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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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. we are following breaking news in north philadelphia. we are being told that a philadelphia police officer has been shot. this happened at 22nd and lehigh streets. crews are taking that officer to temple hospital. >> we have no word yet on the officer's condition. we are working really hard to find that. we have two confirmed people that have been arrested. we have several crews on the way to the scene. what you're hearing right now, as a matter of fact, nbc 10's george spencer is right there and he just arrived at the scene and it's 22nd and lehigh. set the stage for us. what do you see? >> we are just rolling up on lehigh avenue at 21st which is where police have stopped traffic and not letting us get any closer to this scene. what we've confirmed with police officials is two people have been arrested as it relates to this officer who was shot here.
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we do know that police commissioner ramsey we are being told is on his way to this shooting scene. obviously, like everywhere else across the region this afternoon, this area is blanketed by snow. so in addition to the heavy police presence out here we are looking at just snow-covered street but a large police presence again. as i was saying we are about a block away from where we believe the shooting actually occurred. they are holding the media back at 21st street and lehigh and the police presence as you would imagine in a situation like this out here is very significant, but other than police because it is such a snowy day in terms of pedestrians and other crowds that's relatively limited. we are just getting here and working to get some information and we'll bring that to you just as soon as we get it. >> george i know this is such a fluid situation and so much more that we have to learn. we have been told as you have echoed that two people have been taken into custody. do we know if they're looking
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for other people at this point, any suspects out there? or do they have everyone who they were trying to apprehend? >> jacqueline, that part is not totally clear. as you know, we know the number of people who have been arrested and one police officer has been shot. the police response is still evolving. actually, i'm looking at 21st and lehigh and more police officers are still showing up here. you may hear in the background plowing the streets and this is how stuff happens to unfold sometimes, dealing with the snow and the heavy police presence out here. you can't make it up but certainly a significant response and the response by philadelphia police is still growing at this moment. >> we want to reiterate, the officer who was shot was taken to temple university hospital. we are still ascertaining exactly how that officer is doing. oftentimes when you get to a scene like that are police concentrating on a building or concentrating on the intersection that we see here on the screens?
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it appears we just lost george spencer. he is there live on the scene at 22nd and lehigh where a police officer of the philadelphia police department has been shot. >> we do want to go to nbc 10 anchor jeff rosenfield to provide more information for us. >> i checked with our assignment desk and they've been getting new information and i did not hear exactly what george just told you. the name of the shopping center where this took place we are told is hope plaza. it's across from dobbins high school and school not in session. we are talking to someone at a nearby mcdonald's there was a bunch of police and there was a shootout in the parking lot at the hope plaza shopping center. once again, this happening at 22nd and lehigh in north philadelphia. we do have a map to show you exactly where this is and it
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happened at 4:45 this afternoon and the officer shot and taken to temple hospital and we don't know his condition right now. we've also been told that the police commissioner is on his way to the scene. we also expect he would obviously be checking on the officer's condition at the hospital and we'll keep our ear out for that and bring you more information, and we don't know the circumstances that led to the shooting and apparently outside in the parking lot at the hope plaza shopping center across from the high school this afternoon in this snowy weather. we'll continue to work the phones and continue to work our sources and continue to bring you this information on the police officer shot this afternoon and we'll update you as we get that information. for now, jim rosen fooeldzfield in the digital center. >> we conducted an interview and he is the co-chair there at the national task force and the goal there, of course was to improve the relationship with the community and now today, a few
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hours after our interview this happens. a police officer shot and sent to temple university hospital. we'll get to the bottom of this story and get you details as soon as possible. >> we have numerous crews headed to that scene and while we are getting more information on that we will continue with the other big story which is the weather and first alert weather has been put in place here at nbc 10. we know many areas have now seen their biggest snowstorm of the season. >> the snow is starting to taper off to the west but don't let your guard down just yet. >> no. bitter cold weather will set in tonight. everything that's on the ground right now will freeze making roads and sidewalks very dangerous. >> nbc 10 first alert weather team is spread across the region to bring you the latest information in your neighborhood. let's begin with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> the snow may be ending but we need to be on alert because of the drop in temps. >> it really depends where you live because if you're in south jersey and delaware some of the snow has just started falling, but if you're in the lehigh
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valley this snow is ending pretty quickly. here's a look at the radar now and the heaviest snow through parts of the jersey shore and southern delaware and then you see it breaking up areas north and west of philadelphia. we'll zoom into philadelphia and bucks county and we see 5 to 8.5 inches. philadelphia area still seeing snow across the major interstates and 4.5 to 6 inches so far and we could be seeing 1 to 3 inches more and that's where you also see the darker shade of purp ole thele on the radar. and ocean county salem and cumberland counties and this is more decent snowfall falling for sure and one to three inches so far and this continues to accumulate and 2 to 4 more inches in these areas especially as we get into southern delaware and into parts of northern delaware we see 2 to 4.7 inches so far and this includes salem and cumberland county too, and
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we could see 2 to 3 more inches into the evening hours and 2 to 3 more inches more than what we've already seen. here is a look at the big picture and the storm is starting to make its way offshore and that's why it's moving from west to east. we still have a while left until it does so. if you are in south jersey and delaware and let's walk through time here as we go through the next couple of hours and we still expect it to snow in south jersey and delaware. we'll see more of an end to the snow and we'll see some clearing by 9:00 especially and everyone should be clearing out of the snow by 9:00 p.m. tonight and then those temperatures keep dropping and right now we are well below freezing which will lead us to icy roads into tomorrow morning and we'll talk more about that and near-record lows and a decent week shaping up for us. >> it took a while to get there and the snow has definitely arrived on the jersey shore. >> lead's check in with new jersey shore reporter ted greenberg and it is still coming
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down steadily ted. >> reporter: it really is, jackie and keith. we still have heavy snow here. it also feels quite a bit colder than it was a couple of hours ago and i put the ruler in the snow and we're now pretty close to five inches and it is continuing to come down. take a look at the black horse pike right here. it is still very much snow covered. obviously, not everyone is able to stay at home right now. so for those actually out on the roads tonight, the evening commute continues to get worse. >> reporter: a line of snowplows trying toen coup up withkeep up with the snow. >> slippery and everything underneath the snow is turning into ice. >> reporter: snow began falling on long beach island and areas to the south. roads quickly became dangerous
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in barnigat township spilled more than 100 bottles of oxygen all over the road and no one was hurt. this suv slid off the black horse pike and hit a utility pole. no injuries there either. >> the last one for the year i hope e though. i think everybody is feeling the same way, though. >> reporter: i would say i agree with him on that. i just spoke with a woman not too long ago who was commuting home to atlantic city from philadelphia. she said it was long. it was treacherous, but she is almost there. live in hamilton township i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> and we've been telling you about this breaking news of of a philadelphia police officer who was shot. we want to take you to george spencer now. >> that's right, george we finally have a picture now of the scene. 22nd and lehigh. what are you seeing? >> reporter: keith, i first want to tell you that we've confirmed that the police officer who was
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injured was from the 22nd district. meanwhile, live pictures right now. we are at 21st and lehigh where we have been watching the police presence grow even in the 5 to 10 minutes that we've been on this scene. the basic information about what we know happened here behind the mcdonald's you see in front of you is that one police officer was shot. he was rushed to temple hospital. we know that two people have since been arrested and i can tell you in the minutes since we've been on scene we did see police officers walking at least one young man into a cruiser and take him away from the scene. i do not know if that is one of the two people they are considering connected to this case or if that's somebody that's just a person of interest, but obviously, the scene is still growing. as i mentioned when we were on the phone, we are expecting police commissioner ramsey in the next couple of minutes to update us on what he knows. again, this is in the hope plaza shopping center which is directly across from dobbins high school. the high school was empty today.
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no students there, but this is a shopping plaza that would have been relatively busy on any other day if it were not for this snow. as you're looking at these live pictures you can see aside from the significant police response the streets are very quiet and not a lot of people out, but we not that whatever happened happened in the parking lot of this shopping center and we're working to get more information out here on the scene as this continues to unfold. >> george some new information that we got via email from our assignment desk a suspect, one of them, at least, two guys were arrested is being transported to einstein hospital with a gun shot wound of his own. >> a witness told our digital team that like you just said a shootout might have taken place inside that parking lot. are there many people around that scene? >> reporter: keith, repeat that question, if you would for me? >> a witness told our digital
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team that there was some sort of shootout that took place in that parking lot there behind you. we see the officers walking through it right now. do you see any residents out and about? i know the snow might keep people from coming out of the buildings. >> reporter: right, keith. the good news in this at least as a result of this snow appears to be that the immediate area was relatively quiet. i am learning out here on the scene as we're piecing this together that the gamestop store which is kind of strds the back of this complex in the distance beyond the mcdonald's, i think we can see it through some snow-covered trees is apparently where this shooting originated where all of this action began, and we don't know if it actually occurred inside the gamestop building or perhaps right in the parking lot directly outside. those are the pieces we're still working to put together but it does seem the game stop store in this hope plaza shopping center is where the action originated with this police-involved
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shooting. keith, they are just beginning to activate the scene. you can see the live pictures as they put up the police tape around this crime scene at this moment. >> i don't know, george if you heard the first part of what keith said before that a suspect is being transported, we are told, to einstein hospital with a gun shot wound. have you heard any details? i know it's getting louder there. have you heard details about the shootout or the circumstances that may have led to this officer being shot? >> reporter: we don't know about that jacqueline as i mentioned and i hope i was clear at the top of the live shot this is an officer byof the 22nd district and we don't know if it was a steakout or if it occurred randomly in the process of the officer's duty but like i say, it does seem increasingly clear that the gamestop store which is to the back of the shopping center and you can see in these live pictures crime scene units
5:14 pm
rolling up and proceeding into the crime scene here but as i was saying the game stop store at the back of this complex a meres to be where the center of the action was. >> and you can see police officers just arriving from multiple units as one of their own was shot today there in north philadelphia 22nd and lehigh. we'll check back in with you, george. two suspects are in custody. that's what we know right now. we don't know the condition of the officer. >> we don't and we'll continue to bring you more information as we get it and continue to stay on this story when we come back from this break.
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we have breaking news in north philadelphia. we have confirmed a police officer has been shot. this is a live picture right now. it happened here in the intersection of 21st and lehigh. we don't know the officer's condition. that's what's most important right now just that he works in the 22nd district and was rushed to temple university hospital. >> we do want to go to nbc 10 anchor jim rosenfield. we know this took place near dobbins high school. fortunately, that high school was not in session and we're hearing about a game stop there as well. >> keith and jacqueline if we can go back to the live picture from spencer's crew. the mcdonald's in the shopping center and we are being asked to move. this is a fluid situation, but
5:18 pm
we did speak to a witness in a mcdonald's right there who told us there was a shootout in the parking lot. >> this scene seems to be centered around outside, perhaps, inside perhaps, or both the game stop store which is behind that mcdonald's in the hope plaza shopping center. again, two people now in the hospital. one of them a philadelphia police officer. we don't know his condition and he's at temple hospital and nbc 10 nefertiti jaquez is on her way to the hospital to gather more information for us on the officer's condition. the officer has been shot and we know two people are in custody and one of those two, a suspect has been taken to einstein hospital with a gun shot wound. again, we don't know that suspect's condition either but we have a crew on the way to einstein hospital as well. these live pictures that you see from the cameraman giving the thumbs up that they've been able to establish here. you see the crime scene tape outside the game stop store and telling the digital team that
5:19 pm
there was a bunch of police officers outside, and there was a shootout at about 4:45 p.m. at 22nd and lehigh. we have also been told that the officer works out of the 22 rnd district. we are expecting to get an update from police commissioner ramsey at some point from the scene here and when he brings us that information we will of course, bring it to you, as well. we don't know the circumstances that led up to this shooting but i'm just being handed a note telling us that the officer is in extremely critical condition. again, new information here. the officer who has been shot out of the 22nd district is at temple hospital in extremely critical condition and a dire situation with one of philadelphia's own being shot this afternoon. as we get more information, of course we'll pass it along to you and for now i'm jim rosenfield. >> george spencer is live there, too. we'll continue to go back and forth as he continues to gather. >> as you can imagine, so many
5:20 pm
police officers there arriving to support one of their own. they'll move our cameras around and it will be a bit hectic and one philadelphia police officer is in extremely critical condition after being shot in north philly. >> when you see the businesses and hear discussion go game stop you wonder how many businesses were open and school was not in session at dobbins high school because the fast food areas would have been much more crowded than they were today and the high school flow over would have been busy. we have crews at temple hospital and crews at the scene of the shooting. back to the weather coverage. today's winter storm are storm was the biggest snowfall and now phase, two the record cold tonight. >> dangerous cold moving in. >> meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us. where is itting snowing right now the most sheena? >> south jersey and delaware there is quite an edge to the snow and it is getting closer to
5:21 pm
philadelphia pretty quickly and we will be seeing a very big break for this but we are still watching heavier snow in south jersey and in delaware. obviously, the lighter snow well up to the north and west where we've seen a very fast cut off only in the past 30 minutes and we've seen a lot of improvements through the lehigh valley and heavy snow is staying to the south and we do expect it to stay to the south and we don't expect the snow move into the lehigh valley and huge break from this snow and we don't expect too much more. as for montgomery and bucks county we see five to 8 1/2 inches so far and we could see lower bucks and lower montgomery counties if another band of snow moves back in as some of the models are trying to suggest and surrounding suburbs in new jersey we're seeing 4 1/2 to 6 inches and we could see 1 to 3 inches if the dry air doesn't move in too quickly which it appears that it is at this moment for south jersey and parts of delaware we've seen 2 1/2 to 5 inches so far.
5:22 pm
2 to 4 inches expected still in south jersey where that heavier snow is falling especially in southern delaware where you see the darker blue and that's the heavier snow. in parts of northern delaware we've been seeing 4.7 inches. we are watching this back edge and there you see the heavier snow trying to stream into southern delaware and an area of snow growth that we are watching just to the north and west of the lehigh valley and we'll be paying close attention to that and future weather trying to move this out and not until 8:00 for the entire area and by 9:00 we are dry and we are dry overnight, but the one concern will be icy spots, tomorrow morning, by midnight tonight we should be in the teens and single digits north and west ice developing tomorrow morning will be cold and we are talking about near record cold temperatures when you wake up in the morning and it is going to be a very cold day. here are the temperatures well below freezing 23 in
5:23 pm
philadelphia and 23 degrees in millville and these numbers will keep dropping. atlantic city, philadelphia wilmington and reading and trenton, these will all be record low temperatures and this is one thing again that will be cause for concern with ice for tomorrow morning's commute so that could make things pretty dangerous on the roadways once again. snow ends early this evening and we'll see the record cold setting in late tonight. sunny, but a bitter cold day tomorrow. 23 to 26 degrees and at least we are dry tomorrow. saturday and sunday we're dry and spring forward one hour sunday morning and then we go into next week and we're rebounding into the 50s. >> the news dominating this evening. a philadelphia police officer has been shot. he is currently listed in extremely critical condition. we'll have the most on this story in just a bit. we have a team of reporters there at that scene. we'll be right back.
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updating you now on breaking news from north philadelphia. this is a live picture from the scene. we have confirmed that a police officer has been shot and is in extremely critical condition. it happened here near the intersection of 21st and lehigh in north philly. we do know the officer works in the 22nd district. after the shooting he was rushed to temple university hospital. we also know that two people were taken into custody in relation to the shooting.
5:27 pm
one of those individuals was taken to einstein hospital with a gun shot wound. we don't know his condition or what led up to the shooting that took place in hope plaza near that gamestop that you're looking at right now that is behind a mcdonald's. again, a philadelphia police officer listed in extremely critical condition being treated at temple university hospital. two people in custody and one of them in the hospital. we'll keep you updated and be right back.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> the breaking news a philadelphia police officer has been shot and wounded in north philadelphia. he's currently listed in extremely critical condition. two people are in custody. >> nbc 10's george spencer is live at that scene and joins us now with the very latest. george what have you been able to learn in the time you've been there? >> jacqueline, the gravity of this is very serious. we can tell you in the past half hour philadelphia police have completely shut down this block of lehigh avenue. their entire investigative apparatus is out here and we're learning that the game stop store towards the back of this hope plaza shopping center right along 21st street was the center of this terrible action this afternoon. in the past half hour i've actually seen still photos of the front of that store which showed the glass windows in front completely shattered out and according to sources here on the scene there were actually customers inside that store who may have been trapped during
5:31 pm
this melee. at the end of that melee we know one philadelphia police officer was left in extremely critical condition with serious injuries right now at temple hospital. >> two people have been arrested. since we were on the scene right at about 5:00 we actually witnessed philadelphia police taking away one young man out front of this mcdonald's and putting him into a cruiser. we do not know if that is one of the two suspects arrested in connection with this but the investigation here as it relates to the police department's investigation of what happened is clearly just wrapping up. we are expecting a police commissioner out here in the coming minutes to brief his crews on what happened and eventually speak to us. the one, perhaps, fortunate element in this is the fact that because of the heavy snow and increasingly cold temperatures this shopping plaza seems like it was relatively quiet this afternoon, but in terms of
5:32 pm
official details that is all that we've learned at this point. this is certainly still an unfolding situation. we're hoping to get more official information once the police commissioner gets out here on scene. that is the latest live in north philadelphia. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> george do we have any idea who might have sparked that shooting. 22nd and lehigh streets and george is at 21st and lehigh streets. he just reported it took inside that game stop there in the parking lot. george we see your live picture once again. do we have any idea what sparked the shooting? >> reporter: keith, that's what i've been trying to get to the bottom of asking around on this scene. was this some sort of stake out? this was a random interaction that this 22nd district police officer had just during the course of his regular duties? we do not know yet, but toward the game stop if we press in up there you can see that is clearly where philadelphia police are zoning their
5:33 pm
investigative efforts at that point and we're keeping track of it and we'll keep you up-to-date. back to you guys. >> we have numerous crews who were headed to that scene also live there on the scene is nbc 10's mitch blocker who is joining us now. what have you been able to learn about this? >> reporter: we've been talking to the folks in the parking lot of that game stop and they basically said they not only heard a shot but they also -- they ran out of the area when they heard that shot. there were people in the back of the shopping center. this is a thrift way shopping center who were evacuated. we are still learning more about what these folks saw and what they heard and this is.normally what happens in the area and they come through this way in the game stop in the mcdonald's often. the several people we talked to they were trying to get back
5:34 pm
through the parking lot and to their families. reporting live mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> this is a grave situation and so clear just taking a look at that scene. as we've been reporting, one philadelphia police officer has been shot and he's currently in extremely critical condition and he's at temple university hospital. >> george told us that the shooting actually took place inside that game stop and we are seeing so much activity there and officers and investigators that are inside that store poring over it. he even said he saw a picture at the front of the game stop and the window just shattered. in the center of this is the philadelphia officer who is in extremely critical condition and taken to temple university hospital and that's where we have nbc 10 nefertiti jaquez there. have you been able to learn anything about his condition? >> reporter: sadly, we have just learned from three independent sources that the officer has passed away. the officer was rushed here to
5:35 pm
temple hospital with a gun shot wound to the head. the mood here is a somber one because there was nothing doctors could do to save his life. we are told that police officer, that 22nd district police officer as george was saying was shot over a 22nd and lehigh. the hospital here with the stream of officers family and friends rushing here in this extremely bad weather just trying to get to that officer's side. we are told at this point that other districts are actually sending cops to patrol the 22nd district so that 22nd district officers can come out here to pay their respects to the officer. again, it is a very somber mood. we will continue to bring you the very latest and we are live outside temple university hospital nefertiti jaquez nbc 10 news. >> a grave situation taking place and nefertiti jaquez there. this is a grave situation. a philadelphia police officer has been shot according to
5:36 pm
nefertiti jaquez she talked to three different sources who confirmed to her just how serious the situation is that the officer has passed away. that's according to nefertiti jaquez and the three sources that she spoke with it's a situation that we hate to report here at nbc 10 and north philadelphia is where this took place, and right now, commissioner, charles ramsey he's on the way to the scene and we hope to get more details here and more details on what led up to this shooting and we do know that two people have been taken into custody and we'll have more information on that. now changing to our other of the day which is our weather. >> first alert weather coverage almost ten straight hours of heavy snow and record cold temperature tchs ss will follow. >> as the wet snow begins to freeze. we'll check in with meteorologist sheena parveen with an update on first alert weather. >> we're finally seeing the system move out? >> for parts of the area we are
5:37 pm
finally seeing the system move out or at least the snow, and another area of snow trying to develop north and west but for south jersey and delaware we are still seeing the snow falling and accumulating and however, a cutoff quickly moving into the city of philadelphia now, chester county and parts of montgomery, most of bucks county already drying out from the snow and the cutoff right through the philadelphia wear and the snow still falling along the shore in south jersey and this continues into delaware and for southern delaware this is where we're seeing some heavier snowfall now. the accumulations in these areas are still occurring and here's that area of snow i told you i was still watching around harrisburg approaching the poconos and this is another area of snow that appears to be popping up on the radar. another area of snow growth behind the main area as this entire storm system starts to move out and i don't know if you noticed, but it is updating here and we are watching this line continue to grow. there you see it. it's not very impressive and a heavy line of snow but it is a
5:38 pm
line of snow behind the main storm system and this whole storm system will be moving offshore as we go into this evening and we'll see more clearing. as far as the snow totals in new jersey, mount laurel saw 6 1/2 inches and mantua six inches and we have seen quite a bit of snow falling already and we'll continue to see more snow accumulating in new jersey and delaware especially and some record low temperatures as we go through tonight. coming up we'll talk more about the times of the snow and how cold it will get, too. >> our first alert team coverage goes down the jersey shore. >> nbc 10's jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in hamilton township atlanta county. it doesn't look like the situation has changed over the hours that you've been there, ted. >> reporter: well jackie and keith, the snow is continuing to come down maybe not as hard as it was an hour or so ago, but still snowing, nonethelesses and getting deeper. we have about five inches of snow at least on the ground here at hamilton township. you take a look at the black
5:39 pm
horse pike. still some folks out here on the road for the evening commute and certainly much quieter than normal, but a slick one for those unable to stay inside right now. >> i just spoke to a woman who was commuting home from atlantic city to philadelphia. >> long treacherous, but people seem to be going at a really good speed. everybody was taking their time and trying to get where they needed to be safely. >> and there is underneath some of this snow there is quite a bit of slush especially out on the sidewalks and emergency management officials, they are concerned that that slush is going to freeze solid as the temperatures continue to go down tonight. so they are hoping that people will take extreme caution if they have to go out on the roads. they would certainly hope if people don't have to drive they would stay home. live in hamilton township. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
5:40 pm
more coverage. two big stories, the weather and also a philadelphia police officer shot. we'll have more on both stories when we come back.
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5:42 pm
breaking news in north philadelphia, live pictures here. we have confirmed a police officer has been shot and is in extremely critical condition. it happened here near the intersection of 21st and lehigh and the 22nd district was rushed to temple university hospital. we also know that two people were taken into custody. one of the individuals was taken to einstein hospital with a gun shot wound. we don't know his or her condition or what led up to the shooting that took place inside hope plaza inside that game stop right there. we have a team of reporters on the scene in north philadelphia and a reporter at temple university hospital. we are working on new details including the condition of the officer and awaiting from official word from philadelphia police and stay with nbc 10 as
5:43 pm
we continue to gather the latest on this officer shot in north philadelphia. compromise? middle ground? does it really look like we're holding anything back?
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a lot of activity at 22nd and lehigh in north philadelphia where a philadelphia police officer was shot. all of that activity taking place in hope plaza at a game stop here. >> nbc 10's george spencer has been gathering details. george, what's the very latest? >> keith, we are still awaiting some sort of official update from police officers out here at the scene of this investigation çchul is that this is a grave and very serious investigation simply by the investigators we're seeing show up here from the philadelphia police department.
5:46 pm
it is clear that they'll go over every detail and every piece of evidence where one of their own was shot. the two people in custody by the looks of it it does not seem that they are hunting for any additional suspects out here on this scene. we do know that two people have been arrested. the hope would be that the two people at the center of this. right now we're awaiting an official update as i said. we are hoping that the police commissioner is going to be speaking with us when he arrives here, but obviously, a very serious situation. investigators from all corners of the philadelphia police department are out here capturing every piece of evidence they can at what has turned into quite a large crime scene. we're talking about a shopping center that is really most of a city block here that is now completely locked down as their investigation unfolds. guys? >> so the big update there doesn't appear to be a man hunt happening. the two people that they do have
5:47 pm
in custody appear to be the people responsible for the shootout that took place in hope plaza inside that game stop that resulted in one officer being shot. >> we know that area in hope plaza would have been much busier if school had been in session at nearby dobbins high school and we know that the businesses there would have been much busier had the weather not been what it is today. that is the other big story, the weather conditions. >> our biggest snowfall so far of the winter. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. where is this thing and are we close to this thing being out of here? >> there is another area of snow developing over the poconos and over the lehigh valley. so if you were in the allentown area and anywhere in the lehigh valley and yah thought the snow stopped and you see light snow falling that's what we're seeing on radar right now, but there is a huge lull in this in the philadelphia area points north and west with the heavier snow still in south jersey and delaware. i don't think the second band of snow up toward the north and
5:48 pm
west would become heavy and we could be seeing light snow showers entering parts of the lehigh valley including brooks county and very light snow and less than an inch across this band and much of brooks and bucks county and the philadelphia area in delaware county, huge break right now as for montgomery and bucks county we've seen 5 to 8.5 inches so far in that area and same thing through much of the lehigh valley and, 4 1/2 to 6 inches so far where on the radar, you see we're in quite a break here and this is really the edge of a majority of the snow but the snow continues just into much of new jersey all of the way to the shore across the expressway with heavier snow right around cape may. along the shore we've seen 2 to 5 inches so far depending on where you are and we could see 2 to 4 inches more but we are going too keep watching that back edge and it could start to move in to south jersey and delaware. we're seeing the heavier snow to the south and the lighter snow
5:49 pm
to the north and 2 to 4.7 inches so far and we could rack up a couple more inches before this thing is said and done. the snowfall is tending to linger now in delaware and south jersey and that secondary snow band we're watching up to the north should be staying fairly light. the bulk of the moisture is down to the south, but this entire storm system is going to be moving offshore in the next few hours here. so here's a look at future weather and we're starting right now in time and there you see the snow south jersey and delaware continues for 7:00 and by 8:00 9:00 we should start to see the back edge moving into new jersey and delaware fairly quickly. by 9:00 we expect to be done with the snow and overnight tonight, it gets cold. by midnight 1:00 in the morning and well below freezing through the rest of the area and this will cause for ice to be developing and any slush on the roadways and that will all be re-freezing and take a look at the early morning hours tomorrow. your morning commute, again the concern and any snow left on the
5:50 pm
road and any ice developing because temperatures will be well below freezing. take a look at temperatures right now. they've been dropping quickly throughout the day. 21 in allentown and 19 degrees in redding and 18 pottstown. 21 in philadelphia and 22 millville and atlantic city. we will not be warming up and we will not be seeing the snow melting and we will only be seeing the snow left over which we will have re-freezing and causing dangerous conditions tomorrow morning. record cold is also in the forecast in the morning, too. atlantic city, philadelphia and wilmington wilmington, we should be 8 or 9 degrees in the morning hours and these would be record low temperatures because the records are a few degrees above this and we do expect to be a little bit below this. aside from the snow today, it is going to get very cold as you wake up tomorrow morning. so for the rest of the evening the snow will be ending for new jersey and delaware in the next few hours and big improvements right now for the lehigh valley and the poconos even though we're seeing lighter snow
5:51 pm
showers. record cold and 9 for the low in philadelphia and 3 for the north and west and it will be dry and it will also be cold and 23 to 26 for the high temperature. we will see plenty of sunshine and that will be a big improvement and more improvement as we go into the weekend and 33 degrees and we stay dry saturday and sunday and mid-40s, not nearly as cold and fairly mild and we spring the clock forward one hour at 2:00 a.m. sunday and we lose an hour of sleep and gain the afternoon sun light as we finally get closer to spring going into next week. temperatures by tuesday, 48 degrees and wednesday and thursday mid-50s. it looks like we have a nice dry stretch in the negligence seven days and the mid-50s is not extremely warm and the average high is actually 49 degrees for this time of the year. coming up we'll talk about the snow and how much you can expect for the rest of the evening and the timing as we go through tonight. >> we've been reporting this breaking news and an officer with serious injuries after
5:52 pm
being shot in north philadelphia. two people are in custody. >> we have more live coverage on the breaking news and the conditions of those injured and what led up to that shooting. that and our continuing weather coverage with dangerously cold air moving in after the biggest snowfall this season which we had today. that and more when we come back.
5:53 pm
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breaking news in north philadelphia. we have confirmed a police
5:55 pm
officer has been shot. it happened here near the intersection of 21st and lehigh. we know the officer works in the 22nd district and was rushed to temple university hospital. >> we know two people were taken into custody. one of those individuals was taken to einstein hospital with a gun shot wound. we don't know his condition or where he was shot or what led up to the shooting that took place in hope plaza inside that game stop store which you see right there and all of that police activity. that is where the shooting apparently took place. >> we do have a team in north philadelphia who are headed to that scene to try to get as much information and find out exactly what led up to this and the conditions of all of those involved who were shot. we also have reporters who are being sent to temple university hospital where that officer was taken and we also know that one of the suspects was taken to einstein hospital and his condition unknown. >> the full story for you is coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00 from our team of reporters throughout the area heading to
5:56 pm
north philadelphia as this officer was shot once there at 21st and lehigh.
5:57 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. breaking news in north philadelphia. as we've been reporting, a philadelphia police officer has been shot this afternoon. two people right now in custody. >> this happened about an hour and a half ago at 22nd and lehigh streets. this location is close to dobbins technical high school
5:58 pm
which was not in session because of the weather today. >> nbc 10's george spencer is live at the scene of the shooting at the shopping center in north philadelphia. >> george there has been a lot of activity pat game stop in hope plaza which is behind you. do we know what led up to the shooting? >> reporter: that's what we're still working on jacqueline but the scene here incredibly grave. over the past hour that we've been on the scene we've watched every element of the philadelphia police department converging on the game stop that you see in these live pictures. that is where a 22nd district police officer was shot and seriously wounded this afternoon. >> we know that the shooting happened apparently right in the front of the game stop store. >> i've seen pictures that show a shattered-out front window of the game stop. game stop corporate have told us that none of their employees were injured and they would also not confirm whether any customers were inside the store of the time of the shooting.
5:59 pm
we do believe that somewhere in this shopping mradzplaza there were cameras that may have captured some of this. we can also confirm that two people have been arrested in this immediate area of hope plaza in connection with this police officer's shooting and based on what we've been seeing since we've been on the ground it does not appear there is an active man hunt. in the end we have one police officer and very seriously injured. we have two people who were taken into custody and an entire city block here on lockdown as the philadelphia police work to investigate this crime. back to you guys. >> george i know at some point we are expecting to hear more word come from the police commissioner and no word yet on when we might expect that right? >> reporter: we have been on the scene, like i said jim, for an hour and we have not gotten any word of any briefing. what i can tell you very clearly as you can see in these live picture is they are keeping everyone including pedestrians, away from this very large crime
6:00 pm
scene here. it is quite clear that philadelphia police are digging in for a very serious and very important investigation here. they will update the media and the public as they have time but at this point for understandable reasons, that does not seem to be the top priority. >> absolutely. the commissioner most concerned about the condition of his officer who was shot on the scene. thank you, george and our team coverage continues on nbc 10 with mitch blacher. >> mitch, that seems to be the epicenter and you've been able to get fairly close to that game stop. >> we're on the other side of the mcdonald's where george is on the other side of that. we're about 50 to 100 feet from george directly in front of the game stop. there is a stark contrast behind that police tape to where we are standing. the thrift mart grocery store, it is still open right in front of the hope plaza parking


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