -- the bridge. >> on 90 on 130 northbound when it overturned. >> there's ambulances and cop cars and firemen everywhere. >> florence has anybody knocked on your door and asked you to evacuate? you said no one has. >> no not yet. my son called to see. not yet. there's just people running all over the place. it's across the street from me. i don't think it will come down to this end, but down -- >> how far away are you from -- can you give us an estimation? >> literally about a block? >> about a block. is the nick smoke we're looking at pouring out over the home where you are? >> no as i'm looking out my
11:55 am
window, it's pouring out in front of me but pouring out about one, two, three, four five six houses. >> florence i just want to be sure that you're safe. part of that is i would suggest you just go back in your house until somebody knocks on your door only because of that black smoke that's wafting over. you may not even be able to see the black smoke. >> you can smell it. i have my door shut. >> that's very toxic, florence. i would suggest you go back inside and try to stay calm. >> i have emphysema. as long as nobody is hurt. >> how about your neighbors? anybody contacted you, knocked on your door? any folks outside? do you see folks gathering, getting into their vehicles and leaving at all? >> no. just a couple of neighbors are out. but basically from the front of my house down is just fire trucks. people are definitely going to be evacuated.
11:56 am
there's helicopters. but it's going to be across the street. i'm sure people are being evacuated at this point because it's really intense. very intense smoke. i'm six houses down. >> i can tell you right now, you may not be able to see this florence, but now they are spraying chemicals on that fire and they are attempting to put it out at this point. they have allowed it to burn for a while but they are now working on putting it out. florence, describe for me what it smells like when you were out there. >> smells like. i'm looking at my tv. it's literally on the ramp it
11:57 am
about six houses down. i'm sure we're in a good spot. i'm sure the people up the street have to be evacuated. >> florence we thank you. i know this is difficult for you and your family. you have a good son who called and check up on you. >> caller: he said are you and pop okay? i said yes, why? i thought i smelled something. i peeked out my window and said a tanker exploded or something. get out of the house if you need to get out. oh, my god. i looked out and it's just -- it's horrible. it's absolutely horrible. >> florence we wish you well. we hope you'll be okay. as we're looking at this fire being put out, it looks like they are bringing it under control, but we wish you well and hope that everything will be okay, that you're not injured in any way from the toxic fumes at
11:58 am
all. so stay inside. >> yeah definitely stay inside. >> until authorities come. but it looks like this may be coming to an end here at least the fire. florence panto, who lives there in pennsauken, thank you very much for your time. >> caller: thank you. >> let's head over to glenn. glenn, what can you tell us? >> obviously this wind is having an effect on the fire. yeah we're looking at this viewer video where from this viewer standpoint smoke is blowing right toward them. it goes over their heads but not by much. there are particles, i'm sure in that black smoke, particles that drift down to the ground. you can smell it. it can get on people's clothes and cars and houses. those houses are incredibly close to where this tanker truck
11:59 am
went over. and normally in a highway if something happened right on the highway, it wouldn't be anywhere near that close to these houses. so you have the combination of this happening on the outer edge of the ramp which is the closest spot to some of these houses, at least the upper portion of the fire the earlier one was practically in their back yards. the wind blowing that smoke towards those houses you can see people in the back yards of some of those houses. the temperature is dropping. it's down into the mid-20s. it was about 35 degrees a few hours ago. so nothing was too frozen. but now it is.
12:00 pm
it just makes everything more difficult. >> we are at the top of the hour and covering this breaking news story of a tanker fire in pennsauken. you're seeing it burn out of control. >> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news we're showing you live pictures from skyforce 10, which we launched a little less than an hour ago in pennsauken. we were told this tanker was driving on route 90 making the interchange to 130 northbound when it overturned. we don't know if it hit black ice of the driver of this vehicle was rescued. he was not hurt. no injuries no deaths in this fire. but 8900 gallons of fuel that was mostly allowed to burn. it looks like in just the last five minutes or to fewer crews there have sprayed this white chemical on it in an attempt to put it out.


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