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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the track. the latest word b a dozen people hurt. minor injuries there. we're still working to determine what caused this train to derail. keith jones, "nbc10 news." 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with the jury's verdict in the so-called black madame trial. a philadelphia jury finding her guilty of murder for illegal silicone injections at a local hotel that killed a british dancer. this case has been high profile since we first reported it to you four yooergz. >> we brought you the verdict as breaking news on our news app. mitch blacher live in center city where that verdict came down this afternoon. >> tell us about it. >> jim and renee, she's was convicted on three counts. we're talking about third degree murder aggravated assault as well as the possession of an inskrument of time. padge windslowe provided thousands of people with silicone injection without any medical training. a british daerns died under her care at an airport hotel.
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they will appeal. a police officer who helped break the case says she got what she deserves. >> god is still in control. i'm still there for my sister and i'm still going to stand with her till the end. >> made us sick to our stomachs that some human being could do that to another human being. she deserves as much time as she could get in simpral jail at this point. >> reporter: mitch blacher, "nbc10 news." as we mentioned, many of you on nbc10 viewers found out about these verdicts first on the "nbc10 news" app. if you want to be among the first to learn about breaking news any time have the app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. a police cruiser that ended up next to a house. one person was hurt here. it's not clear if the officer is that person hurt. it all happened on terrace avenue in winslow township.
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the windshield was removed. count on updated information as soon as we learn more from investigators. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this amateur video capturing the moment of a car drive willing the wong way in route 1 in bucks county slammed into several other cars sending those people in those cars to the hospital. deanna durante is live in middletown township. >> what did you learn about the driver who was going in the wrong direction? >> reporter: we've learned he is still in the hospital tonight. he was the most seriously injured. police tell us that that accident happened between the route 213 exit and the i-95 exit along the northbound lanes of route 1. they say that bucks county man was driving in the wrong direction when he caused that crash. in the video you hear the skidding and the crashing. police say the man behind the wheel needed to be cut from his vehicle before being taken to
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st. mary's hospital. that's where he is right now. now investigators say they're busy interviewing the victims and witnesses. they say that's going to take time. according to middletown township police chief. >> there were a total of seven people involved in the accident. there were seven crash victims. six of the seven were transported to local hospitals with injuries. >> reporter: investigators say they didn't need to see the video to know the driver was going the wrong way, but they say they do not yet know why. how do you figure why he was driving the wrong way? >> we won't know why. we have to find out. we suspect there's some type of impairment but until we get the blood results back we won't know. >> reporter: we have learned police filed a search warrant to get that man's blood sample. that sample, they tell us has been taken and it is now being analyzed. they also tell us it could be several weeks before they determine what happened here. and what, if any, criminal charges will be filed. reporting live in middletown township, bucks county deanna durante, "nbc10 news." now to a late night scare
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for one camden county family. at first they heard a rumble. next thing they know the whole front of their home crashed down, spilling into the street. the whole front facade now missing. you can see right inside the top floor. the homeowners tell us they've had concerns and like this could happen since crews demolished a home next door 12 years. the family was inside when the bricks came crumbling down onto the sidewalk late last night. everyone made it out safely. >> i heard a little noise but it didn't dawn on me that's what i was hearing until i saw the front of the house slide down in front of me. >> city officials tell nbc10 they issued a not habitable notice to the family thursday. they shouldn't have been living there. investigators plan to pinpoint the cause of this collapse. they say they can't imagine a teardown more than ten years ago causing this collapse now. part of an apartment building collapsed in
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philadelphia's east mt. ayre neighborhood. here's a look at the scene from the ground now. authorities tell us people were inside at the time of this collapse but everyone got out okay. officials with philadelphia's department of licenses and inspections tell us they will inspect all 76 units in the complex to make sure they're safe. a great day to get your car washed. nbc10 in south philadelphia where this car wash was filled with people taking advantage of this sunny, warmer monday. of a brutal winter we're getting a little spoiled. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here now. we shouldn't expect this to last too long, right? >> we shouldn't expect the sunshine to last too long but the good news is the mild temperatures do look to be staying in the forecast. we do have rain on the way, though. as for right now, temperature of 57 degrees in philadelphia. this is now above what's considered normal for this time of the year. average high is 50 degrees. we have some areas close to 60
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light now. atlantic city, millvale dover, all close to 60 degrees. areas north and west around 50 degrees. really nice day today. by 6 p.m. we'll still be in the 50s. plenty of sunshine. mild into your evening. by 8 p.m. tonight, around 50 degrees. we'll see mostly clear skies. then the clouds increase by 10:00 tonight. temperature only around 43 degrees. more clouds move in ahead of rain. as we go into your tuesday, there's the rain around texas. it will be moving in just for your tuesday afternoon. not for the morning commute, though. i'll show you how much we can expect as we go through the day and how long that will linger. that's coming up. back to our breaking news. cydney long now at the scene of that school brus crash in burlington county. >> i know you've been talking to officials there. what have you learned? >> reporter: we just arrived here on main street in lumberton within the last ten minutes. we were able to talk to the police chief. a number of parents this afternoon certainly breathing a sigh of relief. i want to show you, they finally got the bus upright. this all just unfolded in the
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last hour or so. lumberton police chief says this was the bus and it was actually coming from the hartford school in mt. laurel. initially we were told it was coming from another school in westhampton and there were ten students on board. but luckily, only three. you can see the windshield completely caved in right here. emergency officials have it upright and ready to tow it away within a couple minutes. but on daffodil lane at main street in lumberton is where this bus was getting set to make a left-hand turn. police tell us the driver of this car, right down here a ford fusion you can see the damage to the front end, that driver slammed into the school bus, which was although a stopping point at that point in time, causing it to turn on its side. it is unclear why this driver hit the school bus, but this driver of the ford fusion is being interviewed by police as we speak. again, only three students from the hartford school in mt.
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laurel suffered injuries. only one of them was taken to mt. holly hospital. and the police chief tells me those injuries were only minor, bumps and bruises. the driver on this bus also expected to be okay. so police are investigating. again, the parents have all been notified and breathing a sigh of relief that this wasn't worse than what we're seeing out here. jim, renee? >> thank you. well our milder weather certainly a welcome change but also contributing to a problem that pops up every year around this time. of course, we're talking about large potholes. >> no doubt you've already hit one of them or swerved to avoid landing in one. here's the good news though. help is on the way. nbc10's doug shimell was there as new jersey road crews got ready to fight the problem. >> based on what you've seen today, that help is desperately needed now, right? >> reporter: exactly. we thought last winter was bad. this -- the post-winter road conditions are shaping up to be almost as bad if not worse. whether you're in new jersey
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pennsylvania or delaware everybody is looking at the roads falling out from underneath them. the pothole on hattenfield avenue in cherry hill must be stopped. it lured iona clark's car right through the middle of it. >> i saw the pothole. by i time i saw it it was too late to swerve out. there was a car beside me. i tried to go around it, there was no space on the other side and i hit it. >> reporter: a few minutes earlier michelle was looking for her hub cap the pothole took. >> there's no cone or anything to let you know you know. and i was just driving. bang. >> reporter: the state of new jersey says it will spend $4 million to fix what the winter disintegrated. >> when you have a lot of ice, which we did this past winter, it causes more damage than sometimes when you have a lot of snow. >> reporter: new jersey's transportation commissioner says drivers with damage from potholes can file a claim with the state treasury department.
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>> i think they should pay for it, not me. i mean i pay taxes for them to clean this up and they don't do it. now i don't have a hub cap and that's going to cost me money. >> reporter: of course, you can file a claim with the state of new jersey's treasury department if you are on a state road but let's say you're here in philadelphia, you would have to file a claim with the city of philadelphia or, if you were in montgomery county, vuld to file a claim with them as well. here again, keep in mind the burden of proof is on you that it was one of their potholes that did it. live in overbrook, doug shimell "nbc10 news." seeing a problem out there, you can report potholes in pennsylvania, new jersey delaware by using the "nbc10 news" app. just tap on the app for your smartphone or tablet and let state road crews know about the problem spots. fire destroyed an historic new jersey inn that once hosted george washington. early this morning firefighters found smoke coming from the
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sergeantsville inn. flames eventually tore through the roof of the two-story stone building which is more than 300 years old. it took crews several hours to get the flames under control. a firefighter suffered a minor knee injury. there's no word on what caused this fire. a homeowner called 911 after a fire broke out on his front porch this morning. nbc10 on the scene on north allison street between 55th and 56th streets in west philadelphia. they smelled smoke and rushed in to help. >> i went running down to where the smoke was at. i went banging on the door kicked the door to let the people out and i went banging on the other people's door to get them out so they wouldn't get the smoke in their lungs. >> crews had the fire under control in less than 20 minutes and no one was hurt. two families are out of their homes after a fire at a duplex in cumberland county. the flames steroiddestroyed one of the homes in millvale. red cross is helping both
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families with food and shelter now. authorities are still looking into what started the fire. police are searching for two suspects after two men were shot in a car in west oak lane. police tell us the victims were in a car on stenton avenue when two people came up and started shooting. the victims were able to drive themselves to to the hospital where they're in stable condition right now. a philadelphia community will come together tonight to honor the philadelphia police officer gunned down inside a video game store. this as detectives try to track the guns used to kill that officer. officer robert wilson iii was murdered inside the gamestop at 22nd and lehigh in north philadelphia last thursday. two brothers are accused of getting into a gun battle with the 30-year-old officer during a snowstorm. those brothers were arrested a short time later. a local police department is now organizing a toy drive for officer wilson's 9-year-old son whose birthday is today. radner township police will be collecting those toys. the superintendent says he's coordinating with philadelphia
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police and neighbors are getting behind the cause as well. >> going to get some toys and, you know going to -- wherever -- drop them off here or drop-off points. that's the first thing i'm going to do today. >> police say they will release more information about the toy drop-off locations after officer wilson's funeral. a top lead frert vatican is in philadelphia to help plan the pope's visit. the pope's right hand man showed up in an unusual place this afternoon. the archbishop visited the pot belly sandwich shop. his task to choose a special edition milkshake for world meeting of families and he got some help from students from st. peter the apostle school. the winner is called called #popeinphilly made of vanilla ice cream and shortbread. to reflect the pope's simplistic nature. >> it was really unbelievable.
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the children have chosen the most sweet ice cream. >> 50 cents from each sale of the milkshake will be to help benefit the world meeting of families. it will be vabld at pollthree locations. the world meeting of families will be held the last week of september. pope francis will visit philly the week of september 25th a little more than six months away. legislative hearings got under way way on governor wolf's budget plan. the house appropriations committee opened a month-long series of meetings with head of independent fiscal office. he says his agency's projects -- or projects employment growth of nearly 49,000 jobs up from fewer than 42,000 this year. >> going forward, we do expect
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things to pick up. all the recent data suggests the job growth is picking up both nationally and in pennsylvania. >> director also projects wage growth of 3.6% compared with 3.2% last year. new viral video is stirring controversy at the university of oklahoma. it shows members of a fraternity referencing hangings and usual racial slurs. >> the university kicked the fraternity off campus. as nbc national correspondent jay gray reports, the school is now threatening legal action. >> reporter: good evening. the president of the university has said he was sickened and unable to sleep after seeing the video for the first time late saturday night. there's a heavy police presence outside the fraternity house right now as the investigation and fallout continues here. anger and frustration continues to build on the university of oklahoma campus. >> honestly they need to be completely eradicated. >> reporter: after video surfaced this weekend showing members of the sigma alpha
4:16 pm
epsilon fraternity shouting out a racial chant. [ bleep ] ♪ >> reporter: the video was reportedly recorded this weekend and posted to youtube by a group that describes itself as an alliance of african-american students. >> for that to be said and chanted and memorized by someone -- a group of people that's so predominant on campus really hurt. >> reporter: the university has severed all ties and affiliations with the fraternity. >> we send messages that are very strong and very clear. >> reporter: members have until midnight tomorrow to remove their belongings from the house on campus and ou's president hopes they don't stop there. >> would i be happy if they left the university as students and were no longer our students? you bet ya. i'd be happy. we don't have any room for racism and bigots at this university. i'd be glad if they went. >> reporter: this afternoon the sae national organization anowed it closed the ou chapter and
4:17 pm
suspended all of its members. >> as it relates to other sanctions before the individuals who are involved in the video, we completely support that and endorse that because there are repercussions for behavior like this, which is completely unacceptable. >> reporter: while the university continues its investigation. the fraternity members in the video haven't been suspended from school at this point. the university says it's pursuing every possible punishment available under the law. in norman oklahoma jay sgragray, "nbc10 news." well, a nice, mild day for the area today and this is going to continue into tonight, so the evening will be mild. but then as we go into tomorrow we have rain in the forecast. rain will move in but temperatures will be staying on the mild side. now, with the rain we'll have snow and ice melt across the area. now, this is going to be a pretty steady rain for a majority of your tuesday. not so much in the morning commute but certainly for the
4:18 pm
evening commute. and as i mentioned through the weekend, even into next weekend, temperatures are looking to stay right around 50 degrees for most days. so pretty mild compared to what we have seen recently. 57 degrees right now in philadelphia. the average high is actually 50 degrees, so we are finally above that. what a difference a few days make. winds are gusting near 21 miles an hour, but we are still seeing mostly sunny skies. very calm conditions today. temperatures are around 50 degrees through the lehigh valley. 53, westchester. 56 glassboro. near 60 degrees in some of our locations through south jersey and delaware. dover coming in at 58. millvale atlantic city coming in at 59 degrees. as we go through this evening, we will be staying on the mild side. you will notice some changes, especially for your morning commute tomorrow. here's a look at radar. we are nice and quiet. that's why we have so much sunshine today. today, a lot of dry air over us. down to the south over texas, gulf coast states quite a bit of rain here. this will eventually make its way up as we go through the day
4:19 pm
tomorrow. but not the entire day. it's going to start in the afternoon. here's what future weather shows. for the rest of your evening tonight, we do in fact stay dry. then we go overnight into early tomorrow. notice more cloud cover. so, 8:00 in the morning, when you head out on the roads or you wake up you'll notice more cloutsdz around than what we saw today. the rain should be holding off until noon tomorrow. 2 p.m. we should start to see light, wide spread rainfall across the area. this will continue through the evening commute. so 5:00 6:00 7:00 in the evening, we will have rain around. keep that in mind before you leave tomorrow. it will be dry when you walk outside but grabt umbrella because by the evening hours, it will be raining. even through tomorrow evening and even through wednesday morning. wednesday, 8:00 in the morning, we could still have showers around. most of the moisture should be moving south of philadelphia by that time. and then through the afternoon we slowly clear out still kind of keeping these clouds around. temperatures will be staying on the mild side. that's why we only really expect the rain around. so, finally things are starting to change with our weather
4:20 pm
pattern. clouds increase for tonight, not as cold. 34 for the low in philadelphia. 27 degrees north and west. tomorrow we'll see the rain mainly in the afternoon hours. it will be a mild day, 46 to 49 degrees. so kind of mild and rainy through the afternoon, especially wednesday morning, the rain is still here for parts of the area. we do dry out through the afternoon. temperatures will be in about the mid-50s or so. then by thursday, suveny sunny day. so far, looks like the best day in the week other than today. going into the weekend, it looks like that rain comes back. pretty rainy for your saturday. temperatures in the mid-40s. more details coming up. coming up this violent tractor-trailer accident smashes through a toll booth, putting two people in the hospital. then a major recall involving more than 700,000 cars. the auto company warning drivers to get their cars off the road now. plus delaware police looking for two men who sold a woman this ipad. what was really inside the box when she opened it coming up.
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. expanding the arts in philadelphia. more than 1500 artists from across pennsylvania submitted their creations as part of an open call competition by the pennsylvania convention center authority. it's an opportunity for artists to have their work on permanent display at the center. it includes paintings, sculptures photos and mixed media pieces. the chairman of the pennsylvania commission said these works will put the final touch on our remarkable center expansion. talk about a golden ticket today. the new jersey lottery announced a union county woman is the first winner of the largest instant ticket top prize in history. she won the $5 million prize. she's a retail manager. she has three children. a new jersey lottery spokesperson presented her with a big check today. she says her win is still sort of sinking in. >> my family just feels truly blessed.
4:25 pm
i feel blessed. i'm still in complete shock. it doesn't feel real at all because we all know you feel like this stuff doesn't happen to normal people. >> but it did. katona bought her ticket at a krauser store which received a $30,000 commission bonus. school bus crash in burlington county. three students were on board that bus. we're told all the injuries are minor. >> there's a lot of frustration and anger towards him. >> new at 4:30 a survivor speaks out. a local man on trial for a drunk driving crash that killed a young boy and left his friend paralyzed. today the teen victim who took the stand to share his pain. then coming up tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- the cost of rebuilding. it's an ongoing battle against mother nature at the jersey shore. how much the state has spent to rebuild its 127 miles of beaches.
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we want to get you caught up on two breaking stories we're following at 4:30. first a story involving a school bus in lumberton county nj nmg. three students and a driver were on the bus. only one person suffered minor injuries. no word yet if there will be any charges in the crash. broadcasting news out of halifax, north carolina after a truck hit amtrak train. several people were hurt but they're expected to be okay. passengers headed to our area are expected to get here some time this evening. today a 15-year-old survivor
4:30 pm
faced the man accused of leaving him paralyzed and killing his young friend. >> investigators say the man charged in the case was drunk behind the wheel. nbc10 jersey shore burrow reporter ted greenberg is live in mays landing. >> tell us what jurors heard in the way of testimony today. >> reporter: that testimony wrapped up for the day just about half an hour ago. earlier max guzman and his son told the jury here they have no recollection of the crash four years ago but they say the aftermath has been extremely painful. unable to walk m.j. guzman explained how his life was forever changed by a catastrophic crash that left him partially paralyzed and killed 9-year-old ryan shiler. >> my best friend. we did everything together. >> reporter: the 15-year-old and his father both took the stand at the first day of william leapy's trial on vehicular homicide aggravated manslaughter and assault charges. >> it was really hard. it was a lot of frustration and
4:31 pm
anger towards him. >> reporter: prosecutors say leapy was driving drunk with a blood alcohol level nearly triple the legal limit in april of 2011 when his su vuchlt slammed into the car max guzman sr. was driving in hamilton township. he, too, was seriously injured and now walks with a cane. >> still in pain. he doesn't know what we've been through the last four years. he doesn't have a clue. >> four years went by he's still enjoying his life when my son is in a wheelchair and ryan perished. >> reporter: leapy previously pleaded not guilty. today his lawyer told the jury he was not speeding or swerving prior to the crash and suggested his blood sample could have somehow been compromised. the trial had to be postponed in september after authorities say leapy shot himself in the head while free on bail. >> he's trying to avoid it, but either way everything comes to an end. so, he's going to get what he deserves.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: m.j. now takes classes online because his family says physical challenges and depression made it too difficult for him to attend public school. the trial is expected to continue into next week. live in mays landing, ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." authorities in montgomery county are warning businesses to be on the lookout for counterfeit cash. police say fake 20 and $10 $0 bills showed up in lower marian. they say they are purchasing with the bogus bills and then returning them for real cash. a tablet scam has authorities issuing a warning. a woman telling police two men offered to sell her an ipad in the parking lot at new castle farmer's market parking lot. she ended up with two boxes of ceramic tiles instead. police are looking for two men in a white car with florida plates. here's a look at imposter items with apple decals.
4:33 pm
the woman is now out $800. fewer jails in pennsylvania are cooperating with requests from immigration authorities to hold prisoners suspected of being in the country illegally. they report 14 counties adopted formal policies last year. these policies are against holding prisoners in their jails for u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. temple university survey shows 18 other counties had previously adopted these policies. this kind of put a smile on your face, didn't it? much needed sunshine on this monday. north philadelphia where a lot of people were out and about as the sun helped melt the snow away. looks like we'll continue to get more good snow-melting weather around here. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is back to tell us about some pleasant conditions. >> we have dealt with a lot of cold temperatures 20s most days. now we're talking about plenty of sunshine across the area.
4:34 pm
temperatures near 60 degrees at this moment at least. here's a look along the shore, center city and also the poconos. we'll zoom in on boat house row for the moment. nice sunshine. some of the ice is really starting to melt along the schuylkill river, the delaware river. as we go into tomorrow the milder air with the rain that's going to help to melt even more. temperatures through the lehigh valley around 50 degrees for south jersey and delaware. mid to upper 50s. so some spots like atlantic city millvale and dover near 60 degrees right now. it is certainly mild today. the average high for this time of year is actually 50 degrees. as we go through tonight, we'll continue to stay dry. we'll be watching this area of rain. this will be moving in for your tuesday. like i mentioned, rain coming in that will help to melt the snow and the ice. this will be around for most of the day tomorrow. we'll take a closer look at the timing coming up. >> thanks. authorities say science helped them nab a suspected robber in south jersey. it all stems from an armed
4:35 pm
robbery last year. police say dna found at the scene was later used to identify the suspect as a mt. laurel man. u.s. marshals arrested him last week, more than a year after the crime. today out of control the big rig that barrels right into a toll plaza. forget about the cost of the actual toll. this ride turned out to be a lot more expensive. plus hundreds of thousands of suvs and mini vans make it to the recall lais list. >> and the agencies that rate your credit are making some chains. first, here's what we're working on for you for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. >> "nbc10 news" showed you the crash. a driver going the wrong way on the bucks county highway. now new at 5:00 we're checking on who the driver is and the half dozen people put in the hospital. one year after a malaysian airplane disappeared without a trace, there's new evidence as to why it was impossible to track it down. plus gas prices jumping by double digits. coming up why you're paying more at the pump in new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. count on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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4:38 pm
major recall today involving more than 700,000 suvs and minimummini vans. they are recalling them with faulty ignition switches. this affects 2009 and 2010 dodge journey suvs and 2008 to 2010 chrysler town & country, dodge var van mini vans.
4:39 pm
all three credit reporting agencies have reported medical debts will be reported until after a 180-day waiting period. people that question something on their credit reports will get more on their disputes about what to do if they don't like the answer they get. there's evidence that a vegetarian diet may reduce the risk for developing colorectal-loelorectal cancers. vegetarians had a 19% lowered risk than those people who had animal diets. colorectal is the second leading cause of death with cancers. today the crime committed against a miniature horse in our area. we'll show you. also the dangs of doing doughnuts on a frozen river. one local man's truck sank into the water, taking down a dog with it. now the driver of that truck is back in court and facing new charges. we'll tell you what he's telling the judge. and a beautiful day today. plenty of sunshine out there
4:40 pm
still, but now i'm tracking rain. get the timing on that. plus i'll tell you how long these mild conditions will last in my first alert seven-day forecast. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 the cost of ownership. what a new study says you need to make to be able to afford a house in philadelphia.
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take a look at this video. big rig barreling into a poll plaza. plowed right into the booth. fortunately, no one was manning the booth when this happened. it's not clear what caused the truck's driver to lose control. the truck driver and a person in a car here suffered injuries but
4:44 pm
they weren't life-threatening. police say a toddler who spent some 14 hours upside down in a carseat in freezing temperatures is improving and expected to survive. the child's mother died in the crash. it happened late friday night. a fisherman discovered the 18-month-old on saturday. police don't know what caused that accident. we have new information this afternoon on that toms river driver who plunged his truck into a frozen river in ocean county earlier this month. the new jersey spca has now filed animal cruelty charges against andrew mayer. police say he drove onto a frozen river march 1st and did doughnuts until his truck crashed right through the ice. he escaped but his dog was also in the truck and the dog died. according to the as bury park press, he appeared in court today where he says he will represent himself in the case and also facing criminal mischief charge. president obama announced a new tech hire initiative today. >> the goal is to quickly train americans to fill the estimated
4:45 pm
half million open tech jobs across the nation. this program will help provide more americans with the skill to fill these jobs without necessarily requiring them to get a four-year college degree. president obama told the crowd at the national league of cities conference in washington that higher paying tech jobs are a ticket to the middle class. >> so tech higher communities are going to help employers link up and hire folks based on their actual skills and not just their resumes. >> during the speech the president also praised the country's recent job growth including nearly 300,000 new jobs last month. sdel dell governor says the president's tech hire believes short-term model must be part of our job training models. he says in some instances two and four year degree programs are too time consuming too expensive and unnecessary. former rutgers football player legrand is giving music
4:46 pm
lessons. now he's collaborating with a solo artist who graduated from rutgers last year. they co-wrote a song about overcoming adversity. he also sings on the track. well a nice mild day today. we're going to end that way, too. as we go into tomorrow though we still are going to be mild but we do have rain on the way. so, this is mostly going to be through the afternoon hours tomorrow. not so much into the morning commute. the morning commute hours will stay mainly on the dryer side. here's what it looks like for tomorrow. tomorrow morning in the 30s. and most of that rain starts at noon and temperatures by 3 p.m. around the mid-40s. still fairly mild. rain will be moving in through the afternoon hours. now, because of the rain we expect more snow and more ice melt. so if you have those gutters
4:47 pm
around, the street gutters, you want to make sure they are not blocked at all. especially if you have a lot of snow around them because a lot could be melting tomorrow with a lot of the rain too. temperatures stay on the mild side as we even go into the end of the week and also into the weekend when we actually expect a little more rain around. temperatures around 50 degrees north and west of philadelphia. 57 in philadelphia. 53 now in westchester. in some locations in south jersey and delaware like millvale dover and atlantic city are still near 60 degrees. so, it is actually a really nice day. here's a live look across the schuylkill river. we are looking at nice clear conditions. sunny skies. we're going to go into the evening like this too, seeing mostly clear skies. radar is nice and dry. nothing locally getting ready to move in. all the rain that we're watching is still around texas and the gulf coast states. this will be here, though, as we go into tomorrow morning. at least getting closer but not really moving in until the afternoon hours. future weather here shows staying dry tonight. we stay mild tonight. cold through the overnight hours. 9:00 tomorrow morning, morning
4:48 pm
commute, you'll notice more clouds around. the rain won't be here until the afternoon. so by noon into 2 p.m. widespread light showers. pretty consistent rainfall through the afternoon into the evening. so the morning commute will be dry. grab the umbrella, though because the evening commute, that's when we're going to see the rainfall. this will continue through tomorrow night. pushing to the south and we'll see drying through most of the area and wednesday afternoon we'll see big improvements. this will lead into a nice day as we go into thursday. for the night, clouds increase. 34 for the low in philadelphia. 27 degrees areas north and west. then tomorrow you'll notice clouds in the morning. it will be a mild day. rain mostly in the afternoon. lasting through tomorrow evening. it's going to be a rainy second half of the day. temperatures topping out in about the mid to upper 40s. so, we only expect rain. then we go into wednesday morning. we see the rain drying through the afternoon, though. temperature around 57 degrees on
4:49 pm
wednesday once we see the drying and sun coming back through. on thursday we'll drop down a little bit but we cannot complain about 51 degrees and sunshine. then we go into friday. i think we'll see some late day showers trying to move in friday. and this actually sets us up for a rainy weekend. that's what it looks like now. saturday 45 degrees with rain around. it does look like it's going to be pretty much all day long. this could linger into sunday which could also linger into part of your monday. we'll be watching that closely. as for tomorrow any storm drains around, try to clear them out before we get the rain coming with all the snow still around. >> going to wash all that salt away. go ahead. >> yeah. maybe too quickly? can we say that we're out of the snow woods? is this it? >> i'll be honest with you. i don't see a very arctic pattern coming back just yet. usually when you get into this time of the season, this time of the year, the sun angle changes. even if we did have a snowfall, it would be harder to accumulate at this point. >> let's wash that salt away. we don't need it.
4:50 pm
>> hopefully. well we have this just into the "nbc10 news" room. the medical examiner in delaware county confirmed a teen found dead after reported missing committed suicide. cayman naib was found dead on his family's delaware property. his parents say he was upset after problems with schoolwork. demonstrations continue in wisconsin after the deadly shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. madison officer matt kenny shot tony robinson late friday. the officer was investigating a call that the young man was jumping in and out of traffic and had assaulted someone. we're learning more today about robinson. documents connected to the 19-year-old's conviction for armed robly ri last year show he was diagnosed with adhd anxiety and depression and was prone to bother dom-- boredom and anger.
4:51 pm
who stole from sammy? this miniature horse. all new at "nbc10 news" 5:00, aan ongoing battle keeping ahead of mother nature at the jersey shore. wait until you hear how much money has been spent strengthening new jersey beaches.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
got to wond berpder about this one. someone cutting the mane and tail of a miniature horse.
4:55 pm
>> now authorities are on the search for a horse hair thief. someone burglarized a barn and took the horse hair valued at $200. here's a look at the horse. named little sammy. her owner tells us she has a light colored mane and tail, which makes it more valuable. don't stop shoveling, kids. that's the message from a new jersey senate committee today. the committee cleared a bill that would eliminate the need to buy a permit to shovel snow. lawmakers drafted this bill. it was in response to recent reports that north jersey police told two teen shovellers they couldn't solicit business without a permit. let's hope there's no more snow to shovel this season. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> we're following breaking stories, several of them including the crash of an amtrak train headed for our area. >> also live from the scene of
4:56 pm
this crash that sent a south jersey school bus careening onto its side. what we have learned about the students on board and what may have caused this crash. and what a difference a few days makes. some areas close to 60 degrees right now, but now i'm watching some rain to our south. and this is for your tuesday. i'll show you the timing coming up. and despite warmer weather, a winter threat remains. what experts want you to know about keeping your family and home safe from cold weather-related fires.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
we begin with sky force 10 with breaking news over the huntingstone park section. >> fire department is responding to a vehicle fire and possible explosion. the car charred. there are no flames. this is on old york road. no word on any injuries. a car fire that has been extinguished. we have new video showing an amtrak train with three scheduled stops in our area crashing in north carolina. you can see the train slamming into a truck at a crossing around noon today. several people are hurt, but all the injuries are minor. witnesses say the truck driver stayed on the tracks while trying to make a turn. they say the driver backed up several times but once the crossbars came down, the driver jumped from the truck. the crash scene is in halifax county north carolina.
5:00 pm
the train scheduled stops in philadelphia trenton, wilmington. look at the home video showing the moment of impact. >> oh, my god! oh! oh! >> the train runs between charlotte and new york every single day. more breaking news. this time from center city philadelphia. >> the verdict is guilty for the so-called black madame for death of a woman who underwent butt injection procedure. mitch blacher with more. >> reporter: she faces multiple convictions and as much as 70 years in prison. padge windslowe gave thousands of women silicone injections. >> she was a liar. it was a front. >> reporter: she's a convicted murderer because prosecutors proved her scheme turned deadly. >> she did it for the money. pure and simple. that she could bring


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