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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> it is a cold and windy start to the day. but at least the sun is shining and here is a live look at center city philadelphia. you can see the wind whipping this flag at welsh road and roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. it has been a chilly change compared to yesterday's warm weather. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist britneytney shipp is here with the forecast. how cold does it feel out there now? >> you need your heavier jackets because our temperatures feel like they're at 29 degrees in philadelphia feeling like 23 in pottstown. 25 in allentown. feels like 8 degrees in the poconos. closer to the shore, feeling like 26 degrees. and wildwood 29 in dover. part of the reason is our temperatures are down but also we're seeing our wind speeds
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gusting up to 33 miles an hour in atlantic city gusting up to 31 in millville. up to 29 in pottstown. 32 in the poconos. 29 in reading. it will be a chilly day throughout all of today. our average is 52 degrees. yesterday we saw high of 68. it is a big difference between yesterday and today. our daytime high only in the 40s. but also you add in the wind speed, it is going to feel a lot colder than it did yesterday. the next thing we're tracking spring snow spring starts on friday, we're tracking the possibility of a snow/rain mix. i'll go over the timing and what we can expect as we go toward spring. pennsylvania state police are investigating a shooting in lehigh county. skyforce10 was over mill hill and elm roads in lower milford township. this is about 5:30 this morning. state police are not releasing details about the shooting including if anyone was hurt. police in montgomery county are assisting with the
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investigation. skyforce10 over a school bus accident in burlington county. the crash involved a mini school bus that you see there. and those two vehicles that are next to it. it happened at around 8:30 this morning on woodlane road in westampton. there are ten midger erminor injuries reported, but no word if children are among those hurt. a pedestrian struck overnight in dellran in burlington county. a driver hit the man as he was walking on fair view street around 10:30 last night. he was rushed to cooper hospital. no word on his age or condition. the driver did stop and there is no word on any charges in the case. a man injured when his house caught on fire overnight. crews were called out to long avenue. this is in pitman, gloucester county, around 1:00 this morning. the man was burned on his feet. his legs and his stomach. he's being treated at cooper hospital. investigators are now trying to figure out how the fire started.
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meanwhile this morning, investigators are looking for the cause of this four alarm apartment complex fire northeast philadelphia. five people were hurt and the flames forced more than 100 people from their homes. some are staying at a shelter nearby. and the red cross is helping them. and the fire broke out around 4:45 yesterday afternoon at the rita grace manor apartments on academy road. crews spent hours pouring water on the flames. and this morning, police continue their search for a missing father and daughter from south philadelphia. police say he left home friday morning to drop his 5-year-old daughter at school. but the school says the girl never arrived. neither has been seen since. his wife told police there is no custody or marital issues. police say he also goes by the name of paul lebon. he was last seen driving a white 1996 acura tl sedan with the plates pennsylvania tags
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flx-9436. days after the school was destroyed by arson, students from one montgomery county school are back in the classroom today. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in cheltenham to show us how students from wyncote academy are adjusting to their new temporary home. monique? >> reporter: hi vai. to say this location is a god send is an understatement. right now, classes are under way after what most describe including the head of school as a devastating weekend. >> heart breaking. where are we going to stay. where are we going to be located? school over. >> the walkway to the temporary wyncote academy was full of mixed emotions. but a promise of hope for the future. >> we're going to miss that building. we hope we can rebuild it or that they find -- i just want to see wyncote academy continue. >> reporter: the 6 through 12th grade school for students who learn differently was gutted over the weekend. this morning we found the structure that dates back to 1870 still guarded by police.
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fire investigators tell us they suspect arson. >> it is horrible. to do it to a historical site to a school and to put the -- not only the staff out, but the students out of a school a historical building and everything, it is very disappointing. >> reporter: the jewish federation offered gratz college, just 1 1/2 miles a way. after a weekend of preparations by staff, the school's director started negotiating a lease. then moved 90 resilient students and teachers in. >> we're going to continue to be win could coat wyncote strong. it is not the actual building but the people within it are students and staff. >> reporter: the head master told us they're adjusting or getting by on donations. one of the parents set up a go fund me website. in the next half hour we go inside and for first time we hear from the students as they're just about to start classes. live now from cheltenham monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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>> we'll see you then. we have an update on a story we first told you about yesterday morning. we're now hearing from the penn state professor arrested on a flight last weekend. >> national security threat. >> you're a national security threat. >> that penn state professor at the abington campus is facing disorderly conduct charges after this incident. authorities say during a flight from nicaragua to miami, karen went on a rant about u.s. and venezuelan relations. and also lit a cigarette on the flight. why did you do this on the plane? >> it was the timing and i felt compelled to speak. >> sociology professor says she cannot comment on whether she still has a job at penn state abington. an administrator told us the school is aware of what happened and is looking into it. up next fraternity fallout. penn state university is facing another scandal this morning.
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a fraternity is suspended after scandalous website is found. and later, the donald for president? the action the billionaire tv star is taking today that suggests he splay his sights smay have his sights set on the white house. the possibility of snow as spring starts.
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and now to a from a terpfraternity
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scandal at penn state university. nbc's gabe duegutierrez has more from state college. >> reporter: this morning, penn state is the latest campus dealing with the firestorm as police investigate allegations of a fraternity's bad behavior. kappa delta rho is suspended for one year after pictures of nude and apparently unconscious women were uncovered on two private facebook pages that police say were secretly set up by the fraternity. >> it is intolerable. it is not right. it is despicable acts. and if you're engaging in that type of behavior you better rip that page out of your book because it is not acceptable. >> reporter: this search warrant reveals the first page was titled covert business transaction. it was shut down when one of the women spotted a topless picture of herself on a page accidentally left open by a fraternity member.
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then according to a former member who blew the whistle, a second page titles 2.0 was set up. police say it included more sexually explicit photos drug sales and hazing. a spokesman for penn state called it appalling and offensive. >> we're working through our process to determine which individuals may have been involved. >> reporter: it is the latest in a string of negative headlines for fraternities. at the university of michigan the sigma alpha mu chapter has been suspended after members trashed a ski lodge in january causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. and after this video the racist chant from university of oklahoma went viral last week today sigma alpha epsilon is announcing an extensive review of all of its chapters nationwide. >> now that we have a lot of examples of really bad behavior going on in secret and a few heroes willing to rat out their frat brothers i think all
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fraternities are going to be a lot more reticent to engage in the behavior. >> that was nbc's gabe gutierrez reporting. kappa delta rho says it will fully cooperate with the investigation. penn state says they will have an opportunity to appeal the suspension. another college fraternity rocked by scandal, sigma alpha epsilon is announcing a plan to fight intolerance. they're holding a meeting in chicago. think say their goal is to eliminate racial discrimination among members nationwide. sae shut down the chapter after frat brothers were caught on video singing a racist chant. the school expelled two students. former sae chapter at oklahoma is thinking of filing suit against the university alleging free speech violations. investigators are doing a third round of testing on a
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letter sent to the white house to see if it contains cyanide. the initial tests came back negative for cyanide. but another test produced a presumptive positive result. the letter was flagged at the white house mail screening facility on monday. it reportedly came from an address that has sent harassing packages to the white house in the past. the letter is not on the white house grounds. and happening now, members of congress are holding a hearing on a proposed use of military force against isis. defense secretary ashton carter and joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey are testifying before the house armed services committee. lawmakers are also set to discuss defense department budget requests. a veteran is expected to plead not guilty to attempting to provide support to isis in syria. neptune resident tyrod pugh is scheduled to be arraigned later today in new york federal court. court documents claim the former airplane mechanic flew to turkey in an attempt to cross into
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syria. turkey denied pugh entry into their country and was deported to the u.s. and arrested by the fbi. federal agents found jihadi prop gant grandia and video on his computer. >> crazy like really crazy. >> local boy. >> i'm from this town. this is like shocking to me. i will never expect that. >> pugh is first american born military veteran accused of trying to join isis. and police are investigating a stabbing rampage that left three north carolina boys dead. police charged an 18-year-old with attacking five people in all inside a house in the town of new bern. three boys 1, 5 and 12 were killed. another juvenile and adult were injured. they were treated and released from a hospital. >> the suspect, as best we can tell at this point, is a neighbor. and they all knew each other. so this wasn't a random event. >> the suspect is being held in jail on a million dollars bond.
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all involved are burmese descent and a language barrier is affecting the investigation. three people are dead and four others are wounded in the drive by shooting near a stockton california grocery store. two women are among the dead. police say the four wounded victims are expected to survive. investigators believe the shooting is gang related. so far there are no arrests and no word on a suspect. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. it is a chilly start as we head into the rest of this wednesday. big difference from yesterday, though it was windy yesterday, still windy today. our temperatures are down a bit. they'll stay down as we head into the rest of the workweek. we're also tracking a snowy mix as we head into friday which is officially the start of spring. so not very spring-like for us. we'll let you know exactly what to expect with that next system moving in. for philadelphia right now,
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temperatures at 38 degrees and mix of sun and clouds. feels like temperature only 29 so cold out, and wind speeds out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour. gusting up to 23 miles per hour across the rest of the region, at 35 degrees, plenty of sunshine in reading. atlantic city, 39 degrees, plenty of sunshine again. most of the clouds are confined to philadelphia. but it is a big difference between today and yesterday with our temperatures we're at 24 degrees currently in the poconos, 34 in allentown. 34 degrees in pottstown. 37 in northeast philly. temperatures in wilmington at 38 degrees. our wind speeds are making it feel colder out, so we're seeing wind speeds gusting up to 31 miles per in our millville. 33 in atlantic city. 29 in mount holly. temperatures up to -- i should say wind gusts up to 29 miles per hour. pottstown, 32 in the poconos. these windy conditions will stick with us throughout most of today. our temperature change map shows how much colder it is right now versus yesterday. we're down 27 degrees in
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philadelphia. down 24 in pottstown. 21 in mount pocono. 26 in atlantic city. 24 in millville. similar conditions as we head into tomorrow. our average for this time of year, 52 degrees. yesterday we saw a high of 68 and that was earlier in the afternoon. but today we're going to drop all the way down to 44 degrees, plus we'll see the wind speed, so feels like temperature in the 30s today. satellite radar shot shows a few clouds, but quiet conditions. won't be until we head into early friday morning that we start to see this system affecting us. this is what is going to bring us our snow and rain mix as we push into your friday. this is how it progresses here. we push into tomorrow we stay nice and dry. friday 9:00 a.m. we see a few snow showers moving in. previously earlier on friday a lot of moisture moving in. as the system tracks across the region, it will help trigger some snow showers and rain showers. that's going to continue at least until friday evening, clearing up as we head into our
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late evening hours on friday. by saturday, heading into the weekend, nice and dry. as far as today is concerned, expect temperatures to range between 42 and 45 degrees. plenty of sunshine but blustery. wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. even a little higher than that. sustained wind speeds out of the northwest, 120200 to 20 miles per hour. we stay nice and cold as we head into today and also into tomorrow. so below average, our average for this time of year 52, staying in the 40s both today and tomorrow. and take a look at what happens on friday. spring officially starts we're tracking a snow and rain mix. temperatures are going to drop to 38 degrees, heading into the weekend we stay dry, we recover a bit, back to the 50s by saturday. his diet plan revolutionized the way people lose weight. now dr. ian smith is out with a brand-new book the shred diet cookbook. answers the questions so many dieters have been asking. can i eat that on shred.
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here with the answers is dr. ian smith. tell us what it is and why it has been so successful. >> it is realistic. it says you can eat all kinds of food doesn't have to be gourmet, you can lose weight by meal spacing and food diversity. the average weight loss in six weeks is about 20 pounds on shred, super shred is four weeks, 20 pounds. but the cookbook the reason i wrote the cookbook is because people need to understand just because you're eating healthy doesn't mean you have to compromise the flavor. and so this book says huge favor, half the calories with cooking regular food not expensive food regular food that even i can cook but maintain that flavor so you're enjoying it and really having a good time with the recipes. >> how about the flavors? there are thousands of cookbooks out there. walk into any bookstore, barnes and noble, thousands of cookbooks out there. what makes yours so unique. >> we take the recipes, barbecue chicken, steak, vegetarian dishes and made them healthy for you.
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so we didn't just say you have to eat rabbit food celery and carrots. we said you can have traditional foods, but we do it we reduce the calories the sodium increase protein and fiber and make the recipes simple to follow. >> two years back you helped a ton of people in this area here lose weight. they made it on the steve harvey show, they talked about the story. what is it about people you have a personal connection with the people you help. >> people struggle with weight loss. it is not a short-term issue it is a life long issue for a lot of people. i like interacting with people and getting them to understand it is not as difficult as you think it is not as complicated, but you can do it. i'm a very -- i'm a believer in empowering people that they can control their health destiny. >> you don't just preach it. you practice it. you see what the cookbook looks like here if you buy it at your local bookstore. not endorsing it, but this is what it is. doctor thank you very much. we always hope when you come in to see us man, you're fit.
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>> i practice what i preach. >> there you go. thank you very much, dr. ian smith. still ahead, starbucks is offering something a little extra with your latte. the message that is stirring up controversy on the coffee cups. and later, job fairs happen all the time but never one like this. what is so unique about this one and why it is happening in philadelphia first.
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this week's wednesday's child is a sweet and active girl who likes to keep moving.
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she's hoping to find a forever family to give her the love and support she needs. she likes to go by day. >> here you have two. >> she is a friendly but shy 12-year-old. she warms up quickly in her element. her element, basketball. we went to drexel university to get in a practice with the women's basketball team. >> you're in practice today. let's go. >> she couldn't wait to get on the court and work out with the team. the seventh grader likes school and does well in her math and science classes. >> she is very sweet. but she's cautious with people she doesn't know. when she warms up she is a lot of fun. >> one two three. >> drexel. >> she loves to play and is also the manager of her school's team. her love of being active extends off the court too. >> she loves to dance. she dances all over the place. in the house, dances in between dinner and the next activity. she loves to dance.
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>> the ideal family will be active and provide structure and support. >> tell me why it is important to have a family? >> because i get the love and care and the attention. >> the ideal family is a traditional two parent family with some kids. i think she would do well with that. she's used to a lot of action. she would like parents that look like her. >> she has a warm heart, ready to share with a forever family. >> i think she would be a wonderful addition. i think she would be really committed and very much a part of that family and in every way. but she takes her time. sweet is the word i think of when i think of day. >> drexel. >> drexel. >> she is this week's wednesday's child. >> now, if you would like to help her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, just go to our website, when you're there, search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center directly at
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1-866-do-adopt. looks can be deceiving. plenty of sunshine out there, but, boy, is it cold out there. yesterday's mild temperatures had us longing for summer and the shore. we take a live look at cape may, new jersey. but we're back to reality today and some of us could even see snow by the end of the week. meteorologist brittney shipp tells us what to expect and when. death threats against a former first daughter. we're learning new details about the calls made to ambassador caroline kennedy that are now under investigation.
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this is nbc 10 news. our top stories now, pennsylvania state police are investigating a shooting at lehigh county. skyforce10 was over mill hill and elm roads in lower milford township around 5:30 this
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morning. state police are not releasing any details about the shooting including if anyone there was hurt. police from montgomery county did assist with the investigation. skyforce10 was over a school bus accident in burlington county. this crash involved that mini bus you're looking at. and those two vehicles off to the side. this happened around 8:30 this morning on woodlane road in westampton. this is burlington county. ten minor injuries were reported. no word on whether children are among those injured. police are continuing to search for a missing south philadelphia father and daughter. police say he left home monday morning to drop his 5-year-old daughter at school. and the school says the girl never arrived. neither has been seen since. his wife told police there are no custody or marital issues. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> what a drastic difference outside today. we're dealing with a much colder and windier day. but at least the sun is out.
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and here is a live look at center city philadelphia. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. i know you're ready to leave winter behind. because that's a beautiful spring color dress you're wearing. >> thank you. i'm trying to usher in spring. we're tracking rain and snow. i'll go over all the detail oz on that. today is cooler than yesterday. we're going to stay cold as we head into the rest of your workweek. only 24 degrees now mount pocono. 34 in allentown. 34 in pottstown. 38 in philadelphia. 39 in atlantaic city. feeling like 29 in philadelphia with our wind speeds. feels like 8 degrees in mount pocono, 29 in atlantic city. winds gusting up to 33 in atlantic city. 31 in millville. up to 23 in philadelphia. 28 in northeast philly, 32 miles per hour in the poconos. dealing with the wind speeds throughout the rest of the afternoon. won't see the wind speeds subsiding until we head into your evening hours. after 5:00 you'll notice the difference. as far as today is concerned,
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expect temperatures to reach a high of 44 degrees today. by noon 38. by 2:00 p.m. 40 degrees. cold and windy. temperatures will push into the mid-40s to put it in perspective. yesterday, high was 68 degrees. colder today and tomorrow, awe head into friday the next system we're tracking it going to bring us a mix of snow rain and also wintry mix. i'll let you now how long if it will affect your friday morning commute. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. skyforce10 is heading to breaking news in paulsboro, gloucester county. students and staff at the high school were complaining of an odor and some are having headaches. the school is not evacuated. we're not sure how many people have been affected. inspire medical center in woodbury is expecting patients there. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to update this breaking news and when skyforce10 gets there, we'll let you know. japanese police are investigating death threats
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against u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy. authorities say someone phoned in the threats to the american embassy in tokyo last month. officials at the embassy are not commenting, but, of course they have concerns because the u.s. ambassador to south korea was slashed with a knife earlier this month by an anti-u.s. activist. kennedy is the daughter of the late john f. kennedy. new this morning, a massive car pileup north of the border. 50 cars collided on highway 90 minutes east of toronto. police said 40 tractor trailers and a number of smaller vehicles crashed due to poor driving condition s conditions. only four people were said to be had hurt none life threatening. the operator of a crane accidentally knocks a sign on to a seattle transit bus. this happened during a bridge repair project. they had to work to free one person stuck inside the bus. there were 20 people on the bus when the accident happened.
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eight of them were taken to hospital with minor injuries. police arrested an employee at a u.s. air force base for allegedly pointing a laser at an aircraft. 57-year-old william paulson was arrested aof police say he pointed handheld laser at a hillsborough county sheriff's office helicopter. the pilot radioed officer on the ground who apprehended paulson. he faces a number of federal and state charges. no word yet on a motive. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu won another re-election. netanyahu's win will put him back in office for a fourth term. exit polls showed he and his challenger deadlocked, but that changed when the actual results came in. he was born in tel aviv but graduated from cheltenham high school in montgomery county. days after their school was destroyed by arson, students from one school are back in the
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classroom today. monique braxton is live in cheltenchelt n chelten cheltenham is there to show us. >> reporter: classes are under way here on the campus of gratz college. behind the windows you're looking at now, some 90 students and staff are making the best of what they say was a devastating situation. watching their school burn over the weekend. just after 8:00 this morning, parents and students shared the path to the location with donations. for the first time we're hearing from some of wyncote academy's 65 students. though they're upset, the promise of hope resonated with each person we spoke with. >> we can't have a good education and still continue having -- going throughout the school year. >> we have all been through different situations. here we are altogether.
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and, you know didn't have any regard for us but we love each other. >> this morning, we found the gutted structure that dates back to 1870 still guarded by police. fire investigators tell us they do suspect arson in the burning at wyncote academy. the head of school tells us they need everything school supplies as well as books. she also says one of the parents set up a go fund me page to help them raise money so they can continue to rebuild. live in cheltenham. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> president obama will be in ohio discussing economics at a town hall event in cleveland. he'll visit a group that promotes manufacturing and will talk how manufacturing jobs can help the middle class. first lady michelle obama arrived in japan for a two-day visit. she will promote access to education for girls in
11:37 am
developing countries. she is expected to announce the launch of a cooperation agreement between the u.s. and japan to deal with the issue. first lady will meet with japanese prime minister and his wife as well as the emperor and empress of japan. following a recent string of security lapses the secret service wants to build a replica of the white house to help agents train for the real thing. they're asking for congress for $8 million to construct that mock-up. right now agents train in the parking lot. speak of the white house, donald trump announced he's forming an exploratory committee to determine a possible run for rez president in 2016. he said he's the only one that can make america truly great again. he said he's already hired
11:38 am
political aides saides. he's never launched a formal run for the white house. starbucks is launching a new campaign that some are calling a social experiment. in the next few day, they will initiate a conversation about race by writing race together on customer cups. the ceo of the could have fine che says he knows this is an emotional issue but hopes it starts a conversation. customers are also talking about it. >> i think people need to engage in talks being more involved with other people. >> not a good idea. it is promoting racism by not promoting racism. >> according to sore bucks ceo you can take part in the campaign only if you feel
11:39 am
comfortable. veterans looking for a job. the meetings will not happen face to face at katy zachry explains this is all being done online. >> reporter: this is a virtual career fair, for receipt rans only and the jobs being offered are just to the philadelphia area. >> the veteran recruiting fair is absolutely phenomenal. >> reporter: shawn lightfoot says his life changed. he works for aramark. he manages the people who stock amtrak trains with food and beverages for the cafe cars. >> we're in the people business at the end of the day. we provide foot facility services but we're in the people business. >> reporter: roger peter sob says they have hired hundreds of veteran because of their work
11:40 am
ethic. today's on line job fair will connect people with openings in the philadelphia area. kevin o'brien says philadelphia has some of the fewest veterans a city its size. he wants to change that. >> this is an opportunity to showcase the skills and talents that the veterans bring to the table and others as well. >> there are 100,000 receipt rans in jobs. how can you take part in today's career fair? we have more information open our nbc new zs app. >> we have launched skyforce10 and just arrived in paulsboro, gloucester county. students and staff at the high school are complaining of an odor and some of them are having headaches. you see many of them, they're congregating at the football stadium. the school is not evacuated and
11:41 am
we're not sure how many people are being affected. inspire medical center is expecting patients there. you see someone is on that stretcher there. and being transported. but you'll stay with us and stay with nbc 10 and we'll update the breaking news. up next she's hardly still sitting still. this morning, an exciting update about the cancer fight. i'm tracking a cold wednesday on tap for us. plus on the first day of spring friday. we're expecting a snow and rain mix.
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a quarter to noon. we're checking in with skyforce10 who just arrived in paulsboro, gloucester county. students and staff at the high school were complaining of odor and headaches this morning. we saw one person being transported on the stretcher to an ambulance. right now the school has been evacuated but school buses are there, as you see. we don't know how many people are affected. but inspire medical center in woodbury is expecting patients there at any moment. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to update you on this breaking news. the city of camden, new jersey tends to get a bad rap.
11:45 am
it has one of the highest crime rates in the country, but also considered one of the poorest cities in america. but there are also a lot of positive changes happening in camden. and our next guests are here to tell us more. here this morning with us courtney boldon and 18-year-old shamira owens is with us a graduate of camden high school both involved with an organization called women of the dream. the group's inaugural team summit is taking place this weekend. thank you so much both of you, for being here. tell me about this program and the impact it is having on young women. >> this saturday we're having the 2015 teen girls summit gathering 250 girls throughout the camden area for workshops and mentorships on a lot of social issuesprevention health and wellness and a host of other topics. >> other women may come from single parent homes and may grow up, you know with issues related to that.
11:46 am
let me ask you, how did you get involved with women of the dream? >> i got involved from the event last year my last year of high school. she chose about 15 20 girls and we started it. we were the first group to do it. >> tell me what kind of impact it had on your life? >> i got to meet a lot of women with multiple degrees and ph.d.s and everything and there is more out there than just what i'm dreaming of. >> i suspect this event helps you sort of see other women who -- it may be hard in your circumstances to find women you can look up to right? >> yes. >> models for you. role models. >> that was the main issue. going to the launch event last may, it was like really interesting seeing different african-american women with different ph.d.s and things to offer and that was really what launched it. it was great for me. >> are you guys doing some mentoring as well?
11:47 am
>> yes. we are -- there will be a bunch of you know mentoring workshops, we have carol lucas, who is a life coach and certified belief specialist leading a few workshops. we have susan l. taylor the editor and chief emeritus of essence magazine and founder of national cares mentoring program, who is also going to be speaking and talking about the importance of mentoring. >> a lot of high profile women. some day you two will come back. >> shamira is also emceeing the program. >> you are? that's fantastic. are you nervous? >> a little bit. >> you'll do just fine. >> camden girl on the road to success, women of the dreams 2015 teen girls summit taking place this saturday, march 21st, on the campus of rutgers university in camden. thank you for coming in and joining us. great news about leah still and her battle with cancer. after nine months of treatment,
11:48 am
had her dad, devin stihl, says she is cancer free. devin said based on scans doctors did not see any cancer in her body. but they are waiting for leah's mri and bone biopsy results later this week. she's receiving treatments at children's hospital of philadelphia. check out this picture still, devin posted to instagram, with the caption that reads, that moment you get the best news you've ever received and you don't know what to do so you just flex. so they did. we have a great update to share with you this morning about one of our guests that appeared last week on nbc 10 at 11:00. last friday had the pleasure of speaking with tom jenkins from new jersey with his brother-in-law john. they spoke about the upcoming philly fight for air climb, which raises money for the american lung association. tom told us he developed the lung disease in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, he had to be on oxygen 24/7 and in need of a
11:49 am
double need transplant. well, we're happy to report that tom got the call sunday morning and he underwent a successful double lung transplant later that same day at the hospital at the university. the surgery was a success and his prognosis is excellent. we're thrilled. we could share this happy news with you. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we're going to look at a chilly wednesday on tap for us. temperatures much cooler than what we saw yesterday. already windy yesterday. wind speeds continue into most of today. the next thing we're tracking is a snowy mix heading into friday which is officially the start of spring. as we take a closer look. you see a few clouds mix of sun and clouds for philadelphia. temperatures at 38 degrees. but it feels like we're in the 20s feeling like 29 wind speeds out of the next at 16 miles an
11:50 am
hour. the wind speeds stick with us so our feels like temperatures today, are going to be on the colder colder side. 23 in pottstown. feeling like 29 degrees in philadelphia. 26 in mount holly. 29 in atlantic city. only feels like 31 degrees in georgetown. our 24-hour temperature change map shows we're down 21 degrees in the poconos, down 23 in allentown. 25 degrees colder in northeast philly. 27 degrees colder in philadelphia. you'll notice that as you head out for lunch. a closer look at our actual temperatures, it is 38 degrees in wilmington. mid-30s in mount holly. 24 in the poconos and 34 in allentown. our winds are gusting to 33 miles per hour in atlantic city up to 31 in millville. 25 in trenton. 23 in philadelphia. up to 32 in the poconos. wind speeds wind gusts will stick with us at least through 5:00 p.m. as you're walking home from work or commuting, you're still going
11:51 am
to notice the windy conditions. we'll stay dry. satellite radar shot shows only thing we're seeing is a few clouds today. this is a system that will affect us as we head into friday. the latest model shows our friday morning commute should be fine. that could change as we get a little closer. i'll show ya what some of the latest models are showing and that shows most of the moisture moving in closer to 9:00 10:00. if you leave earlier, you should miss the snow as you head to work. maybe head to work earlier on friday. once it starts around 9:00 a.m. closer to the poconos and the lehigh valley. will continue throughout most of the day. different areas see different things. to the north and west we should see accumulating snow. we have to watch this rain and snow line. looks like rain for atlantic city. central and southern parts of delaware and a mix more philadelphia. we'll so most of this moving out as we head closer to 9:00 p.m. and things dry out saturday to
11:52 am
sunday. friday storms here is your quick bullet points. accumulating snow is expected over to the north and west. most areas see different types of precip. we'll be dealing with slippery conditions throughout friday and friday evening commute will be affected. as far as today, temperatures range between 42 and 45. sunny skies for us. blustery. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. seven-day forecast shows cooler temperatures again tomorrow. look at friday first day of spring we track a snow and rain mix. we dry out heading over to the weekend. breaking news skyforce10 is live in paulsboro, gloucester county. students and staff at the high school were complaining this morning of an older and some of them experiencing headaches. they're not sure how many people have been affected. the school is not far from the paulsboro refinery and there was a rain derailment that was very toxic in this community a couple
11:53 am
of years ago. the local medical center has been notified and they're expecting patients to arrive. you see the police vehicle there. that's a fire vehicle. stay with nbc 10. we'll update this breaking news as we get information.
11:54 am
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just before noon. we're back to breaking news story we have been telling you about for the last half hour. skyforce10 live in paulsboro, gloucester county. students ands and and staff at high school complaining of an odor and headaches. the school is not evacuated. stay with nbc 10 and our nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking story. this afternoon at 3:00 "ellen" is all new with justin bieber and performance by madonna. at 4:00, he was a candidate for state office until his path came back to haunt him. today, the molestation case against this local man and the punishment he now faces this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. this morning, some young mugss s musicians in our area learned from the maestros. take a listen. ♪ nbc 10 at the middle school in northeast philadelphia. more than 100 students took over the interactive concert and
11:57 am
demonstrations by members of the philadelphia orchestra, all part of the musicians in school program sponsored by peco. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. have a good day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> adrienne: hey, sonny. um, i just spoke to t. he took care of that payroll issue, but listen, um, honey... i know you need some time alone right now, but i'd really much rather speak to you than your voice mail. so, when you get a chance, could you please just give me a call? okay, sweetheart? bye. >> justin: hello. i was hoping that, uh, we might have a chance to talk. >> adrienne: a quick chat before you dash off to dubai... and back to elsa? >> will: no. no, i can't do that interview. i-- i'm only doing nationals right now. besides, i'm gonna be tied up doing the follow-up to the paul narita article.


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