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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v nbc 10 breaking news. we begin with breaking news tonight. 100 firefighters now at the inferno at a landscaping business under control. they flew over the valley crest
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landscaping shortly before 9:00. no one is injured. right now it's unclear what caused that fire. >> tonight at 11:00. >> we heard the train blow its whistle. within seconds, that's when the impact occurred. >> within seconds the train was bound for philly. >> the 18-wheeler is completely turned over. >> but the ride ended in a collision on the the tracks. >> the jolt gave my heart a little pounding. >> reporter: tonight how this crash could affect travel in our area for days. >> that crash happened in north carolina, but it is having a ripple effect up and down the east coast. i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. at least 50 people were killed when an amtrak train collided with an 18-wheeler. from there they will catch trains to make stops in
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wilmington -- >> denise this is impacting passengers who weren't even on the train. >> reporter: well hundreds of passengers had top find other ways o get to their destinations or they ended up throwing in the town and getting refunds for their tickets. now i just got off the phone with the manager of 30th street station. she says passengers coming in from washington via train to the 30th street station should be arriving over the next few hours here on track three. passengers on a derailed amtrak train bound for philadelphia are hours from getting home. survivors of the crash that injured at least 55 people talk about the moment of impact captured on video by a witness. >> big boom. >> it jolted me. i went flying forward into my tray. it was a massive jolt forward. >> meanwhile, headaches linger for passengers at 30th street station. the riders on amtrak train 91 were headed for florida at the
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same time thecare carolinian collided with the tractor trailer. >> the train road all the way backwards to philadelphia. >> reporter: they spent hours trying to get a refund for their ticket. others learned at the ticket counter they may not be able to get home for another four days. >> they informed me the first train leaving out is friday. i don't have any money. i'm handicapped. you know. i'm here in another city. i have no one i can call. >> reporter: amtrak passengers watched video of the crash in horror. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: surprised the injuries were not more severe but confident the next ride will be a safe one. >> i have no worries taking the rail. that's unsettling to see. >> reporter: now we're just getting word at this late minute that passengers coming in on track four were some of the passengers on the derailed train. so amtrak will be having a conference call at 8:30 tomorrow morning what they're going to do about the cancellations and
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delays for tomorrow. about 1,500 passengers will be affected tomorrow alone. reporting live for nbc 10 news. >> new at 11:00 tomorrow. philadelphia district attorney seth williams is expected to announce charges against two pennsylvania lawmakers and a former state lawmaker. the d.a. won't say who the lawmakers are tonight, but he's been pursuing charges stemming from an undercover sting involving public officials who allegedly accepted cash and gifts. john waters and lowery brown are already facing charges. tynes pleaded guilty in december. solemn solidarity in north philadelphia where a police officer lost his life just days ago. >> this evening the community joined for a vigil where the officer died in a shootout. keith jones is at the scene
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where the pain is so fresh for many. >> reporter: just below the windows of the game stop store, those windows blown out from gunfire, sits the memorial for officer robert william iii. the 22nd district is back to work. the community vows to help them heal. >> see you in heaven. >> lightning words from a child. with sensitive ears always listening here at the scene of last week's adults gun battle. home now to this heartfelt memorial. >> when i say we you say care. we! >> care! >> we! >> care! >> he runs a community outreach for officer robert wilson iii. >> he was from the community. his kids are suffering today. especially his son. i don't like saying this. but i have to say it for him. happy birthday. >> reporter: officer wilson's son turned 10 years old today. commissioner ramsey was by his side. >> i don't begin to know what to say. >> reporter: councilmen aid the children and the late fellow's
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officer children. as they endure so do does the investigation. these two brothers charged with murdering the officer had eight prior arrests. >> i don't want to point fingers or whatever. the only people responsible for the death of officer wilson are the two guys that committed the robbery. period. and they should spend the rest of their natural live ps behind bars. >> we lost a warrior. and it's good to see the 22nd district community is out here giving us this warmth this love and it means a lot r. >> reporter: in the words of a child to officer wilson's children. >> sorry for his loss. hope he'll be okay. >> reporter: and the commissioner asked when is it going to end? just tonight he was at a triple shooting at 12th and cambria. one person died. that's about ten minutes from here. he says this all stops once this community comes together. reporting live keith jones, nbc 10 news. tonight, some progress after a muddy mess in philadelphia's tacony section.
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sky force 10 was over this water main break. it happened around 6:00 at robinson and walker street. crews had turned thecxk water off, since then they have temporarily closed off one lane of robinson and one lane of walker street. >> i heard traffic going through water. and so then i heard people talking. i said well what's going on? i looked out and saw the river in the road. >> tonight no homes are without water and they haven't suffered damage from the leak. crews are expected to continue repairs tomorrow. temperatures are drops tonight, but at least it's above freezing. nbc 10 in philadelphia's northern liber city where we caught some people enjoying an evening stroll. >> we're also tracking rain moving in. let's get the latest from sheena parveen. >> reporter: >> yeah it's a comfortable evening compared to what we have seen before. but we have rain coming in tomorrow. it's all down to the the south,
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but it will eventually be here mostly for the second half of the day tomorrow. another thing tomorrow air quality alert for chester, delaware the philadelphia area all these counties. poor air quality for tomorrow for the sensitive individuals, for example, those with asthma and the elderly. so something we'll be watching out for. ft but the rain is going to be the main thing you notice. in the morning we start at 8:00 with clouds. 10:00, same thing. we should be dry but mostly cloudy. temperatures by 10:00 already low 40s. by noon we should see light rain and by the afternoon, this rain is going to stick around. and it's going to become steadier. by tomorrow night we could see heavier pockets of rape. coming up a closer look at the timing of this when it will end. and if the temperatures will stay milder into your weekend. that's coming up. from our jersey shore bureau. a tom's river man who pickup truck plunged into a river in ocean county earlier this h month will face an animal cruelty charge. police say andrew mayer drove onto this frozen river on march 1st, did doughnuts until his truck crashed through the ice.
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he escaped, but his dog was also in the truck and died. he is also facing criminal mischief charge. after months of arguing, trump name will stay. they say the owners left the property deteriorate, damaging the trump brand. today today they reached an agreement with the investor to let the name remain. icahn says he hopes to restore it to the former glory. >> speaking of donald trump. he was the only republican to fair worst than new jersey's governor in a new presidential poll. according to a new wall street journal poll 57% of republicans said they couldn't see themselves voting for christie in the primary. 74% said that about trump. as for the democrats, vice president biden had the highest opposition with 40% of voters saying they couldn't support him in the primary. 13% said the same for hillary clinton. none of these candidates is officially running for preponderate. from our south jersey
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bureau, guilty plea from a camden woman accused of stabbing a child welfare worker in november. prosecutors say she attacked the caseworker inside the building that houses the division of child protection and perm nancy. several of the victim's coworkersd edwards. family and friends are mourning the loss of a former philadelphia police detective. officers say charles permint jr. died this weekend after a man crashed into his car while trying to escape police. three others were in the car at the time. they're expected to be okay. police say the suspect, rashai harmon tried to flee the scene after the crash. he's charged with second-degree murder. she called herself the michaelangelo of body enhancements. winslow will face up to 70 years whence she's sentenced? june. a philadelphia jury found her guilty of murder. she killed a british dancer with
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illegal butt injections. police found the victim's body at a hotel near philadelphia international airport four years ago. after today's verdict winslow's lawyer was act if he would have used the service. >> my butt is big enough. >> the battle ain't over yet. god is still in control. i'm still here for my sister. i'm going to stand with her until the the end. the jury convicted winslow of aggravated assault on another woman who was hospitalized after an injection. i'm tracking when the heaviest rain will fall plus when temperatures near 50 degrees. and airlines warning of troubling from planes. what they want banned from all flights to prevent disasters like this. and new jersey crews fixing potholes across the states. how much of your tax dollars are being invested into the project.
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new video of a tanker ship that collided with another,
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spilling a a flammable chemical into the water. there was heavy fog at the time. no injuries reported here, but neighbors are being told to stay in their homes. crews are trying to figure out how much of the chemical spilled into the water. tonight authorities are questioning the driver of a car that rear ended a school bus. the impact sent the bus onto its side. sky force 10 was over the side along main street at 3:00 this afternoon. the bus was carrying students for the hartford school. one student had minor injuries. a family is seeking answers about 24 hours after their camden home collapsed. the homeowners told nbc 10 they had concerns something like this could happen ever since crews demolished a home next door 12 years ago. the family was inside when the bricks came tumbling down tearing off the front facade of the home. >> that was my first thing. i ran around and got my wife out and my daughter is on the third floor, right above there. >> everyone made it out safely. city officials tell nbc 10 they
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issued an uninhabitable permit to the family on thursday and they shouldn't have been living there. the family did not break laws by staying. investigators are looking into the cause of the collapse but say they can't imagine a teardown more than ten years ago is to blame. for the fourth straight day demonstrators took to the streets of madison, wisconsin, in protests of police. nid night a white officer shot and killed an unarmeded teenager during a struggle. now they want changes in the way police deal with potential suspects. >> reporter: the family of 19-year-old tony robinson known to his family as tarell says answers have been hard to come by in the teen's shooting death by a police officer. veteran officer matthew kinney who was white, shot robinson when robinson attacked him in an apartment. robinson was unarmed. >> this is a bigger issue. this highlights a universal problem with law enforcement and
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how the procedures have been carried out. especially in light of what's happened over the summertime. >> robinson's uncle says he wants police officers to wear body cameras, use tasers to subdue suspects and meanwhile they wait for answers as the state investigates the killing. about 1,500 people many high school students march to the state capitol building in madison today. holding banners saying black lives matter. they chanted justice for tony. it's the fourth straight day of protests in madison. >> there's a sense of fear. >> there's a sense of distrust and discouragement. and that's not a feeling we're used to in this community. >> reporter: the city's police chief has apologized to robinson's family though he stopped short of saying the police officer did anything wrong. >> the police are the community. the community are the police. we live in the same market most of us, that we're policing in. and so the pain of the loss of life on friday trickles into our
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lives as well. >> the the wisconsin department of justice is investigating the shooting as robinson's family asks for peaceful protests to continue there. a missouri appeals court will take over the municipal court system in ferguson. that move following a critical department of justice report prompted by last year's deadly police shooting and resulting unrest in ferguson. the report scolded what is described as a profit driven municipal court system. today they appointed an appeals court judge to hear all of the ferguson court cases. they're blamed for several accidents, including one at philadelphia international airport. tonight a new push to stop bulk shipment of lithium batteries on passenger planes. a ups plane caught fire and landed at philly international back in 2006. now several aircraft makers are calling for the new rules for large shipments. lithium batteries can be found in electronic devices like laptops and cell phones. the batteries can emit explosive
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gases when overheated. pothole problems. now that's it's warming up driverers are encountering the giant craters on the roads. potholes left some people flat out of luck. poet hole potholes taking a tole on tires in camden county. new jersey says it will spend $4 million repairing pothole damage from this winter. you can report potholes in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware by using the nbc 10 news app. tap on the app for your smart phone or tablet and let state crews know about the problem spots. well hopefully you enjoy today. and some areas are close to 60 to start off your week. we do, however, have rain in the forecast for tomorrow. so quite a change as we go into tuesday. rain mooving in mostly in the
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afternoon. this will give us more snow and ice melt across the area. remember storm drains around the area make sure they're not clogged. we will be seeing more melting through tomorrow. temperatures do stay mild even as we go to the end of the week and even as we go to the week and more chances of rain in the forecast before the weekend. the only area is that freezing is 32 in allentown. poconos in the 20s. philadelphia, 42 degrees, and many areas in south jersey and delaware still above freezing, in the mid to upper 30s right now. so this is fairly mild for tonight. especially what we're used to been seeing recently. 7:00 tomorrow morning for the morning commute, we will see the clouds around. more cloud cover north and west. around 30 for the morning commute. philadelphia, 36 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. suburbs in the mid 30s as well. clouds will be around but just no rain. not until tomorrow afternoon. and especially here into the evening commute. we do have an air quality alert for parts of the area.
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delaware chester, bucks county for tomorrow for tuesday. mainly sick individuals. like those with asthma an the elderly. that means higher levels of ozone. aside from that the rain down to the south will be moving up. quite a bit of moisture moving in this direction, and we will see this again as we go into the day tomorrow. mostly the afternoon. future weather does keep us dry into the morning hours. you just notice clouds increasing all ahead of the rain. 8:00 in the morning, we should be on the dry said. then early afternoon, 2:00 p.m. we should see showers. so we do expect rain for basically everyone for even thing commute tomorrow. it lasts through tomorrow evening where we could see heavy pockets at times. so again, more melting taking place with mild temperatures. overnight the rain starts to push to the south. i think fairly dry for the morning commute on wednesday. any rain south of philadelphia. but then we start to see more sunshine coming through on
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wednesday afternoon. which will really warm the temperatures up friday afternoon. not as cold tonight. tomorrow rain mainly in the afternoon. and it will be mild though. 46 to 49 degrees for the high temperature. then we go to wednesday. once we see that drying we could have sunshine coming through, warming us to about the upper 50s possibly. and then on thursday it will be a little bit cooler but still mild. 51 and sunny. pretty nice for your thursday. rain showers move in on friday. especially saturday. temperatures mid 40s. that could linger to sunday. john? >> thank you, coming up in sports could one of the eagles free agent signings already be backing out? and take a look at who is in buffalo? sean mccoy. a message for bills fans. see who the eagles are keeping. that is next.
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i'm john clark. that free agent running back the eagles are getting to hopefully replace mccoy, well he's having cold feet now. frank gore is reversing field. he had agreed to sign with the eagles, but now it could be the colts. the birds are reportedly looking at other runningbacks now. by the way, shady is in buffalo tonight with a shoutout to bills fans. >> yeah mccoy was a fan favorite here already reaching out to bills fans. it looks colder there, shady. he'll be introduced in buffalo tomorrow. we'll have that for you tomorrow. thad deresignthey did resign brandon
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graham and williams will replace byron maxwell in seattle. switching teams. phillies are waiting are on the results of a second opinion on his injured elbow. he's been shut down for the phillies right now. he said he did all he could to prevent this in the offseason. he is hoping to avoid surgery. that would be very damaging. >> basically if i had the surgery, this season would be done. possibly my career i guess. i mean i don't know. we'll have to see. >> phillies against the orioles today. he allowed five to reach base but escaped without giving up a run. how about ryan howard. a pair of singles. ryan is hitting 3.08 this season.
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and in a walking booth after suffering a minor setback. it's the same foot he broke prior to the draft last year. he was seen dunking prior to friday's game. he says he will meet with his doctor in l.a. tomorrow. no word on whether that appointment was already scheduled. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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that raccoon today had his head stuck in a tree. this pictures from the tuckerton fire company. neighbors spotted the struggling animal, and firefighters used a chisel to widen the hole, and once he was free he was out of here. thanks guys i appreciate it. but i'm taking off. >> yeah, bye-bye. that raccoon will be dealing with a little bit of rain tomorrow. >> it's a good thing he's not stuck tomorrow. that's great he was able to find
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shelter. grab your umbrella before you head out. in the morning you're not going to see the rain. it shouldn't be moving in until the afternoon. it's a rainy, evening commute. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim we'll see you tomorrow
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris hemsworth sienna miller mu


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