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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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internet. that will stifle competition and investment. >> one company this impacts is philadelphia's-based comcast. the parent company of nbc 10. in a statement, comcast executive vice president david cohen said in part, quote, we fully embrace the open internet principles that have been laid out by president obama and chairman wheeler and that now have been adopted by the fcc. we just don't believe statutory provisions designed for the telephone industry and adopted when franklin d. roosevelt was president should be stretched to govern the 21st century internet, end of quote. comcast is just under 22 million broadband users. its closest competitor has approximately 16 million. supporters say they're avoiding an internet with fast lanes on the super highway for those willing to pay. >> why would you possibly give corporations money to be able to speed it up for the rich and slow it down for the poor? >> reporter: a key ruling but unlikely the final word on net
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neutrality. >> lawsuits are expected to be filed over the new rules. it could be years before anything actually happens. and a reminder for this story, comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. harry hairston nbc 10 news. right now at 6:00 nbc 10 uncovers new information about an alleged isis supporter arrested by the feds and his connection to our area. federal investigators say the 30-year-old man financed a plot to fly two other terror suspects to syria to join the islamic state group. >> the man lived in a dover delaware apartment and operated a kiosk inside the dover mall. nbc 10's christine maddela is live from the operations center. >> i know you've been digging for new details on this story all day, what have you uncovered? >> we obtained the federal criminal complaint against the three men. two of them have ties to our area. we find out what those two men did in the delaware valley.
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>> today we confirmed abror habibov lived in a dover, delaware apartment. he owned a kiosk at the dover mall and owned another i can ofshg in philadelphia. a second suspect, abduresul. and we found out the fbi was just an hour before we showed up. we talked to a man who works at a different cell phone kiosk there. he told us he didn't know the suspect, but answered the fbi agent's questions. >> we're always trying to identify these folks, their hierarchy, their network. mall management offices at dover, philadelphia mills and the gallery at center city told us they couldn't comment on the case. >> we all take the threat of isis very very seriously. >> juraboev was arrested and habibov in jacksonville florida. christine maddel a nbc 10 news.
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he was known ads jihadi john. he is mohammed emwazi born in kuwait and grew up in london. he traveled to syria and joined icis in 2012. time is running out for members of congress to fund the department of homeland security. republicans in the house are threatening to let the department partially shut down unless president obama makes concessions on immigration. nbc 10 spoke with local lawmakers who said a shutdown would affect grants to local fire police and emergency services relief programs for hurricane sandy would also stop running. congress now has less than 30 hours to approve a bill that would continue funding the department. nbc nightly news will have more on the isis arrests and the fate of the funding for the department of homeland security. that's coming up at 6:30 right after this newscast. but now to today's snow and we're closely watching the roads from our network of traffic cameras.
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we have a live picture here from southern delaware where some of the highest snow totals were reported today. this is route 9 in dover, and take a look at this side by side comparison of cape may. on the left here a view from early this morning, lots of wind and snow coming down blanketing everything. >> but look on the right. video from late this afternoon a calmer scene and, well much of the snow already gone. most roads at the jersey shore are in good shape now, but it was a mess this morning. many parents are upset that despite the snow most schools opened as usual there with no delays. some ended up with more than five inches of snow. parents we spoke with said driving was dangerous. >> it should have been some kind of delay. at least a two-hour delay, you know to let everybody get here safely. >> atlantic city superintendent of schools tells nbc 10 it wasn't snowing when the decision was made and they thought the streets would be okay. >> parts of southern delaware saw the most snow from this
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storm. you can see how the roads got worse and worse as the day wore ongg&ny as our crew drove into sussex counts county. most schools were closed and many businesses decided to shut down as well. >> for safety reasons. you don't need cars coming in here when it's unsafe and people trying to shop and the employees and the back roads were terrible they tell me. >> police dealt with dozens of accidents and didn't see many power outages from this storm. glen "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. today's snow is over with but there's a chance for snow showers tomorrow morning? >> we'll be seeing some perhaps late tomorrow morning into late in the afternoon and i don't think there will be a problem for the morning rush. we have dry conditions in and around philadelphia and we only had a trace of snow officially in philly but southern delaware, 6.6 inches in frankfurt. 6 inches in selbyville and lesser amounts the farther north you went in delaware.
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the southern tip, cape may, 5 1/2 inches and atlantic city and 2 1/2 inches and right now we have clear conditions on the radar. we have a few snow flurries back in central pennsylvania. that's about it for any kind of threat during the night tonight. it's not going to bother anybody and the temperature, well it's still very cold and it's going to stay that way all night tonight and get even colder as we head toward the weekend. more about how cold it's going to get and when we'll see the next snow and ice with the seven day in a few minutes. >> thanks glenn. the warminhster line is back up after a weather commute. the train on the line left the station this morning and septa says overhead wires somehow snagged on the top of the train. 500 people onboard waited some 90 minutes for another ride. >> the whole train went up in the air for maybe a foot it felt
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like, like you were on a roller coaster ride and it came crashing down and as soon as it came crashing down all of the power went out. >> reporter: an nbc 10 viewer sense us this video of the passengers transferring to a rescue train. septa says the extreme cold may have made the power lines brittle, causing the snag. nbc 10 brought you this breaking news as it was happening on the nbc 10 news app. don't miss out on breaking news alerts. download the app for free by going to the app store. things are cooling down tonight after a plant fire in new castle. sky force 10 over iko manufacturing in edgemoor. they make roofing tar. nbc 10 had a crew on the ground as well. an asphalt tank overheated sparking the fire around 4:00 this afternoon. crews put out the fire but no one was hurt. the battle over booze for the second time in two years, the pennsylvania house passed a bill to privatize the state's liquor store system and that bill approved today. most of the state stores would close and about 1200 retail
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licenses would be sold. however, the bill is unlikely to get enough support in the senate and governor wolf said he would veto it. new at 6:00 police are looking for a man who they say stole a donation box from a south jersey water park with money that was meant for children. police in berlin township hope you will recognize the man who caried a small child with him. he stole the donation box from sahara sam's indoor water park. the money was meant for special needs children. people have a new option for gambling. in atlantic city tonight the state granted permission for the resort's casino hotel to offer internet gambling. the casino will test the new system first and ask for consumer feedback and a fuel launch will take place in a few weeks. more trouble for the sale of the former revel casino with atlantic city. now the power plant that supplies the revel wants a bankruptcy judge to cancel the sale.
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acr energy partners says the proposed sale to a florida developer would cost the power supplier $32 million. there are talks about the future of atlantic county happening right now. local leaders holding a forum tonight to get the public's input on how to move the area forward. leaders say they want to rebrand atlantic county as a region with a strong technology-based economy and as a center for hospitality and tourism. residents can also take a survey online. a priest who served in more than half a dozen local churches has been arrested by the fbi for child pornography. 55-year-old mark haynes is facing multiple charges including posting nude pictures of children on social media. haines who served here at enunciation in beavertown is accused of sending lewd emails to a 14-year-old girl. he is facing charges in chester county involving child pornography. the catholic priest has worked in churches in phoenixville
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brumall. eileen's law is heading to the pennsylvania senate after unanimously passing the house today. that bill is named for eileen donino. the redding woman died while serving two days in prison because she didn't pay fines for her truant children. the measure allows for alternatives for parents whose children skips school. why the cost of your commute could soon be going up if you ride new jersey trains and busses. >> and we are way below our average temperatures for february and it will end on a frigid note and i'm tracking another bitter blast for the weekend and plus our next chance for snow and ice.
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building bloom on a local college campus. students at montgomery college community college in pottstown will soon be able to live in dorms right on campus. it had 200 students when it opened in 1996. today more than 4500 students are crammed into four campus buildings. well just last month president obama called on congress to make two years of community college free for future students. nbc 10's deanna durante found out where there is a great need for dorms at this growing campus. >> reporter: the building behind me, a former baggage claim depot
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for the railroad. it was boarded up and left vacant for years. over here, a former electrical substation. it's one of several buildings in potts town that the community college has rehabbed and used for student classrooms and just part of the building boom that's happening here. >> as an international student and a big campus and i wanted something that was so small where i could build a relationship and build my way up. >> zimbabwe native grace baca chose to study abroad at montgomery county community college. >> not having housing made things a little bit more hard. in terms of schoolwise when i came here you don't know anybody. >> she and many of the students have all been pushing for the same goal. affordable student housing near the campus. >> while community college is thought of as commuter schools, montgomery county's student population is 83% in county. the pottstown campus alone is 70% in county. >> we know students who tend to stay on campus tend to interact
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more with each other and more with the faculty and more with administrations and the staff and they tend to persist. >> they spent a year studying the campus housing and is partnering with a developer. the college is being looking for land and looking for a partnership deal and the face of community college is changing. >> i think housing would also help break the stereotype that a lot of people have about community colleges. from my experience the stereotype is students that attend them aren't smart to attend the college with a university attached to the name. >> this will transform its town. it will become a true college down when we have student housing. >> since locating the satellite campus in pottstown in 1996 the college has added to the campus by taking up boarded up and abandoned buildings. an old shoe polish factory
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houses arts and dance programs and a former baggage claim building is now a university center. housing according to the college and those who live here will only push the aging factory town forward. >> pottstown needs it the community college needs it. >> reporter: as for where that student housing will be and how big the complex will be the college is still working on that. it wants to invest with minimal risk, but still making the housing affordable for students here. in pottstown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. from our south jersey bureau leaders from five counties will work together to decide if the new jail should be built at the region burlington, camden camden gloucester cumberland and atlantic companies will contribute to the study. that study will determine whether the jail will be built and where. cape may and salem counties are not taking part. thousands of new jersey transit riders could soon shell out for more to ride to work or to school. it will put everything on the table including possible fare hikes and service adjustments to
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meet an $80 million budget gap. any fare hike would not go into effect until some time after july 1st and riders are not happy about the idea. >> it's not good. >> upsetting that you would have to pay more? >> oh yeah. definitely. i'm on a budget. >> to get to the mall to work and to get home and they're trying to raise up the price. i mean i don't think that's fair. >> it comes as riders and oversight groups blame governor chris christie for not devoting much-needed dollars to the state's transportation fund which means roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> a lot of those roads in south jersey and delaware were snow covered this morning. we still have some snow showers that are going to be coming tomorrow, but nothing like what we saw this morning. the cold well that's just going to continue until the end of february which is saturday. it will end on a frigid note and then we'll have snow and ice in
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the seven-day forecast maybe, before the weekend is over. we see very little wind out there. traffic is moving just fine. we've had a lot of clouds around. 30 degrees now. the wind only 9 miles an hour. the temperatures have been just way below average, 32 today, 29 tomorrow all of the way up to 35 on sunday. it's going to be a while before we get to 47 and when we do it will be just one day's worth. 20s to the north and to the south where the fresh snow is. there might be some refreezing down there. you have to watch some of the side roads and the sidewalks where the snow melted today. there's a little bit of snow flurries in central pennsylvania. the big storm moved off just in the exact track it was supposed to north carolina and southeast of virginia just got slammed by that thing. now as we look into tomorrow we start off dry at 6:00 a.m. but
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as we get the heating of the day and what little heating there is that may help trigger snow showers moving quickly through the area and i don't think it will bother too many people but just a quick burst can lower visibility a little bit. >> more significant systems coming in later in the weekend and it's a sunday and 6:00 a.m. is fine and dry on sunday but here comes sunday and there's a lot of moisture with that one, too. it's moving into the cold air and i think it will start as snow and it may change to ice sunday night. there could be some problems by sunday night and so you want to pay attention to the weather again for the weekend. we've had so many threats over the weekend this winter. cloudy and very cold with the chance of flurries north and west. 19 for the low in philadelphia. 14 north and west. bitter cold day tomorrow. highs only in the upper 20s and those snow showers late morning into early afternoon. >> the seven-day forecast and a frigid start on saturday.
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the record is 9 and we could be close to record levels saturday morning and a really cold day. southbound is dry in the morning, but late in the day or at night that's when the precipitation comes in and that's not trivial. it looks like it will be drying out on monday and then another system comes in and could start as a wintry mix tuesday and warm and rainy on wednesday. thanks hurricane. it's a little chilly in clearwater florida. mike schmitt helping out code ney third base and the eagles release one of the longest tenured players. that's all next.
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xfinity your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark live in clearwater florida, phillies third baseman is going into his second full season in the majors and take a look who better to help instruct him in spring training the greatest third baseman of all time mike schmitt. he has big goals for cody this season. he thinks he can hit 25 homers in 80 to 90 rbis and cody is loving this experience with schmitty. >> it's -- it's fun. it's really fun to have someone of that caliber that genuinely cares about you becoming a better player and that believes in you for sure. he believes in everybody that he's working with that they can be a better baseball player. >> look who's going into the phillies wall of fame this year on july 31st? pat burrell, first all time in phillies' history. pat "the bat" earned it.
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>> he's verydeserving and he was a big part of our team and i think people in philadelphia, they were excited about him his whole career and they stuck with him even sometimes when he would hit some slumps and wouldn't do so good. and on to the eagles, trent cole is now the longest tenured. he had been here for ten years and he was one of the really good guys on the team and the eagles will save $2.8 million in cap space. tom harriman's will be gone. flyers are in toronto tonight and they'll try to get to within two games of a playoff spot. take a look and rob will be making his fourth straight start and this is a big one for the 33-year-old rookie. it will be his first start in his native toronto, but he's keeping his eye on the big picture. >> it will be a special night, but to be quite honest i have
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to put those kind of personal emotions aside. we have a big job to do and we need these two points tonight for the playoff push and that takes precedence over everything else. >> of course, we'll have highlights at 11:00. i'm john clark in clearwater florida. we're right back after this.
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thank you very much council president and council. thank you very much. >> we always know he was special, but did you know he was a living legend? that is the title philadelphia city council bestowed upon nbc ten's vai sikahema. he and other civic and political leaders were recognized for their commitment. >> bill henley and lots of members and steve levy and of course, chris cato and tracy davidson and i know denise nakano and his lovely wife. >> that's not me. >> i didn't know you were there. >> congrats to vai.
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>> one of the best people you will ever meet. tomorrow it will be bitter cold and then it's march. things will change. >> can't wait. nightly news is next. have a good night. >> see you at 11:00. on the broadcast tonight, behind the mask. the brutal isis killer with the knife beheading hostages including three americans. tonight, jihadi john has been identified. what secret intelligence has known about him for years. also the priceless destruction underway by isis wiping out some of the most important pieces of history. nbc news exclusive, robin williams daughter zelda breaking the silence about the sudden loss of her father and the legacy she carries on. and a whodunit. a shocking heist. tonight a big star at the center of a mystery. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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