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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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about to leave her house with her two young children because of this morning's gas leak when the home across the street blew up. >> i saw pieces of house floating all over my yard. and the insulation was all over the place. and then there were big flames coming from the house. >> windows blown out fire smoking. >> reporter: the explosion obliterated the house on oak avenue, sent debris crashing onto other homes and shook houses more than a mile away. >> it's terrifying. you see it all the time on the news and stuff but not when it's down the street from your house. >> it was like a furnace coming up out of the ground. it's a shame too, because they just renovated that little place. >> reporter: these photos from ocean county sheriff's department show a smoking foundation where the house previously stood and debris strewn all over the street. >> it's gone. it's like a hole in the ground. it's totally gone. >> reporter: additional gas company crews converged on the area after the blast, constantly thinking about their injured colleagues.
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>> saying a lot of prayers for them. >> reporter: back here live on oak avenue in stafford township we have a very active situation. gas company crews on the scene. about 300 homes in this area are without gas service right now. that means a lot of people here do not have any heat. anybody who is allowed to go back into their homes but doesn't want to stay there because they don't have any heat is able to stay in a local shelter. that's the latest live in stafford township ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with an amber alert we just told you about last night at 11:00. we just learned that alert has now been canceled. the search for a 3-year-old delaware girl has covered several states. >> now our delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has been on this story all day. again, just getting latest. the little girl has been found in massachusetts, is that right, tim? >> reporter: i'm happy to be the bearer of what is unbelievable news that not a lot of people
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expected to have this good news and certainly not this quickly. yeah. i just got a tip text on my phone a few minutes ago. shortly after that i got the confirmation from new castle county police the amber alert has been canceled. elinor trotta the 3-year-old has been found safe with her father in the state of masses. we're trying to get more information about the circumstances, how they were found, things like that. i want to show you this apartment behind me number 5 with the dallas cowboys nomegnome in the window. that's where elinor and her mother live. michael is the mother's ex-boyfriend. social media pages, they've had a lot of problems recently. trotta allegedly assaulted her on february 15th. we have instagram posts where he asks people to donate money to fight for his child. it's been an ugly situation. last night police say he came here assaulted the mother of this child, took the child and took off. they were last seen in mt. laurel new jersey a rest stop.
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that was a confirmed sighting. we don't know if they were on his way to -- they say he has relatives in the new york city area. the news as of right now, they are located safe and sound in the state of massachusetts. that is the latest. i'm reading it right here from this news release on the tips i just got here. so, there's a news conference scheduled for 5:00 at new castle police headquarters so we're going to pack up our truck, get out of dodge and find out more about what is a very very great outcome to this story that really could have ended so much more poorly and so many people in this neighborhood are going to have to knock on some doors because everybody said hey, listen, we've been watching channel 10 all day. knock on our door if you hear anybody, we to want know. we're pulling for this little girl. they see elinor walking around here. her grandmother lives here too. the news is very good. she's been found. we'll have more for you in a short while. live noo new castle tim furlong, "nbc10 news." >> thanks very much. back to that house explosion in
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ocean county. want to go to nbc10 investigator harry hairston. >> you just talked with investigators. what are they saying? >> >>. >> reporter: well, right now they think they can get gas restored back to this area. these pictures are amazing. here we are, ground zero. you see debris in the trees, that is where a house once was. a blast so powerful it demolished that house completely. barely anything left. just on the other side of new jersey, gas workers. can you see a stairwell just at bottom of your screen. it's been tossed there. jim, if you can pan off to your left slightly. you'll see this home across the street where the windows are bulged out from that. all this started at 8:3555 this morning when someone called police and said there was a smell of gas in the area. simultaneously police and fire responded. then they called the gas company. the gas company arrived just about 9:15 i'm told. i'm told while the gas company was out here determining that
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this was a strong gas leak the explosion happened just before 11:00 this morning. we talked to the firefighter just earlier about what happened with his men. >> i had six firefighters, they've all been released but one. sixth one is undergoing some tests. mostly had hearing problems. that was their main concern, was their hearing. >> reporter: now, again, investigators tell me and folks from new jersey gas, they say it is a two-inch gas main that was broken somehow. they're going to be able to repair that. they say they do not have to put in any new pipe. that's how they'll be able to restore this power -- or gas back to the folks here some time tomorrow morning. they'll be working through the evening with it. right now, there is still no word of the cause and no word of what caused the explosion. reporting live, harry hairston, "nbc10 news."
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>> before today's explosion happened nbc10 investigators started digging into the gas main problem in philadelphia. what they uncovered at 4:30. authorities plan to file charges against the company in yesterday's tanker truck inferno in south jersey. we're finding out how long that road will be closed down. >> reporter: we walked out just about 15 minutes ago. the most important piece of information for commuters is the following -- it will still be several days before even one lane on that exit ramp from the betsy ross bridge along 90 eastbound will even open up with a single lane. this as the investigation continues. police are waiting to speak to the driver of the truck in the middle of it all. the images from yesterday really hard to forget after that tanker flipped around 11 a.m. yesterday
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morning. investigators say they have not yet determined a causes yet, whether it was icy conditions on the road or the speed of the truck or both. but at the news conference we just left officials did note the rest of yesterday's morning rush seemed smooth in that area. on that particular ramp indicating at least no other driver seemed to be having trouble with ice in that area. couldn't speak much to the details of the investigation ongoing at this point, but the delaware river port authority ceo did say repairs will be extensive. a three-part approach is what they're taking. take a listen. >> first thing, we need to put some barriers we'll put jersey barrier in take it down to one lane and take it down to replace the guardrail. >> reporter: after that jerzy
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barrier is installed, they'll have to remove the top layer of the road there because it remains so slippery. the third part of their plan is reinstalling lighting. in that inferno, the lamp beside the roadway, the lamp basically melted down to the ground and was destroyed. we do know the driver of the truck has been released from cooper hospital but, again, investigative details are limited. for commuters, though the news is that it will be several days before at least one lane there on 90 eastbound even reopens. we're tracking it. that is the latest live in linden wald, george spencer, "nbc10 news." some people in the area began the day in single digits.
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chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> that's right. we have a storm that's going to be coming close to parts of the area. it's nice and clear right now. not a whole lot of wind. still pretty cold. snow fairly close right now, but this is not the storm going to affect it. out into arizona and new mexico that's going to be moving to the east over the next couple of days. ist going to pick up gulf of mexico moisture as you see, and kind of expand. there's going to be a large area of precipitation here. and part of our area is going to be on the northern edge of this as we go into thursday morning. obviously, the best chance of snow is in extreme southern delaware and extreme south jersey. there is the potential for some accumulation on this. i'll have more on the exact timing, how much snow may occur and how far inland that snow is likely to go with the seven-day in a few minutes.
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>> thanks glenn. sky force 10 over a fire at a shoe stoers in kensington. look at this from the payless on north front street to apartments causing the roof of that building to collapse. three-alarm fire disrupted septa service. shuttle buses helping with the backlog. investigators still trying to figure out what started that fire. >> that fire caused problems for cruise battling flames this morning and they're not the only ones feeling the impact of the record cold weather. doug shimell found out the cold is also a concern for transportation, for both those running the trains and buses and also passengers trying to get around. doug? >> reporter: exactly. you mentioned that fire in kensington so close to the "l" and passenger hs to be moved. they may have taken the bus, waiting in the cold, cold this
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morning. the swirling tour of inging inging tower of smoke from the payless shoe store was not what septa needed to see on their screens. the firefighters on the market "l" platform meant shutting down service in the brutal cold. >> we also have to take care of all the people on the line. it's a balancing act. we try to minimize that overall impact. it made it worse because it was in you know zero degree temperatures. >> reporter: septa said it had to get people off the "l" and around the payless fire scene and they needed 30 buses to do it. >> we don't have pusbuses standing by so we take buses from actual routes where passengers are waiting for buses. >> reporter: and passengers say you just know when it's your turn to wait. >> when it's been cold like this it feels like i've been waiting for two hours for the bus. >> reporter: so, if it seems as if your bus or your train may be taking a little longer in this weather, it could be perception could be reality.
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in a little bit, we'll look at what's happening to septa's on-time percentage in this weather. doug shimell, "nbc10 news." >> perception is reality when it's that cold out there. thank you, doug. students at an allentown school got the day off but not because of this morning's dangerous cold. firefighters responded to a fire at cleveland elementary around 7:00 before students were able to report to class. school officials say there was heavy smoke damage on the second floor of that building. this mangled mess of cars not what customers expected to find at acura dealership this morning. an elderly woman lost control of her jeep on lancaster avenue which went over a guardrail and landed on top of at least three cars. the dealer shipd management tells nbc10 this crash causeded $80,000 in damage. the driver of the jeep is in the hospital in stable condition. police arrested a man for a stabbing of two crew members of nicki minaj.
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this was the scene early last wednesday morning outside the che bar and grill in west okay lane leaving devin picket dead. developing right now in atlantic city. a new deal for the former revel casino and florida investor. straub intends to purchase revel for $82 million. the closing date expected to happen at the end of next month, although a judge still has a-to-approve that deal. nearly $29 billion, that's the budget new jersey governor chris christie proposed for next fiscal year, including a new round of cuts to pension and health benefits for public employees. nbc10 cydney long was at today's address and she's joining us live from trenton with more on what the governor is proposing. >> reporter: jim, you remember christie had to offset payments to the pension fund last year.
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he now says his administration has paid more to broken trust fund over the previous five years than previous administrations have paid over 15. >> we don't need any court to tell us we have a serious problem. >> reporter: on the heels of a new jersey judge ordering governor christie he must contribute $1.5 billion to the state's broken pension and benefits fund. christie says $1.3 billion payment will not break this year's budget and he says despite recent court battle the system is healthier now than it was a decade ago. >> the budget i put before you today would have new jersey taxpayers make a $1.3 billion payment to the pension system for fiscal year 2016. this is the largest single pension payment that has ever been made in new jersey history. >> reporter: christie says an annual billion dollar boost in revenue to the garden state will help achieve the payment with no new taxes. >> i will never, ever give up on
4:15 pm
new jersey. >> reporter: now, governor christie also hinted they are close to a truth or brokering some sort of ground-breaking deal with their long-time foe or enemy, the new jersey education on pension benefits as well as health care. exactly where the two sides differ, we're working on that for you live at 5:00. cydney long, "nbc10 news." democrats are responding to the governor's budget address. they call it a pension reform speech and say the state needs more money. >> and there is many many other things like school funding, municipal funding, that's flat funding, anybody that talks about property tax relief, those areas need to be addressed. there is many schools underfunded, they're below adequate adequacy, that we're not taking care of. >> democrats also say they're disappointed governor christie didn't mention the state
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transportation trust fund $16 billion in debt. we finance to follow several breaking stories. >> keith jones is live in the digital operations center with an update. >> let's start in stafford township ocean county first, where a gas explosion leveled a house and injured 15 people this morning. it that includes seven gas company workers, six firefighters and two emergency medical service technicians. more than 300 families have been forced from their homes. the cause of the explosion is still unknown. and our other big breaking story we told you about at the top of the newscast this amber alert for the 3-year-old delaware girl now canceled. police say elinor trotta was found safe in mass pass. her father is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend last night at her new castle part apartment and then taking their daughter. police are working to reunite elinor with her mother. be sure to tune in live on air
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and also on our "nbc10 news" app. it's new and improved. can you download that of course for free. reporting live in the digital operation center, keith jones, "nbc10 news." well we had record cold in parts of the area this morning. some of the coldest air of the entire season. and it's getting kind of late in the season. we're also tracking snow that is going to be affecting at least a part of the area a brief break from the extreme cold. just plain cold tomorrow. a frigid february. we're in line for the fifth coldest february ever recorded in philadelphia. and the coldest in 36 years. we have partly cloudy skies right now. 24 degrees. the wind is ten miles an hour. we're pretty close to temperature from yesterday. the record this morning was 2
4:18 pm
the existing record in philadelphia. we did not break the record but reading did. 3 below zero. atlantic city came within a degree. but look at allentown, 8 below zero. 12 degrees. they beat the record by 12 degrees. wilmington tied the record for low. we're still incredibly cold for this time of the year especially considering a sunny day. 21 in kennett square. average temperature this time of day would be 46 or 47. 22 in reading and pottstown. at least it's not below zero. 25 in swedesboro. 23 atlantic city airport and also in aifvalon. one southern storm producing snow in north carolina. that one is staying well south of us. this one is going to take a bit of a different track. it's going to be a larger storm
4:19 pm
so it's going to cover a bigger area. and, of course there it is. and as we go through wednesday and into wednesday night, there's going to be snow in northern alabama and georgia and north carolina and virginia and we're just on the edge of it. in southern delaware extreme south jersey. there could be some flakes even back to the philadelphia area but we don't think there's going to be that much. then it moves out by thursday afternoon. so this is a thursday morning thing. it could affect the morning rush especially down near the beaches for a chance of 2 inches or more. obviously, the highest chance is to the south. there's a medium to high chance. that means it's more likely we're going to get 2 inches or more there than not. so at least 2 inches is the preliminary estimate down here. a low chance as we head closer to the philadelphia and northern dell. so we'll continue to update
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that. just the slightest change in the track of that storm could mean a big difference in who gets what. tonight, partly cloudy, very cold. 18 for a low in philadelphia. 8 north and west. but at least it's not 8 below zero. sunny. not as frigid tomorrow. actually above freezing. a little bit of a breeze making it feel colder. south and east on thursday the bitter cold continues friday and saturday. then we get into a wetter pattern. a borderline rain/snow issue from later sunday all the way into tuesday. before this gas explosion in south jersey the nbc10 investigators dug into why philadelphia's gas lines are among the worst in the state. >> is their gas utility safe? >> it is -- >> we asked how they plan to repair them before another disaster happens. then identity theft on the rise.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf is courting business groups as he works on a budget expected to call for higher taxes and more state help for public schools. wolf spoke to chamber and banker association groups at a conference near harrisburg today. he told them he understands the hardships of making payroll and how government can affect business. he said children and the economy have suffered from government underfunding of schools. wolf unveils his bublg next tuesday. speaking of schools, mass community charity school in northeast philadelphia will hold its annual admission lottery in five minutes. parents have submitted more than 7100 applications to fill only 96 spots. the src denied 34 charter school
4:25 pm
applications. members of wilmington on violent crime are meeting tonight to talk about the police presence in that city. tonight's meeting happen at 5:30 at walnut street ymca. they're focus on law enforcement resources including state and city police. they will make representations to consulting firms. a house explosion and an amber alert that's just been canceled. >> those are two of the top stories we're following on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. 3-year-old elnor trotta found safe in massachusetts. she was reported from her home in new castle last night. police issued an amber alert for her father. necessity say her father took her after assaulting his ex-girlfriend. no word on what charges he could face. nearly a dozen people hurt hundreds forced from their homes after a house exploded in stafford township ocean county
4:26 pm
this morning. a team of nbc10 reporters continuing to ask what went wrong here. before today's explosion, the nbc10 investigators looked into the problems plaguing gas lines in philadelphia. larry what they have to say next.
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police found a 3-year-old safe and sound after an amber alert that started in new castle county delaware last night. investigators were looking for 3-year-old elinor trotta and his father. they think he took the young girl after assaulting his ex-girlfriend, the girl's mother. they were both found in massachusetts. the girl is safe. no word yet on what xharnlgs the father could face. in stafford township ocean county a gas explosion leveled
4:30 pm
a home after a gas main break this morning. nbc10 has learned that 15 people were hurt and 300 families are still out of their homes at this hour. the cause of the explosion remains unknown, new jersey national gas employees will work throughout the night to restore service tomorrow morning. from this map, can you see exactly where all this happened. it's on oak avenue on route 9, stafford township ocean county. authorities evacuated hundreds of residents from nearby homes. >> i saw pieces of house floating all over my yard. and the insulation was all over the place. and you could see just the ambulances and people running around and then there was big flames coming from the house. >> we have a news crew out there with neighbors. count on updates as we learn more information on when those residents might be allowed back into their homes. this area no stranger to gas explosion. philadelphia's gas lines have exploded and, in fact killed before. >> so, the nbc10 investigators
4:31 pm
mitch blacher had questions for those running philadelphia's gas works. >> philadelphia has more than 3,000 miles of gas mains. they could stretch coast to coast. regulators say half of them are old and brittle. some are broken. >> reporter: we don't think about natural gas until we have to. >> who's to say that can't happen here? >> reporter: her neighbors, the 2011 explosion has been on the top of their minds lately. >> we always smell it. >> reporter: the smell of gas on their street is something they've gotten used to. their kids too. >> we're just very afraid of something terrible that can happen to all of us. >> get the hell out of there. it's just -- it's as risky as you could possibly have a situation in your neighborhood. >> reporter: civil engineer and drexel university professor joe martin explained what smelling
4:32 pm
natural gas means. >> if you can smell it it's at a concentration enough to be at explosive. >> reporter: for those people living in philadelphia is their gas utility safe? >> it is a patchwork. >> reporter: chairman of philadelphia gas said fixing 20,000 leaks in 2014. the year before they found nearly 6500. bottom line are those pipes safe? >> the bottom line those pipes keep us up at night. >> reporter: when the chief regulator says your gas lines keep you up at night, is that something you can change? >> i believe you're better served talking to the chairman about how we could change his sleep patterns. >> reporter: spokes manner barry o'sullivan said philly gas lines are safe. >> safety is the first and last thought of everybody that works here on every given day. >> reporter: speed is also top of mind since this moment mow between pgw and state regulators in august of 2014.
4:33 pm
it says, philadelphia gas works is supposed to respond immediately to an odor in the air close to structures. >> we respond to 100% of calls we get reporting odors. and as we say, 98% of those responses were in less than 60 minutes. >> reporter: what happened in the other 2%? >> they were slightly over 60 minutes. >> reporter: on grace berry avenue, they say they called pgw for nearly two weeks about smelling gas. only when we took the issue to regulators did workers begin fixing the line. it's part of 1500 miles of cast iron mains all set to be replaced. >> right now we're looking at a time scale of 88 years to remove all of the cast iron mains. >> reporter: that seems like an awfully long time. >> it is an awfully long time. >> reporter: nancy's 2-year-old daughter will be 90 by the time it's finished. >> we just want everybody to be safe. that's all we really care about. >> now, that 88-year replacement plan will start on grays ferry
4:34 pm
avenue. pgw plans to completely replace that gas main in the spring. coming up at 6:00 we have a lot more questions for pgw about their 88-year replacement plan. >> learning experience for me out here. if you can smell that gas, it's at consequence concentrations high enough to explode. >> yes. >> you have more at 6:00. thank you, mitch. the arctic conditions have coast guard cutting along ice on the hudson river. icy chunks are making it hard for barges to move. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now to look at what we're up against. >> joining us now with the first alert forecast. glenn? >> yeah we had incredible cold this morning. especially in the poconos. this is mt. pocono here. and we had 15 below zero this morning for a record cold. mt. pocono 14 degrees right now. 22 in pottstown and reading.
4:35 pm
23 in trenton. 22 in wilmington. 23 in dover. it's just amazingly cold. especially considering the sunshine. now, we set records in several places. reading and allentown just smashed their record. allentown beat the record by 12 degrees. that hardly ever happens to beat a record by so much even for a daily record. snow not far away from us now, but that's tracking well south of us. this is the area we're going to be watching over the next 36 hours. and it's a long way away, but it is going to be moving in our direction, picking up gulf moisture. and making a pretty large storm. we're just going to be on the northern edge of it. so, southern delaware and extreme south jersey have the best chance of seeing some of that snow. more on the potential accumulations and the exact timing coming up in a few minutes. authorities are questioning
4:36 pm
a truck driver involved this fiery crash with this commuter train near los angeles today. 28 people were hurt when the train hit the truck, which was abandoned at a marked crossing. investigators say the driver left that truck on the tracks and was found several miles away after the crash, which is described his moment of impact. >> it's just a big bam boom like that. >> authorities say the train's conductor was able to see that abandoned truck but couldn't stop in time. on alert -- details on the new tactics criminals are using to steal your identity. >> first, here's what we're working on for you for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. nbc10 digging into why philadelphia's gas lines are among the worst in the state. new at 5:00 what you need to know about the gas lines to keep your family safe no matter where you live. then governor christie talks education in his budget address. what his plans call for and how teachers responded. how this record cold is
4:37 pm
having an impact on your commute.
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your medical identity may be at risk. a new study found medical i.d.
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theft rose 20% last year. the majority of them didn't find out about the theft until three months until after it happened. more women in the u.s. are choosing long-acting but reversible methods of blirt control. a new government study shows the use of iuds and hormonal implants increased three-fold in the last decade. 7% now use these methods. most users are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old. we continue to follow breaking news in south jersey. house explosion in ocean county. nbc10 investigators are breaking down exactly what happened here. and before 5:00 we have answers to questions learning about this timeline. a brief warm-up on the way after record cold for many today. then i'm tracking a chance for snow. i have details on when the snow
4:41 pm
will fall.
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ancient goodness, great taste. we continue following breaking news out of stafford township ocean county. explosion injured 15 people. forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents from nearby homes. we're told new jersey natural gas employees will work through the night to restore service by tomorrow morning. the cause of the explosion remains under investigation right now. turning to sports. less than three weeks -- >> for now they continue to get game ready in a warmer climate. comcast sportsnet john clark is with the phils at spring training in clearwater. >> all hands on deck now, john? >> reporter: yeah you said it.
4:45 pm
first full workout. you've heard a lot of prognosticators and experts believe phillies will be one of the worst teams in baseball. vegas picks them to be one of the worst teams in baseball. ryne sandberg said he did not need to give his team a pep talk. his players seem to be confident. take a look at ryne and players out on the team. he had a team meeting and then a 3 1/2 hour workout. ryne sandberg means business. he's stressing fundamentals. he said they need to be a good situational team, they need to be good at base running. he also had a strong message for the clubhouse. the chemistry needs to be better last year he said the clubhouse was not conducive to winning sometimes. he told them things he expects he said it was loud and clear. >> everybody in the room here last year learned some things. there's some adjustment there.
4:46 pm
so to bring some togetherness to the locker room from everybody that's in there, i think that's one of the most important things. >> reporter: he seems to be more firm and forceful rye right now. you heard him say he learned a lot of things. he went to the general manager after the season saying i want more coaches, more players, more former managers. mable is here boa, and he wants every player to hear the same message from all these former players and coaches. i'm john clark, live in clearwater. we'll hear from the man that will try to replace jimmy rollins. tough task. that's coming up in one hour. the players are out there for spring training.
4:47 pm
this is going to be another southern storm. we have a brief break tomorrow. temperatures get above freezing for a couple hours. but a frigid february over all on pace for the fifth coldest february ever recorded in philadelphia. the clouds are increasing across the area. 24 degrees now. the wind is 10 miles an hour. and we continue to see temperatures in the 20s. the average high is 47 degrees, which means there's a lot of days in the 50s and even 60s at this time of the year. some years, not this year one area of snow pretty close but it's moving straight east out to see. this area is going to take a bigger track with a bigger system. here's thursday, 7 a.m.
4:48 pm
you can see the snow advance from the south. cape may county, ocean county, and maybe some flurryies grazing the philadelphia area. that's just some of the newest computer information. here's another model. some snow up to dover here. at the shore, cape may county and atlanta county getting a brief period of accumulating snow before it moves out. the chances of getting 2 inches or more is fairly high from dover down to southern delaware. and toward the jersey shore. but the closer you get to philadelphia, the lower the chances get on with this particular snow. there may be more snow before this winter is over. for tonight, partly cloudy and very cold. 18 for the low in philadelphia. 8 north and west. at least it's not record breaking cold like it was last
4:49 pm
night when it was 8 below zero in allentown. sunny, not as frigid tomorrow. temperatures into the mid-30s. that may feel pretty nice especially with the sun coming out. the sun angle is getting higher so the sun's rays are getting a little stronger here. melt some snow too, which will refreeze. morning snow on thursday morning, followed by another shot of arctic air for friday and saturday. then a wetter period as temperatures get closer to average monday and tuesday, but that also means threats of snow and/or rain. count on continuing coverage on the big breaking story. a house explosion in ocean county causing problems. also leading to questions for neighbors five hours after the fact. next what's the timeline of events reveal. all new tonight -- a reactor
4:50 pm
at montgomery county nuclear power plant is offline. we'll tell you what happened. others. now, americans everywhere are discovering that... spoon after spoon... dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta.
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a developing story in texas where closing arguments could soon get under way in the so-called "american sniper" murder trial. routh accused of killing navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and kyle's friend. kyle's autobiography is the basis for the bloc buster movie "american sniper."
4:54 pm
routh's attorneys claim he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder. >> no issue about whether ralph murdered these two men, it's whether he was insane at the time of the offense. >> jury is expected to begin deliberations later this week. a reformed con artist spoke to an unlikely group of washingtonens. talking to a collection of states attorney general. leo dicaprio played him in "catch me if you can." after serving time he's now one of the top authorities on fraud, forgery, embezzlement. >> it's always a criminal changing their mode of operation. >> frank has been working with the fbi for the past 38 years. a majority of people in new jersey believe atlantic city's best days are behind it. a new poll found 63% believe jersey shore's gambling glory
4:55 pm
days are long gone. only 25% say the best is yet to come. 57% of people agree with governor christie's decision to appoint an emergency manager for the city. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is coming up next. next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- our live team coverage of the house explosion continues. and also ahead, penn state students get slammed online. why a national sportscaster took to twitter to bash them after they raised money for kids with cancer. and as we go through this week, we'll watch snow approaching parts of the area. coming up i'll show you the timing on that and who can expect it. growing danger. new information about just how many recalled and unfixed vehicles are driving on local roads. hear which state in our area has more than nearly everyone else in america. that's next all new on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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4:58 pm
right now this tanker truck inferno is causing problems for the morning commute. that's more than five hours since it erupted in flames. the truck hauling thousands of gallons of fuel overturned on a ramp. we'll get to that story in just a moment. the images on your screen right now, however r an amber alert that was canceled. that's the very latest here. the 3-year-old girl on the right side of your screen was actually
4:59 pm
found safe in massachusetts. >> hours of worrying are now over. police are trying to reunite elinor trotta with her mother. we're expecting a news conference. >> michael trotta took the girl after assaulting his ex-girlfriend. that happened last night. we saw that on "nbc10 news" at 1 p.m. >> on "nbc 10 news today," police recovered the mazda originally described in the amber alert. they say someone spotted them at a new jersey rest area. we're waiting to hear from new casting police at a news conference. we'll bring that to you live on air and our nbc10 app just as soon as that happens. it would knock you off your feet. it's something i never want to experience again. >> a powerful house explosion, smoldering debris is all that's
5:00 pm
left after a home was leveled. we talked about this at the top of the newscast. the blast september more than a dozen people to the hospital. it stapd in stafford township ocean county. neighbors near the home along oak avenue had to be evacuated. >> our live team coverage begins now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. we have ted greenberg live at the scene of the blast. joining us with the very latest on this now. ted? >> reporter: i just got an update from stafford township's mayor. he tells us none of the 75 people from -- the people from 75 homes evacuated in this area none of them have been allowed to return and he's not sure when they'll be allowed to go back. we got a close up look at the spot where that house stood until this morning. the


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