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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  March 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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philadelphia public and parochial schools are all closed because of this winter storm. close to 800 schools are scrolling at the bottom of your screen right now. let's get right to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> yeah, vai, we have that snow that is falling and melting along those warmer roads right now. it's not necessarily going to stay that way. we still have snow even in philadelphia. and as we take a look at that shot, you can see the snowflakes. you can also see the traffic moving. and on the radar, you can see the rain/snow line pretty clearly right near atlantic city and dover. and to the north, it's all snow. but it is above freezing. so this snow is melting on the roads. it will stick on your cars on the grass. then it will start sticking on the sidewalk. and eventually on the side roads and then the main roads. the darker blues indicate a little bit heavier snow. but we don't have any real heavy
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snow at the moment anywhere in the area. there's northern chester county with at least relatively speaking, the heaviest snow. there's that rain/snow line in south jersey. it goes from rain to the pink which is ice. and then to blue. and the future -- future computer map looks exactly like that radar map with the rain sleet and snow. now we look at the temperatures. and watch them go down. of course, it generally goes up. but the quicker it goes down the quicker that snow is going to be sticking on any of the roads. and speaking of the roads, we'll go to jillian mele and see how they're doing. >> good morning to you, glenn, to you at home as well. i'll tell you where we're just starting to see the snow sticking is right down the street from our station. this is city avenue at route 23. it's just starting to stick. it's not too bad. you'll notice kind of in the center median. and also as drivers turn can
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you see it over here. it's just a little bit, just faintly starting to stick. but this can be enough to keep things really slippery out there and slow down drivers. that's what we're seeing again on city avenue right near route 23. this is 76 near the city avenue interchange. you see that snow coming down. 76 itself is just looking wet right now. a lot of the majors are just wet. same thing in new jersey. this is route 73 right at the entrance to the new jersey turnpike. no accidents to report on the majors, which is really good news. i think a lot of people who may be out there are slowing down and taking their time. that also continues into delaware. a live look at route 1 right at the dover toll plaza. wet conditions here wet conditions in the lehigh valley. when i see you next in about ten minutes, i'll give you an update on mass transit. we have a network of cameras to show you what it's like outside. here's a live look at center city. this is a shot where we usually show you the comcast building which you can hardly see but you can see that blowing snow. >> we heard glenn say because of all that concrete in center city this snow may not accumulate as quickly or easily as it does out in the suburbs.
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nbc 10 along a snow emergency route in roxboro overnight. philadelphia snow emergency is now in effect. it began -- begins at 6:00 which is what three minutes ago. that means you've got to move your car from designated snow emergency areas, or it's going to get towed away. and nbc 10 live along cottman avenue in the mayfair section of philadelphia. this is also a snow emergency route. as you can see, it's falling, not a lot of accumulation, but those cars that are parked there, they've got to be moved. >> let's show you another live picture. storm force 10 showing us what conditions are like right now. storm force 10 is in woodbury gloucester county, where the snow is starting to stick on some of the highways and streets across the region. >> our katy zachry is live for us in pottstown for us. she's been there all morning. you probably had the most steady snow of all our reporters this morning, and it still looks like it's coming down a little bit. >> reporter: yep here in pottstown and upper montgomery
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county the snow has been sticking since around 3:00 a.m. this is the gas station a pretty active one. it's open 24 hours. and when the snow first started coming in you saw the cars that didn't really have any amount of snow on them. but a lot of cars that are coming in, this truck right here are pretty snow covered. we're seeing a number of plows over the last half hour filling up, salt trucks as well and heading out to the roads. speaking of roads, let's turn it around. this is east high street. there's actually a police officer, i just want to make a quick statement. i chatted with one a short time ago. he was the one to tell me that pottstown school district is closed as are most of the school districts in this area. they made that decision around the 5:30 time frame. so here's east high street. many of the major roads, they're just wet. there's some slush that's accumulating. but salt truck drivers have told me that there still is a lot of that warm runoff from yesterday on these roadways. so the snow is not sticking quite yet, and they're dealing
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with just wet conditions on the main roads. now, an issue here in pottstown and for many municipalities around the area we're into march. this is the end of their season. they don't have a lot of salt left. so here in pottstown, they're using that salt sparingly, salting hills and bridges, areas around schools, even though they're closed today, and also hospitals. so that's one thing to keep in mind with this late storm that's moving in. reporting live in pottstown, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. from montgomery county, we go to gloucester county and nbc 10's matt delucia live in pittman. what's it like there, matt? >> reporter: where you're seeing snow in some areas, we're not seeing any snow yet here in gloucester county. we're seeing just steady rain at the moment. this is pretty much what we've seen throughout the night, steady rainfall. occasionally you get a little mix of precipitation. for the most part, just rain no snow. we are still waiting for that changeover. you see some of the vehicles out here on the road along broadway right now. some folks are still heading out
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to work. some of the schools including pittman schools, they are closed for the day in anticipation of this storm. but for the moment here, we are just seeing some wet roads at the moment. we are not seeing too much in the way of trouble out on the major highways. but at this point, what we are checking on is the other counties in this area. also just north of us in camden county. one of the representatives there tells me that they have been putting product down on the roadways. but county offices have been closed today in anticipation of this storm. nonessential offices have been closed including all other activities. so again, right now it's still very early. we're still waiting for some of that snow to arrive in this area. of course, this is one of the areas expected to see some of the most snowfall. we did get a little bit of snow. just a few flakes about a half hour ago. you see on the colder surfaces like this ice that's been left over from the previous storm, it's a light coating.
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so really nothing much. all the warmer surfaces it's really not sticking. just a few puddles out here on the sidewalks. we're going to stay out here monitor the conditions as they change because it's been changing throughout the day, throughout this morning here. for now live in pittman, gloucester county matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now let's talk about mass transit. septa wants commuters to keep an eye out for changes and delays. this morning buses are running on detoured routes. get those updates on our weather app and at septa says it will let us know by 10:00 a.m. whether they'll modify schedules for the afternoon rush. hundreds of arriving and departing flights are canceled at philly international. glenn just told me that 24,000 flights across the country are canceled because of this storm. it's big. it stretches from texas to new england. check ahead. call 1-800-phl-gate. philadelphia public and parochial schools are closed today because of the storm. and you can count on nbc 10 for the latest school closing information. >> yeah a list of schools is
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scrolling at the bottom of your screen. it's about 838 schools so far, close to 840. we're looking at it every minute and updating you minute by minute on the nbc 10 app. you can also sign up to receive an nbc 10 alert when your child's school closes. why do you want to do that? well, because we'll e-mail you or send you a text to let you know if your child's school is affect affected. how cool is that? sign up on the nbc 10 app or at >> that's very cool. it's 6:08. also following this breaking news from overnight. look at this video. it's an suv that's crashed into a bank in north philadelphia at broad & jefferson. first it hit a car and then plowed into the entrance. the suv hit a car, smashed into the bank. no one was hurt but investigators say the suv driver and passenger took off running from the scene. police are checking to see if the vehicle was stolen. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well it's snowing in much of the area. raining in some places. but the streets in most places are looking like this. center city the roads are just wet, at least for now. things are likely to be changing during the day. you can see most of the area now having snow on the radar. still some all the way up to the poconos. the change line right near atlantic city and dover. but this is the 32-degree line. the freezing line that i just drew on the map. so everywhere between here and here, all right, it's snowing, but it's above freezing. so it's melting. as this line moves down more and more of the area will see this snow sticking to more and more surfaces. okay, it's snowing in philadelphia right now. the darker blues indicate a little bit heavier snow. but i've seen way darker colors than this. even this winter.
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so it's not snowing that hard. this is the changeover area. some sleet right around millville now. pitts grove down towards smyrna in delaware. but that snow area continues to go to the south. everything is happening at a little bit slower rate than what was expected. but the temperature will continue to go down. and the snow will continue to fall. there's burks county lancaster county, again, generally with lighter snow. visibility tells us how heavy the snow is. it's one to three miles across a good bit of the area there. and that is not heavy snow. so we just do not have it yet. this is the temperature map. and it's 32 in pottstown, allen, reading. lancaster. we watch those hour by hour. because, of course, that's a really critical thing. and at 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. looking at temperatures dropping. when you see the 20s, it's going
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to be sticking. 30, 31 degrees in march, could still be melting on some of the roads. especially the main roads if the snow is not coming down hard enough. that's going to be a critical thing, too. the temperature and how hard it's snowing. now let's take a look at the traffic. speaking of the traffic, we've got all these computer models, we've got twitter, we've got e-mail. >> the app. >> let me show you what happens here. we've got breaking news that comes like this sometimes. that's jillian's handwriting. >> jillian comes flying in. septa bus 35 is suspended. >> and i say i'm so sorry about my awful handwriting. we want to get this information on as quickly as possible. >> it's out there. >> anytime we get the information, i just throw them a little note. septa bus 35 saying some of the other buses will be detoured. keep that in mind. as far as your trains go
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regular schedule is operating right now. new jersey transit has systemwide cross-honoring. patco operating on a snow schedule. when it comes to amtrak modified schedule, dart plans to operate on a regular schedule today. this is the overview of our highways with the radar. you can see that blue is indicating the snow. so much of our area is in the snow right now. and zooming this in to route 23 right as it intersects with hollow road in this area. just parallel to interstate 76. this is what it's looking like along route 23. now, this is a side street, 23 as you travel it's going to be pretty quiet. busy during the rush hour. a lot of people use it as an alternate to 76. when we see snowy and slippery conditions, this is not a road you want to be on. that snow is clearly sticking out there on route 23. i just wanted to show you what some of the back streets will look like. especially some of your neighborhood streets. that's where you need to watch out. as we've been telling you, even if you're just seeing wet roads, snow could affect your morning commute. here's a live picture from our storm force 10. in gloucester county.
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checking out road conditions there. and already almost 850 schools have decided to close because of the weather. we're also checking conditions in philadelphia. the mayfair section where monique braxton is. i can see what it's doing there, it's snowing. >> reporter: yeah, in the past hour, we've really transitioned from rain to freezing rain to snow. if you're parked along a snow emergency route like this car is you need to get up get outside, clean your car off, and move it as quickly as possible or you could be towed. coming up after the break, we're going to tell you where you can park your car during this snow event.
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the rain is now changed over to snow for many parts of on you are area. here's what you need to know. hundreds of schools, more than 800 schools, have closed today including philadelphia public
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and catholic schools. also some septa bus routes being detoured. bus route 35 is suspended. chester county government offices and camden county government offices and courts are closed today. philadelphia's snow emergency is now in effect. >> yeah ma means cars parked along the snow emergency routes have to be moved or they could be towed. >> our monique braxton is live along one of those snow emergency routes. monique? >> reporter: hi there. i can tell you that there's still several cars parked here along cottman avenue. i'm going to help this person out because i hope if they're waking up now, checking to see if their child has to go to school today, they're also heading out to move their car. now, the philadelphia parking authority has three designated lots. you can park there for about 24 hours. it will cost you about $5. three of them in the city one along independence mall. one in all city and also one over near the family courthouse. you can see the snow moves with ease. but it is definitely sticking to most of the surfaces cars,
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sidewalks as well as the grass. we'll be back in another half hour to bring you up to date on what the streets department is doing. live now from mayfair, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. it is expected to be a busy morning for the philadelphia streets department for sure. >> yeah streets commissioner david perry joins us live now over the phone. david, tell us about the plan you've got in place for today's snow. >> yes good morning. the philadelphia streets department is fully prepared to fight today's storm. we've had crews in place since midnight getting ready, loading trucks with salt and preparing equipment. today we will have 350 pieces of equipment in service to plow and treat 2500 miles of city streets. >> david, the hard part was you couldn't put down salt ahead of it because it would just get washed away with the rain, is that right? >> that's correct. you know dry salt or brine, when there's rain ahead of a snow event. >> streets commissioner david perri joining us thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> yes, thank you.
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take care. >> now let's check the road conditions across the area. >> jillian mele in the first alert traffic center. >> good morning. i am seeing those conditions change quickly on some portions of the area. this is a live look at 76 out near king of prussia. you can start to see a little sticking right here between the lanes on the highway and also on the shoulder. so you can expect slippery conditions along 76. same thing for drivers on 202. this is 202 right outside of the king of prussia mall. we are seeing that exact same thing right in the king of prussia area. check out 422, just about 15 minutes ago, this was a much different scene. this is right near trooper. we're seeing that sticking. but 95 by the airport is still wet in that area. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> so if you've been watching over the past hour you know things have changed considerably. the roads are starting to be affected by that snowfall and the falling temperatures. today is a first alert weather
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day. and even though in many parts of the area especially the main roads, easily passable now. the snow melting at first. but it's going to get heavier, and the temperature goes down. the roads are going to get increasingly slippery. as we go through the morning. and it's going to snow move the dough. this is a marathon not a sprint. it's not about what's happening right now. it's about what's going to happen. and how it's evolving. here we are. the flag is not moving. you rarely see that during a storm, right? this is one of the side roads. south side of the station, looking pretty snow covered right now. as well as the parking lot, that's for sure. and so the snow continues. and hour after hour it starts accumulating and piling up. this is not one of those explosive coastal storms, nor'easters where it's windy and the snow is falling down like crazy. this is just a casual thing. it's hour after hour after hour.
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and there's the 32-degree line. pretty far to the north. and so much of the snow has been melting in this area until you get below freezing. so there's a little bit darker blues now, northeast philly. also montgomery county. there's the rain/snow line. there's smyrna delaware. probably in the sleet. through millville, through beach haven, atlantic city still in the rain. atlantic city is supposed to be in the rain until 7:00 8:00. that part of the timing is going okay. but the temperature just has not been dropping as fast as we were expecting, and the snow is a little bit lighter. you can see bucks county and mercer county getting a little bit more moderate snow. let's check the visibility, see if anybody's dropping below a mile. not quite yet. northeast philly and trenton getting closer but still nobody
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reporting even moderate snow let alone heavy. and 32 degrees north and west. we haven't seen it drop in the last 30 minutes or so. let's check chester county now. westtown at 32. coatesville, 32. right on the borderline. so chester county just like monument road outside the station here snow covered. coatesville, 32. glenmoore, 31 chester springs at 32. now we're going to be seeing those temperatures drop during the day into the 20s. once again, the 20s. it's going to be hard to get snow to melt. even on the main roads. so conditions will be going downhill. >> all right glenn, thanks for that. our live cameras give you a good idea of the conditions near you. this is a live look that camera that we have that usually shows you the comcast center. that is the comcast center with snow, a lot of snow in center
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city philadelphia. we have live team coverage of this storm from montgomery county philadelphia gloucester county across the area coming up.
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good morning. as we approach 6:30 take a look. this is a live look at the blue right right at the mid-county toll plaza and the on and off ramp. you see the snow starting to stick to the highways as well. i'm going through all of our cameras. i'll have more for you in the next few minutes. vai? preparing for the worst. new jersey declares a state of emergency ahead of this winter storm. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in gloucester county where it's starting to snow there yet matt? >> reporter: no it's not snowing just yet, vai. we've got some rain and a little bit of sleet falling out here in pittman, new jersey. but a lot of schools and offices have been closed ahead of the storm. we'll have an update for you right after the break.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> it is 6:30 now. get ready for a snowy day. it's awfully foggy out there. as we take a live look at the comcast center. that's starting to turn to snow in philadelphia right now. it's not accumulating on the ground right now because it's still warm but it is coming. >> the snowy conditions could cause problems on the roads. we've been warning you about this. more than 800 schools have closed today because of the weather. and here is a look at the first alert radar. this is what it's looking like right now. that's a 1,700-mile band of snow that's making its way slowly. you can see it's coming. and that weather will soon get here. good morning and welcome. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. more than 800 schools. >> public and catholic schools
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are closed today. so are hundreds of others across our region. you can see the up-to-the-minute list at the bottom of your screen or on our nbc 10 app. also a snow emergency now in effect in philadelphia. city offices will open on time. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the snow. glenn? >> yeah as you can see on the radar, much of the area is covered with snow. but the temperatures are marginal. in a lot of places it is melting. this is a live picture outside our studios, city avenue. and the road that you see at the bottom that's a side road monument road. it looks fairly snow covered. of course, the traffic is moving at the moment. now, the darker blues indicate heavier snow. you can see the rain/snow line quite clearly from atlantic city down to dover. and let's go in close to philadelphia. and again, it's a little bit darker in a couple of spots. but that is not heavy snow. anywhere around philadelphia.
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this is the rain/snow area. the pink is an area of sleet. it actually seems to be increasing. getting wider from dover to millville up to long beach island at the moment. back to the west it's getting a little bit heavier. and that will be the trend as we go in through the next several hours. along with the temperatures going down. so the combination of the falling temperatures and the snow getting a little heavier will make conditions a little bit worse. but this is not a monster storm by any means. it's spread out over hours. now to jillian mele with the traffic. >> good morning to you, glenn. you know what you're seeing on radar is exactly what i've been seeing on some of our cameras now. this is delaware county blue route near route 3. that snowfall definitely out there. the roads still a little wet but the snow is sticking on the blue route along the shoulders and also on your on and off ramps. that's where you have to be careful.
6:33 am
same situation on 76. this is the westbound side near city avenue. that's where the snow is starting to stick. and your side stretets, we are seeing it stick as well. this is city avenue near route 23. you'll notice in the median also the tire tracks. where you make your turns, that's where you need to be careful. conditions vary depending where you're waking up. in chester county, we are starting to see a little snow. in new jersey this is 73 near the palmyra bridge. wet roads on route 1 right at the dover toll plaza for drivers in delaware. tracy? 6:33. we continue our winter storm live team coverage. we have reporters and photographers spanned out across the area to give you a closer look at weather conditions where you are. let's begin with nbc 10's matt delucia live in gloucester county. matt? >> reporter: well, tracy, everything is changing out here by the minute. before we went to commercial break, we had some steady rainfall. but now that has since changed over to a mix of precipitation. right now we've got that
6:34 am
moisture that's blounsing off my jacket here very indicative of sleet. you see on our umbrella here that's all piling up at the moment. so we're starting to see that finally change over to snow. we've got some of the large flakes that are coming down here at the moment. let's take a look on broad kayeway here. it's really not sticking to the surface. very wet because of that rainfall that we had earlier in the night and overnight hours. but we are seeing some of the vehicles coming out here. some people still heading out to work or school. we do have a lot of closures that are in effect throughout new jersey. governor chris christie has issued a state of emergency, asking drivers to stay off the roads, if at all possible. the people who out on the roads are being asked to take it easy be very waushs because especially now that the temperatures are cooling off and we are getting that changeover, the conditions will get worse throughout the morning. and we are going to see some of those slick conditions out on the road surfaces. for the moment, though we are still seeing people out here getting ready to head out to
6:35 am
work getting some rides out here this morning. but for the most part it really has not been too bad. like i said that changeover really just happened within the past couple of minutes. so once we start seeing some of that accumulation out here on the roads, things should certainly worsen out here. but state government offices are opening on a delayed schedule at 11:00 this morning. we do have a lot of schools that are closed especially out here in pittman schools are closed. we, of course, keeping an eye on those conditions throughout the morning. and of course everything is changing out here in gloucester county. for now we're live i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. penndot crews are salting and plowing roads this morning fully expecting the winter storm to disrupt the morning commute. penndot says this storm is a little different than most late winter storms that are often followed by more moderate temperatures. >> generally with these later season storms we like it because temperatures warm up during the day, and it tends to melt away faster.
6:36 am
but it doesn't appear that is going to be the case. >> in fact once the snow ends we'll be in for near record low temperatures. penndot expects one of its plow trucks to pass each stretch of roadway every two to three hours as the storm moves along. our monique braxton is live along one of philadelphia's many snow emergency routes. monique? >> reporter: i'm along cottman avenue where the emergency has been in effect since about 6:00 this morning. in the last half hour you saw me clearing off some of the snow off this car. if they don't come out quickly, they're going to be towed. the snow is beginning to accumulate. the philadelphia streets department tells us that about 350 cars trucks crews are out ready to continuously clear the major arteries like this snow emergency route. then they're going to move into the secondary streets and then the primary streets. we want to let you know, too, when you're moving your car from
6:37 am
a main route, an emergency snow route, make sure you put your trash inside because there will be no trash collections today. it will resume tomorrow. but they also want to let you know that according to the streets department if you have trash pickup behind your home that will not take place for the next week. because those street crews are going to be working on keeping the roads passable through the duration of this storm. but for now the snow continues to come down. it is accumulating some. you can see there are a few footprints along the sidewalks. so you need to be careful when you're heading out this morning if you must go to work. live for now from mayfair, monique braxton nbc 10 news. >> good advice monique. from the city to montgomery county, some of the first snow in our area to fall from this storm came down in montgomery county. >> yeah, what started as rain quickly changed over to snow just before we came on the air this morning at 3:00 a.m. nbc 10's katy zachry is live along east high street in pottstown. you saw matt's camera there in gloucester county.
6:38 am
they're not getting a lot. but in mayfair where monique was, it's starting to come down there. it's been steady for you throughout the morning. >> reporter: we are definitely sending what we had a few hours ago down to philadelphia and then to where matt delucia is. as you can see, the conditions are definitely changing. the snow is lighter. it's coming down a little bit slower than it was. and in terms of it sticking we have about a quarter inch. i've been measureing it. and it's really tapered off over the last hour. i don't know if you can see, but i'm measureing just under a quarter of an inch. that's what we're seeing on most of the surfaces sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, that's where you're seeing the most coating. on the main streets, this is east high street over to my left. we're seeing just the slightest bit of coating, and that's really changed over the last half hour whereas before it was just really -- they had the runoff from yesterday, the warm runoff. it was just wet and slushy for the most part. and if we move our camera here
6:39 am
i did a time stamp about an hour and a half ago just to show you the changing conditions. so you can see ever so faintly in the snow 5:05 a.m., i wrote that out about an hour and a half ago. and you can see the snow is coming down. again, pretty light and it's just covered over our time stamp here. that's the latest in pottstown. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, katy. breaking news for you here at nbc 10. we've learned a child in montgomery county is being taken to the hospital. medics transported the child from a home on heston street. we're working to confirm other details on this story with police. but we have a crew on the way to the scene. of course, use nbc 10's app and stay with nbc 10 for updates. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yes, it is kind of a strange storm, an unusual type of storm for this area. the visibility is restricted but not terrible.
6:40 am
we can see the comcast building in center city from center city. we should be able to see it. if it's snowing real hard, we wouldn't be able to see it. that snow area goes hundreds and hundreds of miles. how many hundreds? 1,700! now, of course it's not all just going to stay in the one spot, but it gives you an idea how much snow is left to fall. so it's all coming from the southwest. but it goes back here. you can see it's a little heavier back in western maryland and northern virginia. so that will be coming in. the snow will be getting heavier. it gets lighter and a little heavier, back and forthright now. nobody's reporting really heavy snow. a little heavier in south philly now west of the city. the rain/snow line still right around dover to millville, just north of atlantic city. the pink area is the sleet. and that area is expanding here.
6:41 am
once again, little patches of softer blue indicating a little bit heavier snow. burks county is fairly light. it's not necessarily a total trend, though. again, it goes up and down, up and down. getting a little bit heavier. temperatures down to 33 degrees, by the way. and so it has gone down. it's going into the 20s. this is the 8:00 forecast. and you can see the temperatures continuing to go down as the snow continues to fall. now, here we are at noontime. those blues are darker, aren't they? that is an indication that disturbance back into west virginia and western maryland comes by here increases the snow intensity. at the same time the temperature's going down. so the road conditions should be way worse at noon than they are right now. it's just a question of how much worse and which particular spot. well you can see from the
6:42 am
visibility, how heavy the snow is. we finally have our first impressive visibility restriction. coatesville, a half mile. that's snowing pretty good there, then. two miles in wilmington. 1 1/2 in philadelphia. just starting to come down in parts of the area. the snowstorm is evolving. it's a long-lasting thing, a different kind of animal. constantly checking our school closings. we're up to 877. we don't have the volume we typically have on a thursday. >> what do conditions look like right now, jillian? >> right now i have the radar over our traffic maps. which roads will be impacted. the blue route, the northeast extension, pennsylvania turnpike. we'll zoom in and show you 422 where things are going to be a little tricky out there on 422. it looks like this is not going into play. finally. this is 422. you can see the lines of yellow right here from oakstown to
6:43 am
route 23. that's where we typically see normal volume. what we're seeing are speeds reduced because of the snowy conditions out there. so we are seeing the blacktop, the surface of the road but we are also seeing that snow sticking between the lanes a little bit on your on and off ramps, on the shoulders of the roads. keep that in mind if you are heading out especially on 422. that's what it's looking like right now. we have some issues with septa. bus 35 has suspended service. shuttle busing right now for a portion of it. i'll give you a full update on what's happening in mass transit when i see you coming up in the next few minutes. stay with nbc 10. another traffic glimpse. here's a live picture from nbc 10 form force 10 near the commodore. in fact that is the commodore bridge, route 322 headed towards philadelphia. that's what it looks like right now.
6:44 am
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hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok...
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6:46. a live look from storm force 10 driving around all across our region to give you a good look at the road conditions. just got off commodore bridge 95 north heading towards the airport. showing us what conditions look like. and earlier when we were showing -- our photojournalist going across the bridge it looked like he was going fast. trust us when we tell you it's just the position of the stationary camera that's in storm force 10 that makes it look like that. but it really gives us a good idea of what it looks like for drivers on the roads. count on the nbc 10 app to keep you updated on the changing conditions and forecast as the storm moves through. our all-new revamped app is a free download in the app store. and police in delaware county say there could be even more victims of a peeping tom who's accused of recording dozens of girls in dressing rooms at the king of prussia
6:48 am
mall. police say they received call after call from parents wondering if shawn moses has videos of their daughters. investigators say moses secretly recorded young girls and women in dressing rooms at places like forever 21 and express. >> disturbing and frightening and it's just wrong. >> oh, my god. i just thought, who would have thought? it's so consuming in his life. >> police discovered file names on his computer for springfield mall, cherry hill mall and the philadelphia premium outlets. now they're investigating the possibility of more recordings and more victims. today philadelphia mayor michael nutter is scheduled to introduce the city's budget. we think it's still on as far as we know. it includes a property tax hike. mayor nutter is expected to propose a nearly 9.5% increase on property taxes. that money would help fund city schools. the mayor will ask council to approve the spending plan that
6:49 am
comes in just below $4 billion. let's head north to new york to see what's ahead on "today." >> we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning. >> good morning. >> hey, vai and tracy. good to see you. >> coming up this morning, al's got the latest on this nasty winter storm causing problems for tens of millions today. also ahead, hillary clinton now says she wants her e-mails released to the public. that controversy on her probable run for the white house. plus the woman trapped on an icy island in maine. why she's there and what it will take to get her home. and one on one with vince vaughn to talk about his new comedy, his new crime drama and for some reason savannah asked me to ask him about issues when we get started here on a thursday morning on "today." >> no. >> fetishes. >> never mind. i don't know. >> now we've got to watch and find out. >> yeah. vince vaughn. >> thanks, guys.
6:50 am
we'll see you in about ten minutes. fetishes and all. >> all right. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well march storms tend to be different types. and this is definitely a different type of storm. and you wake up and the snow is falling, melting on the roads, what's going on here? but things change and it's a long-lasting thing. it melts at first. it's melting up in the lehigh valley and burks county at first, too. then it started sticking. and that's what happens. the roads get slippery as the hours go on the snow gets heavier and the temperature drops. and snow most of the day. across much of the area. there's the skyline in center city. we were able to see that a half hour ago so visibility is going down. the snow is getting a little heavier. some of these darker blues back to the west. they're going to be riding along this rain/snow line.
6:51 am
still down south. it really hasn't moved very much. the 32-degree line still far north of philadelphia. so it's light snow. falling on relatively warm roads. there's a march sun coming up. yeah, it's going to continue to melt on the main highways. for at least a little while. there's the changeover area. sleet from dover to millville to just north of atlantic city. that area is not moving a whole lot. but you can see some patches of a little bit darker blue indicating a little bit heavier snow. 32-degree line down to potts do you know. pottstown. with a strong march sun and light snow temperatures have to go down closer to 30 for significant stickage as we say. swarthmore is 32. in delaware county, saint david
6:52 am
32. so we're kind of borderline there. as the snow gets heavier, then it will start to stick more. but we have to wait until the temperatures get down below 30 degrees before we really start seeing significant sticking. and this is later this morning. we expect that to happen. and see that little wave of darker blue? so there could be a little disturbance coming in late in the morning that is going to make that snow burst a little bit. along with the falling temperatures and then the roads do get worse then. now here's meterorologist brittney shipp. >> the going to vary. let's show you how much snowfall we've seen since this morning. not so impressive just yet, but we're starting to add everything up. 1.6 at long pond. then for claymont closer to a half inch. through the rest of today, we expect to see two to four inches. a little less in the poconos reading, pottstown. on that two to four-inch
6:53 am
category. stretching out to trenton. westchester included in that four to seven-inch. six to nine is the bull's-eye. those include the central and southern parts of burlington county. stretching out to salem and newcastle county. and right along the shore, four to seven inches. depending where you are, different folks will see different things. we'll send it back to you. in football, we used to have this thing called stickum. i just heard glenn say stickage. >> stickage. >> we've got a little stickage in certain areas. septa bus route 35 suspended service. some of the other buses are on detour because of the weather. norristown line operating every 15 minutes. route 102 trolley shuttle bus service between mccabe and sharon hill. original rail lines operating on regular schedule today. new jersey transit systemwide
6:54 am
cross-honoring. patco, snow schedule in effect. amtrak northeast corridor, modified schedule today. dart plans to operate on a regular schedule but a lot of that will change throughout the day. a little stickage here. this is a live look at the blue route in delaware county. you can see it especially on the shoulders of the roads even between your lanes. that's where you need to watch out. and expect to see slippery conditions there. same situation in chester county, route 30 bypass near route 340. this is route 23 at hollow road. if you travel some of the side streets, this is what it's going to look like. we are starting to see that snowfall stick there. i'm matt delucia live in pittman, gloucester county. we have a mixture of precipitation right now. this is pretty much the bulk of the accumulation we've seen thus far at the base of this tree. more to come. we'll have an update on how areas around here are preparing for the snow after the break.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
we continue to follow breaking news at nbc 10 who just arrived on the scene of a police investigation. this is heston street. we've learned a child is being taken to the hospital. we're working to confirm other details with police. of course, we'll update the story on nbc 10's app. i'm matt delucia live in gloucester county. we've been tracking the snow as it moves into this area. you can see just within the past 30 minutes, i left this umbrella out here, and we've got that very light, wet coating out here right now. walk with me though real quick down here on the sidewalk. really not accumulating that much. and you can see the road surfaces not looking too bad either. but we are already hearing reports of accidents, so be careful if you're heading out on the roadways in south jersey. live in pittman, matt lee lugedelucia,
6:59 am
nbc 10 news. different conditions depending on where you're waking up. this is the blue route, a little snow coverage there. none so far in newark. this is 95 at the toll plaza. 295 at 168 is just wet. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we continue to monitor not only the snow but also the temperature. the colder is gets the more likely it is to stick on more surfaces. and kind of unusual for march, but temperatures drop during the day. and that is what will be probably the worst driving conditions by later this morning and the midday hours. >> our word of the day, stickage. >> yeah we don't have much stickage yet. >> but we will. >> increasing stickage. >> the "today" show is up next. we'll have local updates in about 25 minutes. >> remember you can stay updated with our nbc 10 app. can you get it from the app store. also up-to-the-minute information about cancellations
7:00 am
and school closings. >> up to 850 so far. have a good day. good morning. last blast. a massive storm bears down on nearly half the country. snow rain ice, sending cars skidding off the road forcing schools to close. and yes, big delays at airports today. breaking overnight, the u.s. ambassador to south korea attacked by a man with a knife. >> i need an ambulance fast. get me to the hospital. >> this morning, he is recovering from emergency surgery, his attacker in custody, but how did he get that close? release them. hillary clinton calls for her e-mails as secretary of state to be made public. is it enough to quiet the storm? and stranded. the woman trapped on an island in maine, iced in for more


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