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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  March 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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ds of schools are closed or delayed this morning. the full list of closures is at the bottom of the screen. and the nbc 10 app says there are more than 700 schools closed at last check. now to brittney shipp with the first alert forecast. some cities have already set a new record low this morning. record-breaking cold this morning. heading into the afternoon, we'll still be sticking with bitter cold conditions. so as we take a look outside right now, you can see clear skies. we are going to see plenty of sunshine today, but wilmington reading and allentown all tying or breaking records this morning. and as we push into the afternoon, again, temperatures staying in the mid-20s. so that is more than 25 degrees below average. we're also watching for icy conditions throughout the day. we won't have a chance to warm above freezing. that will happen tomorrow. and we'll see dryer and warmer conditions pushing into the weekend, which is a nice time for a warm up. 13 degrees in philadelphia. 8 degrees in kenneth square. 11 in wilmington.
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wrightstown, 5 degrees. the feels-like temperature with a bit of a windchill this morning feels like minus 14 in mount pocano. zero in philadelphia. 3 in wildwood. clear conditions on the radar here. and as we head into today, 20 degrees by noon. 22 by 4:00 p.m. i'm tracking warmer conditions for the weekend and will have that in ten minutes. now we'll check in with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. good morning. good morning, brittney. there's a reason we are seeing hundreds of schools canceled this morning and the delaware state offices just announced a delay because conditions out there on the neighborhood roads and side streets are really not that good. this is an example. in upper township cape may county this is route 9 and route 15. look how snow covered it still is. and to give the public works crews credit they did a great job with so much snow yesterday. this is an example of what remains for many of you getting out the door in the next little
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bit. what is happening on the area bridges? there's still a speed restriction in place on many of the area bridges because of the weather. this morning the conditions are not that great. on the philadelphia bridge, the ben franklin walkway is closed. snow clean up is the name of the day today. in center city philadelphia, we found crews using bulldozers and front loaders to clear the streets to make things easier for the morning commute. with city schools closed today there should be less traffic to contend with. there's that advantage at least. people all across the area are dealing with the aftermath of yesterday's snowstorm that brought several inches of snow to most neighborhoods. monique braxton is live in mayfair this morning looking at some of the tricky neighborhood side streets. monique? hey, chris. right now we are dealing with the tricky part of this side street, and that's getting out of the way. making sure we stay out of the way of the cars navigating the
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ice and snow that is packed down on the side streets. that's only plowed one time. the secondary streets are not a top priority right now for the streets department. but joining me now is domenick who was clearing off his car here. what was tough about clearing off the car this morning? >> it was cold and i gave myself extra time to clear it. i have to go to jersey and do a couple more vehicles. but yeah if you take your time, it shouldn't be too bad. but it is bad out here. a lot of people don't take the time. >> reporter: thank you, domenick, for joining me. this is what a lot of folks are going to find. when coming out this morning, if they didn't venture out yesterday in winter's last wallop, they have a lot of work to do. if you don't dig your tires out first and do the top part then you have to spin out and rock your car before you can come out
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onto the street. once you get out onto the street, this is what faces you. the mounds of snow that have been removed by some of the local businesses or some of the other homes. so you have to really be careful after you navigate around the mound and make sure that you remain safe. we'll come back out and have more on the local neighborhoods and what folks are dealing with in the next half hour. live for now from mayfair, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." here's something else to keep in mind. we just checked, there were 50 arrivals and departures canceled at philadelphia international airport so far this morning as we look at photos of yesterday. crews were plowing the runways there and de-icing the planes. so if you do plan to fly today, check your flight status by calling 1-800-phl-gate. and remember this commuters who use amtrak need to check the timing of their trains. service on the northeast corridor will be on a modified schedule this morning and the
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same goes for keystone service between philadelphia and harrisburg. and you can count on the nbc 10 app to track the near record cold. in fact it is record cold already in some cities and also icy conditions on the roadways. the app is a free download in the app store. it's 5:35 this morning. philadelphia and its police force are mourning the death of officer robert wilson iii described as dedicated to citizen safety and progress. officer wilson's home precinct is in morning with the flags at half-staff at the 22nd police headquarters in north philly. last night mayor michael nutter had this message for the city. >> we'll never stop we will never rest, we will never take a step back in our efforts to make sure that all of our citizens our business owners kids walking down the street grandmoms going to the store or anyone else are safe in the city. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live in northeast philadelphia. tell us more on what happened yesterday and more about officer
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wilson. >> reporter: well, tracy, police tell us that officer robert wilson iii was on duty and in full uniform when he stopped by this video game store here at the corner of 22nd and lehigh. then two men came inside to say they were robbing the place and started shooting when confronted. officer wilson was with the department for eight years working with the 22nd district. this is video from a story we did with officer wilson a couple months ago. commissioner charles ramsey says right now investigators do not know if the two suspects knew that wilson was, in fact, a police officer. but the men got on both sides of him shooting several times while officer wilson fired back until he could no longer. one of the suspects was shot as well and taken to einstein medical center. the second man we are told tried to blend in with the crowd outside, but the responding officers quickly arrested him. officer wilson meanwhile, leaves behind two young children ages 1 and 9.
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>> i knew him. he was one of the best police officers the city has to offer. he was a very very brave, heroic individual. and even though i say under the circumstances he was struck multiple times, he was able to continue to fire. >> reporter: the police also tell us the two men have a criminal record and one was out on parole. we've also learned that one of the guns used in the shooting had an extended clip so that more rounds could be fired. again, we'll take another live look out here. last night we saw detectives go into the church here across the way. there are cameras outside pointed in this general direction. police also got video from inside the store and they will be reviewing that as the investigation unfolds. but again, as you're taking a live look out here you do see police out here with the yellow crime scene tape around here. this is still very much an active crime scene. police are not allowing anyone near that gamestop store as this investigation continues. for now, live in north
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philadelphia, matt delucia "nbc 10 news". and if you're taking a live look at cape may, knowsnow covered roads. we are seeing bitter cold conditions but we'll warm up heading into the weekend and into next week. we're talking mid-50s. i'll have your full forecast coming up.
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good morning. we're taking a look right now at our temperatures throughout the region. 11 degrees in northeast philly. 13 in philadelphia. 7 degrees in chester springs. 8 degrees in kenneth square. 2 degrees in the pocanos. 5 in allentown. quakertown at 5 degrees. 2 degrees in coatsville. we have already seen record-breaking cold this morning. and we'll continue to monitor the temperatures as we head into the rest of the afternoon. we'll stay well below average. 12 degrees in atlantic city.
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and then with the windchill this morning, it feels like minus 14 in the pocanos. feels like 6 degrees in pottstown. feeling like zero in philadelphia. minus 1 in mount holly. minus 2 in atlantic city. so bundle up when you head out the door. be very careful on the roads and sidewalks today. you can see by the radar shot, nice and quiet. plenty of sunshine expected for us, but bitter cold conditions will stick around. as we head into the rest of the day, our temperatures will stay in the 20s. we'll range between 23 and 26 degrees. and that's going to set us up for a bitter cold night ahead. we'll also see a bitter cold start to your morning as well. by noon, 20 degrees. then by 4:00 p.m. 22. i'll have your seven-day forecast in ten minutes. 5:41. taking a look at traffic and you may encounter something like this this morning. hopefully not. all the snow we had yesterday led to accidents like this one. nbc 10 found this one in collegeville montgomery county with a lot of spinouts
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yesterday. so you definitely want to take it slow on the roads this morning because all the slush that was out there obviously from last night froze and the cold temperatures we have had overnight. >> we'll get you updated on the road conditions around the area with katy zachry. >> so far this morning,í3yz fortunately i'm not seeing things like yesterday. that was rough yesterday. and our photographer wayne is behind the wheel driving along dickinson street. this is not the best we have seen, but not the worst we have seen. it's a really good indication of what you could be waking up to this morning. where clearly streets have been plowed, but there's an icy snow pack and thick snow pack that remains to make it really difficult for some of you to navigate around this morning. stay with us we'll be back in a few minutes.
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as we take a live look over the city many streets are iced over. especially the smaller and neighborhood streets. this is a live look at the ben franklin parkway. these are the kinds of roads that could be tricky this morning as we see in this video on route 202 in north wilmington last night. they had more than eight inches
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ofwilmington. take it slow as you head out. also today, people will be clearing away whatever snow they couldn't get to yesterday. guys like that atv driver there who slapped a plow on the front to clear off snow in front of the adventure aquarium in camden. there was a powdery snow to be brushed off, so that's the good news there. several inches and the threat of dangerous travel means a long weekend for teachers and kids. more than 700 schools are closing or delayed this morning. the full list of closures is on the bottom of the screen and you can see the list through the nbc 10 app. the philadelphia police department is mourning the death of robert wilson iii. flags are flying at half-staff this morning at the 22nth precinct in philadelphia. two gunmen opened fire hitting wilson at the gamestop yesterday afternoon.
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both men are now in custody. officer wilson was an eight-year veteran of the force to leave behind two children. philadelphia police officers are remembering their fellow brother in blue this morning on social media. officer michael duffy posted this picture with the caption, officer robert wilson was a motorcycle rider and attended the fallen hero's motorcycle ride. and another posted watching over our brother who died while watching over us. pennsylvania governor tom wolf issued a statement that read in part, this senseless act is devastating and a stark remintder of the danger faced every day by our brave men and women in uniform. the governor offered condolences to the officer's family and colleagues. now we first met officer wilson back in december. >> yeah you have seen some of the video3 we have been showing this morning. that's when we did a story on members of the 22nd police department. the veteran said he was looking forward to using the body camera technology to better protect people in philadelphia. he said the issue most important
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to him was regaining public trust. >> it's less negative reaction from the community. i like to record the incident also. >> now everyone is wondering if he was wearing that body camera at the time of the robbery that took his life yesterday. commissioner ramsey has nod said if he's wearing the camera as that was part of the investigation. stay with us for the continuing coverage of the latest police officer killed in philadelphia. count on our team to follow the investigation as we learn more about the suspect and what exactly happened in the moments leading up to the shooting. good morning. as we head into the rest of today, icy conditions remain for us with temperatures well below freezing. be very careful walking on the sidewalks, especially driving on the side streets and commuting into work and going home to work. from work, i should say. record cold conditions
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throughout our region. i'll show you exactly what cities broke or tied records and much warmer as we head into saturday and sunday. i'm also tracking temperatures pushing back into the mid-50s as early as next week. so it's starting to feel like spring around here. for philadelphia, 13 degrees right now. the windchill at zero degrees. so some of the temperatures feel like they are in the minus range. for allentown, the actual temperature is at 5 degrees. 12 degrees in atlantic city. and again for philadelphia only 13 degrees. the record low is 10 degrees for philadelphia. so we didn't quite tie the record. 2 degrees in mount pocano. 13 in philadelphia. 11 in wilmington. here are the current locations where we did see the records. so it's 10 degrees in wilmington. the old record was 11 degrees. the new record is 5 degrees in allentown. we tied the record of 7 in reading. the windchill throughout the rest of the region minus 14 in
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mount pocano. feeling like zero in philadelphia. minus 3 in wilmington and dover. and minus 2 degrees in atlantic city. cold air will stay right over our region as we head into saturday and sunday. so all the arctic air will continue to move to the north of us, which is great. we'll continue to see mild air move up from the south to set us up for a much warmer workweek heading into next week. but right now you can see it quiet on the radar. so plenty of sunshine expected for us today, although it won't help temperatures that much in the mid-20s. as far as the rest of the morning is concerned, we are staying in the teens and push into the mid-20s heading into the afternoon. the seven-day forecast shows our temperatures will be on the rise, which is great. take a look at this 25 degrees today. 33 heading into tomorrow after a bitter start. we will warm into the 30s on saturday. 40s on sunday. ten minutes before 6:00 we are keeping an eye on the roads with the frozen conditions. >> yeah we may get more of this
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today, maybe. spinning of wheels there's ice on many roads. the septa bus was stuck there in delaware county yesterday. also that police suv had to help that car that had the same trouble in the same area. roads have been cleared but there's snow pack there's the ice underneath. and you know it is still piled up around the corners, so it is easy to get stuck. >> the morning routine needs to add preparation time to it. traffic reporter katy zachry is watching all our information and cameras to see if there are problems on the roads. anything propping up yet? >> nothing major. i have been seeing a lot of local, neighborhood and secondary roads really snow packed and have a lot of that snow and the ice from yesterday. it is so cold this morning. that is not going anywhere. it's going to take a lot of elbow grease to get your car cleared off and probably get your car out of the driveway this morning. this is a live look in delaware 495 at philadelphia pike. you can see traffic is moving at a normal speed. and that is what we are finding
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on the majors right now. the majors are clear of the snow on the medians and shoulders. found lrnlg i, unfortunately, the local roads is where you are seeing these problems. icy conditions restricted to 35 miles an hour on area bridges. and on the ben franklin bridge, the pedestrian walkway is closed for obvious weather-related reasons. and amtrak the northeast corridor is operating on a modified schedule. in delaware we're seeing a lot of local roads that are pretty bad. so expect delays on dart even though it's operating on a regular schedule. chris? 5:52. this morning we have a video of a tanker truck inferno video perspective of first responders rushing to the scene. the delaware river port authority released this video showing the moments after the crash in penssauken that happened on february 23rd with the truck overturning and
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bursting into flames. and skyforce 10 was over the scene shortly after that tanker crashed on route 30. police are still trying to determine if they should charge the driver and crews are still making repairs to the on-ramp there. well, this morning actor harrison ford is recovering from serious injuries after crash landing a vintage plane near los angeles. you're looking here at video of medics wheeling ford to an ambulance. he maneuvered the world war ii aircraft onto a golf course. authorities say the plane lost engine power just after takeoff yesterday. the movie star did plenty of stunts while playing characters like indiana jones and hans solo. he suffered broken bones and cuts to his face. his son tweeted he's battered but okay. a doctor who happened to be on the golf course playing golf gave ford first aid at the scene. >> when i saw a point in the sky, i looked up myself and thought, maybe it's a seasoned pilot with a trick entry, but as soon as he clipped the tree it
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was obviously wrong, something wasn't wrong. >> harrison ford is 72 and an experienced pilot. federal authorities are investigating the crash. and six minutes before 6:00 happening this weekend, president obama and surviving marchers will mark selma's 50th anniversary on what is known as bloody sunday in 1955. police saw demonstrators who marched to selma and the african-americans were given the right to vote. and a group called stand with us is behind the pro-israel billboard that is expected to be up today along i-95 at lehigh road that reads, now is the time to stand with israel, join us. this comes just a few days after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a controversial speech to congress. he warned that the u.s. negotiating with iran could spark a, quote, nuclear nightmare. republicans invited yet an dd netanyahu
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to speak to congress but the democrats say they had no part in that decision. and this is morris street in the point breeze section of philadelphia as we take a look at neighborhood side streets. when we come back in a moment meteorologist brittney shipp will tell us when to expect to see all the snow start to melt away.
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two minutes before 6:00 the deck of the battleship "new jersey" is covered in snow. we want to show you that video. if you plan to visit the ship this weekend, officials say all the snow will be removed in time for tours tomorrow and sunday. all that snow if it's giving you spring fever, stop by the philadelphia flower show this weekend. nbc 10 was at the pennsylvania convention center yesterday to check things out. this year's theme is celebrating the movies. there are also new exhibits featuring some very exotic flowers. you have to see it. this is an annual event that's a must see for a lot of locals. the flower show runs through
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sunday. >> it makes you feel warm seeing all those flowers. >> and by the middle of next week, you may be able to think about planting bulbs. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. hearts are heavy this morning in philadelphia as an eight-year veteran was gunned down during an attempted robbery. we have the latest on the investigation and the officer's family that was left behind. and skyforce 10 is showing you the side streets this morning. and it is not just the side streets posing a problem. and you are dealing with cold temperatures, near record cold in some areas. good morning i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. philadelphia public and parochial schools are closed this morning. we have more than 700 school
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closings and delays this morning. a full list scrolling at the bottom of the screen. and check the nbc 10 app. some cities have set record lows already. let's go to brittney shipp. we'll continue to see bitter cold conditions not only for this afternoon but also as we head into the start of your weekend. although temperatures will get better and warmer. we'll stay dryer for saturday and sunday, which is nice. we'll take a live look outside with the sun starting to slowly rise above cape may. you can still see snow on the ground and because temperatures are staying below freezing we'll continue to see icy conditions on the sidewalks and roads. you want to be very careful throughout today. and a live look at the aramark building with the flags moving. we are also dealing with a windchill on top of our record cold temperatures for areas like wilmington reading and allentown. we're at 12 degrees in philadelphia. the record for this morning is 10 degrees. so we're within two degrees, 10 degrees currently in washington township. 8 degrees in wilmington.


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