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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, it has been 24 hours after a gas explosion blew a new jersey shore home to smithereens and they're working to restore service to hundreds of people in that area. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. this was the breaking news that you saw here first yesterday on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. and this morning the gas company is going door to door to restore gas service. the blast on oak avenue in stafford township followed reports of a natural gas leak. it left 15 people hurt two seriously. nbc 10's ted greenberg is live for us this morning. what have you seen there since you arrived in the neighborhood? >> reporter: well, vai, this is
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the closest we have been able to get so far to the scene of that explosion. you can really understand why some folks who live in the area say it looked like a war zone right after that house was blown to bits literally. you see there is still debris scattered throughout the area. stafford township's mayor tells me gas company workers are more than halfway through the process of restoring gas service to about 300 homes in this community. it is a slow process because they have to do it by going house by house. this morning, gas company employees continue to go door to door in stafford township turning the gas back on for those who have been without service and in many cases heat since the blast. >> we have a wood burning fireplace, so we all bundled up and got downstairs and slept by the fireplace us and the dogs and the kids and huddled together. >> reporter: the explosion captured on a police dashboard camera on tuesday morning obliterated a house on oak avenue damaged others nearby
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and injured 15 people. two gas company workers on scene investigating the leak prior to the blast were the most seriously hurt. one is in critical condition. the other serious. >> it shook the house really. >> reporter: people evacuated from about 75 homes have since been allowed to return. some, though must now begin the process of arranging for repairs. >> my house is trashed. the back wall is blown. the doors won't blows. it is just bad. >> reporter: exactly what touched off the explosion remains under investigation. officials hope gas service will be restored to all of the homes in this area sometime this afternoon. live in stafford township i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. new information this morning in the investigation into the deaths of a new jersey hospital executive and his wife. john sheraton was the head of the cooper university health system. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at cooper university hospital with new details on how mrs. sheraton died. what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: until now, you're talking about five months no one revealed how the former ceo of this hospital and his wife died. but one piece of evidence is now public. we knew someone killed joyce sheraton last september. but this morning, the attorney general confirmed that sheraton was stabbed to death. her aorta was punctured. how her husband john died has not been released. we captured this video outside their somerset county new jersey, home in september. both were found unresponsive during a fire. the couple's four children other relatives, and associates have all been questioned. but right now, no suspect has been named. and just moments ago, the hospital told us they declined comment on this development in the case. sheraton then cooper's ceo, was also very active in new jersey politics. his wife had been a teacher. we're going to continue to monitor developments and have
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any new information for you on and as well as the nbc 10 news app. live for now in camden monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. skyforce10 was flying over news throughout philadelphia this morning. it was there as emergency crews responded to a school bus accident at route 1 boulevard and ridge avenue in east falls. this is around 8:45 this morning. we're told there are no injuries. there are no reports of anyone hurt at this house fire in the city's bridesburg section. flames broke out just after 8:00 this morning inside the home on haworth street. you see fire crews on the roof there battling this blaze. they had it under control in less than an hour later, no word on what caused that fire. obviously a cold morning for exercising outdoors. not as bad as it has been. nbc 10 along kelly drive in philadelphia's fairmount park section. this guy has a hat on and
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wearing gloves trying to stay a little bit warm. it is a cold day at shore as well. calm for now as we take a live look outside, cape may, a different story there tomorrow though, as parts of the shore will see some snow moving through. nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with that forecast. glenn? >> vai, we have gotten above the freezing mark for a change. but we continue to look to the south for the possibility of snow. we're dry for now, excuse me across the area. but down to the south, that's a pretty large storm taking southern track. it is going to bring snow to parts of alabama and georgia. low pressure center itself is down in the gulf of mexico. it is going to track well south of our area. but it is a huge area of precipitation. it certainly is cold enough for snow. and it does look like it is going to graze at least a portion of our area as we go into tomorrow morning, including affecting the morning rush.
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more on the exact timing, the amounts of snow affected and what areas are going to get it with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then glenn. students at a bucks county high school are out of class for the rest of the day because of a water main break there. skyforce10 over neshaminy high school on old lincoln highway in langhorne. the students were sent home at 10:00 a.m. no word on when refires the water main will be finished. it will take a few more days for the scorched south jersey roadway to reopen after monday's tanker fire. the delaware river port authority says repair work needs to be finished before the route 90 eastbound ramp to route 130 in pennsauken can reopen. guardrail and a lightpole destroyed an explosion also need to be replaced. crews also is to make sure that the road won't be slippery from the fuel that spilled when the tanker overturned. cumberland county bus aid is charged with steeling lunches and crash.
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the police say she targeted the youngest of the students. investigators say bus surveillance video shows rosa rios rummaging through the backpacks of preschoolers and kindergartners as they headed to and from school in millville. they say rios stole food and lunch money from nearly 30 of the students. bus company fired her after finding out about the charges. and we have new information on a fire at an elementary school in allentown. cleveland elementary school is closed again today. the fire broke out yesterday morning before classes were scheduled to start. fire investigators are looking for the cause. the district will hold a planning meeting for parents today at 5:00 at st. luke's church on north 7th street. and happening today, new jersey governor chris christie will hold his first town hall of the year in morris town. this comes just a day after christie delivered his annual budget address in the legislature. he emphasized the need to overhaul the state's pension
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system. he'll repair on the monthly ask the governor show on 101.5 fm. and it appears the deal to sell atlantic city's former revel city casino hotel is back on but for less than planned. the deal was signed yesterday for $82 million. the florida developer plans to have part of the recreational complex open by the summer but it is unclear if the casino will stay. the sale is expected to close by the end of march with the judge's approval. this deal comes a week after a bankruptcy judge approved revel's decision to scrap the sale to this developer. and the official speed limit is going up on i-95 through delaware. the state's department of transportation will raise the speed limit from 55 to 65 miles per hour by this summer. they say that's closer to the actual speeds in the busy highway. the change will also free up state police to devote more attention to aggressive driving. and there will be a groundbreaking in philadelphia
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for -- getting a makeover later today. city crews will clean up and renovate the park. the project will cost just over half a million dollars. mayor michael nutter planned to take part in the groundbreaking ceremony today scheduled for 3:00. going above and beyond a camden county company will be honored today for helping a soldier and his family. sergeant justin rebora is in the army reserves. while he was deployed to afghanistan last year the company he worked for in texas gave away his job. a tough situation since he was has a wife and three small children. thermoseal heard about his predicament. they offered to move his family to camden county and help house them. the department of defense will give them the award for going above and beyond for helping sergeant rebora. the pressure on house republicans to avoid a homeland
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security shutdown. and who will really be affected if the government runs out of the funding. plus putting the stamp on a controversial program, what lawmakers are doing now that could lead to the overhaul of food stamps. well we're seeing a bit of a break from the brutally cold weather. i'm tracking the system that will bring snow to parts of our area. i'll break down the timing and let you know what to expect where you live.
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we have reaction to the verdict in the american sniper trial in texas that came down late last night. >> we the jury find the defendant, eddie ray routh, guilty of the offense of capital murder as charged in the indictment. >> the jury deliberated just two and a half hours before convicting routh, a discharged marine. he shot and killed navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle, he's portrayed in the movie "american sniper." he also killed chad littlefield, kyle's friend. >> we waited two years for god to -- to get justice for us on behalf of our son. >> routh's conviction carries an automatic life sentence. his lawyers are expected to appeal the verdict. new information today about what led to a collision between a pickup truck and a train in southern california causing a major derailment. federal investigators say the driver of the ford f-450, drove
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on to the tracks and abandoned it there. the truck was not stuck as was first thought. police say the driver was arrested on a felony hit and run charge. 28 people were hurt in the crash, four are in critical condition. and new developments this morning in efforts to fund homeland security ahead of friday's midnight deadline. we have learned that senate democrats will meet just over an hour from now to decide whether they'll accept senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's offer to vote on the clean funding bill. and house speaker john boehner said this morning that until the senate acts the house was in a wait and see mode. without that money, the department faces a partial shutdown on friday. if no deal is reached, 200,000 tsa and other federal officers who stopped getting paid but would still have to go to work. the house committee on agriculture is holding hearings on the food stamp program. the goal is to see what is working or not with the program. now called the supplemental nutrition assistance program or snap. republicans say this could lay
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the ground work for an overhaul of the program. democrats are wary of the review process, saying it is a prom that works. the u.s. secret service may soon start flying drones over washington, d.c. the agency is not saying what the drones will be doing except to say that they'll fly over areas that are typically restricted such as above the white house and the u.s. capital building. a secret service official says the exercises have been carefully planned and coordinated with other government agencies and will be tightly controlled. and happening now, hundreds of miles above the earth, astronauts are working outside the international space station. this is a live look now at the spacewalk, which began a little after 7:00 this morning and is expected to last another couple of hours. the astronauts are hooking up cables to prepare for future dockings with new american space capsules. they're also lubricating parts of the station's robot arm. this is the second spacewalk in five days to complete the work.
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and boston's rough winter reached a triple digit milestone. the city has now gotten 100 inches of snow so far for the season. boston reached the mark overnight when the city got a dusting that puts it second only to the 95-96 winter season when the city got more than 107 inches. boston's next chance for snow is thursday. officials called first round trip of the day for the cape may lewis ferry because ice accumulated in the bow thrusters this is video from last week when ice in the water forced cancellations. divers worked throughout the morning to clear the thrusters. officials anticipate the rest of the day's departures will be on schedule. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and we're actually seeing a little bit of thawing today, finally. it is near chilly weather right now, rather than bitter cold.
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it is still about ten degrees below average, but yesterday was 20 to 25 below average. we're tracking snow and that southern storm looks like it is getting a little closer. and also looks like it is going to affect the morning rush during the day tomorrow. we have a lot of sunshine out there right now. the temperature, 34 degrees. 17-mile-an-hour wind doesn't exactly help it feel balmy. but it is better than it was. 29 in allentown. the rest of the area is 30 or above. several places already above the freezing mark. and with sunshine it is going to be some melting today. and then some refreezing tonight. we're 16 to 20 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. so that is quite a change. we have some clouds in the area right now. but they're not really directly related to this southern storm. a lot of rain down there, snow on the north side and gulf of
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mexico, moisture moving in. there is ice in parts of mississippi. ice and snow in alabama. and in georgia, and huge amounts of snow in north carolina. even up to virginia beach. here is how it is going to affect us. as we go through tonight and into the early portions of the morning, not much going on. look at this 6:00 a.m. as we start the morning rush there is a little bit of significant snow down here in sussex county and also cape may county new jersey. the darker colors indicate heavier snow. and it is barely getting up to the philadelphia area as we go into the 9:00 10:00 hour continuing in delaware and south jersey. and then it just tapers off to a few little snow flurries by early afternoon. that's the latest computer guidance. here is my latest forecast for the amounts of snow 3 to 6 inches before it is all over with in much of sussex county
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and delaware and perhaps right around cape may and up to wildwood. 2 to 4 inches in central delaware kent county also much of atlantic county. and then about an inch as we head towards the philadelphia area. and we'll look at that map here. perhaps a coating, up to an inch in and around philly. as we go further to the north and west less and less of a chance of any kind of measurable snow, though there could be some flakes falling in even some of the northern or western suburbs. and a little bit of a change in the track of that storm could make a big difference in those snow totals. we'll keep watching it. today, mostly sunny skies, high clouds temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. the average high is 47. so we're still below that. one of the warmest days we have seen this month. tomorrow, the snow mainly south and east. and mainly in the morning.
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and there is some accumulation there, the visibility is knocked down during the rush hour especially in delaware and extreme south jersey. it is going to be -- have an impact there. friday and saturday we're bitter cold, at least into saturday morning. and then we get into a pattern that is a little bit wetter not extremely cold but on the border line between snow rain and in some cases some icing threats. making a deal, why some flights are still taking off today after southwest airlines admits it missed an important safety check. and later, you can tell them -- you can call them the bionic man. the groundbreaking operation straight out of a star wars movie that is now allowing these guys to lead normal lives.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> this week's wednesday's child is a very fun girl. an absolute joy to be around. and someone who has a lot of love to give. and now she's hopeing to find a forever family who will give her the love and support she needs. i'd like you to immediate zaviana. >> we like to skate. >> 12-year-old zaviana is a smart and outgoing young lady who is passionate about art and music. she loves to write and come up with raps. but she really enjoys going skating, so we headed to the cn
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skate palace in ashton p.a. >> get on the hard wood. >> she has so many talents and interests. she's super loveable. she loves to do art. she loves music. she loves drawing. she loves journaling. >> the sixth grader does really well in school and enjoys many of her classes. she also has plans on what to do in the future. >> i want to work in the news industry, or producer in music, something like that. i like to rap and i make a song. >> when it comes to family she knows what she's looking for. >> a mom or mom and dad, kids. it is important to be loved because when you love people around you, respect, love takes a lot, but it takes you far. >> she's ready for her forever family to support her and be there for her. >> i think any child who is 12 years old deserves a home and
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deserves a forever family and someone who loves them. she has a lot of love to give. >> zaviana is this week's wednesday's child. >> she's really very bright very personable. just a great girl. dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child come true sponsor the dave thomas foundation, go to our website,, and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center directly the number is 1-866-do-adopt. enjoy the break from the brutal cold for now. you see the storm system from the south as we take a live look at the radar. that's headed this way and brings snow with it. glenn will tell us which areas can expect to see snow out of the system just ahead. and not so fast, marijuana set to become legalized in the nation's capital tomorrow. why congress is now stepping in to try to halt the decision of
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the d.c. voters. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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this is nbc 10 news. >> just about 11:30. checking out our top stories now, this morning, gas company workers are more than halfway through the process of restoring service to about 300 homes in stafford township ocean county. this comes after the gas explosion you see here that blew apart a home yesterday. 15 people were hurt two seriously. the cause of the explosion remains under investigation. and investigators reveal what caused the death of a wife of a new jersey hospital executive. john and joyce sheraton both died back in september in their home. the new jersey attorney general now confirms joyce sheraton was stabbed to death. no cause of death has been released for john sheraton her husband, who was the ceo of
11:30 am
cooper hospital. and authorities tell us there were no injuries in this school bus accident. skyforce10 was there as -- and responded to the crash at route 1 and ridge avenue in east falls. you see a white car wedged under the back of the bus. no word on what led to the accident. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> plenty of sunshine out there this morning. but still very cold conditions. here is a live look at center city philadelphia. and check out the storm system to the south. a live look at the radar. the storm is headed in our direction and will bring snow to parts of our area. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with that forecast. glenn? >> as you can tell by that radar picture, that's a large storm, a lot of precipitation, a lot of moisture with it. there is no moisture right in our area now. but here is the storm and it extends from dallas just about all the way to atlanta.
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that's a lot of acreage and it continues to pick up gulf of mexico moisture snow on the cold side of it. the storm itself is centered down pretty far to the south. and it is going to track pretty far to the south. we're not going to get slammed by this. the track is not going to come up the coast. but we're going to be on the edge and on the edge of a very wet system. so some parts of the area, southern parts of the area are likely to see some significant snow accumulations. some of that occurring right during the morning rush tomorrow. we'll break down just the amounts and who is going to get what with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you glen. in the next hour president obama is set to depart from miami where he'll take part in a televised town hall meeting on immigration. the forum will be hosted by our sister network telemundo and msnbc. a similar town hall was held with the president last year on
11:32 am
telemundo, focusing on the affordable care act. an aid to president obama says israeli prime minister's netanyahu's visit to the u.s. is destructive. there are concerns about a potential nuclear agreement between the u.s. and iran. the visit was rarngarranged by republican leaders in congress and susan rice says the trip is injecting partisanship into a relationship that should be above politics. federal aviation officials say southwest airlines can keep flying dozens of planes it filled to inspect. southwest said it grounded more than 120 planes after they skipped checking backup rudder systems. but overnight, the faa and the airline can fly the planes if they get them inspected within the next five days. we checked southwest flights for today at philadelphia international airport. none of them appear to be
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affected. oscar winning filmmaker roman polanski testified in a closed courtroom in poland this morning. a judge is considering a u.s. request for polanski's extradition over a 1977 child sex crime conviction. that year the director and producer pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. but he fled the u.s. the night before he was to be sentenced. today, the judge has scheduled another hearing, possibly for april. polanski avoided extradition to the u.s. by traveling between france poland and switzerland. congress is investigating washington, d.c.'s move to legalize marijuana in the city starting tomorrow. d.c. voters aproved an initiative in november that would make it legal to possess small amounts of pot for use in the home. the following month, congress passed a bill that sought to halt legalization by preventing the city from spending funds to enact the law. d.c.'s leaders say they're allowed to move ahead because the initiative was passed before
11:34 am
congress took action. republican leaders in congress disagree and are demanding documents showing how much money has been spent on legalization. just yesterday, alaska became the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana. as of tuesday, adults there over 21 can now legally possess up to an ounce of pot and six marijuana plants thanks to a ballot measure passed last november. they cannot smoke pot in public. and some morning, in harrisburg the senate state government committee held a hearing about a medical marijuana bill. the measure would legalize the use of marijuana in the treatment of ten medical conditions. today's testimony included research about medical marijuana, delivering methods and electronic registries. city officials near los angeles approved the construction of a new football stadium to bring the nfl back to that city. the new $2 billion stadium complex will be built in the city of englewood. the owner of the st. louis rams
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is a partner in the project. that means it is likely the rams will be returning to l.a. where they last played in 1994. planners are hoping to open the stadium in time for the 2018 nfl season. the word addiction is commonly associated with drugs and alcohol. experts say so-called soft addicts can be just as dangerous. soft addicts are compulsive behaveiers like work out too much obsessive shopping or constantly checking your smartphone smartphone. experts say it can have negative effects on your relationships, your fnz andinances and your health but you can break it. they say admit there is a problem and put limits on your addictive habits to break the pattern some people may need professional help. tjmaxx and marshall stores are raising their workers' pay, employees' pay will be boosted to at least $9 an hour. tjx won't say what their workers
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currently earn. but outside experts estimate they get paid about $8.25 an hour. today's move allows walmart's decision last week to raise its workers pay. low paying retailers are having a harder time retaining workers as the job market improves. and check the ceiling fans in your home if any of them are a brew master belt driven steeling fan. the company is recalling those close to 10,000 of them. the problem, when the fans run in reverse, the hub holding the blades can separate from the shaft and the blades can fall possibly hitting someone. no one has been hurt so far, but the company can provide a part -- a part to fix the problem. apple will soon diversify options for emojis. there will soon be hundreds of new selections of the commonly used texting graphics that includes different skin tones, new icons for gay families and new country flags. right now, almost all emojis depicting people come in white
11:37 am
or cartoon like yellow. it will appear in the next update but the company hasn't said when that will be made available. local meals on wheels chapters are credited with getting food to people in need. what happens when the weather prevents that food from being delivered. nbc 10's katy zachry tells us what one chapter is doing about that. >> the winter can bring a lot of challenges for meals on wheels organizations, for one, the snow and ice can deter volunteers from getting out and delivering fruit. in parts of montgomery and philadelphia counties they're work around that. >> there is a sandwich. there is a salad. >> reporter: along with every hot dinner delivered, meals on wheels in chestnut hill hands out a bagged lunch. when the weather is expected to be bad, they try and add some extras. >> fresh made desserts. >> reporter: so clients won't go hungry. this time of year volunteers often have rock salt with them to make it safer to navigate the sidewalks. and ahead of a recent storm,
11:38 am
they doubled up on deliveries so their clients would have enough food to get them through. >> some of the volunteers are not coming through with driving because of the ice and the snow or too cold for them to come out. do you have that problem? >> we have a little bit of that. we're fortunate because we have a core of volunteers who -- they'll drive in anything. >> reporter: a lot of them are home bound and during this type of weather, they see very very few people. volunteers may be the only ones they see each day. so that connection is very important. >> reporter: that connection helps volunteers make sure that clients are safe and warm. in some cases they even check space heaters to make sure they're being used correctly. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. it is an amazing medical first. a space age technology used to help three men overseas do something they never thought they could do again. finally seeing temperatures above the freezing mark today. but i'm tracking a storm headed our way. and parts of our area are going
11:39 am
to see some snow out of it. what you can expect where you live just ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a little girl cured of cancer only to develop a completely different cancer years later. this local girl's situation is unusual in other i wasways as well.
11:42 am
jacqueline london explains in this preview of maya's story. >> you can't cripple love. you can't shatter hope. >> reporter: maya writingler lerrigler looks like a typical kid right now. but she and those who love her are preparing for battle and it is the second time they had to do it. >> we know what we're heading into unfortunately. >> reporter: maya has cancer like she did when she was 2 years old, but this time it is different. even for top docs at the world refound in children's hospital of philadelphia. >> this is the first in my career. >> reporter: maya's cancer is rare and will require grit and thinking out of the box to treat. >> you have to roll with me a little bit. ♪ >> reporter: the riglers, both rabbis, are ready to assault the tumor their little girl named the blob. maya's focus is on something she's been doing long before the second cancer was found. and it is something you can help with. >> she said right away let's
11:43 am
help other kids who need more than i do. >> i feel really loved. it is really fun. it is really cool. >> later today at 4:00 and 6:00 what maya would like everyone in our area to do something she says would make a big difference. and we'll tell you what the family who has devoted their lives to god has to say about their faith now. jacqueline london nbc 10 news. well a new study suggests older women who are at higher risk for bone fracture may also be prone to gum disease. experts say lower estrogen levels after menopause can lead to changes in the body that may trigger gum disease. researchers say more studies are needed, but they say a woman's bone fracture risk could help indicate whether they are also at risk for gum disease. and three men in austria are the first patients to undergo a bionic reconstruction of their hands. all three had lost the control of their arms due to nerve injuries in their necks. doctors replace their hands with
11:44 am
prosthetic ones. the men can control the hands using nerves and muscles transplanted from their legs. and now the patients can hold objects and do more complex tasks like undoing the buttons on their shirts. quite amazing. some young girls in our area will have a chance to become runway stars for a day and it is all for a good cause. they'll be helping support some seriously ill children. we're talking about the 18th annual american girl fashion show benefiting the ronald mcdonald house of southern new jersey. here to tell us more about this event is teddy thomas the president of the ronald mcdonald house of southern new jersey. welcome. teddy this is unique because the girls get to dress up like they're dolls. are there other reasons why they have so much fun with this? >> well i think all little girls love dolls. and they like to be on stage. so about 115 little girls from the south jersey community will be models. and about 1500 little girls will be in the audience watching
11:45 am
those others on stage and they can bring their doll to the fashion show. >> i'm sure they're wishing they were on the stage as well. >> they get to be on stage during intermission. >> some of the girls and dolls are inspired by different eras. >> right. >> does this help them in any way, shape or form, learn something about history? >> it is to teach them what life was like for little girls their age, back in another period in time. whether it was as a prairie pioneer or victorian or during one of the world wars. >> now, the proceeds of this event go to support the ronald mcdonald house. tell us about the mission to help seriously ill children. >> the ronald house is where families stay while children are being treated for some serious illness. and for every person who attends the fashion show they are helping support one family for one night. so for all of those who come they are actually helping families stay there over the next year. >> of course you may or may not know i'm a former eagle. it is a situation that is very close to my heart because former
11:46 am
eagle fred hill was the one who i believe started the ronald mcdonald house for his daughter i believe kim was her name. >> that's right. >> you also operate a special waiting area at some local hospitals. tell me more about that. >> in addition to the house in camden, we have 11 ronald mcdonald family rooms in south jersey. we're in each south jersey hospital in the pediatric unit. if your child is in there for respiratory disease or whatever the parents and the child have access to this play room and waiting room filled with snacks and toys and things. >> it probably is not unusual since ronald mcdonald house has been around for so long, for somebody to know somebody who stayed in a ronald mcdonald house. what you do is tremendous. i know people from out of state who have come here and stayed there because of the cost. so we appreciate all the work that you do. thank you, teddy. the 18th annual american girl fashion show is this weekend, benefiting the ronald mcdonald house of south jersey of course. there are three shows on
11:47 am
saturday at 10:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. the two shows on sunday at 1:00 and 4:00. and for more information on buying tikt sbuy ing tickets, go to our website, or your nbc 10 mobile app. thank you, teddy. >> thank you, vai. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> looks like we're going to end up as the fifth coldest february ever recorded in philadelphia. but we have a little bit of a break today, a little milder. it is merely chilly and not brutally cold. we continue to track snow that will affect a part of the area tomorrow and it is going to affect the morning rush in those parts of the area. now, i have a lot of sunshine now, high clouds in parts of the area. 34 degrees, 17-mile-an-hour winds, makes that 34 and not exactly feel like 34. this is one of the areas most likely to see snow on the ground
11:48 am
and on the beach by this time tomorrow morning. and visibility probably won't be anywhere near as good as this. this is cape may from the marquis delafayette hotel. you can see the temperatures are generally in the 30s. many places already above freezing, 29 in allentown, though. and with the stronger sun's rays, we're seeing some melting of the snow. and then that's going to refreeze tonight. just some high clouds up in this area. this is fairly large storm, back across the south, the northwestern colder edge of it is seeing the snow. and that's pretty far south. that's louisiana, getting snow now. mississippi, alabama, georgia, going to get some significant snow, at least in parts of the states. we're not going to see anything through midnight tonight. but as we go into the early morning hours, here it comes, up
11:49 am
from the south. and the darker shades the heavier snow of course that's in southern parts of the area. we have valley berks county not going to see anything from that. maybe a couple of snow flurries by afternoon. so it is not going to last that long. but the timing isn't exactly great for this. once again, we'll go in real detail here sussex county getting the heavier snow along with cape may county. that's at 6:00 a.m. some light snow getting up pretty close to philadelphia. there is 8:00 a.m. we're showing this hour by hour here. and it is covering a good bit of the area. by 9:00 it is starting to get a little bit lighter and then it is breaking up by 11:00. and we're just left with a couple of flurries by 2:00 in the afternoon. expecting a total of 3 to 6 inches in much of sussex county rehoboth beach one of those places to get it. much of kent county and
11:50 am
delaware, 2 to 4 inches. that also includes atlantic city and ocean city and millville and vineland. but just a little bit of a shift to the north in the track of that storm brings these higher amounts farther north. and the trend over the last day or so has been more to the north. and then farther to the north in the philadelphia area right now, we're expecting somewhere around an inch with less or nothing to the north and west. again, a little bit more to the south. little bit of a change of track, brings some of those higher amounts, even up through the philadelphia area. so we have to watch this very closely. new computer information continues to come in. we'll have an update on that at -- starting at 4:00 this afternoon. high temperatures today, in the mid to upper 30s with mostly sunny skies and seven-day forecast, there is the morning
11:51 am
snow, south and east tomorrow. and then another cold blast, down to 8 saturday morning in philadelphia, near zero or even below in some of the suburbs. it gets milder but it is also wetter sunday night through tuesday with snow and rain and maybe some ice at times. >> thank you, glenn. an update on the cape may lewis ferry. we just learned that two more trips were canceled because of what officials are calling extreme ice. the 11:00 a.m. departure did not happen. want to try to catch you before you head out the door because the 12:40 won't happen either. divers have been working to clear ice away from the thrusters this morning. officials hoped to be back on schedule by now, but it appears the ice is still very much causing some issues. we'll be right back.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf makes a major announcement about corporate taxes in the keystone state. he'll seek to cut the state's major corporate income tax rate in half. wolf also says he wants to crack down on companies that shift profits earned in pennsylvania to other jurisdictions with lower tax rates. >> too many of them look at that 9.99% rate and say, it doesn't
11:55 am
look like a place that really is eager to have -- to do business. and they wouldn't even give us a look. >> the state legislature still needs to approve wolf's plan. and it is pay what you wish wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art. a great opportunity to see some fabulous art at any price you would like. starting at 5:00 p.m. pay any price you with like for admission. the museum has several programs you can take part in. at 5:00 p.m. origami mania. at 6:00 p.m. you can do yoga in the gallery or if yoga is not your thing, take a guided tour exploring the art of the impressionist and post impressionist eras. ellen is all new with actress julie bowen who plays claire dunphy on the sitcom "modern family." then nbc 10 news at 4:00. from;jthe local little league field to the nation's capital, mony davis heads to washington. we'll tell you about her mission in d.c. this afternoon at nbc 10
11:56 am
news at 4:00. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with a quick check of this afternoon's weather. >> we finally have a temperature above freezing. almost feels like springtime out there. >> nice. >> but it should be a little bit warmer than this. late tonight or early tomorrow morning, we're watching that storm to the south. looks like it will graze the area. and some places are going to be seeing accumulating snow. the farther south you are in the area toward the shore, the more snow you're going to be seeing. but even the slightest change in track would change those snow totals. so we're going to have to monitor that get new information throughout the afternoon. >> at this point, we'll take whatever we can get. even if it is just a little -- >> you want snow? >> i'm talking about the warm weather. >> okay. the warmth we're getting. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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e: i miss you, too. i can't wait to see you tomorrow. i will, i promise. i love you, too. see you tomorrow. >> aiden: was that my buddy? >> hope: she made me promise to say hi to you. >> aiden: aww. i talked to chase today, too. >> hope: how is he doing? >> aiden: he said they're having a great time. but i think they're both ready to come home. and for the first time this place really does feel like home. >> abigail: so, tell me, how's your first night going? >> rafe: he's doing great, that's how. >> abigail: hey. >> rafe: and you know what? victor was a genius to hire him. >> ben: somebody i know twisted his arm. >> abigail: i did not twist his arm. >> ben: i don't know what else


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