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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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d while 890 east ramp is closed to 73. amazingly, the driver inside the burning tanker was able to get out and wasn't seriously hurt. >> within the last half hour all neighbors in the path of that thick, black smoke were allowed to return to their homes. nbc10's ted greenberg spoke to people in those communities. >> what are they dealing with right now? i know you told us they've been allowed back into their homes. >> reporter: yeah they got the okay to go back into their house this is evening after air quality tests showed no lingering problems inside the home from all that smoke that blew into this neighborhood. >> never seen anything like that. not in real life here. seen it in the movies but not here. >> reporter: thick, black smoke obscured the sky above their pennsauken homes as flamed raged from the burning tanker truck. >> i knocked on my neighbor's door and i said get out get out, something's blowing up. >> the whole house shook. i ran to the window and saw the
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fireball. >> reporter: it blew to windham road and other nearby streets as the truck of gasoline flipped over and burst into flames around 11 a.m. on route 90 ramp to route 130. >> i heard an explosion. looked out the window and saw fire, the black smoke. i thought it was a house. >> reporter: residents rushed away from the area with their pets and whatever else they could quickly grab when authorities eevacuated dozens of homes as a precaution. >> my kids have allergies, asthma my husband has breathing problems. no we just left. >> i put a lot of stuff in my trunk and my dog and i just left. i was scared to death. >> reporter: there have been no reports of residents needing medical attention or damaged houses. however, part of the road was melted because that fire was so hot and so intense. >> like nothing i've ever seen before. just all of a sudden where there was a house now, just like a towering inging inferno.
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>> reporter: now neighbors tell us drivers frequently speak in the area where this accident happened. investigators will try to determine if speed and possibly ice were factors in today's crash. live in pennsauken, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." thank you, ted. count on nbc10 to bring you the latest developments on this breaking story. we'll keep you updated on the traffic situation as well and when the roads in that area could reopen. we're also checking on the driver and the company that owns the tanker. plus, the potential environmental effect from today's fire. you helped us tell this story. witnesses sending nbc10 dozens of photos and videos from the scene of this inferno. check out this video. jim sent us. he shot this on his cell phone right behind his house. look how close the smoke and flames are to all that stuff in his backyard. we have some more video he shot once he was able to make his way to the road. you can see the entire northbound side of the exit ramp
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engulfed in smoke and flames earlier today. you can help be the eyes and ears of nbc10 if you see breaking news. take a photo or video and send it to us using the nbc10 app. can you go there right now to see more images from today's inferno. viewers with the nbc10 app got breaking new as letters on this story from the moment it began. can you do the same by downloading the app for free on your smartphone or tablet. now to your first alert weather. temperatures are falling fast as we head into the night. taking a live look at philadelphia's boat house row. we could see record-breaking cold tonight. >> nbc10 meteorologist sheena parveen is joining with us her first alert chilly forecast right, sheena? >> i think chilly is a bit of an understatement because we'll see record lows and some of those lows could be below zero degrees. right now in allentown, we dropped about 3 degrees in the past hour. 14 degrees in allentown right now. 23 in philadelphia. dropping about a degree. these temperatures will keep going down since the sun is going down as well.
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it's getting darker out. skies are clearing. winds are lightening up. that will give us record lows as we go overnight tonight. take a look at the air, though that's moving in. it's 23 degrees in philadelphia. but a minus 3 already in buffalo. this air is going to move in. all the pink shaded air, this is arctic air coming in from canada. this will give parts of the area below record lows wind lightening up a little breezy today but that will be dying down. by 7 p.m. 19 degrees in philadelphia. by 9 p.m. middle teens. by 11:00, close to 10 degrees in philadelphia. i think much of the yash will be in single digits come tomorrow morning. coming up, i'll tell you who could see record temperatures and how cold it will stay this week. >> thank you sheen snaa. in philadelphia a judge ordered chris christie and state legislature to put more money
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into pension funds for retired public workers. the unions for public workers sued the governor after he announced last year he would not make full pension payments he agreed to back in 2011. about half a million people rely on the state's public pension system which is about $37 billion in debt. christie's office released a statement a short time ago. it says in part once again, liberal judicial activism rears its head with the court trying to replace its own judgment for the judgment of the people who were elected to make these decisions. this ruling is a major blow for the governor just one day before he released his budget. can you count on nbc10 for full coverage on air and on the nbc10 news app of the governor's budget address. to south jersey police say an ongoing domestic dispute led to a workplace shooting in burlington county around 7:00 this morning at shield's
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business solutions in moorsttown moorestown. melvin nieves is in critical condition. awe shooting in lehigh valley investigators say 42-year-old jerome nichols led police on a chase after stabbing his ex-girlfriend. nichols crashed his car in allentown and stabbed a police officer attempting to arrest him. nichols was shot to death by that officer and state trooper. both the officer and the woman are expected to recover. and police in bucks county have two suspects in custody this evening after a standoff at mike's gun shop and sporting good. tully stoun police say two men broke into the shop through the roof around 2:30 this morning tripping the burglar alarm. several schools were closed or delayed. police found the pair hiding in the ceiling ventilation system at a neighboring pizza shop. health officials confirm to more people have died from the
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flu. that brings the total number of flu deaths this season to 23. all of these victims had an underlying medical condition. delaware has had more than 2100 confirmed cases of the flu this winter. health officials say the state is close to exceeding its highest number of flu cases in a decade. now to new developments in the fight over a new school exam in new jersey. >> today lawmakers voted on a bill that will change the way that that test is used. >> nbc10 is joining us live in trenton with the new information. nefertiti, what's going on? >> reporter: well that bill passed 63-7. it essentially halts the use of standardized tests. that is good news for many parents and teachers who have been against the exam since the beginning. >> imposes three-year moratorium on use of assessments developed by partnership for assessment readiness for college and career -- >> reporter: lawmakers voted in favor for of a measure to bar school officials from using
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tests for student placement. assemblyman patrick says this is great news for parents and teachers concerned about the negative impact of standardized tests. the bar now bars the department of education from using the test as a way to determine a student's placement in advanced or gifted programs for three years. starting with the next school year. it also bars state officials from using it as a graduation requirement. >> the technology is confusing, the rollout has been -- is way too quick, in my mind. teachers are not prepared to give it. kids are challenged by it. >> reporter: the tests have drawn mixed reaction. school officials say students will benefit from being challenged by the exams. critics say teachers spend too much time with test prep, which takes away from a child's regular curriculum. >> we're now finally going to teachers and administrators. that's where we should have started. >> reporter: meantime the computerized test will still be given starting next month, except now the data will be collected and evaluated to see
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what could be done better moving forward. that is the very latest from trenton tonight, "nbc10 news." it has been a rough day on the roads in new jersey. sky force 10 live over the scene here. a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck have collided. this is on route 40 near route 54. this is in buena vista township. tractor-trailer overturned. we don't know what caused the accident. the driver was hurt. we don't know how serious the person's injuries are. we will stay on top of this story and bring you new information as soon as it comes into nbc10. pennsylvania lawmakers moved forward with a law to privatize liquor sales in the state. the measure would create 1200 licenses for businesses across the state. grocery stores would only be able to sell wine not liquor w a 12-bottle limit. about 500 of the state's 600 state stores would gradually close and the state would help those employees find new jobs.
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this proposal is similar to a bill that passed the house last year but failed to clear the state senate. governor wolf is promising to veto the bill if it passes his desk. he wants longer sunday hours and more liquor stores inside supermarkets. the people who may end up losing their jobs with their companies if they decide to pack up and go to florida. >> florida governor rick scott offering pennsylvania companies big incentives to move south. why he says his state is better for business and workers and how pennsylvania leaders are fighting back. plus anominee for pennsylvania supreme court withdraws his nomination. why a racially insensitive e-mail could be behind his decision.
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this man is trying to hijack your jobs and he makes no apologies. >> florida governor rick scott will spend the next two days trying to woo pennsylvania businesses to his state. nbc10 matt delucia confronted the governor about his intentions. >> it's an interview you saw first on nbc10. >> my job is to get jobs for florida families. >> and to do that florida governor rick scott tells me he needs to get companies to move to the sunshine state.
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he believes better tax rates and employment are some of the key ways to woo pennsylvania companies out of here. and he blames governor tom wolf. >> what your new governor is doing is not going to be good for your businesses. when it's not good for your businesses, that's when people lose their jobs. >> reporter: governor wolf's office fired back calling this nothing more than a political stunt. governor scott did not make a visit when republican governor corbett was in office. but on a cold winter's day, several companies and site selectors are lined up to listen. what do you say to the people who may end up losing their jobs with their companies if they decide to pack up and go to florida? >> my experience is everybody wants to move to florida. i mean, they like the weather. they like the -- they like our beaches, our amusement parks, they like to be able to get out. we've got a great education system. >> reporter: warmer, maybe, but better? i went to the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce. are you concerned that some businesses might actually go to florida? as a result of this? >> it's all about information sharing. and businesses will make
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decisions based on a variety of factors, whether it's tax related, whether it's quality of life. >> reporter: congressman bob brady believes companies might use the meetings as leverage but doesn't think governor scott will have any success. >> fall on his face or by himself. everybody will see what it is. it is just a grandstand play. >> reporter: florida's governor is here today and tomorrow. one of the companies he's meeting with is wawa which already has several dozen stores there. some is about expansion. but they're also trying to get some companies to leave and never look back. in center city, matt delucia, "nbc10 news." right now on the nbc10 app, can you watch governor scott's entire interview with match, including his pitch to wawa and why he says pennsylvania workers should consider moving to florida. pennsylvania supreme court nominee has withdrawn his name from consideration following an e-mail controversy.
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judge thomas kestler has been under fire for apparently forwarding a racially insensitive e-mail. in a statement released today he said urgent matters in center county made it an inopportune time to leave. governor wolf nominated him to fill an empty spot on the court two weeks ago. and it is continuing to get colder and colder outside as the sun continues to go down. winds are lightening up and we will have record cold setting in as we go into early tomorrow morning. now, the rest of the week in fact stays cold. about 20 degrees below what's considered normal for most days this week. especially in the morning hours. then we go into thursday of this week and we could see some snow just south of the area. we'll be watching that very closely as we go into the next few days. for allentown, as we've gone from the 5:00 to 6:00 hour we've seen a 3 degree temperature drop. thaus that just shows you how
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fast these cold temperatures are starting to set in. like i mentioned, with the lighter winds and the clear skies, it's getting darker out. we'll continue to see numbers dropping very quickly. 23, philadelphia. 22 bensalem. 18 pottstown for south jersey and much of delaware. temperatures are mostly in the mid to low 20s. we'll continue to see all these numbers drop tonight and some reported lows by early tomorrow morning. so, heerlz a look at the morning low temperatures tomorrow. these numbers will be hitting around sunrise. possibly minus 4 in allentown. minus 2, read. poconos could be at 12 degrees below zero. these are actual temperatures too. zero degrees for trenton, mt. holly. minus one 1, doylestown. closer to the shore we could be at zero degrees in atlantic city. minus 3, vineland. philadelphia, we could be at 4 degrees. 2 degrees above the record. glassboro, minus 2.
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so, as far as those record lows we've been talking about, philadelphia, record is 2. forecast is 4. for reading, atlantic city allentown and wilmington they could be at or below zero degrees, which could be a record. wilmington coming in at 2 degrees which would be record low temperature tomorrow morning. the reason why we have this air coming in from the north, ushering in the arctic cold. this will be staying with us overnight and even through the day tomorrow. highs will only be in the 20s. so, it's going to be a cold tuesday as we go through the afternoon hours. not much as far as precip. we'll stay dry. even going into wednesday we stay dry but stay cold still. by thursday that's when we watch that area to our south by the afternoon hours. we could see a little snow through parts of southern delaware. as of now, it does look to stay fairly far to our south. it's something we'll keep our eye on. could mean snow for other parts of the area. looks like mostly south of philadelphia.
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as we go through the next few days we'll keep a close eye on it. 4 degrees, philadelphia. minus 4, north and west. winds will be lightening up allowing temperatures to get even colder. tomorrow sunny but another cold day. 24 to 27 degrees for the afternoon high. it will look nice if you're inside looking at the sunshine. average high 46 degrees. tomorrow will be 20 degrees below that in the afternoon. wednesday, mid-30s. we get a little bit of a break. then thursday and friday back into the 20s starting off the weekend, bitter cold, possibly around 9 degrees for your saturday morning. so far it looks like we could see a wintry mix changing over to rain for sunday. i'm john clark live in clearwater, florida. chase utley shows up to spring training with an injury and another flyers goalie is injured.
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i'm john clark live in clearwater, florida, for spring training. and ryan howard made his first appearance here today. listen to ryan as he took the field. >> morning. y'all seen a ghost? that's what it looked like. >> reporter: have you all seen a ghost? that's an eerie comment, considering phils tried to trade him. ryan says he feels good and he looks good. he's lost a little weight it looks like. back out here live.
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the longest tenured philly athlete, chase utley, he is here as well. i asked him if ruben amaro has come to him with any trade opportunities. chase said no. and he wants to stay here. >> i have so much respect for the organization that i couldn't completely push ruben away and say, absolutely not. i would listen to him out of respect for him and for the entire organization and kind of go from there. i want nothing more than to play for this organization for as long as i can. >> reporter: chase showed up here with a sprained ankle. he actually stepped on a baseball doing infieldwork a month ago. so, he's a little behind. and he's 36 now, so he's -- he has to watch his workload. ryne sandberg wants to him him more days off this year. chase wore down last season. he only had three homers after the all-star break and hit .235. and he knows this. >> is it a fact that i -- that i
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kind of wear down as the season goes on? yeah, i would say that's the case. obviously, as you get older, taking some days off can probably be beneficial for you as an individual. a lot of times it's hard to go into the manager's office and say, hey, i don't want to play today because that's not the case for me. >> that's something for him and i to make an adjustment there. even early on on thinking about some days off. >> reporter: and the flyers have another goalie injured. ray emory is out with a lower body injury. steve mason is already out. so rob is making his third straight start tomorrow night. take a look at teamimo. he says he needs three more practices to play in a game. >> tomorrow morning skate, wednesday good practice and thursday morning skate, so those are the next step. i got to be ready when i go in
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there because, you know it's a tight schedule and tough games. you know, i don't want to go in there if i feel 95%. i need to feel 100%. >> reporter: i'm john clark, live in clearwater, florida.
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diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. before we leave you, more breaking news right now. this is coming to us from one of our traffic cameras in bucks county. falls township here a car or some sort of vehicle on fire at route 1 north and route 32 at the split there in falls township. we don't have any word on any injuries. it's tough to make out what's going on right here. we'll keep an eye on this and update you. this is the northbound lanes that are shut down right now, though, because of a vehicle on fire. sheena, cold tonight. >> yes, record cold in some area. single digits. some of you, unfortunately, could get below zero degrees. it is going to be very cold. stretch of cold weather stays with us all week. >> getting used to this.
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>> dangerous cold though for tonight. for us at "nbc10 news," thanks for watching. >> the news continuous with "nbc nightly news." on the broadcast tonight, high alert. terrorists call for attacks on american malls as a big fight erupts over money for homeland security set to run out this week. nbc news exclusive, the american woman killed while being held by isis kayla mueller's parents open up about chilling messages from her captors and why they say the u.s. is putting policy ahead of saving lives. shock to the system, all the way south to texas. but is there finally some relief in sight? and 911 emergency, a stunning investigation why cell phone calls for help are ending in tragedy. what's preventing first responders from getting to the right place? "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new


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