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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  February 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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ging area with an update. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we'll get right to the breaking news. 3-year-old elinor trotta was taken last night in new castle county. her father could be taking her to new jersey or new york city. in the last hour and a half that search has now expanded to ohio. and now nbc 10's matt delucia is live in new castle with details. matt do we know why police are headed to ohio? >> reporter: at this point they are still working on those details, but i can tell you earlier this morning new castle police found a car they believed to be the one that the father and daughter were traveling in. but that car was found right here a half mile away from the scene of this crime. so, of course, those two have not been found. and at this point, we do have that new car that they are searching for. this has been changing throughout the morning. new castle county police tell me they are now looking for a bright red-colored suv, possibly
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a ford explorer. and the father was last seen in mount laurel, new jersey. we have some photos here michael trotta is described as being 5'8" 160 pounds in all black clothing. he's 43 years old. and his daughter 3-year-old elinor trotta was taken after an attack on her mother last night. but right now police believe she could be in imminent danger. right here on nbc 10 we showed you the first car that police were looking for that was a gray mazda, but we watched police tow that car away from this neighborhood. we also saw police going door to door talking with residents as well. and we have been mentioning all morning this amber alert has been in effect for delaware new jersey and also ohio. police tell us they think trotta might be trying to get to new york where he has friends and family. as far as ohio is concerned, we have been told that the ohio state police are involved. back here we have learned that
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delaware state police new jersey state police and the fbi are involved. this is an intense three-state search. the first big lead happened right here behind us but nothing really came of that. and so now we're getting that updated information. and we have also learned that the fbi is involved in this search as well because the 3-year-old is believed to be in danger because of things that michael trotta apparently said during this attack. live in new castle, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a first alert weather day for record cold. the winds will die down and that's part of why it is so cold this morning. with all the mixing in the atmosphere, that's when you get the coldest temperatures. it just dropped 2 degrees in philadelphia. 8 in wilmington. 1 degree in trenton. and new records already for reading and allentown getting close to it in the pocano
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mountains where it is 13 degrees below zero. bundle up and take it easy today. sunshine will be bright but look at the warm up. just 9 degrees at 7:00. 11 at 9:00. and by lunchtime, we'll be closing in on 20 degrees. i'll show you how warm it's going to get neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes with the forecast for today. but right now we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning to you, jillian. good morning. we are dealing with a fire in kensington with front and dauphin street closed off. we'll have more in a few moments, but i'm going to take you back a few blocks. take american street as your alternate. as a result of that fire ending activity the market-frankford line has shuttle bus service between the huntington and burke station. yesterday you remember the big tanker fire route 90 eastbound coming off the betsy ross bridge, that eastbound side of the ramp to 130 is still closed as a result of that repair work
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that crews are out there doing. so take the tacony-palmyra as your alternate. that's your best bet. and part of me says that this closure could be causing problems this morning. let's go to caykaty zachry here with more. >> reporter: you are looking at what police have blocked off, they blocked off the route 90 eastbound ramp to 130. a very busy stretch at this time of the morning. that's where the tanker overturned yesterday. i can tell you over the last few hours that there's still a strong odor of gasoline present. now, here's video from skyforce 10 which was over the fiery scene yesterday. police say that the driver of the tanker truck, which was carrying 8,000 gallons of fuel lost control on the exit ramp between routes 130 and 90 in penn saw ken and overturned. police say speed and icy
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conditions on the roads could be a factor in this crash. neighbors tell us over the years that that stretch of road has been a problem spot but never like this. >> we have to do something about those vehicles back over there. there's been several. nothing like this this bad, but there's been several explanations back here. >> reporter: the view from the video you saw is still dangerously close to several surrounding neighborhoods. the good news is late yesterday afternoon people evacuated from their homes were allowed to return. the delaware port authority is in charge of cleaning up that stretch of road. i've reached out to them to find out when they expect to reopen the road but at this point we have no word when that will happen. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." and at 6:05 skyforce 10 is over breaking news of a fire at a payless shoe store in the kensington section of philadelphia. there are apartments above the
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store. the area is north front near dauphin. jesse gary is on the way to the scene with a live report in just minutes. new from overnight, fire destroyed a home in gloucester county along back creek road. firefighters say no one was home, no one was hurt. also new overnight, police are investigating a stabbing inside dave and buster's on penn's landing. crews rushed the victim to the hospital before 11:00 last night. police have not said the condition of the victim if they charged anyone or what led to the stabbing. a bad breakup may have touched off a chase in the lehigh valley that ended up in a police shooting and yesterday morning. the suspect went after the officers and used a taser but it didn't stop him.
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and jerome nichols then stabbed an officer several times. the officer shot and killed nichols. the ex-girlfriend and officer are expected to recover. and a driver is out on bail this morning after being charged with assaulting a special needs student. terry lee stout was driving a vehicle home last friday when there was a disturbance in the van. after the driver pulled over witnesses say stout chased the boy outside and left him with cuts and bruises. new jersey governor chris christie has a new budget to deal with for next year. pinching pennies. he's expected to tackle that this afternoon when he addresses the lawmakers. just yesterday the money was ordered into the public pension fund for this year and next year's budgets. christie said he is working to
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balance the budgets. and let's go to jillian mele with a look at our traffic this morning. >> good morning, jill. >> we have problems that are slow moving into center city philadelphia. we have a fire we are talking about in kensington. and if we go back a few blocks. the market-frankford line has service but it is being rerouted. the route 90 eastbound is remaining closed. take the tacony-palmyra as your alternate. about 45 minutes away from sunrise this morning and we need it. temperatures are falling. with clear skies, we are seeing
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record temperatures. north and west for philadelphia we are at 13 below in mount pocano. look how nice and clear it is. a live view from camelback this morning with bright sunshine. the middle teens for the mountains today. the satellite shows we are in the clear. the cold is so strong that it's pushing snow to the south. that system is coming up the coastline and we'll see high clouds later this afternoon, but wet weather stays offshore. any warm weather stays away from us. 20 degrees for allentown, quakertown, 21 in reading. sunshine for northeast philadelphia and mount holly. high temperatures running 20 degrees colder than normal for this afternoon. that includes atlantic city and dover. clouds moving in later today, but it stays dry. bright sunshine for west chester, chester, 20s this afternoon. but there's warmer weather on
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the way. time to show the weekend when i'm back in ten. and it's 6:10. the search is on for a 3-year-old and her father this morning. police believe that michael trotta took his daughter after attacking his ex-girlfriend, the little girl's mom. we are live in new castle following this breaking news story. and we are following this breaking news story in the kensington section of philadelphia. the two-alarm fire at kayla's shoe stores with no injuries we are told.
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police say 3-year-old elinor
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it is trotta was abducted by her father michael trotta. they now believe he's driving a bright red suv, possibly a ford explorer and could be headed to new jersey new york or ohio. it is 6:14. skyforce 10 is live over breaking news. this is a two-alarm fire at a payless shoe store in the kensington section of the city. this is on north front street with apartments above the building, but we're told no one has been hurt. this is near dauphin street and market market. firefighters are working to put out the flames. and we have new information about an ambulance crash that we first told you about as breaking news yesterday morning in magnolia, new jersey. the man involved in the car accident has died. we have learned the car was stolen and this happened around 5:00 a.m. yesterday morning on
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route 70. police are still investigating. route 30 rather. police are still investigating what caused this crash. some new jersey lawmakers are trying to put a new controversial test on hold. the parcc exam is set today buy in new jersey next month, but yesterday the state assembly approved the three-year ban on using the test to determine whether kids get into advanced or gifted programs. under that same bill the state could not use the test as a graduation requirement. the gentleman who introduced the bill said this is a win, especially for parents and teachers concerned about the negative impact of standardized tests. >> the rollout has been way too quick in my mind. teachers are not prepared to give it. kids are challenged by it. >> the state senate still has to vote on the bill. if approved governor christie has to choose whether or not to sign it. it appears many people think atlantic city's better days are a thing of the past according to a new poll of people who live in new jersey. it also found most support
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governor chris christie's atlantic city plan of management management. and to tear down the building at 52nd and locust that was encased in ice after a huge fire last monday has begun. they sped up the demolition process over concerns it could collapse. the demolition owner says it should be torn down in two weeks. and construction is expected to begin in april for a $650 million pipeline to stretch through new jersey and pennsylvania. according to the department of environmental protection is hear inging this tonight. it will transport gas to help heat about 2 million homes. this morning people living in one montgomery town and community are celebrating their victory to keep the farmer's
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market from leaving town. last night the zoning hearing board passed a bill to move the flowertown farmer's market down the street from the current location in order to keep the vendors in business. you all know the farmer's market was planning to close its buildings so members of the community have stepped up to support this. we still have smoke and fire at the scene here. i'll step out of the way here as this is happening in kensington. we have a big effort here a rescue effort with firefighters attempting to put out this fire. we have closures near dauphin street street. american street is going to be okay. as a result of all of that activity out there, the septa
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market-frankford line is shuttle buses between here and the burke station. this is a live look. and i just got word of another accident on the route 20 that i'll bring to you coming up. and temperatures are cold for this part of the area. everyone is seeing a lot of sunshine today. fortunately, not a lot of wind with the flight at risk the record is 2 degrees in philadelphia. we are at 8 degrees right now. trenton, very close to the record of 2 below zero. new records in allentown and reading, both feel like they are below zero. they are below zero. sunshine listen nice and bright.
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we'll see lots of sunshine with temperatures warming into the teens in the pocano mountains. sunshine will be bright. snow is falling in the area to our south. but as far as wet weather it's not happening. the rest of the weekend is looking dry for our area. tonight at 11:00, the snow is just here into new jersey. the clouds overnigtht are going to make us cold. tomorrow morning, temperatures are not as brutal as this morning. 18 degrees is the morning low temperature. then up to 37 degrees wednesday afternoon. the clouds come through on into
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the afternoon, and then we'll see rain mainly on monday with a high of 46. 20 minutes past 6:00 as we continue to follow breaking news. severaling hoping and praying with an amber alert issued for this little 3-year-old girl. police say she's in imminent danger.
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and we have breaking news. the fbi is now joining a search for 43-year-old michael trotta. he abducted his 3-year-old
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daughter. he is driving a red suv, possibly a ford explorer. and trotta's last location was in new jersey in mount laurel. and a payless shoe store with an apartment fire above the shoe store, heavy smoke just went to two alarm near front street and dauphin. we are following this breaking news and jesse gary just arrived on the scene as this threatens several apartments there. you can see the heavy smoke there. jesse, you just got there, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i just checked in with the fire executive officer jillian who just said no injuries are reported but he's just getting to the scene. the fire as you can see is billowing heavy thick black smoke up to the apartments and up over the track of the market-frankford elle here.
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up to this point, service is shut down as firefighters sit on the ground and are shooting the water up into the ground floor of this structure, which is the shoe store. they are trying to attack the fire from there. skyforce 10 is taking a look overhead as how much smoke is building through this section of frankford. live in frankford, jesse gary "nbc 10 news".." passengers are able to get to where they need to go. chester county route 30 bypass out near business 130, we have an accident. i'll give you details coming up next half hour. good morning, bill. a frozen morning with the ice building up in front of boathouse row. it's getting thicker this morning with temperatures plummeting overnight. record low temperatures this
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morning. it is 8 degrees in philadelphia. pottstown, doylestown 3 below. maybe the frozen pipes are more likely today than they were last week. i'm matt delucia with an amber alert for a 3-year-old girl who police say is in danger. we'll have more on that coming up.
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just about 6:30 and breaking news in new castle county. an amber alert. police found the car but the little girl and her father are missing. the father kidnapped the little girl from her mother and we are told she could be in imminent danger.
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we'll get to this breaking news that we have been following throughout the morning. >> matt delucia is live in new castle where the 3-year-old was abducted. matt, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: tracy and vai, the fbi is involved. so are the state police agencies for delaware new jersey and ohio. and at this point, the search continues for a bright red-colored suv. possibly a ford explorer. and the father of this kidnapped girl was last seen in mount laurel, new jersey. we'll go ahead and show you photos here. the father michael trotta, is described as 5'8" 160 pounds. and he was wearing all black clothing. his daughter, 3-year-old elinor trotta was taken after an attack on her mother last night. that happened in the schoolside apartment complex about a half mile from where we are right now. so why are we in this location? well stockton drive, earlier this morning police found the gray mazda they first believed
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the father and daughter were traveling in. that changed a lot of things with this search. and we saw police going door to door talking to residents trying to get some leads, especially important now because new castle county police believe that this 3-year-old girl is in imminent danger. of course we are continuing to follow the developments. for now, we are live in new castle, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and it's also another first alert weather day where we are reaching and breaking cold records this morning. >> we are talking cold records. here's meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast. it's cold bill. some areas are colder than last week which can lead to frozen pipes. this morning we have clear skies. there's not a lot of wind. you can see a bit of a breeze blowing above the level, but at the surface it is very light wind that has allowed temperatures to go even lower than what we saw for much of the area last week. allentown, reading, now at new record lows. 3 degrees below zero in allentown. 1 degree below zero in reading. and look at trenton at 1 degree
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this morning. while it is zero in pottstown. 2 in mount holly. so a very cold start. and not a big warm up today. at 7:00 we'll be at 9 degrees in the city. 11 degrees for philadelphia at 9:00. then closing in on 20 degrees at lunchtime. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood to show you how warm it's going to get where you live when i'm back in ten. but right now we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning to you, bill. we'll start off in chester county where we are seeing a backup on the westbound side of the route 30 bypass. you can see it right there, this is right near business route 30. all because of an accident that at one point was blocking all lanes. and right now one lane of traffic is getting by. you can see them skirting around the shoulder on the scene there. you are seeing this backup as we approach the accident. leave yourself a few extra minutes there. heading to kensington, we are dealing with a fire near front and dauphin street with the surrounding area blocked off. take american street as one of your alternates. take a few blocks back to avoid
6:33 am
the fire activity. vut of as a result of that the market-frankford line is detouring around this area as well. and we are following a fire in the kensington shoe store threatening several apartments above that shoe store. jesse gary just got to the scene. in your last report we saw the fire is not under control but firefighters are vigorously fighting it. >> reporter: that's right vai. it is under control. we are now talking to officials because this is impacting septa. this is clifton robinson with septa explaining what people who use the elle need to do. i'm sorry, we are live now. tell me again what people need to do if you rely on the elle. >> everything else is running. we are kind of a turn-back operation at huntington and a turn-back operation at first. in between there we have subtle buses to operate to try to pick up some of the passengers. >> reporter: are the bus routes
6:34 am
affected? >> yes the bus routes affected are the 3 and 39. >> reporter: thank you very much. here is an update on the firefighting operations. >> it is still not under control yet. this is a commercial property with apartments above. >> reporter: anybody inside the apartments? >> there was no one inside. we have no injuries to firefighters or civilians. like i said we have a septa bus coming to keep the firefighters warm but it's cold. it's extremely cold out here so we are making sure we get the firefighters in and out to a warm environment to recuperate. >> reporter: any fear that this could spread to the track? >> no not at all. >> reporter: thank you very much. you can see that the fire operations are still going on. we'll take a look right over here, i'm sorry. they are still attacking the fire from the exterior with the firefighters sitting down on the ground on the street level and shooting the water right into the bottom floor, which is the shoe store.
6:35 am
they are trying to tap out this flame. we'll bring you an update in a few minutes. live in kensington jesse gary "nbc 10 news." and it is 6:35. two families are suing the southeast delco school system saying the administrators did not protect their children from an alleged child abuser. a lawsuit was filed by the parents of two 8-year-old girls who were abused by a former upper darby teacher. the administrators failed to check police and school records that would have shown previous complaints of abuse. >> have laws in place that require the reporting by adults of suspicious activity by other adults against children. it's as simple as that. when that happens, these kinds of events don't happen. >> he's awaiting sentencing after pleading no contest to charges involving at least nine students. and police blame a domestic dispute for a deadly workplace shooting in burlington county. this happened at scheeel's
6:36 am
business solutions in norristown after 7:00 a.m. yesterday. edgar figueroa shot his coworker and then shot and killed himself. the man is in critical condition this morning. both men drove armored trucks for the same company. and it's a frigid one this morning with temperatures well below zero in the pocano mountains. but we'll see sunshine. we will be warming into the teens in the mountains today. the rest of the area is seeing some record cold temperatures and in philadelphia it's in the single digits right now but the record is not a threat. the record at this date is 2 degrees. 8 in the city. clear skies, 1 degree below zero in reading. that's a new record. 8 degrees and holding in philadelphia. still could come down a little more but not too much. atlantic city is 4 degrees. you'll see sunshine in the pocano mountains.
6:37 am
this is shaunee where they are making snow at this hour. it is very cold throughout the day. look at the numbers doylestown, 3 degrees below zero. 8 in wilmington. zero for toms river and pottstown. some of the coldest readings are north of bucks county. langhorne, we are at 1 degree. furlong is at 3 below. and farther north and west look at perkasie and quakertown 8 below. these are the coldest readings we are seeing other than the pocano mountains in the region this morning. the good news is we'll see lots of sunshine. the satellite is showing clouds way to the south where you'll find snow and rain falling. those clouds a few of them will be moving into our area later this afternoon and this evening. and that will help to keep temperatures a bit warmer overnight tonight. but any wet weather associated with those clouds has to stay to
6:38 am
the south. we'll see bright sunshine and wind for doylestown, northeast philadelphia and mount holly. temperatures are running 20 degrees below the normal high temperature. and cape may will hit 26 this afternoon. it's 25 for atlantic city and vineland. dover, a high of 24 degrees. and sunny skies for voorhees philadelphia and west chester, but look at the temperatures for wilmington, everybody staying in the lower 20s during the day today. i have the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 6:38. it's a busy morning for all of us especially jillian mele covering the fire and traffic in that area and mass transit. and also just normal volume. >> we'll get an update now, jillian? >> a few minutes ago we had an accident taking up both lanes on the route 30 bypass westbound at business route 30. you can see that is cleared, so
6:39 am
the delays have cleared off. that's the good news there. the drivers using the betsy ross bridge, be warned as a result of the tanker fire yesterday, route 90 eastbound is remaining closed at this hour. take the tacony-palmyra bridge. and the fire in kensington american is your alternate. the kensington fire, a few streets are blocked off as a result of the fire. so american street is a road to take to avoid it. back to you. we'll show you that fire now in kensington. skyforce 10 is live over this breaking news. and you can see the flames and the smoke. this is a fire at a payless shoe store in the kensington section of the city with apartments above. no injuries reported but father fire crews just told us they are bringing in septa buses to keep the firefighters warm in the bitter cold. and a breaking news story this morning, an amber alert is spanning three states and the
6:40 am
fbi and local and state police are involved. she was taken from her father after assaulting her mother. we are live with an update on the search to find 3-year-old elinor.
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we continue to follow breaking news. an amber alert out of delaware that spread to new jersey new york and ohio. police still have not found this little girl 3-year-old elinor it is trotta. police have released an update in the last hour and he could be driving a bright suv, possibly a ford explorer. his last known location is in mt. laurel new jersey.
6:44 am
and skyforce 10 is over this breaking news we are following for you. a massive fire at a payless store in the kensington section of philadelphia. this is north front street with apartments above the building, but the fire chief on the scene just told us no one has been hurt and no one was in those apartments. this is the front and dauphin intersection. firefighters are working now to put out the flames. "newsweek" magazine calls it murder town u.s.a. and now the public safety strategies commission will offer recommendations on the most effective approach to fighting crime. last week's meeting was canceled because of snow. the meeting will take place at 5:30 today at the walnut street ymca in wilmington. and a proposal to sell off most of pennsylvania's state-owned liquor stores is moving forward. last night the statehouse liquor control committee approved a proposal that would create 1200
6:45 am
licenses for businesses to sell wine and liquor. grocery stores can only sell wine, not liquor with a 12-bottle limit. the majority of the state's owned and operated liquor stores have closed. and a proposal is similar to a bill that passed the house last year but it failed to clear the state senate. governor tom wolf promised a veto of the bill before it makes it to his desk but the governor says she supports changes to longer sunday hours and more liquor can be sold in supermarkets. and we first broke this story on a date change will happen for one of the most popular races here in pennsylvania. the rock n roll half marathon will be rescheduled for halloween. the official announcement is expected later today. the race usually is run on the thursday sunday in september, but this year that's five days before pope francis arrives in philadelphia. we have new information in
6:46 am
the etan patz trial. three boxes of evidence turned out for killing patz back in 1979. the boxes of evidence were found at a harlem police station and contain police records and notes from the d.a. the defense could ask for a mistrial or recall of witnesses who already took the stand in this trial. the body of etan patz has never been found. and a segment that aired on cbs last month shows that mcdonnell is an army veteran who completed ranger training. president obama chose him to
6:47 am
take over the scandaled-plagued v.a. last year. and the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's time for a different approach. the path of the budget for the department of homeland security. the senate republicans have been trying to get a house approved bill passed. mcconnell is suggesting that the two issues be split into separate laws as the department will run out of money on monday if congress fails to pass a funding bim. and more officers are patrolling minnesota's mall of america after an al-qaeda-linked group says it's targeting the largest shopping mall in the u.s. the officials say it's not the first time the mall has been mentioned in propaganda videos. authorities say this time there's no credibility threat involved. there's always more if you see something, say something. not 13 minutes before 7:00
6:48 am
"charlie hebdo" revealed its latest cover after two journalists were attacked and killed at the magazine. the front magazine features a pack of dog karkcaricatures. the magazine is said to be targeted by the gunman because of the cartoons depicting the prophet mohommad. officials on both sides say there are obstacles to overcome before the march 31st deadline. but it could ease 35 years of u.s./iranian tensions. but benjamin netanyahu is expected to criticize any deal when he addresses congress next week. more discussions between the u.s. and iran will be happening
6:49 am
next week. and an oil refinery outside of new orleans is being picketed as the same company is being picketed in texas. shell oil says the walkouts took the wrong tone and tried to verse you on the deal. and now voters approved a measure back in november that took effect at midnight to legalize marijuana. in alaska. and there are no new measles cases connected to disneyland. the number of cases stands at 123, the same as friday. but they do warn this is far from over. we are still majorly watching
6:50 am
this case. and marie holmes is choosing the $170 million lump sum. holmes currently lives in a mobile home with her four kids all under the age of 7 and one has cerebral palsy. she says she still doesn't believe it. >> i don't believe it either. i'm not sure how i feel right now. i feel -- i don't know. >> holmes may go back to college to get her degree and also plans to travel because she's never been outside the u.s. >> good for her. she has some big numbers but the rest of us are dealing with low numbers this morning. right now in philadelphia 8 degrees. that 8 degrees, that's so much
6:51 am
colder than what they have in minneapolis, minnesota. right now it is 28 degrees. and that is even colder than anchorage, alaska. at this hour they are at 38 degrees. we don't want to hit this jackpot. and we have cold this morning. what's the record cold? allentown and reading, new records this morning. and getting close to the record numbers in wilmington. just 2 degrees above the record at 6 degrees this morning. and atlantic city it's 4 degrees right now. the record is 2. so there's very cold air that is still the possibility for more records to fall. but we're starting to see the sunshine. the sunshine will be bright throughout the day and temperatures will climb. but we'll stay below freezing. and in the pocano mountains, it warns to the teens this afternoon. see the high clouds with the view from big bear. the radar shows no wet weather for our area. that actually is staying in the south with high pressure and the cold air mass associated with
6:52 am
it. that will be coming up the coast but stays offshore. the future rain and snow shows the eastern carolinas later today. then tonight we'll get the clouds but the snow stays to the east. the clouds will help to keep temperatures a little higher for tomorrow morning. this afternoon, 20s will be running about 20 degrees below normal this time of the year. clouds tonight and clearing throughout the day. sunshine tomorrow afternoon after 18 in the morning. above freezing on wednesday, but the cold returns for thursday. and especially cold friday morning and again on sunday morning. it will peak above freezing with sunshine, and sunshine will start things off for sunday. sunday night we'll get a wintry mix in areas north and west changing over to rain as temperatures climb into the 40s monday afternoon. 6:52. skyforce 10 is in the air and hovering over this fire in
6:53 am
kensington. if you drive in the area here we'll show you what to lookout for. >> we have a big fire in kensington. skyforce 10 is over the scene as crews try to battle the flames out there. vai mentioned it is blocked off with near streets in the area. my guess is to take maryland. some of the september a buses will be on detour as a result of this fire department activity. so leave yourself extra time and plan for that in your commute this morning. this is a plooif look at 76. and we have breaking news on
6:54 am
an amber alert in a search spreading from delaware to ohio and new york. all the states are looking for this little girl. the man you see besides her is her father and responsible for taking her. the police believe the 3-year-old is in danger. we'll have a live update coming up in three minutes. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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jim: standardized testing has gone from a nuisance to a concern to a crisis. michael: we have this finite amount of time, and yet we're spending so much of it on this unproven standardized test
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when we really should be using that time in a better way focusing individually on our students. dave: education is supposed to be about our students, and it's becoming about a test. ros: what is our end goal in education? to be masters of a test?
6:57 am
i'm matt delucia live in new castle delaware where an amber alert is still in effect for a 3-year-old girl. police tell us at the moment they are searching for a bright red-colored suv, possibly a ford explorer. and the father of this girl was last seen in mt. laurel new jersey. we'll show you photos real quick
6:58 am
of the father michael trotta last seen wearing all black clothing. his 3-year-old daughter elinor was taken after michael attacked her mother last night. we saw police going door-to-door talking to residents in new castle county and police believe this girl could be in imminent danger. we'll follow this throughout the morning, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and i'm jesse gary live in kensington where fire officials say a two-alarm fire in the payless shoe sk store here is under control, but there are still firefighters on the scene fighting this fire and we'll have more throughout the newscast. jesse gary "nbc 10 news." and we have front street and dauphin street blocked off due
6:59 am
to this fire. you can take american street to get around it. and record cold this morning, but the sun is just peeking out from the pocano mountains with a live view from camelback. it is well below zero in the mountains. and that's not the only spot below zero. now in allentown and reading, right now allentown is 7 degrees below zero. atlantic city is within 2 degrees of a record. and wilmington is just tying the record. that's an update. now 6 degrees there. but temperatures around the rest of the area will be warming up. but it is current lyly at 10 degrees in dover. we'll see sunshine with temperatures climbing only into the teens by lunchtime. all right, thank you, bill. the "today" show is up next.
7:00 am
we'll see you for local updates in 25 minutes. >> and we'll update you on the amber alert on the "nbc 10 news" app. thank you for watching. have a great day. . good morning. the big chill. more than 175 million people enduring yet another day of record shattering cold and ice. in texas an american airlines plane slips off of the taxi way anand dangerous conditions by this bone chilling cold. >> no excuse. secretary of veterans affairs apologizes for lying about his military record. why did he say he served in special forces when he never did. millions of kids at high risk of peanut allergy. the new approach doctors are now


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