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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  March 8, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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remembering a fallen hero. a special service this morning to honor the philadelphia police officer who was gunned down while he was buying a gift for his son. it is the warm-up we have all been waiting for. here's a live look at the center city skyline. a mix of sun and clouds today, mostly sun right now in philadelphia, and temperatures will be climbing into the upper 40s. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. let's get to that forecast with meteorologist michelle grossman. i know everyone is hoping that the weather this week will melt that snow. >> and it definitely will yeah. we started that warm-up yesterday. we'll continue it today and get even warmer during the workweek. no 30s as daytime highs in your seven-day. so that's a great news. we have 40s, we have 50s, and we
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have some sunshine right now. a mixture of sun and clouds outside. and we are much warmer compared to just 24 hours ago. 28 degrees warmer in millville compared to 24 hours ago and 22 degrees warmer in philadelphia. so that's mainly putting us in the 30s, the 40s. so a nice start to the day, compared to yesterday. we were bitterly cold. already up to 44 degrees in philadelphia. 41 in washington township. 39 right now in trenton. 42 in kennett square. so you will feel that major difference as you head out this morning. 33 in coatesville, 35 hey, mt. pocono. if you are walking out the door in parts of southern new jersey and delaware it is 44 in avalon, as well as dover, woodbine at the atlantic city airport, and 43 degrees in millville. another piece of good news we're looking at clear skies, a mixture of sun and clouds in some spots. mostly clear in others. maybe a few flurries to the north and west mainly in the poconos, and that would be about it. we're looking to temperatures ooh rising to near 48 degrees later on this afternoon. we'll talk more about the warm-up today and 50s in your seven-day.
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that's coming up. right now in north philadelphia, a special service is getting underway to honor the life of slain police officer, robert wilson. this is a live look at the church where parishioners and police are gathering for the tribute. officer wilson was gunned down at this north philadelphia gamestop store. investigators say he was there buying a gift for his son when two men came in to rob the shop. that's when a shoot-out erupted between the men and officer wilson. wilson died during the hail of gunfire. here are the suspects in this case brothers ramon wilson and carlton hipps. both are facing first-degree murder and attempted robbery charges. wilson is in jail. hipps is in the hospital still wearing officer wilson's handcuffs. nbc 10's jesse gary is live just outside of the church that's holding the special service today. jesse? >> reporter: rosemary within the past 30 minutes, philadelphia police officers from the 22nd district have arrived here on scene. you can see they've parked their cars right in the middle of
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lehigh right in front of the church. they have arrived for this remembrance mass. also police have blocked off lehigh avenue from 24th over to 23rd street. so if you are not attending the mass but are going to be in the area, you're advised that traffic is going to be diverted around this area could be some traffic tie-ups. so keep that in mind. let's take a live look inside st. martin de porres church in philadelphia. this mass is beginning with some words of welcome from nancy fitzgerald the principal at the church's school. and then steven thorne gives his homoily homily. i asked him if this is the hardest thing to do helping people heal after a tragic loss. >> it's what we do as priests. we're there for the happy moments in life but we're there when people suffer. the archbishop e-mailed me and reminded me that he's very supportive of what we do here. this is his church and certainly he wants us to continue to be who we are here in st. martin de
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porres. we call this the kingdom of north philadelphia. >> reporter: he says here in the kingdom, there is work to be done. also happening today, a peace rally near the murder scene that's just a couple of o blocks to the east of here. it's over at 22nd and lehigh. this afternoon, ministers from churches inside the 22 22nd and 39th districts are going to gather over at the 22 skpnd pray for the officers some of whom are here these officers who lost one of their own. our monique braxton is inside this church and will continue to provide coverage throughout the day, both on-air and online. live in north philadelphia jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> meanwhile gamestop released a statement that says in part "everyone in the gamestop family will always remember officer wilson for his sacrifice while defending our staff and customers." the gamestop location where the shooting happened is closed until further notice. now to a developing story we're following out of delaware. police found a man dead and a
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woman injured inside of a car in newcastle. nbc 10 was on the scene on dupont highway shortly after troopers arrived around 5:00 this morning. they say the car ran into a ditch. according to state police the woman who was injured is in the hospital right now. police have not released her condition. police are detouring traffic in this area while investigators finish their work. now to news in cumberland county new jersey. police there are investigating a shooting that left one person hurt. nbc 10 was on the scene at second and grape streets in vineland where a neighbor told us she heard gunshots around 11:30 last night. you can see that police have blocked off that area as officers appear to be searching a sedan. there's no word on the victim in this case. now to an update on a story that we first told you about as breaking news yesterday morning. only nbc 10 has this surveillance video of a fight that witnesses say led to a police-involved shooting in philadelphia's old city neighborhood. we spoke with a woman who saw the fight at second and market
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streets. she said somebody threatened her group of friends, then as the fight was breaking up they heard gunshots. that's when the woman's boyfriend jumped into this car with his brother and another friend. >> we just got into an altercation and someone threatened to shoot us so when we heard gunshots we're running. >> the driver was approaching the officers and the officers started shooting at the car which crashed into a fence. the two officers are on administrative duty while internal affairs investigates. police say the man behind the wheel will be charged with reckless driving. meantime one person is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg, but police have not released further details and have not confirmed exactly who shot him. now to news from our jersey shore bureau. police in atlantic county are trying to figure out how two people died. their bodies were discovered inside of a room at this best
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western on the black horse pike in pleasantville. initially, medical workers tried to administer emergency aid, but they were unable to revive them. in cumberland county the school bus aide you see on this surveillance video is facing new theft and robbery charges. police in millville say rosa rios swiped money and food from preschoolers' backpacks. she is now charged with stealing $400 in cash from the bus driver. today, the search will resume for a missing teen from delaware county. some 200 volunteers spanned out yesterday to look for 13-year-old, cayman naib. his family says he left his house in newtown square on wednesday and never came home. searchers went door-to-door with flyers yesterday, asking people if they have seen anybody matching cayman's description. police say at this point there are no signs of foul play in his disappearance. this weekend, a few of the democratic candidates for philadelphia mayor participated in a discussion about the major
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issues impacts the city. candidates anthony williams james kenny, nelson diaz and doug oliver attended a forum at an old city church yesterday morning. they shared their ewes son jobs education, housing, community violence, and democracy. nbc 10 will assemble the candidates together for a mayoral debate next month on april 7th. new developments on this anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of that malaysia airlines flight. the problem with a crucial piece of equipment that would have helped searchers find the plane. plus shedding light on the dangers of what some call a deadly form of caffeine after tragedy strikes one family. we'll tell you what they're doing now to try to prevent it from happening to somebody else's child.
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right now, 44 degrees. in the 30s to the north and west. 38 in allentown. 28 in lancaster. mid-40s to the south and east. 44 in atlantic city. 44 in dover. so that weekend warm-up will continue we'll end up around 48 49 degrees. some spots hitting 50 later on this afternoon. another piece, it will be breezy. seeing winds gusting near 23 miles per hour in philadelphia. up to 26 in mt. pocono. and we'll see those winds gusting over the next couple of hours. even up to 29 miles per hour in some spots. this is at 11:00 in philadelphia. that will continue in the early part of the afternoon, before they kind of die down later on tonight. otherwise, we're looking at a partly cloudy sky, not as cold, temperatures right near normal later on this afternoon. it's going to feel good despite that breeze out there. although the breeze will make it feel a little bit cooler than it actually is. temperatures into the upper 40s, some spots hitting 50s, and even south of philadelphia, may hit 51 degrees in some spots. winds gusting up to 20 25 miles per hour, close to 30 in some spots. and then tomorrow another day near 50 degrees and we do have mid-50s in your seven-day.
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we'll talk about that plus a look at your seven-day in just a few minutes. to honor those who walk so we could run. we must run, so our children soar. >> an emotional day in selma, alabama, as thousands retrace the steps of bloody sunday 50 years later. plus more than 100 inches of snow this winter won't stop an annual tradition in boston. why crews are working so hard to clear the mountains and piles from the streets
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. as we mark the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370, there is new information on the crash. the malaysian government says the battery on the plane's underwater locator beacon died a year before the plane even took off and vanished. because of the non-working beacon, searchers had less of a chance, if any chance of locating the aircraft. officials in the region say
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they're still hopeful, though, that searchers will eventually find the plane or some of the wreckage in the southern indian ocean. 239 people were onboard the plane when it disappeared en route from kuala lumpur to beijing. today, the families of the passengers and crew are hosting a remembrance ceremony at a mall in kuala lumpur. now to some new information in the murder of russian opposition leader boris nemtsov. russian authorities say that five suspects have arrived at a moscow court to be arraigned. nemtsov was a well-known critic of president vladimir putin. he was shot to death just outside the kremlin last weekend. reports say that he was working on a report about russia's military involvement in ukraine when he was killed. the nigerian extremist group, boko haram, is now pledging its allegiance to isis. that pledge showed up on twitter yesterday. according to reports, it came from boko haram's leader. officials in nigeria are blaming the militant group for several suicide bomb attacks yesterday that killed and wounded dozens of people.
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analysts believe that the twitter blenlgpledge shows that boko haram is putting out propaganda on social media. iraqi forces fighting to take back key cities from isis are getting help from an unexpected source. iranian advisers are joining iraqi soldiers and sectarian militia on the front lines. u.s. officials say that iran is providing weapons, intelligence and surveillance. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff insist that all of this could be useful in turning back isis. back here in the u.s. in madison, wisconsin protests have erupted this weekend after the death of an unarmed african-american man shot by police. >> who do we trust?! >> not the police! >> dozens of demonstrators gathered outside of the police department yesterday. authorities say 19-year-old tony robinson was shot in his apartment friday night. according to police officer matt kenny had forced his way into the apartment after hearing
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a disturbance while responding to a call. that's when police say robinson attacked the officer. >> i want to be very transparent. he was unarmed. >> the chief, of course referring to the suspect in this case. the chief also revealed during that news conference yesterday that officer kenny shot and killed a suspect in 2007 but was cleared of any wrongdoing in that case. kenny is now on administrative leave while the state division of criminal investigation looks into this shooting. tomorrow the boston marathon bombing trial will resume in massachusetts and more emotional testimony is expected. last week nearly 20 witnesses called by the prosecution took the stand. the jury heard two days of graphic testimony from victims, their family members, and first responders. the jury also saw new images of the attacks that killed three people and injured hundreds. lawyers for dzhokar tsarnaev admit that their client committed the crime, but they say that his brother, tamerlan
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was the mastermind behind the plan. today, more events will commemorate the 50th anniversary of what's known as bloody sunday. this is a live look at the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama. this afternoon civil rights veterans will lead a symbolic walk across the bridge where police attacked demonstrators in 1965. yesterday, the nation's first african-american president retraced the steps. president obama was joined by his family members of congress and some who were there 50 years ago. that march led by martin luther king jr. in 1965 is considered a turning point in the civil rights movement. months afterwards president lyndon b. johnson signed the voting rights act, which outlawed discrimination against african-americans in voting. all right. talking some weather now. crews in boston are getting ready for the city's st. patrick's day parade. this year though they've got
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their work cut out for them that's because they're scrambling to remove the massive amount of snow from the recent storms. yesterday, volunteers cleared tons of it from the streets and the parade route. heavy machinery was brought in for the job, ahead of next weekend's annual event, which in the past has drawn more than 1 million people to south boston. there was talk of moving the parade to another date but that's not going to happen. that was californiascrapped. the volunteer clearing operation will continue all week. i'm sure they've had snow in past years ahead of the st. patrick's day parade but nothing like this. >> oh, my gosh record-breaking snow, and i cannot imagine the manpower that takes, the money, manpower, and time to get rid of that snow. and where do you put it all? i have trouble shoveling my own driveway. luckily, mother nature will take care of our snow this week. we're looking at a big warm-up. really nice this morning, temperatures into the mid-40s already. blue skies, a mixture of sun and clouds this morning, and that's what we'll see as we head throughout the afternoon hours. a tranquil start to the weekend, a tranquil end, and we'll take
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every second of it, because we had such terrible weather the last couple of weekends. it seems like every storm fell on the weekends. so weather headlines on this sunday morning, milder today. already feeling that mild air in place. 44 right now in philadelphia. we'll be mild this afternoon, up to 50 degrees in some spots, so enjoy that. tuesday, we're tracking some showers, but by wednesday, we're going to see the showers out of here and see a warm-up on wednesday, into the mid-50s, so surely, any leftover snow will be out of here. weekend see some puddles, though. with all that melting snow. a great day to go skiing nice temperatures, maybe even a little warm at times, you could take some layers off. enjoy that if you'll go skiing in the pocono mountains, a beautiful day to do that. 44 right now in philadelphia partly cloudy skies. we're looking at temperatures 38 in pottstown, 34 in mt. pocono 44 in philadelphia to the south and east. temperatures mainly in the 40s. 44 in atlantic city and 44 in dover, delaware. so temperatures rising really nicely if they're responding to the sunshine right now. partly cloudy skies, mostly clear in other spots.
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that west-southwesterly flow bringing in that warmer air. 23-mile-per-hour wind gusts in pocono. so we're going to see the winds gusting this morning into the early afternoon hours. milder air along with the breezy conditions. may feel a little cooler than it actually is. 23-mile-per-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. just plan on that as you go throughout the morning into the afternoon hours. we're going to see temperatures responding to near 50 degrees as we head throughout the afternoon hours. and we're going to see those winds gusting near 29 miles per hour at times. so that's your big weather headlines, as we head throughout the afternoon, breezy conditions, clouds come in tonight. we may see a shower or two to the north and west maybe even a snow flurry and that could be the story as we head throughout the day, too, some light snow in the poconos, but not amounting to anything. the clouds are out of here later on monday. and then we have a beautiful afternoon, late on monday with really nice temperatures. today, 48 degrees, right near normal. normal is 50 degrees. monday, clouds give way to sunshine 49 and then things get a little interesting. by tuesday, clouds back into the
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forecast. so mainly clouds but some late showers, bring the umbrella if you're headed out on tuesday. 48 degrees, 55 on wednesday, after an early morning shower but temperatures really nice that day. thursday, same thing, right around 50 breezy mostly sunny. friday, mostly cloudy, a chance for showers, 46 and still in the 40s on saturday. mostly cloudy you can see another chance for some showers. the family of the teenager who overdosed on pure caffeine powder is now suing amazon and other distributors. the lawsuit claims that the companies don't provide adequate warning about the danger of the implement. pure caffeine is not regulated. a teaspoon is equivalent to 25 cups of coffee. last may, high school senior logan steiner of ohio was found dead after taking the powder. he had about 23 times as much caffeine in his system as the typical coffee or soda. a lawyer for his family says the product's label contributed to the overdose. >> inadequate in terms of the dosage, it's inadequate in terms of the destructions more use.
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>> i think it should be off the market banned unless it's in the hands of a licensed pharmaceutical company. >> nbc news reached out to the defendants. only amazon provided a formal response saying that it does not comment on active litigation. hey, take a look at this dash cam video. this is just released by police in arizona. two people in this speeding car are now facing drug charges after this video shows them tossing bales of marijuana out of the windows of the car during this police chase. officers set up spike strips down the road and the chase came to an end a short time later. now to the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. president obama says he learned only last week about clinton's use of a private e-mail account for government business while she was secretary of state. the president told a tv interviewer yesterday that he's glad clinton wants those e-mails made public. clinton says she has turned over all relevant e-mails to the state department for review. the hillary clinton e-mail controversy is the top issue on
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nbc's "meet the press" this morning. that comes your way in just a few minutes at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. i'm keith jones for nbc 10"nbc 10 @ issue". join me today as i go one on one with philadelphia police commissioner, charles ramsey. >> we also have a larger responsibility, and that's to protect the rights of individuals. to protect people. >> fixing the nation's law enforcement. the president taps philadelphia's top cop to get the job done. police commissioner charles ramsey gives us insight about the solutions his new task force is recommending. butly lywill they work? plus, controversy on capitol hill. >> in this deadly game of thrones, there's no place for america or for israel. so when it comes to iran and isis the enemy of your enemy is your enemy. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who gave a pivotal speech to divided an already fractured u.s. congress even further.
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not to mention the american jewsish community. local leaders weigh in. and the tax man cometh. philadelphia homeowners who can get by with a little help from your friends. we'll get details on programs to help you foot the bill that you may not know exist. coming up this morning at 11:30, following "meet the press," only on nbc 10.
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just one more chance to get a taste of spring. today is the last day of the philadelphia flower show at the pennsylvania convention center. the theme this year in case you were wondering, is celebrating the movies. there were also some new exhibits featuring exotic flowers. and hey, shouldn't be a problem getting down there, considering it's not raining today, not snowing, quiet, dry. >> and kind of in the spirit. every year i say i want to go. maybe i'll do that today. >> do it! >> it is fun to go. i went like five years ago, haven't been since. but perfect day to go today. perfect day to go skiing. really perfect to be out and about. don't have to worry about ice on the roads, snow on the roads. we're looking at temperatures
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right now in the 40s, 30s in some spots, but close to 50s in others. by this afternoon, 48 in philadelphia. some spots over 50 by this afternoon, a mixture of sun and clouds. we'll be a little breezy though, with winds gusting near 25 miles per hour. monday, clouds give way to sunshine, 49. then by tuesday, a little more cloud cover, 48 degrees. no big deal. wednesday, 55. >> that's going to melt all that dirty snow that slushy grimy snow that's out there. >> i know that's like this high. >> that's going to do it for us on this sunday morning. have a good one.
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this sunday, hillary's e-mail trail. why did the secretary of state go around the government and set up a private e-mail system? and could the controversy damage her presidential ambitions? plus, politics. >> i've been to iowa where my dad lost and i've been there when he won. i like the winning part better to be honest with you. >> jeb bush makes his case to republicans in iowa. our new poll explains why he has big problems with conservatives. also, 50 years after bloody sunday. >> what they did here will reverberate through the ages. >> "meet the press" goes to selma to see what has changed and what hasn't in half a century. and bullying at school and in politics. former pitcher curt schilling and missouri senator claire mccaskill on how a toxic


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