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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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temperatures are below freezing across much of the area. it's going to stick to untreated surfaces. now to my colleague nbc10 meteorologist sheena parveen tracking the significant snowfall coming our way for thursday. >> we have quite a mixed bag here after tonight's weather, which will eventually transition to rain. we're talking about big changes, even for tomorrow. it will be a mild day. mild temperatures. we are going to be changing over to temperatures in about the mid to upper 40s. take a look at wednesday afternoon tomorrow. even though the rain will be around and temperatures will be in the upper 40s don't let it fool you because as we go into thursday we'll see it transition back to snow. we go into wednesday night. still the rain around by 11 p.m. wednesday. it will be through the overnight hours we see the transition to snow. this is thursday 5:00 in the morning. we will see accumulateing snow starting to develop. this does look like it will be going past the morning commute on thursday.
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we are giving you a big heads up. coming up, we'll show you how much snow you can expect and a closer look at the timing of it. >> thanks. check out dreary conditions behind us. check out the impact of the storm so far. >> harry hairston live in king of prussia. what's it doing there right now? >> well you know just a moment ago, and it seems to be coming right back again, i was getting pellets hitting my hand freezing rain or sleet, and then it started to turn over to the rain. if you take a look at the street you can see where this started to build up a little bit. as a matter of fact, it's getting to be slush out here making things slippery. shoppers are coming out here some having a difficult time to walk, coming to the giant, getting their groceries. i don't know if they're getting ready to hunker down for the next few days but it's been fairly busy with folks coming in and out.
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reporting live in king of prussia, harry hairston "nbc10 news." >> first alert traffic. watching the roads as this storm creeps into our area. >> it's cold out there. nbc10 christine maddela watching hundreds of traffic cameras for problem spots. what are you seeing? >> the cold will be the problem if there is any rain or precipitation. it has a chance to ice over. 422 at pennsylvania turnpike. the overturned tractor-trailer is still out there. they're trying to right that. that is causing some problems. in the headlights you can see that precipitation. be careful, because if it looks wet, it has the potential to be ice and not just rain out there. so, you can see elsewhere on 422, things are starting to back up for your afternoon commute. farther north take a look here at interstate 78 you can see limited visibility out there and some slushy conditions on the roadway. so, just be careful as you're traveling through our area.
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there are some delays. that's going to be worsened by the weather conditions. jim? >> stormforce10 patrolling the roads for you on interstate eastbound near gerard avenue. count on nbc10 and first alert weather to keep you updated as conditions worsen. as this multifaceted winter storm bears down on our area stay one step ahead. get important weather alerts sent directly from our meteorologist to your smartphone or tablet using the nbc10 first alert weather app. >> other news now. governor tom wolf is calling for a major overhaul of the state's tax system to pay for education. this morning thousands watched live on the "nbc10 news" app as wolf laid out his first budget as governor. wolf is calling for a hike in the sales tax, the first in 50 years. it would go from 6% to 6.6%. he's also proposing to cut the tax burden on the average middle class homeowner by 10% as
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rosemary connors reports from harrisburg, the challenge is selling this to republican lawmakers. >> our state is never going to get stronger as long as we make our schools weaker. >> reporter: education was at the top of the budget agenda with governor tom wolf provided that funding will in part come from a 5% severance from gas which could generate $1 billion a year. also, the governor wants to restore $1 billion in cuts to schools he says came courtesy of the previous administration. >> the first time in more than 40 years we are proposing to increase the state's share of funding for public education to 50%. >> reporter: should parents and students feel good about this? is this enough to allay their fears they won't have to go through another year of major cuts? >> this is the right path. there's no question the governor laid out -- education for our
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students should help to calm things down. >> reporter: wolf claims homeowners would see a 50% reduction in property taxes because his plans for education funding would shift the burden away from local districts. however, he wants to raise the state's personal income tax and sales tax. >> before we start raising our taxes, i think we need to corrected the problem that we have here in pennsylvania, which is pensions. and before he does that i don't think he's going to get many votes. >> reporter: governor wolf acknowledged that not everyone in the legislature will be on board with his budget plan. >> if you don't agree with my ideas, here's my request. please come with your own ideas. it's not good enough just to say no and continue with the same old same old. >> reporter: on that note the next step in all of this is that the house and senate appropriations committees will hold public hearings. the ultimate goal is to come up with a final budget hopefully by the end of this fiscal year.
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rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." >> philadelphia school superintendent says he's pleased governor wolf focused on education in his first budget address. he says he's thankful for increases and collusion of a funding formula that prioritizes students' needs. >> the fact the governor is talking about restoring cuts to education and pre-k and accountability and standards, that's all great news for us. >> dr. hite says school leaders will discuss the outlook for the district after mayor nutter releases his thursday. pennsylvania lawmakers are objecting to the tax increases in governor wolf's plans. they say the proposal goes too far and a 16% increase is, quote, unacceptable. the senate president says wolf's tax and spend proposals will damage the middle class and the economy. you can read the entire tom wolf plan including potential impact on you right now on our "nbc10 news" news app.
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20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this now. not guilty the verdict against a gloucester county police officer who was on trial on charges he hunted down a state lawmaker and falsely accused him of driving under the influence. >> i feel vindicated. i didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: now that he's been cleared of all charges he says he wants to get back to police work but his legal problems aren't over yet. nbc10 south jersey reporter cydney long where the site of this stop happened nearly two years ago. >> in addition to the officer, you spoke to the assembly man who says he was targeted. >> reporter: that's right. assemblyman paul moreiarty is in florida and he says while he respects the jury but he's upset and humiliated. since the officer pulled him over at this chick-fil-a restaurant two summers ago and
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accused him of being drunk. now the officer, who faced potential jail time is now a free man. >> if i was found guilty and maximum penalty, i was looking at 74 years. >> reporter: 44-year-old police officer joseph dibona investment nture emerged a free man, smiling. he says there is a 2 1/2 weight lifted from his shoulders. >> i felt confident that if it got in front of 12 normal nonpolitical people that they would see through it. and they did. >> reporter: dash cam video of his arrest of is assemblyman paul moriarty found him not guilty in the traffic stop prosecutors urged was a vendetta by the police officer. jurors found the stop that resulted in moriarty refusing a breathalyzer test legal. >> i feel vindicated. i didn't do anything wroveng from day one. >> reporter: the assemblyman, who testified early on is out
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of state. he called me to say he respects the jury but is disappointed by the verdict that the dash cam video speaks for i was saying quote, i know that i did nothing that day but operate my car safely and lawfully at all times. my hope is that eventually video cameras in all police vehicles who prevent these type of situations in the future. >> alldy was tell the truth and do my job. that's what the taxpayers of new jersey pay me to do. >> reporter: now, the police officer went on to say he loves being a police officer and he hopes to get back on the force. i did reach out to washington township police chief today, but his only comment is that they are reviewing all of their legal options. going forward, there is still civil litigation in this case against the officer and moriarty says he will pursue that vigorously. live in washington township, cydney long, "nbc10 news." a federal agent found himself on the other side of the law after a sting in philadelphia. investigators say he stole from
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who he thought was a prisoner. justin ford is an immigration and enforcement agent. he sold $200 from a deportee. who turned out to be an undiscover police officer. >> he will be punished to the full extent of the law. >> the dea announced his arrest today. he faces several charges, including theft. >> from our lehigh valley, authorities say a berks county massage parlor was a front for prostitution. undercover police bust led to one arrest there yesterday. officers seized cash and documents as well. they say the business was under surveillance since january when neighbors complained about possible prostitution taking
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place. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with this new video sent to nbc10 that allegedly shows a cumberland county school bus aide rifling through backpacks and stealing lunch money from students. ted greenberg is live this afternoon in millvale with that surveyillance video. >> they say that bus aide targeted dozens of students? >> reporter: and police tell me their investigation is ongoing. even more charges are possible. she was supposed to be supervising them but millvale mril police say school bus aide rosa rios stole lunch money from these little kids. >> disgusts you. >> reporter: we showed people this surveillance video, released to nbc10 from the school district. the video from february 2nd is among nine recordings investigators say show rios going through the backpacks of more than two dozen children
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between 3 and 5 years old. the kids tend millville's child family center. >> got greedy. >> reporter: besides swiping their money, police say the 33-year-old also stole bagged lunches. >> she would steal from children. or steal, period. >> reporter: authorities launched their probe a month and a half ago after the school bus driver reported $400 had been stolen from her. police say a look at the surveillance video revealed she had been stealing from the kids from the beginning of january through early february. she's in jail on $50,000 bail charged with robbery and theft. sheppard bus services operates buses and employs the aides on board. >> i used to get on the kids for stealing from each other. so i don't -- i don't understand how an adult could steal from a child. >> reporter: now, a bus company official tells me rios cleared a
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background check when she was hired in 2007. he says she is no longer employed by the company. live in millville, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." controversy on capitol hill. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is warning congress against trusting iran to curb its nuclear issues. >> i've come here today to tell you we don't have to vet the security of the world on the hope that iran will change for the better. >> netanyahu laid out his concerns at a joint session of congress. the speech coming as the united states engages in talks with iran to curb its nuclear program. he says the negotiations would all but guarantee iran would get such weapons. >> we can insist that restrictions on iran's nuclear program not be lifted for as long as iran continues its aggression in the region and in the world. >> netanyahu warned israel's survival is threatened by iran.
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republican leaders arranged for his appearance without discussing it with the white house. prime minister netanyahu says he wasn't in washington to disrespect president obama. one local israeli dip says the u.s. and israel are great allies and honesty is important. >> we are friends and we're allies. friends need to be able to say frank things to one another. sometimes things that are not easy to hear. >> he is deputy council general of israel to the mid-atlantic region. he called the speech a success. the netanyahu appearance in washington has local people divided. nbc10 christine maddela visited a local jewish community center and has this reaction. >> banter on both sides of the fence. both who agree with the democratic community, people who agree with the republican community. >> we don't have to -- >> reporter: prime minister benjamin netanyahu's speech to congress dominated conversation
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at the jewish community center. >> we hear people should boycott the speech. other people think regardless of how it came about, the information in that speech is so integral we have no right to boycott it. >> i started getting inundated from phone calls, jews and non-jews along. >> reporter: he says he fought in korea in 1952. he's been watching and reading about the political power struggle in washington. he says he doesn't agree with house speaker john boehner's decision to invite the prime minister to speak without telling president obama. >> i lot of these elected officials, seems like they're doing whatever they want to do instead of through regular channels. >> reporter: do you think that's disrespectful? >> yes. >> some say the president should have been notified. >> i think that's right eye ridiculous. i think they're politicizing something that shouldn't be politicized. >> reporter: susan says netanyahu's message is too important for politicians to miss. >> i think it's outrageous that congressmen and senators who are boycotting the speech are doing
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so. it's infantile. >> we have to work together to overcome the threats to both the united states and to world peace. >> reporter: christine maddela, "nbc10 news." it's long been clear to me the obama administration has been much too weak on iran. that endangs our country, our security and, i think the security of the entire world. >> senator pat toomey says the israeli prime minister made a powerful and persuasive case. he says it was a mistake for some democrats to boycott this speech. his fellow republicans agree. >> it's unfortunate we weren't able to sort of ramp down some of the rhetoric leading up to the speech because i hope it did not detract from the important things that needed to be said. >> bucks county congressman fitzpatrick called the speech powerful and one everyone needs to hear. after the speech president obama said the israeli leader offered no viable alternatives to the
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nuclear negotiations with iran, but in an interview with reuters, he stressed that he expects the u.s./israeli relationship to remain strong. >> the pro-israel billboard will be going up along interstate 95 on lehigh road on thursday. a group with stand with us-philadelphia is responsible for that billboard. the group's director says this attention-grabbing billboard joins the american and israeli flags and reminds commuters that we must reinforce the precious relationships we have. well it's the afternoon rush and we have reduced visibilities because of snow in some areas, sleet in some areas and freezing rain in some areas. the night is a first alert. we have another first alert for thursday. for significant snow. we have brief snow this afternoon and evening. with accumulating sleet and some
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freezing rain impacting this evening's rush. and that accumulating snow coming on thursday perhaps, the biggest snow of the winter in philadelphia. temperatures generally below the freezing mark well below freezing north and west. and that's where it's most likely to be a problem on the roads, especially untreated surfaces. even in philadelphia, we have 29 degrees in roxborough. parts of the city are going to have a little more of the slippery conditions than others. it's 31 in south philly right now. and that temperature will be going up eventually tonight. but we still have that icing in philadelphia and down into northern delaware with sleet and freezing rain, snow up to the north. now, there isn't a whole lot of heavy snow with this. it's a steady snow. it's not exactly great timing for the rush. there's more precipitation back to the west. the visibilities give us an idea how heavy the snow might be. we really don't see any
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visibility that is really really bad. trenton at one mile is about the lowest. so, that may be the heaviest snow on the map. and the sleet and the freezing rain doesn't reduce visibilities that much. here's the futurecast. there's that ice right across the philadelphia area and much of southeast pennsylvania. 7:00. it's mostly a pennsylvania issue because it's warm enough for just rain in delaware and extreme south jersey. eventually, more and more of that warm air goes up. but it may not get up to the lehigh valley. may still be icing there later tonight. then we have part two, which is rain on and off during the day tomorrow. we can handle that. it will be in the 40s. and then part three, here we go. on wednesday, there's the rain that is going to change. as colder air comes in there's heavier rain wednesday evening and now there's the snow. starting in the middle of the
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night tomorrow night and that darker blue, a large zone of accumulating snow that lasts into much of the day on thursday. how much snow? our first call on this, 3 to 6 inches in the lehigh valley. maybe less to the north. the main zone is across the middle of the area. six inches or more from philadelphia and the suburbs to the north and west. delaware suburbs, new jersey suburbs. you have to go pretty far south to get limited amounts of snow. even there, we do expect some. the snow and sleet, icy mix, changing to rain in much of the area tonight, but not quite up to the lehigh valley. tomorrow is mostly just wet. morning rush wet. afternoon rush wet. milder, into the 40s. and then the snowstorm on thursday temperatures drop. becomes a fluffy snow later. bitter cold on friday.
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very cold to start the weekend, but a dry weekend for a change. that continues into next week. coming up the development project threatening historic area that has delaware and pennsylvania residents fighting back. >> plus, the popular auto company warning more than 200,000 drivers to pull their cars off the road. the steering issue they say can cause you to lose control behind the wheel. then the plan from one new jersey stay lawmakers that would allow residents to play the lottery from homecoming right up on "nbc10 news."
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first alert weather is watching a winter storm. this is only the first part of a three-day storm, actually. this is the schuylkill expressway right now in center city. a lot of track on the schuylkill right now. the roads are wet. count on nbc10 to keep you updated. you can soon play the
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lottery in new jersey without ever leaving home. state assemblyman introduced a bill to allow courier services to deliver new jersey lottery tickets throughout the state. the companies would be allowed to charge a fee but couldn't take any winnings. to the jersey shore now where there's good news for one of casinos. borgata will open an outdoor concert hall. it will hold 5,000 fans and include an outdoor bar. first concert will be an all-day event with several bands coming up on june 13th. first, old man winter is not giving up. >> today is march 3rd and he still has a lot of steam left. a winter storm that will stretch over the next three days already started just a short time ago. let's take a look at the scene at camelback mountain resort in the poconos. >> they're getting snow at moment. a busy first alert weather day. snow's going to change to sleet and then to freezing rain.
4:26 pm
it's going to make for dangerous conditions at least in parts of the area. there are many layers to this storm and that includes a chance for significant snowfall later in the week. get the timing in my exclusive "nbc10 news" first alert forecast. new at 4:30 christie's new critic. and the outlook for the garden state and it comes from someone christie might not have expected. coming up auto "nbc10 news" at 5:00 he's the man the president tasked with helping to fix the law enforcement reputation. here what philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says about what his taveng force has found and how people in our region are reacting.
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untreated surfaces that will be the first to get icy. that's why we do have the first alert for the night tonight. you got to be a little careful about traveling around. there's not a whole lot of snow with this. it's accumulating sleet and freezing rain that are the biggest issues impacting this evening rush. by the time we get to the weekend, we look back at the
4:31 pm
storm, the snow threat on thursday will probably be the bigs part of this storm. the whole area is covered with something. it's either snow in the blue or ice in the pink. you can see the whole area's affected by it now. it's not that heavy. at least in the snow department. even ice all the way down to dover in delaware by extreme south delaware getting rain. we have a little bit of everything across the area with this part one. this is part one of a three-part storm. nbc10 meteorologist sheena parveen is here now to talk about the snow that's coming at back end of this system. >> yeah that's right. before the snow gets here like glenn just showed you on the radar, there is also rain involved in this. and by tomorrow that milder air and that rain will be here. and then we get the back end, the third part, the snow. take a look at future weather. this starts with tomorrow morning. the morning commute we expect temperatures to be well above freezing so this will be giving us rain. it will be a mild day tomorrow. the mild air stays around.
4:32 pm
the rain stays around. even through tomorrow evening, 9 p.m. wednesday. you're still seeing the rain. temperatures in about the mid to upper 40s believe it or not. then we go overnight into early thursday morning. you start to notice more snow developing. a wintry mix through south jersey and delaware. this is 3:00 wednesday morning. the snow continues into the morning commute. so, we are talking about accumulating snow as we start off your day thursday. so, coming up glenn will talk more about this closer look at the timing of it and how much you can expect. that's straight ahead. >> thank you, sheena. first alert traffic now monitoring trouble spots on the roads and rails. >> nbc10's christine ma lel dais tracking it for us. >> you heard glenn talk about the limited visibility. as we take a look at cameras throughout the region you see limited visibility especially up farther north in the lehigh valley. throughout our area, we are seeing some increased delays. more than normal. the weather is definitely playing an impact. i'll show you your drive times
4:33 pm
in a minute. as we take a look at on the boulevard on schuylkill expressway, it will take you some time to get where you need to go. plus, there are speed restrictions in place on all of the major bridges. 35 miles an hour is what you can expect. take a look at drive times. right now you are getting red lights on the schuylkill. it will take you 33 minutes from the 95 to schuylkill. >> it will be a tricky couple of days. let the first alert weather team guide you. even when we're not on the air, can you get alerts from our meteorologists using the nbc10 weather app. sky force 10 over a crash, the suv in the creek. police tell nbc10 three cars slid on a patch of black ice causing a chain reaction crash. the first car to hit the ice ended up on its roof. then a second car came along and hit it. the driver of the suv tried to avoid the other two cars and then drove into the creek. emergency crews took three people to the hospital.
4:34 pm
now to south jersey where investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this fire at a burlington county church. palser at the easton bible church took cell phone video of the flames shooting through the roof. it started around 3:00 of the church on foster road in hainsport. the pastor couldn't sleep and he smelled smoke, went outside and saw the flames. he's not sure where his congregation will hold services now. >> i know there's some -- a concern about maybe some of the construction falling so i'm not sure how they're going to handle that. but if they do let us meet we'll probably meet in another area of the church. >> firefighters believe most of the church has smoke and water damage. >> nearly two years after a deadly building collapse on market street in center city philadelphia, plans are moving forward for a memorial. engineers are testing the soil today at 12th and market street before construction can begin
4:35 pm
here. a committee hopes to break ground on a memorial at the intersection on june 5th. this is the second anniversary of the collapse. six people died when the wall of a building being demolished fell onto a salvation army thrift store. along with those killed more than a dozen were hurt. the family of a jersey shore man missing for six years is remembering his birthday today. he was back seen at his home on march 11 2009. police say evidence at the scene indicated signs of a struggle. he had tattoos on his arms and torso. he would have turned 27 years old today. there's a $50,000 reward for any information on this case. business organizations are making a last-minute push to stop paid sick leave from becoming the law in trenton. they are suing the capital city because they say the law is vague. starting tomorrow employees in trenton are allowed one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. new business for a local company.
4:36 pm
helicopter maker augusta westland says it will make a new chopper at its facility in northeast philadelphia. it's similar to the osprey. new jersey voters are spoken and the news not promising for governor chris christie. 51% of voters disapprove of the job he's doing. only 35% of registered voters say they approve and a 52% majority believe the state is headed in the wrong direction. this marks the lowest approval rating ever recorded for governor christie. the new numbers komg come just days after he delivered his budget address to the legislature. he called for pension and public employee benefit reform. sounds like illinois's new governor would agree with those poll numbers. he says new jersey is quote, going down the drain and they ain't turning it around. that's a quote. governor christie even
4:37 pm
campaigned hard for his election when christie was head of the governor's association. today an auto recall that affects the steering on hundreds of thousands of cars. >> and teens find a loophole against something that's illegal. first, this is what we're working on for you for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. governor christie promises unions in new jersey the highest pension compensation in history. coming up, why they say it's still not enough and why they're taking him to court for even more money. as snow and ice start to move through the region nbc10 has five crews covering pennsylvania new jersey and delaware. showing you where the winter weather is getting dangerous. plus, we're staying on top of the latest road conditions monitoring any accidentings to help you avoid traffic and get home safely. count on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts...
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easy does it out there. be careful if you're planning to leave the house. a wintry mix coming down now could make for a hazardous afternoon and evening on our roads. this is what we're seeing right now along interstate 95 in south philadelphia as traffic is building there. speaking of driving, hyundai is recalling more than 200,000 vehicles because of a steering problem that could increase the risk from a crash. the recall involving elantra sedans made between 2000 and 2010. it could revert to manual steering. a new study finds teens can
4:41 pm
easily buy cigarettes online even though sales to minors are banned in 41 states. researchers asked 11 teens to rd e-cigarettes from 98 different websites. only five of the internet retailers rejected the purchase because of age. today the heat debate over historic land. >> it's escalated to a squabble for residents in two states in our region. nbc10 with the controversial development plans and why so many say it just doesn't belong here. i'm tracking this winter storm that's already starting in parts of our area. but we haven't seen anything yet. i'll show you how this could become our biggest snow maker of the entire winter and when that's going to hit. in my exclusive nbc10 first alert storm forecast. on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- proof today pro athletes are people too. one letter from one hockey player's daughter that helped reunite her family.
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stormforce10 carefully navigating the roads as we deal with a march winter storm. we're on i-95 right now. just past the betsy ross exit. some parts of our region are seeing snow. there will be a switch over to sleet and then freezing rain. glenn's updated forecast minutes away. we want to check conditions in philadelphia. >> nbc10's doug shimell is monitoring the weather situation for us in university city. how's it looking, doug? >> you know we've run the spectrum pretty much from heavy snow to sleet, now we have a moderate rain. we don't to want take any chances outside on the concourse outside 30th street station. they did put down some salt. you can see it's starting to ice up a little bit. i have to watch my step as i walk a little bit. you can see the ice a little better on the table, what they call the porch. but those crews were out probably within the last hour hour and a half. and suffice to say, probably a
4:46 pm
lot of the salt they put down may have already washed away. most folks, if they've got -- taking their dogs out for a walk or trying to get from 30th street to another location got the umbrellas up. i guess they've gotten a customer used to the idea that that may be the stance to take for the next few days. live in university city i'm doug shimell, "nbc10 news." >> what's happening outside now and later tonight, just one part of what's expected to be a messy winter storm. >> let's go back to meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for his updated forecast. >> this thing looks like it's going to last forever. started a couple hours ago. a brief period of snow as we had mentioned. a live picture outside the station. looking in -- at philadelphia. wind not blowing too hard. and the traffic is moving okay. especially on treated roads. during the daytime hours in march, it's hard to get icy roads. but, of course it's going to get dark pretty soon. that's when it's going to be more and more of a problem on
4:47 pm
more and more surfaces. that brief snow then accumulating sleet and freezing rain. that's what doug shimell was getting right now, even in center city. it's impacting the evening rush and a couple hours beyond that. and then the other big issue was going to be the accumulating snow on thursday. it's 31 degrees in philadelphia now. 29 in wilmington. even 30 in dover. so there's freezing rain. there is some icing, even across a good bit of new jersey and delaware right now. plus north and west. especially when it gets dark. sidewalks, driveways, that kind of thing. and it's only 29 degrees in roxborough in parts of philadelphia. so this pink area that is icing, sleet and freezing rain. the snow up to the north. not really accumulating very much. and rain farther to the south. that rain line is supposed to be coming up here during the evening hours. not making much progress now. you can see how the snow has changed over to that icy mix in
4:48 pm
and around the philadelphia area now. there's more precipitation coming in from the west. this is all just part one. the visibility not really all that bad. half mile in mt. pocono indicating some fairly heavy snow. but the restrictions on the visibility not really ternl right now. don't think anyone seeing heavy snow. gerngs that's not the issue in part one. part three, yeah, that's an issue. here we are with that icy mix. and the rain trying to come up to the north as the atmosphere warms up. at least near the ground. and by 9:00 10:00 tonight, much of the area is just raining, just wet. lehigh valley we may still see some icing, even later tonight. first thing in the morning, the temperature is up enough so that any roads are just wet. we have a rainy day tomorrow. just a nasty rainy day but at least it's mild by comparison.
4:49 pm
and not real, real heavy rain. it's heavy enough to make it a nasty day. that's part two. and then here comes part three. as colder air comes down from the north, it changes over to perhaps, sleet and then snow. that darker blue indicating some fairly heavy snow accumulating snow that is coming during the day on thursday. and the greatest amount of snow right through the middle of the area. a little bit lesser amounts to the north. 3 to 6 inches up toward the lehigh valley. but 6 inches or more across much of the area with a little bit less farther to the south. we'll fine tune this update it. that 6 inches or more, we'll give you a top number as we get a little closer. temperatures going up tonight. maybe staying around freezing north and west as we get that change to rain. a rainy day tomorrow. milder than it's been. and then that snowy day on thursday. forget about the morning. it's going to be snowing pretty
4:50 pm
hard. then on friday bitter cold. however, a pretty nice weekend. dry weather. we lose an hour of sleep, though. keep your smartphone and tablet handy during this winter storm. you can get instant updates on the most updated forecast over the next couple of days on the "nbc10 news" app. first today, the blueprints that are leading to a battle. >> the draft called for changes and some are angry. nbc10 with the dispute over new development and why some say what's now planned for this local community should not be not.
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
we're tracking a winter storm. creating slick conditions. you can see limited visibility. the roads are wet. along northwest philadelphia. be careful. one local community could get new neighbors. they don't exactly want to roll out the welcome mat. those new neighbors would live in 160 new homes in concord township delaware county. tim furlong tells us why so many are against this plan and what's at stake for them. >> reporter: thousands of people sneak down into the river to get away from civilization but civilization is creeping this way. >> they're going to keep chipping away at it until it's gone. >> reporter: this large piece of land is the current battlefield. it's open land with hiking trails a working stable. this land butts up close to the
4:55 pm
first state national park in delaware. a developer wants to buy it and put up vineyard commons, 160 houses on half acre lots. opponents of the plan say no way. >> this land was promised in many ways to the people of the brandy wine valley. >> reporter: he believes developers shouldn't legally be able to do this. the former owner of this property said he wanted it to be open space when he sold it in the '80s. if the houses go up trails and trees go away and worries about runoff in the stream streams that feed into the brainy wine. the woodlawn trustees own the land, they call themselves a not for profit real estate and development corporations that channels its earnings back into affordable housing. i did try to reach the trustees and their lawyer. none returned my calls.
4:56 pm
opponents hope those supervisors think real hard about this decision. >> if they vote for this, that is how they're going to be remembered. >> reporter: tim furlong, "nbc10 news." and we just have late information in on tim's story. we understand that the meeting scheduled for tonight has, in fact been moved to next tuesday. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> jacqueline london and keith jones. >> next all new on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- it's a busy day for the nbc10 first alert weather team. >> we have crews across the region keeping us up to date and our weather team is tracking it all. we have a lot of stuff going on. we have ice. we have rain. and we have snow across the area. eventually, we'll see more snow before the week is over. coming, i'll show you the timing of this and also what you can expect as we go into thursday. and policing the police. philadelphia's top cop shares the key things his national task force wants to fix. how a local people reacting to
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
a winter storm bearing down on our region. we're in for snow and freezing rain. >> right snow started faulgs this afternoon in center city.
5:00 pm
>> let's take a live look right now. the timing of this storm poses a problem for dprooifrzrivers. this is how things like on the schuylkill expressway. keel weep an eye on travel conditions as stormy weather conditions. >> nbc10 has declared this a first alert weather day. >> we're committed to keeping you prepared for the latest round of winter weather. it will be sticking around for several days. the first part of the storm is making for slick conditions. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with more on the conditions right now. >> jacqueline as we get into the darkness that slick may become a little more icy. that's why we have that first alert out, because the conditions especially on these untreated surfaces are going to get more and more icy here. we just had some brief snow but as the accumulating sleet and freezing rain that's impacting the evening rush and the couple of hours beyond that. and then the big accumulating


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