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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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pain. a firefighter had minor injuries. fortunate there wasn't more damage to the surrounding area. >> i went up and i saw that the tire was all the way up in the air and the tires were falling. >> reporter: rocky lives behind the off-ramp where this happened. a truck carrying 9,000 gallons of gasoline. there was two big bangs and a massive fire. you could see the thick, black smoke for miles as it blew east over area neighborhoods. a driver of the truck was hurt. the surrounding area was evacuated for a short time. you could smell the burning gas in the air. some said you could feel it in your throat. after some gas burned off, a hazmat based near the scene was able to contain the fire minimizing potential damage to the air and water. >> when i say you have to commend first responders guys got out there very quick. they mitigated a lot of damage that could have taken place with a slower response.
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>> reporter: and i can tell you, you can still really smell the smell in the air at this point. i'm told that road up there is actually melted through in some spots and will need major repairs and quickly. investigators will see if ice and/or speed played a part in the crash. in the last couple of hours we've been here, we've gotten to know some neighbors around here. they say everybody who doesn't know this area and the off-ramp everybody takes it way too fast. investigators will try to determine what exactly led to the crash. live in pennsauken township, tim furlong, "nbc10 news." >> we're closely watching this situation from our network of traffic cameras. take a look at route 73 route 130 in pennsauken, not far from the crash scene. things are moving as you see but at the scene, well the on-ramp to 90 east is still closed at route 73. and along route 130 the on-ramp to 90 east is also still closed. let's look at the betsy ross bridge. it forced the closure of ramps for both routes 90 and 130.
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police have reopened those ramps this afternoon and traffic is now once again moving. again, the tanker erupted on northbound route 130, around 11 a.m. some five hours ago. >> sky force 10 is high above the scene for us. >> let's hear from our photographer on board, dan kent. what do you see right now with the traffic situation? >> reporter: right now as you can see there's nothing much of this tractor-trailer that was burning this morning. and you could see the exit ramp from route 90 to 130 is still shut down. as i widen out, you'll see there's another exit ramp before this one that takes from you route 90 east to route 130 north. that's where they're diverting the traffic. that's what's causing the backup. as i show you the traffic, you can see it actually goes back to about the base of the betsy ross bridge on the new jersey side.
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>> from what you can see dan, it looks like this will be going on for quite some time. people need to plan alternate routes if they can, right? >> exactly. it looks like the ramp will be shut down for a long time as well as 90 east where they have all their emergency equipment stationed. >> dan kent, thanks for brings us those pickstures from sky force 10. ted greenberg continuing with reaction from neighbors. >> that thick, black smoke caused serious concern for people who were home during that fire, right? >> reporter: it certainly did, jim and renee. people in about 40 homes in this neighborhood had to be evacuated. most have been allowed to return, but not all of them. folks here really could not believe what they were seeing and feeling. one woman told us it looked like something out of a movie. >> i thought it was somebody banking on my door. i heard boom boom boom again. >> reporter: their houses shook.
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then they saw the raging flames and thick clouds of smoke darkening their pennsauken neighborhood. >> it was all black. it was all black. it looked like the sky was, like falling, you know. >> reporter: marissa lives on windham road where the smoke plumes started pouring after this tanker truck full of gasoline flipped over and exploded around 11 a.m. on the route 90 ramp to route 130. >> they just told us we had to get out, so we left. >> reporter: residents rushed away from the area with their pets and whatever else they could quickly grab when authorities evacuated nearby homes as a precaution. >> i have allergies and kids have asthma. my husband has breathing problems. no we knew we had to leave. >> anybody with underlying lung disease like asthmatics or people with emphysema or copd should minimize smoke or inhalation because it can cause reactive airway disease and make
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people short of breath. >> reporter: those are the risks but no reports of any residents needing medical attention. we can tell you, though people who live in homes about a quarter mile away from here say that soot ended up on their houses. live in pennsauken, ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." >> as that fire burned out of control, neighbors were capturing the moment and posting it on social media. >> nbc10's vince lattanzio is here to show us some unforgettable images. >> we have more than a dozen photos through nbc10 app and social media. this was posted to our facebook page by jim. he said that you can see the gasoline burning here. this is probably the closest we've seen to that on-ramp right in the immediate aftermath of the fire. as we can see the gasoline as it comes down the ramp is burning in two separate areas. we saw that earlier from sky force 10. let's go to his backyard. this is a video he took in his backyard. he walks closer. you can't hear him on the video but he says you can see the shed
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is on fire and, obviously, this is a dangerous situation there. now, these are just a few of the images that we're seeing. you can see more on the nbc10 app. remember, whenever breaking news happens, you can share videos and photo easily right from that app. >> thousands of our viewers followed this breaking news live as it happened on their smartphone and tablets. they were using the "nbc10 news" app. be the first to get breaking newing around the clock using the app. now to a deadly police encounter in the lehigh valley. one of several breaking news stories we've covered since early this morning. police shot and killed a suspect after he stabbed an officer. nbc10's doug shimell just got an update from investigators. >> have they revealed what sparked all this? >> reporter: well police and prosecutors tell us that the suspect, jerome nichols, had gone to the home of his former girlfriend and stabbed her but no one could have anticipated the wild police chase that would have followed. >> i heard a loud bang and, help me help me.
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>> reporter: jennifer brown says she heard her neighbor being attacked in her whitehall home. >> i went to the wall and listened and heard her say call the police. so i banged on the wall and said, i'm calling police. >> reporter: she said she was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend, who then fled in a black suv. barely 30 minutes later the suspect was dead after a police chase in which investigators say he crashed his vehicle, stabbed a police officer, and was shot and killed by that police officer. the police officer underwent surgery and should be okay. detectives identify the suspect as 42-year-old jerome nichols and officers say police dash cam videos say a taser did not stop nichols as he approached the officer. >> the officer was under attack with a large knife. he was stabbed multiple times. you know certainly under those circumstances, the force that was utilized is in my opinion,
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justifiable. >> reporter: jennifer brown says the outcome of the chase is sad but is relieved for jacqueline. >> now she doesn't have to worry about that kind of domestic drama and abuse anymore. >> reporter: well both jacqueline and the unnamed police officer are expected to make a full recovery. both that officer and the state trooper are on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. live in hanover township lehigh valley, doug shimell, "nbc10 news." 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a deadly workplace shooting. we brought you this as breaking news on television and our news app moments after it happened. police say one man shot a coworker, then turned the gun on himself. the coworker right now is in critical condition. the gunman died. this happened at a company in moorestown burlington county. happened around 7:00 this morning. nbc10 south jersey reporter
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cydney long on the scene there. >> do we know yet what led to this confrontation? >> reporter: police will only tell us at this point that this all began as a domestic dispute, so something outside of work that ended here at the workplace. you can see police right now still holding this very much as a crime scene. we are at shield's business solution. we know from police that colleagues of the victim ran to his rescue. the victim was not armed and that shots were fired both inside and outside of the business. the men both worked as armored car security officers. the company relies on armored cars because they fix and repair atms with cash. edgar figueroa of philadelphia is dead tonight. moorestown police say he took his own life with his own gun after chasing and firing at coworker melvin nieves who police say was not armed, shooting him four times. >> it began in a work area toward the rear of the building. >> gunshot victim. >> reporter: nbc10 obtained
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these audio dispatch calls of police who arrived within a minute or two. police say nieves has only worked here since march of last year. both men lived in philadelphia and drove armored cars for the company. they were just arriving for work. police say an ongoing domestic situation motivated the violence. at least a handful of employees witnessed the shooting. >> some employees saw something. our detectives are trying to determine exactly who saw what. >> reporter: some were escorted to their cars today and would not speak with us. no one from the company returned our calls but a contractor told me a counselor has been hired to help grieving employees. >> the gentleman that was getting shot, obviously, tried to flee and this gentleman chased him through the building. i guess it worked its way outside, out back. >> reporter: now, nieves was air lifted to cooper medical center by a state police chopper. we are told his family actually visited with him and with detectives at the hospital. at the last check, we spoke to the hospital is he listed in critical condition.
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also police tell me that both of these men -- both of these men have to have a permit to carry their own sidearms to work. so this was his own weapon figueroa. and that is the very latest live in moorestown tonight. cydney long, "nbc10 news." i'm told if you look very closely, you'll see a few flurries in the shot. yep, there they are, in center city earlier today. our camera caught the scene around 8:00 this morning near 18th and market streets. now you probably feel it out there. the mercury is dropping fast. >> nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to look at the potential record-breaking cold. >> yeah renee, we have the cold air that continues to move in. can you see the camera shaking because the wind is still strong. and we have another frigid blast that's in here. the slush is going to be freezing as the temperature continues to go down. we have record cold in many areas tonight. and a frigid week ahead.
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this pattern is not changing this week. we're nearly 20 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. and it's 20 in allentown. 21 in reading and quakertown. 8 in mt. pocono. 26 in philadelphia. 25 in wilmington and mt. holly. 23 in trenton. we don't have any place above the freezing mark now that continues to get colder and colder. that trend will continue with clear skies, light winds and that fresh snow cover. it's really going to cool off quickly tonight. way down in the teens by 10:00. some places go below zero tonight. i'll tell you who is going to see that with the rest. seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. new video into nbc10 of a property that has really become a tourist destination of sorts. sky force 10 was over the scene as demolition crews tore down the remains of a west philadelphia building that was gutted by fire one week ago today. and then it was turned into an
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ice palace from the water that was used by firefighters to put out the fire in those subfreezing conditions. well, here's a quick snapshot of the before and after. to the left the frozen building to the left. to the right, crews taking it down today. >> "nbc10 news" is live on the scene. we've been there all afternoon. nbc10 investigator harry hairston shows us the progress crews are making there. >> reporter: the ice palace is no more. it's still an imminent theft to safety in this area. the demolition company is picking it apart piece by piece. >> getting in front of it and taking it down might be the safest thing to do. but it was beautiful. >> reporter: the mayor's office tells the nbc10 investigators the property owner hired the demolition company. a spokesperson for the mayor's office speaking for the department of licenses and inspections says l&i gave the go ahead for the work to start, even without permits. mayor's spokesperson tells us
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quote, the contractor needs to go through all the permit process. mcdonald also adds quote, my sense is we the are applying for those permits and must provide items like a safety plan. this property is just one of more than 300 properties on the city's imminently dangerous list. l&i commissioner has recently told me his department requires owners to get permits first before demolishing or even repairing property. but those living near the demolition of the ice palace don't seem concerned about how it gets knocked down as long as it gets knocked down. >> i think it's lovely they're finally taking it down. if they don't take it down, it's going to fall down. >> reporter: now, just moments ago i talked to the demolition company. they told me they gave the city their safety plan on friday and the permit to start work was waived so they could start work immediately. they say they shall have the paper permit in their hands by
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the end of the work day. for the investigators, harry hairston, "nbc10 news." police in bucks county have two suspects in custody now and things are back to normal after a standoff at a gun shop. we first showed you this on "nbc 10 news today." at mike's gun shop and sporting goods. the standoff caused schools and businesses in the area to close. police say two men broke into the shop through the roof around 2:30 this morning, that tripped the burglar alarm. the pair were hiding in the ceiling ventilation system at a neighboring pizza shop. >> we started pulling down the ceiling. we borrowed equipment from the fire department and we just started pulling the drop ceiling down to the point where it was inevitable we were going to find them. >> and they did. fortunately, no one hurt here. back now to our top story. sky force 10 still high above the scene of a tanker truck inferno from earlier today.
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this is in pennsauken camden county. >> five hours later still having an impact on the afternoon rush. we want to show you earlier. now, this is when this tanker was burning out of control. this is on the northbound route 90 ramp for busy route 130. it's right in the heart of pennsauken camden county. and as you can see here because of what's taken place, it affected traffic around the betsy ross bridge for hours there. still working to find out what caused this tanker to explode and then, of course, catch fire. well several witnesses for the prosecution took the stand today in the murder trial of the so-called black madame. authorities say winslow injected a british woman with silicone for illegal butt enhancement at a hotel near the airport in february of 2011. that woman later died. today a former client testified about hosting one of winslow butt injection parties at her home. another person took the stand to discuss the problem she had
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after receiving the procedure several years ago. well we can't seem to get out of this pattern, at least for a while. we continue to see more and more cold air come in. the slush is around. it's going to be freezing during the night tonight. record cold in many parts of the area. we just have one brief break this week. that's about it. the flags, well the wind's still blowing out there but the wind is going to be diminishing tonight. 26 degrees with a 22-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 28. so, it will be a little while before it actually does calm down. but last night at 6:00 we were 41. 34 at 6:00 this morning. 26 right now. and by 6:00, we're down near 20. and it's still windy, so it's really feeling cold out there. we got well into the 40s yesterday with some sunshine in
4:18 pm
the afternoon. we're gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. the temperature, 21 at chester springs. 22 at doylestown. we have a fresh snow cover here. when you have light wind these temperatures can really crash later on during the night. sometimes the computer models don't even pick this up. so these numbers could actually be lower than this. the actual numbers. going below zero tomorrow morning in these areas that are zero or 1, i think we'll be below zero. and then it just warms into the 20s during the day tomorrow. record low in philadelphia is 2. predicting 4. reading should beat the record pretty easily. atlantic city will probably beat the record. allentown should smash the record. wilmington probably beating the
4:19 pm
record with 2 degrees there. the arctic air, yeah, it doesn't really want to budge. it eases up one day, on wednesday, and then we get more coming right back in as we end the month of february and go into march. there's the arctic air covering much of the country. now, there are some computer models just a bit of a break for the first two weeks of march. but others don't. and keep this arctic air close by. i mean here we are, march 5th and the pattern does not look tremendously different. now, the sun's getting higher in the sky, so even an average day is going to seem kind of mild as we go into early march. clearing with near record cold in parts of the area. 4 for the low in philadelphia. 4 below zero in some of the coldest suburbs. during the day tomorrow sunny and bitter cold. highs only in the mid-20s. the average high for this time of the year is 46 degrees.
4:20 pm
the warmest day. week is still 11 degrees colder than that. bitter cold thursday. we're going to watch a system going by to the south. more on that coming in a half hour. and then another bitter cold blast toward the end of the week. and then a wintry mix looks like to change to rain on sunday. if i couldn't have fit in the spot i wouldn't have parked there. >> fined by police for parking too close to another car. the philadelphia parking authority says that's not against the law. what happened when the nbc10 investigators started asking questions. plus why health experts say the way you wash your dishes is putting your kids at risk for developing allergies. then the local gas company seeing record levels of usage. three things they say you can do now to cut down on your bill. coming right up on "nbc10 news."
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a tight housing squeeze at
4:24 pm
rowan university has some worried. the university says it's reconfigured dorm rooms designed for two students into triples. a spokesperson tells us the three-person rooms are voluntary. in delaware, state officials are accepting public comment on proposed new rules aimed at protecting animals living in shelters. also increase opportunities for their adoption. new rules would also establish requirements for humane euthanasia. they say written proposals will be accepted through march 10th. a couple of emergency emergency police officers weren't arresting bad guys early this morning. they were busy delivering a baby. two officers helped deliver the baby just before 3:00 this morning at sherbrook estates in west windsor township. they say they kept dad calm while making sure the delivery was a success. they let dad cut the umbilical cord. mom and baby are doing fine.
4:25 pm
>> good to keep dad calm. back to our top story. >> a tanker truck inferno that shut down a busy ramp in south jersey. we've been following this story for more than five hours now. these images from sky force 10 earlier show the thick, black smoke is that flowed into the pennsauken neighborhood. the driver of this truck survived. sky force 10 still live over the scene now. you see the aftermath. still a big mess on the ramp. the aftermath of this inferno having an impact also oot afternoon rush. count on "nbc10 news" to keep you updated with developments on this breaking news story. it's completely unfair. >> turmoil over a ticket. one man's parking citation for a law that apparently doesn't even exist. new at 4:30, the nbc10 investigators are getting involved. get ready to shiver again. i'm tracking more record-breaking cold. find out how cold it's going to be where you live in my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up tonight on
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nbc10 at 5:00 -- flooded basements, blocked roads and icy headaches. water main breaks have become a daily occurrence across our city. find out just how many are being blamed on the bitter cold.
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run smoothly. every time you put money in it causes, uh...deposit friction. gotta get some fiscal lube on there. [ male announcer ] it's time to bank human again. [ defeated] okay. [ male announcer ] avoid monthly maintenance fees at td bank with a minimum checking balance of just $100. td bank. america's most convenient bank. sfau. five hours after a tanker truck inferno in camden county, it's still causing problems. it overturned and burst into flames on route 190 ramp in pennsauken. the driver wasn't seriously hurt. investigators trying to figure out what caused this wreck. sky force 10 live over that scene. the aftermath of this inferno having a real impact as you can imagine, on the afternoon rush hour. count on "nbc10 news" to keep you updated with developments on this still breaking news story.
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lehigh valley valley officer recovering after being stabbed by a man. police shot and killed jerome nichols who was suspected of stabbing his ex-girlfriend. officers say they tried to stop nichols with a taser before shooting him. the injured officer is out of surgery. he's expected to be okay. police in burlington county say one man shot a coworker and then turned the gun on himself. the gunman edgar figueroa is dead. his coworker in critical condition. it happened this morning at shield's business solutions in moorestown new jersey. police say an ongoing domestic situation motivated this violence violence. the countdown is on until we can say, so long winter. nbc10 in center city, philadelphia, where our camera captured a sign on this icy sidewalk. it reads, 25 days until spring. can't come fast enough. but not so fast.
4:31 pm
>> that's right. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to tell us more record cold is on the way. >> yes. this is not the only bitter cold morning we're going to have across the area this week. flags showing the wind coming out of the northwest. continuing to bring in some of that canadian air that has been brutally cold this winter. we're about 20 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. plus, wind on top of that. temperatures falling down near 20 degrees. 20 in allentown right now. we have dropped into the 20s even at the shore. that fresh snow cover is also going to allow the temperature to drop once the wind dice down during the night tonight. it will be dropping into the teens even in the philadelphia area by 10:00. some places go below zero. and we'll tell you just how cold it gets where you live with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, see you then. if you park in philadelphia
4:32 pm
you want to watch this story. we've all come back to our cars, right, to find someone has parked too close to the front or back of our vehicle. >> i hate that. one man tells nbc10 investigators he was ticketed and wants to know how the officer could know who parked first. here's nbc10's harry hairston with the story and the puzzle answer he received from authorities about that ticket. >> i was parked right here. no different than any other car on the street was parked. >> reporter: justin had parked on queen street between fourth and fifth for years. >> this used to be free all day parking, so i park down here and then i walk to work so i don't have to pay for a garage. >> reporter: he's saved a lot of money not having to feed a meeter until one night last march. >> i got a ticket. >> reporter: he got this ticket violation, $39 fine. citation is for parking more than 12 inches from the curb. he says his car would have been
4:33 pm
blocking traffic if it was too far from the curb on this relatively busy one-way street with cars parked on both sides. >> wouldn't they tow me if that was the case? >> reporter: a closer look at the ticket also shows other reasons for the citation. the officer wrote, quote, parking improper one way and park too close to vehicles in front and back of vehicle bumper. he says there's no way anyone could park the wrong way on queen street. again, too much traffic. and how would an officer know which vehicle parked first? >> i was parked there for approximately ten hours. and how do they know who came and went in front of me or after me at what time? >> reporter: we went to philadelphia parking authority to find out why he was ticketed. they say they didn't write the ticket and in a statement says quote, there is no law or ordinance governing the distance between parked vehicles. therefore, the ppa would not issue a violation. that didn't stop the
4:34 pm
philadelphia police department from writing the ticket. even though most believe giving parking tickets is the ppa's job. we contacted the philadelphia police department for answers. they refused to comment on camera, but off camera they told me, the officer simply put too much information on the ticket. could there ever be too much information? >> certainly not from our point of view, but with respect to the parking code it seems confusion can reign from time to time. >> reporter: calvin anderson is executive director of the philadelphia police officer advisory committee. >> we encourage folks to be transparent and open with folks when they discuss transgegss of the parking code. >> it was confusing to what he wrote. he wrote down two completely different things. i had no idea what i was getting the ticket for. >> reporter: last year philadelphia police wrote 217 tickets for the 914 violation code. it is unclear if those tickets are for parking far from the
4:35 pm
curb or too close to another vehicle. he ended up paying the ticket because he says he couldn't afford to take time off from work to fight it. >> i still think it's -- even though it's paid and over with i think it's completely unfair and i think that people living in the city getting tickets should know. and they should say something. >> reporter: now, philadelphia police took in more than 22,000 sdz for that 914 code last year. queen street is back to paid parking and there is a two-hour limit. for the investigators, harry hairston, "nbc10 news." we have this just in. new test results are in on a suspected case of measles at princeton university and confirm a student did have measles. that student has recovered and is no longer contagious. the university is monitoring anyone who had close contact with that student. this is new jersey's second confirmed measles case this year. the first was in jersey city. two more people have died
4:36 pm
from the flu in delaware aaccording to state health officials. that brings the total to 23. the state has confirmed more than 2,172 cases. delaware is close to exceeding its highest number in a decade. most of the 23 who died were older and all had other health problems. health officials tell us delaware is seeing a slowing in new lab-confirmed cases but that does not mean the flu season is over. it's important to wash your hands often and avoid people who are sick. giving people homes no matter their history. it's a new approach at ending homelessness in camden. the program called housing first was announced at cooper university hospital today. the program targets people with mental illness or drug abuse issues. instead of requiring them to resolve their problems before they can qualify for housing, it gives them housing first. >> today we're taking another important step for the county and its residents, by providing funding to this initiative
4:37 pm
$100,000 a year for the next three years, from the homeless trust fund. >> once in a home people are given support to find and then keep a job. today doing the dishes the old-fashioned way. why experts say parents should get their hands dirty and skip the dishwasher. your child's health could depend on it. plus this -- >> oops! shhh. >> saving our symbol our national symbol. the risky encounter to regs skew two bald eagles trapped high above in one local community. we'll show you the conclusion of that rescue effort. >> first, here's what we're working on for you right now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. still happening now, this tanker crash sending toxic smoke into south jersey neighborhoods backing up traffic. nbc10 has two reporters who are talking to neighbors about the road's dangerous pass. the cdc recording record numbers as measles spread. coming up we're asking about
4:38 pm
new cases in new jersey pennsylvania and delaware. a new way to reverse the effects of peanut allergies. also new at 5:00 -- the vote to a new standardized test. count on "nbc10 news."
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4:42 pm
tonight, some areas will drop below zero degrees. that could shatter records. find out how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood in my exclusive nbc10 first alert forecast.
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sky force 10 live over the aftermath of a tanker truck accident in pennsauken. we're approaching the six-hour mark. this inferno happened on northbound route 90 ramp in pennsauken camden county. affecting traffic around the betsy ross bridge as well. you see the mess there right now. this is what it looked like earlier this afternoon. look at those flames. all that black smoke, that smoke traveling into nearby neighborhoods caused a lot of concern for people in the area. anybody with respiratory issues was advised to stay indoors or to leave the neighborhood. we're going to continue to watch
4:46 pm
this story and bring you updates as we get them. in the meantime a new week brings better weather for the phillies and their fans. >> florida is starting to live up to its reputation as the sunshine start. comcast sportsnet john clark is with the phils in clearwater. >> timed that well. we're hearing from two veterans and some fan favorites as well, right, john? >> reporter: yeah. it is absolutely beautiful here in clearwater today. high 70s. this was the day that the entire phillies team had to report by. they're all here. the first full squad workout will be tomorrow. you talk about those fan favorite veterans. well, two of them ryan howard and chase utley, they were both on the field today. it's interesting because ryan has been rumored to be involved in trade talks and the phillies have obviously tried to trade him. listen to what ryan said today as he took the field. >> morning. >> y'all seen a ghost? that's what it looked like.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: have you all seen a ghost? very interesting comment considering the phillies have tried to trade ryan. in fact ruben apologized to ryan in a meeting for saying the phils would be better off without him. ryan looks good. says he feels good. looks like he's lost a little weight as well. ryne sandberg says ryan is in a good place, but ryan howard did not speak to the media today. chase utley is here. take a look at chase. he has only played with one shortstop his entire career. of course, jimmy rollins who was traded to the dodgers. but chase says he has not been asked by ruben amaro about any trade possibilities or waving his no-trade clause. chase at 36 years of age, he still wants to stay a philly. >> i have so much respect for the organization that i wouldn't completely push ruben away and say, absolutely not. i'm not going to hear you. i would listen to him out of respect for him and for the entire organization. and kind of go from there.
4:48 pm
i want nothing more than to play for this organization for as long as i can. >> reporter: we're going to hear more from chase coming up at 6:00. in and an hour at 5:00 don brown tells us why the phillies were not all on the same page last year and what he's going to do about it. for now, i'm john clark, live in beautiful clearwater, florida. back to you, jim. >> yeah, we get it it's beautiful there. we can see. thank you. if you'd like to escape the winter of 2015 and take in warmer weather in the sunshine state and see the phils play in preseason action tap on the "nbc10 news" app. we have a link there that shows you how to buy tickets for games during spring training. let's all go. well after that snow we got on saturday followed by ice and melting, well it's all going to be freezing during the night tonight as the temperatures go
4:49 pm
way below freezing. record cold in many parts of the area. some places below zero. just a brief break this week. we got one day that's going to get above freezing. and that's it. we've seen at least partly sunny skies. they're not really helping much with the temperature. 26 degrees. the wind 22 miles an hour. gusting to 28. it's gusting to 35 in some other parts of the area in the last hour. temperatures are generally now in the 20s. it's only 8 in mt. pocono. and mt. pocono is going to get way below zero tonight. even some of these places, we have a northwest wind now. continuing to gust a bit. but that's going to be diminishing quite a bit. as it does the temperature will go down too. record in philadelphia is 2. i'm predicting 4. in reading and allentown, predicting below record smashing a record in allentown.
4:50 pm
4 below in allentown. mt. pocono 12 below. that could be a record there, too. 2 below in reading. 1 below in doylestown. zero in norristown. trenton and mt. holly and atlantic city. that would be a record. vineland 3 below. cape may, 1. 1 in chester. zero in westchester. 2 below in glassboro. now, clear skies during the night tonight. and during the day tomorrow. but is there a storm that's going to go to our south. this is on thursday morning. and it could just graze the southern portions of our area with a little bit of snow. we'll keep an eye on that. it's going to be a close call. the storm overall is going to miss us to the south. but could be just on the edge there. clearing with record cold in some areas. 4 for the low in philadelphia. 4 below north and west. we don't predict temperatures like that at the end of february
4:51 pm
yet. sunny, bitter cold tomorrow. temperatures into the mid-dwents. but at least not going to be that windy. and then there's that brief break, going up to 35. of course, the average is 4637 4637 -- 46. then we get another shot, thursday and friday. remember that system going to the south on thursday. and cape may, for example, extreme southern delaware would have the best chance of seeing a little snow there. and bitter cold saturday. and question is, are we going to warm up enough for that next system on sunday or sunday night so that we would have a wintry mix changing over to rain? we got a little over 4 inches of snow officially in philly. we're now up to 15 for the season. >> what a winter. can't come soon enough in terms of ending. >> i'm with you, renee. let's get this over with. >> thanks glenn. mother nature's not the only one setting records this winter. >> right. so are many of you. just trying to stay warm. we'll explain. also this afternoon --
4:52 pm
>> they're locked. their tallons are locked. >> look at that. tangled in the trees. the proud looking creatures that have become a symbol of our country, now in need of human help in our area. nbc10 with the rescue all caught on camera.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
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last week's cold weather turned out to be a record-breaker. >> pico says the need for natural gas set the all-time winter total set the record. they say the extra demand didn't stress the system because of ongoing improvement but she warns customers should make sure
4:56 pm
they're energy efficient. seal drafty windows and doors. if nothing else use a rolled up black et. also close off unoccupied rooms and adjust the registers so warm air flows across the floors and keep the thermostat at a constant level at about 68 to 70 degrees. the garden state has a new millionaire today. a union county man won the largest ever internet gambling jackpot in new jersey's history. happened some two weeks ago. he washed in on more than $1.5 million playing a poker-like game on the website is linked to the golden nugget. check out helmet cam video of a bald eagle after two big birds got tangled up in the tree. wildlife experts believe they were fighting over nesting space. they used a bucket truck to reach the eagles which were about 30 feet in the tree. we don't have any word on how they are doing now.
4:57 pm
"nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> here's jacqueline london and keith jones. >> we continue to follow breaking news. >> we have coverage of today's tanker truck inferno. see how the crash is affecting south jersey traffic right now. plus, learn what may have caused this crash and how it impacted people living near the smoke and flames.
4:58 pm
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this tanker truck inferno is causing problems for the commute home. the truck hauling thousands of gallons of fuel, overturned on the ramp and spewing gas. >> check out this video by a viewer who hit record on his cell phone. >> northbound route 90 ramp for busy route 130 in pennsauken camden county. this has affected traffic all around the betsy ross bridge. fire is now out. the investigation under way. >> the big question drivers and people living near that scene want answered how did this crash happen? nbc10's tim furlong is live in pennsauken with more on this. >> reporter: they're still trying to get those answers here. take my word for it i asked the firefighters if we could walk up closer. they said we couldn't. we're going to show you from here what you're looking at here. it was an intense fire. you can see what the fire did to the ground back there.


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