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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a philadelphia police officer dies after interrupting a surgery. >> one was shooting out, he was shooting in and running. >> continue an officer's commitment to his city. philadelphia police excourt the body of an officer killed in the line of duty. >> this is officer robert wilson iii who was an eight month veteran of the force. he spoke to nbc 10 about the new department cameras. this afternoon his life came to an end at the same community at a game stop store. tonight the shoot out, how police caught both suspects and the family they leave behind.
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>> george spencer is live at the scene. the snow was still falling here around 4:45 this afternoon. this plaza was a bit quieter than usual, but when the shots rang out, the shoppers here dashed into the grocery store near by. the test of one of philadelphia's finest unfolding just steps away. >> i heard gunshots. >> she first heard what she could later not forget seeing. from this rainbow clothing store, she witnessed the gunfight between robert wilson iii and two alleged robbers. >> we went to the door and she saw a cop out there shooting. >> tonight, charles ramsey tells us he was in full duty an in uniform when he stopped into
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this game stop store. after he was already inside officials say two armed men burst in and announced a robbery. it is not clear if they knew wilson was an officer when he engaged them and gunfire erupted erupted. >> they were both shooting out and he was shooting in and running across the lot. >> officials say wilson fell to the ground being shot at from both sides, but he continued to fire until he was struck by the fatal bullet. his partner, seen here, rushed in and exchanged fire with the men as well. during the shootout one of the suspects was struck by a bullet. for jay rodriguez, it defies explanation. >> it is scarey because it is right next to my job. >> these life pictures showing
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them being held here. the other suspect tried to blend in with the crowd gathering. responding police officers were able to pick him out and take him into custody. live tonight in north philadelphia i'm george spencer nbc 10 news. and then tonight, this. a solemn ritual as they escort officer wilson's body. >> keith jones is where the procession started. >> hundreds of officers brothers sisters, his second family in blue started here at the university hospital and made their way up broad street. it was an icy ride but a warm procession. the thin blue line show cased in philadelphia carrying officer robert wilson the third.
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eight years of service on the force that we first met back in december. >> there isless anything tiff reaction from the community. >> regaining trust, the first words out of his mouth in december when they started tryy out body cameras. >> they record us we get to record them also. they would not say whether he was wearing a body camera this afternoon when he says the father of two was murdered. >> we will never stop never rest, and never take a step back in all of our efforts to make sure that our citizens, business owners kids walking down the street, or anyone else so everyone is safe in this city. >> the 22 educational background district where commissioner ramsey says he met officer wilson and at that point he determined he was the perfect
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philadelphia police officer. >> we apologize for that audio problem. we know officer wilson helped train new officers in the department. tonight his demanding officer reflected on the entire department's loss. >> for the last eight years robert wilson iii served and protected in the 22nd direct. tonight they remember the 30-year-old killed in the line of duty. >> he was outstanding. a leader of his squad. this is a sad day for the officers that i command. a sad day for the philadelphia police department and for philadelphia. >> he had a 9-year-old boy and a 1-year-old. >> and the last philadelphia officer to lose his life was officer moses walker. he was shot and killed after he finished his shift on august
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18th 2012. he was walking to a bus stop in civilian clothing. as officer walker drew his gun, he was shot and killed. the gunman were captured. officer wilson's death today comes amid a national debate between police and the community. philadelphia's police commissioner spoke about that and had a message for the city. we'll bring that to you in a few minutes. >> the weather another big story tonight. schools closed tomorrow. >> the city of philadelphia is lifting their snow emergency at midnight, but even though the flakes have stopped falling, we have to contend with a dangerous refreeze. >> sheena there are bitter cold days ahead. >> that's right, we're going to start with the overnight hours because that will be the
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coldest. and the refreeze that you mentioned will happen as we go overnight and even for the morning commute. temperatures well below freezing now, many areas with untreated roads. north and west, 22 philadelphia, low 20s in south jersey and delaware. the roads will be u turning icy. areas north and west in single digits. three degrees in allentown and quaker town. closer to the shore anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees, possibly in vineland. so it is going to be very cold morning and we could be talking about record cold temperatures across the area. atlantic city could match a record. so could philadelphia, reading, and trenton. i'll tell you how much snow we
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saw today and the big changes for the weekend. >> we'll see you then. in addition to school closings on the bottom of your screen we'll send you a personal e-mail or text when we heard about a closing for your school. weather may be to blame for this building collapse a partial building collapse. the roof and a wall of the apartment building tumbled this morning. inspectors say the building is now too dangerous for anyone to go inside. an engineer will decide if it can be repaired or needs to be demolished. >> let's look in north will m wilmington tonight. the refreeze is causing problems in new jersey. >> ted greenberg reports from atlantic city. >> on this frigid night in
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atlantic city the task of making streets and sidewalks safer has become more challenging. >> under the snow because it rained, it's all packed down and there is ice, slush, and tomorrow morning, with the cold weather tonight, it will be like an ice skating rink out here. >> in vineland tonight, involving and slow going where public works crews continue spreading salt. throughout south jersey a difficult evening commute, here in camden county, we found some drivers that just pulled over. sidney phoenix made the long trip home from atlantic city to philadelphia. >> treacherous. >> bill google said he was happy to have the whole street to himself for an evening jog. >> it's all right as long as you stay on the roads. in the know it's a little deep.
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>> this is my first time on the skis. >> how are you making out? >> not very good. >> many south jersey schools are closed tomorrow or having delayed openings. one notable exception is margate. i'm ted greenburg. not many drivers out in glosster. speed is still reduced on the new jersey turnpike. the atlantic city expressway and part of the garden state parkway. refreezing as we said sure to be a problem tonight as the temperatures drop to record lows. penn dot says be prepared for a long commute tomorrow morning. this philadelphia police officer killed during a national debate over police and the community.
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>> a 1-year-old will grow up without his dad because of what happened today. >> what the commissioner wants the city to know about the strength in relationships between neighbors and the force. >> a record cold for your morning rush and roads will be icy. what you can expect on your way to work.
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back to our breaking news. a senseless act. the thursday of robert wilson iii tonight. shot to death while two suspects were trying to rob a video game store. charles ramsey was emotional tonight as he talked about the loss of wilson. >> sometimes as a result seriously injured or murder as a result of trying to protect every single perp in this city.
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i hope we real estate that officers operate in a var dangerous environment. and even though we're subject to criticism, i would hope that the same people that are talking about some of the issues involving police now say a prayer and express condolences to this family and this 9-year-old boy and 1-year-old who will grow up without a dad. >> nbc 10 news will continue to monitor the story overnight and bring you the latest starting at 4:00 a.m. new at 11:00, police at montgomery county are on the lookout for a killer.
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stanley lang shot the victim. they say it was a domestic crime but the suspect is armed and dangerous. a close call when a delta airlines jet went off of the runway and came free from sliding into a bay. crew members and firefighters helped passengers escape. it crashed into an embankment and into a fence if came just feet from the bay. federal investigators will look at the plane's flight data to figure out how it happens. >> harrison ford is in the hospital tonight in serious condition after a plane he was pilot piloting. he had some broken bones and cuts and scrapes.
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he was the only one on that plane. no word why it crashed. and a freight train with hundreds of gallons of oil derailed and burst into flames. tonight worried that oil and contaminants could get in the mississippi river. now investigators are trying to piece together how this happened. tonight we're still feeling the impact of the winter storm at philadelphia international airport. more than 500 fights canceled today. hundreds of others delayed. >> amtrak is also cancelling a handful of trains coming and leaving from 30th street station tomorrow. there are delays because of overhead wire problems from the snow. the big weather story tonight is the refreeze and the bitter cold
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on the way. >> sheena parveen has a look at what's ahead. >> we're talking about much colder testimonies tonight, causing that refreezing to be taking place. as we go through the overnight hours, some of the cold could be record cold by early tomorrow morning. this will cause any snowy roads to become icy roads by tomorrow morning. maybe if your street was plowed the cars are driving over it it could be a sheet of ice by morning. they start to kban more sunlight in the afternoon. temperatures now north and west we're getting colder with that fresh snow on the ground some areas will be in the single digits. 21 in milville 22 in dover. by tomorrow morning, areas north and west could be around 3
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degrees. i think that will be some of our coldest temperatures. philadelphia coming in with sunshine and still some icy roads. and for new jersey and delaware icy and snowy roads that we saw from today with that fresh snow cover and temperatures around 10 degrees. we're nice and clear, the snow is off shore, the snow moved away, and that cold air will move in. the clouds will break up too so early tomorrow you will notice more sunshine in the forecast. that won't warm things up but at least the clearing skies will help. look at the totals from today. new jersey the highest amount mount holly, haddon heights. king of prussia had the highest total in the area. 10.4 inches. philadelphia international saw 7
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pnlt7 .5 inches of now. new castle 6.2. take a look at future temperatures. we dropoff overnight. by tomorrow morning, be very cautious. the refreezing the icy roads for the morning commute. we could see dangerous roads, again especially if they're not treated and some of that treatment may not be enough for how much ice we may see in the morning hours. that refreezing taking place, temperatures around 3 degrees. tomorrow cold. 23 to 26 degrees. and it really looks dry over the next several days. the weekend looks good, 33 and then sunday we rebound 46 degrees. the average high is 49. we're supposed to be near 50
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this time of the year. next week we get to the mid 50s by the end of the week. so that is great news it will feel fantastic, i'm sure everyone will be out in shorts and t-shirts and it will feel like summer compared to what we're used to lately. >> we're home free if we can get through tomorrow. >> just get through tomorrow and drive very safe rily on the roads. coming up we're going to hear from a quarterback that is laichly the eagles free agent top of the wish list. and the flyers mount a comeback against one of the best teams in hockey.
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the flyers welcome the st. louis blues. a treat for those who braved the elements, free hot dogs free pretzels, and maybe a win. the flyers came in five points back of a playoff spot. michael del zotto with a laser of a slap shot to the top left corner. two minutes later another shot by simmons. the flyers win and they're now four points back of boston. the phillys visiting the astros today. making the first start of the spring trying to rebound from elbow issues. this is a 4-6-3 double play. he said afterwards that he felt
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pretty good. the astros go on to beat the phillies. the eagles have two quarterback positions to fill. just on the defense it is very similar to how we play. not a man press. and they allow their corners to play and get physical. it definitely, the scheme definitely fits. >> earlier in the show we showed you a delta plane that wasn't off went off of the reason way, and the giants confirmed that donnell was a passenger on that plane. a win for temple 70-46 improving to 21-9 on the season.
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and another rough morning tomorrow headed to work. >> yeah any snowy roads that were plowed over, those will freeze other. if you notice it is just a sheet of flattened snow that will refreeze tonight. we are seeing record cold because we have fresh snow cover. these are all ingredients for very cold temperatures in the morning. sunny and dry but temperatures in the low to mid 20s. go into the weekend 33 on saturday. spring forward one hour on sunday morning, and take a look at those temperatures i think that will make up for today,
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yesterday, the day before -- >> yes. fantastic. >> normally i don't like losing an hour of sleep, but it means spring and summer are coming. >> we're on early in the morning with the latest weather.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hugh jackman tiffani thiessen musical guest hozier


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