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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> right now on nbc 10 the snow coming down across our region. it will continue to fall too for hours. live look at i-95 and south philadelphia. the shot is drastically changed since 8:00 a.m. even in the time we spent on tv that's about 10:00 a.m. this morning. we got you covered with hundreds of cameras all over the area including this one. live look to the dash cam of stormforce10, they're driving around in downingtown, chester county. harry hairston we'll check in with him in a bit. you can see out there, unplowed roads, crews work to clear them. good morning. i'm keith jones. the storm has come down all over the place. hundreds of businesses schools are closed today, the city of philadelphia is under a snow emergency right now. and that means cars park on the snow emergency roads could be towed. state offices in new jersey and delaware, they're closed today. there are a number of accidents,
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stuck vehicles all across our area because of the deteriorating conditions you don't want to be out on these roadways as this storm dumps inches of snow. we have a team of reporters all across the region in seven counties, to bring you the conditions in your neighborhood. first, let me begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. temperatures continue to drop. the storm continues to drop inches of snow. >> yeah it is pretty amazing and it is a wide area just about everybody is affected by this snow right now. this is a picture of center city, still able to see broad street. or is that market street? that's market street. and the road in center city generally on the wet side. that's only because there has been a lot of traffic, plow it all the time and it is not indicative of the roads in the suburbs. heaviest snow falling across a good part of the area falling slowly south.
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everybody is freezing up. later today and tonight. so probably want to get rid of as much snow as you can, even while it is snowing because it is going to so much colder tonight, when it finally ends. look at the area of snow covering just about everywhere even down into delaware extreme south jersey the general wind flow is right alongside the same area. there is no push to move it down to the south. that's why it has taken so long for the snow to reach southern delaware and to clear the lehigh valley and berks county. they're getting pounded with snow. some of the heavier snow in bands, one of them from northern new castle county through delaware county philadelphia camden and gloucester county burlington county another one up here going into montgomery county. so those old bands as they set up, if it goes right over the same spot a lot more snow here than five miles to the north or
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south. that's why we keep monitoring them. heavier band from berks county over the lehigh valley adding to their snow total. and now we have snow in kent county in delaware and atlantic county and at least in northern portion of cape may county. finally making progress. i was wondering at some point if it was going to make it at all. just wasn't moving. we got heavy snow at noon. snow at 3:00. and then snow ending later today at about 6:00 and the temperatures just continue to go down. >> governor jack markell is updating us. he told me the roads are, quote, treacherous. behind the camera tim furlong is there as well. let's listen in to the press conference happening right now. >> -- across the state to monitor conditions caused by the winter storm and to take appropriate action. i want to thank everybody who is
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there along with members of the state police working to help us get through this storm safely. i want to thank all of the state employees at our hospitals and other facilities that have to stay open regardless of the weather. i thank them for the incredible job they do to ensure all of our essential operations continue to run as well as possible. so the storm delayed its arrival to delaware still expecting snowfall totals between 4 and 8 inches state wide. as of a few minutes ago, northern new castle county had received between 2 1/2 and 3.8 inches. but still expecting 6 to 8 in new castle county. there is .4 of an inch in smyrna and basically as a few minutes ago, virtually nothing south of smyrna. that being said we still do expect in sussex county between 4:00 4 and 6 and kent county 6 and 8.
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the national weather services storm, winter storm warning remains in effect through 7:00 p.m. and we expect decreasing temperatures and increasing precipitation through the afternoon. that may bring snowfall totals up to 1 inch per hour. so in the middle of the day. state offices are closed and given the timing and predicted snowfall totals we anticipate that deldot crews will be out through the evening. they're already doing an amazing job. and, again, i thank everybody from deldot. the most important message for delawareans today is to be caution on the roadways leave plenty of extra time for your trip. bus service right now is running a regular schedule but that may change as conditions warrant. and more information will be provided to reflect any modified schedules. employers should evaluate for themselves whether and when their facilities will be safe and the status of road conditions in their vicinity. we do encourage driver who do not need to travel to refrain from going on the roads to give deldot plows the time and
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ability to work sufficiently and employers should be mindful of that encouragement by us to drivers. our initial focus will be on primary roads through the duration of the weather event and secondary and tertiary roads are likely to be snow covered for a longer period of time. deldot crews have done a great job eliminating the accumulation. there is potential for more rapid accumulation this afternoon, which is going to rehr a continued focus on the primary roads before they work on the less busy routes. turn lanes and off ramps and secondary and minor roads may become especially problematic. we'll continue to do all that we can to keep the roads safe. and to clear snow as quickly as possible. deldot's responsible for more than 13,000 13,000 lane miles across the state. so we asked --
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>> it appears we lost the news conference. governor jack markell updating us in newark delaware. refrain from going on the roads. that's that he's saying right now. he reports about 4 to 8 inches state wide, nothing south of smirn whyyrna in the moment. first alert weather tracking this system since 3:00 a.m. right now they're seeing widespread heavy snow some areas like the jersey shore, seeing sleet. but rest assured, they will catch up. northern delaware as well as parts of the jersey shore just seeing rain or sleet right now. as we have been mentioning many businesses and government offices across the area they're closed today. the city of philadelphia under a state of emergency. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in center city. monique, couple of minutes ago we saw unplowed roads in a live picture there. slow travel as well. what is the situation like now? >> reporter: let me show you market street keith. convoy of three street department trucks just came through here going down market. so this situation has improved
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tremendously. the state department told us earlier this morning that they have called in about 350 vehicles to continuously plow the snow routes and then move to the primary and secondary routes. and they say it could be tomorrow or later this weekend before they get to some of the residential areas. and because they're using what is called track talk a lot of the trash pickup have been canceled today. tomorrow, they plan to resume. but they did want us to let you know that if you have pickup in the rear of your home that may be a week before your trash is picked up. so we came to this planter on the side of market street because the snow has been pushed to where i am. i searched for this ruler from the poconos to the delaware river to show you just how many inches have acaccumulated. if i put it down on the flat surface, it is measuring one inch of snow so far in the past five and a half hours.
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we have been out since been 3:00 this morning. the snow arrived around 5:00 this morning and it has come fast and furious. it is blowing tremendously. the city hall is open today. mayor nutter is about to deliver his budget address. but a lot of state offices, government offices, as well as the courthouse offices, some of them are closed unless they are essential employees. but right now, a lot of city officials are standing by at city hall awaiting a message, the budget address from mayor nutter. for now, it looks like conditions are improving along market street. but that's only because of a continuous plowing operation as the state of emergency continues here. live outside city hall monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you very much. back to delaware governor jack markell, updating us on conditions in delaware. >> -- various state agencies and local municipalities to keep residents informed via the web at
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we'll be active on social media. so that's all i got. i'm happy to take any questions if you have any. [ inaudible ] >> 95 and 141 were slushy. but highly driveable as long as you take your time. and came down 92 and 100. they were okay. they weren't great. but i'll tell you, i was on the road on sunday my mom and i were on the train up from florida, and we got off in -- the train in virginia. it was sleeting you know as you well remember on sunday for hours. and so we drove, you know 135 miles from virginia up to newark sleeting the whole time. we were very careful. we didn't go more than 40 or 45 miles an hour the whole time. to me those road conditions
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were really really bad. and, you know today was not -- at least from this morning not as bad as what i experienced the other day. [ inaudible ] >> so we have -- first of all, in terms of people power, the team at deldot is amazing. i can tell you last year they do obviously get paid to work but last year we had so many storms, by the end, they wanted to be home. enough was enough. and their willingness to come in at all hours and to be out and be keeping the roads clear for the rest of us i think is extraordinary. and i think they very much deserve our appreciation. in terms of salt you know don and mark and the whole team do a great job of watching our salt supplies. i think we started the season with about 45,000 or 50,000 tons of salt. been winding our way down, you
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know. a week ago we had a lot less. they were on it and we have been getting supplies. we're in good shape for the storm. i hope we don't have too many more. i hope this is the last one. but, you know they'll -- they do what they have to do. and last year when there was an unbelievable pressure on the salt supplies delaware was in better shape than a lot of our neighbors. and then in terms of financial resources, look we have -- as you all know we have a real challenge with our capital program at deldot. when we have storms, it takes away from when we can do in terms of rebuilding paving roads and, you know building roads and bridges and the like. this is one of the reasons we need to make sure we have the necessary funding so we can continue to invest in our roads and bridges. anybody else? [ inaudible ] why don't i let don or mark come on up here to -- did you hear
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the question? >> refrain from going on the roads. that's the warning from governor jack markell in delaware updating up as a news conference in newark. our first alert weather team has been tracking this system since 3:00 a.m. we'll take a right turn though. we're told philadelphia mayor michael nutter's set to speak about the city budget. this is happening right now. we're going to check in to see what he's saying about the winter storm as well. this is live. listen in. >> -- can i -- mr. mayor? it is your time. >> please be seated everyone. and i don't think there is a complete silence rule today. good morning, counsel president clark, the welcoming committee, city council's leadership all of the members of city council,
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the leaders of my administration, many of whom are in the audience all city officials, my fellow elected officials, district attorney seth williams state senator anthony hardy williams and representative jason dawkins, members of the school reform commission superintendent dr. william hite and my fellow philadelphians. it is a true honor to be here with you today in the people's chamber to fulfill the duties of my office and transmit a budget and five-year plan that serves the interests of our great city and its residents. before we begin, i would like to take a moment have a moment of silence to recognize three tremendous public servants many
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of us have gotten to know we lost in the past year. the city's -- the city's first director of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender affairs. joe markman, our first chief integrity officer. and lieutenant joyce craig, the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. these three extraordinary women were exemplary public servants consummate professionals, and dedicated leaders. let their lives and their service act as a continual reminder to all the rest of us
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that we can always do our jobs better and let us keep them and their families in our continual thoughts and prayers. let us bow our heads for a moment. thank you. 33 years ago, i walked into this incredible building for the first time in my life with my best friend in life, robert bynum. and i fell in love with this great chamber and the idea of what could be accomplished here. i knew virtually no one. i knew nothing really about this
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place, but i knew i wanted to make something of my life. and more importantly i knew i wanted to help improve the lives of other people and i believed that this place was the place to accomplish that goal. and i still believe that today. but i've had a lot of help. many teachers mentors supporters the people who believed in a wide eyed kid from west philly. let me mention a few of the many people who let me learn from them. councilman john c. anderson dorothy cosler roatan lee, charlie bouzer c. delores
11:18 am
tucker hardy williams john f. white sr., bill brea dave richardson, herb debarry, carolyn kemp. i've had the incredible opportunity to know and to work with the last three mayors. mayor good mayor rendell, mayor street. i've learned incredible lessons from all three of them and their great service to our city. and so many other elected officials, some of whom i had the opportunity to serve with. happy fernandez, lucian blackwell, ann land john cuzuski, patrick longstress david cohen. and some of our leaders were
11:19 am
still leading and doing great things in our city. john f. white jr., dwight evans, angel ortiz, council president anna werner. i mentioned two other folks who we all know in one way, shape or form in our political lives,. let each and every one of us always take the time to give a young person our time our attention, and our knowledge. you just never know who you may inspire, or whose life you will impact. 8 1/2 years ago, i stood at this podium -- >> you're watching live as mayor michael nutter addresses philadelphia's budget. this is a live picture inside city hall in philadelphia
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center city. we have a crew inside as well. we'll have a full report later in the day. make sure you tune to nbc 10 news at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. for that. if he talks about the weather, we'll go back to him. outside city hall the men and women had to travel through the snow, the low visibility as well. the big question is how long will the storm last? let's go back over to nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the very latest on this storm. glenn? >> yeah, keith. as we get closer and closer to the noon hour we're looking for any kind of signs of the storm moving out. haven't seen much. at least not yet. we have been monitoring city avenue here and the traffic is moving okay. heavily traveled roads that have been plowed over and over again seem to be passable like i-95 for example. but a lot of the other roads not very good shape. you look at the size of this area of snow. it is huge. and we have some darker blues,
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some heavier snow down by baltimore and washington. that's about to move up into new castle county. about to get your heaviest snow of the whole storm there. and the back edge of it not moving very much. and so that means hour after hour of more snow. fairly heavy burst in the philadelphia area now. and across the river into burlington county. lightening up in chester county put that isn't necessarily a permanent thing. there is another area of heavier snow up in lehigh valley berks county certainly more snow up there than was expected. here we go starting to really increase in new castle county delaware, and salem county new jersey. kent county in delaware starting to see some heavier bands down across extreme south jersey. so some of those southern areas really starting to pick up. these are official snowfall totals. takes a little while to update
11:22 am
them and here we are, emmaus at 5 inches. coatesville, 3 1/2. so-so far don't have any big reports of -- in new jersey. this is a general area of the heaviest snow and it -- it has shifted a bit to the north. but we have been predicting six inches plus for the core area for a couple of days now. and i think some people will see ten inches before this is over. not in the poconos. 2 to 4 there. 4 to 7 through the lehigh valley. part of the lehigh valley perhaps in the 6 to 10 range along with parts of berks county. much of bucks and montgomery, chester counties philadelphia area burlington county new castle county the new jersey counties across the river near 6 to 10 inches. again, on average. 4 to 7 inches from central
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delaware in toward atlantic city. and 3 to 5 inches extreme southern portions of delaware. that's still a substantial snowfall and certainly in philadelphia, that would be the biggest of the season by a good bit. visibility, quarter mile that's heavy snow even officially heavy snow. but we have got it in reading. we have it now in philadelphia and northeast philly. and mount holly. remember we showed you that darker blue over philly? there it is. quarter mile there, quarter mile northeast philly. that's probably at least an inch an hour at that rate. half mile in wilmington. that's coming down pretty hard. look at the visibility in millville and atlantic city. dropping significantly. that's a sign of some significant snow that is developing. also significant drop in temperature. down to 21 in allentown and reading. they were 32 degrees when i came in here 5:00 this morning.
11:24 am
philadelphia, 29. they were 36 degrees originally. we're still near the freezing point, farther to south. some of that snow melting on contact. but that's still much colder than it was. and here is the future cast the temperature along with the predicted radar. and 3:00 in the afternoon, doesn't look much different than it is now. only difference is the temperatures are lower. and down to 24 degrees by 5:00. still over much of the area. and finally making its move between 5:00 and 7:00. and moving out. and then the temperature goes down to record cold levels. so it is an interesting day. snow heavy at times, slowly ending north to south, as temperatures fall through the 20s and then near record cold at night. >> we have live cameras all over the area glenn. we're keeping you prepared and protected, monitoring the
11:25 am
largest snowfall this season. this is what everyone is talking about today. don't believe me. look at this live picture. montgomery county, roads there, you can tell they're slushy plows have come through the area. it appears some areas in our area could see 10 inches along central part like chester conte, fillconte couldn't county philly. it will be hours before record cold later on tonight. keep it tuned to nbc 10. also download the free nbc 10 news app at
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cameras across the area. this is lankcaster avenue from ardmore county. the roads are slushy. they could be slippery. temperatures are dropping too, which means these roads could freeze over without warning. look at this a four wheeler removing snow in camden at the adventure aquarium. if you pull out from this shot you see low visibility as you see in the camera behind us on this set. next time you look at an over the shoulder shot from me, you'll see it. all you have to do is take a look. low visibility there, heavy snow continuing to fall across the delaware river. we'll be hearing this a lot today. we found this guy shoveling a sidewalk along olive street
11:29 am
media, delaware county. people will be shoveling snow all throughout the next 4, 5 6 hours depending where you live. dealing with record snow. get out there early before it all freezes. we have reporters all over the area monique braxton reported about 350 trucks are out in the city of philadelphia clearing roads. good thing too because the snow emergency has been in effect for about five hours or so now. that means you have to move your car from designated routes so the city can tow it way. mitch blacher in the chestnut hill section of philadelphia. we checked with you an hour ago in the cedarbrook section then. how have conditions changed in the last hour? >> reporter: here in chestnut hill pretty much the same thing as we saw over in other parts of northwest philadelphia. you can see the slush on the street, it is passable. we have seen cars have really very little trouble getting through. it is slick and slippery. they're passing through it. the thing we have been keeping our eye on are the septa buses.
11:30 am
we know at this point about exactly 30 septa buses had trouble with the snow they had to be dug out. the passengers moved to other buses. septa seems to be handling this as well as possible. we talked to some of the drivers in buses as far as their conditions go. they say that they are just taking it slow and had they do get stuck, the septa management is doing a good job. you were talking about the fact that a lot of businesses are closed. here the library is open and a business that pretty much everybody might need today, this is joe piellet. why are you open today, sir? >> mcnallies isy scnally's is always open on snow days. a guy has 20 of his family coming down because it is a school day and school is off. they'll be down for lunch. >> this is a day, tough day for people to get out and about. you chose to be open. and you're out here doing the work for the family business.
11:31 am
>> yeah, we picked up some of the folks that work for us and they're back and we're ready to go. soup's hot and we're open and we'll be open until late tonight. >> reporter: thank you, joe. nice to talk to you. as you said there are 350 pieces of equipment throughout philadelphia. all out plowing the streets. the snow has picked up a little bit in the last half hour. but it is just a steady almost light snow. it was heavier before but it is very steady and continuing here in chestnut hill. >> mitch blacher live for us in chestnut hill. we have to get that guy a hat. you see the snow starting to freeze to his hair there. lucky for him he's opening up spreading that salt. we'll check in with you in a bit. not far from where you are, we have crews all over. this is montgomery county the snow is coming down steadily in pottstown, the roadways the walkways, they're slushy. you'll see a lot of that today. temperatures start to drop it could freeze. now to berks county look at this shot high street and douglasville crew found this
11:32 am
plow truck trying to clear all the snow away. and make the road safe for drivers. as you can see, it is difficult to drive around out there. we would advise you here at nbc 10 to stay off the roadways as deldot has been telling us and as penndot has been telling us. within the next few hours, reporters will bring you live coverage of the worst of this winter storm, county by county. look at all the counties we have covered for you. and one of those areas, of course, new jersey under a state of emergency right now. for a look at those conditions one of the counties covered, let's go to nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long. last we checked with you, there was wind it was wet. the lens was still covered. how are the roads looking? >> reporter: i'll show you that in a second. the snow still coming down here pretty steady in camden county to the point it is going to accumulate on our lens. we're in winslow township. we'll show you the parking lot right now because when we first picked this location this morning, the photographer and i
11:33 am
could see the lines on the parking spaces here but take a look. this is about how much snow we have. a plow truck came through here a few minutes ago. so by the looks of it it looks like 1 1/2 inches laying on the ground here in camden county. it appears some of the businesses are closed. that's because no one is parking and going inside here at panerawendy's. they're going through the drive through to get something warm to take home for the day, hot chocolate possibly and enjoy their day. also, the urgent care further down, you can see the folks out there shoveling in case anyone does have an emergency today. snow vehicle, ambulances so forth, anyone who would have an emergency that needs to be able to get out in conditions like this. under a state of emergency, only essential vehicles are supposed to be out on the roadways. we have been making calls we'll walk up here and show you the road as we talk about who we have been talking to on the phone.
11:34 am
i just hung up with the south jersey transportation authority, also state police. while there were restrictions in place on the garden state parkway, this morning, there are also now 35-mile-per-hour reduced speed limit on the atlantic city expressway and that's about a mile or so from where we are here on burling cross crews road. our footsteps are covered up from our live shot when we saw you a few minutes after 10:00. it is difficult to tell where the sidewalk is here and take a look, this is what you're seeing right down here it is the sidewalk where matt is standing and where i am now, but this is the spray and slush that is getting pushed over from berlin cross keys road up on to the grass and on to the sidewalk here. so at least a good inch and a half coating. still people have been out and about and nbc 10 loyal viewer stopped us and wanted to talk to us about 9:30 this morning. his name is terrence harley. listen to what he had to say.
11:35 am
>> i was on my way to eyeihop. we're going to enjoy the day. my son doesn't have school today. my wife got off work. we're going to enjoy the day. this may be the last one, hopefully. >> yeah i think all of us are crossing our fingers back out here now. we wanted to show you a picture, we were also in touch with gloucester township police one of their patrolmen, patrolman louis was helping someone who had left their car running out in the snow not a good idea to do that even if you want to keep warm plow train coming through now. i don't know if you're on our live picture here as you can see, the crews here in camden county are working diligently. we can see black top on this roadway. camden county officials tell me they're using about 800 tons of salt and digging in to about a 2,000 ton supply to make sure
11:36 am
any emergency responders police, those plow trucks can be out here and you're supposed to say about six car lengths behind them to let them do their work. so clearly if you don't have to be out on the roads today, it is no fun, it is messy. stay home and enjoy your hot chocolate and stay by the fire. enjoy your snow day, like terrence is going to do. >> matt is a great photographer the conditions out there are bad enough for the lens is just covered. >> reporter: it is. it is. the wind has been blowing. a few minutes before the live shot, we can tell you the view finder was you know, from going inside our live -- to over here at panera truck and coming out side it is fogged up. you're flying blind. if that's fogged up and he can't see me we can't show you what is going on out here. sometimes we keep a blow-dryer
11:37 am
in the truck so we can make sure we can bring you the news out here. live in winslow township cydney long nbc 10 news. >> the roads out there, they're wet, hit with the plows, though. let's check on travel conditions across our area. christine maddela joins us now. what are you seeing chris? >> we're seeing several accidents throughout our area even though those plow trucks are out and try to keep the roads clear. this is 202, the ramp. this say large truck out here. it is off the road. it went down into this embankment here so it is a tractor trailer off the road so even those large high profile vehicles are not immune from these weather conditions. so take it easy as you are out and traveling along. you can see some of the precipitation on our lens. we also saw a crash along interstate 76 near gladwyne and that's cleared out of the way. be careful. know the roads are slippery and even though plow trucks are out there, this say blue route here. you see some of that slushing, some slick areas on the
11:38 am
roadways the bridges often ice faster. be careful if you're traveling along that area. throughout our viewing area you can see there is snow and slush, icy spots covering the roadways. take it easy as you head out there. because of the weather conditions there are speed restrictions in place and mass transit is affected. on septa, there is service suspended. you'll want to make sure you check with septa before you head out and new jersey. >> make sure you're following the nbc 10 first alert meteorologists on twitter as this winter storm moves through. they'll be tweeting any changes, so you can always have the most up to date forecast and snowfall predictions. it is particularly advantageous to follow them. we'll be right back with much more on this system moving through our area.
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we're follow breaking news in new york city. a plane slid off the runway at laguardia airport. this is a live picture. pretty hard to see because of the snow that is falling. but the plane slid off the runway. there are no reports of any injuries. we'll continue to follow this breaking news though and bring you new information when it becomes available. we're following that plane that slid off a runway at there guardiaguard
11:42 am
ia laguardia airport in new york city. the snow is piling up in some areas. this is boyd road in montgomery county. untreated roads out there. be careful. driving conditions in feltonville section a short time ago. a little different. a little easier to drive on the roosevelt boulevard approaching rising sun avenue. still, take your time. temperatures drop everything will freeze. or has the potential to freeze. we want to see your weather pictures. show us what it looks like in your neighborhood by uploading your photos on all new nbc 10 news app. it is a free download. you can e-mail us or post your pictures and video to our nbc 10 facebook page. we're keeping you updated there as well as right here on nbc 10. we have reporters positioned all over the area and hundreds of cameras to show you in addition to updates on that breaking news we told you about, a plane that slit off the runway at laguardia airport. stay tuned.
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well we're about in the middle of our biggest snowstorm of the season. and you don't see this very often. in a snowstorm, with no wind. that's hard to do. traffic is still having a little problem on the side roads. monument road outside our station. we have been monitoring this all morning. and it continues to get snow covered. they plow it. and it gets better and the snow builds up again. look at this area of snow. it hasn't changed very much overall other than getting some heavier snow now down in cape may county and kent county in delaware. this snow goes all the way back. and way beyond where i even have this picture here the kentucky parts of kentucky with 12 to 16 inches totally without power,
11:47 am
cars stranded on the roads. that's how bad it can get in some parts of the area. well, the biggest band in gloucester county, salem county, new jersey, with parts of new castle county. also burlington county near trenton also. still another batch in the lehigh valley and northern part of berks county. can't seem to get rid of that. the heaviest band of snow is actually down across cape may. and into parts of sussex county relatively high band in southern new castle county. so the forecast snow totals still the general across our area, we have been going for 6 inches plus. and snow forecast and now up to 10 inches. i think some places get 10 inches out of this. the poconos, a little less. lehigh valley maybe about to
11:48 am
end in that area pretty soon. and then a lot of bucks, montgomery, chester, parts of berks, in the 6 to 10 inch range. had to expand that to the north. and kept it high in new castle county and across river, new jersey. haven't had necessarily a whole lot of snow here yet, but there are a lot of more hours to come. same thing in central delaware. and much of south jersey. 4 to 7 inches. not much yet, hey, not going to stop snowing until 7:00 8:00. 3 to 5 inches farther to the south. visibility tells us how heavy the snow is reading a quarter. that's heavy. mount holly, still a quarter. allentown, not quite as low. so maybe starting to taper off a little there. still low visibility wilmington, philadelphia northeast philly pottstown, atlantic city now, moderate to heavy snow millville, significant snow. even dover significant snow.
11:49 am
the temperatures are right near the freezing point there. so mostly melting. look at that 21 in allentown and reading. 22 in pottstown. down to 28 in philadelphia. this is just brutal. and as we go through the afternoon, snow continues, except for allentown, that's 4:00 in the afternoon. 5:00, all right, now it is over in reading. and between 5:00that looks like when we have the biggest change and temperature goes down some more. the snow heavy at times, ending north to south. temperatures falling to 22 to 25. then for tonight, little preview, forecast and atlantic city 8, philadelphia, 9, bloomington, 9. and these are the existing records. look at this. looks look a lot of places will break records. and trenton, for example, i think that record was set in 1872. >> thank you very much glenn. let's look at how much snow is falling in montgomery county. nbc 10's doug shimell is live.
11:50 am
6 to 10 inches expected to fall there. i talked to you an hour ago. how have things changed? >> reporter: we have picked up about another inch of snow. we're at the intersection -- >> we're having problems with doug shimell's shot there in montgomery county. we have a live picture to show you, though. we have doug back. let's go right back to see if we can talk with doug. you're live there. can you hear me? >> reporter: we are here yes, i can hear you, keith. since we spoke to you over an hour ago at 40 foot road. we picked up a little over an inch of snow since we talked to you. you're looking north along 40 foot road. and the puck workblic works crew doing a good job keeping both lanes passable. i spoke with lansdale police. they say their public works, a
11:51 am
smaller entity playing catch-up with the weather. budgets and salt supplies taking a pretty good hit over the last few winter snow and ice events. the north penn school district where we are, they have closed for the day as have pretty much all school districts in montgomery and bucks county. lehigh county, couple of contact contacts there say most folks called school pretty early this morning and it is one of those nightmare scenarios for most school district superintendents. don't want to have kids come in and then be stranded. so picking up at least another inch since we saw you last and we'll see where the snow totals end up by the time all of this is said and done. live in montgomery county doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> doug thank you. heavy band of snow is moving across parts of the jersey shore in northern delaware. stay with nbc 10 as glenn "hurricane" schwartz continues to update us on where we're seeing the snow. it is falling here on i-95 in south philadelphia. and how long it is expected to last before that deep freeze
11:52 am
we'll break some records tonight. stay tuned.
11:53 am
11:54 am
the largest snowfall of the season happening right now. this is mlk drive in fairmount park, philadelphia. the roads, they could be slick, they could be icy, they're covered in slush, can barely see the pavement out there on that narrow four-lane stretch of road rounding the schuylkill. and also center city
11:55 am
philadelphia, drive downtown, see that 15th and jfk boulevard, the snow falling, people are out and about. but as the temperatures drop it is only going to freeze. make sure you're extra careful if you're hitting the roadways and let's go outside of the city. wayne and lancaster avenue in wayne, delaware county, that gentleman crossing the road, his hood is up. if you're travel driving in your car, it is very low visibility out there. the snow is falling heavily. as glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been describing to us it is only going to stick around for a number of hours now, through our news at 4:00, 5:00 and can6:00. >> there would be way more accidents if there were more cars on the road. so it may be way more hazardous than it seems by the accident reports because not out there to get into an accident, or have somebody else run into you, even if you're driving beautifully. this is one of those storms look at the size of this thing. it is not close to being over.
11:56 am
and, of course, you don't generally shovel in the middle of the snowstorm. this might be one of those cases where you want to do it. partly because it is pretty heavy, and it is going to be a lot to get out, a lot of weight a lost straint of strain on the back and the heart. also, it is going to be so cold tomorrow morning, it is going to be in the single digits record cold. you want to go shoveling all of this, 6 to 10 inches tomorrow morning or would you rather just shovel the last two? >> forget about it doing it later on tonight. and we'll talk about after the break, the unusual pattern, usually see type a, type b, this one is unusual. we'll describe why as we take a live look at stormforce10. we'll get to this changing storm, the heavy snow falling all across the area now. including some breaking news happening in new york city where a plane slid off the runway at laguardia airport. this is in douglasville. a live picture. icy roads, slush covered roads, want to be careful out there. stick around.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
traffic moving slowly on i-95 in south philadelphia. not many people out. this is a live picture as conditions deteriorate and the roads freeze. we've got you covered with hundreds of cameras all over the area. this is a live look from the dash of storm force 10. they're driving around in berks county right now. they could see 10 inches when this system is all said and done. good morning, i'm keith jones. the snow is coming down all over. hundreds of businesses and schools are closed today. the city of philadelphia is under a snow emergency right now.


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