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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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fight that led to a police shooting in old city overnight. i'm denise nakano. one person is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. but police don't know who shot that man. officers opened fire on a car seen fleeing the scene. we spent christine maddela to create the shooting. she is live to tell us what happened. >> reporter: we're told that the car was coming down the sidewalk the wrong way on chestnut street and crashed into this construction site here. police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened but i'll walk you through what we found out today. >> it was mayhem. it was crazy. >> reporter: we talked to a woman who was hepñ went the fight broke out. when her group of friends went to get her car, a man grabbed her and her friend. it turned into a fight. >> others jumped into the fight. >> reporter: the woman said one of the men threatened her group. >> he said you don't know us.
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we got guns. we got guns in the trunk and he started throwing up gang signs. >> reporter: as the fight was breaking up she heard gunshots. >> people screaming and running. cars you hear the tires screeching just everyone running. i'm crawling on the floor. >> reporter: her boyfriend jumped in this car with her brother and friend. >> once we hear gunshots we're learning and running. >> reporter: officers responding to the gunfire saw the black cadillac turn the wrong way on chestnut street. the driver was approaching the officers and the officers shot at the car. >> there is a bunch of people in panic. you are shooting at a car that you're assuming shot someone. >> reporter: they were just trying to get away from gunfire and drove into more bullets from police. >> it was three, four five shots. why did you keep on shooting? i don't get it especially when there's people running everywhere. it makes no sense.
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>> reporter: and on this stretch of chestnut street you can see there is quite a few pedestrians as well as street traffic around here. the two police officers who fired the shots are on administrative duty while internal affairs investigates. police tell us the driver of the car will be the only one at the time charged for his reckless driving. reporting live, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. tonight the family of a falling philadelphia police officer fights through tears to share their heart break with nbc 10. >> he's my first friend. my true friend.á >> reporter: officer robert wilson iii was gunned down thursday while buying his son a present at a north philadelphia game stop. marisa brahney we spoke with hi™l] family. >> everything my brother
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achieved they could have achieved. >> reporter: fighting back tears and anger, she takes us back to thursday when she heard an officer in the 22nd district was shot. >> i text him, are you okay? and so didn't get anything back. >> reporter: soon she would face her darkest moments. her 30-year-old brother robert wilson iii was ambushed here inside the store. >> what did you really think you are getting from game stop? you trudge through the snow to rob the game stop? >> reporter: the wilson invites us into their west philadelphia home where other relativesx9vz arrived to express their sympathy. his grandmother showed all the citations for commendable police work. >> he love life. he just a nice guy. >> reporter: wilson's grandmother told us after graduating from west philadelphia high in 2002
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robbie worked as an auto mechanic and finished the police academy in 2006. when he was off duty wilson was with his young sons. >> he orter: back here, the game stop store remains closed. a tribute is growing to the fallen officer. and i asked the wilson how they would like him to be remembered they told us a loving family man, a devoted father to his sons ages nine and one and a dedicated police officer. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the 76ers wore t-shirts with the slain officer's name on them as they headed on to the court tonight. officer wilson was a big philadelphia sports fan. st. martin deporres church in
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philadelphia will remember officer wills within a mass tomorrow. the church is on lehigh avenue. the mass is scheduled for 10:00 tomorrow morning. this tragedy has affected people across the country. members of california's gaming community are raising money for the officer's family. to learn more about their efforts and a peace rally planned for tomorrow download the nbc 10 news app. not a bad night to take the dog for a walk in philadelphia. it's still cold but not as bitter as the last few nights. some of the snow will soon be melting. brittney shipp is tracking the warmer weather for the rest of the weekend. >> we'll have a better chance to melt the snow tomorrow with temperatures in the mid to high 40s. we saw an improvement today but it's cold out. 35 in pottstown.
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and just be low freezing in the poconos. expect temperatures by 7:00, 8:00 to be closer to 33 in philadelphia. 35 in atlantic city and 39 in dover. as we push into the rest of the afternoon the temperatures will be in the mid to high 40s. we'll get closer to where we should be for this time of year which is 50 degrees. tomorrow's high 48. on monday 49 degrees but i'm tracking warmer weather than that. i'll have the details coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. new at 11:00, police are look for two armed men who robbed a food market. they attacked the workers around 7:30 tonight. one woman had to go to the hospital. the reward is now up to $10,000 for an arrest in the deadly hit and run of a philadelphia woman. ♪ happy birthday dear teresa -- >> her friends and family held a
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vigil on what should have been her 34th birthday. they gathered in front of the family home. she was killed crossing the road two days before christmas. investigators say she was hit by a tow truck and the driverl;13ñ did not stop. surveillance video captured the truck speeding down the road. another $5500 was added to the reward for an arrest before the end of this month. pennsylvania state police writing fewer traffic tickets on the roads but bringing in more money. the increase in fines costing drivers the most. retracing the steps in america's struggle for civil rights. president obama takes a walk over the bridge to remember selma's bloody sunday.
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in pennsylvania revenue from traffic tickets increased by 10% last year. this despite a double digit drop in tickets issued during a cop killer eric frein. revenue by tickets rose by $6.5 million in 2014. it's largely due to a major hike in a fine for one of the most common citations, a failure to obey a traffic control device. it used to cost $25 and now costs $150. witnesses describe the terrifying encounter with a suspect inside a steak shop. what to expect for the weather is coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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remembering bloody sunday 50 years later. today is the anniversary of the march across theed monday pettus bridge in selma. that march ended in violence that turned the tide in favor of civil rights. today president obama took a moment to look back and forward enlisting a new generation into the fight. new at 11:00, new charges for a south jersey school bus aide charged with stealing from students. she is shown rummaging through
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the backpacks. police in millville says that she is charged with additional theft and robbery counts. they say she stole $400 in cash from the bus driver. philadelphia police are looking for two men who robbed jim's steaks in west philadelphia overnight. customers and employees told officers the suspects ordered everyone to the ground. >> i'm paying as i reached to pay i looked to my left and two guys come in with masks and guns saying get on the floor. took everyone's money, took the register. . >> the men ran out. no one was hurt. some of the democratic candidates for philadelphia mayor talked about their plans to help the city's working families today. the mayoral candidates attended a forum at an old city church this morning. they shared their views on jobs education, housing, community violence and democracy.
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nbc 10's keith jones showing off his slick moves at the red cross red ball. he emceed the event. and money raised at the ball supports the red cross house where families can find a safe place to live meals, counseling and more after a disaster. good evening, as we head into the rest of tonight, temperatures will drop again below freezing but tomorrow it will be warmer for us. the warmest day of the weekend. pushing closer to average. today we stayed dry but rain is back in your seven-day forecast. a closer look at the right now conditions in philadelphia. 33 degree mostly cloudy skies, feels like 26 degrees with the winds out of the west/southwest at 8 miles an hour. and redding, 33 degrees.
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36 currently in trenton. 33 in atlantic city aq/-ñ 39 degrees in stone harbor. it's a big difference from yesterday. we're up 16 degrees from this time yesterday in philadelphia and 28 degrees in millville and 19 in the poconos. the cold air will shift to the north and mild air up from the south. the high pressure builds into the region into next week. we will head above average or average this time of the year. we'll getá past sunday. snow flurries north of the lehigh valley. a bit of light rainfall moving into parts of allentown right now. but we will stay in the clear with the exception of the poconos and lehigh valley seeing the snow flurries for 30 or 40>c6nñ minutes. the rest of the region seeing an increase in a'doouds. we are tracking another round of
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rainfall not for sunday or monday. we stay nice and dry. but by tuesday evening, that's when we see another round of rainfall. we will continue to track that for you. tonight we're dropping below freezing for the suburb locations and philadelphia. it will be a cold night ahead. temperatures dropping to 26. and 31 for philadelphia. tomorrow a nice way to end the weekend. sunny and warmer with temperatures between 42 and 49 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows that you can't forget to spring the clocks ahead an hour as we head into tomorrow. 48 on monday 49. wednesday is the best day of the workweek, 56 degrees and mild conditions. we stay mild through thursday but track a chance of rain on friday and saturday.
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the flyers played their biggest game of the season visiting the bruins the team they are chasing for a playoff spot. the flyers came in four points behind boston. bruins on the power play. brad marchand with the deflection that ties the game with 15 seconds left. a breakaway, rask says no. turns him away. and marchand with the nice move. beats mason on the back hand. the flyers five points behind in the chase for the second wild card. >> we are 15 seconds away from pulling it out. they found a way to win. >> get that kill and we win the game. it hurts. crushing? i don't know about that. we play jersey tomorrow. the sixers playing the second game of their five-game home stand playing the hawks.
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fourth quarter. noel takes it to the pen. get out the way. 11 points 17 boards. puts the sixers up four. that's the icing on the cake. sixers knock off the top team in the east 92-84. villanova hosting st. john's. the cats woke up. josh hart's triple put the wildcats up four. all nova in the second half. nova outscore st. johns by 33 in the second half. they win 105-68. penn head coach will be let go at the end of the season. the boys going to work tonight. they beat cornell tonight. antonio woods, 11 assists. the coach would not address the elephant in the room.
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>> my attempt to be like marshawn lynch. i'm just here so i won't get fined. dr. john and south florida. baby harden jordan price. final minute off the miss wright get out the way. solo slam. 11points for him. lasalle wins. tu hosting uconn. temple on the break. bond finishes at the rim. owls up three. the transfer jesse morgan came over from umass. he has 17. temple wins 75-63 and finishes the season 22-9. that's a look at sports. stick around. we'll be right back.
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daylight saving time is here and that means we lose an hour of sleep as we spring forward at
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2:00 a.m. before you head to bed tonight, a reminder to change your clocks and you might want to put fresh batteries in the smoke detectors. >> but we are gaining numbers with the temperatures here. warmer air is moving in and temperatures are going up. 48 degrees tomorrow and it's going to be dry and it's going to be sunshine. so it's a good-looking day. and we stay mild next week. but we track another chance of showers, tuesday, friday and saturday. >> i have a feeling a lot of people will be out tomorrow enjoying the sunshine. that's nbc 10 news for now. "snl" is next. for news and updates any time go to
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and now a message from hillary clinton. >> good evening. hello hello. i'm hillary clinton, tonight i'm speaking to you not as secretary of state or as a senator


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