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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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her in recent weeks. you saw it live here on nbc10 and on the "nbc10 news" app. keith jones monitored clinton's remarks. >> a lot of interest in hillary clinton's communications especially since she could be a presidential contender. tell us what she said today. >> comments coming after days of silence, mind you, and heightened calls from democrats, from republicans for her to address this issue. here's what she had to say today. clinton said her choice to use one cell phone, one personal e-mail account was a matter of convenience. secretary clinton said her choice to use her personal e-mail account was allowed under state department rules when she became secretary of state. clinton said about half of the 60,000 e-mails went to government employees and government e-mail addresses. the other half she says were personal. e-mails about her daughter chelsea's wedding plans and her mother's funeral arrangements. clinton said like previous secretaries of state before her she turned over all of her work-related e-mails to the state department when she left office. >> i feel like once the american public begins to see the eames,
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they will have an unprecedented insight into a high government official's daily communications. >> clinton said she did not delete any work-related e-mails and never sent classified material on the personal account. the e-mail controversy has up-ended clinton's plans, at least her blueprint for a rollout for democratic can can'tcy. she's likely to announce her candidacy early next month. philadelphia's da has charged three more elected officials with corruption. >> these are just the latest in a series of arrests. six total now. the trio accused today charged with abusing the power of their office and taking bribes. >> there are no free passes when it comes to corruption. i cannot and will not look the other way. just because you are my friend or a member of my political party for my race.
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>> the da personally knows one of those charged today. rosemary connors was at the news conference. >> the da didn't rule out charging even more people? >> the district attorney in fact called this an open investigation. this is not a closed case. now, in this matter the grand jury gives details about how these state reps were allegedly recorded, taking bribes on a number of occasions. as you mentioned, these are people whom the district attorney said he has known personally throughout his life. >> many of these people have been my friends. people that i have spent time with. >> despite their relationship philadelphia district attorney seth williams announced the grand jury indictment of state representative williams bishop a clergy member, whose daughter grew up with the da. state representative michelle brown lee and former state representative harlz james, all of them who surrendered to state police in harrisburg this morning are accused of accepting anywhere from 750 to $2,000 from
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the same lobbyist informant in exchange for political favors. >> criminals do ignorant foolish, idiotic, inhumane things every day. >> seth williams took on the case after attorney general kathleen kahne said it was rife with politicism. >> was she wrong in dropping the investigation? >> i'll say this, the six who have been indicted owe their indictment to kathleen kane. >> reporter: arecording to the district attorney, in the latest roundup, both james and brown lee admitted their involvement but the bishop did not. >> she could have told the truth and accepted responsibility for her actions, but this time she declined to answer questions about the lobbyists or the payments. >> you cannot disclose that my client pled the fifth amendment
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before this grand jury. you cannot disclose she refused to answer questions. that is contemptuous and i plan to file a petition for contempt of court. >> reporter: who you just heard from is representing louise bishop. he would not give comment as to his client or this case. i also reached out to the other attorneys representing the other state reps. i reached out to them on their cell phones. they either declined tore comment or did not return my calls. reporting live outside of the da's office rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." after today, six elected officials are now charge in this investigation. democratic representatives ron waters and vanessa brown are accused of improperly accepts cash or gifts. tchltd ynes allegedly accepted a $2,000 tiffany bracelet from the informant. kathleen kane originally said the investigation was too flawed
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to use quikdzs. dae williams called her her own worst enemy. sky force 10 over a construction accident in north philadelphia. a worker was hurt after falling 15 feet from the first floor to a basement of a building under construction on creasele b. moore avenue near 17th street. the worker is expected to be okay. sky force 10 over a crash that caused a car to flip and land on its roof this morning. an 18-year-old man was injured when a car hit a patch of ice in limmrick. new video now of the exact moment an amtrak train collided with a truck stuck on the tracks in halifax, north carolina, yesterday. police say a state trooper was escorting the truck because of its oversized load when the train approached. investigators say no one alerted the train that the truck was stuck at the crossing. >> oh, my god! oh, my god!
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>> nearly 60 passengers and the conductor were hurt in that crash. most of the victims have been treated and released from the hospital. the train had more than 200 passengers on board headed from charlotte to new york but stopped in philadelphia trenton and wilmington. now, some of those passengers arrived at 30th street station late last night. amtrak says the affected train route is still using buses. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this now. "nbc10 news" there as a suspect surrenders to police several months after his big rig slammed into a construction zone, killing a highway worker in chester county. bill mcwiggen died in the tragedy last june. a second worker was struck but survived. doug shimell spoke to the suspect today. >> that truck driver has a message to other drivers. what is he saying? >> reporter: well, exactly. even state police and prosecutors remarked at how remorseful this truck driver seemed to be when he surrendered here at the king of prussia
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barracks earlier this morning. >> >>. >> i feel it every day. >> reporter: prosecutors say it was jensen's impatience that killed mcwiggen. they say you were going too fast in that construction zone. >> i was trying to avoid an accident and wound up causing another one. >> reporter: the tractor-trailer driver turned himself in to face homicide by vehicle charges of the death last june of pennsylvania turnpike worker mcwiggen. >> did not give himself sufficient distance with a fully loaded tractor-trailer to stop the vehicle and had to make the decision to basically crash into these construction vehicles which ultimately killed mr. mcwiggen. >> reporter: in the weeks after the fatal crash, state police but radar traps in construction vehicle on the turnpike and caught dozens of speeders not far from where bill mcwiggen died. on his way out of court, jensen
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had a message for the family. >> i'm really really really sorry. i know what they're going through. i've lost family members. and i'm really sorry what they're going through right now. >> reporter: and he had a warning for anyone who speeds through a construction zone. >> don't do it. you be careful on the road. this is very serious, very serious charge. anyone can end up where i'm at right now, so slow down. >> reporter: well, he was released today on $100,000 unsecured bail. he has a march 25th preliminary hearing. understandably, the families of both mcwiggen and the other injured turnpike worker did not feel up to commenting today. live in king of prussia, doug shimell, "nbc10 news." happening now, jurors are in day two of deliberations in the section you'll abuse case of suspended catholic priest andrew mccormick. this afternoon jurors told the judge they're at an impasse but the judge sent them back to condition. he's accused of assaulting a 10-year-old altar boy in 1997
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after allegedly luring him to his bedroom. he denied the allegation. a previous trial last year ended in a hung jury after 29 hours of deliberation. we have this just in. it deals with the eagles' nick foles. we understand he has been traded. there have been rumors of a trade pending. comcast sportsnet john clark will have much more coming up in sports but we wanted to alert you, nick foles, the quarterback has been traded. more on that to come. >> another trade in the works there. police are questioning one person in connection with an alleged social media threat. that threat forced authorities to evacuate west windsor plains plainsborough high school. canines searched the building and students were allowed to return to class. >> sky force 10 also over another evacuation today in philadelphia's logan neighborhood.
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this time cause was a gas odor in the air. ptw cruise responded to north fifth street investigating whether a gas main broke. fire crews evacuated about 20 people from the building just as a precaution. everyone was allowed back inside after about five minutes. a popular wilmington sub shop is closed today after a fire there this morning. fire was coming out of the roof at the village sub shop when crews arrived on the scene at 20th and north market streets. investigators say it appears the fire started in the kitchen's exhaust system and spread to the roof. two workers were able to get out in time. a man who nishlgly claimed he was a fire victim is in custody this afternoon. this after an early morning fire here at this vacant home in west philadelphia. investigators say he claims he jumped from second story window but authorities believe he's the one who started the fire. the man's not been charged yet. philadelphia police want you to take a good look at this guy. he's wanted for robbing a wine and spirits store last week.
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investigators say he handed the cashier a threatening note demanding money and lifted his sweatshirt to show a gun. he got away with some cash but police haven't said how much. a jersey shore man apparently went to a lot of trouble to steal gasoline from storage tanks. listen to this. police arrested robert bailey in stafford township ocean county yesterday. investigators say he replaced the seat in a bus with tanks and a pump to siphon gas from underground tanks. he's also accused of arson for allegedly setting fire to an egg harbor township police tow lot. 7-eleven is in a whistle-blower lawsuit. ian shraber says the franchise wanted him to take back franchises franchises. 7-eleven has taken action to dehumanize interrogate and
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disenfranchise franchise yees. in a statement a 7-eleven spokeswoman defended the company saying in part the allegations made in this complaint are false. 7-eleven is proud of its very diverse, independent franchisee population. new jersey governor chris christie is trying to drum up support for his budget plans now. governor christie hosting his 130th town hall event in somerset county. this is video of christie's town hall event last month. christie's budget plans for next fiscal year include a far smaller contribution to the state's public employee pension system. governor christie argued the $1.3 billion payout is all the state can afford. more than a dozen unions now plan to sue. a legal setback for the christie administration. the state's top court ruled judges will take over the enforcement of the state affordable housing policy because christie's administration failed to do so. in a series of rulings over the past 40 years, the court has found towns should have housing for lower income residents. and one last chance for a local
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environmentalist to try to save 300 acres of land. tonight a board of supervisors in concord township will make a final decision whether to allow development of the vineyard common. tonight's meeting is at 6:00 at garnet valley high school. several u.s. senators are trying to get rid of federal roadblocks to medical marijuana in states where it's already legally. new jersey and 22 other states as well as the district of columbia allow medical marijuana. advocates say doctors in those statsz though fear federal prosecution. >> right now veterans are censored from speaking openly to their doctors about all treatment options. >> lawmakers have already introduced medical marijuana in the house. advocates say introducing a senate bill is a sign of growing acceptance.
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some pennsylvania lawmakers have been pushing to pass legislation but so far it is not legal in pennsylvania. a move by mayor nutter to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a gay rights demonstration in the city. the national constitution center will open a new exhibit this summer. mayor nutter announced the plans saying support grew when the aclu overturned pennsylvania's defense of marriage act last year. >> have the incredible opportunity to marry a lot of same-sex couples, a lot. i actually -- if you ask, i can't even tell you how many. >> the human rights campaign has named philadelphia the best big city in america for lbt equality for two years. back to that breaking news involving the philadelphia eagles. >> we are learning about a report of a trade involving starting quarterback nick foles. comcast sportsnet's john clark joins us live with the breaking goments. >> what's up?
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>> chip kelly is really remaking this team, way all of andy reid's offensive weapons. the eagles are trading quarterback nick foles to the st. louis rams for their quarterback, sam bradford and the birds will get a draft pick. this was first reported by espn confirmed by comcast sportsnet. nick foles was 14-4 as the eagles starting quarterback under chip kelly, made the playoffs in his first year starting with chip. he took over for michael vick that year. but nick was hurt most of last season. sam bradford was the number one overall pick in the nfl draft five yeefrgz. the former heisman trophy winner had a great rookie season but has missed 25 of the last 3 games including all of last year. he tore his acl in each of the last two years. we'll have a lot more coming up in one hour. of course, the running back the eagles thought they were going to get to try to replace lesean mccoy, frank gore he is signing with the colts. it is breaking. it is wild. free agency is just under way.
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officially we'll have more in an hour. john clark, live at comcast sportsnet in an hour. >> like a chess game. thanks john. long cold winter is leaving bad memories behind even as we thaw out. >> we're talking about national gas customers in our area who are getting their monthly bills in the mail and what they see when they open them are stunned. cydney long is following new developments in a story we first brought you last month. >> the problem isn't going away for customers. >> well that's right, they basically want to know who is doing the math at south jersey gas. it seems the company's explanation as to estimated billing versus actual usage. we're talking about natural gas, doesn't seem to cover the gravity or the entirety of customer complaints. >> we're all looking at our meters and going, wait a second you know, they're triple reading us here. >> reporter: laura moore of
4:17 pm
tabernacle who only relies on natural gas to heat her home is fuming about her most recent gas bill. >> they misrepresented by. >> mike: about by $275. >> reporter: is the bill is how much? >> $465. >> reporter: irritated customers who reached out to nbc10 are sounding off and comparing notes on facebook. they can't understand how the gas giant can possibly estimate usage. in her case a 300 cubic feet over what is actually on her meter. south jersey gas admits to a billing glitch thanks to a new billing system last fall. it's now resulting in customers receiving estimated bills, even if their meters were read. moore's wasn't estimated. it was actual. >> they're all actual readings. if they're trying to make up something for someone else's bill, i'm not interested. >> reporter: it's double her normal usage. >> when people try to call, we were on the phone for more than an hour and then it automatically hangs up on you. i want to get through, want
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answers, get straightened out. >> reporter: south jersey sent us an e-mail that read in part, they're reaching out to all of the 12,000 customers affected that with quote, february being about 33% colder than average, their gags consumption could have been even higher in turn. now, south jersey gas did tell us customers should anticipate a letter and envelope in their mailbox this week in order to make payment arrangement plans. that letter will be clearly marked with the south jersey gas logo. it will also read important billing information for estimated bills. from monroe township, cydney long, "nbc10 news." well the rain is here and it's going to continue as we go through tonight. so a rainy night tonight through the overnight hours, too. even into part of your morning commute tomorrow. a live look out at center city looks a little hazy here.
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we have light rain reported. temps in the mid-50s. this afternoon we were close to 60 degrees. now the temperatures are dropping because of that rain moving in. this is the case areas north and west, too, in the 40s now. this rain with the mild air, this is going to give us more snow and ice melt. clear the storm drains make sure your area doesn't have any localized flooding because of this. because some areas certainly could. as we go into tomorrow morning, some of this rain will be lingering for part of the area for the morning commute. i don't think it will be around for everyone tomorrow morning but it will stay around for tonight. we've dropped to the mid-40s in allentown and reading because of the rain. 50s in pottstown. 57 bensalem. we're fairly mild out with this rain. we do expect it to stay mild enough tonight to really only see the rain. 47 now wilmington. 52 millvale. 55 in dover. here's the rain across the area. it is on the lighter side which indicates that green coloring. that's where it shows us the lightest of the rainfall. when you start to seat yellows move in that's a little more heavy rainfall. we don't see that right now.
4:20 pm
some darker green around newhanover could indicate more moderate rainfall. same thing as we go through reading. it's widespread. everyone is pretty much seeing that light rainfall. across the major interstates for this evening commute this afternoon, from wilmington to trenton across all the major interstates, we're continuing to see the light rain. it's pretty steady even along the shore and for much of delaware. even northern delaware around dover, seeing maybe more moderate pockets. it's all coming in from the west and southwest. a lot of moisture we have to get through before we actually clear out. and all this moisture will be hanging around as we go overnight tonight. so, here's a look at future weather as we get closer to 7:00. we still have that rain for pretty much everybody. closer to 10:00 tonight. we could see some heavier pockets moving in. and even early tomorrow morning, like 3 a.m. we could have some areas still seeing the rain. early morning commuters around 6:00, 7:00 i think any showers should be mainly south of philadelphia. then we go through the afternoon and we see a lot more clearing in the forecast which could be
4:21 pm
giving us temperatures around 60 degrees. for tonight, though the rain continues about some areas of fog around. temperatures staying above freezing. tomorrow we'll see the early showers and fog around. we clear through the afternoon with temperatures possibly again around 60 degrees. so, kind of a warmer day tomorrow. then we go into thursday, plenty of sunshine but we drop into the low 50s. same thing friday. rain moves into the weekend. a rainy saturday. that will stay on tap. more details on the rain and timing coming up. i can't imagine somebody was in there. >> four parked cars smashed. coming up what fell from the sky that now has their owners making repairs. >> looks like it's maybe even about to cave in. >> and the city won't tear down this vacant building because they can't find the owner. now the nbc10 investigators know why, where they found her that's causing more problems. then why help experts say your thoughts can significantly increase your risk of heart attack coming right up on "nbc10 news."
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if you think you've seen or hit more potholes on streets this year, you're right. road crews have already identified and filled more than 9,000 potholes since the start of the year. pothole repairs should be made within two days of being reported. crews filled about 51,000 potholes last year during one of the worst winters in the city's history, but the city street department says the constant freezing and thawing of moisture on the roadways this winter has made conditions even worse. aaa mid-atlantic says as of 1:00 this afternoon, their crews have rescued 262 drivers with flat tires. aaa tells drivers to beware of snow, ice or water that may be concealing potholes. avoid swerving around potholes that can cause loss of vehicle control, roll through the pothole slowly. don't brake rapidly. and make sure you're inflating your tires properly. you can report potholes to road
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crews where you live. just tap on the "nbc10 news" app on your smartphone or tablet to report the craters in the road. a movie theme made for box office magic at philadelphia flower show. the pennsylvania horticultural society says about 250,000 people attended this year's event. that's up 10% over last year. the show is the organization's biggest fund-raiser, taking in about $2 million to help fund local programs. well we're following breaking news involving the eagles. they've traded quarterback nick foles to the st. louis rams. >> also developing story, former secretary of state hillary clinton breaks her silence about her e-mail scandal. secretary clinton says she did not send any classified information on her personal e-mail and that she complied with every rule but she acknowledged she should have used a government e-mail account while she was in charge of the state department. what do you think about that? a tree growing out of the building? >> more than a neighborhood nuisance. new at 4:30 vacant properties some consider dangerous.
4:27 pm
what the nbc10 investigators were able to find out that city inspectors couldn't. sthu and we have quite a bit of rain moving in this afternoon. still, it could complicate your commute and turn heavy at times. i'm tracking it all for you. thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. see the difference for yourself. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price, guaranteed for two full years! plus, get a $300 bonus with a two-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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right now at 4:30 first alert weather technology is tracking rain and some could be heavy at times. >> we all know when it rains, things slow down for commuters as our sky cam network shows us. let's find out how long the rain will stick around. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is back and tracking showers for us.
4:31 pm
>> that's right. the rain is going to continue for us for the evening commute. will continue overnight and even for tomorrow morning. not for everyone but for some of us. here is a look at the radar. we have all of this light rain pretty much blanketing the entire area. south jersey and delaware where you see the green, you see that lighter rainfall. it will hang around for a while. even from newark wilmington up to trenton along the major intersections. the rain is still falling so a slower evening commute. from the lehigh valley across 478, 476, we're seeing wet roads because of the rain. a lot of moisture off to our west. this still has to move through before we actually dry out. the rain is lowering temperatures quite a bit. mid-40s through lau la. mid-50s in philadelphia. and we will stay fairly mild as this rain continues leveling out around the mid-40s. by 6:00 tonight, rain. by 8:00 tonight, rain. temperatures around 50 degrees. even by 10:00 tonight we are still looking at that rain in the forecast.
4:32 pm
again, it will be continuing overnight tonight. we'll talk more about that with say closer look at the timing and then we'll see how long the mild stretch will last too. that's coming up. with a rainy night ahead, keep tabs on the wet weather and its impact where you live with the nbc10 app for your smartphone or tablets. new dangerous vacant properties in philadelphia still standing long after the city order the owner to renovate or demolish them. >> the nbc10 investigators uncovered the biggest problem license and inspections problem has is figuring out who owns the properties. harry hairston is here with what they found. >> first we found something l&i couldn't find and that's the person responsible for the properties in question. >> i thought it would have been demolished by now. >> reporter: christopher lives across the street from 415 and 417 manner street. >> since i moved in that's been
4:33 pm
degrading since. >> reporter: 415 has been vacant so long mother nature has now moved in. >> what do you think about that? a tree growing out of the building? >> it's actually surprising. you can't find it anywhere else in south philly. >> reporter: the city first posted notices for the owner to renovate or demolish the homes last april. when nothing happened the city sent letter after letter after letter. still nothing. in january, the city tried to tat owner to court. the case was thrown out because the owner couldn't be reached. the nbc10 investigators doug into court records and other public documents searching for the owner. we found both 415 and 417 were owned by adelaine galloway. who died in 2014. the mayor's office told us via e-mail, quote, city attorneys are engaged in an investigation of the owners of the properties
4:34 pm
so the case has not yet been filed. >> if they're imminently dangerous, there's no excuse. under their own regulations, they have the power and the right to get them immediately demolished. their mission is to protect lots. >> reporter: controller questions why the city allowed these prompts to remain standings while neighbors on the street have to deal with the eye sores and dangers. >> if this causes any type of infess trags of rats or cockroaches, it can lead to this house, so it's in general a health concern. >> reporter: now, this document from the register of wills shows galloway's son is the exec tore of her estate but his contact information was never listed on the code violations or tax notices. we spoke with him yesterday. he teldold us the family is aware of the safety concerns at the properties and they plan on addressing them. now, according to the latest l&i notice, they have until next week. for the investigators, "nbc10
4:35 pm
news." can you find a map that shows the philadelphia communities with the most vacant properties. tap the "nbc10 news" app to see that map and see if any dangerous properties are in your neighborhood. prosecutors in new jersey say an ocean county man sold heroine to a man who later died of an overdose. they have charged him with reckless manslaughter. demand for popular heroine antidote is sending prices soaring. the price has doubled in the past year. emergency responders in several local communities use it to revive patients who have overdosed. advocates fear the rising cost will ultimately lead to the death of addicts who could have been saved if they had access to the drug. one swiped money from the register at a doggie day care in society hill. philadelphia police released this surveillance video of the man they're looking for.
4:36 pm
it was taken on march 2nd from the doggie day care on south third street. alcohol attraction. the science behind a new study that suggests how many booze you may want to drink if you're trying to look more attractive on a date. also money makeover. the famous local female faces that could one day appear on the $20 bill. and the brand new findings about the impact of stress on your heart. first, here's what we're working on for you for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. major company in montgomery county paying out $25 million for selling recalled medications. and iphones and ipads the target of hackers and the cia. why apple's top officials say it's never happened. count on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours.
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the combination of high stress and heavy depression may be particularly dangerous for those also battling heart disease, according to the columbia university medical center. they found heart patients who experienced both stress and depression are at an increased risk for heart attacks and early deaths. the increased risk was not observed when patients had just
4:40 pm
one of those conditions. here's some lighter science news that daters can use. believe it or not, researchers at bristol university found exactly how much alcohol a person should drink to look more attractive on a date. they studied this. and here's the answer. one glass, a large one, of wine. experts say it increases facial flushing and relaxes muscles so you smile more easily. without getting sloppy. >> line wine goggles. >> one glass. >> that's it. well for this now, the danger and downside of our milder weather -- >> it is creating hazards out there. >> i can't imagine if somebody was in there, even that gentleman that works at the booth. if-t could have been fatal. >> today the car crasher that fell from high above and why so many are thankful they weren't around when it happened. and mild and rainy conditions outside. the rain could go heavy as we
4:41 pm
head toward night fall. i'll let you know how long you'll need the umbrella for.
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4:44 pm
what makes some people mad? police say a faulty photo booth led to this sult employees at a chuck e. cheese in ohio. security tape from inside the kitchen shows a customer began beating a manager. friends of the attacker joined in and in all six people were hurt, including a teenager who tried to call 911. >> i just get slammed. and i'm in a full fight now. this dude came out of nowhere. he's, like beating the crap out of me. >> mrooes police plan to try to
4:45 pm
enhance the video to a better look at the suspects. two south jersey women are among those who one group says should be on the $20 bill. the group women on 20s created this youtube video to bring attention to their cause. they're trying on get one other candidate to replace andrew jackson's face by 2020. that's the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote. alice paul was at forefront of the movement to help women gain voting rights. spaul a decedent of william penn. and clara barton founder of red cross, and also opened new jersey's first free school in bordentown. well the rain keeps on coming in. and we will continue to see it as we go through tonight. a rainy night in store tonight for the rest of your evening commute this afternoon and into the overnight hours. some of this could linger early tomorrow. now, because of the rain and the mild temperatures we expect
4:46 pm
more snow and ice melt. make sure the storm trains around your area are cleared out or at least around your house because some of this could cause localized flooding if the drains aren't clear. as i mentioned, a few showers could be hanging around for the morning commute tomorrow. then we get much warmer. live look outside. center city light rain reported. temperatures in the mid-50s. as we go through tonight, late tonight, we could start to see the development of some fog. mid-40s through the lehigh valley. now 43 reading and lancaster. 50, pottstown and chester. 46 degrees in wilmington. earlier today philadelphia was closer to 60 degrees and now we're seeing that change as the rain moves in. we'll still be fairly mild overnight tonight. right around the mid-40s with the rain still around. so light rain through most of the area. some of the heavy spots still in parts of berks county through the lehigh valley. maiden creek seeing more rainfall. this is the heaviest we're seeing across the area now. milford on the edge of that.
4:47 pm
for the philadelphia area from wilmington to philadelphia along 95, 295 up to trenton and across the pa turnpike we are looking at that lighter but consistent rainfall. and for south jersey and delaware, we're looking at consistent rainfall. a lot of moisture off to our west. it's moving in this direction. again by early tomorrow morning, some of this could be lingering but not for everybody. future weather as we go closer to 7:00 tonight, the rain continues. the mild temperatures still around. so we really only expect rain. 10:00 tonight, you start to notice a little yellow on the map. that could be heavier pockets of rain moving through. a lot of snow and ice melt. this will be a prolonged period of rain. 2 a.m. we could see heavy bands in south jersey and delaware. by the time the morning commute comes around i think most of the area will be dry. 7 a.m. we could have showers mainly south of philadelphia. for the most part we see big improvements in the afternoon. sunshine breaking through. this could, in fact, give us temperatures around 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon.
4:48 pm
a lot of warm air down to our south trying to move in. still, we have 80s through much of the southeast. we'll be staying in the 50s for the rest of this afternoon and tomorrow, like i mentioned near 60 degrees. so the rain continues tonight, areas of fog, 43 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow early showers for some. fog around too early. then through the afternoon we're clearing and milder. some areas could be in the low 60s tomorrow. thursday we'll be sunny, nice and dry. temperatures will be in the low 50s. a little cooler on thursday but i think we will take it because it's still going to feel fairly mild outside. friday, same thing. we'll see more clouds around late showers moving in. then we go into saturday. pretty much everything i have looked at is showing a pretty rainy saturday from start to finish. so yeah we'll have a rainy first half of the week. sunday does look better than saturday. >> we need some of that rain and warm temperatures to clear out all that snow. >> clear out everything all the ice, snow piles you still see.
4:49 pm
i want to make sure your drains your gutters are cleared up too. speaking of the weather, it's continuing to hammer parts of new england. this time it's not the snow but the warmer weather that's causing problems. all the damage you see here is from a massive sheet of ice that fell from a building right onto a line of four cars parked in the lot below. >> you could barely open the doors. can't imagine if somebody was in there, even the gentleman at the booth. if somebody was in there, it could have been fatal. >> fortunately, no one was hurt. parking lot employees say they have complained for almost a month about the frozen formation, asking the building owner take it down. today laying the groundwork for a papal visit. >> nbc10 takes you inside the local factory that's busy making tile treasures. the collectibles being made right here in our area that are likely to be among the must haves as we prepare for pope francis. then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 the images unforgettable. more than two years later. and for some new jersey
4:50 pm
residents, sandy's damage is still reality. when storm victims can finally expect relief.
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
>> reporter: among handcrafted clay tiles made here. >> once it dries, it will shrink. i have to tuck in a little bit. so that the top of the tile will come out complete. >> reporter: they have been in operation since the late 1800s and owned now by bucks county. these tiles were presented to the pope by the state's former first lady susan corbett. how many tiles have you sold since word got out the pope has them? >> when they were presented to the pope several months ago, we did have an influx and inquire of the purchases at that time. we were months behind in fulfilling those orders. >> reporter: while they are pressing on with their production shrines are preparing for international visitors. >> we are hoping the high father would come visit. >> reporter: even if it doesn't, the sister says many international visitors will be here to learn about
4:55 pm
philadelphiaen's own saints. >> she reached out to african-americans at times when to one was doing that. we would like people to come see catherine, her space, her shrine and her great work in the catholic church. >> reporter: even if the pope doesn't visit here many many people are already making plans. the total rooms countywide are 90% booked. in doylestown deanna durante, "nbc10 news." the world meeting of families will be held the last full week of september. pope francis will visit philadelphia at the end of that week, the weekend of september 25th. that's just over six months away. >> population of philadelphia expected to double that weekend. going to be big. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. next tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 everybody is talking about this one. breaking news involving the eagles. >> the team is trading quarterback nick foles. it is one of several moves expected to be announced as free agency officially starts. next we get the new
4:56 pm
developments from comcast sportsnet's john clark. i'm also tracking rain. we have it around now. it's going to continue through tonight. coming up, i'll show you if it's going to last through the morning commute and if the mild temperatures will last too. danger on the rails. tanker cars like these carry chemicals, gas and oil across the country every single day. now, fear is growing for people across new jersey about the cargo headed to and from the philadelphia refineries. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
we're following breaking storts new. eagles quarterback nick foles is the latest bird to be traded. he's reportedly headed to the slt lose rams for quarterback sam bradford. that happened in the last hour or so. comcast sportsnet's john clark is tracking the developments for us. first, though a look at the weather. the drive home is a wet one. rain is moving across the area as well. this is a live look at conditions along 95 in south philadelphia. >> you can see the showers are moving up from the south. they will be with us for the rest of the night. >> along with those showers, today's warm temperatures are dropping. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen has her eye on the radar. what can we expect for the rest of the night? >> we can expect more rain. the rain will continue and the mild temperatures yes, they're dropping but we will still be staying overnight tonight. here is all the rain.
5:00 pm
pretty much everybody is seeing it, south jersey and delaware. this is light rain. it will continue the rest of the evening. across all the major interstates around philadelphia up to trenton, down to wilmington, we are seeing that light rainfall. take it slower on the roadways. a little more moderate rainfall around allentown into berks county, reading, across 476 and 478 through the lehigh valley we're seeing some heavier spots. nothing particularly heavy right now. overnight we could see a few heavy areas. a lot of moisture to get through before it clears out. it's coming in from the west. we can expect rain through the overnight hours and possibly for some of you for the morning commute. allentown is down to 41 degrees. philadelphia now down to 52 degrees. we were near 60 degrees this afternoon. south jersey and delaware anywhere from the mid to low 50s. as we go through the rest of your evening, the rain will stick around. around 78 p.m. we'll be dropping to around 50 degrees in philadelphia. 40s by 10:00. mid-40s by midnight. the rain continues even into the early morning hours by tomorrow.


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