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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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we are following breaking news right now at 11:00. philadelphia police are about to hold a news conference. we'll bring you that news conference live. flgs are flying at half staff at the home of robert wilson wilson, iii. we've been getting up dates from the police commissioner and the district attorney over the past few hours. here ooh es what we know right now. matt delucia is live at the scene. you've. gathering information all morning long. you see the suspect, the new information we just found out. ramon williams and carlton hips.
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you're live there now, what's new. >> reporter: he learned that robert wilson was at this video game store yesterday to buy a game for his son because he's been doing well in school. the scene over here has not changed a whole lot but the mood in this area certainly has. >> just trying to do his job, man. >> reporter: rodney lives down the street from this shopping center. he comes here every day to grab a newspaper but this time it's different. >> you know people have to wake up with no father be around. it's crazy. >> reporter: officer robert wilson was inside the game stop yesterday ach when two men walked inside and announced a robbery. while trying to stop the robbery, the officer was caught up in gun fire and shot several times. >> he was trying to protect citizens. >> reporter: the district attorney tells us that he watched the surveillance video that shows officer wilson's heroic actions and says it was
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tough. >> on so many different levels. but those two cowards that took his life were pure evil zblsh he was an eight-year veteran of the department. he was one of the volunteer test pilots for police body cameras. we interviewed him in december. commissioner charles ramsey says he can't explain what happened. his mind is wrapped around wilson's one and nine-year-old. >> our focus is trying to get the family through it particularly his son. u mean it's just a tough time for everybody. >> reporter: and back at the crime scene, this neighbor tried to make things just a little better. >> i came out here this morning to find the officers so i could shake their hand tell them look man, i'm sorry for your loss. you do a job job. >> reporter: we see the crime scene unit out here. they've been out here an hour now. we also know they have been trying to melt the ice and snow that is underneath this area
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here to try to find some of the extra evidence. we've also learned that police officials will have an update for us in a few minutes. we'll have that life on the air. for now we're live in north philadelphia, nbc 10 news. >> and i want to recap here. in the last 15 minutes the district attorney's office released the name of the suspects arrested. the people arrested 24-year-old ramon williams and carlton hip both face first degree murder charges. investigators found an ak 46 47 during a search of one of their homes during the night. nbc 10 obtained audio from the police radio. we're choosing not to play the majority of the audio because of the nature of what happened. the portion we'll play give you an idea of how fellow officers tried to help save his life. >> an officer was shot.
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>> he's shot. get me a medic here asap. get any command. >> they're en route sir. >> we should not be waiting for rescue transport. >> you can hear the supervisor. officers say not to wait for a medic and instead take officer wilson to the hospital immediately. >> earlier this morning the archbishop released a statement reading in part the shooting death of philadelphia police officer robert wilson ii, is senseless and devastating. i offer my prayer condo senses to all those who mourn his life. the last police officer to lose his life was moses walker. he was shot and killed during a botched robbery while walking home from work in 2012. he was out of uniform when two men tried to rob him. they say they thought he was a student and looked like an easy
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tar kbet. but officer walker threw his gun was shot and killed. the incident was caught on surveillance video. both suspects were arrested. the gunman rafael jones was supposed to be sentenced to life in prison today but we just found out that sentencing was proposed. we have much more right on on and on our news app. of course we'll continue to follow this case throughout the day. we'll carry the news conference live. switch gears to the weather right now. the eyes and snow proved to be toch of a challenge for this mega bus. it got stuck on ridge avenue near terrace street. brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> as we head into the rest of the day we won't see a lot of the snow and ice melting because the temp chushs are going to stay well below average.
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icy conditions you want to be careful traveling and walking on the sidewalks for the next two days. it won't be until we head into sunday that the temperature wills go above freezing. zrie and warmer conditions is what i'm talkingracking into the weekend. the temperature is 19 degrees for philadelphia 18 in potston, 18 degrees in allentown, 18 degrees currently in dover. clear conditions on the radar right now. we'll see plenty of sunshine but we're going to sna the 20s. the average for this time of year is 49 degrees. we're barely in the 20s at lunch, 4:00 p.m. mid-20s. tonight make sure you bundle up 21. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. in morning sky force ten was
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above a crash. a pickup truck slam into the back of a snow plow. the cab of this truck is hanging over the overpass. this is i-78 westbound. that's in south white hall township. fortunately the tanker wasn't carrying any fuel. we're told the driver is okay. cruise responded to a small fire in philadelphia. broke out around 2:00 a.m. at holy innocent st. paul church. officials tell us the lighting system outside malfunctions. happening today, the trial of package winslow will go to closing arguments. she's accused of causing a woman's death by giving her an illegal silicone injection. the judge delayed her trial while she was treated for chest pains. she's charged with third degree
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murder. the woman flew to philadelphia for a butt enhancement in 2011. right now a judge is expected to sentence one of four men arrested in the murder of a teenager caught in the cross fire of a playground. the suspect was an innocent bystander when the suspects opened fire. it happened april 2013. today one of the suspects faces sentences. the judge has already sentenced two others in the case one serving four to 12 years and stanley pos tell received a life sentence. the person who robbed a united states postal worker at gunpoint he was at north 20th and cumberland on monday afternoon. we're told no one was hurt. and also new at 11:00 this morning, police have a man in custody in connection with a
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rash of armed robberies in philadelphia. undercover officers arrested glen brennon wednesday at a business in ben salem. investigators say he admitted to robbing a half dozen businesses and five more in philadelphia. he's in jail on half a million dollars bond. we continue to be on stand by for a live news conference. philadelphia police set to give us an update on the shooting death of robert wilson ii and more details on the two suspects just announced. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. chilling details of the final moments of some of the victims of the boston bombing. we'll tell you the dramatic testimony that jurors heard today. as we head into the weekend temperatures are going to warm up. 50s back if your seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when that's coming up right after the break.
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. we are continuing to monitor developments into the shooting death of a philadelphia police officer in line of due pi. the city is grieving. the 22nd district officer was killed yesterday during an attempted robbery at a video game store in north philadelphia. police arrested two people we know their names are ra moan williams carlton hips. one of them was in the hospital because he was either shot by officer wilson or his partner.
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and just minutes ago nbc 10 spoke with pennsylvania governor tom wolf who offered his condolences to the office efrofficer's family. >> tragic thing. open the two thugs who perpetrated the crime. it's awful. terrible. >> they've seen a show of some video of officer in uniform we met him in december when members of the 22nd district started testing out the body cameras. wilson told nbc he was looking forward to using the technology. the issue most important to him was regaining the public's trust. >> what we're going to do before we get to the sound, we're going to cut to the news conference taking place we understand right now. police commissioner charles ramsey is expected to take to the podium and reveal new
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information. let's listen in. >> yesterday at 4:45 p.m. 22nd district officer robert wilson, badge number 9990 was inside the game stop store at 2201 lee high avenue. he was making a security check and he was also picking up a gift for his eight-year-old son who had done exceptionally well in school. as officer wilson was at the counter, two armed suspects who have been identified as ra moan williams, a 26-year-old male and carlton hips a 30-year-old male, entered the store and announced a robbery. officer wilson drew his service weapon and became engaged in a fierce and violent gun battle with both armed suspects. during this violent encounter,
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officer wilson was shot multipill times in the body and once in the head. that is the shot that ultimately killed him. once officer wilson was incapacitated, the two suspects attempted to leave the store. however was confronted by officer wilson's partner, officer stephenson. during this second gun battle his partner officer stephenson engaged gun shots with suspect carlton hips who was shot one time in the leg. he was arrested and he was transported to an area hospital. also during the second gunfight the second suspect who has been identify as ramon williams ran back into the store trying to act as though he was a patron in the store. officers quickly identified him and he was also arrested by police.
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officer wilson was transported to temple hospital and was tragically pronounced at 6:25 p.m. ramon williams as carlton hips have both been arrested and charged with the urd many f 0 officer wilson and attempted murder of officer stephenson robbery and related offenses. and i open it up to any questions that you have. [ inaudible ] >> the game stop is in a cul-de-sac area sort of in the corner. the police car was in the parking lot, which was maybe 30 40 feet away. but the second suspect gave us a statement, a full confession upstairs. he said he never saw the police car. and when they entered the store, they did not see the officer until after they announced the robbery. [ inaudible question ].
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>> that's ramon williams. we they're brothers. >> what do you know about their criminal past? one is out on parole? >> ramon williams has two arrests. carlton hips has six arrests. he got out of prison in i believe it was 2009. >> do you know at this point who shot whom? when the shots were fired. can you play that out for us? >> obviously we're still going through -- there was over 50 shots fired. but what i can tell you is that the officer was at the counter. both of the suspects then come into the store. they actually using some of the posters and the billboards as cover and they're exchanging several gun shots with the officer. >> both suspects? >> both of them are shooting at him, yes. the officer was an out and out hero and a warrior.
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he fought to the very end firing at both of them. unfortunately he host his life during this gunfight. [ inaudible ] >> obviously both of the weapons that were used at the scene were confiscated. i know we did a search warrant at the house. i'm not sure if we found any other -- commissions said we did find an ak-47 inside of the house. >> did they live together? >> kwle on hollywood street. >> what kind of weapons did the suspects have? >> they both have semi automatic weapons. >> is there any indication -- [ inaudible ] >> well, i can only go by the statement that the one gave. he said he did not see the police car outside. and when he walked into the -- they walked into the store, he didn't see the police officer until they announced the robbery and then the police officer turned and then the gunfight was on. [ inaudible question ].
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>> from their statements both of the funs were bought as they put it on the street. obviously we have an investigation going on into finding out who the openers were and backtracking to how these guns got in their hands. right now we do not know. they told us that they bought both of the guns on the street. >> were all of the shots fired inside the game stop? >> most of the melee was inside of the game stop. but as the suspects were trying to leave, they ran into the second officer outside and that's when the suspect is shot in the leg. [ inaudible question ].
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>> they're inside the store, they're in a gunfight with the officer. okay? after he goes down both of the suspects are trying to run out of the store. that's when they get engaged with the second officer. when we have a second gunfight out, briefer but a second gunfight outside of the store. okay? one of the suspects attempts to run back in the store and sort of fit in with the patrons. he was quickly arrested and charged as well. >> was there a lot of other people in and around the store? and if so -- >> yes. it was about five or six patrons in the store. two or three employees in the store. so this officer, like i said not only in doing his job, he protected the store, he protected the store employees. like i said before, he was a hero and an absolute warrior the way he did his job. [ inaudible ] >> it was very helpful. it was crystal clear and it was able for us to identify quickly
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and everything that happened and where it happened at and helped the crime scene unit as far as retrieving bullets and things of that nature. it was very helpful. [ inaudible ] >> say it one more time. [ inaudible ] >> maybe 30 seconds, 30 40 seconds. [ inaudible ] >> obviously we're looking in to see if they did any other robberies. as i stated before the suspect upstairs said this was their first robbery they did. we don't necessarily belief it. we're look into with the detective division to see if we can find out if they did any other robberies. [ inaudible ] >> he was, my understanding, he will be bedside arraigned. and when they're done with them
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there, he'll come into the homicide unit and then shipped to the state. [ inaudible ] >> the only thing i can say is they thought it was going to be an easy target. >> is this a death penalty case in your opinion? >> well obviously that's up to a jury but in any view, yes. [ inaudible ] >> yes. and there's one outside that caught some of the action from outdoors, from a distance. but there is some video that was outside as well. but the majority of the video was captured from inside the game stop. >> was there a body camera? >> they did not have body cameras on no. >> for clarity, you said there were two cameras that you were able to use? >> there's cameras inside the
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facility four different angles that you can look at. and then there's another camera from a neighboring building that's outside that actually captured the exchange of gun fire between officer stephenson and hipps at the time he was shot hipps was shot. >> in looking at that video, did it seem as though -- do you really believe that these guys -- >> i've been around a long time. we've got violent vicious people out here. that doesn't surprise me. when when you look at the actions of the officer, he redefined what a hero is. he stepped away from the counter. there were civilians there. couple in line. he stepped away so the shots weren't going directly toward them. they were going to him. he's moving back and forth firing at both suspects.
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they were both firing at him. he was taking rounds. he was actually being hit during the exchange of gun fire but he continued to fight, continued to shoot until the fatal wound was fired and it brought him down. and i mean it absolutely demonstrated the kind of courage and that nasty that this particular officer had. [ inaudible ] >> absolutely to make sure that he protected the people and they did not draw any fire. that's why you don't have more people struck. and i don't count the bad guy. but the officer of course was fatally wounded. [ inaudible ] >> he's got them on now in the hospital. he's cuffed now with wilson's handcuffs. [ inaudible ] >> officer stephenson heard the shots, he came out. the two came out. one rand toward -- they saw
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stephenson, they took off running. he fired a shot at stephenson he returned fire took him down. the office one saw stephenson immediately stopped and retreated back into the store. that was williams who went back in the store trying to blend in. [ inaudible ] >> the citizens helped us. he tried to conceal, tried to change clothes, came out of the hoodie he was in tried to hide the dpun. told the people behind the counter to not say anything. but they of course let us know that he was the suspect. [ inaudible ] >> no. no. you can tell it was a fatal wound when he went down. that was it. [ inaudible ] >> he was outside. i don't know if he was in the car or just outside the car. but one thing, he was getting a video game for his son who had
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done well in school. but monday is also his son's birthday. so he was just stopping to pick up a gift. >> can you tell us what's going on at the game stop today? >> well it's still a scene. i imagine it's still being secured. so other than processing of the scene, there's a lot of ballistic evidence. you can just tell from the video. so that's still being collected. so it is still secured. >> officers in the 22nd today, some of them have to go back to work? >> they're not going to go back. we're going to cover for them. we're going to get counseling for them. i spoke to his partner this morning and make sure that she takes care of himself. obviously he did not sleep all night. it is very -- i mean it's traumatic. but we're going to do everything we can to see to it that the men and the women of 22nd district are taken care of. in the meantime officers from
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other districts will fill in and cover during this period of time. so it's just -- it's very very hard. the fop is right here. john can come forward and say a few things on behalf of the fop. >> once again, unfortunately we're united in grief here today. our job today we can figure out on another day why these excuse me run the streets. but our job today is to support the family, both the family of the officer, the family of the 22nd district which unfortunately in as many years has lost two of their police officers. that's our focus today and that's what we're here today. we want to remember this officer, how they lived. and we can worry about what happened with these scumbags later. thank you, commissioner. >> thank you. [ inaudible ] >> have you ever seen any encounter like this before?
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>> i've seen a lot of heroic actions on the part of police officers over the years. very proud to be part of this profession. i've not seen any that rose above what i saw on that video. it was absolutely incredible what this officer was able to do. he was one of our very very best, no question about it. and we're all in shock and we're all going to suffer this loss for a very very long period of time. it has affected us all. but right now or focus has to be on taking care of his family and making sure they get through it. making sure the men and women of the 22 nd get through this and all of us together find a way to keep moving forward. [ inaudible ] >> don't have any of that yet. i spoke to his grandmother this morning. all of that is yet to be arranged. as soon as we know more we'll let you all know. but right now please just say a prayer for the family.
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>> thank you all very much. thank you. commissioner charles ramsey of the philadelphia police department painting a picture of a hero and warrior words out of his mouth after a fierce and violent battle inside the game stop store. more than 50 shots fired inside as officer wilson, ii at the counter buying a gift for his son who was performing well in school. by the way that son celebrating a birthday next monday. the fatal shot was to gunshot wound to the head. the partner shot charlton hips that's one of the suspects here. 26-year-old man he is currently in custody. his brother is ramon williams also a brother, 30-year-old. both have criminal histories and they're boat right now sitting in police custody wearing officer wilson's handcuffs. they're both charged with first
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degree murder also attempted murder. no body camera on either of the officers involved in the shooting. the 22nd district is currently off the clock right now. philadelphia police are covering for them. they have provided counselors. the city is grieving the loss of officer robert wilson iii. commissioner ramsey put it best. he said quote officer wilson redefined what a hero was all about. nbc 10 will continue to follow this story and provide any new developments that we find. matt delucia is at the scene. in the meantime we transition take the difficult right turn to weather. of course we dealt with the snow yesterday. the cold temperatures this morning. brittney shipp joins us with what we can expect moving forward. good morning, britt. good morning. that's right. as we head into the rest of today, we'll see bitter cold conditions. temperatures staying 20 degrees
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below average and it doesn't get much better today. we'll see a bitter start to your saturday morning as well. the main concern is going to be the icy conditions because we're going to see the temperatures so low we're not going to see the snow melting. you want to be careful today, tomorrow and sunday. we'll start to see a warming trend into saturday but it won't be until sunday that we see temperatures well above freezing. we're going to see a freeze overnight to too night. philadelphia right now 19 degrees, plenty of sunshine. our humidity is at 57%. it feels like we're at 10 degrees with the winds out of the north/northwest. 13 degrees in the poconos, 18 degrees in pottstown, 20 degrees in westchester, 23 in stone harbor. and if you take a look at atlantic city we're at 21 degrees. it is going to be a very cold day. feels like temperature when you factor in the wind speed, it
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feels like it's only 13 degrees in the poconos. we're also seeing temperatures at 10 degrees in philadelphia. and it's feel like 10 degrees in wilmington. a closer look in dover same thing, feeling like it's in the single dujts as we head into the rest of the today we'll continue to see plenty of sunshine and we'll also see our temperatures starting to warm back up as the arctic air continues to transition to the north. cold air will remain but we'll see a nudge of the mild air and that's going to help into next week. we'll go closer to average and even going above average next week. if you take a look at the temperatures by 2 o'clock we're closer to 24 degrees for philadelphia 24 in allentown, 20 degrees in mt. pocono. if you plan on staying out late on friday, temperatures are going to be drop into the teens. by 7:00 a.m. a cold start to
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your morning on saturday. 19 degrees in philadelphia. today temperatures will range between 23 and 26 degrees. sunny skies for us but bitter cold conditions will stick around. and your seven-day forecast shows that the temperatures will continue to recover into saturday, 33 on saturday we'll start to see a little bit of the snow melting but it won't be until sunday that the majority of the snow starts to melt with the temperatures into the mid 40s. you have to spring ahead your clock one hour and then as we head into next week temperatures stay in the 40s for monday and tuesday. take a look at wednesday, thursday it's going to finally start to feel like spring. it's going to come a little early for us with temperatures pushing into the mid 50s on wednesday and thursday. >> thank you very much. officers are still at the video game store in north philadelphia where the shooting took place. nbc 10 east matt delucia is there. matt you've been listening to
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te are marks from the police officials. we learned the names of the two men involved. they're going to be charged with first degree murder and attempted murder. what other information have you been able to hear at the scene? >> reporter: people here have been trying to dodge this crime tape behind me trying to get to the neighbors businesses that are still open. but the game stop store, we can still see the shattered glass and police still at the scene. the store is still closed. take a look at some new video. the crime scene unit has been melting the snow and ice in an effort to find other pieces of evidence that are buried underneath. here are the updated details that we just learned. officer wilson was doing a security check and picking up a gift for his nine-year-old son because he had been doing well in school. wilson got into a gun battle with both suspects he was shot several times in the body and once in the head. that was the shot that killed him. the suspects tried to leave the store but a second officer confronted them. one suspect was shot in the leg. the second suspect went back in
11:35 am
the store trying to act like a customer. but he was spotted and arrested. both of these men are charged with murder. police tell us that the police car was in the parking lot here 40 to 50 feet away from the door. one suspect confessed that he did not see the police car or an officer until they announced the robbery. there were ten people inside the store at the time and shots were fired inside and outside the game stop. and police believe the suspects tried to rob the store because it was an easy target. as we know the shooting was caught on video but the suspect is in the hospital we're told cuffed with officer wilson's handcuffs and police say that officer wilson really redefined what a he roe is. we're live in north philadelphia matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> more than 50 gun shots fired inside that build. one day after harrison ford was seriously injured in a plane
11:36 am
crash, we're seeing new cell phone video, the final moments before his vintage plane went down. we'll bring you an update on his condition. we'll show you how many jobs were created in the past month and what the numbers actually mean.
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this morning we're seeing new video of actor harrison ford ear plane moments bfrs he crash landed a vintage plane near los
11:39 am
angeles. watch the high lited areas of that video. you can see the plane descending at a high rate of speed. you hear the people in the video saying oh no. looking at medics wheeling ford to an ambulance. he maneuvered the world war ii aircraft on to a golf course. the plane lost engine power just off takeoff. the movie star did plenty of stunts while playing indian jones. he's expected to make a full recovery. a doctor who was golfing on the course gave ford first-aid at the scene. >> when i saw them point to the sky, i looked up myself and thought maybe it's a seasoned pilot doing a trick enter. as soon as he clipped a tree something wasn't right. >> right place at the right time. harrison ford is 72 years old. an experienced pilot. federal authorities are investigating the crash.
11:40 am
u.s. companies are continuing to add jobs at a pretty steady rate. the labor department released its jobs report for february. it shows that employers add 295,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate is now at 5.5% down from 5.7% the month before. strong job numbers didn't increase wages by much, though. the average wage rose just 3 cents to $24.78 an hour. well he is one of the stars of the blacklist. coming up ryan egg l will talk to us about his character's secrets. he will be live in the studios just ahead.
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jim: standardized testing has gone from a nuisance to a concern to a
11:42 am
crisis. michael: we have this finite amount of time, and yet we're spending so much of it on this unproven standardized test when we really should be using that time in a better way focusing individually on our students. dave: education is supposed to be about our students, and it's becoming about a test. ros: what is our end goal in education? to be masters of a test?
11:43 am
giving them the tools and resources to take charge of their health. that's the aim of the wellness breakfast for men every march in philadelphia and this year's event takes place this weekend. joining us now is music legend
11:44 am
kenny gamble. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you again. >> by the way 18 years, this is the 18th annual. >> this is the 18th annual mens wellness breakfast. my wife she started this about 18 years ago with just a conversation between she and i talking about, you know my health. >> she was getting on you. >> she was getting on me. you got to go to the doctor, take care of your health and whatever. and so she put it all together and each year it gets bigger and bigger because it at least gives men an opportunity to talk about issues that they normally would not talk about if they had women around. and so this year we have dr. burton who is going to be wonderful. we have dr. camerado we have a gentleman that's coming a doctor talking about gastrocolon, keeping your colon clean. these are things that are
11:45 am
preventive. >> who can attend this? >> men. >> anyone right? >> anybody can come. by the way, it's free. and it's going to be located at sh 15 cabin street at the institute charter scroll. we're looking at the old friends being there and -- it's like a family reunion. 18 years we see the same people coming bean and some new people. old friends and new friends. >> there's a testament to just how warm an atmosphere it is. it's a breakfast. >> sunday, march 8th. >> what are the biggest threats facing men's health? >> i think diabetes is one, colon cancer. and the other thing, too, is prostate cancer you know. and many of these things can be -- you need to get a checkup every year. every year i try to go and get a
11:46 am
good blood test. you find out how your kidneys and liver are doing. this body is like a machine. your heart is no more than a pump. it's a pump. you got to take care of that pump. you try to do the best that you can. and i think taking care of your health, both mental and physical is very very important. and men i think their biggest thing is getting up and going to the doctor to get that -- those checkups every year. this is a time where we're going to have screenings for tests for diabetes. they're going to be aides test. they're going to have blood pressure test. all kind of people working with us to make sure when you come there you get a full work jofrover. it's like taking your car to the dealer. >> any age right? >> we encourage bringing your
11:47 am
nephews, your sons and even some older people. everybody. >> make a tradition. make it a family reunion >> it's a family reunion. >> kenny gamble thank you so much. appreciate your time. we're going to recap for you 18th annual wellness breakfast for men, sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the universal institute charter school. no the for more information. good morning. we're taking a live look. i'll show you actually in a moment of 8th and market where we're seeing the snow covered roads. that's the main concern. icy conditions as we head into the rest of today. and even as we head into tomorrow because the temperatures will stay below freezing. so friday freeze on tap for us. going to be very cold tonight. make sure you bundle up.
11:48 am
we're warm up pushing into the weekend. pretty close to freezing on saturday. by sunday we push into the mid-40s and stay there. philadelphia right now 19 degrees, plenty of sunshine humidity at 57%. wind at 7 miles an hour. feels like temperature only 10 degrees. bitter cold. 16 kegs in redding, temperature at atlantic city at 21. but you will notice plenty of sunshine. right now conditions in shen than do what 14 degrees, 18 in pottstown, 19 in wilmington 19 in kenneth square mt. holly at 19 and right along the shore we're at 21 degrees in avalon. and we're actually deal with a windchill. we're seeing light wind speeds but enough to cause the temperatures to feel like they ore only 10 degrees in philadelphia, 10 in wilmington
11:49 am
11 in atlantic city and just 5 in dover. satellite radar shows clear conditions right now. plenty of sunshine. but the bitter cold conditions will remain. if you look out the window it probably looks like it's going to be a nice day but the temperatures are going to stay cold. we're only going to stay in the mid-20s. the archverage for this time of year is 49 degrees. icy roads and sidewalks will stick with us through tomorrow. we'll start to see a little more melting pushing into tomorrow with the temperatures heading into the 30s. but it will be a bitter cold start to yourí4?c=zq
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ell you this. the blacklist is the smash hit nbc drama now in its second season. one of the most mysterious characters is tom, the secret husband of fbi agent elizabeth keen. >> hey. it's me. >> what the hell are you doing calling me? >> got a new assignment. i'm going away for a while. >> the character of tom reappeared last night, as you might recall, and we learned he's embarking on a dangerous new mission. the actor who plays tom keen is ryan eggold is here in the studio. thanks for joining us. first thing first, the hair is all gone. >> i know. my luscious sweet beautiful hair. >> but it's an awesome role you play on the show. you're a mild mannered husband and now all of the sudden
11:54 am
radical changes, even physical changes. >> absolutely. like we were talking a second ago, what's fun is interesting him in that way as a mild mannered schoolteacher. that comes with a set of expectations and then you get to shatter the expectations and go a completely different way and find out the truth quote unquote about this guy which is the truth on our show is ever evolving. it's a really great character. >> speaking of the evolution, how soon do you know of these changes? you must know the trajectory per season or is that too far in advance? >> it changes a lot. the show is alive in that way. the writers are playing off of the audience and feeling things out and changing their thoughts. and there's a plan and we do an episode or a scene and something work ors it doesn't work and we decide to run with that you know. it's a lotjfdiáw of fun. >> when tom keen returns last night, what kind of feedback does ryan get in the real world? is it crazy, social media tweets?
11:55 am
>> it is fun. i did the whole live tweeting thing last night. it's fun to interact with people because most people enjoy. the jury is out on tom whether he is good or bad. even if he is a villain, he's very enjoyable. a tweet i get a lot is i hate tom, i love ryan which i always appreciate. i get it. or the love/hate thing with tom. >> any secrets you can reveal? >> gosh, what can i say. i can say that you know we're going to get more into the truth behind rand and tom's involvement and the sort of their secret dealing. >> there we go. that's good. i can handle that. thank you so much. tom keen on the blacklist, make you watch every thursday at 9 o'clock right here on nbc 10. coming up at 3 o'clock, it's ellen. julianne moore who just won the
11:56 am
oscar for "still as lis." then it's nbc news. today the new recipe that's turned into a major legal battle involving hall and oats. now to an update on our top story this afternoon. a news conference just wrapped up within the half-hour for the philadelphia police officer shot and killed in the line of du pi. the police captain says the suspects in the shooting are 26-year-old ramon williams and 30-year-old karl tob hips. the officer was buying a gift for his son at the game stop in north philadelphia yesterday when the men stride to rob im. more than 50 gun shots were fired. the officer was shot and killed. we'll have more on that at nbc 10 news at 4 o'clock. thank you so much for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. have a great day.
11:57 am
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>> eve: [heavy breathing] >> jennifer: no! >> jj: mom! i'm already dead to paige. and i've--i've kinda been dead to myself, too, ever since we broke up. >> jennifer: jj, don't say that. please. >> jj: listen, mom i'm not gonna love anyone else. because what i did with eve, i was trying to stop feeling the hurt. stop feeling anything. [knocking] >> rory: dude. >> jj: what? i think i failed my chem lab. no, i'm positive. and why i let bev talk me into such a s


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