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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i've been in policing for 46 years. and i have never witnessed an act of bravery like i saw that day. never. >> right now at 6:00 a final farewell to a fallen hero. family, friends and colleagues came together to remember robert wilson iii. just over a week ago he was shot and killed in the line of duty. i'm denise nakano. the philadelphia police department is renaming its medal of valor after wilson. this was the scene this morning
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through philadelphia from center city the university city. sergeant wilson's brothers and sisters in blue walked in the rain beside the horse drawn carriage as a sign of their unity and support. >> reporter: hundreds if not thousands, of people have come to say goodbye to officer robert wilson, who today during his funeral service was promoted to the rank of sergeant. from nearby and far away. they came to say goodbye. >> rest easy my friend. you did all you could do. no one could have done anymore. >> reporter: his acts of bravery according to the commissioner are something he has never seen before. the honor gained applause from inside the ples ra where photos
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from around the country. and those who heard about his bravery and talked about his sacrifice. >> for all the men and women under the color of blue, i just want to thank everybody. for showing their support. >> robert f. wilson, iii, is an american hero. >> among the is sea of blue civilian who is grew one wilson in west philadelphia. >> he was so loving. >> devastating. >> reporter: wilson was also given the medal of valor and promoted to sergeant. >> philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey said in his remarks said he had never seen someone fight as hared a he in their lastem moment moments. and everything he received today he deserved. >> protests over police shootings of unarmed black men
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have increased tensions in many communities. a new york police detective at the funeral today says police are not the enemy. >> i don't understand why there is such hatred towards law enforcement in the united states. and i'm actually starting to fear that it's become acceptable in society to commit acts of violence either overt or convert against the police department. at some point it has to stop. >> it was just last december that two new york city police officers were killed in the line of duty. they were ambushed in brooklyn. their killer then committed suicide. police say officer wilson's bravery and courage saved lives on the day he lost his own. the 30-year-old was buying a gift for his southern at the north philadelphia gamestop march 955th. he was downed down as he tried to stop a robbery. wilson saved the lives of others inside the store when the gunfire began. carlton hips and ramone williams both charged with murder. hips was injured in the shootout is still in the hospital.
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officer wilson's partner talked about the friendship the two shared. >> rob put smiles on my face every day. we never had a bad day. for some reason we got separated. i had an attitude that day. because i wanted to be with my man. i i felt safe and around him. he felt safe around me. that's my man. >> stevensen became emotional hearing the tributes to his fallen partner. as the 8th police officer killed in the last eight years. >> delaware county officer wilson was lady to rest in lanced isdown. stay with nbc. you can find more tributes to officer wilson on and nbc 10 news.
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>> and nbc 10 first alert weather radar is tracking the showers moving out. after falling for hours the rain is finally tapering off. nbc 10 in philadelphia's rittenhouse square where people have umbrellas out trying to stay dry. and people have a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. ic see it's foggy out there. causing delays of nearly 2 hours tot philadelphia international airport. and let's go to brittney shipp tracking that rain and the fog. >> really the fog is our biggest concern. be still seeing moderate showers near jackson and starting to move out. here is the bigger picture. you can see how spotty the light rain is. pretty much done with the system. a few more lingering showers offer the next couple of hours. but for next it's the patchy fog. be careful tonight as vinlt is
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down. here is a closer look at the visibility. down to quarter of a mile in allentown. half mile in reading. quarter mile in lancaster. three miles in northeast filly. expect a few more lingering showers. and we'll see temperatures at 49 degrees with rain and then fog expected by 9:00 p.m. 47 degrees by 11:00 p.m. 45 and just cloudy skies. thanks brittany. and you can see be first to know about any changes with the nbc 10 weather app. as the free download at the app store. a dangerous situation in a matter of hours today. three buildings partially collapsed today in philadelphia. this is a map of the locations where it happened. first in kensington. then another in west philadelphia and the third in south philadelphia. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal joins us live at the scene in west
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philadelphia. and l and i officials say collapses like this are more common at the start of spring. >> reporter: the freezing and thawing process makes for a number of crashes. they get a spike each time around this time of year. crews are now on scene making sure the structure is safe. demolition crews spent the afternoon tearing down the rest of this building. the owner tells me nobody was living inside. but an elderly woman walking by was almost hit with falling bricks this morning. this marks the third such incident thai today alone. in kensington. one person injured when a building collapsed on itself. the home was occupied. crews have secured that scene. and in south philadelphia bricks falling off a domino's pizza shop onto the street below.
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property owners blame the spring thaw after weeks of heavy snow. >> snowed prior, earlier in the week last yeek. and all the week made the roof cave? >> and here in west philly the owner tells me he's just hoping to salvage personal items and tools left inside before the collapse. >> announcer: now the city is urging residents to contact them if they notice a building is starting to go. and meanwhile neighbors have gathered here to watch this demolition demolition. it used to be a popular corner grocery store. a big step towards construction of a memorial to pay tribute to the victims of the major building collapse in center city. crews placed a replica of this soon to be memorial structure at 22nd and market street. engineers were on site to make sure the size and spacing was right. this is the scene of the collapse in june 2013. six killed more than a dozen injured when a building came
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crashing down onto the salvation army. families of the victims say they hope the park will help everybody heal. >> people have really stepped up. and the support of the community has been very very gratifying to see. >> the projects cost of the park plus undocument for maintenance is 1.3 million dollars. half of that has already been raised. organizers hope to build the park later this year. new at 6:00. fire destroyed three tractor trailers at the freight company in delaware county. conway freight in thornton. firefighters called to the seen around 2:00 this afternoon. crews worked to make sure no fuel leaked into a nearby creek. the cause is under investigation. deadly cyclone. a pacific island nation is reallying after getting slammed by a cyclone. officials believe the death toll is likely to rise.
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plus bowling alley arson. how much time the former owner of a south jersey bowling alley will have to spend behind bars for burning down a rival's alley.
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in a jersey shore bureau. an explosion damaged a home and sent one woman to the hospital. it happened after 10:00 this morning at a two story home on sumner avenue in seaside heights. it happened on the first floor apparently as maintenance work was being done at the site. >> we had a small house, a two story wood frame structure with two walls blown out. and right now it is under investigation. >> authorities say the 26-year-old woman who was upstairs at the time was taken to the hospital for observation. she is expected to be okay. new information for you tonight. the former owner of a south jersey bowling alley who admitted to hiring men to burn boun a rival alley. an appellate court directed the
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superior court to reconsider the sentence given to him last year. but the judge decided to hand down that same sentence again. in delaware one person is dead after the crash involving a the pedestrian and a car in lewes. the 21-year-old from maryland was hit just before 1:00 this morning. the driver of the car was not hurt. so far no charges have been filed. a celebration of women in philadelphia today. the national coalition of 100 black women celebrated its 29th annual scholarship luncheon this average. nbc 10's monique braxton served as emcee. and the awards recognized the achievements of local business women. the organization also awards several scholarships. well st. prick'satrick's day is tuesday but the big sprayed in
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philadelphia is tomorrow. the parade steps off from 16th and jfk boulevard at noon. and 20,000 expected to march with many more on hand to watch. the parade covers the ben franklin parkway, aiken's oval and kelly drive. another st. patty's day tradition. the river in chicago is now green. for more than 50 years the city has dyed the river green. they dump an orange powdery subsance into the war that instantly turns green. and it's environmentally friendly. >> good evening. we're slowly starting to see all the rainfall we've seen throughout thedyidae move out. patchy fog into the evening. so be careful driving. and as rain continues to end we'll see wind speeds pick up
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into sunday. but sunday will stay dry for a change. a closer look at philadelphia. you can see the foggy conditions behind us in the camera. 49 with rain still coming down. feels like temperatures at 49. wind speeds will pick up but right now of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. 41 degrees in reading with rain still coming down. same in atlantic city. but temperatures are warmer at 55 degrees, average for this time of year is 52. we officially saw a high of 50 today. temperature is a lot cooler in the poconos. 42 in allentown. 53 in wilmington. millville, temperatures in the mid 50s. a few lingering showers around the shore and near philadelphia. they are spotty and starting to move out of the region. to the north of toms river we're seeing more of a moderate downpour but this is all short lived now. we're at the tail end of the
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system. light rain moving into the cape may. and you can see from the camera here, foggy conditions will remain. how foggy? it's down to about 2 miles in philadelphia. visibility down to 1 3/4 in wilmington and closer to 1/2 michael vibltd in mile visibility in allentown. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. windy conditions will remain most of sunday. here is a wind model that shows us as we head into sunday morning, you will notice our wind gusts are about 39 miles per hour in the poconos. 30 in trenton. 34 in philadelphia gusting up to 34 in toms river and this is going last throughout the day. even as the model shows at 6:00 we're pretty much dealing with the same speeds. we won't see it subside until closer to sunday night. the rain is starting to taper off. patchy foggy is our next
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concern. temperatures drop a little tonight and heading into the tomorrow similar temperatures and we'll get rid of the rain. with wind gusts close to 40 miles per hour. seven day forecast shows that as we head into monday things warm up and we'll get rid of the wind. so it lab nice way to head back to work with a high of 60 degrees. tuesday, st. patrick's day. windy with a chance of showers. chilly on wednesday. 39. and in your seven day forecast next friday spring officially started with a high of 47 degrees. >> i'm danny pommels from comcast sportsnet. coming up a busy day in local college hoops. highlights from temple and their conference tournament. and nova gets set for the big east game. and why hundreds of people lost their hats the flyers game for no reason at all. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation.
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time to check in with carl nor for a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news. >> americans on the ground fighting isis. helping take back a key city from isis. and a dramatic new video of the moment a new baby was rescued from that deadly accident. and the fires on the rise in colorado and all linked to the state's growing pot industry. and teens making waves in more ways than one. >> thanks carl. danny pommels with you once again. temple one step from the american athletic conference title today. taking on larry brown and smu who beat the alls twice this
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season. temple had let by double digits in broet previous match-ups. alls start strong in this one. bond the big fella. questionable coming. in muscles up here. and second half mustangs find their stroke. nick moore, conference player of the year. look at this from deep. water. part of a 9-0 run. the stangs pull away. and if steele grasps his shoulder. and temple will have to sit and wait tomorrow night. they lose. now the villanova who may now already be a number one seed in the tournament despite tonight's game. had a close one the providence last night. and head coach was asked if his team is a number one seed. >> i couldn't give you an honest
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answer. i think if we win it we deserve one. but i don't know all the other parameters to give you an honest answer. >> what a peek it's been for the eagles as if trading the starting quarterback nick foles for rams qb sam bradford once enough. and eagles conducted a shopping spreadsheet in the spree on a running back market. murry led the league in rushing last season. >> i'm taking the view with everything that chip is doing right now is -- nobody likes to hear this because we live in a society of immediacy and quick judgments and this is the worst thing that ever happened or this is the best or this is doomed to failure or this this is going to be a great success. i think you have to wait and see. >> turn to hockey.
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the flyers at the wells fargo center today. got unfortunate news before the game. umberger is out for the season. him surgery and an abdominal tear. and flyers welcome in the boys from hockey town t red wings. detroit dropped nine straight in philly. earl on the wayne train scores this goal. second period flyers with a man advantage. shin rips the back of the net. flyers taking it to detroit. in the third. the flyers still giving them the business. shen again just 11 seconds into the final frame. the crowd thinks it is his third goal for a hat trick. the hats rain down. it is announced shortly thereafter, the first goal was change ed. it's raining outside. and hats on the eyes. just not cool.
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flyers win 7-2. >> visiting the tigers down in lakeland. 1-0 phillies. brian ambiguous agoose vich. look at this. takes sanchez out. phillies set up a three spot in the first inning. not done. living the hard knocked life once more. takes sanchez out in the third. the phils have one six at of their last 7. 5-4 the final. that is your look at sports. denise back to you. >> thanks danny. you may have felt you could float away with all that rain we saw today. and some people are trying to fulfill a dream of floating away on a brand new boat. the boat show at oaks there are hundreds of boats from more than 20 dealers on zbla display. you can ask questions shop and care at the show which continues through tomorrow. >> with all the rain i thought we'd need an arc.
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>> i know. and we'll ceci the shaw showers taper off. and monday. nice and mild. temperatures at 60 degrees. st. patrick's day nigh with a slight chance of shower. and official start of spring is friday. so that's another thing to look forward to. >> it's already feeling that way with the 50s and 60ed and the seven day finally are warming up. >> finally. >> that's it for now. i'm denise nakano. see you back here tonight at 11:00. "nbc nightly news" is next. head to nbc for news and weather updates any thyme
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battle for iraq. we meet some americans on the ground in the fight against isis. the major offensive under way to retake a key part of that country. dramatic rescue. a toddler saved from a deadly car crash. as seen through the eyes of first responders. high alert. home explosions on the rise in colorado and what's behind the dangerous trend. something you might not expect. and making waves. a group of teens attempting a feat few would dare and learning life-lessons along the way. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. substituting


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