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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  March 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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rainy, wet and just messy. you're waking up to a dreary morning, but a bigger threat is ahead. first alert radar is tracking in a winter storm moving into our area to bring us several inches of snow. it is 4:30 welcome, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. nbc 10 is giving you a weather alert just so you're ready for the snow coming in tonight. we'll start with brittney shipp and the first alert forecast. it's a little warmer out there this morning, at least. that's right. it is milder this morning we are going to see rainy conditions. but the big changeover will affect your thursday morning commute. we'll give you a heads-up to plan ahead. here's a live look outside at 95. going into the rest of the morning, it's probably still
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going to be messy because of the snow melting. as you look at the radar, the light rainfall is moving into south philadelphia and south jersey. we are seeing a wintry mix move into the pocanos. we have a lot of moisture that will continue to move into the region heading throughout the rest of the day. this evening and this overnight heading into tomorrow. here's how it breaks down throughout the day. you will notice the on and off rainfall throughout our entire area-widespread. into the poconos, that will continue to changeover as we head into the overnight hours. but as far as the day is concerned, again, on and off rain is expected with temperatures at 39 degrees by noon. by 3:00 p.m. 40 degrees. most of the area will be into the 40s. but we have bitter cold air on the way again for us. i'll go over all the details on that coming up in my mull forecast. but for now we'll look at the first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning. >> good morning to you,
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brittney. good morning to you at home. we'll start you off at the majors near broad street. it's quiet in both directions. the roads are wet, so we need to watch out for this. in east norriton, the railroad tracks are down near germantown pike. you can get around it just give yourself a few extra minutes. you can see the green out there, no accidents or delays. the blue route and the vine ranges between 12 and 14 minutes. here's a live look out at wet roads in cape may. as we heard from brittney and jillian, there's a rainy, slushy commute with snow on the way for tonight. snow on the way for tonight. we are getting you prepared. katy zachry is live in camden county. katy? >> reporter: you don't want to think about it, tracy, because it's a milder morning. we're dealing with a little bit of rain. and for the most part these cars that probably had slush and ice on them just a few hours ago is all thawed. we are really seeing quite a thawing process out here. which is really nice to see.
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now, on many of your neighborhood and side streets, you're probably going to find some slush and there could be some still slicky spots. but looking at route 38 just beyond this car right here you can tell it's pretty much just wet. that's what we are seeing on many of the major roads. now what we're feeling right now, very reminiscent of spring and cannot come soon enough. >> summer must come yes. i'm looking forward to 70 and 80 degrees. >> i pray for summer. i do. 100 degrees i'll take. >> anybody want to give me a free trip to the bahamas? i'll take it okay? >> reporter: i'll jump in her suitcase, right? we have to get in the mindset that spring is right around the corner just a couple weeks away. march 20th is when spring begins but it cannot come soon enough. we have this winter storm people are gearing up for, but out here milder conditions. things are thawing.
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instead of ice and slush on the cars, it is pretty much just wet. that's nice to see for the next few hours. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." we'll get to brush the snow off again tomorrow morning. count on the nbc 10 app to keep you updated on the latest weather conditions. it's a free download in the app store. today the attorney general's office will make a case to keep a former chester county priest facing child pornography charges behind bars. authorities want mark haines held without bail after sexual allegations surfaced. according to "the daily local," three people came forward claiming haines molested them when they were minors but they are not saying where the alleged abuse happened. this new information comes after haines was arrested last october for sending and receiving child important. all images were traced back to the rectory at st. simon and jude in west township. and happening today
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families will be here to protest governor tom wolf's move to suspend the death penalty in philadelphia. cary williams is the first to get the death penalty since 1984. many will voice their opposition to moratorium leaders this morning. pennsylvania's highest court will decide if governor wolf's moratorium is legal. seth williams asked to court to weigh in on that. yesterday the court agreed. williams said the governor's decision is uncon citykonconstitutionalunconstitutional. and a battle is brewing in trenton over a proposed paid sick leave law that goes into effect today. some business organizations say the law goes against state law. under the city law workers in trenton earn one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. just last month, the city council approved a similar law for some employees. 4:35.
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in the atlantic casino cryisiscrisis we expect to learn today if revel will be sold to the developer. the philadelphia inquire e says the l.a. bid would allow businesses inside revel to stay. the fate of the businesses has been a key issue in two previous sale offers of revel that fell through. meantime the borgata says a new project for an outdoor festival park will cost $15 million. it will have an all day concert on saturday june 13th. a dangerous stowaway was found at a philadelphia port. >> next aps that police
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have to go on after someone stole this puppy while his owner was just a few feet away. and we are tracking rain all day today. meteorologist brittney shipp says it will be a wet one and when temperatures fall again overnight is when the changeover to snow happens. she'll have a closer look at the timing that is just minutes away. stay with us on "nbc 10 news today."
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20 minutes before 5:00. federal investigators are tracing the path of a stowaway they intercepted at the u.s. port of philadelphia. they found 20 of these termites in a box of pineapples from the dominican republican. it's a specific type of termite that can cause a billion in a half in damage in the southeastern u.s. this is the first time that termites were discovered in philadelphia. a local business will have new orders to fill. helicopter maker augusta wepla says it will build a new chopper at the facility in philadelphia.
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it will be a similar helicopter similar to the military's upgrade. the company expects work to begin later this year. and it seems like you can have just about anything delivered to your home now. and if you live in new jersey, that could soon include lottery tickets. why not? the state assemblyman introduced a bill to allow courier services to allow new jersey lottery tickets to your home. the company could charge a fee but they wouldn't be able to collect any of your prize winnings. don't worry about splitting the jackpot with them. the bill now goes to the tourism and gaming committee. good morning. we have a roughnecks 24 hours ahead of us. as we look at the rest of the day, we'll deal with rainfall throughout your wednesday. but then the rain changes over to snow heading throughout the overnight hours. we'll see heavier snowfall totals. i-95 is the part here along the
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shore. right now temperatures are at 33 degrees. typical to be above freezing here with the rain coming down right now. so it decreases the possibility of dealing with freezing rain but we'll do a little bit in areas like the pocanos and also into allentown at 34. 35 degrees in trenton. 34 in allentown. 34 degrees in wilmington. here's a closer look at the rainfall moving through parts of our area. so we are dealing with a little bit of mixed precip close to the pocanos and lehigh valley. but all rainfall closer to south jersey and the central parts of delaware. this is a lot of moisture that we'll continue to pump into our ream. region. as we head into the late night hours, temperatures will slowly drop and change the rain over to snow. it will stay that way heading into the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow. as far as today is concerned expect temperatures to range between 42 and 45 degrees. rain and milder conditions expected for us with bitter cold
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weather on the way. i'll go over the details in my seven-day forecast. at 4:41 it will be a slushy sloppy drive to work for some of you. >> with windshield wipers on. jillian mele is watching the roadways. >> good morning. it will be slushy on the side streets but just wet on the majors. 422 at trooper road is where we get busier later this morning. no accidents to report. drive times are pretty average, 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine is going to take you 13 minutes. same for drivers on the northbound side average speed is 60 miles per hour. the ride to work tomorrow will be much different as the forecast for the storm has changed a lot in the last 12 hours. there's still time for it to change some more. >> that's why our team of meteorologists are staying on top of this. monitoring the storm all day today to keep you informed of the changes and what to expect. you can do that on air and through the social app. also through social media, you
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can follow the team. here's a look at the twitter handles here. you can count on this with the latest forecast through twitter, facebook or again at the nbc 10 app. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!!
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no? must be the honey!!!
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it's a live look outside. this is penssauken. a wet ride to work. the majors as jillian has been saying are just fine. the majors are okay. we are a little bit slushy and kind of rough. so take it east. but the bigger thing we're watching for is when the rain changes to snow. that will happen tonight into tomorrow morning. and there it is on the radar. and it is changing. the forecast is changing. brittney is getting new information all the time and will update us on the new information coming up in a couple of minutes. again, some slippery spots on the roads this morning after last night's mix of sleet and freezing rain. several cars lost control during the evening's commute.
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and this picture is from i-95 north near academy where a car spun out but managed to avoid an accident. and as this new winter storm moves in overnight tonight, you can count on nbc 10 to tell you if your child's school is affected tomorrow morning. you can always check the school list of closings on the nbc 10 app or on 4:46 now. more than 70 passengers on the asiana airline flight that made the crash landing in california reached a settlement filing personal claims against boeing and the claim that made the evacuations. court records have not disclosed how much they settled for. three people were killed and 200 injured in july 2013 in the crash landing. and happening today, lawyers are scheduled to make their opening statements in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. many potential jurors were dismissed for their opinions
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about tarsarnaev. he could face life in prison or the death penalty. and general petraeus is pleading guilty to sharing classified documents with paula broadwell who he was having an affair with. it will be up to a judge to include a prison sentence or follow the recommendations of prosecutors. and internet records reviewed by the associated press show that hillary clinton used a computer server registered to her home in new york during her time as secretary of state. now this new information just out this morning comes one day after reports that clinton used a private e-mail address instead of a government issued account. this raises questions on whether she took copies of the e-mails as required by federal law. during a gathering of democratic
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women last night, clinton did not answer questions on this issue. governor chris christie's administration is facing a lawsuit related to the ebola outbreak last year. the american civil liberties union followed suit monday. the aclu wants documents on how new jersey handled ebola. governor christie said he was following policy when he ordered the quarn teeantine of a nurse that had ebola in after can. and police say this man stab stabbed a man after a tour in philadelphia. one of the men is in critical condition. and look at this. on monday the owner of a 5-month-old puppy left it
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outside tied to a pole in kensington. surveillance video shows the man grabbing the puppy and then taking off in a royal blue suv. if you recognize that vehicle call police. meantime take a look at this video. nbc 10 got it from the millville school district in cumberland county yesterday. authorities say it shows a school bus aide stealing from students. police arrested the suspect they say rifled through backpacks and took bagged lunches from the kids. the authorities charged rosa rios with robbery and left. she stole from preschool kids as young as 3. and a big honor for the camden county man and his son seen in this video in december. we told you how the pair took down a thief after he pulled a knife on employees trying to steal pain medication from the cvs. the pair was honored last night, dan murray and his son brian were given a plaque and letter of recommendation.
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good morning. as we head into the rest of today, expect some rain. so this will slow down your morning commute. the rain is melting a lot of snow. you can see the slow going there. we'll see slushy roads. just be careful today. definitely be careful tomorrow. that's why we are in red mode because we have a first alert to stay in effect tonight lasting until tomorrow. and it's not for the rain we'll see today, but the rain is switching over to snow overnight tonight. and lasting for most of thursday morning into the afternoon. then it will be cold with another cold blast to drop our temperatures about 20 degrees from what we'll see today. a closer look at the first alert and the reason why is the changeover affecting your morning commute on thursday. we expect to see heavier amounts closer to south jersey right along philadelphia and northern parts of delaware. but for philadelphia right now,
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35 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. you're seeing a windchill at 27 degrees. that's with the winds out of the west/southwest at 11 miles per hour. temperaturewise, we are at 34 in allentown. 34 degrees in pottstown. 41 in dover. same for atlantic city. when you head out the door the roads are slushy and we are down to a half mile visibility in atlantic city. a mile and a half in reading. two-and-a-half in mount pocano. one-and-a-half in lancaster. and here's what it looks like on the radar. a very active radar for us this morning. we'll give you a closer look at the pocanos with a possibility for freezing rain. this stays in effect until 9:00 a.m. but here's all the moisture heading our way. but because of temperatures that are warm right now we are dealing with rainfall. but temperatures will continue to drop heading throughout the rest of tonight. so on and off rain throughout the day and into tonight. by 10:00 p.m. we'll see the changeover happening into the
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poconos. and it will slowly work its way through philadelphia down to south jersey. by 4:00 a.m., we are dealing with snowfall. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and go to work expect to be dealing with snow. and then right along the shore here, we could see snow lingering closer to 2:00 to 4:00. this will affect your commute along the shore. so how much snow in two to four inches possible for the lehigh valley. a little less than that in the poconos. three to six closer to wilmington philadelphia out to mount holly. a little less than that, two to four inches for rehoboth beach. today temperatures warm into the mid-40s. 25 degrees on your thursday where snow is expected. then the bitter cold settles in. eight minutes before 5:00 we are talking about the slushy and morning foggy commute. we'll check the roads. >> another morning to give yourself extra time. jillian mele watching road conditions for us. >> that's a great idea for us out there. good morning to you at home. waking up and traveling through center city, the majors look
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pretty good. this is a live look at northeast philadelphia toward cottman avenue. the side streets look pretty decent, but you can expect to see slushy and slippery conditions out there in some of the neighborhoods. just use caution as the bridge surfaces can be slippery. either way the roadways are wet this morning. in east norriton, the railroad gates are stuck down near germantown pike and fellton road. police are out there directing traffic. and the reminder that many people will get about a conflict overseas. plus millions of apple and android users could be vulnerable to hackers this morning. a security flaw that could exploz your personal information.
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five minutes before 5:00 a nuclear deal with iran paved the way to a bomb.
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>> so why would anyone make it? because they hope iran will change for the better in the coming years? or they believe that the alternate to this deal is worse. well, i disagree. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu's speech comes as the u.s. engaged in talks with iran to curb the nuclear program. netanyahu doesn't believe iran will change for the better. president obama says netanyahu is not offering any useful alternatives. meantime, this pro-israel billboard is set to go up in philadelphia to read now is the time to stand with israel. join us. drivers should see this billboard along i-95 at lehigh road starting tomorrow. the group's director says quote, this attention-grabbing billboard joins the american and israeli flag to remind commuters that we must reinforce the precious relationships we have. international fugitive edward snowden wants to come home but only if he's guaranteed a fair trial. the former national security
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agency contractor was granted asylum in russia after he leaked details in the american surveillance program. the u.s. wants snowden to stand trial for leaking secrets but russia has agreed to extradite him. new this morning, freak attack is the name of a major security flaw that may have left your information in the hands of hackers. millions of people could have been left vulnerable while surfing the web on apple or android devices. the problem is blamed on an old governmentn- sold overseas. apple and android have created fixes to these laws right now there's no evidence that hackers exploited the weakness. and dream on me a company says thousands of its two-in-one bassinet to cradles are defective. loose wires can possibly cause the inup pantfant to fall or suffocate.
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the company is offering a free repair. and hyundai is recalling 200 vehicles because of a steering problem that could cause a crash. this includes the sedans and hatchbacks made between 2000 and 2010. it could cause the vehicle to suddenly revert to manual steering. and a new report shows 2014 was a record call for car recalls. the national highway safety and administration showed that in the last year there were 803 vehicle recalls involving more than 60 million cars. that is the highest number in more than three decades. the manufacturer with the largest largest amount of calls last year was general motors. and "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 starts right now. snow is on the way. the first alert weather team is tracking another winter storm. this one could bring several inches of snow to the region by
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the time you wake up tomorrow morning. and today we're dealing with all rain the wet weather, all of it. now there's the potential for ponding on the roadways out there. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. we are here to warn you about the winter weather headed our way with changing conditions. brittney shipp is here with the first alert forecast. >> reporter: mainly rain headed throughout today. the retch temperatures won't be in the 40s, but what will happen during your overnight hours. it's a foggy start to the morning. expect rain by tonight. tonight, rain sleet, changing over to snow. and then thursday morning, it will be a snowy commute for you. you could wake up to a few inches on the ground. here's a live look at the radar trying to show you where the
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rainfall is. it's fairly light right now and spotty approaching the pocanos. there's the possibility of spotty rain out there while you're driving. and then heading into the rest of the day, we'll don't see rain moving in. our temperatures are at 35 degrees now. and paving the way, we'll see temperatures push into the 40s, but we need rainfall on and off. by 3:00 p.m. 40 degrees in philadelphia. i'll have details on how much snow to expect and what is in store for the seven-day forecast. for now, we'll go go to first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning. good morning to you brittney. starting things off in montgomeriville, a wet commute here at 309 near five points. non accidents or delays out there on the majors in chester county. route 100 is looking good southbound from 113 to route 30 to take you five minutes. five minutes on the route 30


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