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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  March 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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the 50s during your workweek. let's take a look outdoors. it looks so pretty. sunshine and we're mainly looking at sunshine everywhere. this is a look along boat house row. look at these temperatures, 22 in philadelphia 20 in kennett square, 18 degrees in trenton to the north and west, same story, still in the teens. 19 in allentown, 9 in lancaster, 9 in quakertown and 18 in shenandoah. down to the south and east, changes, 19 at the atlantic city airport. 23 in dover, delaware. you factor in the winds, it feels colder than that in many spots. 10 in philadelphia 10 is what it feels like in allentown and 2 in millville. we're clear, we're cold, that will be the story throughout the day. by 11:00, 27 33 by 1:00 37 by 3:00 p.m. philadelphia police say a driver nearly ran down an officer as three men sped away in a car, trying to escape from
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a shooting scene in old city. now those men are under arrest. nbc 10's jesse gary has been gathering information since 5:00 this morning and he joins us again live from old city with new details. jesse? >> reporter: ted over the past hour we've received an e-mail and other information about what happened here overnight. it's still not exactly quite clear but it seems to be a consensus there was a fight as the clubs were letting out and that preceded the gunfire. philadelphia police say the shots were fired in a parking lot at black horse alley and second street in old city. three men jumped in a cadillac and raced off going the wrong way on chestnut street. they jumped on to the sidewalk nearly running over a philadelphia police officer. that officer and his partner opened fire which brought the car to a stop. a resident says a fight sparked the violence and those involved tried to escape. >> i saw a gentleman with his shirt off, it's 12 degrees
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outside. being encouraged strongly by five people a posse. they were fleeing the scene. i turned the corner on a sheet of ice and i heard gunshot. >> reporter: philadelphia police tow truck is now removing the cadillac from chestnut street. those three men are in jail. the one victim who is the target of the gunshots he was hit in the leg, rushed to an area hospital. but we do not have an updated condition on him. we're live in old city this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and jesse, philadelphia police are also investigating a deadly shooting that happened overnight. nbc 10 on west indiana avenue in north philadelphia where shots were fired around 2:00 a.m. a man in his 20s was hit and later pronounced dead at the hospital. so far, police have made no arrests. new this morning, four firefighters are recovering from minor injuries after battling a house fire in montgomery county. the blaze broke out around 3:00 this morning in dekalb pike. it started on the second floor
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and quickly spread to the third. the fire chief tells nbc 10 the below freezing temperatures made it difficult for is crew to get the upper hand. >> just brutal. it's brutal. we're fortunate we didn't have water issues tonight other than it freezing up when it hit the pavement. all the fire hydrants worked sufficiently. but it just makes everything so much more difficult. >> the building was under renovation, so no one was inside at the time. the cause is under investigation. philadelphia continues to react to the shooting death of police officer robert wilson iii. in north philadelphia people have been building a makeshift memorial at the video game store where officer wilson was killed. police officials say two men walked into the store on thursday and announced a robbery, unaware the officer was already inside buying a gift for his son. gunfire then broke out. police say surveillance video shows officer wilson acted
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quickly, moving away from customers before firing and then getting shot. officials and mourners agree, his actions likely saved patrons and employees. >> when i got the news that he had passed i mean, my heart -- i'm still grieving i'm shaking. >> the officer redefined what a hero is all about. >> police arrested ramon williams and his brother, carlton hipps. william was arraigned last night, hps was wounded in a shootout with officer wilson's partner outside the store. hipps is in the hospital wearing officer wilson's handcuffs. the philadelphia police explorer cadet unit honored officer wilson at the wells fargo center. they presented colors during the national anthem before last night's sixers games. supporters have established
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a memorial trust fun for officer wilson's family. find out about that on a vigil willing held for a victim of a deadly hit and run in the holmesburg section of philadelphia. teresa posey was killed causing state road just two days before christmas. investigators say she was hit by a tow truck and the drive he never stop. surveillance video captured the truck speeding down the road but police have yet to make an arrest. the victim's family tells nbc 10 teresa would have turned 34 this weekend and they still have hope her killer will be brought to justice. new jersey senator bob menendez maintains his innocence amid reports that he is facing federal corruption charges. the allegations stem from a federal investigation into the senator's ties to florida eye doctor and political donor solomon melgen. the justice department is looking into whether or not menendez accepted bribes in exchange for lobbying u.s. officials to help the doctor with business matters. last night, a defiant menendez denied any wrongdoing.
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>> let me be very clear, very clear. i have always conducted myself appropriately and in accordance with the law. >> the department of justice is expected to bring criminal charges against menendez in the next few weeks. jury deliberations will resume on monday in the murder case of the so-called black madam. winslowe is charged in the death of a british dancer in 2011. she's accused of killing the woman with illegal silicone injections during a body enharassment procedure at a philadelphia airport hotel. winslowe is charged with third degree murder, manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license. her trial was postponed for two days last week after she became ill. happening now in delaware police and civic leaders are hosting a discussion on reducing violence in wilmington. it's going on at the hanover presbyterian church until 11:00 this morning. the forum is focusing on new
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policies to create better relationships between police and citizens. bobby cummings is one of the featured speakers. happening today, the philadelphia flower show continues at the pension convention center. this is the last weekend for the event. it's the perfect place to indulge in spring fever after all the cold and snow we've had lately. and septa can get you there for free -- rather can help get you there, not necessarily for free. the agency is offering discount tickets to the flower show as well as unlimited one hef day passes on all septa buses, trains and trolleys. new developments overseas in the murder of russian opposition leader boris nemkov. and what went wrong to caused this delta airlines jet to slide off a runway during thursday's snowstorm.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. so cold right now. we're looking at temperatures in the teens in a lot of spots. we're starting a warming trend into the 50s by later on this workweek. here's a live look outside. we're waking up to sunshine walking out the door to sunshine. that's the good news. 7 degrees warmer than this time yesterday in philadelphia. 9 degrees warmer in northeast philadelphia than this time yesterday. we are going to be much warmer later on this afternoon, about 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday and even warmer tomorrow. we are off to a cold start, 22 in philadelphia 19 in allentown, just 9 degrees in lancaster. 10 right now in millville. 23 at the atlantic city airport and 23 degrees in dover. temperatures well below freezing. it feels colder than that once you factor in the winds. we'll climb this afternoon to near 38 degrees. that's the good news. yesterday we topped out around 26 and then today, 38 tomorrow into the 40s and into the 50s for your seven-day. sun and cloud, cold 37 to 40. we'll talk more about the warmup coming up.
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just about ten minutes after 9:00 and new from overseas this morning, russian security says it detained two suspects in the killing of opposition politician boris nemtsov. they said only that the suspects were from russia's north caucuses region. reports say nemtsov was work on a report about russia's military was shot to death near the kremlin last saturday. happening today, federal investigators plan to start interviewing crew members of delta airlines jet that skidded off a runway at new york's laguardia airport. the plane land during thursday's snowstorm. it smashed through a fence and came to rest just several feet from the icy waters of flushing bay. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. crews removed the plane and cleared the runway early yesterday. a top u.s. general says american air strikes against isis have made it possible for iraqi troops to launch a big offensive against the militants. some 30,000 iraqi forces are
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trying to retake the city of tikrit, the city that was saddam hussein's old hometown. isis is using roadside bombs and clouds of smoke to hide targets from the u.s. air strikes. iraqi jets and helicopters are supporting the effort. isis captured tikrit and mosul during its sweep across northern iraq last year. still ahead, we'll introduce you to this week's wednesday's child and meteorologist michelle grossman will be back for a look at how your weekend weather is about to get better. plus buying beer in smaller quantities gets easier in pennsylvania. the ruling that will let you pick up a 12 pack from your local beer distributor when we come right back.
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this is nbc 10 news. good morning, 9:14 on your saturday morning. thanks for starting your weekend with us. take a look at all that ice on the schuylkill river there at boat house row. 20 degrees now here at nbc 10. we'll be warming up into the upper 30s today and into the mid-40s by tomorrow. sounds pretty good after what we dealt with. michelle will be back with her full forecast in just a few minutes. now to an important recall. nissan has announced it's recalling 625,000 more cars as part of a growing problem with faulty latches. experts found those latches can cause hoods to fly open. the affected vehicles are altima
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midsize cars from 2013 to 2015. the total number of vehicles recalled for this problem is at 1.1 million. beer distributors in pennsylvania have the go-ahead to sell beer bit 12 pack. yesterday, the state's liquor control board announced a ruling. they've only sold beer by the case or keg up until now. it will make pricey specialty beers more affordable for consumers. happening today, a battle against breast cancer in philadelphia. nearly 1200 women are expected for susan g. komen's latino's united for the cure breast cancer education. it will be from 8:00 to 12:00 at the marriott downtown. now your first alert weather. >> once you step out you'll know how cold it is outside.
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temperatures well below freezing at this hour. temperatures in the teens in some spots. wind chills a lot colder than that. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and tomorrow will be even warmer than today. we're starting a warming trend, despite how it feels outside. weather headlines on this saturday morning, we're off to a frigid start, temperatures mainly right around 22 degrees in philadelphia, to the north and west. we're looking at temperatures colder than that. let's go ahead, take a look at weather headlines on this saturday morning. as we go throughout the afternoon hours, we're looking at a cold and clear day, lots of sunshine, more cloud cover to the north and west. that will be later on this afternoon. as we go throughout the evening hours, we could see snow showers as well. we'll get this computer to work for us. later on tonight, we are looking at temperatures dropping to near 30 degrees and a warming trend as i mentioned, we'll see 50s by later on this week. right now, we're looking at 22 in philadelphia, winds out of the west/southwest at 11 miles per hour and we're looking at wind chills colder than that.
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it feels like 18 degrees in northeast philadelphia. feels like 10 in allentown, 9 in lancaster. 14 is what it feels like in mt. holly. that is cold. you want to dress for these temperatures, dress for 2 degrees in millville and dress for 20 degrees in wildwood. a cold start to the day. we're looking at air temperatures, not much better than that. live look outside. we're looking at clear skies that's the good news. you need sunglasses but you need your coat scarves, gloves, things like that. temperatures right now, 22 in philadelphia, 18 in mt. pocono. 9 in lancaster and 23 degrees in atlantic city. so hopefully we'll see temperatures much warmer than that this time tomorrow but we're dealing with it right now. cold air, that's your big weather headline today. notice the clouds to the north and west. don't be surprised if we may see flurries, freezing drizzle to the knowledge and west later on today. by 8:00 tonight, notice these clouds right here that's the poconos. that would be your best shot for that. factor that into your plans, otherwise we're looking at a
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quiet night for everyone. we're looking at clouds building in. sunday, more cloud cover, north and west. then we'll see more sunshine later on sunday and temperatures climbing into the mid-40s, feeling really nice later on sunday. today, 34 in allentown, 33 in quakertown doylestown norristown. temperatures in the mid-30s, 36 in northeast philadelphia. sliding down to the south and east, temperatures close to 40 in many spots. 40 in dover, 40 in vineland then closer to the city we're looking at temperatures around 38 degrees in philadelphia. so not a bad day at all. it will be cold. it's well below normal. it's better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today. seven-day forecast 38 today, by tomorrow more sunshine. we gain an hour of sunshine. we see the bright sun all day long. 46 degrees and monday we're looking at temperatures around 47. mostly sunny skies, a dry stretch. before rain comes in on tuesday clouds come in and we bring it back. a chance for rain showers. it looks to be all rain that's
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the positive. 49 and look at wednesday just beautiful. partly sunny, 54. mostly sunny and friday more clouds mostly cloudy temperatures in the mid-40s. yes, we lose an hour of sleep tomorrow as we spring forward at 2:00 a.m. change your clocks before you go to bed and you might want to put fresh batteries in your smoke detectors. >> always a good reminder. today's wednesday's child is hoping to find a forever family that will help him fulfill his dream. vai sikahema introduces us to marcel. >> reporter: marcel is a bright and friendly 12-year-old with a creative mind for building, with leg legos or in the world of mine craft. we went to chickie's & pete's in philly, where he gave me tips on how to play. >> he likes to play games, likes to be active. >> he was a natural at the game
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and really helpful in explaining how to play pep has dreams of being a lego master builder in the future. >> he can put together just about anything. his mind gets to wondering and figure out things. >> reporter: he's currently in seventh grade and does well in his special education classes. he's a smart young man who knows what he wants in a family. >> why is it important for you to have a family, marcel? >> because a family helps you and supports you and gives you love and affection. >> reporter: the ideal family would provide structure and guidance. >> marcel would do excellent in an active family a family that's outgoing that can pretty much keep up with him. he's very active. he likes to be on the go. >> reporter: tell me about the kind of things you'd do with your family. >> ride bikes, wash the dog and play games together play board games and mine craft.
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>> reporter: marcel is this week's wednesday's child. if you'd like to make marcel's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to and search wednesday's child. also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. still ahead, marking an historic civil rights event 50 years later. how leaders in washington and across the country will commemorate the march on selma.
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. the prosecution rested in the trial of a burlington county man accused in the decades old murder of etan patz. defense attorneys for pedro hernandez says he made a false
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confession. 6-year-old etan patz disappeared while walking alone to a school bus stop in 1979. his body was never found. his case sparked a national movement to find missing children. >> today president obama, dozens of members of congress and some surviving marchers will mark selma's 50th anniversary. here's a live look at selma, alabama, where on what is known as bloody sunday in 1965 police beat demonstrators who were marching from selma to montgomery alabama. several weeks later, some 0,000 protesters completed the march to montgomery. it was a journey that's been described as the last revolution of the civil rights movement a final step towards equality, including the right to vote. >> we're determined to get the rights for all people regardless of the color of their skin to be able to file a
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ballot, to determine their own destiny. >> president lyndon b. johnson signed the voting rights act a few months later which gave african-americans the right to vote. president obama says this week's justice department report on the police in ferguson missouri exposes a system in need of an overhaul. the justice department's investigation followed the deadly shooting of unarmed black teenager michael brown by a white police officer. attorney general eric holder says his department would use its full authority to reform the ferguson police which could even mean dismantling the force. so far, two ferguson officials have resigned in the wake of the report while a third was fired. yesterday, the president told a college audience in south carolina about the choice ferguson's police force now faces. >> are they going to enter into some sort of agreement with the justice department to fix what is clearly a broken and racially
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biased system? or if they don't, then the justice department has the capacity to sue. >> the doj report says the police in ferguson consistently violated citizens civil rights. this morning, former vice i %9q walter mondale is in the hospital being treated for the flu. he's 87 years old. he was scheduled to introduce former president jimmy carter at a nobel peace prize forum in minneapolis yesterday. carter told the audience mondale was at the mayo clinic and was doing well. mondale served in the carter white house. he was also a u.s. senator from minnesota and the democratic nominee for president in 1984. still ahead on nbc 10 news today, police opened fire on suspects in philadelphia's old city neighborhood. now they have three people in custody. nbc 10's jesse gary is following the investigation. jesse? >> we're getting new details and perspectives on what happened out here from eyewitnesses. we'll talk about that right after the break.
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. we are frigid right now. temperatures around 22 degrees in philadelphia. but we'll warm to near 40 later on this afternoon. a live look outside. lots of sunshine before more cloud cover this afternoon, especially north and west.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> this morning, a shooting investigation in old city philadelphia. police make three arrests after confronting suspects trying to drive off from the scene. we'll have a live report. >> and we are finally inching our way out of the deep freeze today. we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge towards camden where we see lots of sunshine this morning. the details on the start of a warming trend coming up. good morning, everybody. welcome back to nbc 10 news today, i'm ted greenberg. thanks for being with us. it's 9:30 on this saturday march 7th. let's check in with meteorologist michelle grossman and the first alert weather center. that warmup sounds nice but right now it's freezing. don't put the winter coats away just yet. >> you need scarves, gloves and winter gear. we are frigid still right now. we're starting a warming trend. yesterday we topped out at 26
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degrees. we're at 22 and we'll climb into the upper 30s. that's the good news. we're looking at lots of sunshine, at least it will feel good. here's a live look outside. we're looking from our adventure aquarium camera overlooking center city. 21 in kennett square 24 in chester springs, 20 in wrights fwn wrightstown. we're looking to the teens in a lot of spots 19 in pottstown, 15 in reading. teens to the south and east as well. we're in 10 actually 29 in avalon. a cold start to the day. if you have soccer games outside, i know the spring sports are starting dress for temperatures that feel like 10 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 5 in mt. pocono 14 is what it feels like in mt. holly. the good news is we're clear but cold. sunny skies outside. we'll see more cloud cover later on this afternoon. otherwise, temperatures climbing into the upper 30s by 11:00, 27. 1:00, 33 and 37 by 3:00. we'll talk more about the 50s in
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your seven-day. that's all coming up. >> this morning, philadelphia police have three people in custody following a chaotic theme in old city overnight. there was a shooting car crash and officers say they had to open fire on the suspect. nbc 10's jesse gary has been gathering new information for us all morning long, including an interview with a person who witnessed the shooting. what have you learned since we last checked with you at 9:00. >> residents are giving a new perspective on what happened here. from what they're telling us, the fight preceded the gunfire. the shots were fired in a parking lot at black horse alley. a witness says he saw a group of men running from the scene and then heard gunshots. a trio of suspects jumped in a cadillac and raced off, heading the wrong way on chestnut street. they drove on to a sidewalk, nearly running over a 6th district police officer. a witness, who didn't want his
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face shown explains what he heard next. >> then what to me seemed like 20 seconds, as i was sort of pulling my phone out to call 911, there was the second round of shots fired. >> reporter: that second round of shots by two philadelphia police officers brought the cadillac to a stop on the sidewalk on chestnut street between second and third street. the philadelphia tow truck removed the car a short time ago. the three men that were inside remain in jail. the victim they were shooting at was hit in the leg. we still haven't been able to get a condition update. he has a gunshot wound to at least one of his legs the police are trying to unravel how a fight escalated into shots being fired. live in old city this morning, jesse gary nbc 10 news. 9:33 and new this morning, four firefighters are recovering from minor injuries after battling a house fire in montgomery county. the blaze broke out around 3:00
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a.m. in dekalb county. subfreezing temperatures made it tough for his crew to put out the flames. no one was inside the home which was being renovated. investigators are still looking for the cause of that fire. this morning, the justice process is under way for two men accused of killing philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. police arrested ramon williams and his brother carlton hipps. both face murder charges and attempted robbery charges. william was arraigned last night. hipps was wounded in a shootout with officer wilson's partner. hipps is in the hospital wearing officer wilson's handcuffs. people continue to build a makeshift memorial at the video game store in north philadelphia where officer wilson was killed. police officials said two men walked into the store on thursday and announce a robbery, unaware the officer was already inside buying a gift for his son. gunfire broke out. police say surveillance video shows officer wilson acted
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quickly, moving away from customers before firing and then getting shot. police officials said his actions likely saved patrons and employees. >> not only in doing his job, he protected the store, he protected the store employees and like i said before he was a hero. >> st. martin de porres in north philadelphia will remember officer wilson with a mass tomorrow. the church is on lehigh avenue not far from thursday's shooting scene. the remembrance mass is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. a federal judge says two lawsuits challenging a pennsylvania law linked to mumia abu-jamal can go forward. pennsylvania legislatures passed the law after abu-jamal gave a taped speech for a college commencement at his alma mater, goddard college in vermont. the law bans felons from doing anything that causes mental anguish to crime victims. abu-jamal is serving a life sentence for the 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. authorities removed the former
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activist and journalist from death row in 2012 after a series of federal court appeals. new jersey senator bob menendez is defending his name amid reports that he is facing federal corruption charges. the allegations stem from a federal investigation into the senator's ties to florida eye doctor and political donor solomon melgen. the justice department is looking into whether or not menendez accepted bribes in exchange for lobbying u.s. officials to help the doctor with business matters. while the senator has acknowledged taking some actions that could have appeared to ben hit his friend a defiant menendez deintos any wrongdoing. >> every action that i and my office have taken for the last 23 years that i have been privileged to be in the united states congress has been based on pursuing the best policies for the people of new jersey and of this entire country. >> the department of justice is expected to bring criminal
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charges against menendez in the next few weeks. this morning, police are searching for a murder suspect from montgomery county. stanley lang is charged with first degree murder, police consider him to be armed and dangerous. prosecutors say lang shot and a-%11 from our delaware bureau this morning, a wilmington man is out on bail after being charged in a stabbing on a college campus in new castle county. police were called to goal byldey beacom college. the victim is expected to be okay after being stabbed in the head. officers say he was trying to break up a fight between hyland and his girlfriend. after so much cold and snow get ready for a warmup this weekend. meteorologist michelle grossman has the details, next. and later, help is on the way for some smartphone owners.
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apple is working on a new way to make your iphone truly waterproof. we'll be right back. jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole.
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gina: we are setting our kids up to fail.
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i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those. we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. welcome back on this saturday morning, meteorologist michelle grossman, a beautiful view down at the beaches here. you're looking at sunshine sunshine today, also on sunday. a quiet weekend, the first of many.
9:41 am
despite the frigid start we're experiencing, 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday in mt. pocono and 6 degrees warmer in wilmington compared to this time yesterday. we're starting a warming trend, though very cold this morning. bundle up as you head out. we're looking at temperatures mainly in the teens, 22 in philadelphia, 9 degrees in lancaster. 10 degrees in millville, 23 in atlantic city. we are going to warm to near 30 degrees later on this afternoon. that's well below normal. 12 degrees warmer than yesterday and tomorrow we'll be warmer than today. we'll talk more about the warming trend and we'll also talk about rain in your seven-day. that's all coming up. still ice out there and young people in new jersey could soon have to put on a helmet to go ice skating. this story comes to us from our partners at news works. a new bill was introduced that would require anyone under 18 to wear protective head gear before heading out on to the ice.
9:42 am
fans of comic books, movies and super heroes will gather in camden today. it's the second annual camden comicon at rutgers camden. nearly 100 vendors will be selling comic books, art and memorabilia. the event runs until 5:00 this afternoon. a little snow won't stop the luck of the irish in ocean county. the annual st. paddy's day parade will go on as scheduled in seaside heights today. the event kicks off aten in and usually draws about 75,000 spectators. as we've been showing you and michelle has been telling us be with we have nene for your saturday. after our cold start, warmer temperatures are on the way as we take a look at boat house row in philadelphia. michelle is back with her full first alert forecast in just a few minutes. xu coming up in sports cole
9:43 am
hamill took the mound again the yankees. we head to clearwater for the highlights.
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it's a terrible feeling when it happens. but dropping your iphone in water might not be a problem in the near future. apple is working on a new way to make your iphone waterproof. the company got a patent for making the phones internal parts water resistant, that's different from the current method like a case or spray to coat the outside of the phone.
9:46 am
those methods don't always work if you drop the phone under water. to the poconos now, there's no need to clear the snow away at jack frost mountain. check this out. ditch the skis and the snowboards, too. these are some awesome cardboard creations. to make it down these hills all you need is imagination and extra padding. it's all part of the tenth annual cardboard classic. i hope those guys were wearing helmets. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, a great day to get out and get on the snow. whatever you want to do sledding, you could do that if you want to with the cardboard. we have plenty of snow at least for now. we are looking at temperatures into the 50s by the middle of the week. a little spring-like feeling later this workweek. not spring-like this morning. we are still frigid. we woke up with temperatures in the teens, temperatures in the single digits and we're still
9:47 am
seeing temperatures in the teens in some spots, 22 right now in philadelphia. despite the cold we are sunny, we will see sunshine for most of today. more cloud cover later on this afternoon. bring a little more cloud cover, especially north and west, maybe even flurry activity, too, north and west. that would be about it. otherwise, we're looking at milder days ahead. milder than yesterday. tomorrow will be milder than today. 50s during your workweek on one of those days. 15 in reading, philadelphia, 22 23 in atlantic city. lots of spine, though that looks nice despite the temperatures. the average high for this time of year is 50. yesterday we made it to 26. 38 degrees, that's where we'll make it today and 46 on sunday. slowly climbing to near normal temperatures. we're actually going to be above normal for once in a long time by wednesday. live look outside, looking at sunshine, also looking at very cold temperatures. so bundle up if you're headed outside, maybe exercising, being with the kids outdoors wear layers, the coats, scarves, the whole bit.
9:48 am
18 in mt. pocono 9 in lancaster, 22 in philadelphia 23 in atlantic city and 28 in weillwood. factor in the winds it feels a lot colder than that. feels like 5 degrees in mt. pocono and the wind chill in philadelphia is 10 degrees. the cold air is in place, well below normal about 12 degrees where we are supposed to be. we are going to get a wind direction by tomorrow. there's that 22 right now. by tomorrow we'll see the wind coming from the southwest. that will bring us some milder air. into the 40s and then eventually into the 50s during the workweek. future weather cold right now. if you have cloud cover to the north and west don't be surprised if that's stub torn throughout the day. a few flurries, snow showers in the poconos or northwest suburbs, that would be about it, not really amming to much. otherwise, temperatures aren't dropping as far. around freezing in philadelphia. then sunday we are milder close to 50 degrees, around 46 degrees. the forecast high on sunday. monday another sunny day before
9:49 am
some rain comes in on tuesday. we do have a quiet workweek which is good after all we've been through. sun and clouds today. cold, 37 to 40. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, more sunshine enjoy it because we gain an hour of daylight, 46 degrees. monday sunny once again, 47. tuesday, clouds bring the umbrella. we could see a few rain showers. looks to be all rain right now, 49. wednesday, just perfect. 54 degrees, partly sunny, nice winds not too bad. winds return on thursday. breezy, 48 mostly sunny and cloudy on friday, 46. i'm amy fadool from comcast sports net. you don't need me to tell you that weather has wreaked havoc on the philadelphia area. friday the weather hampered the phillies and yankees in clearwater, florida. we don't think we would have minded rain since it came with the 70 degree temperature. cole hamels getting in his first action of the spring, chase
9:50 am
headley swinging and missing. the second inning, hamels is rolling on along. gary sanchez on the check swing. hamels, two scoreless innings allowing one hit, striking out two. then the rains came, it delayed the game just a bit. the fans go to the concourse, wait it out. we resume in the fourth inning. derek jeter's replacement, perhaps? he pulls one down the line. run comes around yankees win this one, 4-1. after their win thursday, the flyers moved to within four points of the boston bruins for the final wild card playoff spot. orange and black in boston for the biggest game of the season today at 1:00 on comcast sports net. goaltender steve mason's mind hasn't completely been focused. the flyers announced they and goaltender's coach jeff reese have mutually parted ways. mason says he owes his success to reese. >> right from the start of working with him, he was somebody that expressed a ton of confidence in my abilities to get back to a point where he knew i could play at. it was -- it's been a tough couple days here.
9:51 am
>> the flyers welcome holy ghost prep freshman patrick cannon to practice on friday. nearly two weeks ago, cannon suffered a fractured vertebrae in his neck after colliding with a teammate during practice. it's an injury that qlmost always results in paralysis, but thankfully, cannon is back on his feet. the sixers hosting the jazz, allen iverson in the building. taking in the action. second half sixers up 42-41. nerlens noel coming up with the steal, finishing with the slam. 10 points, 11 boards for noel. jazz win, 89-83. one final note for you, drexel lost to the college of charleston, 56-48 in the opening round of the caa tournament. they finish the season 11-19. that will do it for sports, i'm amy fadool. i'm keith jones. join me sunday as i go one-on-one with charles ramsey philadelphia police commissioner
9:52 am
on nbc 10 "@issue." >> the president asked philadelphia's top cop to get the job done. he gives us insights about solutions his new task force is recommending. will it work? plus controversy on capitol hill. >> in this deadly game of thrones, there's no place for this. when it comes to iran and isis your enemy is your enemy. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu gave a pivotal speech that deified an already fractured u.s. congress even further, not to mention the local jewish community. and the tax man cometh. we'll have details on programs to help you foot the bill that you may not know exists. that's sunday morning at 11:0 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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happening now, hundreds of st. joe's university students are heading to spring break but not for fun in the sun. instead they'll spend their time helping others. nbc 10 was in overbrook last night as students prepared to head out of town. over the next week they'll build houses and upgrade landscaping in kentucky, virginia and other states. the students will learn about the communities they're helping too. the goal honestly is to build up community within the region, to meet folks from all walks of life you may not otherwise get to know. there's habitat site work but the real mission is of solidarity and being men and women for others. >> this is the 22nd year for st. joe's appalachian experience program. we'll be losing an hour of sleep tomorrow as we spring forward at 2:00 a.m.
9:56 am
we want to remind you to change all of your clocks before you go to bed tonight. you might want to put fresh batteries in your smoke detector as well. it is a sign that spring is on its way. >> i love it. >> you're saying i should get my shorts and flip-flops out for wednesday. >> it will feel balmy, feel like summer. >> compared to 20 or whatever it was earlier. >> exactly. >> we'll be in the 50s by wednesday. here's a live look outside. they're loving this weather, though. the pocono mountains all that snow they got the other day. great news for them. temperatures in the 20s, 22 in philadelphia. only 38 degrees later this afternoon. a big difference from yesterday. we top out at 26. today 38. we're starting a warming trend. by sunday we lose that hour. we're gaining an hour of sunlight. we'll see sunshine all day long temperatures into the 40s, of 50 degrees. we have no idea what that even feels like. monday mostly sunny, nice 47. by tuesday, we're looking at clouds in the forecast.
9:57 am
we're looking at mainly cloudy day. we'll see showers around. doesn't seem to be heavy and it seems to be rain which is good news, all rain, not frozen precipitation. by wednesday there's your 52. that will feel awesome. >> that will help get rid of quite a bit of the snow. >> i think so. >> thank you for being with us. hope you have a fantastic weekend. see you later.
9:58 am
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