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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  March 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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we are on the scene of this breaking news. a section of germantown pike is closed due to an accident. and it will make the morning drive a mess for those in plymouth township. and many will come together to honor wilson. and wheeling and dealing. the eagles have landed the nfl's leader rusher after a week of
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big moves by the birds. we'll tell you what demarco murray says about the trade and switching teams. and a live look at the first alert radar. we'll have the timing of the wet weather and what it means for your weekend. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. and we're looking forward to the weekend right on the verge of it. let's begin with meteorologist brittney shipp and the first alert forecast. everything is dry out there right, brittney? we are so close the weekend. heading into saturday the rain will get here tonight as you make your plans. during the day on your friday you'll be nice and dry. then closer to 9:00 or 10:00 the rain will move in. mostly clear skies with temperatures at 34 degrees. wind speeds out of the east at 8 miles an hour. a feels-like temperature to 27 degrees. 28 currently in horsham. 27 in chester springs. temperatures much colder this morning than what they were yesterday morning. 22 in the pocanos. 27 in pottstown.
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30 in oxnard. and we're in the 30s for dover. here's a closer look at the system to bring us rainfall tonight and will last throughout the day on saturday. won't clear until saturday evening. then most of the rain will stop and we'll keep lingering showers for the 8:00 hour. the high today will be 52 degrees. that's by noon. the clouds continue to increase right around 3:00 p.m. and temperatures at 3:00 p.m. will be at 47 degrees. i'll be tracking how much rain to expect in my full seven-day forecast. 4:32. we continue to follow this breaking news in plymouth township where a car crashed crackeded the utility pole. you can see the pole in the background leaning taking down electrical wires and taking out power to the wires. medics had to take a man and woman to the hospital after the car flipped over. you can see the car in a moment in the middle of germantown pike. but you can see the damage after
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slamming into the power pole. crews are working to restore power to homes and businesses in the area. germantown pike is closed in the northbound lanes from hallowwell road to pleasant road. southbound lanes are still open. we'll get an update on that right now with christine maddela. >> the pole is leaning over and will take time. the southbound lanes of germantown pike reopened but the northbound lanes are still closed between hallow well road pleant road. take a look at the map with all the red. this is realtime traffic data showing the average speeds. so it's -- even though there's not a lot of volume it is slowing things down. as the morning commute continues, we expect delays to continue as well. so your alternate, sandy hill road is going to take you out of the way. for folks familiar where the area, there's a lot of neighborhoods and dead ends. it's not a good way to get around this section of germantown pike. that's a major thoroughfare.
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so this is your best alternate going northbound. taking a live look outside, interstate 95 at route 420, not a lot of volume on the majors. no major accidents or delays on the interstates. take a look at route 42 things are looking good with a lot of green out there for the new jersey drivers. tracy? police officer wilson took the oath of office to protect and serve. tonight many will pay their final respects to the fallen police officers. >> thank you to the families and thank you to the community at large. >> wilson lived in west philadelphia and last night neighbors came together to honor him lighting candles and shedding tears and saying prayers for his family and fellow officers. monique braxton is joining us live where the first of two viewings will be held tonight. monique, tell us more. >> reporter: hi tracy. this is a funeral home where officer wilson here and an officer is on guard. thousands of people will come to pay support to officer wilson
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and then support his family and fellow officers. we first met the grandmother who raised him and called officer wilson robby. that was last weekend. she was surrounded by family and showed us numerous police accommodations. there have been vigils for his life on wilson's commitment to citizens in the second district. last night they attended a vigil just a few blocks from where the father of two lived. dozens of police officers joined neighbors and wilson's only sister. this is how his precious grandmother will remember the officer who sacrificed his life. >> he's just a nice guy. he came here and -- >> reporter: the viewing this evening begins at 4:00 and lasts until 8:00 at francis funeral at 52nd and woodby in philadelphia.
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a second viewing is tomorrow morning from 7:00 to 10:00 at the polestr at the university of pennsylvania. following that celebration of his life, a funeral will begin at 10:00. officer wilson will be buried at fernwood cemetery in landsdown. in the next half hour his sister who attended the vigil last night talked to us. monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." wilson was an eight-year veteran of the philadelphia police department serving in the 22nd police district. last thursday he was on duty when he went into the gamestop in north philadelphia to buy a birthday present for his son and do a security check. police say two men came in to try to rob the place. wilson tried to stop them and police say they shot and killed the officer. carlton hicks and ramon davis are charged in the shooting. and last night a group held
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and vigil outside ferguson's police headquarters. police from st. louis county and the missouri highway state patrol are now taking over security during any future protests. and that was the sound of someone firing three shots as protesters were celebrating the resignation of ferguson's police chief yesterday morning. two officers were hit. both are out of the hospital now. police have made no arrests. it is 4:37. happening today, a judge will sentence two men for their role in a philadelphia murder for hire plot. both men pleaded guilty to a 2011 drive-by shooting of cory white. the shooting happened in west philadelphia after white's ex-girlfriend london ely posted on her facebook page she would pay someone $1,000 to have white killed. she was given jail time as part of a plea agreement. septa is considering appealing an order to accept
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controversial ads to show adolph hitler. the ads feature hitler and carry the tag line jew hatred it's in the koran. a pro-israel group called the american freedom initiative that produced the ads to place similar ads on other buses in cities. the group filed a lawsuit to have the ads up in new york as well. this morning the eagles are the talk of the nfl after signing the league's leading rusher demarco murray. fans greeted the former dallas cowboy when he arrived at the nova care complex yesterday. the eagles gave him $42 million for five years and new eagles quarterback and former oklahoma teammate sam bradford helped seal the deal. >> sam is a great friend of mine. he's like a brother to me as well. it was a huge influence once i heard that he was getting traded here. he immediately texted me and
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told me hey, jump on board. let's go win it. >> the eagles traded nick foles to the rams for bradford. murray said he passed up more money from other teams to play for a winner in philadelphia. >> isn't it amazing how on wednesday chip kelly lost his mind and today he's a mastermind. >> now it seems it will work right? >> how much you learn in two days, that's remarkable. a jury in the boston marathon bombing trial is considering dramatic video of a daring escape. >> here's that video. a driver said he was carjacked by the two men later named the bombing suspects. and a 15-year-old is arrested for trying to kidnap a toddler in washington. the mother says she caught the teen trying to take her child, too. and i'm tracking changes heading into the weekend. you'll want to get the umbrellas out and keep them out. i'll let you know how long the rain will stick around coming up in my seven-day forecast.
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good morning. it will be a dry start on this friday, but as we head into the evening hours, closer to 9:00 or 10:00, we'll see the rain move in. philadelphia right now, 34 degrees with humidity at 26%. so it's dry but that will be changing. 22 degrees in mount pocano. 30 degrees in atlantic city. 34 in wildwood. here's the system this is the rain that will be in our area by tonight. once it starts it will continue throughout your saturday. all day saturday will not clear up until we head into saturday night. temperatures today range between 48 and 52 degrees. a mix of clouds and rain to start. then rain moves in. i'll have the seven-day and take a closer look at how much rain is going to fall in your neighborhood. all right, brittney. 4:42 as you head out the door if your drive takes you along germantown pike, you need to be aware of something. that's right. this is a continuing situation
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that we're going to be watching. all the majors are clear. but in plymouth township that's where the problems are that we have watching. see this red, it's germantown pike closed on the northbound side now. just a few minutes ago, a half hour ago, the southbound lanes reopened. but the northbound side is closed between hallow well road and pleasant road and is causing a slowdown out there. so sandy hill road is your best way around it. it will take you out of the way, but that's your best bet if you're trying to get around that crash site. so elsewhere on 476, we're not seeing any problems out there. there's just not a lot of volume. so the major interstates in delaware pennsylvania and new jersey are all in the clear right now. so that's the good news. and the bridges are in the clear as well. chris? a deadly crash prompted penndot to make changes to a busy local roadway. the new traffic pattern designed to make driving safer and why
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some people are not happy about this plan. and new information on the fire that destroyed the historic new jersey restaurant. this morning we'll tell you what investigators say about the cause.
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it is 4:46. at the boston marathon bombing trial, the jury will consider dramatic video evidence of a daring escape. >> someone took my car. >> that's part of a 911 call jurors heard in court. the security video showed the driver escaping a carjacking by two men that he later identified as the bombing suspects. they told him they had done it. you can see the driver dash from the suv at a gas pump and hide inside a service station. the attendant placed the emergency call. dzhokhar tsarnaev is charged with the deadly bombing in 2013. his older brother was killed during a police shoot-out.
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we have new information on the 15-year-old charged with trying to kidnap a toddler over the weekend in washington. a woman now says she caught the same teen trying to take her child. cameras caught that most vent incident. you have all seen this video by now. the 15-year-old carried away the 22-month-old boy from a park. the little boy's brother and sister were chasing behind him screaming. two other teens jumped in and started chasing him. the 5-year-old eventually dropped the boy and ran away. after police arrested him wednesday, a woman came forward to say the same teen tried to snatch her 11-year-old autistic son last summer. >> i'm like hey, what are you doing? and he goes oh i was taking him home. i said you know this is his home. what are you doing? >> and that woman says she believes the teenager has problems and has, quote, slipped through the cracks. and she wants to see him get some help. police in lyndonwall want to warn you about an unusual scandal targeting parents and grandparents.
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a woman told police someone called her tuesday afternoon the same time school led out. they claimed they kidnapped her daughter. the caller demanded $1,000 ransom. it turns out to be a hoax. police found her daughter safe at a friend's house buzz there was a lot of worry there before the girl was found safe. investigators say the call came from puerto rico. heavy fog continues to complicate the search and recovery effort following a military helicopter crash off the coast of the florida panhandle. authorities announced thursday that divers discovered the wreckage under 25 feet of water. officials confirm there were no survivors. seven marines and four army national guard members were on board and the helicopter went down during a nighttime training exercise. meantime residents in a remote town in argentina held victims for the crash there involving two helicopter that is collided on monday. all ten people on board were killed. investigators are looking into whether the crash was caused by pilot error or mechanical failure. investigators now say an accident led to that fire that
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destroyed a historic inn earlier this week. we brought you this as breaking news on monday when fire destroyed the sergeantsville inn in new jersey. it happened in the early morning hours on monday. pictures taken at the scene showed heavy flames coming from the historic end and it took a lot of firefighters to get things under control, including those from the surrounding towns. and the fire battle lasted several hours. one firefighter had a minor injury and investigators believe the fire started at a waiter's station near the bar area. they are calling it an accident. the 300-year-old restaurant and inn once hosted president george washington. yes, my son overdosed. >> that was a real 911 call. it's part of a new series of tv ads in new castle county's heroin trap anti-drug program. the campaign targets teenagers with ads on tv radio, buses and social media. >> if you mess with heroin,
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there can only be three outcomes. you will either end up in prison in recovery for the rest of your life or you will die. >> for more information and a link to the program's website, use the nbc 10 app or go to congress will decide if millions of children will be covered by health insurance. funding for the children's health insurance program is set to expire this fall. pennsylvania senator bob casey is joining other lawmakers to push for an extension of the program. they are proposing a new bill to stretch funding for another five years. philadelphia and chester will host a major soccer event later this year. philadelphia mayor michael nutter was there that the gold cup will be played on the 25th and 26. that's one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world at the home of the university of philadelphia soccer team. the championship game is the next day at lincoln field.
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good friday morning to you. heading into the rest of today, we'll see dry conditions and it will be a dry start. but i'm tracking rain as we move into your evening hours. so closer to 9:00 or 10:00 at night is when you need the umbrella all day on saturday. then we'll dry out saturday night. but windy conditions and dry conditions move in on sunday. you can see the flag moving there. the temperature in philadelphia right now is 34 degrees. mostly clear skies. the feels-like temperature is 27 degrees. so with the colder start to the morning today than yesterday, 22 in the pocanos. 32 currently in reading. temperatures in mount holly, 31. 33 degrees in ben salem. atlantic city at 30 degrees. 35 in stone harbor. and temperatures in dover are at 30. so how much colder is it? 12 degrees colder in the pocanos. 12 degreesoó we are down 16 in pottstown.
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down 13 in northeast philly. and down 11 degrees in atlantic city. the satellite radar shot shows quiet conditions right now which will give way to more sunshine as we head into the start of your friday. but then the moisture moves in with clouds increasing around your lunchtime hour. and then we start to see more moisture push in as well. so here's how it is all going to break down today. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. thick clouds move in by closer to 3:00. by 10 k go:00, the rain is here. it won't be until 5:00 to 6:00 we see the rain move out. once the majority of the moisture nuevos in we'll see lingering showers closer to 8:00 or 9:00. then more clearing heading into sunday windy conditions expected for us. how much rain will we get? closer to an inch or more than that for parts of philadelphia and dover stretching out to atlantic city. 48 and 52 degrees, a mix of rain and clouds. rain moves in tonight closer to 9:00.
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the seven-day forecast shows we are mild into the weekend, 60 degrees on saturday. 52 on sunday and windy. thank you for that. seven minutes before 5:00 right now, getting ready to head out on this friday morning we have one problem to tell you about on the roads. >> the first alert traffic reporter christine maddela is watching that accident and anything else going on out there. the accident we have been watching is in plymouth township montgomery county. you can see here there's a crew out there trying to fix this utility pole. what happened was there was a crash that overturned and hit a utility pole. i'm going to move out of the way to see this work they are doing out here but this is the reason a section of germantown pike is closed down to make way for all the work crews out here. our crew has been on the scene now for quite a while watching this. but you can see traffic is not getting through. they have some folks directing traffic in one direction. so let me show you our maps s_mo you can get around this. if you need to this is a map of where it happened in the closure points between hallow well road
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pleant road. so if you're trying to navigate around this sandy hill road is your best bet to take you a little ways out of the way but there's no good alternate that is more direct. interstate 295 at route 168, not a lot of volume out there. things are clear. on the interstates, no major delays. taking a look at travel times, a bit of a delay on the schuylkill expressway from the pennsylvania turnpike to 676. but elsewhere we are in the green. no major delays to mention. and taking a look at the roads, all of them there's not any construction holding you up. so that's the good news out there. chris? we like good news thank you. well septa wants your input on the plan to extend route service into the king of prussia area. a lot of people are talking about this. septa wants to extend the norristown high speed line into the king of prussia mall and valley ford business park. they have narrowed down the possible routes from 30 to 5. the project is expected to take a decade and cost around $500
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million. now you can give your input on the project at three hearing this is month. the first is monday at the radisson hotel valley forge from 2:00 to 4:30. two sessions are planned for march 25th from 4:30 to 6:30. and from 6:30 to 8:30 at the double tree hotel on de kalb pike. residents are not on board with the imposed road improvement plan to make it easier to get around in berks and lehigh county. berks county and penndot officials want to build several roundabouts along 322 as a result of allentown pike and another in lehigh county. a group of neighbors would rather see the highway but officials say that would just cot too much. you might remember this crash in maiden creek township last year when a tractor-trailer slammed into a line of cars killing two people. this is one of the busy spots along allentown pike where penndot wants to make improvements. well, there's a new twist in the atlantic casino crisis this
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morning. we'll tell you about the latest plans for the future for the trump taj mahal.
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4:58. atlantic city's casino workers plan to picket outside the trump taj mahal today. carl icahn is given control of the company and the taj mahal. he plans to drop health insurance for workers, hence the protest today. a federal appeals court will decide if he has authority to do that. the taj employs 3,000 people. and in harrisburg yesterday there was a hearing to discuss how montgomery county spends its casino revenue. they get money from the valley forge resort and casino. a commonwealth finance committee distributes the money. but under a new plan they would redistribute it to nonprofit groups across the county.
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tour itch inism in our area continues to surpass previous records. this is not only coming from the shore, 20 of the state's 21 counties saw an increase in tourism industry sales last year. and i am ready to start donating my money to the shore businesses as soon as we get some warmer weather. when it's not going to rain this weekend, brittney. >> yes that will be sunday. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" todd at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. on the scene of a car crash that shut down a busy road and shut downpour to businesses and homes. we'll tell you when the power will expected to return. and a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty. we are live as the community remembers officer robert wilson. and we are dry this morning, but as you see on first alert radar, a wet start to the weekend. nbc 10's first alert weather
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team is tracking rain to move in tonight. but will the entire weekend be a washout? good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. tracy's fingers are crossed. >> i said i hope not. meteorologist brittney shipp will tell us what will happen this weekend. it's not the whole weekend but on saturday you need the umbrella the entire day with the rain moving in starting tonight. we'll be dry heading to work and heading home from work. if you have an early dinner fine. but by 10:00 tonight we'll see the rain move in from the west. and right now you can see on the satellite radar shot where all the moisture is starting to push into parts of cincinnati. it is situated mainly in memphis but will continue to head our way into the rest of today. temperatures are starting off in the 30s this morning as we push into your afternoon. you will notice the clouds increasing and temperatures will range between 48 and 52 degrees. and then closer to 8:00 or 9:00 that's when the rain moves in. once it starts it does not stop until saturday evening.


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