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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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other public schools throughout atlantic county decided to not close today because of the snow or even have delayed openings. well atlantic city's superintendent of schools told me she collaborated with her county counterparts between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. and says the decision was made at that time because it wasn't yet snowing. she said they thought the streets would be okay but many parents still criticize that decision. they thought that they could have still changed their decision and closed schools or at least had late openings to deal with the very nasty commute that was unfolding here at the jersey shore. i can tell you that public schools in cape may and lower township were closed today. however, in neighboring middle township they were open and that school district i've seen on social media has been criticized by many parents and in cape may county, some parts of the county
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got more than five inches of snow. live in atlantic city i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> let's take a look at the snow that came down in atlantic county. you can see the kids with backpacks headed off to school. in delaware crews have been out all day trying to clear the roads there. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong drove across the state today and he's in dover this afternoon. >> tim, in the nbc 10 viewing area, southern delaware got the highest snowfall totals and you have the proof? >> reporter: i do have the proof. get the hammer out because the watch team nailed it. they said we'll get more snow up north and the farther south we go. right in the meat of the delaware sandwich over there you can see the dust and you can also see the roads and this is route 13. there's not much to see here at this point. earlier today it was a little bit worse in cane county.
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dell dot removed it quickly. in sussex county the roads were horrible. if you were with us at 11:00 in the morning you can see it was coming down hard. one lane getting by on even the most busy roads and the outletses were all closed today and unlike what they had in new jersey, some questions about the schools and most of the schools in delaware closed up early because they knew it was coming and watched the forecast and prepared accordingly and we have great video to show you how bad the snow was. for now we're live in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> how much snow officially fell? >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz has snowfall totals from this snow. glenn? >> quite a variation across the area as the reporters have been saying the greatest amounts in sussex county and delaware. frankford, 6.6 inches. sebyville, 6 inches and into
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kent county and 2 point 7 in west dover and just a half an inch in the new castle county airport in new jersey. cape may about 5.5 inches but on the north side of cape may, 3.9. newport, 3.2, atlantic city airport and 2.6 and mantua one inch. we have nothing left on the radar. weir pretty much dry for the evening. one or two snow flurries way back to the west and more snow is in the forecast. a little bit tomorrow and a little bit more later on in the seven day. that's coming up in a few minutes. glenn, we're closely watching the roads from our network of traffic cameras. we have a live picture now from southern delaware where some of the highest snow totals are reported and this is route 9 in dover. you can see the roads, they're clear here. as always, it's best to take it slow. power lines could aren't handle the heavy, wet snow that hit carolina last night.
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down lines and tree branches left 310,000 customers without electricity and up to six inches fell in part of that state. that same snow system slammed parts of virginia as well. some drivers struggled and while others ditched their cars and just walked. most central virginia schools closed today as they worked overtime to clear snow-covered roads. you can always get live weather updates with the nbc 10 news app for your smartphone or tablet. right now sky force 10 is live over some breaking news in new castle county. crews are on the scene of this plant fire. this is ico manufacturing in edgemoore. they make construction equipment and an asphalt plant is on fire and the plant is being evacuated and we see the smoke rising in the air and we see the firefighters dousing it with water from above. we have a crew headed there on the ground and we'll bring you an update on this breaking news story and continue to monitor the situation for you from this plant fire in edgemore.
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20 minutes of non-stop news continues with this. trapped on the train. that was the situation for hundreds of morning commuters who were stuck after live electrical wires fell on their train in montgomery county. they were rescued eventually. >> but not after waiting on a cold train for an hour and a half. nbc 10's doug shimell talked to someone aboard when this all played out this morning. >> doug tell us the account of what happened on the tracks? >> reporter: well i'll tell you, they made temporary repairs to the damaged train and it came back to the yard here at wayne junction while technicians try to figure out just what it was that brought that commuter train to a jolting halt this morning. >> the whole train went up in the air, like maybe a foot. >> it was barely up to 40 miles an hour when septa says the train hit something on the overhead power lines. >> like you were in a roller coaster ride and it came
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crashing down and as soon as it came crashing down the power went out. you don't know what's going on. are we derail? >> reporter: it came coasting to a stop and none of the passengers knew what happened until the conductors got out. they got up on the hill to make a visual inspection and they saw they were dangling from the power lines. >> septa says some of those lines lay on top of the cars. >> we can remove power, but you still have to ground it to make sure it's safe before you allow the passenger to come off and that can be 30 to 45 minutes based on the resources. for 90 minutes, passengers were told not to move. >> we were fairly warm. they had opened up the doors in between the cars to give us a little bit of ventilation which was good but we were all packed in fairly warm. >> septa eventually hooked up a rescue train to the damaged cars and passengers moved over there. neil doris was relieved to see
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suburban station. >> i'm glad to be here and starting the day off and i'll make a half a day. maybe i'll work late tonight. >> reporter: just what caused that overhead contact to snag on the lines? ironically, nbc 10 did a story a couple of days ago about this brutal cold making the overheadlines brittle and susceptible to this exact case. septa is trying to figure out, was it a train ahead of this train that may have damaged the line causing the snag and the tie-up this morning? they were running shuttle busses and septa informed us that line is back to normal. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. sky force 10 was over an apartment fire. this is east state street. you can see the building was heavily damaged. at this point there are no reports of any injuries. violent night in philadelphia left three people dead and a fourth person shot and injured. the victims killed or injured in three separate shootings in north philadelphia, southwest
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philadelphia and the grays ferry neighborhood. the victims in grays ferry were both shot and killed around 2:00 this morning. police say they were both 23-year-old men. in north philadelphia police say someone fired 11 bullets into a woman's car on west west moreland street. the woman was able to drive away, but crashed into several parked cars. she later died at the hospital. in southwest philadelphia a man was shot during an attempted carjacking on guyer street. the victim was warming up his car when two men came up to him, and he was able to drive himself to the police district. officers took him to the hospital and he'll be okay. no arrests have been made in any of the shootings. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues in the lehigh valley after a series of attempted child abductions including two just this week. police have given these suspect sketches to nbc 10 and nbc 10 lehigh valley bureau reporter randy gyllenhaal has been
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following the story. >> there have been close calls and police and team administrators are teaming up to put the people on alert. >> police are stepping up patrols around school campuses. parents have been warned by robe oweo call and it is unclear who this man is and there could be been suspect out there. the 13-year-old girl was waiting at this bus stop in redding when police say a man tried to grab her and may have even exposed himself. >> there are a lot of crazy guys out there. you can't trust nobody. >> elizabeth lives across the street. she'll now be checking her security camera to see if the suspect was caught on video. >> it's kind of safe because it's in an open area. you can't trust nobody. look what happened now. >> reporter: this marks the sixth time in one month that a child has been grabbed while going to or from school. on monday another case was reported in spring township. a girl was grabbed by a man in a dark suv. she fought back and escaped.
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police have put out this suspect description, an adult, hispanic male resembling a previous sketch from a different case last month. police think this man may be responsible for at least a few of the attempted kidnappings and today the burks county sheriff filmed a public service announcement. >> tell your child to never get in someone's car to be released to schoolchildren and their parents. >> you just explain to the child, you kick you spit you yell and you do absolutely everything you can to get away. >> so far police say we've been lucky. kids have fought back. none of them have been harmed but they worry this suspect will become more brazen. >> if it is the same person i think that eventually they'll realize that the heat is on them and, yes, if that's going to be their ultimate goal they will be a little bit more aggressive and accomplish what they're trying to do. >> reporter: and in light of these recent events all of these attempted abductions schools are considering some changes to the bus stop routine.
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coming up at 5:00, what parents are doing differently to get their kids home and to school with that incident. live in redding, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 has new information today about one of the three suspects arrested on american soil and accused of planning to join isis to carry out attacks in the u.s. we learned he lived and worked in delaware. mitch blocker has been talking to local and state investigators trying to get more information. >> mitch, tell us what you learned. >> one of those arrested lived in dover, delaware. that man naped abror habibov was kicked out because he did not pay his rent. he ran a kiosk at the dover mall selling and repairing cell phones. he also hired one of the other suspects to run similar kiosks in at least one philadelphia mall. a current kiosk operator at the philadelphia mills mall confirmed the fbi did speak with
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him today. a mall spokesperson told us if the fbi does reach out they will fully cooperate. the fbi and local police have said very little about this investigation. they have not said anything about what plans, if any, were being executed are being thought of in and around philadelphia. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. the man in the isis videos known as jihad i john has now been identified. nbc news has confirmed that the person who appeared in several isis execution videos is mohammad emwazi. he was born in kuwait and grew up in london and he traveled to syria and joined isis in 2012. today a new video shows militants destroying ancient artifacts in iraq. they took down the giant statues and some of these date back to the 7th century b.c. isis claims the artifacts are idols that offend islam.
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we have less than 36 hours until a possible shutdown of the homeland security department in this country. congress is still at an impasse. yesterday the senate agree on legislation to fund the republican, but republicans in the house are still demanding concessions from president obama on immigration. if an agreement isn't reached, funding for the department would stop after tomorrow. the border patrol tsa and fema would all be affected. today marks the 22nd anniversary of the bombing at the world trade center in 1993. a truck bomb parked below tower exploded. six people were killed and more than a thousand others were injured. a ceremony was held at the september 11th memorial to honor those victims today. officials at the museum say it's important to remember the 1993 attack to show how the bombing wassa a precursor to 9/11. a home invasion suspect was captured more than 1800 miles away from the scene of the climb. police found glen mcginty in
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caspar wyoming. he was wanted for breaking into a home in albany township. he's accused of pointing an a ashgsa k-47 and robbing an atm. convicted cop killer says his free speech is threatened. abu-jamal have challenged pennsylvania's new mental anguish law. it allows victims to take legal action to prevent them from dealing with further emotional pan. abu-jamal, a former radio reporter is serving life in prison for killing philadelphia police officer danny faulkner in 1991. abu-jamal gave a recorded graduation address to college students last weir. faulkner's widow say his comments make it hard to move on, but some believe the law is a civil rights violation. back to the breaking news we showed you minutes ago, sky force is live over new castle county.
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crews are on the scene of a plant fire. this is the ico manufacturing plant in edgemore. they make construction equipment. an asphalt tank is on fire and the plant being evacuated. my producer carl told me no injuries here and that is the good news and we do have a crew headed here. we continue to monitor the situation by air. organizers call it a day of outrage on saturday people from all across the region will gather in cumberland county to protest a deadly police shooting. >> show me your hands! show me your [ bleep ]. >> this dash cam video -- dash cam video here shows the very moments leading up to the shooting of reid. reid was driving in a car that was pulled over by two police officers in december. while the video shows a tense exchange after the officers spot a gun in the car. reid was shot and killed as he got out of that car. the cumberland county prosecutor's office is handling this investigation, but some
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believe well they're dragging their feet. a group called the national awareness alliance is organizing this day of outrage set for saturday. four busses will bring protesters from newark and philadelphia. they will line up in bridgeton at 11:00 and begin marching at noon. eight weeks, that's how long cleveland elementary school in allentown will be shut down. an electrical fire at the school on tuesday caused significant damage and in the meantime students will be split between three different schools. first through third graders will attend mosser elementary and fourth and fifth grader, rose montell ementry and childhood sirnt. pennsylvania pushed through a bill to privatize liquor stores, but their success will probably stop there. the house called for closing most of the state's lecher stores and selling off 300 retail licenses. a retail bill passed two years ago and got nowhere in the senate. this bill has many problems. >> i do not believe it provides the consumer convenience that
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folks are looking for and i'm not really sure that it would lower the prices of the products that they're looking for. so i -- those are, i think, valid reasons to vote against this bill today. >> opponents also say thousands could lose their jobs. governor wolf has promised to veto the bill. instead he wants to change the existing system by adding more sunday hours and also allowing liquor sales inside supermarkets. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> no snow day for a lot of students at the jersey shore. their school bus had to navigate through snow covered roads in margate, atlantic county this morning. it couldn't have even had a couple-hour delay? the heavy snow was falling during the morning period. we just have some snow showers that we're tracking for tomorrow, nothing like what we saw in south jersey and delaware this morning.
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february is going to end on a frigid note just the way it's been much of the month and we'll be talking more about the next threat of snow and ice and, yes, we have at least one of those threats during the seven-day period. we have dry conditions now. we've had a fair amount of clouds today. it's 32 degrees and the wind down to 9 miles an hour and was 20 miles an hour earlier today. the average high 47 for this time of the year and we are nowhere near it. 29 for the high tomorrow. 30 on saturday 35 on sunday and we've got at least one day next week where we have temperatures above 50. in the 20s to the low 30s across the area right now and some snow flurries back in central pennsylvania, nothing too serious. there was that storm that was fairly serious for north carolina and southeast of virginia parts of the delmarva moving out pretty quickly.
4:19 pm
we head up to 6 1/2 inches in parts of sussex county in delaware. the place that we expected to get hit the hardest and milton at 4.3 and practically nothing until we head to the pennsylvania border and just a trace at philadelphia international and probably a half at cape may point and north cape may 3.9 inches 2 1/2 in atlantic city. it is a fairly substantial snowfall especially at the rate it was coming down and the temperature. so we've got nothing going on as far as snow threats of significance tonight. tomorrow, as you can see, some of these snow showers coming down from the northwest, nothing too big. don't think it's going to be much of a disturbance, but this one probably will. there's sunday and 6:00 a.m. and no threat early in the day sunday, but some of this moisture coming in from the west looks like it would start as snow possibly some ice with that. sunday night would be the main
4:20 pm
threat. some could possibly come in as early as sunday afternoon. cloudy and very cold tonight. just a chance of some flurry north and west 19 for the low in philadelphia and 13 north and west during the day tomorrow. bitter cold day especially. it's almost march and some snow showers around. highs in the upper 20s and a bit of wind. the coldest is saturday morning and it could be close to record levels in a couple of places and then a lot of sunshine and still very cold. there's that late snow and ice on sunday drying out on monday 41 degrees and how about by wednesday? 54 but until that happens we have another threat of a wintry mix of snow and ice on tuesday. new jersey transit fares are about to cost you more money. we're digging to find out how high they're going to jump and when. plus the popular drink health
4:21 pm
experts say reduces your rick of getting parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and alzheimer's. how tom wolf is projecting to save pennsylvania more than $100 million after being in office for two weeks and how he plans to save more coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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but this weekend it's a go. the mummers are ready for mardi gras. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a group of mummers string band musicians spent the day in manayunk, for the mardi gras parade. despite the mardi gras theme the mummers want this to be a family event and it kicks off saturday at 10:00 right along main street. federal lawyers celebrated african-american culture today. local professionals were invited to the u.s. attorney's office this morning to talk about their jobs. it's an annual event during
4:25 pm
black history month and nbc 10's monique braxton joined the group to explain what it's like to be a television reporter. something she does so well. well today, the big prize. >> that's right. someone in our region got a slip of paper that's worth nearly a half million dollars. also prepare to pay. that bus ride or the commute on the rails is about to get more expensive and find out who will be shelling out the extra cash to get to their destinations. >> and the power of a positive young girl. new developments the day after maya spread her message to others about her cancer and the suffering of others here on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now she's even getting noticed by a celebrity. now the snow that affected the southern parts of our region today has moved out, but i'm tracking more showers as we head toward the weekend and the return of the bitter cold. my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. and coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00 the frozen ground can be downright dangerous. this video of someone falling in delaware county is proof, but
4:26 pm
wait until you hear why police want to find this fall victim. first, sky force 10 continues to follow breaking news in new castle county and this is a plant fire at ico manufacturing in edgemoore. an asphalt tank still on fire here. the plant is being evacuated, but there are no reports of any injuries.
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i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours.
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>> sky force 10 still bringing us these live pictures from new castle county as firefighters as you see right here still battling this industrial fire. this is iko manufacturing, they make construction equipment and an asphalt tank still on fire here still some smoke and still water being poured on these tanks. there are no reports of injuries here and we have a crew headed
4:30 pm
there on the ground. we'll keep an eye on this for you as they work to put out this fire. also right now at 4:30 the cost of your commute. it looks like it's about to shoot up for thousands of people in our region who rely on mass transit. new jersey transit is warning fare increases could be going up. >> the agency is short on money and it looks like it will be coming from the pockets of its riders. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is talking to commuters who will be feeling that pinch. >> cydney this can really hit a lot of people where it hurts. >> reporter: renee and jim, it will. new jersey transit wasn't able to share with me just how much more commuters will shell out, that is until they finalize their budget and that will happen in the summer. so the good news any fare hike won't happen until at least july 1st, but if it's anywhere close to what commuters paid in the last time there was a hike it will be hundreds of dollars or more each year. >> that's not good. >> on a fixed income tony oliveras of camden county says he doesn't have much more to
4:31 pm
spend on new jersey transit. he relies on busses pretty much daily to get to the doctor pharmacy or run errands. the transit company says it will consider a hike in fares to make up for what governor christie isn't accounting for. instead, new jersey transit which provided more than 271 million trips last year by train, bus and light rail a 1.8% jump over 2013 ridership will now receive less money. new jersey transit tells nbc 10 quote, we are developing options for the governor's consideration to help us close a budget gap and we will be putting everything on the table, including fare and service adjustments. >> in order to get here i have to wake up like at 6:00 in the morning just to get the 7:00 bus and just hearing that is disappointing. >> single mom diana tapia just got a job and says any cuts to service puts her income at risk and riders say without christie dedicating dollars to road and bridge improvements. >> this turn right here it was kind of slippery. >> it could force some to opt out of public transit and mean
4:32 pm
more cars on the road. >> they're not cleaning anything up out here and stuff. it makes it even harder and more dangerous for people to drive. >> save. because a monthly pass is $50 out here. >> a state transportation company said governor christie is completely out of touch with the fact that the trust fund for the transportation system will go broke this july that there have been delays or a mass transit and there are mass transit improvement projects rather, that are stalled and there are injuries and fatalities because of the dangerous roads statewide. live in woodbury tonight, i'm cydney long nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a winter storm dropped several inches of snow in the southern part of our region today. take a look at the snow-covered roads in ocean city cape may county. >> and the snow was really coming down in atlantic county. despite that a lot of students still headed off to school.
4:33 pm
nbc 10 first alert glenn "hurricane" schwartz says not before it's moved out. >> glenn, tell us the snowfall totals. >> the heaviest snow fell to the south. the further south you were in the area the more snow fell and that means sussex county in delaware they win. 6.6 in frankford, 6 inches in selbyville and in kent county 2.7 in west dover and over a half inch in new castle county at the airport. in new jersey, once again, southern tip, cape may, 5.4, but the farther north you go lesser and lesser amounts. 2.6 in atlantic city and lesser amounts farther up the shore. there's nothing on radar right now. there are a few snow flurries back to the west and nothing serious there, but more significant snow is in the forecast and we'll get into that in detail in the seven day in a few minutes. >> glenn, new jersey governor
4:34 pm
chris christie said don't count him out as he mulls a run for president and he was in maryland to speak at the political action conference also known as cpac. christie has been facing low poll numbers and he hasn't raised as much money as other political candidates and christie told the audience in today's conference that while some may be popular in washington, he has a unique appeal to the voters. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says his administration has found $109 million in savings for the state. wolf says those savings were found thanks to a new office he created called go time. time stands for transportation innovation, modizationernization and efficiency. agencies submitted more than 150 ideas to make government more efficient. governor says quote, i'm heartened to know that so many people and leaders across departments share our commitment to creating a government that works. from our jersey shore bureau, the hard rock cafe says it will stay open as long as the
4:35 pm
taj mahal stays open in atlantic city. the restaurants located inside the bankrupt casino. the restaurant filed a warning notice and the new jersey labor -- to the new jersey labor department that it could close in late april, but today the parent company said the hard rock plans to stay open as long as the taj remains in business. casino crime doesn't pay. just ask two men arrested accused of failing to report their gambling winnings. police arrested shaun benward for failing to report their winnings on income taxes. officers tracked down the pair at the mount erie casino in the poconos. the two men are from mississippi and texas. delaware police plan to bring them back to the first state. we have a local winner. check your lottery tickets with the 10 pennsylvania cash 5. the winning ticket was sold on pjp marketplace on adams avenue in philadelphia and worth a cool $450,000.
4:36 pm
the winner has one year to claim that prize. the ticket matched all five balls, 8, 12 13 20 and 22. the market gets a $500 bonus. well today the new findings on coffee. turns out it may be more than just a morning pick me up. >> nbc 10 with the research on the disease it could keep at bay, but first here's what we're work on for nbc 10 news at 5:00. next what you need to know about today's vote on net neutrality. how it impacts the future of the internet and what impact it could have on your internet bill. also new at 5k clo:00, a local community college growing and what could make it more attractive to students. >> this bitter cold impacting the summer vacation plans. when you should book to save the most money. count on nbc 10 news next at 5:00.
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doctors say skin biopsies can detect changes linked to the memory-robbing disease as well as parkinson's. because skin and brain tissue start in the same part of an embryo doctors say they can share abnormal biomarkers. researchers warn more studies need to be done to confirm these results. >> some sick children got a big hug from some camden middle schoolchildren today. the students at st. anthony of patowa school gave hospitalized kids handmade heart hugs. officials from children's hospital at coopers say they'll be heart the heart hug pillows get to the kids we need them. >> we hope never to see you as patients at the hospital and it is nice to see you putting something together to give to children. >> students and their family members make the unique pillows from donated materials. well today it's rough being top dog. >> that's right.
4:41 pm
find out which canine breeds get bragging rights or should we say, barking rights. >> enough puns. >> she's been diagnosed with cancer twice. just yesterday we told you about this local girl and today maya's message and the celebrity who has heard about it and is helping to relay maya's story. no blanketed parts of the jersey shore as we take a live look at cape may which got about five and a half inches. now that system is out of here and on deck a frigid finish to february and i'll let you know how low the temperatures will go. my exclusive first alert, seven-day forecast.
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sky force 10 live right now over breaking news in new castle county. we've been following this over the past hour. firefighters still battling this industrial fire. this is iko manufacturing in edgemoor.
4:45 pm
they make rooferinge roofing and shingles. there are no reports of injuries and we do have a crew headed there to the scene. we'll keep an eye on this as the work continues to be done there by firefighters. all right. let's talk baseball. some of the biggest questions during spring training for the phillies right now about ryan howard. first and foremost how long will he remain a philly? >> if they can't trade him can he bounce back from a subpar season? john clark is in clearwater with more on that question. hi john. >> as you know ryan howard is the highest-paid athlete in philly sports. and ruben amoro did try to trade him in the off season and there were no takers. he has been one of the hardest-working phillies down here in spring training. take a look at ryan howard. he's come out early and stayed afterward, getting hitting instructions with charlie manuel and to watch him run the bases he looks better now. he is running without a limp really for the first time since
4:46 pm
his achilles surgery. he has lost weight. he's in better shape. he is looking good and ryan samberg, phillies manager ryan samberg is very impressed. >> watching him run the bases and go first to third and home to first, for me that was a big difference there and that's got to feel more comfortable. it's got to be pain-free and it's going to allow him to do more things not only on the field, but in the training room and what they do with weights and all of that. it should go a long way with his whole game. >> and coming up at 5:45 in one hour we have the story of three phillies pitchers roommates living together doing everything together including hot yoga. the story of these phillies chasing their dreams coming up in one hour. for now i'm john clark, live in clearwater florida, sending it back to you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteor on
4:47 pm
will gist glenn "hurricane," schwartz. >> we had a pretty significant snowfall in southern parts of the area and all we'll be seeing later on tonight a couple of flurries tomorrow and tracking some snow showers and more significant snow coming later in the seven day. february is going to end on a frigid note and it will probably end up being the fifth coldest february ever recorded in philadelphia. the coldest ever recorded in other parts of the country. ever recorded. that's amazing. the next snow and ice, yeah we'll be talking about that as well. a lot of clouds out there and that's helping to keep the temperature down. it's only 32 and the wind has diminished a little bit so that's helped to some degree. it's in the 20s north and west and low 30s in and around philadelphia wilmington dover, millville, atlantic city and the places that had the snow and a lot of it is melting and it will refreeze tonight and maybe
4:48 pm
some icy spots down there. we've got some flurries in central pennsylvania not much there, but there was plenty this morning as that storm has moved offshore and now we have a weak disturbance back across western pennsylvania as that comes across during the day tomorrow we could see a few snow showers and you'll see this on the futurecast generally later in the morning and into the early afternoon. don't expect it to amount to much and then we have dry, but bitter cold air until sunday and then the next area of moisture comes in and this is a more significant system here and you can see plenty of moisture. this one is coming in from the west included of up from the southwest and just about everyone will be affected by that and at the very least it starts as snow and ice and then another storm in the middle of next week maybe mostly rain but that could start as a wintry mix, too. there is the arctic air on top
4:49 pm
of us now and on top of us saturday as we end the month. we have milder air that will be coming in next week. we have one day that's in the 50s, but watch what happens. here's wednesday when we have the warmest air, and by the end of next week here we are again with the arctic air. so it's not going to be as cold next week but we're not seeing a permanent change in the overall pattern yet. cloudy and very cold tonight with the chance of some flurries north and west 19 philadelphia and 14 north and west. during the day tomorrow bitter cold with some snow showers around late morning into early afternoon. highs in the upper 20s. the average high of 47 for this time of the year. the frigid starts saturday and near 0 in some of the suburbs and then the late snow and ice on sunday. either late in the afternoon or at night and that could be fairly significant and affect travel. so that's the thing that we'll
4:50 pm
have to keep the closest watch on and then the next storm will end up to be mostly rain but could be a wintry mix on tuesday at the beginning of it. but look at that 54 on wednesday. that's a little tease. >> big tease. thank you. parents in philadelphia made a push for pre-k. supporters presented thousands of petitions this morning. they want council members to vote in favor of a new bill. that bill would create a task force to implement and fund universal pre-k across the city. it's the president versus professors at the university of delaware and it all stems over a newspaper article. earlier this month president patrick harker wrote an op-ed in the philadelphia enquirer and it said in part smart students are going online to have the degree pass and it is too teacher-centric and professors have too much control over a school's curriculum but a union that represents professors is pushing back now in a statement
4:51 pm
to the news journal, a union leader accused harker of being dismissive and called it an affront to the mission of the university education. who is top dog? the american kennel clob reub releases the top dog, and the laboratory retriever remains right at the top. they have topped the list two dozen times and in 2013 it broke the record longheld by poodles. here's a look at the breeds that topped the list lab ratter retriever, german shepherds and golden retrievers and bulldogs and the akc reflects puppies and newly registered dogs across the country. >> we all love our dogs no matter what the breed, right? >> she's only 10 years old. don't underestimate her power and maya's ability to conquer cancer and her famous ad bringing in big bucks just in the 24 hours since we introduced ler to you. on nbc 10 news at 5:00. watch your step especially this time of year. a camera catches this person
4:52 pm
slipping and falling on the ice. so why do police want to find this woman?
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
cleaning up our region the protection of local rivers and streams brought several environmental groups to sea port museum today. the organizations want philadelphia city counsel to support the rediction of single-use plastic bags in the city. the bags pollute neighborhoods and harm wild life as well as waterways. >> finding more job opportunities for young people that was the topic today as leaders from around the region gathered in washington d.c. for the opportunity nation summit. philadelphia mayor michael nutter delaware governor jack markel and cory booker took
4:56 pm
part. we have new information on a story we first told you about yesterday. 10-year-old maya rigler from brynn mar has a rare cancer. it's difficult for doctors to treat. she battled and beat a different cancer. even though she's been showered with gifts, maya is asking everyone to make a donation to alex's lemonade stand. in just one day since her story aired there's been a boost to the campaign about $10,000 donated in the past 24 hours. actress may imbialik from the big bang theory poefrted her story on the facebook page. information on s veilis available on the nbc 10 news app. >> making a difference. >> nbc 10 news at 5 dlok:00 is next. >> hopefully maya is smiling because of those donations. next live team coverage of today's snowstorm. >> a morning of white leaves parents at the jersey shore seeing red. >> i think they definitely should have closed it. >> i'm ted greenberg.
4:57 pm
how a decision to open schools in a snowstorm is coming under criticism. and i'll show you some of those snow totals plus more cold and our next chance for wintry weather. that could be coming over part of your weekend. that's coming up. snow ice and cold that don't seem to end are a perfect reason to think warm thoughts. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00 why now is the time to plan your summer vacation at the jersey shore. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 5:00 snow day for some. we've been showing you scenes like this from delaware south jersey and the jersey shore. several inches of snow fell here this morning, blanketing the area and making driving in somemome spots very dicey and that is exactly why some parents are upset. >> despite the snow some schools opened as usual without delays. ted greenberg is live in atlantic city. ted? >> reporter: jackie and jim, some schools in cape may county were closed today, but here in atlantic county that was not the case. >> a man made sledding slope got lots of use outside dan stout's lower township home after his kids ended up with a snow day from school. >> great decision. i get to spend tim


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