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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  March 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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flames nbc 10 is live on the scene in new castle county as crews work to put the fire out and find if anyone there is hurt. >> and boy, winter will end with a bang. the first alert radar is tracking snow for tomorrow. don't shoot the messengers. it's 4:30. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> it is clear out there, but it is cold. let's get to bill henley with the first alert forecast. good morning, bill. >> yeah good morning, vai. it is clear, it is cold this morning and we'll see a lot of sunshine today. but it is tomorrow that we will watch snow falling on this very camera. this is a live view from the mellon bank building looking at boat house row. this morning, that snow is rain to to our southwest, it's warmer over kentucky tennessee and the carolinas. but as it moves into our area tomorrow, that will be some snow mixed with rain for parts of the area. it's not going to be an all-snow event. right now, it is all cold this morning. 20s for wilmington
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philadelphia, northeast philly. look at doylestown down to 22 degrees this morning, and millville is 21. rocksborough dropped into the 20s. so a cold start. but we will see bright sunshine. like yesterday, 33 degrees at 9:00, by noontime, 38. the hour by hour forecast with a look at the snow arrival for tomorrow when i'm back in ten. and we have breaking news that could affect your morning commute. this overturned tractor-trailer is still impacting drivers coming from new jersey into philadelphia this morning. this big rig flipped over on i-676 at 5th street around 8:00 last night. two people in the truck are okay. but this could create a big backup later this morning. >> yeah it could take a while to get this cleaned up. first alert traffic reporter christine maddela monitoring the impact. >> well, the reason it takes so long. another tractor-trailer has to come in and unload everything that tractor-trailer was hauling on to another vehicle. and then they can move it out of the way.
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you can see, this was last night when sky force 10 was over the scene. that's not even a rush hour. we are keeping an eye on this and the potential implications for the morning rush. taking a live look out here. and i know this isn't the best camera, you're looking through trees. but you can see there's a tow truck over there and an overturned tractor-trailer. so those crews have been working throughout the overnight hours, trying to get this out of the way. but for now, it's still out there, it is still blocking lanes, traffic is being detoured on to the 5th street exit. i'm going to keep an eye on this as we head into your morning commute. elsewhere, interstate 495 just across the border. things are looking pretty good out there. we're not seeing any major delays on interstate 95. the schuylkill expressway or 476. getting a green light the entire way. >> thanks. it's 4:32. we're following breaking news in new castle county. crews getting a handle on a fire in pike creek. this is the scene. a live picture, fire broke out around 2:00 this morning.
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firefighters say flames were shooting out of the house when they got there. we're still making calls, we're trying to find out if anybody got hurt here but new information as soon as we get it. and this morning, philadelphia police are questioning two people in connection with to the murder of a father who was killed while walking his dog. they tell us no charges have been filed. last night, detectives let four people go after questioning. james stollman was shot last thursday night. investigators think robbery was the motive. this morning, we are hearing from the family of the 26-year-old mother whose body found in maryland months after she disappeared from mt. laurel. investigators discovered her body along a rural driveway in maryland on tuesday. they tell us she had been bound with electrical wire and duct tape. she disappeared around new year's and days later her husband was charged with her murder. with the discovery of her body, the family of the victim says they will finally have closure. but they still have questions.
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>> how could he? how could he hurt her? someone you supposed to love. >> i really want to know what went through his mind. he so-called loved her. but he dumped her body like trash. >> earlier this week authorities charged crosby's mother with helping to conceal the crime. investigators tell us they pored over thousands of pings from the gps in crosby's car and narrowed it down to 30 locations and one of those 30 spots is where they eventually found the body beneath a pile of branches. and happening today, likely presidential candidate hillary clinton will be in atlantic city to give a speech to a conference for summer camp professionals. matt delucia is live in the convention center. tell us why -- who she'll be addressing and why she's addressing this group. >> well vai, the presidential election is more than a year away, but of course a lot of people are watching.
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and no candidate has officially declared, at least at this point. there are no official candidates in the running for either party. but here today, the president of the national camping association says that hillary clinton's going to be speaking because she's a strong advocate for early childhood education and youth development. this is the largest conference for camp professionals in the world. so she will have a large audience when she speaks here this afternoon. generally, these are paid appearances, but any fund raising done now isn't impacted by campaign finance reporting requirements because she hasn't officially declared her candidacy. but, again, people will be watching what she has to say today. we've already seen national media outlets set up by the convention center. so of course we'll be following this for you and have a political analyst talking at 5:00 about why this is such a big deal, why she really needs to be focused on what she's going to be talking about today. but for now, live in atlantic city, nbc 10 news. >> it is 4:35. school officials will make a decision in about half an hour
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whether to open the high school today. fumes from the nearby refinery sent more than a dozen students and staff to the hospital yesterday, and school was dismissed. a plant spokesperson tells nbc 10 there was a leak in a tank storing partially refined oil. the district says that it is checking air quality this morning and will notify parents and children around 5:15 if they decide to keep the school closed. meanwhile, we have an update on a whooping cough outbreak at a montgomery county school. confirmed two more cases bringing the total number of cases there to five. the school says it has intensified its daily cleaning and disinfecting of rooms and surfaces. and more construction is ahead for the ben franklin bridge. >> next the newly approved plan that means a lane change for commuters. and target learned how much it will pay for last year's data breach. the hefty price tag. and what it means for consumers. plus it's tournament time coming up in 20 minutes. we are live in pittsburgh where a battle between two local
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schools will play out on the hardwood later tonight. a cold start this morning, but skies are clear. and the sunshine today will give way to snow tomorrow. your hour by hour future weather. we'll show you when the snow will be moving in.
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allentown's mayor will ask city council to ban the box on job applications. it would remove the box on the city's job application form that asks about criminal history. the mayor says that would take away some of the stigma that convicts face. and a controversial housing development has the go ahead this morning in delaware county. the board of supervisors voted 3-1 last night to approve the project. 160 homes will be built along beaver valley road. the group, save the valley wanted to keep the land preserved as open space. it's 4:39. the ben franklin bridge will get a $7 million improvement.
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here's a live look at the bridge. the delaware river port authority has approved the money for a new steel and concrete barrier, much like the one on the walt whitman. the new barrier will be easier to operate and allow for wider lanes of traffic. the project should take about five years. 20 minutes before 5:00. and we've got a cold start this morning. clear skies, less wind and so the temperatures have dropped. we are 29 degrees in philadelphia. the rest here is below freezing too. but we are in the clear. so you'll need your sunglasses today and you'll need to bundle up. for tomorrow though, the clouds moving into the area, slowly moving our way most of the day today will be cloud-free. but tomorrow we'll be dealing with that that will give us snow. so the temperatures this evening will be falling. 32 degrees, by 2:00 tomorrow morning. you can see the high clouds starting to move in at that hour. the wet weather, it's going to take some time to move into the
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area. at 4:00 a.m. we are dry, but during the morning commute, we'll see the first snow starting to fall. this is just updated information. shows a steady light snowfall and a wet snowfall for lancaster and into delaware. that's at 8:00 tomorrow morning. and by later in the morning, the temperatures which will still be above freezing in philadelphia. so we could see snowfall with little accumulation. little to no accumulation for parts of the area. especially farther south and east it's going to be rain. the heaviest snowfall will be off to the northwest. and that's going to be occurring during the afternoon hours tomorrow. for today, though, yes. sunshine will be bright, and the temperatures, a little bit warmer feeling than yesterday thanks to the lighter wind. we'll be back in the 40s this afternoon. full 7-day forecast to look at your weekend when i come back in ten. tractor-trailer overturned last night, but we're bracing ourselves for the impact today. >> right. when traffic starts to build.
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christine maddela staying on top of the situation. >> yeah still out there heading into philadelphia. and you can see there, there's a tow truck here you'll have to look through the trees to see what's going on. this is the overturned tractor-trailer. and so all traffic is diverted as we take a look. this is the latest that we've heard from the drpa via twitter about this. ben franklin bridge travel alert. major delays, that overturned tractor-trailer, at this hour not a lot of folks traveling the ben franklin bridge but you have to detour to the 5th street exit. we're watching to see when they get that cleared out of the way. hopefully before it causes too many problems for the morning commute. and i just heard from the new jersey department of transportation in carny's point township, the left lane is blocked. taking a look the a the schuylkill expressway though at city avenue, things are pretty quiet out there. not seeing any major delays. and just we're seeing as far as
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our drive times, all in the green right now, no major delays out there. vai? >> thank you, christine. and later tonight, a local college battle will play itself out in pittsburgh. >> keith jones is there live with all the ncaa action. keith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we got here yesterday, and we've got you covered. all things first round of the tournament going to take place behind me in the steel city. don't have a ticket? no problem. stay tuned.
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. it's one of the most action-packed days on the sports calendar. >> yes, it is. it's tournament time. the ncaa men's basketball tournament gets underway with a full slate of games. but the match-up people in our area will be focusing on involves two teams from our region. nbc 10's keith jones is live for us in pittsburgh with more. good morning, keith. >> good morning, guys. it's a pennsylvania battle.
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we're talking villanova from the main line in philadelphia. and lafayette, it's going to go downright behind me here. this is the consol energy center. it's usually reserved for the pittsburgh penguins. we don't care very much for them, but tens of thousands of fans apparently do care about this match-up and the steel city is ready for them. our nbc 10 team hit the ground running. we found hotels in the city almost booked up, and they're working their staff, too. a valet by day, we met him yesterday, but the pittsburgh marriott's asking him to work in the restaurant by night. it's a necessary addition considering the crowds. >> as of right now, it's been smooth, but the next 24 hours could be an opposite turn around. basically mayhem as we like to say. >> villanova and lafayette tip off at 6:50 tonight. we're going to show you more than 100-year-old vehicle unique
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to pittsburgh here in the steel city that fans have been riding on nonstop. it is still in action to this day, about 135 years old. we'll show you that in half an hour. live from pittsburgh keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> of course the former manager for the basketball squad. so keith will be keeping us giving us live reports all morning from pittsburgh as both local teams prepare for tonight's game and count on nbc 10 to follow the winner as they advance to the next round. it is 4:47 happening today, john kerry is set to continue talks with iranian diplomats in an effort to reach a nuclear agreement. the deadline for reaching a deal is the end of this month. there's no word on how benjamin netanyahu's electoral win will impact the negotiations. this morning, lawmakers in washington will hold hearings on the negotiations. they will hear from the state department in how the talks are going. and from the treasury department on whether u.s. sanctions against iran will continue. the white house will have some royal visitors today.
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the princess of wales will meet with president obama. the meeting is set to happen in the oval office this afternoon. vice president biden will be there, the royals arrived on tuesday and have been touring historic sites. they'll wrap up their trip tomorrow. voters have to wait nine more weeks to find out who will be the democratic candidate for mayor in philadelphia. but this morning, we know who will be number one on the ballot. the ballot order was chosen wednesday. and here's how the names will appear. anthony williams milton street jim kenny, doug oliver and lynn abraham. the order was chosen by picking names out of a coffee can. now, the democratic primary is on may 19th. will be moderating the first debate between the candidates at the kimmel center. you can see it live on nbc 10. it'll be tuesday, april 7th. and if you have a question for the candidates, let us know. submit them now on or the nbc 10 app. the u.n. security council is
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condemning a deadly attack the a museum in tunisia. no terrorist action can reverse the country's move toward democracy. attackers killed at least 19 people and wounded dozens more. police killed two of the gunmen. but a manhunt is on for another suspect. tunisia's prime minister says one gunman was known to intelligence sources, but no formal links have been established with a particular terror group. now to arizona where investigators are trying to figure out why an ex-convict went on a rampage that involved a motel shooting a carjacking and a home invasion. police took the man into custody after they say he killed one person and hurt five others. investigators describe him as a neo-nazi skin head who served time in prison. the forest fire service says it's working against the clock to prevent potential wildfires. normally by this time of the year, the forest fire service would be finished with setting controlled fires to burn brush that could feed a wildfire in the state's pine lands.
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but this year, snow and frigid temperatures in february put them behind schedule. and that forced the authorities to extend their efforts by two weeks. >> the less we get done this year, it may prevent us from stopping a wildfire in the end of april. >> with so few days left to deliberatery set preventive fires, forest officials fear more snow in the forecast could cause more delays. you would think that having snow would help the forest fires, but it doesn't. >> and we do have snow in the forecast. we've been talking about it for a while now, bill and now it's here. >> it will be here for tomorrow morning. it's going to be a snowy end to winter. but this morning, we are dry, and it is cold. we're back into the below freezing zone this morning for philadelphia and the rest here. this is a live view with clear skies from center city. 29 right now in the city with less wind than yesterday. doesn't really feel as cold as yesterday. completely dry in cape may. that will change tomorrow.
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that's a live view from the hotel. tomorrow it will be rain in cape may. but what falls as rain in cape may will be coming down as snow for philadelphia and areas north and west. and northwest, that's where we're going to see the most snow out of this system that is producing the rain in tennessee, kentucky, and into the atlanta area. that storm will move in first thing tomorrow morning and stay for most of the day. looks like the heaviest precipitation will come during the afternoon hours. for today, brilliant sunshine. grab your sunglasses. there's going to be a lot of sun glare on the roads this morning, even later this afternoon we'll be looking at plenty of sunshine. as the clouds are not going to move into the evening, and the snow, that will start tomorrow morning. possibly the first snowflakes during the morning commute. but it's going to be light accumulation in the morning hours. afternoon, that's when the temperatures will start to fall. and a better chance of seeing some accumulation in the area. by the weekend, it is done. we'll start with fog on saturday. and then the temperatures climb
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saturday afternoon with some breaks of sunshine into the low 50s. sunday turning chillier 46 degrees, sunday. and 40s again, for monday and tuesday, clouds increasing along with the temperature. wednesday afternoon, up to 50 degrees. >> almost 5:00. and we have breaking news that was actually breaking news about nine hours ago. but breaking news this morning it could affect your morning commute. this overturned tractor-trailer continues to affect drivers coming from new jersey over the ben franklin bridge into philadelphia. the big rig flipped over on i-676 at 5th street around 8:00 last night. two people in the truck are okay. but this could create a huge backup later on this morning. >> yeah they have to get it offloaded, uprighted. christine maddela is watching for updates. >> crews have been out there working, trying to get this cleared out of the way. video from sky force 10 last night. and you can see how it was backing up traffic even in
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nonrush-hour time. we are anticipating it could cause more problems for the morning commute. this is a live picture. and i know it's not the greatest camera angle because you have to see through the trees. but there's a tow truck on the scene, and those are the crews working. and this over here is the overturned tractor-trailer. looks like a crane or some sort of device trying to right that up before they can move it out of the way. so you are going to want to take either the betsy ross bridge or the walt whitman bridge if you want to avoid it all together. traffic is being detoured off the ben franklin bridge. you will expect some westbound delays out there. we'll keep an eye on that throughout the morning. elsewhere, though on interstate 95 at the ben franklin bridge not causing residual delays or problems out there. not a lot of volume on the roads right now. we're not seeing any major detours or delays from construction or any accidents throughout our viewing area. but there is interstate 295, an accident in the fuel spill blocking the left lane but it isn't causing too many delays. just not a lot of volume at this hour.
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>> thank you, christine. target now knows the price of the big data breach. next, how much consumers will get back. and the utility bill that will soon be lower for lots of new jersey homeowners, when we come back.
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four minutes before 5:00 right now. new this morning, target is close to settling a lawsuit with customers affected by the data breach in 2014. according to documents filed yesterday, target has agreed on a $10 million settlement. awards will be capped at $10,000 for victim. the breach affected as many as 40 million credit and debit card accounts. in los angeles, marvin gay's family has filed a court injunction to stop the copying, distribution and performance of the hit song "blurred lines." the song features pharrell robin thicke. last week, a jury determined the performers copied elements of the 1977 hit song "gotta give it
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up" and ordered them to pay more than $7 million to three of gay's children. it could give the family leverage to negotiate for royalties and other concessions. more than a million people in new jersey will get a break on the utility bills. the board cut jersey central power and light rates by more than $34 million. now, the company serves about 1.2 million customers. and in january, a judge ruled that the utility was overcharging customers. the cut means that customers will save about $20 a year. a new jersey utility company is trying to work out big billing mistakes that are impacting thousands of customers. officials with south jersey gas say a computer glitch and a snowstorm caused 12,000 customers to get incorrect bills. after meter readers sent in numbers for gas usage interpreted the higher bills as a mistake and lowered them then a march 5th snowstorm kept readers from getting to many meters. and the computer sent out estimated bills that were too
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high. >> those that may have overpaid. there are two options available. you know, obviously we will issue a credit to them. or we can also issue a credit on their account. >> if you are one of those customers that got an artificially low bill and now you can't actually pay the higher amount south jersey gas says it can put you on a payment plan until you are caught up. you can find out if you're affected by the billing mistakes by tapping on our news app for your smartphone or tablet. and now to a story that you saw first on police are coming up with a new campaign to make sure kids are getting the right message about officers. transit police will hand out a card to parents asking them not to tell their children that police will arrest them if they misbehave. now, they want kids to understand that officers are friends. of course tap on nbc 10 app to find out how officers will be approaching the issue with parents and tell us if you agree with the idea.
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it's never a good idea to threaten or to scare your kids with authority figures like the police. >> right, no you want them to know they're the safe person to go to when they need help. you're watching "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m., starts right now. >> nbc 10 breaking news. fire breaks out in the new castle county home. right now, firefighters are making progress. we are live on the scene. we're also tracking traffic trouble. a tractor-trailer crashed at the base of the ben franklin bridge. how to get around it. and tomorrow morning, you'll be facing a different challenge during your morning commute. the nbc 10 first alert weather team tracking winter weather headed our way. yes, it is the first day of spring. >> snow, spring, snow, spring. >> there you go. what do you do? good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." >> let's begin with bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> don't confuse them. one of the biggest snows that philadelphia has ever seen came
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in april, well into spring. we're not going to see a big snow tomorrow. but we will see snow in the area. today, you'll need to bundle up this morning. grab your winter coat and sunglasses too. because like yesterday, the skies are clear. clear view of center city looking across delaware this morning. a live view from the adventure aquarium. the radar view shows what's on the way for tomorrow. that's rain moving across kentucky tennessee, and into north carolina. and this is going to move into our area tomorrow morning. it's not all that far away. but it's going to take a long time to get here. won't be starting to snow in our area until during the commute tomorrow morning. so at this hour tomorrow we may still be dry. 30 right now, we are cold in philadelphia. look at the rest, pottstown, and atlantic city at the airport has dropped into the teens. that's as cold as it is in the pocono mountains this morning. get ready for sunshine 28 degrees at 7:00. we'll be up to 33 at 9:00. and at noontime, close to 40 degrees. the hour


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