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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  March 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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a thick layer of cold and ice is covering the sidewalk as the snow sends up back to a deep freeze. and a live look at the schuylkill expressway is showing cars moving pretty well this morning. for many the main roads are not the problem but it's this. the unplowed side streets that makes getting out of your neighborhood and off to work a potentially dangerous mission. be careful this morning. and the other big story, new developments overnight in the investigation in the deadly shooting of a police officer as investigators search buildings near the crime scene. it's 4:30 good morning, this is
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"nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we have made it to friday. >> tgif for sure. >> there are more than 600 school closings already this morning and delays because of the ice and the cold conditions out there. the full list of closures is scrolling at the bottom of the screen and on the nbc 10 app. now we'll go to meteorologist brittney shipp with the first alert forecast. >> heading throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon, bitter cold conditions for us. so make sure you bundle up and take it easy on the roads. we are seeing icy conditions still. the good news is heading into the weekend, we'll dry out and we'll warm up. so that's the perfect time for both of those conditions. and here's a live look at cape may. you can see the snowfall there packed on the roadways. and our current temperatures near cape may, 16 degrees. 12 degrees in atlantic city. 11 in mount holly. temperatures in philadelphia at 14 degrees. the record for the early morning low is 10 degrees. so near record cold for philly. 8 degrees in pottstown. 5 in allentown.
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we are dealing with a bit of a windchill as well that feels like minus 16 in the pocanos. 5 degrees in allentown. 8 degrees in pottstown. minus 3 in wilmington. zero in dover. heading throughout the rest of today, our temperatures do not warm up that much. 15 degrees by 8:00 by noon 20 degrees. 22 degrees by 4:00 p.m. and just a reminder the average this time of the year is closer to 15 degrees. we are well below that average but we're going to head above average with all the details in my seven-day forecast. now we'll check on the roads with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry who is watching for trouble spots. good morning. good morning. bitter cold this morning, but if you have been on the roadways or head out on the roadways you'll find neighborhood roads and secondary roads covered with ice. that most of the layer of snow has left but there's a thick layer of ice out there. this is a live look at new jersey in upper township route 9 and route 50 where you can see
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the road is still covered with snow and ice. keep that in mind headed in that area. a live look at 55 right at route 49 in millville. where you can see for the most part it looks clear, but there's a layer of ice and slick conditions persisting for drivers. and finally, this is actually 295 in mount laurel. traffic is moving okay but you need to maybe proceed at reduced speeds. just this morning when it's still so icy still. so how is mass transit doing? septa expects delays. when it is this cold the trains can't operate at their normal speeds. same thing for new jersey transit and patco. as of midnight, they have resumed a normal schedule. thank you. the 4:33 time now, today will consist of cleaning up a lot from yesterday's storm. roads and parked cars are still buried. it's a similar scene in neighborhoods across the area. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in mayfair.
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show us how things are there? >> good morning, tracy. this is the first task of the day if you are just venturing out after the winter wallop yesterday. take the ice and snow off your car. it still moves with ease although it is bitter cold as we have been saying all morning long. once you get down to the bottom layer against the metal, it's a little bit tougher. of course i'm using my hands right now. okay, so once you dig out your car, then you have to come out onto this mess. ice under snow. you can see here the ice is glistening under the snow. actually, in between the driving lanes, the tire lanes, it's a little bit safer to stand and walk on. once you proceed so your main intersection here see the mound of snow here? this is what you'll see on a lot of corners. mounds of snow to navigate arounded to get to the main road. we'll show you more on what is happening on the main roads and
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the side streets in our next half hour. live from mayfair, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> count on nbc 10 for the latest forecast as our wintry weather comes to an end and the travel problems it creates. it's a free download you can get in the app store. 4:35. this morning philadelphia and its police force are mourning the death of an officer described as dedicated to citizen safety and progress. officer robert wilson iii was shot and killed yesterday during an attempted robbery at a video game store in north philadelphia. police arrested two men. one of them is in the hospital because he was shot either by officer wilson or his partner. last night mayor michael nutter had this message for the city. >> we will never stop we will never rest. we will never take a step back in our efforts to make6 all of our citizens our business owners kids walking down the street grandmoms going to the store or anyone else are safe in the city.
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>> nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us in north philadelphia near the scene of the officer's murder. matt, tell us more on what happened there. >> reporter: chris, police tell us that officer robert wilson iii was in full duty when he stopped by the gamestop store here at 22nd and lehigh. then two men came in and started shooting when confronted. officer wilson was with the department of eight years. this is a video we shot of him doing a story at the 22nd district a couple months ago. commissioner charles ramsey says right now investigators don't know if the two suspects knew that wilson was a police officer, but the men got on both sides of him and shot several times. while officer wilson fired back until he could no longer. one of the suspects was shot as well and taken to einstein medical center. the second man we are told tried to blend in with the crowd outside. but responding officers quickly arrested him. officer wilson leaves behind two
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young children. >> i would hope the same people that are talking about some of the issues involving police now take a moment say a prayer and at least express condolences to his family this 9-year-old boy is now going to grow up without a father because of what happened here today. a 1-year-old is going to grow up without his dad because of what happened here today. he put his life on the line to make philadelphia a better city and safer city. >> reporter: the police tell us the two men have a criminal record and one was out on parole. we have also learned that one of the guns used in the shooting had an extended clip so more rounds could be fire ld. last night we saw detectives go into a church just across the way here. there are cameras outside pointed in this general direction. they also got video from inside the store and we'll be reviewing that. as the investigation unfolds, coming up in 30 minutes, we'll hear from a witness who was out
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here and saw and heard everything as it happened. for now, we are live in north philadelphia, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and police are praising the partner of the fallen officer seen here on the left talking on the phone who rushed into the store when he heard gunfire erupt. it's not clear yet whether it was he or officer wilson who shot the suspect who was wounded. our coverage continues in 15 minutes when we have new reaction from philadelphia police officers on wilson's death. count on nbc 10 to keep digging for new information on the suspect's arrest and the latest on the investigation. and our first alert coverage of the icy threat you'll face this morning continues next. >> stormforce 10 is out patrolling the roads and checking conditions so you know what to expect before you head out. we'll check in with stormforce next. and warmer weather headed our way as we go into the weekend. i'll let you know how warm it's going to get coming up.
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good morning. we're taking a live look at center city where we are still dealing with snow-packed streets, especially the side streets. be careful leaving the house today and especially driving and heading to work. that's the first headline, the icy conditions. then the other thing we're tracking, near record cold this morning. but dryer and warmer as we push towards the weekend, which will be a nice change for us. only 2 degrees in the pocanos right now. 5 degrees in allentown. 8 degrees in pottstown. 14 in philadelphia. and 10 degrees right now in wilmington. our actual feels-like temperature is closer to minus 16 in the pocanos. 5 in allentown. minus 2 in reading. zero in trenton and zero in dover. nice and clear for us on the radar shot. very quiet. plenty of sunshine expected although our temperatures won't recover today. it's going to take a little while before we get closer to average. our average for this time
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of the day, temperatures range between 23 and 26 degrees. plenty of sunshine but bitter cold conditions will stick around for us. then as we head into the weekend, it gets better saturday staying dry. 33 degrees. taking a look at sunday 44. i'm also tracking 50s in my seven-day forecast. i'll have that for you in ten minutes. well, your morning commute could be a slippery one. that's why we are checking out things firsthand for you to give you a heads-up. stormforce 10 is live for us along eighth road. wayne is staying safe out there, but you can see how the streets look. they have been plowed for some of the neighborhoods, but there's still a nice coating of snow there and ice in patches. so deaffinitely approaching traffic, you want to start braking sooner than normal so you don't slide. and we'll continue to check
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morning roads for us throughout the, mop. and the major streets look okay but the side streets can be treacherous. jillian me a sleeve islee is watching the traffic for us. oh, sorry. >> no it's fine. >> we have katy zachry in for us this mo.rning. >> speed restrictions in effect from yesterday. 35 miles an hour from the ben, the betsy and the walt. on the bend the bed walkway is closed because of the conditions. moving into delaware this is a live look at route 7 at churchman's road where you can see from the glistening from the roadway, there are still some icy spots, slushy spots. so be aware of that headed in delaware. route 1 at the dover toll plaza, you can see the conditions. there is still a lot of snow and
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ice on the road. so just it varies from area to area where you're going. finally, 495 at philadelphia pike you can see it's pretty plowed for the most part. 12 hours after a philadelphia police officer was gown gunned down inside a gamestop store, we are bringing you more on this case. >> how officer wilson was pushing for a change in this case. how the investigation shows you this could have played a part in his murder.
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4:46 on a friday morning. it will be a slower commute for most of you. you have seen vehicles moving along pretty fine there. the major roads are okay after the snow was plowed off but be careful on side streets this mo. katy zachry is back in a moment
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to track the latest on the roadways. and roads like this one could be a tough spot this morning. this video from route 202 in wilmington shows about eight inches of snow. there's still plenty of snow covering the surfaces of the roads there. and the threat of the ice this morning and dangerous conditions has prompted a lot of school closings and delays giving kids and teachers and extra long weekend. the full list is scrolling at the bottom of the screen and you can find them through the nbc 10 app. the philadelphia police department is mourning the death of officer robert wilson iii. today flags will be flown at half-staff at district 22 headquarters where wilson was assigned. wilson was shot and killed at a video game store in north philadelphia yesterday during a robbery. two gunmen opened fire hitting wilson three times. both wilson and his partner returned fire injuring one of the suspects. this morning both men are in custody.
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officer wilson was an 8-year veteran of the force leaving behind a wife and two children. philadelphia police officers are remembering their fellow brother this morning on social media. officer michael duff posted this picture with a caption, officer robert wilson was a motorcycle rider and has attended philly's fallen motorcycle ride. and another posted watching over our brother who died while watching over us. now pennsylvania governor tom wolf issued a statement last night regarding officer wilson's death that read in part this senseless act is devastating and a stark reminder of the danger faced every day by our brave men and women in uniform. the governor offered his condolences to the officer's family and colleagues. now we first met officer wilson actually back in december. >> yes, this is why you have seen him in video we have been showing you this morning. we were doing a story at that time because members of the 22nd district started wearing body cameras on their uniforms as part of a test program. the eight-year veteran, officer wilson, told us at the time he was really looking forward to
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using the new technology to better protect the people of philadelphia. you can see the video there. he told us the issue that was most important to him was regaining public trust. >> it is less negative reaction from the community. we record the incident also. >> so everyone wants to know if he was wearing the body camera when he went into the gamestop store during the robbery. commissioner ramsey has not yet said if he was wearing the body camera at the time. he said it's part of the investigation. stay with us all morning long for continuing coverage of officer wilson's murder. you can count on our team to follow the investigation as we learn more about the two suspects and what happened in those moments leading up to the shooting. good morning. we are tracking near record cold as we head into the rest of this friday morning. even as we push into the afternoon, bitter cold conditions will stick around. so it's going to be a struggle
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for our temperatures to recover. but we are going to warm up heading into the weekend, which will be nice. the other thing we're concerned about this morning, icy conditions. you want to be careful on the side streets, sidewalks and driving into work. we are tracking the possibility of ice for wilmington. then next week we'll see temperatures push into the 50s. so it will finally start to feel like spring is near. for philadelphia, 14 degrees. the humidity is at 64%. winds are seeing speeds at 9 miles an hour. throughout the rest of the region, 5 degrees here in allentown. atlantic city, 12 degrees under clear skies. we'll see plenty of sunshine for us today, but that's really not going to help out with temperatures as we look to stay about 25 degrees below average. throughout the rest of the area 2 degrees in the pocanos. 10 degrees in dover. 16 in wildwood. 13 in millville. and here is a closer look at our wind speeds. they are gusting about 20 miles
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per hour in mount pocano. but sustained right now at 14. sustained at 12 miles per hour in atlantic city. 3 in pottstown. and then the combination of the cold air and also our wind speeds makes it feel like 2 degrees. a very cold morning pushing into the late morning hours. by 8:00 a.m. feeling like the single digits. heading into the afternoon, we'll finally start to feel like the 20s. that's where it will stay heading into the rest of today. a cold way to end the workweek. heading into the weekend, temperatures will recover. we'll see cold air situated over the region with the mild air edging closer saturday into sunday. then the difference will be noticed pushing into next week. today temperatures range between 23 and 26 degrees. sunny with bitter cold conditions expected for us. and your seven-day forecast shows that we are going to see a bitter cold start to the morning again on saturday. temperatures will head into the 30s. and as you take a look at
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sunday, 46 degrees. pushing into next week we warm into the 50s wednesday and thursday. you heard that a lot yesterday and saw that a lot. spinning wheels. this morning there's still ice on the roads. a police suv had to help a car that got stuck in the same area as a bus. the northeast corridor will be on a modified schedule this morning. same for service between philly and harrisburg. expect delays wherever you are today. even the plowed roads, there's packed snow and ice underneath it. >> and going around curves and overpasses can be tricky too. nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry is watching the roadways for us. what do you see? first, we ran the information on amtrak. if your trains are running on
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the normal schedule expect delays because when it gets this cold, the wires that they use, they can't go at normal speeds or they risk damaging the wires and the trains. so keep that in mind. we'll take a look throughout the lehigh valley to show you how different conditions can be on the side streets and majors. this is route 22 at 309. it's been plowed. snow is off to the side but it's just really smart to just go slowly throughout the area this morning. all right. we'll move on to 202 at chester brook boulevard right now. we are seeing some different conditions. this is an example of an intersection where you can still see the slush and ice in that area. also, at fayette street we have been following residual ice. this is up in the horsham area. it's still snow and ice on the roadways. so it's really smart just to go slowly this morning. chris? when you do get on the road make your way to the philadelphia flower show that continues this weekend. nbc 10 was at the pennsylvania
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convention center yesterday to check things out. the scene this year is celebrating the movies. so you'll see a lot of that around. there's also some familiar signs of philly on display too. the flower show was the first time experience for some of the people we talked to yesterday. >> it exceeded my expectations. my uncle invited me. he comes every year. it's the first time in my life that i'm seeing snow and being here for the winter. so it's a new experience. and i'm enjoying it. maybe more than you all have been. >> we would enjoy living in trinidad right now. the flower show runs through this sunday. the curtain will soon close on a famous but often criticized circus act. next the change that has animal rights activists disproving this morning.
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president obama and other marchers will mark the selma march's 50th anniversary. demonstrators marched from selma to montgomery alabama. this has led to the voting rights act to give african-americans the right to vote. and happening today, reinforcing the relationship between the u.s. and israel will go up in our area. the group called stand with us is behind the billboard expected to go up along i-95 at lehigh road that now reads, now is the time to stand with israel. join us. this comes just a few days after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a controversial speech to congress where he warned that the u.s. negotiating with iran could spark a, quote, nuclear nightmare. the republicans invited yet an dd dd
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netanyahu to speak to congress. and this video shows first responders arriving at the scene. >> the delaware port authority released the video showing the moment after the crash in penssauken on the 23rd. the truck overturned and burst into flames. skyforce 10 was over the scene shortly after the gas tanker crashed and caught fire on the on-ramp from route 90 to route 130. police are still trying to determine if they will charge the driver. crews are still making repairs to that stretch of roadway, too. and it's the end of an era. >> ringling brothers and barnum & awaybailey's circus will go on without elephants. this move comes amid public concern on the treatment of animals for traveling circuses. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now.
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killed in the line of duty. this morning we're following the investigation into the shooting death of philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. we are also tracking an icy commute. stormforce 10 navigating the slick streets. the live picture here so that you know exactly what to expect as you head out the door. overnight, temperatures have plunged into the teens and we're going lower than that. freezing any snow stuck to the surface out there. we may actually hit record lows in some areas this morning. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. hundreds of schools more than 600 schools, are closed or delayed because of yesterday's snow and today's freeze threat. the full list is rolling at the bottom of the screen. you can see it on the nbc 10 app. we'll begin with meteorologist brittney shipp in the first alert weather center to find out about the chilly temperatures.
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brittney? bitter cold conditions starting off this friday. heading into the afternoon, not much better with temperatures staying 25 degrees below average. won't push out of the mid-20s. there's a live look outside as we'll see plenty of sunshine today to help us out, but the windchill this morning feels like minus 14 in point smoke know mount pocano. the actual temperatures are 13 degrees in philly. 11 in northeast philly. 10 degrees in trenton. it's 12 degrees in atlantic city. and 11 degrees in dover. as we head into the rest of your morning, you will see temperatures by noon reaching 22 degrees. 18 in the pocanos. 20 in allentown. and then we stay pretty much in the 20s, which will lead us to a bitter cold start once again for your weekend. although temperatures will continue to warm as we head into the weekend and into next week. we have 50s back in your seven-day forecast. i'll go over the details on that in a bit, but for


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