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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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and right now at 11:00, the ice is melting but the thaw is not going to last long. our area will soon be icing over again, if you can believe that. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it was a treacherous morning for people driving to work or simply trying to step out their door. weekend rains froze creating dangerous conditions. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn. >> vai, the sun is helping melt ice and snow. temperatures above freezing are also doing that. we've got a lot going on this
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week. the first thing that will happen is a refreeze tonight. you may want to take care of whatever ice and snow is in your way right now or at least in the afternoon while it is a little milder. we have snow and ice coming tomorrow and then we have rain coming on wednesday, and then we have snow after that. a lot going on here. it's above freezing plus the sun, plus the wind helping to dry things out. 32 constitution in redding, just barely at freezing. 30 degrees in georgetown. but the wind is picking up and we're seeing colder air come back in. we have a couple of snow flurries around but nothing too significant. back to the west though there's the next storm out there. a lot of moisture with it. it's going to start as snow and then go into ice and then rain. but this afternoon, temperatures, if anything drop a little bit. then we get that refreeze coming during the night tonight.
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then things start to get wild tomorrow. the timing on all that with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> see you then glenn. leftover ice caused slick morning commute. here is a scene from storm force 10 a few hours ago. as you can see, side roads were frozen over. drivers had to take their time this morning. passengers at philadelphia international airport also ran into some travel problems. this morning crews had to deice planes which caused delays for some arriving flights. yesterday officials canceled hundreds of flights. the people on those planes were stranded overnight sleeping in the airport as this fell oechlt streets and sidewalks may be ice covered, in the lehigh valley they have several inches of snow there. neighbors broke out snow blowers last night to clear their sidewalks and their driveways. some told us they would rather deal with the snow than the ice but they say the roads were still messy. more wintry weather in store
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this week now the best time to download that new nbc 10 app for all the latest forecast alerts and advisories free download in the app store. we now know more about a water main break in south philadelphia we covered all morning as breaking news. crews are working to fix a 12 inch main at 15th and christian after a pipe broke outside of a barber shop. right now 20 properties are without water. officials believe the frigid water, the weather, rather is to blame. we have new video of another gas explosion in ocean county. this happened along rear cooks lane in point pleasant. one person is hurt. that victim said he smelled gas. we went to turn on the light switch and the entire house went up in flames. the man has burned over half of his body. last week a home in stafford township exploded because of a gas leak. new developments today in the trial of a woman accused of giving a deadly injection for a
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cosmetic enhancement. court was scheduled to start hours ago but still no one has taken the stand. jesse gary outside the criminal justice center. tell us what is going on right now? >> reporter: a lot of waiting. it's unclear why court has not started. from what i'm hearing from inside the courthouse it may not start at all today. it could be a problem with the juror, it could be a deal possibly in the works. we just don't know at this point. once it does resume hopefully hear more tam from wins low. she claimed high-profile clients amber rose. she had mastered the craft of silicone enhanced buttocks injections. prosecutors say procedures she did were done illegally since she had no license. one of her injections killed a 20-year-old woman from britain. the injection hit a vein and sent silicone into the lungs and brain. she's charged with third degree murder and if found guilty will
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face decades in prison. i'm going to run back in the courthouse and try to get an update on why court hasn't started and if it will. back in a few minutes. live outside the justice center in center city jesse gary, nbc 10 news. a third teenager expected to turn himself into the police with a connection of strong armed robbery in philadelphia. two other teens turned themselves in. investigators say this surveillance video shows suspects just moments after one of those crimes in the fairmont section of the city. the victim in this case was just 13 years old. investigators say the group forced that kid to the ground injuring his lip and his hand and then stole his phone. here are the locations of all of those robberies in fairmount. two happened at ben franklin high school near broad and spring garden streets. police say the group of teens attacked people on the street and stole their phones. according to officers in one case the group used mace on one
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of the victims. today burlington county jury selection begins in the retrial of a couple charged with child abuse. army major john jackson and his wife carolyn are accused of disbling three of their adopted children by withholding food and water and physically assaulting them. in november a judge declared a mistrial after a prosecutor mentioned the death of one of their children. the couple was not charged in the death and the new trial is set to begin in mid april. today the trial resumes for a fountainville man accused of trying to kill a philadelphia police officer. eric torrez facing attempted murder charges in the 2013 shooting. this is the injured officer, edward davies. police say the whole thing started as a traffic stop in kensington. they say torres tried to run from the officers and eventually shot davies in the stomach during a struggle. prosecutors say torres intended to kill the officer. the defense claims the shooting was just an accident. thieves set their sights on
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unlikely item in several cars airbags. police say neighbors in northeast philadelphia woke up to find airbags had been ripped out of their cars. nine vehicles were targeted and they were all hondas. happening today, philadelphia school reform commission will hold a meeting amid controversy over the organization's leadership. governor tom wolf announced that he is naming margerie neff as the new chair better than person and removing green. green argues the move is against the law. he says that he won't stand in the governor's way for now but he does plan to go to court. governor wolf cited mismanagement and poor decisions for replacing green. last night green post add response to the school's facebook page. >> i do not question the capability of commissioner neff. i'm concerned by the governor's belief that he can influence this body. the school reform commission is a governed body that has taken hard decisions and is built to stand apart from political influence. >> governor wolf's office says he does have the authority to
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remove green as chair. the hearing will be held over the future of the pier shops in atlantic city. developer bart blackstein wants to redevelop the pier shops. the attorney for caesars say it owns where it sits. he says trespassing and no right to move forward with development plan. a "jersey shore" school apologized. in atlanta county during a basketball game last month they were taunting players from atlantic city high school while wearing monkey and banana costumes. holy spirit high school read that statement that reads in part. holy spirit offers our heartfelt apologies for offending anyone that evening. holy spirit high school does not tolerate any type of offensive or discriminatory behavior." some are outraged on the west coast after a police involved shooting.
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the incident was caught on video. we'll show you why it's stirring so much controversy coming up. isis declares war on twitter. we'll tell you why the terrorist organization is threatening the leaders of the social network. glenn. >> well enjoy the thaw while you can. more snow and ice on the way. it's going to be a really busy weather week. i'll show you what's in store in the nbc 10 forecast.
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this morning a new photo
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released of the isis executioner jihadi john. mohammed emwazi. this picture taken while he was working at a computer company in kuwait in 2010. one said he was polite and well mannered but not very sociable. they say emwazi is the masked man in the shocking execution videos. he's now considered one of the most not or reduce killorious killers in the world. isis threatened war on twitter. it threatened after it blocked accounts. it's used to recruit around the world new fighters. it said quote, our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials. today the u.s. senate will decide if it will begin direct negotiations with the house in a fight to fund homeland security. president obama signed a one-week extension that was passed by congress late friday
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night to keep the department running. one key issue standing in the way, president's immigration reforms. congress has until midnight on friday to come up with an agreement. otherwise 30,000 workers will be furloughed and 200,000 will be working without a paycheck. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in the u.s. his visit is the center of controversy among lawmakers. netanyahu spoke at a pro israel event this morning. tomorrow he's scheduled to address congress urging new sanctions against iran and denouncing efforts to negotiate a deal in iran's nuclear program. republicans invited the leader to speak, bypassing the white house which led to the controversy. today netanyahu said hess speech to congress is not intended to show disrespect to president obama. >> you're here to tell the world that reports of the demise of the israeli-u.s. relation is not only premature, they are just
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wrong. >> tomorrow's speech is also causing controversy because it breaks a u.s. policy of not hosting foreign leaders who are about to face an election. we are seeing video this morning of a deadly police involved shooting in los angeles. the cell phone video here shows officers responding to a robbery call in the city's skid row neighborhood. when police confronted the man, there was a struggle. investigators say the man reached for a gun and shots were fired. it's unclear how many officers used their weapons. the lapd said at least one of the officers involved was wearing a body camera at the time. that body camera video will be reviewed during their investigation. this shooting comes as the president meets today with members of his task force on 21st century policing to discuss the recommendations they made in the new4 kyklú draft report. president obama picked philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey to lead that panel. recommendations include increased use of body cameras, expanded efforts to connect officers with neighborhoods, and
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civilian oversight of police. a final report is expected next month in april. a unique event planned this weekend at the please touch me museum. it benefits an organization that helps people in times of need. we're talking about red cross red ball. joining us renee cardwell-hughes. she's also ceo of red cross of the southeastern pa. we appreciate your coming in today. >> thank you, vai. >> tell us about this one-of-a-kind gala. >> well the red ball is extraordinary. most of the time we think red ball, we think ball sitdown dinner stuffy no fun. the red ball is the exact opposite. we're at the please touch museum. there will be 30 restaurants, four different bands, a beer garden a cigar bar, tequila shot station. so what we do we're all dressed up and beautiful and go from place to place to place to taste food and dance and have fun. >> i've gone to please touch me
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museum in wednesday child's segment. it's a fun place to be. lots of food. >> lots of food. >> it will go on all evening. there's something in every spot nook and cranny of the museum. >> we have the entire museum. on the first floor a vip lounge done up in chinese new year theme. doing all the food. private parking. upstairs there are 29 more different restaurants. you go from everything to chocolate to seafood. it's all you can imagine and so much fun. >> how many people are you expecting? >> we're expecting about 1,000. >> wow. >> but the museum is huge. so you won't feel crowded. you're in every spot of it. you get to dance on the carousel. >> that is quite enticing. now, your fundraising here of course. tell us how the money is used. >> this really is the ultimate party with a purpose. all of the funds go to disaster relief.
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specifically they support the red cross house. there's only one in the nation. it's a transitional housing facility. so when families are displaced by disaster fire water main collapse building collapse they stay at the red cross house. we wrap services around them to putni them back on their feet so they can be stronger and better after the disaster. >> of course we always appreciate when we see you as many families do. there's a fire early in the morning when we're anchoring our news and you're there to help out. also understand my buddy keith jones is mcing your event this weekend. he did it last year. >> he did it last year. he was so much fun he had to come back. >> i'm going to tell him to make sure he behaves himself. >> last year he danced all night with me. he can't behave too much. >> thank you very much judge hughes. we appreciate you coming in. red ball saturday at the please touch museum. as i just mentioned nbc 10's keith jones will be the host. go to or our mobile app for more information.
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>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, we had a nasty day yesterday. the ice formed. it was still there this morning. boy, we've got some more action coming this week. a very active week. some of that comes starting tonight. the ice melts today, refreezes tonight. so you might want to get away get that stuff out of the way of your sidewalks and driveways while you get a chance this afternoon before it refreezes. then we've got snow and ice coming on tuesday. that's just the beginning of the next rounds of precipitation. the wind is really picking up now out of the northwest, 38 degrees, 18-mile-an-hour wind gust of 29 miles an hour. at least we're 10 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. we're above the freezing mark just about everywhere except for the poconos. that combined with the strong march suns doing a lot of melting out there right now. but as the temperatures drop
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into the teens in many parts of the area tonight, there's going to be that refreezing. the wind is coming out of the northwest. the colder air trying to come back in. look at these wind gusts. just in the last hour picking up. 25 to 35 miles an hour. we're going to see that during the afternoon. just a couple of snow flurries generally in mercer county in new jersey. but the next storm, that's out west. another one out in the southwestern states the third one in a row that's come all across the country. it's going to be affecting us. this one is going to be a little different. looks like it's going to start as snow tomorrow afternoon. there's 2:00. but very brief. so hardly any accumulation of snow. it would be nice to have a little of that because then we have the ice. look at that pink area. huge again. this time it will be more likely sleet than the freezing rain we saw yesterday. sleet are those balls of ice that bounce when they hit the
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ground. it's not the kind that coats the trees like the freezing rain did yesterday. then the warmer air is coming in changing that all to rain. still more icing north and west. the warm air finally comes in. everybody is going to go over to rain by wednesday morning. then we get a rainy day all day wednesday as it gets milder. then as the colder air comes in changes over to snow. maybe significant snow. at least in parts of the area. we've got significant ice in the forecast too. future weather computer north and west. that's about a quarter of an inch of ice in redding that's being -- reading that's predicted. not a significant amount. not as much in the philadelphia area because it's sleet instead of freezing rain. so for this afternoon, there's that wind clearing and windy, 15 to 25 gusts to 35 miles an hour. temperatures up near 40 he then
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starts to come down later today. very cold overnight tonight. everything refreezes as the wind diminishes diminishes. then the seven-day forecast. tomorrow in the afternoon, snow to ice then to rain by tomorrow night. then on wednesday it's just all rain but mild 50 degrees. then the cold air comes in on thursday. snow many hours worth of snow possibly and a good bit of accumulation possible. a lot more on that coming up this afternoon as new data comes in. bitter cold comes in behind that snow. at least we have a dry weekend for a change. >> all right. thank you, glenn. a nurse who survived ebola is now taking legal action. we'll tell you who she's suing and why. plus see what she's suffering from now. that's coming up. could one workout on a treadmill predict how long you have to live? see what some researchers are
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developing straight ahead.
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a texas nurse who contracted ebola is suing the hospital where she got the disease. nina pham says she's preparing to file a lawsuit against texas health resources today. she's ebola-free but says the disease left her suffering from body aches and insomnia.
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pham contracted ebola caring for thomas duncan. he was the first person to be diagnosed with the disease in the u.s. doctors say they are getting caught in the middle of the debate over delaying vaccines in children. according to a new survey parents have increasingly pressured doctors to postpone vaccines for their young children. doctors say vaccine schedules are based on research which makes them the most effective. by delaying them it puts kids at risk for disease that could lead to outbreaks. it's important to know a majority of pediatricians are working with parents wishing to space out or delay their children's vaccines. researchers say they have developed a formula for the risk of dying based on the treadmill. it's the fit treadmill score. factors in the amount of energy the body spends at peak heart rate during exercise. people with the lowest scores had the highest risk of dying
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over the next decade. >> security breaches at the white house. two incidents in the last 24 hours. we'll tell you what happened and who is in custody. the skydive turns extra dangerous after a man has a medical emergency in midair. we'll tell you what happens next. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. >> the ice is melting around our region today. a live look at 8th and market in center city philadelphia. our camera is shaking a little bit there. a brief fog begun. the ice won't completely melt another freeze on the way. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. hey, glenn. >> vai, we have the sun out there. that's helping to melt snow and
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ice around plus temperatures around the freezing mark. it's not going to last. we have of course colder weather coming in. a refreeze tonight. snow and ice, another round coming tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night and rainy and mild on wednesday. there are the temperatures well above freezing mark. we're not going to be warming up much from where these numbers are right now but it is enough to do a decent amount of melting. nothing more than a few flurries around our area. the next storm is out in the southwestern portion of the country. a lot of moisture with it. that's going to have a lot of different phases to it. we're going to be seeing interesting weather here. the temperature is slowly going down this week. through the afternoon. the wind is up there, gusting up to 35 miles an hour. that storm out west that's coming all the way across the country. here we go again. it's going to start snow change to ice, and then eventually rain.
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the timing on this very interesting two- or three-day period coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, glenn. you probably had to leave yourself some extra time to get out the door this morning. some of the streets in philadelphia froze over like this one here. ice completely coating cars here including delaware county taking care of the cleanup from yesterday's snow sleet and mess there. the plows were out clearing the street including drive-through and parking lot of this dunkin' donuts. in ocean county police say a driver's dangerous stunt there put lives at risk and killed a dog. police say the driver drove under the frozen river in toms river early sunday morning and started doing doughnuts on the ice. the truck plunged into the water. state police and coast guard had a massive certainly. they found the truck, the driver's dog dead in the vehicle. the driver and passenger later
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turned themselves in to police. they could be charged with risking a catastrophe. with more wintry weather in store, now is the best time to download new nbc 10 app for all the latest forecast alerts and all the weather advisories. our app is a free download in the apps store. this morning new information in the black madam butt injection trial in philadelphia. jesse gary live in center city with what's going on there. jess, "bring us up to speed. >> vai, new information from inside the courthouse. we've learned court is now going to resume at 1:30. because of a gag order i can't be told exactly why that's happening. no court now but will resume at 1:30 in the afternoon. we're expecting page winslow will take the stand and resume testimony. last week she claimed high-profile clients amber rose proof according to her she had mastered the butt injections. prosecutors say the procedures she did were done illegally
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since she had no medical license. one injection killed a 20-year-old woman in brit ran in 2011. it hit a vein and sent silicone into the victim's lungs and brain. winslow charged with third degree murder. if found guilty she could face decades in prison. i had the opportunity to talk to a family member that winslow is hanging it there and has faith the case will be resolved without her being found guilty. it will be updated on the mobile app. either free to download. live outside the justice center in center city. jesse gary nbc 10 news. top stories we're working on now. crews in south philadelphia working to fix a water main break. a 12 inch main burst at a barber shop at 15th and christian. about 20 properties in the area without water. officials believe the cold weather caused the problem. controversy surrounds leadership of philadelphia school reform commission. pennsylvania governor tom wolf named margerie neff as the new
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chairperson. that means bill green is out as the organization's chair. green argues the move is against the law. the governor's office of course disagrees. today a third teenager is expected to turn himself in to police in connection with a tring string of strong armed robberies in philadelphia. this is surveillance video. moments after one of those crimes. two other teens turned themselves in. two men in custody following separate security breaches at the white house. this morning someone slipped inside a secured door as someone else was walking out. that person was instantly met by secret service personnel and arrested following a short scuffle. last night someone stepped over a bike rack near the fence surrounding the white house. that person was also arrested. new photos out today. former cuban president castro in the picture. castro meeting with all five cuban spies after release from u.s. prison.
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they were released as part of a prisoner swap. this meeting took place 73 days after all the men returned to cuba. today the trial continues for a philadelphia priest accused of sexually abusing an altar boy nearly 20 years ago. reverend andrew mccormick retried after a jury was deadlocked on a verdict last year. investigators say he assaulted a boy at a parish in 1997. the ald victim is now 28 years old. the archdiocese of philadelphia says mccormick is on administrative leave after unrelated allegations surfaced. delaware governor markell says marijuana won't be legalized in the first state as long as he's in charge. he says while willing to look into decriminalizing the drug he says he won't follow colorado or washington state for full legalization. the governor says there's a lot more to learn. just last year philadelphia decriminalized possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana. this morning we're also seeing video of a harrowing skydiving incident over australia. this jump appears to be going
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fine. then suddenly one of the men has a seizure. the man was free-falling for nearly 30 seconds while completely unconscious. thankfully his jump master was able to get to him and pull the ripcord. two of them safely landed. there's a new reigning miss philadelphia. 22-year-old from wayne crowned saturday night. she beat out 13 other contestants. the new miss philadelphia will be the ambassador for the city and children's network hospitals. she'll also compete in 2015 miss philadelphia pageant in june. speaking of hospitals, miss philadelphia joins us on the set. thank you for coming in julia. >> of course. thank you for having me. >> you were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis before birth. at six years of age you were assigned a child life specialist. tell us what a child life
11:37 am
specialist does and how you're managing your illness. >> child life specialist they are unsung heroes normalize the experience for patients and help them cope with the overwhelming journey. >> tell us you've had to do breathing techniques throughout your life. >> yes. >> you do it now as an adult. is there something you could show us something you do before coming out on the set right now. >> i do. i do breathing treatments. i have a nebulizer for the medication. i have a vest, which is like chest physical therapy. it vibrates my lungs and opens them up so i can breathe better. >> your brother will has the disease. >> he does. it's genetic. >> it's something you guys have had to deal with and manage your entire life. >> it's a blessing in disguise to have a brother also sharing the same fight. >> your studying media communications add fordham, about to graduate.
11:38 am
>> scholarship awarded me almost $10,000 saturday night. so it will help with my undergraduate loans. i'm hopefully onto a masters. >> so your interest is working in television. >> absolutely. i hope to be sitting in your chair one day. >> good. we're always looking for talent especially local. >> great. >> so tell me about your college experience. you also earned -- you mentioned you earned $10,000 for winning miss philadelphia but i saw you earned $25,000 as a teenager. >> miss america organization at its core is a scholarship organization. we empower women to go after their education. so it's been great to be involved since a 16-year-old. i have been pursuing my education and i look forward to what's next to come. >> so what's next is june is miss pennsylvania. >> yes. >> then in september you have miss america. >> yeah. >> so you conceivably could run the table and be like the local favorite through the entire
11:39 am
thing? >> that is my goal. i'm working hard to do so to represent philadelphia in the best way that i possibly can. >> and your talent is singing. >> it is. >> so you like to sing. you grew up doing that as a child in wayne. >> yes absolutely. i performed in lots of musical theater productions in the city and i have been singing, my mom says, since i learned how to talk. >> what's your dream job? your dream job at the network level, philadelphia market at our place here? >> absolutely. my dream job -- i love philadelphia. it's a great market and nbc is a great home. >> look at you, already. what do you like to do in your downtime? >> i love to play sports with my brothers. i have two older brothers. my favorite pass time is run the football or baseball around with them. >> we like a girl that's a tomboy and loves sports. we appreciate it. we're so proud of you, julia. >> thank you for having me. >> you're going to be busy this next year. >> very busy. >> over 100 appearances or so?
11:40 am
>> absolutely. i just met judge from the red cross and i'll be at the red ball saturday night. >> you'll be there. >> i will be there. >> keep your eye out for keith jones. he may ask you to dance. do him a favor and dance with him. make him feel good. thank you, julie, we appreciate it. >> thank you. they have been a seasonal treat but soon may be able to enjoy girl kout cookies year-round. coming up. two more chances for snow over the next four days. that's not all we're going to experience. i'll show you what's in store in the nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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and this morning aaa released new figures when it comes to what you're peay paying at the pump. rising gas prices continue $2.43 a gallon a jump from last week and $0.37 jump from last month. here is a look at prices as they stand in our region. average in philadelphia area is $2.56, $2.35 in delaware and $2.22 in south jersey. gas prices rising for a month. hoping to give apple a run for its money. officials unveiled a new galaxy 6 in spain yesterday. the new phone features
11:44 am
lightweight casing used from the same metal in airplanes and gorilla glass on both its front and back. the phone will debut overseas april 20th. no pricing or u.s. launch date has been announced. there will soon be a new way to order pizza. it's all in the wrist. today domino's pizza rolling out technology that allows pebble and android smart watch consumers to order a pizza on their watch. all they have to do is download their app and watch pizza go from their wrist right to the front door. meanwhile kids may soon be able to enjoy those delicious girl scout cookies year-round. a toy company unveiled a first ever girl scout cookie oven. children experience the fun of baking girl scout cookies right in their own homes now. it will feature mixes inspired by popular girl scout cookies such as thin mints. it's expected to hit retailers nationwide beginning next fall.
11:45 am
tickets go on sale for events around the country empowering women. it will be mosted by mika brzezinski. spoke to us tell us about the event. this morning the morning joe come host is joining us. miikkaeek mika welcome back. thanks for coming on with us part of the universal news group parent company for nbc 10. first event is april 10th loews hotel in philadelphia. we understand you have new details about who is going to be taking part? >> i do. april 10th it's coming. we're coming to philadelphia. we've got great speakers pt hoda kotb will be here ceo of j & j, elizabeth warren is a keynote speaker. we have tons of different sessions, almost like workshop sessions. from fashion to body image, closing the deal and negotiating
11:46 am
skills. we also are announcing today the grow your value bonus competition. we're asking women to send in submissions only on the website, your value. you can go there for the composition. send in iphone videos any video you can download it hold up the phone, talk to the phone, pitch me. tell me why you deserve a bonus. stay at home mom. if you're a denial hygienist, ceo, women universally struggle talking about money. so pitch me on your iphone on a video a minute or less why you deserve a bonus. we're going to pick three finalists and we're going to coach them with johnson & johnson human performance institute coaches and other coaches we've brought along the way. brooke shields has just jumped in to help out these women. three finalists are going to pitch live on stage for a bonus after they have received weeks of coaching and they have been
11:47 am
dressed and made over from the inside out. they are going to pitch confidently why they deserve a bonus one more time. there's going to be a countdown clock. we're going to have live juns ondges on scene. right there we'll give one woman the $10,000 bonus. >> i went to your website and looked around there and wrote a fascinating piece, "what men know we can't act like them but learn from them." give us one example on what you learned on this topic from some of the women you met. >> listen men tend to go into negotiations with a lot more confidence and a lot higher sights for themselves. women tend to self-deprecate.
11:48 am
we do that to be nice. we have to learn to be comfortable advocating for ourselves. that's why this pitch competition is so perfect. it really drives the message home. it forces women to get up under the light and put themselves on the line raw right then and there and say why they have value, why they deserve a bonus, why they deserve money, value. and you know money can be a metaphor for anything in a relationship. but in this conference we're making it about the money because this is where women really struggle for themselves. so we're going to show women and we're going to show their transformation and show these contestants dukingette out on stage, with their coaches duking it out, too, wanting their contestants to win. the audience will be invested while they are supporting women on stage, they are also going to be bringing home and walking out the door that day with valuable tips and really inspirational pieces of advice that really touch on their instincts.
11:49 am
their instincts are right. this conference is going to be all about giving yourself permission to go with your gut and get your value back in a negotiation. >> we look forward to seeing you here this month or next month, mika. for more information on know your value tour use twitter hashtagknowyourvalue14ç follow mika on morning mika. check out our website or mobile app. nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we just finished a pretty amazing february. now the beginning of march will be amazing, too. a very active week here. of course it was active yesterday. we have a refreeze tonight from some of that ice we got yesterday that's melting during the day today. it's going to ice up again tonight. snow and ice on tuesday, tomorrow. that's not the end of what's
11:50 am
coming this week. we have some sunshine out there now. it's 38 degrees. 18-mile-an-hour winds gusting to 29 miles an hour. there's that wind direction out of the northwest. the sustained winds are pretty strong here up to 18 to 20 miles an hour. the sustained wind. then we have gusts on top of that that are gusting up over 30 miles an hour. so it's a windy day. so even though the temperature is up close to 40 degrees, doesn't feel like it because now we're getting windchill. it's feeling a lot colder. it's barely above freezing in allentown, 32 in reading. there's more snow in the forecast. not so much today. couple of flurries went by the trenton area. but out in the southwestern part of the country, there's a lot of moisture again third storm in a row coming from that area. those storms come with a lot of moisture then we worry about the temperatures.
11:51 am
so it's going to be cold enough to start a snow tomorrow afternoon. sometimes these computer models are slow. any time in the afternoon. i don't expect much snow accumulation. this is again, an issue. the area of icing in the pink. in this case though more sleet than freezing rain. that's the stuff that bounces when it hits the ground. then it changes to rain as the warmer air comes in. so later tuesday night and all day wednesday, that's rain everywhere. even going to rain in the poconos. then the colder air comes back. here it goes changing over to snow and probably accumulating snow later wednesday night and into thursday. here is one computer model, shows the rain on wednesday. and as the colder air comes down there's a large area of snow on thursday. then the amounts of ice, that's
11:52 am
something we're going to have to watch again. in this case generally to the north and west. for the rest of the day, it's windy and kind of cold. partly because of the wind. 15 to 25 gusting to 35 miles an hour. the wind diminishes tonight. everything that melts today refreezes tonight as temperatures go down 21 in philadelphia, 13 northern and western suburbs. tomorrow the afternoon snow changing to ice, changing to rain by midnight. then on wednesday it's all rain. it's mild. going to feel warm. 50 degrees. then the cold air comes back. temperatures drop thursday. it's cold it's snowy. we've got accumulating snow possible then bitter cold on friday. high only 29. the bonus we get, though dry weather saturday and sunday for a change. >> thank you, glenn. we have skyforce 10 following
11:53 am
breaking news in philadelphia. skyforce 10 live over the scene of a stabbing and robbery that happened on frankford avenue within just the past 30ments. we're working to find out some details on this and we'll bring you the information on, nbc 10 news app as soon as we get it. gena stabbing and robbery in the holmesberg section of philadelphia. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 "ellen," nicole richie. famous prime time dancers, derek and julian hough. it hurts so bad it keeps you up. nbc 10 with new findings about the one factor that might be keeping you from a good night of rest this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. our chief meteorologist glenn murk schwartz with a final glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a final look at the forecast. >> sunshine melting snow and ice, refreezing tonight. another round of snow and ice, then rain then snow on thursday, another round of bitter cold later in the week. there's an awful lot coming on. new computer information will update the forecast later this afternoon. >> hold on to get to the weekend. thank you, glenn. thank you for watching nbc 10
11:57 am
news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. thanks from all of us here at nbc 10. have a great day.
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>> marlena: hi, honey. >> will: come in. i'm really glad that you could uh--janet just came and took arianna--there's no way i'm ever going to get this place clean for--for sonny. um, god, wait--coffee. would you like-- i'll make you coffee! >> marlena: will, will. calm it down some. and no coffee, thanks. >> will: right. calm down. [sighs] >> marlena: yeah. so, how did your conversation with sonny go? >> will: bad. worse than bad, i'm not sure that he's ever going to forgive me. >> marlena: well, then he's gonna need more time. >> will: grandma, i slept with paul. i mean, i didn't know that he was sonny's ex, of course but--it just made it worse. and now everything's just messy and complicated and-- damn it, this-- [glass shatters]


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