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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  March 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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t. that's a live view of center city. nice dry, cold view. we are watching the wet weather move up from the southwest. it's not that far away. and that's just rain falling in kentucky and tennessee. by the time it gets here tomorrow, though we'll see a mix of rain and snow in our area. start with this morning, look at the numbers. 26 in northeast philadelphia it's down to 21 in millville, atlantic city is 19 degrees, and it is 28 in rocksborough. a cold start this morning, we will see bright sunshine during the day today. that'll warm the temperatures into the 30s by 9:00. by lunchtime, up to 38 degrees. a look at the future weather when i'm back in ten to show you when the first snowflakes will be falling tomorrow. >> we're continuing to follow breaking news that could affect your ride to work. this overturned tractor-trailer is impacting drivers coming from new jersey into philadelphia. and flipped over around 8:00 last night on 676 at 5th street. it's still there, and it could
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be for a while. >> yeah the problem is we don't know when it's going to be moved. here's christine maddela with details. >> and the last time we checked on the live picture. looks like it's still on its side. it's going to be there for quite some time. crews have to right that truck and then get it out of the way. this is video from sky force 10 over the scene last night. and you can see, there's cars stacked up on the bridge. and this isn't even rush hour. it was late last night. we are expecting that traffic will be impacted as volume increases on the ben franklin bridge for your normal morning commute. and take a look. you can see on the map here, realtime traffic data. the westbound lanes they are starting to slow down. that's your average speed here. and we are seeing red right now. not a lot of volume out there. just shows that cars are slowing down already as they make their way over the ben franklin bridge. and that is going to cause some stacked up traffic as we continue into the morning commute. so if you want to avoid that area altogether and can take the
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betsy ross bridge that might be a better alternate for you for your morning commute. on the vine street expressway or 95 things are moving along nicely there. another update now on breaking news we're following in new castle county. the fire marshal there is looking for the cause of this house fire in pike creek. the family of four was inside at the time of the fire. all four made it out okay. the roof of the garage did collapse, and flames destroyed the house. this morning, philadelphia police are questioning several new people in the murder of a man who was shot and killed while walking his dog last week. monique braxton live at police headquarters in center city. what have you learned? >> hi, tracy. homicide detectives have now been working this case around the clock for almost two days. and we have learned that there are at least two people being questioned up on the third floor here in the homicide division inside police headquarters. surveillance video tape from
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businesses and homes near the 6400 block of woodcrest led them to question a handful of suspects. now, 51-year-old james stolman walking his dog was found shot in his chest and unresponsive last thursday night in overbrook. witnesses told police they heard at least one gun shot. investigators say, his dog molly was still at his side. the dog leash was in one hand, a flashlight in the other. his neighbors say he walked his dog nightly about 8:30. and usually had his daughter with him. but this particular night, the daughter was not with him. she was at home working on her homework, according to neighbors. now, we're going to stay in touch with detectives who are working this case providing an update for you in the next half an hour. live for now outside police headquarters monique braxton, nbc 10 news. hearing from the family of
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the 26-year-old mother whose body was found in maryland months after she disappeared from mt. laurel. investigators discovered her body along a rural driveway in sykesville maryland on tuesday. she was bound with electrical wire and duct tape. she disappeared around new year's and her husband was charged with her murder. her family says they'll finally have closure, but still have questions. >> how could he? how could he hurt her? someone you're supposed to love. >> i really want to know what went through carl's mind. and that's what i want to know. i understand that this was his wife, he so-called loved her, but he dumped her body like trash. >> earlier this week authorities charged crosby's mother to help conceal the crime. they pored over thousands of pings from the gps in his car and narrowed that down to 30 locations, and one of the 30 spots is where they eventually found her body beneath a pile of branches.
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and happening today, likely 2016 presidential candidate hillary clinton will be at the jersey shore today. she'll be at the atlantic city convention center to deliver a keynote address at a conference for summer camp professionals. her speech comes a week after she fended off the flap about using a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. this is just into nbc 10. we just checked and school officials in paulsboro, tell us the high school will open today. yesterday, fumes from the nearby refinery made more than a dozen students and staff sick. a plant spokesperson tells nbc 10 there was a leak in a tank storing partially refined oil. this morning, the new jersey department of environmental protection tested the air quality and found it was okay and the refinery says everything is sealed up. so, again, at the high school will be open today. bills double and triple the normal amount. we have an update on the billing error that caused confusion for thousands of gas customers. what the company says it's doing
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to try and fix their mistake. bill? >> we have a clearer, dry start this morning. that's a live view of cape may. it is cold outside. temperatures in the 20s and low 30s. and we are waiting for snow tomorrow. a look at what to expect when we come right back.
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clear skies just like yesterday, and cold temperatures. in fact, a bit colder this morning, we're at 30 degrees. the wind has died down. it's going to stay chilly during the day, even though we'll see bright sunshine. satellite shows we are in the clear for today. but the clouds that are to our southwest, moving across west virginia and virginia those will be here tonight. so it's going to take most of the day for those to make any progress. and then behind the clouds there's the wet weather that will be here tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow to see winter come to an end with
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wintery weather. this is this afternoon. 6:00 40 degrees in philadelphia, you can see some high clouds starting to move in during the evening hours. by late in the evening, still be above freezing and still largely cloud-free. but overnight tonight, the clouds start rolling in and not far behind some snow developing. that's 6:00 tomorrow morning, you can see some light snow in lancaster that will be pushing into the philadelphia area during the mid-morning hours. it's going to be a wet snow as these temperatures are above freezing. the numbers will be coming down during the afternoon as we go into the afternoon, that's when we'll see greater accumulation. and notice the rain to the south. the rain will be mixing in that will limit snow totals to the south. by 5:00 in the afternoon, looks like it could be a messy slippery commute as the temperatures start to come down closer to freezing and the snow will still be falling. right now, we're looking at readings in the teens and the 20s. those will warm into the 40s
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this afternoon. but turning colder for the final hours of winter tomorrow. how much to expect, neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten. >> it is 5:40 this morning. and we're still watching a problem on the ben franklin bridge. it's on the westbound side right at the 5th street exit. and you can expect some delays out there. sky force 10 on the way to the scene right now. can get a better picture from the air of this overturned tractor-trailer. but if you are heading out and want to avoid that area altogether, you might want to take the walt whitman bridge to get around that. speaking of the ben franklin bridge it'll get a $7 million improvement. here's a live look at the bridge. the port authority approved the money for a new steel and concrete barrier, much like the one on the walt whitman bridge. the new barrier will be easier to operate and allow for wider lanes of traffic. the project should take about five years. well it's tournament time. tonight, villanova will square off against lafayette. and keith jones in pittsburgh
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giving us a front-row seat to all of the action. keith? >> reporter: a backstage pass. all goes downright here behind me. we've got you covered as far as what fans are enjoying here in a moment. we're going to detail one of the many facets of pittsburgh that fans have been enjoying leading up to the big games today. villanova, lafayette later on tonight. she hit her goal but not giving up yet. a local 10-year-old battling cancer sets her sights on a new fund raising goal after raking in $100,000 for cancer research.
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it's almost tournament time. villanova, the number one seed in the east. practice in pittsburgh yesterday ahead of today's game. nova says it's not getting overly confident but they've got to love the fact that president obama filled out his bracket and has nova making it to the title game but losing to kentucky. nbc 10's keith jones live for us in pittsburgh. and i'm guessing there's not going to be a lot of students on campus, on either of the campuses today or tomorrow. >> reporter: well tens of thousands of fans are expected to flock from eastern pennsylvania vai, all the way to this side of the state. because, you know what, history could be made tonight.
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a 16-seed has never beaten a one-seed in the ncaa tournament. it's at lot of pressure on the wildcats. and they're going to play right here behind me. this is the consol energy center usually reserved for ice hockey and the pittsburgh penguins. but before this game begins fans are taking in all the l sights. i want toyou to take a look at this video. two of them in pittsburgh too. this brings people up and down mt. washington which is south of the steel city. it's originally used by steel workers to get to and from work. and once the steel industry fell apart decades ago, the includes have remained in motions a tourist attraction. one of the many things fans are doing. villanova fans, lafayette fans. behind the scenes path continues at about 6:35 hotels here are almost booked up and as you alluded to it's attracting many fans from the delaware valley.
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and apparently even if you're a st. joe's or temple owl fan. we've seen them all so far in pittsburgh. nbc 10 news. >> you mentioned st. joe's and all of the other schools. a great basketball history here. the head coach at lafayette, he's good friends with jay wright, the villanova coach. he's a villanova alum. that relationship is going to make it i think, tough with these guys to face-off against each other tonight. >> reporter: no question about it. i talked to some of the villanova coaches yesterday. they mentioned that jay wright tested the coach from lafayette who was a former villanova basketball standout. just saying hey, listen i know we might be playing each other here as a one and 16 seed. but then they got the seeding and said, okay, it's got to turn out this way. two teams with villanova ties. and the head coach at lafayette. it's going to be a good one tonight. and lafayette's got nothing to
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lose and that's always a dangerous team in the tournament. >> that's right. thanks very much keith. they can shoot the lights out. keith will bring us live reports all morning long as both teams prepare for tonight's game. and we'll follow the winner as they advance to the next round. it's 5:47. the white house will have royal visitors today. the princess of wales and duchess of cornwall will meet with president obama. they've been touring historic sites and wrap up their trip tomorrow. the new jersey forest fire service says it's working against the clock to prevent potential wildfires. normally by this time of the year, the forest fire service would be finished with steady controlled fires that burn brush that could feed fires. but this year temperatures put them behind the schedule a little bit. and that forced state authorities to extend the efforts by two weeks. >> the less we get done this year, it may prevent us from stopping a wildfire in the end
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of april. >> and with so few days left to deliberately set preventive fires, forest officials fear more snow in the forecast could cause more delays. and today the national weather service will announce its spring outlook and flood assessment. it'll give us an idea of what kind of spring to expect. predictions will include information on precipitation. parts of the country has seen flooding due to ice jams on rivers. the first day of spring will bring us snow. >> that's right. snow arrives in the evening, and the final hours of winter we'll have accumulating snow tomorrow. and looks like the evening commute tomorrow will be much worse than the morning. tomorrow morning, it'll be getting started. this morning, though it's cold outside. hope you wore a winter coat today. >> we did. >> good. it is cold outside. temperatures below freezing and with clear skies, at this hour they're still falling. that's a live view from the comcast center in center city where the temperatures right now
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are in the 20s. fortunately, the wind has died down, there's very little wind. you can see the flag here at the nbc 10 studios barely moving. we'll see a gentle breeze this morning. and just like yesterday, bright sunshine to warm things up. but right now, 30 for redding and philadelphia. and cape may, 27 degrees. and it's in the teens in the pocono mountains. and this is where we could see half a foot of snow tomorrow. the higher elevations of the mountains. likely see all snow from the coming system. but in philadelphia, the radar is going to see a mix of rain and snow tomorrow. and this is just rain to the southwest. this is the storm that's going to be moving in. really doesn't have that far to go. but it's going to take 24 hours for it to make up that distance. and through the day tomorrow the snow will be falling. don't expect these numbers in the morning. this is by the time this one ends tomorrow evening. 3 to 6 inches of snow into the pocono mountains. part of burkes county could see 3 inches plus.
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by noontime we might have an inch on the ground. and then the temperatures falling in the afternoon, a better chance of accumulation heading into the late afternoon and evening hours and that's what's going to make for a messy evening commute. it's going to be a wet snow and especially slushy farther south and east. it's going to be mainly rain across southern delaware and parts of south jersey. an inch or less of snowfall. none of that today. just sunshine. you'll need a good pair of sunglasses and possibly some sun block, too. this is serious sunshine this time of year. 40s this afternoon with northwesterly winds to 12 miles an hour. saturday forecast here comes the snow, tomorrow it will start. and snow and rain in our area that will continue for most of the day into the evening hours justs just as winter arrives. saturday, fog to start with sunshine in the afternoon, milder day on saturday then what we will see for sunday and monday and tuesday.
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we'll see afternoon temperatures only in the 40s when normally this time of the year, they'll be in the 50s. it's about ten minutes before 6:00 a.m. and we're going to continue to give you updates on the overturned tractor-trailer that happened overnight. but if you're using the vine street expressway, listen up. >> christine maddela has her eye on things. >> that's right. and sky force 10 over the scene right now. and withe can see the extensive work. the situation is improving. this is the ben franklin bridge the westbound side heading into philadelphia. so they moved that tractor-trailer off to the side here. and looks like there's other tractor-trailers out here some tow trucks cranes getting ready to right that. and get it out of the way and off that area completely. so, as we take a look at traffic, the left lane is blocked here. two lanes getting by and traffic is moving along quite nicely here. but as we take a wider look, you can see the lane blockage continues up on the downside of
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the bridge. that could cause some delays especially as that traffic tries to merge and heading into philadelphia. you can expect delays, if you want to avoid the area altogether the betsy ross or the walt whitman, that's the best way to go this morning. a live look at interstate 95 a little bit of increased volume out here in south philadelphia. but, still, really hasn't picked up quite yet. still a little bit early. still getting green lights for your drive times on 95 the schuylkill expressway and the blue route. >> thanks. it's eight minutes before 6:00 right now. a new jersey utility company is trying to work out big billing mistakes. officials with south jersey gas say a computer glitch and a snowstorm caused 12,000 customers to get incorrect bills. a series of errors caused the computer to kick out low bills and reconfigure them at higher totals and customers are having trouble paying. if you've got an artificially low bill and now you can't pay
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the actual higher amount south jersey gas says it can put you on a payment plan until you're caught up. you can find out if you're affected by these billing mistakes by tapping on the nbc 10 news app on your smartphone or tablet. a local girl who has inspired others now has a new goal when it comes to helping others. we first told you last month about 10-year-old mya wrigler. gifts from friends and relatives poured in. but she asked people to donate to alex's lemonade stand instead. she raised $100,000 in record time. >> this is really cool. i was like in the hospital. and i was like what? $100,000? >> she said yesterday that maybe the reason she got to this that we're going through this journey is so she could help other kids. it was a pretty powerful thing to say. >> how awesome is she?
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mya and her parents met with them. if you want to donate go to the nbc 10 news app to find out. police are friends, not foes that's the message police want parents to pass along to their kids.
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three minutes before 6:00. now to a story you saw first on nbc police are coming up with a new campaign to make sure kids are getting the right message about officers. transit police will hand out a card to parents asking them not to tell their children that police will arrest them if they misbehave. police say they want kids to understand that officers are friends. you can tap on the app to find out how officers will be approaching the issue with parents and tell us if you agree with the idea. speaking of officers police officers put their lives on the line every day. >> now an organization for security professionals is honoring the men and women for all they do. nbc 10 in lafayette hill last night for the annual law enforcement appreciation night. 35 officers from various law
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enforcement agencies in our area were honored. among them philadelphia police officer brian saba was recognized for his bravery during a shooting in north philadelphia. despite the danger he knows why he has to be out there every night. >> there's somebody else out there that needs help. there's somebody another little kid i can direct in the right path. there's another child i can protect. and that's what i signed up for the job for. >> officer saba worked with robert wilson iii in the department's 22nd district. wilson was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at a video game store. that happened two weeks ago. and the 76ers gave wilson's 10-year-old son a night to remember. they gave him a tour and a few gifts before last night's game against the detroit pistons at the wells fargo center. there he is. and guard jason richardson brought him into the locker room to meet the entire team. and the situation, the opportunity, they also beat the pistons. which they haven't done a lot this year.
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>> maybe he was good luck for them. that's nice to see. you're watching "nbc 10 news today," nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news is the overturned tractor-trailer on i-676. it hasn't moved much in ten hours. but this is a live look from sky force 10. the overturned tractor-trailer could cause a big slowdown for your morning commute if you're going through that way. we'll tell you how you can get around it. >> this morning, we have new information on the murder of a man shot to death while walking his dog in philadelphia's overbrook section. and heading to atlantic city happening today, hillary clinton will be down the shore. but it won't be to gamble. it's for kids. >> it's a cold dry morning, but all that is going to change. as clouds move in. we're tracking snow. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> and more specifically bill henley is tracking all of this. >> when we say we we mean bill. >> it's going to be a busy day
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tomorrow. that's when the snow moves in. this morning, if you're moving out the door it's cold outside. colder than yesterday as the skies are nice and clear. clear view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. clear skies, calm conditions for much of the area. pottstown, northeast philadelphia mt. holly, no wind this morning. and that's when you tend to get the coldest temperatures. atlantic city and mt. holly down to 21 degrees, 23 in trenton, and pottstown is 22 degrees. we will see bright sunshine. we will see a warm-up. 33 degrees at 9:00. okay, that's not all that warm. but by lunchtime, 38 degrees. you'll need your sunshine today -- you'll get sunshine today, you'll need your sunglasses today. looks like we'll have to deal with shovels tomorrow however, from the storm that is building to our southwest. you can see the rain is in kentucky and tennessee, will be here as snow tomorrow. your hour by hour future weather when i come back in ten.


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