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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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devastation was sparked when the homeowner turned on a light switch. >> and tonight he's hospitalized with serious burns. here's where the explosion happened in point pleasant beach around 1:30 this morning. a man inside the house suffered injuries to nearly half his body. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in point pleasant beach. >> ted, investigators say there are some big differences between the two blasts? >> reporter: yeah jackie and denise this time investigators believe the gas was leaking likely from something inside the house that stood here until it blew up today as opposed to a broken gas main in the street. the man who survived this blast is in critical condition tonight. >> i was like oh my god, the house in the back is -- exploded. >> reporter: donna and brian kitty say it was like a bomb went off next door. >> it was crazy. it was very fast. >> the house just disintegrated. >> reporter: the blast rocked their point pleasant beach neighborhood around 1:30 this morning and left the home's
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resident 47-year-old kurt wagner badly burned on close to half of his body. >> the guy that was living in the house got blown out the front door. he was rolling on the lawn next door. >> reporter: authorities say the victim woke up and smelled natural gas. when he turned on a bathroom light switch the place burst into flame. >> if you do anything a spark can create a serious situation, turning on a light, using a cell phone. >> reporter: the explosion comes less than a week after a different home blew up. a cracked gas main along the street led to a leak and blast in stafford township on tuesday, injuring 15 people. >> obviously we could see within the last week gas is not something to play around with. >> reporter: unlike the stafford explosion, investigators believe the source of the leak in point pleasant beach was likely inside the house. today we watched as detectives dug through debris and closely examined part of a heater. >> we were wondering what happened to him. >> reporter: kurt wagner works on a fishing boat with manuel.
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the crew got worried when wagner was a no-show this morning. >> i said to my other deck hand you know something must have happened to kurt because it's not like for him not to show up. i'm going to stop at the church over there and sit down and say a prayer for him. >> reporter: officials say it bears repeating. if you smell natural gas, the most important thing to do is to leave the premises immediately, get to a safe location and then call your gas provider right away. live in point pleasant beach, i'm ted greenberg nkzbc 10 news. we do have an update on the gas worker injured in last week's explosion. he has been upgraded from critical to stable condition. he was among 15 people hurt in the blast last tuesday. what a mess this morning. nbc 10 at terrace and hermit streets in manayunk. the side streets and sidewalks were a sheet of ice.
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>> as we well know from experience, just because it's march doesn't mean winter is over. it came in like a lion. the nbc 10 first alert weather team is trakcking more snow ice and sleet on the way. >> first we're dealing with a refreeze overnight. >> sheena parveen is here with more on what's in store for us. >> that's right. temperatures today have been above freezing and allowed a lot of stuff to be melting like the ice and the slush. as we go through tonight and into tomorrow evening especially we have another first alert out. tonight any ice that has melted today, that's going to be refreezing. more ice as we go into tomorrow. we'll have an event that will be impacting the evening commute tomorrow. as for right now, though temperatures are still above freezing and the sunshine really helped to melt a lot of the ice around. 36 pottstown, 39 philadelphia also northeast philly mid to upper 30s in south jersey and delaware.
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tonight temperatures will be dropping below freezing again. areas north and west you should be below freezing at 7:00 p.m. and in the 20s by 9:00. suburbs should be around 34 by 7:00 p.m. then by 9:00 below freezing temperatures upper 20s. we'll still see ice out, especially on those untreated surfaces. then we go into tomorrow evening and we're talking about another round of ice moving in. some of us will see snow with that too. coming up i'll show you the timing of it. there's nothing less than being described as despicable and offensive to females, unsuspecting female victims of all ages. police in radnor township are calling it a major bust. a man accused of secretly filming dozens of girls undressing at home and at stores in the king of prussia mall is behind bars tonight. just a short time ago a judge arraigned 37-year-old sean moses on half a million dollars bail.
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police say he shot cell phone vild video of girls changing where there are unisex dressing rooms. the suspect has had these peeping tom tendingencies for years. >> back in 2002 villanova university issued a letter to mr. moses to tell him he was no longer allowed to be on villanova's campus because he was secretly videotaping young ladies swimming. >> radnor's investigation started in september at this apartment complex in bryn mawr where two women reported a man filming them undressing through their window. tonight a 25-year-old cam ben man is behind bars accused of killing a temple university student and hurting another man. this is leonardo rivera. police say he turned himself in on friday in connection with the shooting that took place a couple of months ago. he's accused of killing alejandro rojas. 34-year-old rojas, a student at temple, was found slumped over
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the steering wheel of a car near a nightclub. a 24-year-old man who was also shot survived. a delay in court today in the trial against the philadelphia woman accused of giving a deadly butt injection. the defendant, padge victoria windslowe is sick. windslow windslowe is charged with third-degree murder of a whoon flew to philadelphia for a butt enhancement. two penndot workers faced a judge today. prosecutors say the men were part of a scheme that cost taxpayers more than a million dollars. the attorney general says the workers took kickbacks to look the other way, ignoring falsified time sheets and mileage reports. two penndot managers and eight contracts are charged in the case. a local family gets some closure after more than a decade of waiting, and police get to cold a cold case.
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investigators in camden say they finally have their woman wanted for murder 13 years ago. south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live in camden where police announced today's arrest. >> reporter: that's right. investigators tell us this murder suspect had been living not far from camden in westville after originally fleeing to florida, but they say the only thing he is sorry for is getting caught. still, surprisingly the victim's family says they forgive him. >> thank you and bless your life for stepping forward. >> reporter: loved ones of john rodriguez jr. thanked investigators and witnesses for being brave enough to speak up about the crime that killed their son 13 years ago inside a river road pool hall. today they faced the man accused, 41-year-old angel pinto in a camden courtroom. >> seeing him today for the first time like wow. >> reporter: pinto is facing
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first-degree murder charges. he is the fourth homicide arrest for the camden cold case task force which brought detective marty devlin and others out of retirement. >> to any murder out there who's listening or would hear i would say to you, we're getting ready to bring another murderer in. it may be you. >> reporter: they went to las vegas and florida where witnesses led police back to new jersey to arrest pinto friday in camden. he had been living in westville all this time. >> i forgive him from doing this. we don't know what was in his mind. >> reporter: detective devlin says let this case serve as a reminder to anyone holding on to a no stitch attitude. you were stronger than those running from the law. >> guys like angel pingtto are cowards. they're counting on your fear. >> reporter: pinto's bail was set at a million and a half. so far, no trial date has been
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set. his older brother, ramon pinto, is also facing charges for allegedly intimidating witnesses. his bail was set at $250,000. live in camden tonight, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. investigators across our region are working to close cold cases on hundreds of missing persons. and right now on, you can take a closer look at the 518 missing people from our area. just click on a picture to look at details on each person including when they were last seen and the circumstances of each circumstance. we are hearing from the newly appointed chairperson of the school reform commission after an unexpected change made by governor wolf. governor wolf removed bill green as src chairman and named marjorie nef fchl fchltneff as the new chair. green arguing the governor can't legally make the change but he said he won't try to block the move for now. marjorie neff told us she will continue work with other src
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members to improve education. >> i don't think that you're going to see a big change because that's been the focus of the src all along. and i'm just excited to be able to contribute in a different way. >> governor wolf cited mismanagement and poor decisions as the reasons for replacing green. bill green says he plans to go to court over the matter. this is all happening before governor wolf unveils the details of his new state budget plan tomorrow. many expect education to be a priority. democrats expect the governor will call for more education funding and cuts in school property taxes. governor wolf has also said he will push for corporate tax cuts and higher taxes on natural gas drilling. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says he's closer to a deal with iran on nuclear weapons. but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is warning that could lead to the destruction of the jewish state and he plans to push that argument in his address to congress tomorrow.
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nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman is on the hill with the latest. >> reporter: chaired by american jewish leaders in washington israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned that israel's survival is threatened. >> we must not let that happen. >> reporter: iran said netanyahu, would build a nuclear weapon to use on israel. >> i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers while there's still time to avert them. >> reporter: the white house tried to n to obtain a nuclear weapon period. >> reporter: but john mccain warned iran will cheat. >> the monitoring organization continues to say that iran is not cooperating. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry is negotiating with iranians today in switzerland, warning netanyahu not to interfere. >> doing so would make it more difficult to reachçkñeñ the goal that israel and others say they
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share. >> reporter: back in d.c. netanyahu has no plan to see president obama. their relationship was already strained when, running for re-election, the israeli prime minister asked gop congressional leaders to speak without warning the white house. 48% of americans opposed that in the new nbc news/wall street journal poll. netanyahu said no disrespect intended to president obama. >> our alliance is sound, our friendship is strong. >> reporter: but his speech tomorrow may sound like a fight among friends. roughly 30 democrats say they plan to stay away tomorrow when netanyahu comes up here to beg congress not to reduce the pressure on iran. i'm steve handelsman nbc news capitol hill. thanks to the weekend ice storm, lots of drivers were dodging danger as they hit the road. >> we're talking about ice flying from vehicles. it's something a local man knows all too well. his wind shield was shattered a month ago. the run-around that's holding up
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his much-needed repairs. and a report that shows how many local residents are living in the path of a potential train accident and the narkdseighborhoods that are most at risk for a disaster like this. >> bye-bye boardwalk, hello love park. find out how you can help put the city of brotherly love on the board.
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the mess from yesterday's ice storm is still liquorngering and now there is more trouble on the horizon. it includes snow ice and sleet. it was a slow ride for some as they made their way to work this morning because of yesterday's storm, but things seem to be running smoothly this evening. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway. sheena will have a look at the forecast in about four minutes. one of three men in custody following separate security breaches at the white house has ties to our region. this morning someone slipped inside a secure door as someone else was walking out. that person was instantly met by secret service personnel and arrested following a short scuffle. last night curtis smith of coatsville climbed over a stone wall outside the white house around the same time someone stepped over a bike rack near the fence surrounding the white house. both men are in custody. the white house blasted republicans today. a spokesperson says the one-week extension of homeland security funding passed by congress reflects the gop's failed
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leadership. president obama signed the extension last friday just minutes before it would have run out. democrats have been pressuring house speaker john boehner to allow a vote to extend funding for the department through september 30th. potential trouble on the tracks. >> it turns out millions of people across pennsylvania are living in danger zones at the risk of derailments that could cause damage or even death. some of those spots are right in our region. >> nbc 10's jim rosenfield is live in the digital operations center with more on what we need to know jim. >> reporter: these numbers really make you sit up and take note. the new report from penn environment claims nearly 4 million pennsylvanians live within potential evacuation zones of an oil train accident. the group's executive director joined philadelphia councilwoman reynolds-brown today to break down the report's findings at philadelphia city hall this afternoon. it claims oil trains put communities at risk for death, injuries and destruction.
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the report also breaks down the top neighborhoods across the state most at risk of an oil train disaster and they're all in philadelphia. west philly topping the list followed by northeast philadelphia olney, hunting park and university city. there have already been a few scares in our state. >> three derailments in pennsylvania alone over the last two years. two here in philadelphia and one outside of pittsburgh. these were all near misses. >> this report comes several weeks after a massive train derailment, you'll recall and a fire in west virginia. this is the aftermath right here. fortunately only one person was hurt in that incident. as for penn environment's message, they're calling on the department of transportation to ban these oil trains. live in the digital operations center jim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. back to you. today president obama took the wraps off findings by law enforcement experts looking into police-involved shootings. that panel led by charles ramsey
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calls for independent outside investigations when police use deadly force. the suggestions cover issues ranging from training to technology to data collection to community policing efforts. one recommendation calling for independent investigations when deadly force is used. locally, the chief of the newcastle city police department told nbc 10's tim furlong he plans to read that report. the report hits on things surrounding building trust with the community and treating citizens with dignity and respect. the chief says they sound like good goals. >> keeps the officer sharp. it also -- it's data that comes to us in case of a shooting. we actually have everything we can give to the attorney general's office. >> he says it's information that can tell if an officer is justified or not when using force. well we have a lot of stuff happening as we go through the
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next few days. today, though temperatures were above freezing so a lot of the ice slush has melted but now for tonight temperatures drop back into the teens so we will have more icy spots developing into tomorrow morning. then another round of ice as we go into tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. most of this we expect to be sleet, but still making icy conditions. then we have rain moving in and then we have more snow. so, yeah there's going to be a lot happening over the next few days. right now we are still above freezing north and west trenton, south jersey and delaware right now above freezing. temperatures still in the mid to upper 30s so a lot of ice has already melted. for this evening, though temperatures will be dropping below freezing very soon and that's when we'll start to see that refreezing taking place. by 7:00 around the philadelphia area temperatures by mid-30s. by 9:00 that's when we'll be dropping below freezing. areas north and west already below freezing so we'll see icy spots forming and that will be
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the case overnight and into early tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, first alert weather day is out for mainly tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. we're talking about more ice tomorrow too. another storm moves in and this will be impacting the evening commute tomorrow so keep that in mind as we go through your tuesday. here's future weather. tonight we do stay dry. we just get colder and we'll see icy spots again. early tomorrow the morning commute looks dry. then the afternoon hours we start to see that storm approaching. 3:00 p.m. you notice some snow moving in so it will be a mixed bag. some of us will see snow mostly north of philadelphia. not long lasting, though because 7:00 p.m. we'll start to see that transition over to ice, possibly a lot of sleet around. this still creates messy travel still creates icy conditions. rain down to the south. then this all transitions as we go into tuesday night. temperatures start to warm up. then we see mainly just rain. wednesday is going to be a mild rainy day, believe it or not.
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9:00 in the morning we'll be dealing with rain around temperatures well around the freezing mark. by wednesday afternoon still dealing with rain and temperatures above freezing. then we go into thursday midnight, this is going into the morning thursday you start to notice more snow developing. colder air starts to move in before this moisture is gone and then early thursday morning we see snow around especially in south jersey and delaware and then we start to clear out at least through the day on thursday, but of course we'll have more details on that as we get closer. either way there is a lot of stuff happening in the next few days. tonight very cold with refreezing happening. 19 for the low in philadelphia 12 degrees north and west. tomorrow we'll see afternoon snow changing over to sleet. so icy conditions are expected. temperatures warming though as we go into wednesday morning, above freezing even through the afternoon. rainy and mild. then snow coming back thursday. don't forget this weekend is dry and mild but you set your clocks forward one hour. >> good to remember sheena thank you. it's meant to help keep you connected. >> but one popular social media
5:23 pm
site could be making you depressed. details just ahead. and he thought he did everything right when a chunk of ice shattered his windshield, but a month later he's still getting the run-around. what you need to know if you find yourself in the path of flying ice. a dangerous ice rescue in ocean county. two men fell through the ice sparking a search and rescue mission in new jersey that lasted hours. so why could they now be facing charges? we'll explain just ahead.
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facebook, you may be on it all the time but it can cause depression according to a new study. researchers at the university of missouri surveyed more than 700 college students. those most at risk surveillance users. you know who they are. those who simply browse around to see how their friends are doing and then compare that with their own lives without liking or commenting at all. postings about vacations, cars and new homes as you can imagine can make some users envious and even depressed. some local fifth graders learned how the power of one can make a world of difference in their communities. nbc 10 at the shipley school sleep care act fair and more than 50 students showed off their community service projects. the assignment identify a problem and problem. the students were really enthusiastic about their work.
5:27 pm
>> donate school supplies to a school in west philadelphia called the lead school and i cared a lot about this project because i love having all the tools i need to do my homework. >> caitlin and her mom went around to local stores and got them to donate school supplies for her cause. she got to visit the school meet the principal and deliver what she collected. what a great lesson. >> that's very good. love to see that. we're in for a busy weather week. first a refreeze and then more snow and ice. >> sheena parveen will break down the timing of that all just ahead. plus another side to the story. police in new jersey may charge a driver they rescued from the ice yesterday. but today we're hearing from the man's friend who is offering a different version of exactly what went down. ift's a highway hazard that's all too common this winter flying ice. it can be hard to avoid so what should you do if it happens to you and your car? that's next at 5:00.
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shovels in hand many residents had a job to do before they could go anywhere this morning. nbc 10 on jamestown avenue in roxboro as people had to scrape off those sidewalks. >> folks in newcastle county also struggled with the snow and ice today. nbc 10 on clinton street where the warmer temperature helped melt when was left on the sidewalks. >> a live look at boat house
5:31 pm
row. skullers hope a brief bout of warmer temperatures will help melt some of the ice on the schuylkill river. sheena parveen is here with more. >> sheena whatever melted today will refreeze tonight? >> yes, that's right. whatever has melted today with all the sunshine and temperatures above freezing, that is going to refreeze tonight so we're looking at more icy spots later on this evening, but we also have a first alert weather day for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. so after the refreezing that's going to happen tonight with icy spots around we have more ice that will move in tomorrow. some areas will see snow first and then changing over to quite a bit of sleet still causing icy spots on the roads. this will be impacting the evening commute tomorrow so keep that in mind before you head out. currently we're all above freezing exempt for the poconos. upper 30s across pennsylvania up to trenton. but by 9:00 tonight we should all be dropping below freezing and that's where we'll see anything that's melted today
5:32 pm
refreeze again. tomorrow evening big area of weather off to our west. this will be traveling across the country. by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, we'll see a big area of ice move through, so a lot in the forecast for tomorrow evening's commute. this will start as early as afternoon hours so we're looking at potentially dangerous travel. coming up we'll take a closer look at the timing of this and also more snow coming later this week. flying ice is a danger we've been dealing with a lot this winter. nbc 10's doug shimell has been examining the problem. doug, what have you found? >> reporter: well we talked to charlie mcclenahan, we profiled him a month ago when his vehicle was damaged by a chunk of ice. he saw it come off the back of a truck and he stayed with the truck, calling in a description to 911 operators. he said he thought that would have removed any doubt about the -- getting his claim filed with this trucking company, but he said apparently not. >> sheet of ice came off, hit
5:33 pm
over here. another one came off and went through the windshield. >> reporter: when ice from a tractor-trailer tore through charlie's windshield a month ago, he thought he did all the right things. >> the police report was taken. i thought i followed all the steps i needed to do. apparently with them i said i did, but here we are a month later. >> reporter: charlie called 911 and followed the truck 15 miles until a pennsylvania state trooper arrived. he said he paid almost $500 to replace the windshield and has another $600 in roof damage that the a. dui epyle trucking company said they would handle. >> the moral thing would be just all right. >> reporter: now charlie says the letters and return phone calls from the trucking company have stopped. and he says what he thought would be a clear-cut case isn't. >> i'm baffled that they're giving me the run-around like this. i just hope it gets solved. hope i get some of my money that i put out of pocket back into my
5:34 pm
pocket. >> reporter: nbc contacted the trucking company as we did when we aired our first report but we have yet to hear back from them. insurance experts do tell us, though, that they don't encourage people to follow a vehicle they have seen ice or snow to come off. try to get a plate number or basic description and give that information to your insurance companies and let them go after the person or the company. live in plymouth township i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. we are following breaking news in northern liberty. philadelphia police say the body of a 34-year-old man has been found behind delie la's adult nightclub. it's unclear just how the man died. we do have a crew headed to the scene and we'll continue to monitor the developments and let you know if we learn anything new. there is developing news out of los angeles where officers shot and killed a homeless man this weekend.
5:35 pm
the struggle was captured on cell phone video that's been viewed by millions of social media. the l.a. police chief said the officers were trying to talk to the man about a reported robbery and he grabbed an officer's holster. >> did he reach for the officer's weapon? you didn't see that? >> my kweyes didn't see that. >> police have identified the man known to others as africa. investigators will review all of the footage of the incident including body cameras. new developments in the boston marathon bombing case. prosecutors wanting panels of the boat where the suspect was founding hiding to be brought to court. that's because they say joke hard tsarnaev wrote inside the boat but the attorneys wanting the jury to seat boat intact. this argument took place during a pretrial hearing. opening statements are scheduled for wednesday. a new photo has been released of the isis executioner
5:36 pm
known as jihadi john. here is mohammed emwazi. this wick tourpicture was taken back in 2010. one employee at the company said he was polite an well mannered but not very sociable. authorities say emwazi is the masked man in those shocking hostage execution videos. he is now considered one of the most notorious killers in the world. the fuselage of airasia flight 8501 is now in the hands of experts in indonesia for analysis. investigators hope it will provide more information to piece together the last minutes. ill-fated flight that crashed in january. the singapore-bound flight crashed 40 minutes after takeoff killing all 162 passengers on board. after searching the sea for more than two months 60 bodies remain missing. an american nurse one infected with ebola is suing the owners of a dallas hospital. that's where she was treated -- or she treated an ebola patient last year.
5:37 pm
nbc 10 national correspondent erica edwards has the latest. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: dallas nurse nina pham is suing the parent company of texas health presbyterian hospital where she treated the first patient to be diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. pham alleges her privacy was violated when she too became an ebola patient, and she said the hospital failed by leaving its staff ill prepared to treat the deadly virus. >> she had received absolutely no training on how to care for a patient with ebola. none. >> reporter: texas health resources released a statement responding to news of the lawsuit which reads in part we continue to support and wish the best for her, and we remain optimistic that constructive dialogue can resolve this matter. >> i'll see you when we get back. >> reporter: meanwhile, another american ebola survivor nancy writebol, is heading back to liberia this month with her husband, david. >> it's a privilege and an honor to be able to help. >> reporter: she's leaving behind bags of this liquid gold.
5:38 pm
it's her plasma donated for research at emory university hospital in atlanta. nancy is presumed to be immune to ebola, the theory that agent bodies in the plasma of survivors could treat others. >> we hope patients that have survived have neutralizing antibodies. >> reporter: emery'ememory will study and bavrngnk nancy's plasma. governor jack markel says marijuana won't be legalized as long as he's in charge. he says while he's willing to look into decriminalizing the drug he says he won't follow colorado or washington state for full legalization. the governor says there's a lot more to learn. just last year philadelphia decriminalized possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana. philadelphia sports fans aren't known to embrace the enemy, but today they are. >> that's because the nhl star
5:39 pm
is from our region. we'll show you the special honor for the man known as johnny hockey. big changes to an iconic childhood game and it could put part of our region front and center. who's going and who could be coming to the newest edition of monopoly. first, here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. new at 6:00 governor tom wolf has a new head of improving philadelphia schools working to make them better. who's taking the reins and what it means for your children's clags classroom. also we're looking at the pennsylvania governor's budget a day before he lays it out. what it has to say about your taxes. plus the possible change when it comes to the way you interact with police. and a new jersey watchdog group calling out governor chris christie. why they're questioning his nearly $1 million travel expenses. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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sky force 10 is live over breaking news in upper moreland montgomery county. a fire at a business on wyandotte road. the fire is at two alarms and there's a report of an explosion. there are no reported injuries. we will continue to monitor the situation out here and pass along any new information as we get it. well philadelphia and atlantic city are in competition for a coveted spot on the monopoly board game. >> hasbro is running a contest that allows you to vote on the city of your choice to be featured in the next monopoly game. 20 american cities will be
5:42 pm
featured as property spaces. philadelphia and atlantic city are both in the running. at last check, neither were in the top ten. we've got to get to work on this. the highest ranking city will get the popular boardwalk spot. you can have your say and vote by going to our nbc 10 app. it is a free download from the app store and the finalist cities will be announced march 19th. rescue crews rushed in when a truck fell into icy waters. >> now the men inside could face charges. tonight an exclusive interview with the driver's 42ndfriend is putting a new twist ongtd story. not your normal target for thieves. these fossils are more than a hundred million years old. how they ended up in wimglmington and who they belong to.
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we're now over breaking news. sky force 10 is live in upper moreland, montgomery county where there is a fire. you can see the smoke and flames and fire crews there trying to get it under control. at last word we heard the fire was at two alarms. it is now burning near the turnpike. we have sky force 10 pull out and we can see some of the traffic that's having some issues as the fire continues to burn here at this business. so far there are no reports of injuries at this time but we will continue to monitor the situation. as you can see there, they have got the crews there, we have traffic slowing down and this fire right now burning pretty well that the fire crews are still trying to get under control. again, happening in upper moreland, montgomery county at a business on wyandotte road. well today one local hockey star was back home to receive a big honor. >> he is a homegrown talent
5:46 pm
who's already making a big impact in the nhl. danny joins us from comcast sportsnet with more on the player known simply as johnny hockey. >> danny, he looks like he could still be in high school. >> you've heard of the baby face assassin. don't let his face fool you, he's the real deal. he's only a rookie but taking the league by storm. he's back in the area. it will be his first game in philly since last april's frozen four where he played for boston college. gloucester catholic high school rolled out the red carpet to welcome him back. his jersey was retired this afternoon. the 21-year-old was roaming the same halls just a few years ago but was honored to be back at his alma mater. >> it's special, you know. something i never dreamed about something like this. to come back to my old high school and be a part of something like this is pretty
5:47 pm
special. come back to my old high school gloucester catholic high school and meet a lot of people. it's just an exciting weekend. they don't retire a lot of jerseys here. just to be a part of something like that is pretty incredible. >> it is. look at that baby face. find out what johnny has to say about facing the flyers who he grew up rooting for. plus the fly guys make some big moves at the trade deadline. we'll have that as well. we are going back live. sky force 10 over upper moreland, montgomery county where you can see a fire is burning at a business on wyandotte road happening just right off the turnpike. it's affecting traffic at this hour. >> we understand people in this business have been evacuated, but so far there are no reports of injuries. we will continue to monitor this situation as fire crews are out here as you can see the smoke and flames captured by sky force 10. >> this is at wyandotte road. as for the type of business this
5:48 pm
is in upper moreland montgomery county pennsylvania we are being told it is a sheet metal plant. it's now at three alarms which means that is an increased number of resources, the number of fire crews being sent to the scene as evidenced by all of the thick, black smoke and heavy flames that are so strong. firefighters are out there trying to get a handle on it. since we've been on this story and shown you these area photos from sky force 10 it doesn't seem that those flames are subsiding at all. you can see all of the crews and the people standing outside the businesses as well near those vehicles and the fire crews just out of curiosity of what caused this fire and the explosion that also preceded this. >> you can see the winds are actually affecting some of the fire. there's been some evacuations, but again no one has been injured. you can see the fire crews approaching this business on wyandotte road. if we could bring in sheena parveen to tell us about the winds and how it might be affecting this fire at this time. >> so as far as the winds are
5:49 pm
concerned, when you look at this image and see the smoke blowing straight up and the black smoke. we're talking about winds that in this area don't look bad but we do have wind gusts around 20 miles an hour so they're blowing to the east-southeast. so this would be blowing in the direction of lower montgomery county, also in the direction of philadelphia and the direction of the i-95 corridor. so that is where this black smoke is going to eventually travel. but again, it doesn't look extremely windy in this image of live video, but as far as the wind gusts being reported in montgomery county and philadelphia, they're traveling more toward the east-southeast so it is something we'll definitely be watching. but we do have pretty gusty conditions out there right now. >> we're also being told the name of this sheet metal planting on wyandotte road is trico metal products. we know that the plant has been evacuated. at this point there are no reported injuries which is good. the location 2300 block of
5:50 pm
wyandotte road. they believe there was an explosion that happened before this fire started, but at this early stage we don't know what contributed to that explosion. but fire crews desperately on the scene to try to get this under control. fortunately, it is contained to that roof area. we can see that there are nearby businesses and possibly a residential area as well. fortunately, it is not spreading to other businesses or homes in the area. >> i can see the heavy smoke and flames but it looks like it is contained to this trico metal products planting. it looks like it is in an industrial area. we've got traffic on the turnpike moving along but right now we have smoke coming out from all parts of this building at this time. sky force 10 takes a look on wyandotte road. again, some evacuations here so no one is in the planting and so far there are no reports of injuries. firefighters still remain as the fire has moved from a second
5:51 pm
alarm to third alarm. meaning more resources are being put into fighting this blaze. it initially started from reports of an explosion. >> sky force 10 can widen out and we can take a look at the traffic again because we know this is a heavily traveled area and take a look at the roads and people who are traveling home from work to get an idea. it doesn't look like any of that traffic has been stopped. it is slowing to some degree but the traffic is still moving there as this fire is attempting to be put out. >> again, this happened just in the last 15 minutes or so. sky force 10 getting on the scene. as you can see there is at least one ladder crew there trying to hose down the fire but right now it's happening here at this sheet metal planted called trico in an industrial area and contained to this particular building where right now we are getting no reports of injuries. as you can see, this has been burning brightly as it has in the last 15 minutes. no slowing to the amount of flames and smoke shooting out of
5:52 pm
this plant right now. we're going to go now to sky force 10's dan, our pilot who is on the scene. can you describe what you see, dan? >> reporter: yeah. what we see on scene here is the same thing that you are seeing on our video screen here. some intense flames coming out of the back of the roof of the building here. it definitely has intensified since we've been on location. it seems that that whole back building is engulfed. as i pull out, you can even see smoke coming out of the front side of the building there as well so they haven't been seeming to put too much water on the 1kbuilding. there have been a few crews on the back that seem to be trying to get some water on it but you do see that latter truck that's not shooting any water. as i pull out here you can see heavy black smoke in the area and you can also see that the pennsylvania turnpike right there, traffic is slowing down from people just viewing these massive flames coming from the building but there are no lanes that are shut down at this time.
5:53 pm
>> and we see a train traveling behind that as well. you are absolutely right, it is clearly intensifying in strength just in the time that we've had sky force 10 above getting these pictures. it is getting stronger. as you mentioned, the flames not only are shooting out from the roof of that building, from that planting plant, but you can see the flames coming out of the back of that as well. they are not able to get a handle on this at all. in fact just the opposite it is continuing to grow in strength. >> you also have to wonder if more crews will be arriving here on the scene. we've got one ladder truck here and firefighters surrounding the plant, but you have to ask what are they able to do in terms of fighting it. what kind of product is in that plant which houses i guess metal products. we're taking a larger look from sky force 10 over the area this industrial area that's right off the turnpike here. but it looks like that fire as intense as it is is contained
5:54 pm
to that sheet product plant at this point. we see a second latter crew right there as we pull out. firefighters working intensely on trying to get this fire out, but of course it's grown and it's moved now from the back of the building toward the middle of the building and continues to move. right now i guess obviously having a difficult time trying to get this fire under control. >> again this is the trico metal products. it is an established sheet metal fabricator with well over 50 years experience we're being told in the fabricating industry. this is located in the 2300 block of wyandotte road in upper moreland, montgomery county pennsylvania. those flames continuing to get stronger as you see the water pouring on top of it in an attempt to contain it which is not happening. again, no injuries as we are told at this point. we will continue to stay on top of this and we'll be right back after this break.
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5:58 pm
turnpike. you can see the traffic there as the cars continue to go past on this turnpike as the black smoke continues to build and the flames as well. we know this is a sheet metal plant and it's now up to three alarms, which means that is the number of crews who are respond to this scene as it continues to get bigger. >> this initially came in as an explosion, but so f far there are no injuries reported. stay tuned, nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
we begin tonight with breaking news. this is out of montgomery county. sky force 10 right now live over this three-alarm raging fire. this is at a sheet metal plant in upper moreland. now, the name of the business trico metal products. they make sheet metal here. we understand they have been in business for some 50 years. as i said the fire right now at three alarms. there are some reports of an explosion. i think those were the first reports that came in that brought crews to the scene there. no injuries at this point. >> sky force 10's dan kent has been watching this fire grow from the air. dan, tell us what you're seeing from your vantage point? >> reporter: well it definitely has intensified ever since we got on scene about 30 minutes ago. you see the heavy flames and thick black smoke coming from the roof area. it appears as i zoom in that the roof is almost


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