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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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reporter harry hairston begins our coverage. >> harry, both men have previous arrest records. what else have you learned about them? >> reporter: yes, they do have previous arrest records right now at the criminal justice center where the arraignment is going to be held in just a few moments. of course, we will follow that and bring you those details as we get them. earlier today, the commissioner charles ramsay, he detailed the final moments of that officer's life. >> both firing at him. he was taking rounds. he was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire, but he continued to fight, continued to shoot until the fatal wound was fired and it brought him down. >> reporter: it all started just before 5:00 yesterday at a north philadelphia shopping plaza. police say that's when ramone williams and his brother carlton hipps tried to rob the gamestop. officer wilson was at the counter buying a gift for his 8-year-old son when the suspects entered and tried to rob the store at gunpoint. >> officer wilson drew his service weapon and became
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engaged in a fierce and violent gun battle. >> reporter: investigators say 50 shots in all were fired as officer wild moved side to side shooting at both men. the violent scene all caught on four surveillance cameras. >> officer wilson was shot multiple times in the body and once in the head. >> reporter: police say the two suspects tried to leave, but were confronted by wilson's partner who was outside the store. investigators tell us wilson's partner got into a shoot-out with hipp wounding him in the leg. >> the second suspect gave us a statement, a full confession upstairs. he said he never saw the police car. and when they entered the store, they did not see the officer. >> reporter: now both suspects do have arrest records. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. let's head live now to the scene of the shooting in north philadelphia and nbc 10's tim furlong. >> tim, yesterday's winter storm
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has investigators literally digging through the snow to find any clues. >> reporter: that's true jacqueline. in fact, if you take a look behind me investigators just literally pulled off the crime tape and left the scene where they have been investigating there is a cleanup crew in there now sweeping things out. yes, today investigators literally had to get under the snow to gather evidence. daniel saw the memorial go up for the officer. he came out to clean it up and make it even bigger. he brought his niece and nephew out too to light candles and talk about real heroes. >> they speak to the officers every day that is on the beat, walking our neighborhood to keep our neighborhood safe. >> reporter: investigators were here for most of the day, even melting snow to look for more of the 50-plus shell casings that remained on the ground after the shoot-out. i walked around every store in the plaza, managers explaining to me what their surveillance cameras might have seen. employees from some stores told me they heard shots yesterday. they bolted to the backs of
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stores to hide hide from a couple of criminals police just picked this place because it was an easy target. >> that's what i think of him. >> reporter: and come back live. you can see the cameras there. gamestop had a bunch of cameras inside that recorded the crime. i asked to see video from the other stores. the church they actually own this plaza, and nobody was there today to answer any of my questions or let me see the video. i spoke with the manager of the gamestop's girlfriend. she says he is very shaken today. but as you can imagine, he is very, very appreciative of officer wilson's heroics. live in north philly tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> all right, tim. and pennsylvania's governor tom wolf is offering his condolences to officer wilson's family as he recognizes the sacrifices police make. >> i think we don't understand enough until some tragedy like this hits how important what they do is and also how tough their jobs really are. >> as a tribute to officer
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wilson, governor wolf ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff at the capitol complex in harrisburg and throughout philadelphia. nbc 10 outside the municipal services building here in center city today where the city flag is lowered there. st. martin deporres church will remember officer wilson with a mass this weekend. the church is on lehigh street not far from where yesterday's shooting happened. the remembrance mass is scheduled for 10:00 sunday morning. nbc 10's jesse aguirre spoke. >> what are they saying about the slain officer? >> reporter: i spoke with the reverend a short time ago. the reverend tells me he didn't know officer wilson personally doesn't believe the officer went to his church but still, he felt compelled to do a service this sunday, remembering the slain officer's life.3 ss. outside, black bunting and
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lowered flags. inside symbols of sympathy from the community. >> we just wanted to reach out and pretty much give our condolences. and say we appreciate theh service and everything that they do for us. >> reporter: sky jenson works in brewery town and didn't know officer wilson personally, but the killing of this well liked philadelphia cop has struck a chord within his police family and through the larger community. many now showing up in support of the blue that today is draped in black. >> we understand that it's a risk every day that they come out here and they make sure our streets are, you know safe for us to go home that night. even when it's dangerous for them. >> reporter: and i just checked in with the 22nd district. you saw the flowers. they tell me people have been bringing flowers here since last night. there are so many now that they fill the back offices inside the 22nd district there is a memorial fund set up for the officer's two sons, ages 9 and 12 months. more on information on that go to our mobile app and you'll have information.
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live in north philadelphia this afternoon nbc 10 news. >> keith jones sat down with commissioner ramsey about building trust between police and the community only hours before the murder of officer wilson yesterday. we'll hear what the commissioner is saying about the progress of their efforts. that's all new this afternoon on nbc 10 news coming up at 4:30. and we will continue to follow developments in the murder of officer wilson. count on nbc 10 news for new information about this case on the air and with the nbc 10 news app for your smartphone or tablet. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a day after the snowstorm, there are still remnants of that snow above the philadelphia museum of art in center city. plus, the melt cog happen soon. but not before a bitterly cold night ahead. >> we're waiting for those 50s to come alive later on. meteorologist sheena parveen is here with the evening planner for anyone heading out tonight. it's going to be cold? >> it is going to be cold jacqueline and jim. and the thing today, the fact that we have a lot of sunshine,
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even though it's been in the 20s, that sunshine helps to at least loosen a lot of that snow if you needed to get it off your car, your driveway. the sun certainly helped out today. we are nice and dry on the radar. we have no snow around the area. we don't expect it either. and here is a beautiful look at the center city skyline. still have eyes on the delaware river. but we are seeing plenty of sun, not really helping to warm us above freezing. we're still at 25 degrees in philadelphia right now. the rest of the area still well below freezing. mid-20s south delaware. if you're heading out tonight for your friday evening, it is going to be cold. and as we go through the overnight hours, it's going to be even colder than that dropping in the teens. by 6:00 p.m. 24 degrees. by 8:00 tonight temperatures dropping to around 20. and by 10:00 this evening, we should already be in the teens. mostly clear, though. the weekend setting up to look pretty good. i'll show you that forecast and a nice warm-up as we go through part of your weekend especially next week but also an important note for your weekend. as we head through sunday
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morning, we want to remind you to spring forward at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. also a good idea to change all your clocks before you go to bed saturday night and daylight saving time begins. it's also a great idea to put fresh batteries in the smoke detectors in your homes as well. >> all right, sheena. people in redding shoveling snow today are getting a break. the city will not give out snow shoveling tickets. officials admit the amnesty came about because city properties are still snow covered, making it hard to point the finger at residents. redding's public works director says freezing rain and ice made clearing sidewalks harder than usual. and because of the weather, amtrak is operating on a limited schedule today as we look live at 30th street station in philadelphia. that plus the friday rush could slow things down even more. >> now across the river to south jersey bureau reporter cydney long live in deptford. >> some are seeing red after hearing reports that governor
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christie is proposing to spend less on snow removal next year? >> that's right. we've been talking to the state treasury as well as the governor's office today to get a feel for how less could be more. less money we're talking about when it comes to doing this making sure new jersey's major roadways are safe and clear. as you know, this is all a matter of public safety. with a wallop of what we hope will be the season's last blast of snow that coated new jersey thursday say goodbye to a cruel winter and cross your fingers next year isn't as bad. that's because governor christie is counting on that too proposing his 2016 fiscal budget to slash winter operations by $44 million. >> very upsetting to hear. >> you cannot cut the budget for clearing the roads. we need more money. . that would not be a good look. because we need to get around. >> reporter: on plowing operations salt trucks, overhead highway signs, manpower and overtime new jersey has
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already spent $91.6 million this year. and for dads like kevin davis to keep his family safe, it's paying off. >> i think it's much improved. i've been on 42 295, 76 they've all been really good, especially this morning. they were literally dry. >> the day after a big storm? >> yes. >> reporter: the state d.o.t. says despite the proposed figure by christie, the state will spend, quote, whatever amount necessary to keep new jersey residents and visitors safe on major roadways. governor christie's office tells me what is this reflects is we had an unusually harsh winter last year and we don't expect it to be the case next year. you might be surprised by the difference in the amount of money that new jersey has spent in winter operations and snow removal over the past five winters. we found out today it's over $100 million difference between the 2010-2011 winter and this year 2014-2015, all depending on what mother nature brings to the negotiating table.
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live in deptford, i'm cyndey long, nbc 10 news. now to breaking news concerning democratic senator robert menendez from new jersey. attorney general eric holder won't say if he has approved the filing of corruption charges against menendez. >> this comes after a media report that the justice department is preparing to charge him with corruption. >> we do have this statement from the senator's communications director. it reads in part quote, as we said before we believe all of the senator's actions have been appropriate and lawful and that facts will ultimately confirm, that end quote. to other news now, all lanes are clear right now. but traffic was sure backed up this morning on the atlantic city expressway after a pickup truck rammed into the back of a snowplow. over the accident just after it happened in winslow township. police tell us the truck driver was taken to the hospital with leg injuries. no one was hurt after the cab of a tractor-trailer was left hanging over a bridge in the lehigh valley. it happened in south whitehall
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township after a crash on i-78. the trailer was empty at the time. now to a bus in trouble. sky force 10 over this truck on ridge street near terrace. passengers stood in the cold watching as the bus driver tried to get that bus back on the road. . investigators still aren't sure exactly why a jet crashed into a fence yesterday during a landing at la guardia airport in new york. we're going show you some time lapse video that showed the delta vet being lifted this morning from the embankment where it came to rest. airport officials say yesterday's heavy snow and fog did not cause flight 1086 to skid off the runway, something federal investigators are looking into. regardless of how it happened passengers on board credit the skill of the pilot for saving their lives. >> he walked right up to me and put his arm around me and said i'm going to get you off this plane. and he did. >> a few of the 126 passengers were treated for minor injuries. if you know where this man
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is, police want you to call them. law officials have charged 52-year-old stanley lange with first-degree murder. montgomery county officials say he shot and killed 49-year-old indra sheets. sheets died from two gunshot wounds sunday inside a house on sunnybrook avenue. police don't know where the suspect is and consider him arm and dangerous. a wilmington man is charged on a college campus in new castle county. police were around 2:30 this morning. they say tykee highland used a steak knife to stab another man in the head. the victim is expected to be okay. officers say he was trying to break up fight between highland and his girlfriend. new information on the deadly police shooting in northampton county. the pennsylvania attorney general's office says easton police were justified in killing a man after a chase and a crash here at 13th and spring garden last october. officers say they shot richard sherman after he rammed a police
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cruiser twice. the ag's office announced today that no charges will be filed. closing arguments going on right now in the trial of page winslow. she is the so-called black madam accused of giving illegal butt injections. winslow is on trial for allegedly causing a woman's death after giving her silicone injections at a philadelphia hotel. the judge delayed her trial for a few days while she was treated for chest pains. it could go to the jury before tend of the day. from our south jersey bureau crime victims in evesham township new jersey may not need to call 911. minor crimes can now get reported online. police warn the new tool should never be used in an emergency. the new system allows officers to work on other crimes. evesham police say once a crime is reported. that will follow up. pennsylvania's unemployment rate it picked up in january. the unemployment rate in the keystone state now standing at 5.1%. that's up from 5% back in december. nationally, the unemployment rate is 5.5% based on february
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numbers. federal official says the number of people looking for work last month grew by 13,000. pennsylvania governor tom wolf came to town today to out the his budget's attention to the state's ailing schools. the governor went to muhlenberg elementary in allentown to talk about how his proposed budget for the state. during his talk wolf said a big chunk is earmarked for education. the governor says this budget also slashes property taxes by nearly half for some homeowners. >> property tax relief because it's fair. the education fund because it's smart. those are two separate things. and i'm going both. >> there are tax increases, though, in the budget, including a boost to the state sales tax. to south jersey now and congratulations to several members of the camden county police department. nbc 10's chris cato served as emcee as the department awards today. it's a regional police agency
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serving all of camden county. it was formed two years ago. here is a new look at the plane act core harrison ford crashed on to a california golf course. the vintage plane went down with engine trouble just taking off from a nearby airport. take a look at cell phone video. it shows the plane seconds before the crash. you can see how low the plane is just above the rooftops there aviation experts called ford's crash beautifully executed by an unbelievably well-trained pilot, they said. ford reported engine failure about 20 minutes after taking off. he tried to return to the airport. the actor famous for roles in "star wars" and indiana jones was injured in the crash but is expected to make a full recovery. a doctor who saw it happened rushed to help the 72-year-old movie star. >> i'm a spine surgeon. so i can kind of vouch for spinal stability issues. and i did a brief examine, smelled the fuel. i didn't want it to ignite. >> the doctor says he recognized ford from his films, but was just happy to help someone in
4:17 pm
need. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well we with dry today. we had a lot of sunshine. so that was good because at least that sun helped to loosen up a lot of the ice. made it easier to get it off your car, if you haven't done so already. as you go into the weekend, it will still be cold. you'll be dry but a cold start to your saturday morning, waking up with temperatures in the teens. then we go into sunday. we're going have a pretty big warm-up underway. temperatures as we go through part of the weekend will be in about the mid-40s. as we go into next week we're talking about temperatures in about the mid-50s in a couple of days. we have some dry days ahead. we don't expect rain chances to come back in until maybe thursday at this point is what it looks like here is a look at the skull skill river. a frozen schuylkill river still required but ice on the river regardless of the rain we saw a few days ago. snow as well. kind of a snowy look at boat
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house row. plenty of sunshine to go around today. still sunny skies in philadelphia right now. 25 degrees. it feels more like 18. so yeah, it is a cold day today. but the sun is helping out. and we will warm up as we go into the weekend. mid to low 20s areas north and west right now. mid-20s wilmington and millville. atlantic city coming in at 23 degrees. 24 in stone harbor. but everyone will be a little bit warmer tomorrow. i wouldn't call it warm. but not as cold. so for tomorrow starting off your saturday areas north and west like allentown, quakertown and redding, you should be in the mid-30s. these will be our high temperatures through the afternoon. 36 for the afternoon high for trenton. 35 doylestown and northtown. 37 mt. holly. closer to the shore, tomorrow temperatures will be in the upper 30s possibly. 35 for viola and 37 in dover. and mostly sunny still around the philadelphia area. 36 degrees for vorhees. 35 chester, 37 degrees for the afternoon high in wilmington. so we still have this cold air mass over us. but we're going to see some
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changes soon. now the 20s are still in place right across the northeast. the 40s and 50s, though those are down to the south. but they will eventually make their way up towards our area. mostly the second half of the weekend, but all this warm area you see we're not going to get the upper 60s like parts of florida, but at least we will be getting some 40s and 50s moving in. and compared to what we have seen lately, this is actually going to feel very nice. a nice change. it's all relative. as we go through tonight mostly clear skies. it will be cold if you're heading out this friday evening. 13 will be bottoming out in philadelphia. that will be right before sunrise tomorrow. but going in through your evening we'll be dropping into the teens. 8 degrees possible. areas north and west. so cold start to your weekend. then tomorrow mostly sunny, cold afternoon, 34 to 37 degrees. but in fact this is going to be about 10 degrees warmer than today. so it may not feel so cold to you if you compare it to today. then we go into sunday. take a look at that. mid 40s on the map. and you spring your clock forward one hour. so technically, you do lose an
4:20 pm
hour of sleep. but i think the extra hour of sunlight in the afternoon, that will make up for it. we will be seeing our sunrise pushed back an hour now as we go through this next week. take a look at the temperatures coming along wit. mid-50s by wednesday. before that we could see the a chance of showers as we go into tuesday. more details on your weekend forecast, coming up. i knew it was going to be bad. >> watch this. a girl hit by a car on her walk to school. we talked about the people involved in the crash about what happened behind the wheel. plus, the philadelphia pop stars suing a snack company over a play on words. nearly one million cards recalled due to hoods unlatching on drivers. the auto company warning you to pull them off the road. coming up on nbc 10 news.
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dare we call it pain at the pump? after months of low prices gas prices are going up again. right now in pennsylvania, the price of a gallon of gas is
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$2.62. that's up ten cents in the last week. in delaware $2.39, up five cents this weekend. in new jersey, a gallon of gas will cost you $2.25, seven cents more than last week. hall & oates, famous for their music are, in the middle of a food feud. the popular '80s band wants early bird foods to rename their haulin oats cereal. it's a phonetic play on the band. the original band is suing. they say the brand is using their fame and notoriety. the cereal maker responded saying say it isn't so which are words from a haul & oates song. the group wants to hand over any profits the cereal has made. daryl hall is from pottstown and met john oates at temple university. a hometown band. >> yes. we want to go back to our top story now. >> the murder of a philadelphia police officer. one day after 30-year-old officer robert wilson iii was gunned down in the local video
4:25 pm
game store, two philadelphia brothers are charged with his murder. police say the officer was involved in a gun battle with the suspects, who were trying to hold up the store. new in our second half hour student scare. one teenager's brush with death after cars collide on an icy street. and the day after that storm, we're in a deep freeze that will stretch into part of you're weekend. but i'm also tracking changes i think you will like. that's in my first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news the battle over a new name. the effort to change how one casino in atlantic city is viewed. >> this is nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news, weekdays starting at 4:00. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads so files
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now at 4:30 a department in mourning tasked with piecing together the murder of one of their own. officer robert wilson was killed in a shoot-out at a north philadelphia video game store. today philadelphia police announced first-degree murder charges against these brothers for the crime during yesterday's snowstorm in north philadelphia. >> yeah and both of those suspects facing other charges as well. >> the two brothers have prior arrests. >> authorities say ramone williams has confessed to killing officer wilson at that north philadelphia gamestop yesterday afternoon. officer wilson was at the store to buy a video game for his son. police say the suspects were not aware wilson was in line when they walked in to rob the place. the result, that shoot-out. philadelphia's police commissioner says officer wilson fought to the end and redefined what being a hero is all about. >> taking rounds.
4:30 pm
he was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire. but he continued to fight, continued to shoot until the fatal wound was fired and it brought him down. >> police say ramone williams and carlton hipps exchanged gunfire with officer wilson's partner after they left the store. hipps took a bullet in the leg. he is in the hospital wearing officer wilson's handcuffs this afternoon. williams is in jail. officer wilson was an eight-year veteran of the 22nd district. police say he was buying that video game for his son as a reward for getting good grades in school. >> we want to go now to keith jones who is in our digital operation center. >> keith, you spoke to philadelphia's top cop about his officers working to really try to change things in the communities they patrol. >> yes. i sat down with commissioner charles ramsey hours before the tragedy. we're talking about regaining trust and rebuilding trust in the community, and making safer relationships between the public and police. and what better person to talk
4:31 pm
to too. charles ramsey has been in law enforcement for nearly 47 years, seven of which in philadelphia. not to mention he was handpicked by president obama to co-chair a national task force on better police work a review of proper use of force and rebuilding trust. >> we're going to take a look at our policies. we're going to put in place as much as we possibly can to be as transparent as we can without compromising investigations. and that's a fine line there. this isn't reality tv. and have to avoid trial by media, trial by public. at the same time we have a job to do. >> the commissioner later admitted to me that even he was taken aback by the level of mistrust toward the police department by the community. he also talked a little bit about what the philadelphia police department can improve upon. you can see more of my interview with commissioner charles ramsey on nbc 10's at issue. the show airs every sunday at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10. keith jones, nbc 10 news.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> cold out there. but at least the sun is out. pretty view right here. boat house row from sky force 10. you can see how frozen the river is on this day after our latest winter storm. some big cats at the philadelphia zoo don't seem to mind the snow and cold at all there could be a warm-up in their future, though. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is back thou. >> and sheena another very cold night before we can expect things to finally thaw? >> yeah, thaegtt's right. another cold night. if you have friday night plans, take the heavy coat again. temperatures though, in the mid-20s. but when you get in the sunshine with very little wind, it actually feels kind of nice outside. mid to low 20s through the lehigh valley. 25 degrees philadelphia. mid to low 20s south jersey and delaware. but as the sun goes down temperatures will be dropping. by 6:00 p.m. we should still be around the mid-20s. but then by 8:00 tonight, it gets colder. 21 degrees. and the clear skies will help us
4:33 pm
to get colder a little faster too, especially with that fresh snow cover still around. and by 10:00 tonight, temperatures should already be dropping into the teens. so we are talking about a cold start to your weekend. coming up i'll talk more about your weekend forecast, which day out of the weekend will be the warmest. and also a bigger warm-up coming as we go into next week and the chance of rain getting thrown into the seven-day forecast now. i'll talk about all this in detail, coming up. and with the change weather conditions, be sure to take the first alert weather team with you this weekend wherever you go with the nbc 10 news and weather app for your smart phones and tablets. our cold weather is taking a toll on our cars. aaa tells us calls for battery problems doubled last month compared to a year ago. the roadside service company broke a record on february 16th for the most calls in a single day, and almost half were battery-related. also a record-breaker. last month aaa took more than 15,000 calls for service in the philadelphia area of
4:34 pm
pennsylvania. that's up 28% over last year. there were also more than 15,000 calls in new jersey, up 38%. calls were up 36% in delaware to more than 2200 calls. even with this week's snowfall penndot says it's in good shape as far as salt is concerned. it says it has used just over 150,000 tons of salt so far this year. that's compared to more than 172,000 tons this time last year. as of march 4th there were still more than 24,000 tons of salt on hand. penndot says it will still taking salt deliveries every day. today car concerns. automaker expanding a recall because the hoods on their vehicles could pop open while you're driving. find out if your car is affected. >> that would be a problem. plus why kids are getting fewer cavities. first, what we're working on for "nbc 10 news at 5." >> nbc 10 is has been on the story since the start. a philadelphia police officer killed on the job. new at 5:00, we're getting new
4:35 pm
details about the one suspect facing a judge, and the evidence police are searching that scene for. this constant winter weather impacting summer rentals at the shore. the property still open and how quick they're moving. job openings in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. which state has the most people searching for a new career? count on "nbc 10 news at 5." thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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now to an important recall to tell you about. nissan has announced it's
4:38 pm
recalling 625,000 more cars as part of a growing problem with faulty latches. these latches can cause hoods to fly open while the cars are moving. the latest recall covers altima mid-sized cars from 2013 to 2015 model years. the latest recall brings the total number recalled for this one problem to nearly 1.1 million. kids are getting fewer cavities these days. that's according to a new government statistics that find the number of fillings has been going down over the past ten years. researchers say dental sealants are protecting some kids from needing dental care. still one in three children under the age of 8 have cavities. sad movies don't just make people cry. new research finds a tear jerker like "the notebook" or "steel magnolias" makes them toss back more popcorn too. people eat 50% more when they
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watch a sad film versus a condominium different. experts say you're just as likely to eat fruit and veggies during a sad movie. emotional eating makes you eat whatever is in front of you. >> i don't think i need an excuse to eat a lot of popcorn. >> no, no, no matter what. yeah. we've warn you'd time and again just how dangerous the roads can be in this winter weather we've been having. >> now proof of it that is hard to forget. >> i knew it was going to be bad. >> the student struck when cars went slipping and sliding, and the remarkable outcome. the situation looks a whole lot worse than it actually was. and a bitter cold friday evening especially. extreme cold to start your weekend. but then we start to see improvements. we're tracking a warm-up. the timing on that and my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," first the debate over the infamous black and blue dress. well now why that dress is changing color for a good cause.
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>> this is nbc 10 news.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> this weekend, the nation will stop to remember an important moment in our history. >> president obama will travel to selma, alabama tomorrow to mark the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday a turning point in the civil rights movement. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray gives us a preview from selma. >> reporter: 50 years later, the struggle continues in selma. a place where unemployment is above 10%, nearly double the national average. a small town like so is many framed by empty and run-down buildings. >> each day presents itself with a new challenge, a new experience. but i am very hopeful and the
4:44 pm
city i was born and raised in that a new day is on the horizon for us. >> reporter: defined by their past. this weekend marked the half century since bloody sunday. when hundreds of peaceful protesters here were met with violence during what has been described as the last revolution of the civil rights movement a march for equality and the right to vote. >> we were determined to get the rights for all people, regardless of the color of their skin. to be able to file to determine their own destiny. >> reporter: he was foot soldier on the march on history. >> yes, i saw blood. pandemonium broke out in the crowd in disbelief that this was happening in the united states of america. >> reporter: a country that now is led by its first african american president. this weekend will celebrate the sacrifices made in selma.
4:45 pm
progress. but those who took the first steps stress not the end of their march. >> i will always be marching in my biggest march is for our young people because they are the voices of hope. >> reporter: a hope that comes from the history here. jay gray, nbc 10 news. south jersey congressman donald norcross will be in sell marks alabama this weekend. he is going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1965 march for voting rights. >> norcross tells us he believes it's important to commemorate the famous civil rights movement to secure voting rights for african americans. >> in many ways we have come so far, being there with the president to celebrate the 50th anniversary of how much we have changed. but quite frankly, how far we still need to go. >> norcross says he hopes the unity inspired by selma translates to the u.s. congress. a rhode island teenager is recovering this afternoon after a walk to school she won't soon
4:46 pm
forget. >> and the whole thing was caught on camera. take a look. several security cameras were recording as the teen tried to avoid a car crash on slippery roads yesterday michael jordan. the impact knocked her to the ground. other than being sore she is doing okay. she is fine. several people were there to witness it in person. >> i knew it was going to be bad. i knew that it was going to hit my car or me. >> the injured teen says she has seen the video several times but said she had no idea the car hit her that hard. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well it's going to be a cold night after a cold day. but at least we have the sunshine today. that sunshine helped to loosen a lot of the snow. hopefully made it easier to get it off your car. a cold start to our weekend. but we've been talking about it for the past few days. we have a big warmup in store for part of the weekend, especially as we go into next week. average high temperatures this time of the year 49 degrees.
4:47 pm
we've been well below that today we've only gotten to 25 for the highs around philadelphia. saturday, 36. sunday, 46. so we're pretty much going to jump up 10 degrees each day over the next couple days. and the next week we're talking about 50 degrees temperatures. we do have some dry days ahead too. we're going have a rain chance as we go through next week. but no more snow chances, not in the next seven days. temperatures an the 20s across most of the area. mid-20s for south jersey and delaware as well. as we go through tonight, eventually the numbers will be dropping into the teens. here is a look outside along the schuylkill river. you see boat house row in the distance. still looking at quite a bit of ice on the schuylkill river. so that has not broken just net. snow still on top of the ice. but temperatures as we go into the weekend those will be warming up quite a bit. we should be seeing temperatures in the mid-40s. but at least as we go through tonight, we will be staying dry. radar showing us dry conditions across the area and this will continue as we go across both
4:48 pm
saturday and sunday. now, if you're heading to the poconos this weekend, your ski forecast not looking too bad. fresh snow already on the ground in the poconos. so saturday you will have some fresh powder there. 29 degrees. clouds will be around. chance of flurries in the poconos. by sunday we're going to be warming above freezing. 36 degrees. so not as cold. but we will be staying on the dry side as we go into sunday. for tonight, mostly cloudy. clear skies, cold temperatures. 13 for the low in philadelphia. 8 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, to start your weekend mostly sunny. but cold still 34 to 37 degrees. it's all relative. today we're in the mid-20s. tomorrow mid-30s. it may not even feel that cold to you tomorrow. it might feel a little chilly compared to today. on sunday we spring forward one hour. and we're going to gain some afternoon sunlight with that. even though we lose an hour of sleep, we're going to be seeing the sunset now an hour later because of that time change. 46 for the high temperature on sunday. monday temperatures still in
4:49 pm
the mid-40s. and we're going to see some 50s next week. next marine chance does look like tuesday. but the good news is we don't have any more snow in the forecast. and it looks like a fairly dry stretch, except for that one day on tuesday. and i don't see any more arctic air tipping down. i really don't see it in the next several days. hopefully, our weather patterns will change as the sun angle changes. >> have we turned a corner? >> i'm hoping. it does look like that so far. >> i almost hear the collective sigh of relief. i think car washes are going to be packed this weekend with the seven-day outlook. >> i'm doing it. speak of which, today is a day to dig out. >> but many people just don't dig this weather any more. they are fed up. >> a day after the jersey shore's latest snowstorm some are thinking summer. >> to be able to sit on a beach chair, i'm ready. >> i'm ted greenberg. how the harsh winter has hindered the hunt for summer
4:50 pm
rentals. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," bullying in delaware schools. the report card on how well districts are handling the problem. ká >> this is nbc 10 news. woman: i was tired of my chronic constipation and the way it made me feel the discomfort the bloating
4:51 pm
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thank you, cable
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for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this is nbc 10 news. >> cold march day is going to give way to a cold march night. a live look at interstate 5 in wilmington from our camera on top of the blue rock stadium. it doesn't look like we're ready for any kind of spring sports. the day after our latest winter storm, how many of russ sick of telephone cold? everyone right here.
4:54 pm
they want warmer weather. >> yes, we do. what a better place to dream about the warmer weather than the beach. to the coast where some people are trying to usher in summer a little faster. >> reporter: when yet another snow day in ocean city gave katie larson an unplanned four-day weekend, her mom put her to work. >> i just want it to be summer, because it's so cold. >> reporter: you're sick of this? >> yes. >> if you think that the space is enough for what we vc÷need? >> reporter: they're also looking forward to the warmth following this long cold winter. a day after the latest snowstorm -- >> this is nice. >> reporter: the berlin couple came to ocean city with two of their kids to check out a condo for sale near the beach. >> to be able to sit on a beach chair, i'm ready. >> there is still a lot of interest, pent-up interest as well. >> reporter: he and his team have been hearing from lots of folks anxious to buy homes and book summer rentals at the
4:55 pm
shore. but the weather has been a frustrating challenge. >> unfortunately, we have appointments every weekend. they're getting canceled. all the quality properties are going to go quick in the next 30 days when the weather breaks. >> reporter: what impact has the weather had on rental inventory? i'm looking at that story next. that's at 5:00. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> we can dream, right? it is coming. we know it is. >> we didn't go to the beach. we're still here. >> "nbc 10 news at 5" is next. >> here is keith jones. >> all new at 5:00 the suspects in the murder of a philadelphia police officer going before a judge. what we're learning about the attempted robbery that ended in two gun battles, and about the officer who died serving his community. and after all that snow today a nice dry day on the radar. and plenty of sunshine too. but temperatures will be dropping again tonight. i'll show you how cold plus a warm-up for the weekend. and off the runway and into the hands of investigators. new video on the plane that
4:56 pm
almost slid into the water at la guardia. we're hearing from passengers moments before the disaster. next on "nbc 10 news at 5."
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 5:00 remembering the officer killed in a gun battle with two robbery suspects. á; >> the officer was an out and
4:59 pm
out hero and a warrior. he fought to the very, very end, firing at both of them. unfortunately, he ultimately lost his life during this gunfight. >> police honor one of their own the day after his murder. today we're learning more about the suspects and what happened to the moments before the deadly shots were fired. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm jacqueline london. today police announced they have filed murder charges against two philadelphia brothers. ramone williams has con faced while his brother carlton hipps is in the hospital wearing officer wilson's handcuffs. he confessed to killing him inside a game stop yesterday afternoon. officer wilson was at the store to buy a game for his son. police say the suspects weren't aware wilson was in line when they walked in to rob the place. the result was a shoot-out that led to officer wilson's murder. >> harry hairston begins our coverage. >> harry, you're learning more
5:00 pm
about the officer's final moments. >> reporter: just a few moments ago i talked to the raining judge. he told me ramone williams should be arraigned any moment now, no later than 5:15. we're going to go back in there after this live shot and check out the arraignment and give you the live details. earlier today i had talk at a news conference with the captain of homicide james clark. he described how the officer fought to save lives. >> the officer was an out and out hero and a warrior. he fought to the very, very end, firing at both of them. >> investigators tell us officer robert wilson redefined what a hero is as he violently fought to serve and protect. >> when he stepped away from the counter, there were civilians there. i counted four behind the counter, a couple in line. he stepped away so that there was no -- the shots weren't going directly at them. they were going toward him. >> reporter: ramone williams and his brother carlton hipps are suspected of gunning down officer wilson. according to police, the pair


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