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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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is the way the side roads and unplowed roads are. there's just been plenty of snow, there still is but look at the dry air coming in from the west. it's coming in pretty quickly right now, and you can see it on the closer view too, but there's still plenty of snow and some of it on the heavier side and we have bands of heavier snow moving in through the philadelphia area now and it's tapering off in the lehigh valley and some places they've already had seven or eight
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inches of snow and here's where it's snowing the hardest and down to the south in kent county, all of the way to extreme southern new jersey. that is going to add up to several more inches and here is the future cast over the next couple of hours. by 6:00 it's over in much of pennsylvania. by 7:00 it's over in much of new jersey. only a few hours left. my colleague nbc 10 sheena parveen is here with a look at county-by-county snowfalls. >> the snow is still falling and depending where you live will determine if you will expect to see more inches accumulating. so we have the light snow to the north through the lehigh valley and parts of delaware and south jersey. so we'll zoom in to south jersey and cape may county including parts of ocean county. we've seen anywhere from a trace to three inches so far so more improvements now since it's been accumulating but we do expect two to four inches more before
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it's all done later today. for parts of northern delaware in salem and cumberland counties we've seen two inches to seven inches and two to three more inches expected here. philadelphia area 4.5 to 6 inches so far and two to three more inches and for bucks and montgomery county we've seen -- and for the lehigh valley we've seen 5 to 8 1/2 inches and coming up, we'll show you the timing and how cold it will be as we go into tonight. that's straight ahead. crews at philadelphia international airport loaded snow into dumpsters after clearing jetways and runways. three out of four flights in and out of philly international have either been cansceled because of the weather. some people told us they've had more than one flight cancel
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today. >> we're hoping to catch another flight and we've paid for two hotel rooms that we're not using. >> and he tells us right now his chances of getting to a trade show in nashville look about 2%. to get updated information on departures and arrivals keep this number handy, 1-800-phl-gate. nbc 10 watching the impact on the rails as we try to look live at 30th street station in philadelphia. you can't see the station in this weather, but amtrak is operating on a modified schedule today all along the northeast corridor and check the status of amtrak departures and arrivals by calling their toll-free number. it's there on the screen. 1-800-usa-rail. nbc 10's mitch blocker in the midst of the storm. >> there was a partial building collapse in pennsylvania's west kensington neighborhood. what can you tell us about what happened there? >> reporter: i want to send you out to look at it to start with.
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half of the roof has collapsed and bricks on the street and crews are out to fix it. the water department the fire crews, they all say that their best guess is that this was collapsing because of the weight of the ice and the snow on it. at this point we know that this building is owned by the kensington south community corporation. a member of the board told us they were in the process of trying to raise money to repair and replace the roof. the neighbors said when we talked to them that it sounded like a thunder clap when it happened. >> while i was shoveling i heard the high tension wires started making noise, and as soon as i looked up i saw they were literally like they were on fire. >> and then that's when i heard a boom noise and realized the building fell to the side. >> this is a shot of the bricks that fell off into the street below. neighbors say that normally there would be many cars parked on the street and that the storm may have actually saved cars if
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not people from being injured. at this point, one person has been taken to the hospital to have their injuries assessed. we know he or she is not hurt at this point. >> the water crews have turned off the water and the gas to the building and they do say those bricks will prevent them from getting into the main water pipe that is below to turn that up. that's the latest from kensington. i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. >> all right, mitch. the storm started later in the jersey shore region but they're getting assaulteded by old man winter now. ted greenberg is live in hamilton township atlanta county. >> ted, it looks cold and snowy where you are right now. >> reporter: yeah, it is cold and snowy and the snow is still coming down jim and jacqueline and it is coming down hard. if you saw our newscast at 2:00 this afternoon and you saw my live report at 2:30. we had two inches of snow on the ground then well it has continued to come down and it has continued to accumulate and
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you can see right there, we've basically doubled that amount in 90 minutes, up to about four inches of snow here in the mays landing section of hamilton township and we're along the black horse pike and this is right here the fifth and sixth snowplow that we've seen come by here in the last five minutes or so so. you can see this is a busy road and normally a busy shopping area. the road is snow covered and this is the main road and you can imagine that these side roads and the secondary roads are in far worse shape than this. we had to wait longer for the snow to get here but once it did, conditions quickly went downhill. >> as the snow started piling up in egg harbor city early this afternoon, melissa brookmeyer's company told everyone to clock out. >> they want us to get home you know, before it gets really bad,
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but it feels good to get out of work early, just not looking forward to the drive home. >> robert ventured out before it got worse. >> i had to come out to the post office and to pay the bills and stuff and the electric. i had to come out. >> i'm read ed for spring and summer. >> cheryl and her friend his to change their uponshopping plans when the stores closed at noon. i have to shop and some money and now i have to blow it at a casino. >> reporter: back here live at hamilton township where you can see snow-clearing operations in the hamilton commons shopping center along the black horse pipe. road crews are in the process of plowing snow and you saw the trucks just a minute ago and they're putting more salt down. they are very concerned that any snow or any slush, rather that is still out here on the roads is going to freeze tonight and
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making conditions even more treacherous and they're asking drivers to use extreme caution if they have to come out at all this evening. live in hamilton township, i'm teed greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> i'm surprised to see how much traffic is there, and we saw a small school bus pass you by in the beginning of your live report. >> i can't imagine, jim, who is on that school bus. perhaps not regular school students because i don't know of any schools in this area that were open today. in fact it's different than what happened last week. you may remember that a lot of parents got kind of upset last week when schools were open and it was snowing very hard in the morning. well this time the superintendents made a different decision and they closed all of the schools. they made that decision very early in the morning before the snow started coming down. it was just raining, but obviously you can see it was a good decision because the
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conditions got much worse as the day went on. >> maybe that bus is headed back to the bus yard at this point. that would be a good point to sit at. >> correct. this storm's intensity has been picking up. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is in bear new castle county. >> tim, how has the situation changed there? >> reporter: it hasn't. you know it's funny. i keep waiting to say the great phrase i've been waiting to use, the snow has tapered off and it hasn't. look at how much snow we're talking about and this dude came along a few minutes ago and shovelled and this is a good way to show how much we have here. >> that's how much snow we have and it's still coming down and you can see what it's doing to the roads and the snow falling on sleet and slush that was already on the road. the governor has not declared -- >> thank you, we're glad you watch our station! dell dot has managed the
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situation and will skoos, businesses, state county local offices are all closed today. we did find some people taking a ride on delaware's piece of i-95. take a look. we met a couple from boston and welcome to delaware is what the sign says, but the weather isn't cooperating and welcoming. they're heading from florida back to boston which have had a much rougher winter than we had and those folks didn't have it they say conditions have gotten a lot worse. >> it's been getting worse as the day goes on, actually because it was just hovering at 32 degrees all of the way up and now it's down to 27, 28, something like that. >> i just got an email from a friend at state police who tells me they're now up to 75 accidents in delaware weather-related accidents and most of those from kent county on up. sussex county is okay and although they've had weather down there, as well. you can see what's on the road.
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this is a busy intersection and lots of people use this. traffic obviously light today, but it is quite a situation out here. like ted said i hate to sound like a broken record and what it comes down to what it will come down to when we get the record low temperatures and all of this stuff freezes. that salt that was on the roads it all washed away yesterday and it will be a mess right now. i would not want to be driving out there, and i hope you don't either. it's definitely best to stay home. >> it is a major thoroughfare and a huge intersection and so much slush stacked up in the next few hours that all of that is going to freeze and it's not a good thought. >> no. it's going to be bad out here and it will be ugly. you see this guy over here on the jeep wrangler and the guy in the pickup truck. these guys are doing okay but we've seen so many people spinning their wheels. you should not come out on the roads if it's at all possible.
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>> film turtim furlong. montgomery county has been getting their fair share of snow during the day. >> doug is live in hatfield to tell us how things are where he is and it's still snowing there, as well. doug? >> reporter: it sure is. all day long on route 39 and any route that had hills you had a succession of chain reaction traffic jams and that simply seemed to be the story of the day. if you actually stayed on the road in the conditions like these and didn't go into a ditch you were doing something, but there was one particular hill in trooper, park avenue not far from germantown pike and that seemed to be the undoing of driver after driver. you would have one driver get just about to the crest, get stuck and just about everybody behind him lost the momentum and couldn't get up the hill and just about every person that was out on the road then and now had one thing in common and it seemed as if they had to go to
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work. >> i'm going to work in lanesdale, about ten minutes. >> how have the roads been? >> bad, but i have to drive really slow. >> reporter: and you're, woing today? >> i'm working today. >> they didn't close work? >> no they don't. >> reporter: what do you do? >> i work for the dairy. >> reporter: so clearly, even in conditions like these, somebody has to milk the cows. live in montgomery county i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> somebody has to. >> reporter: let's check road conditions and christine maddel eldela maddela. >> we've been hearing from police departments all throughout the viewing area and they've been responding to accident after accident and this tractor trailer that went off the road on 202, the ramp to 422. it's been out there for hours and just a little while ago we saw a tow truck try and get it out of there, but they were slipping and sliding and they couldn't do it so the tow truck just left the tractor trailer
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out there for now. so we are still seeing that it's not impeding travel here because it is off to the shoulder but just be aware. look at these travel condition out here. this is in chester county and bear delaware with tim furlong and as you saw in the live shots, it is treacherous. >> storm force 10 is out there carefully navigating the roads and region today. it's the most sophisticated weather center on four wheels and onboard is nbc 10's harry hairston. >> we know road conditions will only get worse as those temperatures drop and things ice over. how is the situation out there right now? >> let me tell you first of all, we are westbound on 63 getting right to the road. take a look at this. folks, the snow has subsided a little bit in this area but do not be fooled by what you see. all is not calm and nice out here. the roads are slippery and they are slick. i want to show you just how dangerous they can be. let's go to this video from earlier today. not that long ago this was an
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accident as we've been all over montgomery county and chester county as well. this is route 422. an accident there as cars were slipping and sliding and just crashing into one another just about every few miles through all of chester county and brooks county. it's been a very nasty day all day long and the roads are still very nasty out here. earlier today i did talk to a couple of people to find out why did you come out in this weather? >> wife just wanted food. so on her way home bringing lunch and she's calling out of work and going to spend a nice evening together and birthday tomorrow, so we have a nice extended weekend to look forward to. >> now what's your plan? >> we're going home and probably relax by a nice warm fire. >>. >> and that sounds like a really good idea to stay home if you do have a fireplace, go ahead and use that. the roads, as you see, they're just terrible out here in harleysville and it doesn't look like anything will get any
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better at least not tonight. >> back to you guys. >> harry hairston be careful as you navigate the roads especially where you are, it doesn't seem to have been plowed in a bit of time. >> reporter: well a plow had come through here earlier and it has aren't been here in quite a while. most of the snow that was here was pretty light and it's been packed down and the roads are very icy and very slick. >> harry hairston in storm force 10 keeping an eye on the roads and let's head to the garden state. >> that's where we find cydney long in gloucester camden county and we've seen high snow totals there today. >> reporter: jacqueline and jim, we definitely are. it is still snowing and still coming down heavy and take a look at least a good three or four inches out on the ground in any grassy or untreated areas and take a look, it is sticking to the roads and we've seen fewer cars out here. good news for emergency
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officials and police. >> as fast as it's cleared away, mother nature soaks a fresh coating of snow across south jersey. this is what it looked like a few minutes ago along the center city expressway where speeds have been reduced to 35 miles per hour with the slippery conditions drivers are using caution and taking it slow. restaurants and grocery chains even if they open for a few hours now closing their doors. laila mcleod got a fast trip to the pharmacy before all of this accumulation. >> probably play outside and have a snowball fight with my friends. >> reporter: that sounds like a pretty good plan. you need enough snow. do you have enough snow? >> a snow day. >> reporter: you'll take it? >> i'll take it. >> reporter: and the road crews will take it as well along with emergency services in gloucester township. they've responded to a dozen or so accidents in the last hour. the state of emergency remains in effect and stay inside and stay warm. a good idea to do so.
4:18 pm
live in gloucester township i'm cydney long nbc 10 news. >> look at these pictures here. this plane skidded off the runway and it crashed through a fence in laguardia airport in new york. nbc 10's keith jones is monitoring this story live in the digital operations center. >> keith, do we know if any of the 131 people onboard were hurt? we saw many of them getting off the plane. >> no major injuries and five people were transported according to the fire department in new york and an icy runway could be the reason why this plane skidded off the runway. >> passengers walked off, and the md-80 was landing when it skidded off the runway and there were 130 passengers onboard and crew members were onboard and the crews took five people to the hospital with what they're calling non-life-threatening injuries and according to firefighters who responded to that scene. we'll keep monitoring the situation there in new york
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city. as soon as there's something new to report we'll get it back to you. for live we're in the dijgital operations center. our live sky-cam network shows the gloomy skies over center city and the snow flirs are still coming down and the first alert weather team keeping tabs on how much longer this storm will last. >> let's start with nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we were telling you the snow is going to last all day and it is. we just have a few hours left in the daytime hours, right? so the storm is about over. everything re-freezes tonight, though, and record cold. that's the latest on this storm. you can see the dry air coming in from the southwest. we also have dry air coming in from the northwest so this area is getting eaten away. as soon as the snow stops, that's it coming from the west
4:20 pm
and brooks county and look at the heavy band right through the i-95 area and getting pounded, and southern bucks conte getting pounded and the heaviest of all, southern delaware up to extreme southern new jersey. cape may called me up and it hadn't snowed all day and says it looks like a blizzard now. huffs church close to 10 inches. devon, 9, coatesville 8, and drexel hill 6.8. in new jersey 6.7 in mount laurel and 6.5 in bordentown and 6.1 in youing and 6 inches in mantua and in delaware 4 to 5 inches and new castle county far less farther to the south and they're getting hid hard and we'll have those totals later. my colleague meteorologist sheena parveen is here with how
4:21 pm
much snowfall is coming. >> that's right, glenn. we'll talk about those temperatures as we go through tonight because we're talking about near-record cold and that will lead to some re-freezing across the area. 21 degrees in philadelphia. temperatures will continue to drop as we go through tonight and 19 in allentown and pottstown and 18 degrees and 19 in redding and it is getting colder and all day today it has continued to get colder with all of this cold air moving in. take a look at fewer temperatures. we could be at 12 degrees in allentown, and 15 in redding and 20 for the philadelphia area and 19 possibly for northeast philly. as it gets colder like this we will continue to see that re-freezing with any slush from today that has at least tried to melt with the cars on the roadways. that will be re-freezing. we do expect icy roads tomorrow morning for the morning commute so keep that in mind. near record cold is expected for part of the area and the forecast for atlantic city is 8 degrees. the record is 10 for philadelphia and the forecast is
4:22 pm
9. the record is 10. so i think we'll be breaking some record lows come tomorrow morning and for tonight, the snow will be ending as we go through this evening and record cold setting in as we go late tonight. and 3 degrees in areas north and west and tomorrow we'll see big improvements and we'll see more sun coming out and it will be very cold and 23 to 26 degrees and the sunny day and a bit of a cold day and into the weekend it will make up quite a bit. >> look at sunday, 47 degrees and spring the clock forward one hour and we go into next week and we notice 50-degree temperatures and we'll take a closer look at the snow totals. >> i'll sacrifice an hour of sleep to get spring and summer. >> while we're on the air our digital team is pushing out helpful information when you're away from the television. the information goes directly to the smartphone or tablet on the nbc 10 news app. it's news local homeowners probably don't want to hear. plus this --
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>> it's bad. >> nbc 10 obtains new video of the tanker truck explosion, that incinerated a big rig, shut down a busy traffic ramp and spewed thick, black smoke over parts of our region.
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we're going to block this ramp. >> nbc 10 has obtained new video of last week's fiery tanker crash in camden county. it shows authorities pulling up to the scene of that accident. the port authority released the video ten days after the tanker truck intern on and it toppled along the onramp from route 90 to route 30. sky force 10 was over the scene shortly after all of this happened last monday. >> a new video gives us a look at first responders arriving. you can see the tanker burning in the background. the driver escaped without any
4:27 pm
serious injuries. police are trying to determine if he will be charged. >> you can watch that entire video by the nbc 10 news app. >> storm force 10 out in the elements as we make our way live around the region. it can get tricky tonight as the mercury continues to drop. glenn? >> it's been a long day and it's not over yet. i'll let you know when this winter storm will finally make its exit in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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only those essential vehicles should be out on the road. >> it's not pretty out. you're watching nbc 10's continuing coverage of the first
4:31 pm
alert winter storm. count on it. we want to show you a live look right now at cape may where the seaside resort is just blanketed in white right now. a live scene from our sky-cam network atop the lafayette hotel along beach avenue. oh if we could only see sand and sun along beach avenue. >> maybe a couple of months from now, just not yet. a live look at interstate 95 atop the blue rock stadium. this first alert stay will extend into the evening. that's when it's expected to get more dangerous. >> we've seen the highest snowfalls of the winter and the extreme cold is moving in and that will freeze all of the snow out there on the roads making travel very dangerous out there. the snow in jenkintown some made an attempt to travel down ledham street. the difference is it was packed down. in delaware county it looked like a white out between the sky and the ground but the heavy
4:32 pm
snow didn't keep people locked in the house and some put on the layers and headed out for a walk. >> the few that made it out trekked very carefully, and route 42 blackwood, new jersey. conditions went downhill throughout the day. light traffic meant a lot of people stayed home which was a good thing to do today. we have reporters covering the winter storm across the nbc 10 news area. >> i'm mitch blocker in kensington where a five-story apartment complex's roof has collapseded. crews say that it is likely because of the weight of snow and ice. the gas and water have been shut off. there is one man who was taken to the hospital, but at this point there are no injuries. that's the latest from kensington. i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. i'm doug shimell in montgomery county and unionville pike at 309. emergency personnel say people are doing their best to stay out of the way so they can get to the calls they need to make and public works crews also keeping roads passable and the primaries
4:33 pm
and the secondaries, one no better than the other, but at least you can get through. live in montgomery county i'm doug shimell. i'm ted greenberg live in hamilton township. we still have heavy snow and maybe not quite as heavy as a half an hour from now, but the black horse pike driving is dangerous here. the snow has been quickly piling up and snowplows have been coming through and they've had a tough time keeping up with the heavy snow falling here in atlanta county. live in hamilton township i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. and i'm tim furlong at route 40 in salem church road. the snow continues to fall. you could end up on the median like this guy. a fire department trying to help him out. all of the slushy mess on the roads will refreeze tonight and be very dangerous. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. hi. i'm harry hairston in
4:34 pm
harleysville. snow is light and roads are slick and folks are starting to dig out. that's what's happening here in harleysville. harry hairston nbc 10 news. i'm cydney long live in gloucester township where it has been snowing straight for eight and a half hours and tons of accumulation here and a good four inches and take a look guys. you can see the roads are heavily coated. state police have responded to about 105 accidents and only about 12 here in blouftgloucester township. they are asking people to stay off the roads so that these crews can get them cleaned up into the evening hours before things start to re-freeze, really get dangerous and slippery into the evening hours. from gloucester township i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> our reporters giving us an idea of how things are like. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> what can we expect with this
4:35 pm
storm. >> other places have a couple of hours left and the back end of this storm moving eastward pretty quickly and so the lehigh valley brooks county lancaster valley is just about done with the snow and there is a heavy band from near trenton all of the way down to salem county and there is more heavy snow there and we're finally seeing a map color for the first time of the day far to the north and west. so that's over, but still, in delaware, south delaware especially they're getting pounded all of the way into cape may and atlantic counties and the future cast showing the dry air to the north and west. watch what happens. by 7:00 it's done in philadelphia. by 8:00 it's done at the shore. so just a little more time left. i wish the temperature wasn't dropping so much. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen is adding up snow totals
4:36 pm
across the nbc 10 viewing area. >> that's right, glenn, and how much snow we have left for the rest of this evening until we clear out. some areas have seen eight inches of snow just today, just so far and some areas can see it accumulating a little bit. north and west you'll notice it's tapering off quite a bit and very light snow in south jersey and delaware. we'll zoom into the shore, cape may county ocean county, close to three inches so far. two to four inches expected in those areas and some of the heavier snow. two inches to 4.7 inches and this includes salem and cumberland county and just a general area seeing 2 to 4.5 inches and 2 to 3 more inches in this area possibly. 4.5 to 6 inches in the philadelphia area and the surrounding suburbs in new jersey. we could see 2 to 3 inches left and for much of montgomery and bucks county we we've seen 5 to 7 inches and we could see 1 to 3
4:37 pm
inches in lower montgomery and lower bucks counties could see closer 2 to 3 inches throughout the afternoon. also a closer look at the timing and how cold it will be tonight. that's coming up. >> all right, sheena to the roads and i want to get a check on new problem spots. >> christine, no matter highway carefully people try to drive in these elements and accidents and weather like this go hand in hand. >> a lot of people in larger vehicles and suvs, they think they can get by better than some other cars but we have seen several tractor trailers get into trouble and you'll just have to take my word for it because this happened just a few minutes ago and just a few minutes ago i could see through this limited visibility and it's another jack knifed tractor trailer in cherry hill on the new jersey turnpike southbound and route 73 and right now the visibility got so bad that we can't see it anymore, but it is blocking the right hand lane and throughout our area you are going to encounter not only the snow on the road but limited
4:38 pm
visibility. jim? >> thanks. keep first alert weather close by as this storm plays out. check our news and weather apps plus weather alerts and they're delivered right to your smartphone or your tablet. >> and if you can be patient and think half full relief is in sight eventually from this winter storm. >> there is more danger ahead to tell you about. as the mercury falls things will freeze up and that will make travel overnight. countous to watch local highways and roads and give you updates on conditions outside all afternoon and into the evening. we'll be right back.
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a snow covered deck in camden, new jersey. officials say don't cancel your plans this weekend. all of the snow should be removed for tours on saturday and sunday. >> not all hands on deck out
4:42 pm
there right now. a lot of you are sharing your winter storm experiences with us on social media. vince love tansia. >> jim took this time lapse and this is the second time he's shovelled today and an awful lot of snow for the second time and emilia posted this talk about the quintessential philly product you are and he snapped this at pretzel park over there and the snow was so high in aaron's backyard that her pup eddie almost reached almost his stomach and he doesn't seem too thrilled about it all. we have a ton of photos and videos on the app and nbc and share yours with us and we'll be sharing more on nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> some dogs like the snow though. christine maddela on her instagram had a cool video of someone pulling their child on
4:43 pm
the sled and their dog at the same time. some cool images people are putting out. >> multitasking. >> and they're reaching the nbc 10 news crews are covering storms and their impact. >> count on nbc 10 to keep you informed. storm force 10 is on the road in fran conia and this warning, it is getting colder much colder and that will make roads dangerous. it's amazing. it was 38 degrees this morning and raining and now everything's snowed over. i'll let you know how much longer the snow will continue to be a problem for us. >> that's right. snowfall totals where you live in the exclusive first alert winter storm forecast.
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next 10 first alert weather breaking news. and you had to follow the tire tracks to stay on the road here in lower moreland township this morning. the street was covered almost as much as front yards in that part
4:47 pm
of montgomery county. a plow made it down olive street today while people tried to shovel snow as more just continued to fall. it is that wet, heavy snow that really takes some time to clear. >> yeah but some people like it. like these kids right here. kids from pensville, new jersey got a pretty long run on their sleds today and the adults continue to shovel out parking spots near their homes. >> the question we all want the answer to how far is spring and summer and how much longer do we have to deal with this? >> it feels a long way off right about now. the first alert team is here to answer how long we have to deal with this let's start with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> in a couple of counties the snow is virtually over. it's coming in from the west and coming in pretty quickly. there it is the lehigh valley and brooks county and lancaster county, and it is just about over, but we have a heavy band of snow just right along 295 in
4:48 pm
new jersey. we're getting pounded there. lehigh valley though things are really really diminished and they're getting pounded the most in southern delaware and sussex count pep that's the darkest blue i've seen all day and the heaviest snow of the day and the visibility is way up to the north and way down from philadelphia southward a quarter mile and that's heavy snow. and watch how low the visibility is down south and georgetown delaware atlantic city and you're getting heavy snow right now and official reports close to ten inches and we've got an unofficial report of ten inches and chester county. devin at 9 and coatesville at 8 and in new jersey again, these are some of the official reports as of about an hour ago. new reports will be coming in as we go through the evening and i think we'll see multiple reports of ten inches plus but the snow is about over.
4:49 pm
it's really going to get bitter cold out there and meteorologist sheena parveen will tell us how cold. >> that's right. we are talking about near record cold as we go through tonight and this will cause another problem on the road into tomorrow morning for the morning commute since a lot of people most likely hopefully will not be on the interstates for the evening commute tonight. this will re-freeze any slush around and any snow that's tried to half way melt. it will re-freeze tonight. already about 19 degrees. these are dropping fast. it's 21 degrees in philadelphia northeast philly and wilmington and 24 millville and dover. as we go through tonight, the issue will be the roadways again with ice on them. as far as the record cold tonight, that is in the forecast, too. the forecast for atlantic city is 8 degrees and philadelphia 9, philadelphia 9, redding, trenton, 4 degrees and these will all be record low temperatures if we hit these numbers which we do expect to hit these numbers and the arctic
4:50 pm
air will be re-freezing everything tonight. the snow will be ending early this evening and record cold will be setting in late tonight and temperatures will be in the single digits. so at least the snow will be clearing up in the next few hours, but we will be dealing with the cold tomorrow but we will be dry tomorrow so sunny skies, bitter cold and 23 to 26 degrees and the weekend will make up for this a lot. going into saturday 33 degrees and by sunday not as cold and 46 degrees and we gain afternoon sun light with moving our clocks forward one our and going into next week 55 degrees and wednesday and thursday the average high is actually 49 degrees so that's not too far off and more details on the snow totals and the timing coming up. all right, sheena thanks. >> we have breaking news coming in where we understand a philadelphia police officer has been shot. 22 not and lehigh in north philadelphia. >> we don't know the officer's condition and he's been rushed
4:51 pm
to temple hospital. we do have several rue crews on the scene and we don't know if anyone lz been apprehended and the circumstances leading up to it. a police officer has been shot at 22nd in lehigh and we are sending multiple crews. >> we are also making phone calls and checking with our sources so we'll continue to watch this story and bring you updates as we get more information. we will take a break now. to this now, it's called the greatest show on earth. >> not everyone believes that, though. after years of pressure the most famous circle of all, circus of all, rather is making changes. it involves some of their performers.
4:52 pm
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italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta.
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4:55 pm
all right. we have updated information on the news of a police officer shot in north philadelphia. we now hear that two people have been arrested in that shooting. >> the location of this was at 22nd and lehigh. we don't know the officer's condition. we are being told that he was taken to temple hospital and we will have crews that are headed to that scene right now and they will have live updates shortly for you. to this now, philadelphia mayor michael nutter delivered his final budget address to council and as expected it includes a hike in property taxes. the mayor wants to raise property taxes by 9.3%. the average homeowner's bill would end up climbing about $100 a year. nbc 10 first reported the expected hike yesterday, but the mayor made it official when he addressed city council this afternoon and the money will help fund the city schools and it requested $103 from the city. the mayor knows the idea of more
4:56 pm
taxes is unpopular. >> let me say very clearly, i don't want to raise your taxes, but i do want to educate our children. >> city leaders say if the governor's proposed statewide property tax decrease passes philadelphia homeowners could pay less in 2017 than they're paying right now. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey announces plans to remove asian elephants from the traveling circus performances. all elephants will be moved by 2018 and they'll join 40 other elephants at a conservation in florida. this comes after the treatment of animals for traveling circuses. >> that's nbc 10 news at 4:00. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's keith jones. >> we're keeping track of that news in philadelphia. a police officer has been shot. two people have been arrested. we're working on the details right now and getting you the latest information and we'll bring you that next at 5:00 as
4:57 pm
our reporters get to the scene at 22nd and lehigh. we've been calling it for days. nbc 10 first alert weather tracking our first storm of the season, and we'll show you how conditions are changing but we have bitter cold coming after this storm, right, sheena? >> that's right. we are still seeing the snow falling across a good portion of the area and some of the heaviest still falling and still accumulating. i'll show you how much more you can expect when all of this comes to an end and that's coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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. we are following breaking news in north philadelphia. we are being told that a philadelphia police officer has been shot. this happened at 22nd and lehigh streets. crews are taking that officer to temple hospital. >> we have no word yet on the officer's condition. we are working really hard to find that. we have two confirmed people that have been arrested. we have several crews on the way to the scene. what you're hearing right now, as a matter of fact, nbc 10's george spencer is right there and he just arrived at the scene and it's 22nd and lehigh. set the stage for us. what do you see? >> we are just rolling up on lehigh avenue at 21st which is where police have stopped traffic and not letting us get any closer to this scene. what we've confirmed with police officials is two people have been arrested as it relates


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