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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news at philadelphia international airport. sky force 10 was over the airport about 20 minutes ago as a fedex plane landed after a crew reported smoke on board.
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there was concern an engine might be on fire. you can see emergency crews were at the airport for that landing. two people were on board that plane. neither was hurt. >> let's switch live to these pictures from sky force 10. crews are towing the plane to an hangar. again, no injuries here and that fedex plane has landed safely. also this evening, a new twist in the disappearance of new jersey mother who is presumed dead. did her mother-in-law help cover up the crime? i'm jaclyn london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. prosecutors are charging the mother of their prime suspect with helping her son conceal the body of his murdered wife erica crippen. earlier ton tonight, we spoke to the victim's family who say they are not /dxsurprised. >> like mother like son. tonight 67-year-old jo crosby has her own mugshot after an early morning arrest. it's similar to the one her son
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kyle took weeks ago. investigators believe after kyle murdered his 26-year-old wife, his mom played a, quote major role in helping conceal the crime. >> you were not surprised? >> i wasn't. >> erica crippen's sister says her family had suspicions since erica first disappeared around new year's. they claim his mother told them she hadn't spoken to her son in weeks. they later saw police logs showing text messages and calls between the two at all hours of the night. >> 4:00 in the morning, and 2:00 in the morning. who does this? >> nbc's cameras was there when kyle was finally captured after trying to bolt from his wife's ford taurus. he vanished after police questioned him about her disappearance. days after that the crosby's home has been searched. her body has still not been
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found. leaving her mourning family unable to explain the crime to her two kids especially her seven-year-old daughter. >> where's my mom? she knows her mom amissing. that's all she knows. a philadelphia woman is accused of hiding her young daughter's death for years to receive government benefits. she lives in southwest philadelphia. her daughter died at the age of 3 back in 2010 but investigators say she lied about the girl's death and defrauded the government out of $26,000 in supplemental income. they haven't said how the girl died. a south jersey teacher is accused of secretly videotaping underneath his student's clothes while they were in his classroom. investigators say he recorded images of private areas of at least nine students and there could be more. a female student notified authorities last week after suspecting something was wrong.
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a new push tonight to offer drivers licenses to p undocumented immigrants in new york new jersey comes from the mayor. he wrote a letter to the governor urging to pass pending legislation that would grant driving privileges to undocumented immigrants. it would make the roads safer, the new drivers would learn the laws. insurance and car dealers would receive business. >> they would feel like that they are contributing to our state in a way and it's an opportunity to feel like they have something legal in their hands that they can present wherever they can. >> 11 states and the descroict of loib -- d.c. already offer drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. a fire that destroyed a local school was deliberately set. >> that is the word from the fire marshall's office.
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it's unclear why anyone would want a place of learning to go up in flames. we are live to learn more. >> reporter: what police here on site monitoring the situation. there is not much left to the school with a roof collapse a second floor kaved in and the staff is preparing to get classes up and running at a new location. the teachers and staff of wyncote academy learned today that the fire that ripped through their school was no accident. >> this was an intense fire. there could have been fire police, rescue personnel that could have been injured by the seriousness of this fire. it wasr ning destroyed a historic building and every school supply and classroom desk within the walls of the school for students with special needs. >> that's one thing we're trying to push past because a lot of kids that have come to us that
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we've all had some sort of trauma on our lives and we don't want to focus on that. we're trying to focus on the positive. >> reporter: starting from square one at nearby graph college, teachers work late in the evening turning empty rooms into classrooms. >> it feels good to be in it with somebody you trust together. >> reporter: the community pitched in with filing cabinets and desks and chairs. >> just their notebooks, the lockers, the stuff in their lockers, all of that is gone. >> reporter: but staff say they are strong and determined not to let an arsonist standard stand in the way of educating their students. they will return to class on wednesday at grave college. the students need the most basic school supplies. live in cheltenham. two philadelphia
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firefighters being are being treated for burns after being shocked on the job. their metal ladder hit a power line. one of the firefighters was released from the hospital this afternoon. the other has third degree burns to his foot. tonight, i-676 is back open after this crash that caused a mess during the evening rush. two tractor-trailers and a car collided that shut down the lanes near the walt whitman bridge. two people were hurt but they are expected to be okay. it was mild outside during the day, and it's going to stay that way into the evening. nbc in cheltenham and montgomery county we saw people talking a walk. for more on the changes coming our way, let's go to glenn hurricane schwartz. some of those changes are going to be taking place during the day tomorrow. we've got all kind of mild
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conditions at the moment. it's in the 40s just about everywhere. 51 in northeast philly. that's pretty mild for this time of the night, at this time of the year. watch what happens as we go through the day tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. it's 38 40 degrees, and then 60. i mean it's cooler up to the north. 64 down in dover. watch what happens. the wind shifts into the northwest during the day. gusts up to 35 to 40 miles per hour and then the cold air comes in. i'll tell you how cold it's going to get and also about the potential for some snow just as we go into spring with the seven-day in a few minutes. real estate heir robert durst could face the death penalty in california in the death of his friend susan
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burrman. his arrest this weekend came before hours before hbo aired a documentary about his life. he entered a bathroom with his microphone and muttered he killed them all of course. he was arrested for shoplifting a hoagie. when they ran a check on him, they discovered he was wanted for murder in texas. >> he had so much cash on him, thousands and thousands of dollars of cash and he wouldn't pay for a hoagie which resulted in his apprehension. he's a bizarre guy. >>. three delaware teenagers have learned the price they will pay for a series of videotaped attacks on a mentally challenged
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man. >> leave him alone. >> the videos went viral last summer. prosecutors say they show the teenagers kicking and punching the man repeatedly. it happened in the newark delaware area. the teenagers were sentenced to a juvenile facility for the summer. they are under house arrest under -- until the end of the school year. police are looking for a man who shot a man. police have not released the man's condition. no arrests after a stabbing on the campus of lasallea salle university university. someone attacked an ice cream delivery driver in a dining hall bathroom around 2:00 this afternoon. the driver is in stable condition. the university put the campus on lockdown for 45 minutes while police investigated. new jersey's long battle to legalize sports gambling heads back to court tomorrow.
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arguments will be heard in philadelphia. lawsuits filed by the ncaa and the four major professional sports leagues have delayed it. tim tebow was in town. he worked out for the eagles in a quest to make his comeback asx x an nfl quarterback. >> john clark caught up with him at the airport. what did he have to say? >> not much. he didn't want to say much about the workout but he did work out for the birds today. he was the number one trending topic this afternoon and we caught up with him as he left town tonight. tim debow -- tebow tells us he enjoyed his workout with the eagles today but he left without a deal. he hasn't played in the nfl the last two seasons but he remains a phenomenon. two years ago, forbes named him america's most influential pro athlete, beating out michael
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jordan and lebron james. in an espn poll he was voted the country's favorite pro athlete. >> i'm truly blessed for some reason in today's society people look up to football players. >> he was extremely popular and very open about his christianity which caused him to become a polarizing figure. tebowing became a thing. he won a playoff game and was replaced. will he get another chance in the envelope? many people believe it's unlikely. >> determination is a good quality. >> and coming up in sports, we'll have more from tim tebow and also big news on cliff lee. how could he be ,6ttzout? will he pitch for the phillies again. for now, i'm john clark. spring only days away but it's going to kick off with snow. i'm tracking win to expect the winter weather and how low temperatures will fall. then nearly 80 oil trains
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like this rolling through our neighborhoods every week. new tonight, one pennsylvania's senator push to protect against this danger on the rails. plus this montgomery county bridge shut down over safety concerns. there's no set date when it will reopen and it will impact traffic for thousands of drivers. nbc news at 4:00. >> breaking news and major news of the day. >> accurate weather forecasting without waiting. uninterrupted, commercial-free for 20 minutes. no one else can say that. >> the big stories and investigative reports with important information. >> covering pennsylvania new jersey, and delaware rng the only station bringing you 20 minutes of nonstop news so you don't miss anything. nbc 10 news at 4:00. count on it.
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new at 11:00, a traffic alert in montgomery county to tell you about. the orvillea road bridge is out indefinitely. penn dot says it's strurlly damaged. the road is closed between independence way and climber road. detour signs are posted. it could take more than $18 million to reopen philadelphia's so-called ghost station. a report on wednesday that will examine the feasibility ofií reopening the station. the station has beeníl6dt closed since 1979. authorities are taking new
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precautions after 3 house explosions in ocean county in less than three weeks. investigators believe alldkhree blasts were caused by gas leaks. the most recent saturday in satisfy seaside heights. u.s. senator bob casey is pushing to streamline emergency training for oil train disasters and philadelphia city hall he called on congress to pass the response act. it would create a subcommittee that would address the training of first responders. just vip weaning -- week they passed a resolution to ask the feds to assist. from raised voices to physical violence, the chaos reaches a whole new level. >> the manager and council members say they fear for their
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safety. we have the latest. >> reporter: an incident caught on video inside last week sent temperatbkldz flaring. the president gets -- >> he went to back. he pick up my tape-recorder to bang that as the gavel. he went to bang it and it flew up, after it hit the table. he flew$çh in the air. he pick the recorder up and threw it. >> the manager insists the incident was no big deal. >> the victim here is the table. the table would have to press charges. >> council member pat williams says she fears for her safety and police aren't doing their >> i want justice here. the state police needs to come in and find out what's going on.
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>> the mayor michael blue has no intention of bringing in outside law enforcement. >> if it is getting really dangerous and rough now, but my cops can handle it. >> danger has spilled over to her house over the weekend and reports aired by the nbc 10 investigators, she's been critical of the spending by some council members and the fire department. she tells us after she posted our story on her facebook page, someone van dal liesed her car. >> i said uh-oh. all four were slashed. these were brand new tires. >> she never expected something like this would happen. >> this is getting worseo-of now. >> council members and the fire department say they have done nothing wrong. the delaware district attorneys office is investigating the spending. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist
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glenn hurricane schwartz. >> we got into the 50s today, despite a lot of clouds. not a lot of wind. we had plenty of wind yesterday and we're going to have plenty of wind tomorrow temperatures will be in the 60s in much of the area it's going to be a milder wind followed by a colder wind. it's setting up for the chance of some snow just as we start springtime. later in the week. we've got a nice looking sky now. there are a couple of showers not toof away 46 degrees. the wind is light. it will not be the case tomorrow. 51 inzm mid 40s across much of the area. weaver going to be seeing significant changes here. a few places will be in the 30s, but upper 30s tomorrow morning. then the wind picks up. huge temperature contrast from allentown to dover. you'll see that in my forecast a
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little bit later. it's going to be that way all day. by dinnertime it's starting to get cold here. 42 in allentown by still 54 in dover. tomorrow night, everybody is getting cold. in the 30s by 10:00 and then 20s over night. there's this couple of showers coming through. they are going to be gone by day break. most of the country is dry, but this is not. this is a huge storm. this is mexico and some of that moisture is coming to the east. you can see this is the world famous european computer model, the most accurate in the world. overall, and here it comes. the cold air is on top of us, and here comes the moisture. that sets us up for at least a combination of+(ñ rain and snow potential for greater accumulation north and west of course, farther away from the ocean. but the ocean temperatures cold for this time of the year so that may be a factor too.
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mostly cloudy. just a few showers tonight. 44 for the low in philadelphia. 38 north and west. here in the day tomorrowa;cfu you'll notice that wind. 20 to 30 miles an hour gusting to 40. once again, a big temperature contrast from north to south and the seven-day forecast well everybody gets cold winds on wednesday. look at these low temperatures. down in the 20s. ther t average high is 53. there's a couple of days in the 40s. so the cold sets us up for friday. spring begins at 6:45 p.m. and it will be snowing most likely in parts of the area and the high is only 38. another cold blast comes in on sunday after a fairly nice saturday. well this year's delaware state fair will be all about that bass no trouble. making began -- megan train or will be there.
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>> john clark is going on a disabled list for a long time. we're going to hear from villanova as they get set for march madness and tim tebow worked out with the eagles. how does he think the workout went? that is next.
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download your application fee waiver at: i'm john clark, bad bad news for cliff lee. he's going on the 60-day disable list. he has the same strained left forearm that side lined him last season. doctors are recommending surgery. cliff is holding off. he and the fillies are trying to hold on.
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he wants to try this again. this is a real tough blow and it could ask his career and listen to cliff. he does not sound optimistic. >> fairly likely that it will remain the same so you know as we get closer to the threshold to have the surgery or not to make it for next year, as we get closer to that i'll have a decision to make and obviously we're know a lot more at that point. >> he struggled against the orioles. in the first inning he gives up the three-run shot. he allows five runs. phillies lose 16-4. how did he break the internet again starting this week? he brought in tim tebow for a workout today at the nova care complex. here's tebow leaving philly after the work out.
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he leaves without a deal. the birds will not kss be signing him at this time. he didn't want to say much about the workout. i tried to get out of him how it went. can i tell you you wereé:ñ the number one trending topic in philly today? how did the workout go? >> determination is a good quality for you. did the workout go well? >> it was fun. it was a lot of fun. >> it was fun. that's all we got. villanova is the only representative in march madness this year. they are going to play lafayette thursday on pittsburgh. nova coach jay wright said they texted today and that's probably the end of today. it's all in the family for these two schools. >> my sister went to lafayette. my brother-in-law went to lafayette. we all follow lafayette. all his boys they all follow
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fran and they are getting their tickets from us but i know they would be going to that same if lafayette was playing somebody else i might have to hit them up with some tickets. >> there's marleds, first quarter evan turner beating his former team with a lay-in. sixers are down 36-18 after one quarter. third quart erker, thomas robinson with the driver and the slam. they are swept 4-0 in the season series for the first time in six years. hey, i'm john clark. we'll be right back. 20 minutes of nonstop news. weekdays starting at 4:00.
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