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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 24, 2015 11:34pm-12:37am EST

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thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- josh duhamel, gabrielle union, musical guest, charlie wilson,
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 217, springfield, illinois. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey, i feel the love. thank you so much for that. that's a hot crowd. thank you very much. thank you very much, and welcome to "the tonight show," everybody, this is it. [ cheers and applause ] we're here, this is a great show. i appreciate it. we're going to have fun tonight. thank you very much. here's what people are talking
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about, of course, everyone's still talking about the oscars. and while many celebrities spent their nights celebrating and going to parties, kim kardashian tweeted that she stayed home and finished a a piano lesson. [ laughter ] which brings up a lot of questions like, "where does her piano instructor sit?" and because, you know, if she -- [ laughter ] unless maybe she's laying over the top, like -- [ applause ] and some big political news here. this week, new defense secretary ashton carter said that he's open to letting transgender people serve in the military. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] that's right. he says there's no reason to prevent people from being generals just because of their privates. and that's -- [ laughter ] said that's very thoughtful, very nice. [ applause ] well this is not good here, the white house just announced that many obama care members got the wrong tax information and may have to re-file their taxes this year. it pretty inconvenient.
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mainly, just remembering what you lied about the first time you filed your taxes you go -- [ laughter and applause ] i think i said my grill was a a business expense. i read that pope francis and a a few cardinals are on a a retreat from the vatican, where they will spend a week meditating and praying. at least that's what they told their wives. [ laughter ] that's right, pope francis and his advisers are on a retreat, where they will spend the week praying that they score a a jackpot on those slot machines in vegas. yeah -- [ cheers and applause ] ♪ what happens in vegas, shall remain in vegas ♪ [ laughter and applause ] hey, if you got kids, you should listen to this. disney just increased prices to its u.s. theme parks. an admission to disney world now costs $105. [ audience ohs ] disney said, that after giving it much thought and looking at the economics of it all, parents won't have a choice anyway. [ laughter ] only one disney world, so -- my
11:38 pm
kid loves frozen, what are you going to do? yeah, i gotta go. also disney has been named this year's best overall cruise line for the third year in a row. [ cheers and applause ] that's nice. while for a third year in a a row, carnival cruise lines have been names best floating diarrhea prison. [ laughter and applause ] they shouldn't -- they shouldn't have that list. >> steve: no, that shouldn't be a list. number one in the number two's. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: hey. [ laughter ] guys, it was another intense episode of "the bachelor" last night. do you watch "the bachelor?" [ cheers ] i love that show, and this time, they had their fantasy suite -- this is the one with the fantasy suite dates. and this is where chris invites them to stay the night without any cameras. there was one conversation in particular that was a bit awkward, if you missed it, don't worry. because here to reenact the scene with actual lines from the show are questlove and
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tariq from the roots. guys? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> questlove: thank you, thank you, jimmy. tonight i'll be playing becca, a 25 year old chiropractic assistant who has to tell chris a very big secret. >> tariq: and i'll be playing chris, the bachelor, who is very excited about the fantasy suite tonight. >> jimmy: that's fantastic, whenever you're ready. >> okay. [ laughter ] ♪ >> questlove: so, i know that i've shared a lot with you, but i do feel like i'm falling in love with you, and i do have something very important to share with you. [ laughter ] i am a virgin. [ laughter ]
11:40 pm
>> tariq: all right. i'm glad that you, you know -- it's never easy to respond to that stuff. >> questlove: i know. >> tariq: but i respect that in a lot of ways -- i think that says a lot about who you are. >> questlove: this is the perfect date. >> tariq: yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ please, please, please. thank you very much. more than enough. more than enough applause. more than enough applause. more than enough. thank you, guys. no, please. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ thank you very much. get out of here! oh, my gosh, it was like watching the show all over
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again. [ laughter ] that actually did happen on the show there was a virgin going on "the bachelor," that doesn't make any sense, actually. it's like chris christie going on "american ninja warrior." you know what i'm saying? ♪ it's like an actual star going on "dancing with the stars," you know what i'm saying? ♪ of course, the country continues to deal with some brutal weather, but i heard that a group of teenagers in colorado surprised their neighbors by shoveling 50 drive ways and walkways for free. [ cheers and applause ] they didn't mean to, they were just too stoned to remember which house was theirs. [ laughter and applause ] is that my house? my house has a roof on it. that's it, i think. [ laughter ] i just heard about this. people with peanut allergies may soon be able to wear a a peanut patch to protect them from an allergic reaction.
11:42 pm
and if you're interested don't google the phrase nut patch. [ laughter ] trust me. don't do it. we had to let go of someone today for doing that in the office. [ laughter ] >> steve: and you can't un-see it. >> jimmy: h.r. you guys. >> steve: you can't un-see that. that's true. and finally, this is just crazy. a man in california led police on a two-hour car chase, before finally getting stopped in the middle of the street yesterday. and then take a look at what happened next? >> and now we see more smoke billowing out of the window. >> and now coming from the driver's side so it does appear -- >> that he's -- >> smoking -- >> getting high -- i believe. and bob, i don't have any experience with it, but i believe the term is hot boxing. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: i don't have any experience with this but my weed dealer tells me it's called hot boxing bob. [ laughter ] i think the person in the car has opened the door and it's me.
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i'm so high right now, bob, i'm coming out. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: we have a great show, give it up for the roots right there. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hey, everybody, thank you so much. thank you so much. we got a big week of shows ahead. ice-t, lupe fiasco, james spader, josh hutcherson will all be joining us. hot week. but first -- oh, my gosh, all the girls are going crazy. oh my gosh. from the new show "battle creek" josh duhamel is on the show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] tall drink of water. tall drink of water. and plus all the guys are going crazy for this girl too as well, yeah. she stars in the hit b.e.t. series "being mary jane," gabrielle union is here. [ cheers and applause ] she is so much fun.
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later in the show, gabrielle and i are going head to head in a random object shootout. [ audience oohs ] and we got music, everyone's going nuts for this guy, he's going to play with the roots tonight. charlie wilson is here. [ cheers and applause ] charlie! he's great, man. honor to have him. guys, it's time to take a look at the stories making headlines today, and weigh the good with the bad. it's time for "pros and cons," here we go. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ well, tonight we'll be taking a a look at the pros and cons of the deep freeze. the country's still dealing with sub-zero temperatures and snowy weather. seems like it will never end. so lets take a look at the pros and cons of the deep freeze. here we go. pro, march comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. con, february comes in like a a bastard and goes out like a a mofo. [ laughter and applause ] famous saying. famous saying. >> steve: gandhi. >> jimmy: no -- >> steve: wasn't gandhi? >> jimmy: i didn't think it was gandhi. >> steve: you sure?
11:45 pm
>> jimmy: i'm not sure, but i don't think it was -- >> steve i thought it was gandhi. >> jimmy: gandhi said that? >> steve: i think so. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't think -- >> steve: i might be wrong, i don't know. >> jimmy: i can call the fact checker if you want. >> steve: go for it. [ phone ringing ] >> jimmy: gary's a fact checker. pretty good with this stuff. usually two rings. three rings. [ laughter ] >> hello, hello? >> jimmy: hey, gary, sorry, wake you up buddy? >> yeah, no, no, no. what? >> what do you mean what? hey gary, it's jimmy -- fallon. >> yeah, go ahead, man. >> jimmy: hey, man, that thing we said about the february comes in like -- >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: did gandhi say that? >> out like a mofo? >> jimmy: yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. i think it was -- hold on, let me look it up. oh, man, i'm naked. [ laughter ]
11:46 pm
>> jimmy: what? gary, you're on the air. >> oh, man, i'm gonna have to back to you, dude. i've got one question though. >> jimmy: what's that? >> you want some crack with that. >> jimmy: no thank you. no thank you very much. i should fire him. yeah. but he's good, though, he's good. pro, jack frost nipping at your nose. con, john travolta gripping at your face. [ laughter ] this time of year -- this time of year, specifically, it happens a lot. >> steve: because of the weather. >> jimmy: pro, niagara falls is now completely stiff and frozen solid. con, it's now called viagra falls. [ laughter and applause ] i can't believe we haven't done that joke. ♪ took us that long to make that joke? >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: by the way, if you do go there, it's a great place to goo, but if you're there for more than four hours, call your doctor. [ laughter ] pro, seeing your own breath. con, walking into your own breath and getting a black eye.
11:47 pm
it's very dangerous out there. it's cold. pro, the northeast has been hit hard. con, but boston got hit wicked hard. [ cheers and applause ] there you go. that's right. wicked hard. [ cheers ] pro, seeing black ice and locking your brakes. con, seeing vanilla ice and locking your doors. [ laughter and applause ] it's important to know these things. all right, stop. pro, you can't leave the country because you're snowed in. con, you can't enter the country because you're snowden. [ laughter and applause ] ♪ pro, seeing people wear those funny hats on their heads that look like animals. i know those ones. con, like this guy. [ laughter ] that's cute, it's like a -- what is it, like a beaver? that's cute, sea urchin? [ laughter ] it's not a fluffy animal.
11:48 pm
is it a furry animal? >> steve: spikey. >> jimmy: yeah it is, yeah. and finally -- [ laughter ] pro, he decided to stay inside this week. con, so did your testicles. there you go, that's the pros and cons. we'll be right back with josh duhamel, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ cucfetamintscuit. ♪ bacopeachugulascuit. ♪ avochickarachascuit. ♪ all it takes is just three ingredients on a triscuit and the possibilities are endless. ♪ triscuit made for more
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plus, get a $300 bonus with a 2-year agreement. so don't wait, get fios now at this amazing price, plus a $300 bonus! go to, today. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest tonight is a terrific actor. oh, we love him. he stars in the brand new series "battle creek" which premiers this sunday at 10:00 p.m. on cbs. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome josh duhamel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ yo man you from battle creek ♪ ♪ yo man how much money you got ♪ ♪ yo man you from battle creek ♪ >> jimmy: how you doing buddy? that's what i'm talking about, josh duhamel right there. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for stopping by.
11:53 pm
thank you for coming on the show today. i appreciate this, i haven't seen you since we were doing "late night." yes, it was -- several years ago now wasn't it? >> jimmy: it was a couple years ago. yeah. you now have a -- >> a lot changed since then jimmy. >> jimmy: you have a child. congratulations. >> i do, i have a 17 month old. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: baby boy, right? >> a little baby boy. >> jimmy: congratulations. >> how old is winnie? >> jimmy: winnie is -- a year and a half. so she's like -- yeah what is that? >> so she's just a little bit older thatn my boy. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. it's fun right? >> it's amazing, it really is. >> jimmy: what is he into? what is he doing? does he -- >> well he is -- let's see, he loves trucks, belly buttons -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, she likes that too. >> we're teaching him how to potty train. >> jimmy: are you really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: wait, do i have to start doing that? >> it's very -- what's that? >> jimmy: is your child advanced? [ laughter ] do i have to start doing that? >> well, i don't know when you're supposed to do it, i just figured we'd get him -- >> jimmy: a year and a half, two? that's it? that's when they start doing it? he'll be the first one in my family to be potty trained. [ laughter ] >> when is the -- when is the ideal time to potty train a a kid?
11:54 pm
[ indistinct shouting ] >> jimmy: right now, two. >> okay. well that makes sense because i bought him this little, mini toilet. >> jimmy: yeah, the plastic thing, yeah. >> and he knows what to do because he loves to watch me pee. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. >> he's fascinated by it so we get him this thing and he, you know, gets on top of it and he starts crawling like he's going to -- that wasn't supposed to be sexy. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: no, no, that's not supposed to be sexy. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. a little, tiny baby. >> so he gets on this thing like he's going to pee in it -- >> jimmy: that's awesome. >> but nothing happens, so we figure we'll give him time, he's still young. >> jimmy: yeah. >> literally, turn your head and two seconds later, he's sitting there peeing all over the carpet. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, he's close enough. yeah, he knew the idea but -- >> i think he knows what he's supposed to do, he just doesn't have any control yet. >> jimmy: yeah. not yet. yeah, yeah. good. again, we're a lot a a like, me and him. yeah. we're very close. >> yeah, i'm not that far removed from that myself. >> jimmy: no, yeah. how is your wife, how's fergie? >> she's fantastic. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: she's great, we love her.
11:55 pm
very pretty, very talented. >> yeah. she's doing great. >> jimmy: does she sing -- >> she says hello. >> jimmy: oh, tell her i said hello back. does she sing to the baby, to axl? >> she does sing to axl. she has -- there's many a songs being sung in the old household. >> jimmy: just made up songs? >> there's one in particular at night we're putting his jamies on, she sings andrea bocelli. what is it -- ♪ >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah, nice. >> well she sings it -- no. she sings it beautifully but she sings -- ♪ it's time to say good night ♪ and then when she's gone like working, i try to take over for her. [ laughter ] and it's like a dead stare. >> jimmy: he's like, "come on what are you trying to do man? yeah, yeah, mom's fergie, come on buddy." yeah, exactly. yeah. so, don't even try. yeah. i do that all the time. i try to make up songs and stuff like that i -- >> it's fun, man. >> jimmy: oh, it's the best thing, i'm having the best -- it's just the greatest time. i know you like to golf as well. when do you even have time to golf?
11:56 pm
i see on your instagram, i follow you, and this showed up from a golf tournament, that doesn't look like a golf tournament at all to me. [ laughter ] >> i like the little chyron across the bottom, golf etiquettee. >> jimmy: golf etiquette. yeah, exactly. were you moshing? what is this? >> the at&t pebble beach tournament was last weekend and i played in it. >> jimmy: major, that's a major tournament. >> yeah, it's really fun. it's really risky. it's the most beautiful place i've ever been. and so, on the 15th hole, they have this group called the 15 club or club 15. >> jimmy: yeah. >> who just go nuts, like the one hole they let them go nuts on. and so they scream and they -- you know they let you hit, but -- or they'll scream during your shot if you want them to. >> jimmy: it's up to you. it's your choice. >> so of course i'm like, "come on, come on." and i hit the best shot that i hit all day. >> jimmy: so then you got to give them some love. >> and so i had to go running into -- nobody knows -- i didn't know if anybody was going to catch me. [ laughter ] that could have been -- that could have gone really bad. >> jimmy: going into crowd of like golf enthusiasts? [ laughter ] it's like wow. i would be so nervous doing that. but yeah, you did it. [ applause ] and what other -- this is like a big deal.
11:57 pm
i mean this is like the thing, bill murray plays at this. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and clint eastwood plays at this thing. >> yeah, clint eastwood. >> jimmy: was he there? was clint eastwood -- >> clint was there, he played in the 3m challenge that they do every year. >> jimmy: fun. he's a -- like he's a man's man. >> you play for -- yeah actually won money for his charity, i didn't unfortunately. but clint is -- you know, i'm a a huge fan -- have you seen "american sniper?" >> jimmy: yeah, absolutely. >> amazing movie. >> jimmy: yeah, it was amazing. [ cheers and applause ] and so clint eastwood is like one of the coolest human beings. he's done the show. >> he's a really good -- >> jimmy: he's a tough guy. >> i mean, that's the guy -- i'd love to emulate that dude, he's done so many great things. >> jimmy: yeah, he's a cool guy. >> but i tried to, you know have a -- and i get a little starstruck every time i see him. >> jimmy: sure. >> so, i was excited to tell him i loved the movie, i went on about what i loved about it. he's like, "yeah, thanks." and that was it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that was it right there. that's more than you normally gives normal people, yeah. >> leading up to it -- >> jimmy: he makes you run away. >> he does. really uncomfortable. >> jimmy: let's talk about your show, "battle creek." this is -- people are excited about this. [ cheers and applause ] you got some good people behind this, this sunday 10:00.
11:58 pm
you got david schore who worked on "house." >> yes. >> jimmy: and you have vince gilligan from "breaking bad." [ cheers and applause ] how could you say no to the show. this is exciting. >> you can't say no to that. >> jimmy: you can't say no to that. >> it's -- you know, we're very proud of the show. vince actually wrote the show, like i think 13 years ago. and, of course, after all the success, you know what, that script that you wrote back then, and we've been dying to make that. >> jimmy: that was fantastic. yeah, what are you waiting for. yeah, this is fantastic. yeah. >> so we did, and david shore who is also incredibly talented is heading up the writing team, and -- >> jimmy: what is it about? >> it's sort of a new take on a a cop show. it's not really like what we've seen, i don't think, in that the crimes are a little bit different. it's battle creek, michigan, by the way they watched it tonight in battle creek. how you doing? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh yeah, hey battle creek. >> anyway, so it's about these two cops, i play around fbi guy, dean winters plays the local -- shoot first ask
11:59 pm
questions later type cop. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and it's just about this underfunded police department, and i play this fbi guy who comes in and tries to help them out, with all the resources that the government agencies have. >> jimmy: and it's quirky, and i like it, battle creek, yeah, like you said, it's a real town. isn't it like -- wasn't it the home of like cereals like "kelloggs." >> it's the cereal capital of the world. >> jimmy: yeah. so it's like "post" and "kelloggs." >> in fact -- >> jimmy: were you involved at all in this? >> well, yeah. >> jimmy: does your character eat cereal. [ laughter ] >> well, there's one episode in particular were they have -- this is a real thing, they have the cereal day. like national breakfast day or something. >> jimmy: yeah. >> where they line up this breakfast table that goes all the way down main street. this is typical of what you'll see on the show, it's not "tony the tiger", we had to do our own, "tom cat" was his name. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: for legal reasons. >> who gets shot. >> jimmy: oh my god. well, thank god you changed the name. you can't kill "tony the tiger." >> no.
12:00 am
>> jimmy: it would just devastate many people. yeah. >> are you kidding me? it's a federal offense. >> jimmy: can i ask, is he shot by a serial killer? [ laughter ] ♪ >> no. >> jimmy: i had -- hey. i'm not writing for the show. i had to ask. i had to ask. don't give it away. no spoilers. josh duhamel, everybody, "battle creek" premieres this sunday. [ cheers and applause ] this sunday at 10:00 pm on cbs. gabrielle union joins us after the break. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ doctor, i clearly saw the word boyfriend in the text message. because you were snooping? jenny, tell us about this new boyfriend, is this the change that you are after? it feels right. more casual, not so uptight. confident. i feel sexy again. don't i make you feel sexy? quiet! wait... very sexy... whose side are you on? i'm on her backside now. are you talking about her jeans? yeah, they're old navy's new boyfriend jeans. those are old navy?! yeah, their jeans start at just $15. that's insane! i mean not clinically, of course... right now all jeans are buy one get one 50% off.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: our next guest is a a talented actress who stars on the popular television series "being mary jane," which airs tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. on b.e.t. please welcome the lovely gabrielle union, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: gabrielle, you look gorgeous. >> how are you? >> jimmy: thank you for coming back to the show. thank you for being here. >> thanks. >> jimmy: yeah, because i can tell you're psyched to be here. >> i am very psyched to be here. i love leaving 80 degree weather in miami and coming here and having snot frozen to my face. [ laughter ] it's great, no, i love it. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. what are you doing in miami, by the way? what are you doing in miami? are you -- what are you missing out on, anything? >> cheering, heckling. you know, but i'm very busy
12:06 am
with that. >> jimmy: yeah, the normal stuff like that. but you just came from something like family festival? >> oh, the miami heat family fun fest. it's a charity event, and there's all kinds of activities and our favorite was -- they have karaoke. you got to tape a video doing your favorite song. >> jimmy: wait, so you -- now you -- and your husband does this? dwyane wade does karaoke? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: really? >> absolutely. we are karaoke fiends. >> jimmy: really? >> like, it's a problem for us. oh, of course there's -- there's always -- >> jimmy: there's a video of this somewhere. >> somewhere. somebody has it. >> jimmy: what is his go-to song? what is your go-to song? >> well, i learned -- which, they probably should have put this in the pre- nup, "what is your go-to song?" -- he doesn't have one. >> jimmy: no! >> we were on vacation, and we were at this place where they have a live band and at the end of the night they asked people to come up and sing. and the dsquared2 guys were there, the designers. and the they were like, "dwyane wade's in the house, get him up on stage." and i'm like, "yes!" i was -- he was like my little honey boo boo and i was mama june. i was like, "get up on that stage, honey! gotta make us some money."
12:07 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: "strut! give sass! be sassy! jazz hands! jazz hands!" >> and he gets up there, like begrudgingly, and it's like a a deer in headlights. he had no go-to song. >> jimmy: [ whispering ] what?! >> the shame that i felt that he was not prepared for the moment. >> jimmy: oh, this is terrible. >> we've been practicing ever since. we have the home karaoke machine, and we've been practicing. >> jimmy: do you have a go-to song? what's your go-to song? >> i have many. pick a genre. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, wow! [ cheers and applause ] i will say, do you have a a country song? >> do you want dolly? you want patsy cline, you want the judds, you want garth brooks? >> jimmy: really? okay. very good. you got all those in your pocket? ♪ tumble out of bed and i tumble in the kitchen ♪ ♪ pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i love garth brooks. ♪ and the blood starts pumpin'
12:08 am
out on the street ♪ ♪ the traffic starts jumpin' the folks like me on the job from 9 to 5 ♪ ♪ workin' 9 to 5 what a way to make a livin' ♪ >> jimmy: jazz hands, honey! honey, jazz hands! give me sass! give me sass! [ laughter ] my god, you did the honey boo boo face. i love that you do that. so you have that. what if you have -- do you have like an r & b jam? >> oh. ♪ on the wings of love only the two of us together, flying high ♪ ♪ flying high above the wings of love ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh that's a great one. josh, do you have a go-to karaoke song? >> josh: yes. >> jimmy: it's not "my humps," is it? >> josh: tom jones. tom jones. >> oh. >> jimmy: it is? >> that's a a good one. >> josh: what is it? what's the song? ♪ it's not unusual to be loved by anyone ♪ >> jimmy: oh yeah! ♪ it's not
12:09 am
unusual ♪ >> josh: that's all i got. i don't remember -- yeah. >> jimmy: that's fantastic. wait. >> josh: i need the machine. >> jimmy: we're having a a karaoke night. next time we're here, we're doing this. i love this. >> it's like the midwest meets karaoke. >> jimmy: oh, but this is fun. i like this. because i think -- i can see you have a little competitive thing in you. >> oh, very much so. >> jimmy: you do, right? >> it's a problem. >> jimmy: it is? >> yeah. i'll race anybody right now. that's how we -- >> jimmy: no one wants to race you, gabrielle. >> race me. race me. i'll race you right now. >> jimmy: no. i don't wanna, okay? don't make me. [ cheers ] take my heels off! you have a -- you were that competetive, you have a a professional taboo game team -- a team of taboo players. >> we have taboo league. >> jimmy: a taboo league? >> it has since been dismantled. >> jimmy: because it got too crazy? >> it was high stakes and -- it started out as fun between couples and then people would break up. and like, "i'm not taking your new girl!" it's terrible.
12:10 am
it became something that was not fun for some people. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i thought it was amazing. but other people did not. >> jimmy: they did not, no. >> no. >> because we like to play games on the show. and i played a game with your husband last time he was on. it was a random object three-point shootout. >> i love it, and let's go. [ cheers ] i'm down. you had me at "random object." >> jimmy: but the thing is, he won last time. so you only have one winner in this game per family. so guess what. you're going down. [ cheers and applause ] that was fantastic right there. you just swatted me. i didn't know you would do that. that's the greatest. gabrielle union and i are having a random object shootout when we get back. i can't believe this. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:11 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back! we're hanging out with gabrielle union, josh duhamel. now, gabby and i are about to go head-to-head in a random object shootout. we're going to take turns shooting these random objects in to that basketball hoop behind us. the objects that we're shooting tonight are -- dwyane wade'ssneakers filled with twizzlers. etch-a-sketch with jimmy and gabby etched on them. a doll bathtub filled with super bouncy balls, because this is a random object shootout, afterall.
12:17 am
we have gabrielle's go-to meal, a healthy salad. and my go-to meal a a healthy-sized turkey sandwich. and the money ball, which is worth two points, a cone of "tonight dough" ice cream, for dessert. [ cheers and applause ] now, josh duhamel is the ringer. okay? we each get one j.d. each. >> josh: you just added this last minute. i was supposed to go backstage, but i wanted to stay, so thank you. thank you for including me. >> jimmy: no, no, this is the way it all worked -- i'm psyched for this. he's fantastic at this. he's a former champion of random object shootout. so you can choose whevever you want to call your j.d. you go, "j.d.!" and then when you call, he'll come running. take your position. i'll be over here. gabrielle you go first. you go first. >> okay. oh, is it like -- it's a court, in that sense, right? >> jimmy: kind of. yeah. >> or you get one shot, per --? >> jimmy: one shot. and this is like the line, right here. >> so there's no, like, rebounds? >> jimmy: no rebounding here, no.
12:18 am
>> okay. jesus. >> jimmy: throw it however you'd like to throw it. [ audience oohs ] >> josh: you saw what happened there, right? >> jimmy: i know you like twizzlers. [ cheers ] [ audience oohs ] >> josh: that's a smart move though. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: j.d.! j.d., come on in, buddy. all right, buddy, we can do it. etch-a-sketch, you know what to do, man. >> josh: yeah, yeah. i'll do that. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: come on, buddy. you can do it. >> josh: i can't go underhand -- >> jimmy: yeah, you can go under -- well -- you can do whatever you'd like. [ audience oohs ] >> it's okay. now, do we do the -- is this a a whole thing or just -- >> jimmy: ringer. the whole thing.
12:19 am
you can call in the ringer if you want to. >> the ringer! >> jimmy: all right, calling in the ringer for this. j.d.! ♪ >> yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm so mad. oh, my god. [ cheers ] >> it's okay. it's okay. >> jimmy: all right. don't miss. [ audience oohs ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:20 am
♪ >> okay. all right. >> jimmy: now, if you miss this, and i make this, then i win. all right. >> all right. >> jimmy: this is good stuff. a little "tonight dough." it's not bad, right? >> no. [ audience oohs ] ♪ >> jimmy: don't move, don't move. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> jimmy: all right, here we go. [ audience chanting "jimmy" ] [ audience oohs ] >> jimmy: the winner right
12:21 am
there, gabrielle union! and j.d., josh duhamel. oh, my gosh. charlie wilson performs after the break. you have the most -- oh, my gosh. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] okay, you ready to go? i gotta go dad! okay! let's go go, go, go... woah! go right, go left, go left, stop! now go... (shouting) let's go!! i gotta go! can i go? yup! you can go. (beeping alert) woah! there you go! way to go! lets go buddy, let's go! anncr: the ford fusion. we go further, so you can.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a a multiple grammy nominated r & b star who just released his latest album, "forever charlie." here to perform his newest single "touched by an angel" with a little help from the roots, please welcome, charlie wilson! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:27 am
♪ lately i've been thinking about us what would i be if i hadn't met you ♪ ♪ and the truth is i don't think that i'd be well no and every day ♪ ♪ i get to wake up next to you girl i'm reminded of all the reasons ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i could yell oh ♪ ♪ screaming out at the top of my lungs lungs lungs lungs tell the world that ♪ ♪ i found the one one one whoa my baby's hotter than the golden sun sun sun sun ♪ ♪ you make my heart beat like a bass drum drum drum drum ♪ ♪ listen to me now oh i've been touched by an angel oh you're what ♪ ♪ heaven is made of
12:28 am
can't see your wings ah or a halo ah saved my life so ♪ ♪ you got to be a miracle ah oh i've been touched touched by an angel ♪ ♪ when i'm looking into your eyes forget about my problems i'm in paradise ♪ ♪ i'm alright as long as you are by my side oh you're my best friend my lover my rock ♪ ♪ want to climb to the highest mountaintop and profess my love for you will never die ♪ ♪ screaming out at the top of my lungs lungs lungs lungs tell the world that ♪ ♪ i found the one one one whoa my baby's hotter than the golden sun sun sun sun ♪ ♪ you make my heart beat like a bass drum drum drum drum ♪
12:29 am
♪ listen to me now oh i've been touched by an angel oh you're what ♪ ♪ heaven is made of can't see your wings or a halo saved my life so ♪ ♪ you got to be a miracle oh i've been touched touched by an angel ♪ ♪ see you're my angel guardian angel and i owe ah i owe my life to you ah ♪ ♪ you're my angel guardian angel and i owe my life my heart my world to you ♪ ♪ oh you're what heaven is made of
12:30 am
can't see your wings or a halo ♪ ♪ saved my life so you got to be a miracle oh i've been touched ♪ ♪ i've been touched by an angel ♪ touched by an angel touched by an angel ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my -- that's how you do it, buddy. oh, my goodness. that's how you do it right there, charlie wilson! [ cheers and applause ] check him out on tour. be sure to pick up a copy of "forever charlie" available now. we'll be back everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:31 am
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deliciously fruity, dinner feels a million years away, grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our thanks to josh duhamel, gabrielle union, charlie wilson. [ cheers and applause ] and the roots, everybody. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪


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