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tv   Early Today  WCAU  March 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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we're on the scene of several breaking stories this morning. first a suspect armed with a sawed off shotgun opened fire on police leading them inteading them into a shoot-out. then cries for help from neighbors at a high rise in philadelphia overnight. a live picture from germantown where fire ripped through the building. we're live on the scene where we know several people were injuredp. and look at this we'll get off it a snowy start. first alert weather radar tracking snow's fleeing. snow that will begin during the morning rush. good morning, this is nbc 10 fuse today. i'm chris cato. it is a first alert weather day so you can be prepared for this late season snowstorm heading this way that will affect some of you for the morning commute.
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let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning. dry right now, but we can see it moving our way on the radar. it's going to be wet snow and rain so we're going to end up with a sloppy slushy slippery mess. it's going to be a long duration system that starts this morning and continues through the day ending finally this evening. dry right now and cloudy. a live view from center city from high atop the comcast center. a first alert weather day for wet snow and rain that will be moving in during the morning commute as chris mentioned, making for some slushy and slippery conditions. it goes on through the day so the most challenging part of the day may bes the evening commute. right now, it is dry. but the wet weather is starting to move into the area. baltimore, d.c. seeing some light rain and parts of our area will only see rain out of this one. central, southern delaware delaware, parts of south jersey is going to be a rain event, but snow more likely north and west in those colder zones and the
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colder temperatures that's where you're likely to see snow accumulating from the get-go. for example, pottstown and trenton, northeast philadelphia is down to 32 degrees, but 35 in wilmington and 36 degrees in philadelphia. we'll see a rain/snow mix to begin with but those temperatures will be examining down. so expect to see accumulation. light snow and rain beginning at 6:00. and snow is likely at 9:00. a light snowfall 33 degrees and snow mixing with rain in parts of the area at foon time today. we'll go through it hour by hour with ab[?bñ future weather to show you what to expect in your neighborhood when i'm bad in ten minutes. katy is standing by with how roads are doing so far on this friday morning. >> good morning. i'll be keeping an eye on the radar to see how it's it affecting area roadways. dry and clear and pretty much clear on our area roadways. this is a live look at 6 at montgomery drive where we are seeing no cars on the road on this stretch. looking good on 76. your drive times are looking good.
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95 76 and 476, the typical trouble spots where volume picks up later in the morning. no volume to report and no accidents either. area bridges look good mass transit on or close to schedule. in the next few hours that's likely to change. >> that's why we will keep people posted through all of our resources here. count on nbc 10 for the latest forecast and any traffic problems that pop up because of today's snow. remember, you can get advisoryies and alerts sent to your smartphone or tablet through the nbc 10 app a free download at the app store. we're following breaking news, a police shoot-out with a gunman they say tried to run from office ers. he did not get away. matt delucia is live in north philadelphia. take us through what happened here. >> police tell us it was a tense situation out heres this morning. i'm going to get out of the way. see police are still out here on the scene along with investigators and they do say they have the man who was walking downs the street north 22nd street with a shotgun. this was just after 1:00 this morning. a woman flags down police up the
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road at 22nd and allegheny and she says that she saw a man with a very large gun in his hand. two officers drive down the street and see the man in front of a barp he's told to drop the gun. police say he pointed the gun at them. one of the officers fired a shot. the man isn't hit but he runs into the bar. this is where it gets strange. police say the 30-year-old went into the bathroom took off his sweat shirt and sneakers and escaped but other officers found him just about three blocks away. >> there's a possibility he was going to rob the bar or go inside of the bar to retaliate for what we believe the suspect may have been involved in an earlier altercation it in the bar. >> reporter: that suspect is being questioned right now along with several witnesses who were out here. philadelphia police say this morning that if it wasn't for that quick-thinking of the witness up the street this could have been a whole lot worse. i'll have more on that part of the story coming up when we see
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you at 4:30. live in north philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc news. on the scene of more breaking news. several people were injured in a fires at a philadelphia high rise apartment building. a live picture here from the scene. our photo journalist on scene there. this is at the four freedoms apartments on morris street in germantown. the fire started around 1:00 on the eighth floor. the fire is under control. medics did have to take several people to the hospital including a woman in her 60s who we're told had burns on more than 60% of her body. we're now working to find out her condition and also any fuse on how this fire may have started. also new from overnight fire damaged several houses in north philadelphia it started at a row home on taylor street after midnight. at least three homes are affected. they were all vacant. no one was injured. investigators are still looking for a cause of that one as well. investigators are trying to
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figure out what caused a chemical spill that forced the evacuation of a rehab center in ocean county. police responded to the crystal lake health care and rehabilitation center in bayville around 10:00 last night. these pictures are from our partners at lakewood scoop. people reported smelling a strong odor when police were called. crews evacuated around 300 people from the building moving them to a nearby facility. no word on what caused the spill. happening today, a judge in lehigh county will decide if a soldier accused of killing his girlfriend's mother will go on trial. 20-year-old kayla barns has a preliminary hearing. police say he stabbed to death a woman outside her home. they say sillvanek was trying to make her daughter break up with barnes stationed at fort meade, maryland. philadelphia police have two teenagers in custody in connection with the murder of a man in overbrook and still looking for a third teen who they believe is the one that pulled the trigger.
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now detectives released his picture yesterday, the young man they're looking for, tyfine hamilton, a 15-year-old freshman at overbrook high. investigators say he and the two other teens were playing basketball last thursday when they decided to rob someone. they say the boys went after 51-year-old james stuhlman walking his dog on woodcrest avenue. >> they pulled the gun op him and he instantly it turned and they said empty your pockets. he probably tried to reach out for them or whatever a slight struggle and ultimately shot him one time. >> police arrested 15-year-old brandon smith charging him as an adult with murder. officers also arrested a 14-year-old on lesser charges. 4:07. time to move on to march madness and villanova is moving on off and running in the ncaa tournament. the wildcats rolling in the first round game against another local team lafayette. nbc 10 keith jones joining us live from pittsburgh.
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keith, first of all in the it interest of transparency we have to remind everyone you are a proud villanova alum. are you run fog a lot of other fans local fans out there? >> yeah. these are two very passionate fan bases. i was a former student manager on the team three years but that is not going to factor into the way i cover the two teams. the game may have been lopsided. both fan bases made their voices heard. i want to show you what happened before the game. take a look at this video. a little if you want to call it frenemy love between the cheerleading squads and mascots. my alma mater villanova's from main line and lafayette from northampton county. we talked to fans who made the trip from across pennsylvania just to watches the big game last night. >> we come from a small school and to be in pittsburgh in this big arena is an awesome experience. >> a ton of people came out, having aed good time and then for me, i actually went to vil know a va like yourself. a nice little home coming get
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to cheer and root and chant. >> and back live quiet console energy center in pittsburgh. home to nova/nc state matchup tomorrow night. our back stage tour of the tournament we'll take you to a pittsburgh institution. we had a really difficult job yesterday, trying to figure out where these fans are going to go today, the villanova fans with nothing to do. the hotel concierge around the city what they're telling fans to go to this one restaurant i'll tell you how it stacks up with the philly institutions the cheesesteak. you won't want to miss that coming up in an hour live in pittsburgh, keith jones, nbc 10 fuse. >> most important question how is your bracket looking after yesterday's beginning of the tournament? >>. >> it's liking okay. ucla helped me out with the big win. they weren't supposed to win that one game. they won that one so that's great. otherwise, it's a complete mess like everyone else's i'm sure. georgia state couldn't have predicted it.
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>> anyone who had iowa state baylor, is hurting this morning. thanks keith. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a complete mess might be a term to use for parts of the area during the day today as snow will be moving in. not everybody is going to see the snow. mix of rain and snow like philadelphia which right now is completely dry. no sign of snowflakes just yet. right now dry and 33 degrees in redding. it is nicely above freezing for now for philadelphia and wilmington but as the snow and rain starts move in, those numbers will come down a notch. some areas at or below freezing. that's where we're going to see accumulation north and west. 95 see in south philadelphia the road doesn't look bad at all. clouds are overhead and we're just waiting for the slow loving system to move in. that's all rain to the south but see where it's running into the colder air and producing some snow in central pennsylvania.
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and it's starting to fall over southwestern chester county right now. a mix of snow and some rain drops too. and that's what we're going to see in our area during the day today. it will likely start as snow for areas north and west, and possibly philadelphia as well. if it doesn't start as primarily snow in philadelphia it will be changing to snow as the day goes on. 7:00 this morning your hour by hour forecast shows a light bit of snow starting that's disrupting the temperatures. the snow will be moving into the area and falling from 10:00 on through this afternoon, but look at the rain coming in. some warm air will be pushing into delaware and south jersey and we may see a period of a rain/snow mix for wilmington philadelphia into the trenton area. but in the colder areas, it's more likely to be snow. and with temperatures potentially above freezing that suggests we're more likely to
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see higher accumulation on grassy surfaces than hard surfaces. but we have snow and rain coming nonetheless. a wet snow and rain will make for some slippery travel at times, a slushy mess is what we may end up with by the end of the day with temperatures in the middle topping out in the middle to upper 30s. a look at how long this is going to stick around and how much you can expect when i come back in ten. a community meeting in philadelphias escalated into a brawl after a controversial decision. that's the confrontation with police sparked by a shooting that left a local man dead. plus suicide or a hate crime. the fbi's next move in mississippi after a black man was found hanging from a tree.
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. we have breaking news out of south philadelphia. minutes ago we learned that one person died in this house fire. sky force 10 over the scene over south warknock street. learning more about the victim and how the person died. investigators are looking for a cause of the fire. we also have new information now about a five carr accident in camden county. route 3 is now back open. a lot of drivers will be happy to hear that this morning. police had to shut down part of the highway while they investigated. sky force 10 over the scene near hayes mill road in winslow township. several were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. and a drunk driver may have caused a crash that killed two people in feasterville bucks county. sky force 10 over that scene late last night on east street road near bustleton avenue. authorities tell us the two
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victims were in one vehicle and the driver of the other car was take continue to the hospital to be tested for possible dui. what started as a community meeting between police and the public turned into a protest over a deadly shooting and ended with ten people getting arrested. protesters tossed chairs and shouted "no justice no peace" at a meeting in lawncrest last night after the district attorney cleared two philadelphia police officers of wrong doing in the shooting death of brannen to tate-brown. police commissioner charles ramsey and d.a. seth williams were at that meeting. >> we found out what the police officers did on december 15th as it related to brandon tate-brown while sad, was not criminal. >> now the police commissioner called the protests embarrassing saying it was the wrong way to start a discussion with the community. police shot tate-brown to death last december after pulling him over in a traffic
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stop. the district attorney showed video clips with police struggling with brown and photos of the gun inside the car he was driving. tate-brown's family members want all of the video released to the public and map to file a -- plan to file a civil lawsuit. one woman was killed another injured in a propane explosion in oklahoma. take a look at the video here. this used to be a duplex just outside of oklahoma city. two children escaped the home. we're working now to learn the injured woman's conditions and get more details about how that explosion happened. today police and the fbi plan to go door to door interviewing people as they investigate the death of a man found hanging from a tree in mississippi. authorities will also conduct an autopsy today to determine if that death is a homicide or a suicide. police found a man's body yesterday hanging from a tree with a bed sheet tied around its neck. family members say the man is 54-year-old otis byrd who went missing on march 2nd.
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new information on the jersey jam bridge schedule. prosecutors issued a subpoena to the port authority of the new york and new jersey. they also interviewed members of the council in fort lee. now governor chris christie has denied any prior knowledge of lane closures on the george washington bridge that caused grid lock for days. critics says the closures were payback after fort lee's mayor refused to endorse christie's re-election bid. happening today the obama administration expected to release new regulations for fracking. hydraulic fracturing involved injecting water sand and chemicals underground to extract natural gas from shell formations, the new measures will set standards for wells and waste water disposal and require companies to report what chemicals they are using in the fracking process. but only drilling on federal land would be covered under this. a former philadelphia traffic court judge will spend 20 months in prison for lying to the fbi.
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a judge sentenced willy singletary yesterday, one of four traffic court judges convicted in the ticket fixing case. prosecutors say the judges fixed tickets for their friends, families and allies. he was acquitted of conspiracy and fraud charges. hundreds of motorcyclists paid tribute to fallen police officer sergeant robert wilson iii. sky force 10 captured this memorial ride in northeast philadelphia. the riders included philadelphia police officers and members of the community. this was a way of showing support for sergeant wilson. his family friends and the fellow officers he left behind. >> what he did was the ultimate sacrifices, it was. it's not just a term you use. he paid the ultimate sacrifice for that community and that's why we're here for them. >> sergeant wilson shot and killed during a robbery at a game stop store in north philadelphia this month. police have charged two men with his murder. happening today, to go along with snow in the first day of
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spring a total eclipse of the sun. you won't get to see it in the philadelphia region. it will sweep from the north atlantic to the arctic circle and north pole and this is a live picture. we can see the eclipse taking place in the islands in the north atlantic. i'll leave bill henley to tell us what those islands are called there. i missed that part. you can just start to see the moon starting to cover up the sun here. help me out. >> the faroe islands. most of europe will see part of the eclipse, partial solar eclipse. it's unusual because it's happening on the vernal equinox the beginning of spring which happens later today. what we're seeing right now is definitely not spring like. we've got wintry conditions that will be moving intoes the area. now clouds have already arrived. late last night, skies were clear, not a cloud in the sky. that has since changedp. 36 in philadelphia. little on the warm side for
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accumulating snow but i do expect to see the temperature come down get colder during the day. in fact, as the snow and rain moves into the area we will see the temperature come down and that will happen this morning. easterly wind at 6 miles an hour not going to be a windy storm system coming through. it's not going to be terribly snowy for most of the area but the higher elevations in the pocono mountains, for example camelback could see half an inch -- excuse me half a foot of snow with this storm. the key for much of the area is going to be the temperature. well philadelphia international is 36 degrees. look at washington township ken net square chester springs, below freezing in the areas. coatesville down to 30 degrees and doylestown is 29. that is cold enough to support accumulating snow. and the first wet weather rain drops and snowflakes are moving into the area. during the day most likely to see rain in central and southern delaware and into south jersey but the colder air is to the north and west and that's where snow is already starting to
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form. this is into western burkes county right now. it will take time before you see the snow flakes at ground level but the radar is picking them up in the upper atmosphere. the future snow shows how slowly this will start. at 10:00, could see half an inch on the ground in philadelphia closer to an inch of accumulation in lancaster and for redding. the snow will continue for much of the day. at 1:00 in the afternoon, that's when an inch on the ground in philadelphia, an inch and a half in redding, and this computer model shows by the evening commute, that's when we'll have a slushy two and a half inches of snow in philadelphia. and this particular model is a bit optimistic on the low side for snow for allentown, redding and lancaster. i expect to see those numbers go higher then it's all out of here by 10:00 this evening when we could see close to 3 inches of snow in philadelphia and i expect to see more north and west. a wet snow and rain will wind up with a slushy mess for
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wilmington philadelphia and trenton, but steadier only snow conditions for areas in the colder zone north and west. if you're making weekend plans it will be dry but foggy to start with on saturday before the temperatures start coming down on sunday. full seven-day forecast in the next half hour. so the evening drive that could be more slippery than the morning one this morning as you get started keep that in mind for your drive home. nbc 10's katy zachry has a look at how things are moving. >> it's good news for drivers making their way out on the roads this morning. we're really free and clear of any major problems. there is for delaware drivers a closure, the 12th street eastbound when you're approaching 495 southbound. part of the ramp the right lane is closed to that ramp until further foe tis. be aware of that if driving in delaware. in new jersey drive times are looking good between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge 5 minutes this time of morning. your area bridges look great. 295 at church street this is right between church street and mount laurel road where very few
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cars on the roadways this morning. no precipitation quite yet. chris? >> new this morning, a potentially devastating delay. next a possible mistake that world health leaders pay have made in the fight against ebola. the tests happening in delaware to try to get the unemployed back to work.
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new this morning evidence the world health organization delayed warning nations about the outbreak. documents show the u.n. agency resisted calling the epidemic an emergency two months after officials first considered the alert. among reasons for the delay, worries of angering the african
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countries involved and interference with the pilgrimage to mecca. some say that delay ma have cost lives since it would have triggered international help sooner. new this morning from our delaware bureau that state is one of ten that will test new strategies to get food stamp recipients back to work. the states will split $200 million in agriculture department grant money and use that money to test ideas like using career coaches, quicker training courses and mental health assistance. those grants will help the usda identify which types of programs work and which don't work to get people jobs. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. dry right now, but not for long. a storm moving in with wet snow and rain for our area. you may need to plan for some extra time especially later today. this evening's commute could be rather slippery. right now 35 degrees at 4:27.
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. nbc 10 breaking news. >> we're following several fuse stories this morning. a shoot-out between police and an armed man with a sawed off shotgun. how an alert citizen may have prevented more violence. >> and more breaking news. we've learned one person has died in the house fire in south philadelphia. working now to find out how the fire started. >> and winter will end op a snowy note. the first alert weather radar tracking snow moving in that will begin it


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