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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we begin with a new secret service scandal tonight. agents accused of drinking and driving then crashing their car into a white house barricade.
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i'm jim rosenfield. the head of the secret service is a philly native who just got the job and his officers are trying to cover up yet another embarrassment. denise? >> jim, this new scandal involves an agent who is part of president obama's security detail. he and another senior agent are under investigation after a car crash at the white house. homeland security is handling the investigation into the crash that happened march 4th. the "washington post" reports the agents drove a government car into a security barrier near the white house after a night of drinking. the officers on duty wanted to arrest the agents and conduct sobriety tests but they were allegedly told by a supervisor to let the agents go home. joseph clancy has been briefed on the incident. the agents have been reassigned to nonoperational jobs. clancy is a villanova graduate who was appointed by president obama last month after a string of security lapses after the white house.
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we will continue to follow the developments and bring you the latest at 4:00 a.m. nbc 10 news. crews searching for a military helicopter that crashed off the florida coast has taken to the air now that the fog is lifting. they believe the fog likely contributed to the crash. the black hawk helicopter went down during a training mission near pensacola last night. wreckage and even human remains have been washing up throughout the day. onboard the chopper were seven marines, and four national guard crew members, all 11 presumed dead. but the military still considers this a rescue mission. >> our priorities are search and rescue for our soldiers and marines, and secondly is to take care of our families. >> the service members onboard served multiple tours in iraq and helped humanitarian missions after gulf coast hurricanes and the bp oil spill. we've got to get the message out to everybody in every
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community of every color. >> here at home tonight, the west philadelphia community mourns the loss of a native son. they gathered out robert wilson wilson's home this morning. the district attorney is assembling the case against the two brothers accused of killing the officer. george spencer is live at police headquarters tonight. george, you talked to wilson's neighbors, and also to the prosecutor's office? >> reporter: jim, the d.a.'s office was very clear tonight saying its work was still in the earliest stages in this particular case. and despite the governor's death penalty moratorium prosecutors say capital punishment will be an option available to them in this case. releasing their white balloons into the evening sky as the residents mourn robert wilson in prayer and in song.
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logan lived next door to wilson for about five years. >> we were devastated. he went to work in plain clothes. he came back in plain clothes. >> he just went and did his job. >> yes. >> reporter: the plel case is building against the alleged shooters, a pair of brothers who deserve society's most severe punishment according to police commissioner charles ramsey. >> is this a death penalty case? >> obviously it's up to a jury but in my view yes. >> reporter: the commissioner's direct response came weeks after wolf announced a moratorium on the death penalty statewide. tonight the d.a.'s office tells nbc 10 the death penalty will nonetheless be one option available to prosecutors in this case if appropriate. though, for now, they're still compiling evidence. >> when you see a problem, stand
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up. >> reporter: on officer wilson's street this evening, one neighbor said an apology from the alleged shooters would go far. >> send a message out. >> you want to hear from them. >> yes i want to hear from them. >> reporter: it is not just officer wilson's case despite the governor's ongoing moratorium the d.a.'s office said it will continue to try capital cases as they come into the office. live tonight in center city george spencer, nbc 10 news. today executives from game stop dropped off a $50,000 check for wilson's family. they made the donation at police headquarters in northeast philadelphia where this memorial sits. game stop will set up jars at east coast locations to show gratitude for officer wilson. there's also a trust fund for officer wilson's family and we posted information on how to donate on new at 11:00, a lot of questions and concerns tonight about a planned pipeline for chester county. township meeting brought out
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dozens of worried residents. sunoco said it will not need to build a new pump station, instead it will use existing facilities. that's not concerning the concerns of residents. the project should be finished so both evident thane and propane can be transported by the end of the year. residents need to know their rights. >> residents need to understand that they do have rights. under eminent domain issues. they don't have the right to do what they're doing, no matter what they say. our mission is to make sure residents understand this. >> the concerned citizens coalition want residents to be able to make informed decisions. philadelphia city council will take up oil train safety tomorrow. they will vote on a resolution urging the congress and u.s. department of transportation to release spesifications for tank
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car designs. 80 trains move crude oil through philadelphia each and every week. well what a difference a few days can make. a mild night on the streets. the sidewalks were covered in snow less than a week ago today. we topped out in the 60s. it felt great. let's get the latest on what you'll wake up to from sheena parveen. >> jim it's tilly a lot milder out this evening. take a look at the temperatures right now. still at 51 degrees in philadelphia. mid-40s areas north and west. and as we go into tomorrow it is actually going to be quite a bit cooler than today. we were in the low 60s today. nice and dry on radar. but the big story for the weekend, that's way down to our south. this is our weekend rain. it's starting to develop in the gulf of mexico. so by saturday, this will be a lot more organized, and we will be looking at a rainy start to your weekend. for tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. around 41 degrees. a little chilly outside with the sunshine out.
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by 10:00, around 42 degrees. by noon mid-40s. it will be a cooler day tomorrow than today. about ten degrees cooler. then we'll watch as that rain moves in for your weekend. i'll show you the timing on that coming up. with philadelphia race for mayor officially set, the hopefuls gathered in center city tonight. the deadline to file paperwork in the mayoral race has passed and we now know all the candidates vying for the position. there are six democrats, lynn abraham, nelson diaz doug oliver milton street and williams. the lone republican in the race is melissa murray bailey. may 19th is the democratic primary. the general election is november 3rd. pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen cain will soon find out if a criminal case against her will move forward. her legal team argued before a state supreme court justices in center city today, whether they
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had the authority to appoint a special prosecutor. cain said the judge had no legal authority to appoint the special prosecutor. the grand jury recommended charges. that case is on hold until the supreme court rules. no word on when that will happen. over a deadly shooting in trenton tonight. police found a man shot and killed in a car here on hamilton avenue around 8:30 tonight. so far no arrests and no word on a motive. also new at 11:00, two camden men will face felony murder charges in the case of a woman buried alive. a grand jury indicted carlos and ramon ortiz. they're on jail on $5 million bail. the woman was carrying about $8,000 when she disappeared last may. her body was found two days later in a shallow grave. tears in the courtroom today from an atlanta county woman accused of killing her husband and chopping up his body.
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loretta burrows stabbed her husband to death six years ago. borrows brought her husband's remains with her when she moved from house to house. prosecutors described burrows as a calculating murderer who killed her husband for money. testimony resumes tomorrow. now to the ongoing effort to sell the bankrupt revel casino tomorrow. a bankruptcy judge will consider a deal to florida developer glen strou. the judge may decide to give revel more time to consider other bids. there's even a chance the judge could scrap the whole process altogether and appoint a trustee to liquidate the casino. developing eagles news tonight. dallas cowboys free agent demarco murray is reportedly flying into philly tomorrow. john clark is joining us with the late details. >> i have confirmed espn's report that the nfl's leading rusher will be coming to philly tomorrow to meet with the
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eagles. he would be quite a replacement for mccoy and to take him away from the cowboys, wow. demarco's roommate at oklahoma new eagles quarterback sam bradford, he was introduced today. he comes from the rams in the trade for nick foals. he has missed his last 25 games after tearing the acl in his knee. twice over the last two years. he knows he will be under the microscope more in philly than he was in st. louis. >> i'm not sure but like i said, i'm up for a challenge. there are some days you guys are probably going to love me and some days you're going to hate me. that's part of it. hopefully there are more days of love than hate. it will be a fun ride. >> we hope so. we'll hear from sam on how much he is recruiting demarco murray who will be visiting philly tomorrow. i'm john clark for comcast sports net. more heavy rain right around the corner. i'm tracking when it moves and how long it will last. the major steps fema just
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announced that will start providing relief for thousands of victims of superstorm sandy. verizon upsetting a bucks county community. residents say it will ruin their smalltown character de spied providing funds to the fire department.
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new video of a recycling plant bursting into flames tonight. at least one person died here after a number of explosions rocked the industrial complex in central al banl a. the blast hurt at least two other people. and police evacuated two nearby apartment complexes. no word on what set off the explosions. new at 11:00, an arrest and attempted kidnapping on video in washington state. police took a 15-year-old boy into custody tonight. they believe he's the one seen in this video, right here running with a young boy in his arms, after snatching him from a stroller at a nearby park. this was on sunday afternoon. police say the suspect later dropped the victim after his brother and sister chased after him screaming.
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the police chief in ferguson missouri is out tonight. chief thomas jackson resigned today. his resignation comes in the wake of a scathing justice department report. that report was prompted by last summer's shooting when an unarmed black teenager was killed by a white police officer. six city employees including two officers and a municipal court judge have resigned or been fired since the report was released. tonight, jeff hamilton has more time to prove he shouldn't be charged with dwi. police arrested hamilton back in january. hamilton can be heard on dash cam video asking the officers to call the mayor of woolwitch township because they're friends. during a hearing today hamilton was granted 30 days to prove prescription drugs interfered with the mayor's ability to drive. new at 11:00, some say it will be a boon for community in bucks county but others say it will ruin the small town charm. the controversy is over a new
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cell tower by the fire department. nbc 10's keith jones heard from both sides at a hearing tonight. >> reporter: perspective for you at the center of the debate plans for a cell phone tower about three times as tall as the building here. residents filling every seat. verizon wanting to fill a signal dead zone. the cell phone tower would bring in 21,000 a year to the release agreement. they're for it. firefighters tell me it will improve their communications and in turn improve their response times. >> it's not going to fool anybody. >> reporter: against it, the historical society and residents, like caroline who lives across the street and says it will be an eye sore. >> the tower will be right in my vision when i look out my door out my kitchen window. i'll see this metal piece. >> cellular towers are part of our lifestyle and our visual
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landscape nowadays. we all like our cell phones, we want them to be responsive and quick. >> reporter: nicholas tells us the 13-story tower planned across from the district would be disguised as a tree and not be lit. t-mobile and sprint still have towers on the water tower just down the street here. nearly two and a half years after hurricane sandy, victims' insurance claims will get a second look now. fema agreed to reopen claims filed by nearly 142,000 homeowners. that announcement follows concerns that many homeowners have been underpaid. it does not affect some 2,200 homeowners who already filed suit and are in settlement talks with fema. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well a nice day today. i hope you enjoyed it. tomorrow is going to be a nice day, too. it's just going to be a little cooler than today, about ten degrees cooler.
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so today is actually the warmest day since december of 2014. christmas day was the last time we were in the mid-60s. today we got to the low 60s. 61 degrees, that was our high. average high temperature 51 degrees. we were ten degrees above that today. tomorrow we'll be down around average again. 50 degrees. about ten degrees cooler tomorrow. by friday, we are right around the low 50s. right where we should be this time of the year. seasonable weather is in the forecast. today was above normal. rainy as we go into your weekend. we're tracking quite a bit of rain for your saturday. sunday definitely the best day to get outside out of the weekend. mid 40s north and west. many areas in south jersey and delaware around the upper 40s, to near 50 degrees. not too bad this evening. and as we go into tomorrow not too bad. especially with all the sunshine. temperatures will be a little bit cooler. 7:00 tomorrow morning, north and west we should be bottoming out in the upper 20s. philadelphia mid-30s.
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suburbs should be in about the mid to low 30s across the area. but we are going to see a lot of sunshine in the forecast tomorrow. radar nice and clear. the rain is just to our south. this trend will continue with the rain pushing away and this will be leading to sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. now, down to the south we're looking around the gulf coast states now. texas, louisiana, you notice all this rain. it is starting to get a little more organized. this rain is going to be moving in for your saturday. now, in the meantime future weather as we go into your thursday. sunny skies, temperature around 50 degrees. a little cooler than it was today. but it will be nice and dry. friday, still staying dry most of the day. you notice clouds moving in. here's 1:00 p.m. by friday night, that's when we expect the rain. 8:00 9:00 friday evening, this model is trying to pick up maybe a little bit of a mix north and west not lasting long though. as we go into saturday rain to start off your morning. and rain to pretty much end your afternoon. even as we go through the evening hours, that threat of rain is still going to be around
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saturday. but conditions do improve as we go into sunday. so rain starts your weekend. tonight mostly clear, 35 for the low in philadelphia. for 20s north and west. pretty nice day tomorrow. right around 50. tomorrow will not be as warm as today, but i do not think we can complain about 50 degrees, especially when it comes with a lot of sunshine. by friday low 50s. but more clouds. then you see the rain moving in mainly at night. saturday, yeah going to be rainy, but mild. mid-50s there. and by sunday, we will see more sunshine, still a chance of a shower, but it will not look anything like saturday will. by next week we're going to stay in the low 60s and cooler into wednesday. i don't think we can complain about this weather. >> i'm not complaining. >> me either. john clark, could it be a reunion for sam and demarco?
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i'm john clark. we have confirmed demarco murray the leading rusher from last season will be coming to philly tomorrow to meet with the eagles. this would be a major coup for the birds to steal the cowboys top rusher away from the champions. i asked sam today if he's recruiting demarco to come here. >> absolutely. i've been trying my hardest. i called him, i texted him, we've been in communication. i think if we can somehow land demarco, it would be a great pickup. not only is he a great player he's a great person. he's a really close friend of mine, too. i think he could really help this ball club. >> let's hope they can close the deal.
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the eagles new quarterback, sam bradford introduced today. he said he knew about the possibility of this trade three to four weeks ago. he has missed his last 25 games after tearing up his knee twice over the last two seasons. but he says he will be ready by training camp. he loves chip kelly, and being reunited with pat shurmer. >> i think i have a lot to prove. i have a lot to prove to everyone in this building. i think coach kelly took a leap of faith bringing me in here. now it's my time to prove to everyone else in this building that i belong here. >> the birds signed ryan matthews from the chargers to try to replace mccoy. he gets a three-year deal. he's coming off knee and ankle injury. sam bradford is his quarterback. he will not be using sam as a chip to move up to get marcus mar
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mariota. he said he's not in his radar. >> let's just say that right now. you guys have been going with that stuff all long. i think marcus is the best quarterback in the draft. we have too many other holes we need to take care of. >> the birds introduced their new $60 million quarterback byron maxwell from the seahawks. he is ready to face the receivers in the nfc east. he said he likes my chances against them. jeremy reunited with andy read in kansas city. they wanted to bring macklan back, but it was too much money. sixers-bulls tonight. the boot is off. he's got the go-ahead to rev up the pace as he recovers from foot surgery. sixers up 3. look at the bizarre shot. unbelievable by aaron brooks. ties it up. we go to overtime. sixers with only three points in ot.
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sixers lose 104-95. congrats to the lafayette leopards heading to the ncaa tournament for the first time in 15 years. they are celebrating tonight at lafayette. i'm john clark with your sports. we're right back.
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nice to think we're finished with the frigid temperatures sheena. >> we are for the next several days, i guess you could say. tomorrow will be more around what's considered normal this time of the year. today probably spoiled a lot of people because we actually got into the low 60s. tomorrow we'll be ten degrees cooler but that's seasonable weather. so is friday and saturday regardless of the rainy saturday. we are still going to be in the mid-50s. rain for the first half of the week, clearing out more the second half. as we go into next week, we're still in the low 50s. by wednesday we have cooler air moving in. that could drop us into the mid-40s. if you look at the next seven
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days, you feel these 50s on the map. compared to the 20s, i think we're doing pretty good right now. just that rainy weekend. >> i'm smiling. thanks sheena. that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. for all of us here thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. good night.
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>> steve: from stage 1 in universal studios in hollywood, los angeles california, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ellen degeneres, neil young


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