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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  March 7, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> this breaking news is in philadelphia's old city neighborhood. three people are under arrest after a shooting there. police say they had to open fire to take those suspects into custody. we'll have a live report from the scene. plus some folks are waking up to single digits across the area. this is camel back resort in the poconos. where it feels like 5 below zero right now. 13 degrees here at nbc 10. we'll tell you what to expect for your saturday and what kind of a warmup we'll see over the next few days. good morning, everybody. welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm ted greenberg. 5:30 on this saturday march 7th. thanks so much for starting your saturday with us. let's get another check of the first alert forecast from meteorologist michelle grossman and the weather center. >> we're starting out frigid this morning, temperatures in the single digits in some spots.
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poconos, 5 below zero. we're looking at temperatures, wind chill is below zero right now. we're looking at clear skies though lots of sunshine throughout the day. a little more cloud cover later on this afternoon. still partly sunny by let's say 3:00 this afternoon. that was a live look outside. right now we're looking at temperatures mainly in the teens in and around the city in philadelphia. 14 degrees. look at chester springs, 1 degree. 13 in northeast philadelphia 10 degrees in washington township. to the north and west zero in quakertown, 1 below zero in lancaster. 9 degrees in blue bell. we slide down to the south and west. the single digits there as well. 6 in mt. holly, 0 in millville. it feels colder than the air temperatures. it feels colder than it actually is. it feels like 5 in philadelphia. ziering like 9 below zero in allentown, just 3 at the atlantic city airport. so satellite radar showing us we're clear of this morning. we'll be clear all weekend long.
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that's the good news a quiet weekend. we're looking at a quiet seven-day as well. the temperatures drop this morning, probably dropping a few more degrees before they start to rise later on this morning. by 9:00 18 degrees, by lunch time, 29 mostly sunny and 3:00, 37 degrees. milder on sunday and during the workweek. more about that coming up. we continue to follow breaking news in philadelphia's old city section. police have three men under arrest. police say they nearly ran over an officer as they tried to get away from a shooting scene. jesse gary is with us. any more information on the sec person possibly being shot? >> reporter: according to detectives, they do not believe this is connected to our current scene where we are. this second victim was at sixth and mifflin in south philadelphia. they showed up at a hospital several hours before this
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current scene. let's take a look at the video. the current scene is at black horse alley near second street in old city philadelphia around 2:15 this morning. a gun battle started or at least shooting started between three men in a cadillac and one victim. those men opened fire and then jumped in the cadillac and sped off from the scene. they headed down to chestnut went the wrong way on chestnut before they were stopped by philadelphia police. at one point they were on the sidewalk. they tried to run over a police officer. two officers opened fire. they ultimately stopped that car and took those three men into custody. we are trying to get more information on to what led up to the shooting what prompted the shooting and why these men felt the need to try and run down officers. right now, three of them are in custody. we do not believe at this point that that incident at 6th and mifflin in south philadelphia is connected in any way. it happened ours before this scene. we'll have more information for you coming up top of the hour. live in old city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
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this morning, the justice process is under way for two men accused of killing philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. police arrested ramon williams and his brother, carlton hipps, both face murder and attempted robbery charges. williams was arraigned last night. hipps was wounded in a shootout with officer wilson's partner. hipps is in the hospital wearing officer wilson's handcuffs. police people continue to build a makeshift memorial at the video game store in north philadelphia where officer wilson was killed. police officials said two men walked into the store on thursday and announced a robbery. unaware of officer was already inside buying a gift for his son. gunfire broke out. police say surveillance video shows officer wilson acted quickly, moving away from customers before firing and then getting shot. police officials said his actions likely saved patrons and employees. >> not only in doing his job, he
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protected the store, he protected the store employees and, leak i said before he was a hero. >> st. martin de porres will remember officer wilson with a mass tomorrow. the church is on lehigh avenue, not far from thursday's shooting scene. the remembrance mass is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. new jersey senator bob menendez is defending himself and his name amid reports that he's facing federal corruption charges. the allegations stem from a federal investigation into the senator's ties to florida eye doctor and political donor solomon melgen. the justice department is looking into whether or not menendez accepted bribes in exchange for lobbying u.s. officials to help the doctor with business matters. while the senator has acknowledged taking some actions that could have appeared to benefit his friend a defiant menendez denied any wrongdoing. >> every action that i and my office have taken for the last 23 years that i have been privileged to be in the united
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states congress has been based on pursuing the best policies for the people of new jersey and of this entire country. >> the department of justice is expected to bring criminal charges against menendez in the next few weeks. from our delaware bureau, a wilmington man is out on bail after being charged in a stabbing on a college campus in new castle county. police were called to goldy beakham college. officers say he was trying to break up a fight between hyland and his girlfriend. an easton police officer was justified in killing a man after a chase and crash in october. police say the officer shot richard sherman iii after he rammed a police cruiser twice. state authorities said no charges will be filed against the officer. a man who pleaded guilty to the murder of a teenager who was
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caught in the cross fire at a philadelphia playground will spend 8 to 16 years in prison. this is the victim, 17-year-old bernard scott. police say he was an innocent bystander when several men opened fire near overbrook high school. that happened in april of 2013 at a play ground. rahim pleasant was sentenced in the crime yesterday. a judge also sentenced two others in the case. one received 10 to 12 years, one received life in prison. winslow is charged in the death of a 20-year-old british dancer in 2011. winslow is accused of killing the woman with illegal silicone injections during a body enhancement procedure at a philadelphia airport hotel. winslow is charged with third degree murder, manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license. her trial was postponed for two days last week after she got sick.
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donald trump's fight to take his name off the taj mahal casino in atlantic city is not over yet. yesterday, the owners of the taj filed an appeal of a court order siding with trump. the billionaire developer is suing because he says the owners let the casino go downhill over the years, tarnishing the trump personal brand. donald trump is no longer affiliated with those owners. search crews looking for a missing malaysia airlines flight 370 have a new time line for their mission. we'll tell you what happens when that time runs out. today the federal investigation ramps up into the plane that skidded off the runway at new york's laguardia airport, how officials are trying to get answers. plus new jersey governor chris christie says he wants the state to spend less money on snow removal next year but the department of transportation says not so fast. why the d.o.t. says it's not the governor's call.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. welcome back on this saturday morning, i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a quiet day today, finally a quiet weekend. lots of sunshine throughout the weekend. a little more cloud cover to the north and west today. otherwise we're not looking at precipitation. we're looking at the chance for a little bit of cloud cover to the north and west. that would be about it. so right now we're looking at wind chills mainly below zero in a lot of spots. 9 below zero in allentown, 2 is what it feels like in reading, zero in lancaster and 3 degrees in atlantic city. that is your main weather headline, clear and cold. we'll keep it chilly throughout the day. with the snainunshine, i don't think anyone will be complaining. satellite radar showing us we are clear, we don't have clouds out there. we're also looking at precipitation to the north and most of any precipitation that falls today will be to the north, although the poconos may see a few snow showers as well as the northwest suburbs.
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that will be later on this afternoon, otherwise, we'll keep it quiet throughout the day. temperatures cold 14 degrees in philadelphia, 10 degrees in mt. pocono. zero is the air temperature in lancaster. 11 degrees in ath d, 10ks. bundle up this morning. we'll be cold throughout the day. as we go throughout time the temperature climbs into the upper 30s, topping out right around 38 degrees later on this afternoon, maybe a little higher to the south and east along the coast in new jersey. we could see temperatures near 40 degrees with lots of sunshine. a little more sunshine to the south and east as opposed to the north and west. for today, 37 to 40 degrees. we like that. sun and clouds cold. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. by tomorrow remember this you set your clock ahead one hour. we get an extra hour of sunlight. we're all going to like that. you might want to put batteries in your smoke detectors.
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>> thank you, michelle. with snow on the ground from the latest round of winter weather, there's word that new jersey governor chris christie wants to spend less on snow removal yesterday. the proposed budget cuts snow removal operations by $44 million. the state department of transportation tells nbc 10 it will spend whatever amount is necessary to keep the public safe and that its commissioner has the final say. some drivers say if it isn't broken, don't fix it. >> they've done a good job with what they have this year. if we could keep that that wouldn't be a bad thing. >> the governor's office tells us items in the proposed budget will fluctuate even after it's approved, especially for an emergency situation. american air strikes are targeting isis and leading the way for an offensive against those militants. we'll hear from a top u.s. general about the mission overseas. plus back here at home nissan is pulling hundreds of thousands of cars off the road. what you need to know about the company's latest recall for an ongoing problem.
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happening today, federal investigators plan to start interviewing crew members of that delta airlines jet that skidded off the runway at laguardia airport. it skidded off a runway coming to rest just feet from the icy waters of flushing bay. crews removed the plane and cleared the runway early yesterday. tomorrow marks one year since the dismysterious disappearance of malaysian airlines flight 370. the passenger jet vanished on march 8th during a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. 239 people were on board. despite an international search effort there's been no sign of the plane.
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a top u.s. general says american air strikes against isis have made it possible for iraqi troops to launch a big offensive against the militants, some 30,000 iraqi forces are trying to retake tikrit saddam hussein's old hometown. isis is using roadside bombs and clouds of smoke to hide targets from the u.s. air strike. iraqi jets and helicopters are supporting the effort. isis captured tikrit and iraq's second largest city mosul, during its sweep across northern iraq last year. now to an important recall. nissan has announced it is recalling 625,000 more cars as part of a growing problem with faulty latches. experts found those latches can cause hoods to fly open while the cars are moving. the affected vehicles are altima midsize cars from 2013. this year the latest recall brings the total number of
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vehicles recalled for this problem to nearly 1.1 million. plenty of people have been clearing snow with shovels while they look forward to warmer days at the jersey shore. real estate agents say they're hearing from plenty of people looking to buy and rent vacation homes in ocean city and other shore resorts. but they say the winter weather has been a frustrating challenge. we have appointments every weekend that are getting canceled. all the quality properties will go quick, especially in the next 30 days once this weather breaks. >> agents say rental bookings are slightly down from where they were last year. from the shore to the poconos, no need to clear the snow at jack frost mountain. check out these cardboard creations. to make it down the hill all you need is imagination and extra padding. it's all part of the tenth annual cardboard challenge. now your nbc 10 first alert weather.
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>> poor spongebob. that looks like fun. we have plenty of snow. you could do that in your own backyard this afternoon. we're looking at a nice weekend, the nicest we've seen in at least the past four weekends. we've had a storm almost every single weekend. keep it quiet, enjoy it. cold today, cold tomorrow. it will feel good by tomorrow. off to a frigid start this morning, temperatures in the teens, single digits to the north and west. it feels colder once you factor in the winds. as we get through the later part of today, cold 12 degrees below what is typical for this time of year. with sunshine we'll take it in. we'll be 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. more sunshine on sunday. another sunny day on sunday. temperatures into the upper 40s. right now we're looking at temperatures, pretty cold. 2 degrees in reading, philadelphia and 14. 11 in atlantic city. notice the clear skies. the light winds this morning helping to bottom out those temperatures. we're seeing that across the area. yesterday we only topped out at
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26 degrees. today we'll be at 38. and then by sun, 46. still below the 50 degree average that is expected this time of year. at least we're getting closer by sunday. during the middle of the workweek workweek, we're looking at temperatures finally above normal. we'll enjoy that into the low 50s. live look outside. clear skies this morning we'll see sunshine today. a little more cloud cover to the north and west. we call it mostly cloudy. let's say the northwest suburbs the poconos, lehigh valley, otherwise, mostly sunny skies. 14 in philadelphia 4 degrees in allentown. zero in lancaster. 10 right now in mt. pocono zero in millville, 11 in atlantic city. 13 in dover. it makes me cold just saying the numbers. 9 below zero in allentown, 5 in philadelphia. the wind chill in dover is 1 and the wind chill at the atlantic city airport is 3. radar showing us that nothing is falling right now. we are clear, we are calm and we'll be clear and calm throughout this weekend and we'll enjoy that. we're looking at cold conditions
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right now. that's what we'll see as we go throughout the later part of the afternoon. temperatures top out around 38 degrees. 50 is normal by this time of year. tonight, clouds roll in especially to the knowledge and west. that will help to keep the temperatures up. we'll be right below freezing in philadelphia, in the 20s, north and west. better than the teens and the single digits we have right now. sunday, mostly sunny skies. the poconos, probably hanging on to the clouds a little bit longer. otherwise, we're looking at a really nice temperature. highs today, 36 degrees in mt. pocono. i included a snow shower there. 34 in allentown, 33 in quakertown and 34 in reading. closer to the city, 37 in mt. holly, 33 in doylestown. 35 a high in trenton. the shore points 39 in atlantic city, 38 in cape may and 40 in rehoboth beach, delaware. 35 in westchester, 38 in wilmington and 7 in glassboro,
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new jersey. the forecast, 38 today. 4 get is closer to the normal mark. by monday, keep the sunshine in place, three quiet days 47. tuesday, bringing back clouds also the chance for rain. include that put the umbrella in your bag on tuesday, 49 degrees. wednesday, temperatures into the 50s, 54 degrees, nice partly sunny skies. thursday, breezy, 48 and 46 on friday. happening today, fans of comic books, movies and superheroes, like you see here will gather in camden. it's the second annual camden comicon. nearly 100 vendors will be selling comic books, art and memorabilia. and a little snow won't stop the luck of the irish in ocean county today, the annual st. paddy's day parade will go on in seaside heights.
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the event kicks off aten in and usually draws 75,000 spectators. up next you know golf can be a frustrating sport, even for the pros. rory mcilroy not at the top of his game during his shot and his club paid the price, too. we'll take you to florida for this story, next.
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dish after dish... time, after time, after time again... deliciously creamy galbani ricotta inspires meals, and moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one ricotta. here's the picture of frustration at the world golf championships near miami.@r(t&háhp &hc ry mcilroy's shot goes in the water, then so does his club. mcilroy just flung it into the lake there. even the best players have bad moments on the course. happening today, a battle against breast cancer in philadelphia. nearly 1200 women are expected for susan g. komen's latino united for the cure breast health educational event. it runs from 8:00 to noon at the
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philadelphia marriott downtown and focuses on access to life-saving resources and support for survivors. this weekend some of the smartest high school seniors from our area and around the country are facing off in a prestigious science competition. finalist in the intel science talent search are going head to head in washington, d.c. some of their projects include researching new types of renewable energy and discovering ways for rural doctors to detect blood diseases using an iphone app. we caught up with a student from the unionville high school in chester county. he talked about the importance of math and science. >> i think it's critical for the nation's future and the success of this country. i think it's always critical to have young kids in science and math. that's one of the ways for long-term success as a country. >> the teen scientists will find out the winner on tuesday. the top three will take home
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$150,000. happening now, hundreds of st. joe's university students are heading to spring break but not for fun in the sun. instead they will spend their time helping others. nbc 10 was in overbrook as the st town. over the next week they will build houses and upgrade landscaping in kentucky, virginia and other states. the students will learn about the communities they're helping as well. >> the goal is to build up community within the region, to meet folks from all walks of life that you may not otherwise get to know. there's habitat site work but the real mission is of solidarity and being men and women supporting others. >> this is the second year for the appalachian experience program. in philadelphia's old city neighborhood, police opened fire on suspects. now they have three people in custody. jesse gary is live at the scene. jesse? >> reporter: ted, detectives have returned to the scene, off behind me still look for
5:58 am
evidence in this case. we'll have more on that coming up right after the break. weatherwise, a frigid start to the day. temperatures in the teens single digits across the area. just plan on that as you plan your morning. look at that sunshine. we're looking at a beautiful-looking day. cold later on this afternoon. milder on sunday. that's a hint of what's to come for the seven-day. i'll have your milder seven-day straight ahead.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> we're following that breaking news, two philadelphia police officers opened fire on a car after they say the driver nearly ran one of them down. we're live on the scene with an update. >> and i am not going anywhere. >> new jersey senator bob menendez fires back after word comes that he could be facing federal charges soon. what else he has to say about his time in office. and we'll be seeing more sunshine today. here's a live look at center city from our camera at the adventure aquarium in camden. but we have another day of cold to get through before we start feeling the milder temperatures. good morning, everybody. welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm ted greenberg. 6:00 a.m. on this saturday march 7th. thank you so much for starting our weekend with us. let's say good morning to meteorologist michelle grossman


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