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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  March 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> only 14,000 residents in pierre. could you vote? how did that happen? >> how do you know that? the population of pierre. that's remarkable knowledge. >> top of your head. >> have to stay with park place. those are old-school places. >> all right. pierre, there you go. >> all right. thank you, chris. you're watching nbc 10 news nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> the breaking newsu4 t on the run is in police custody. we are live with the latest. >> we're following this breaking news, a man in jail facing charges after police say he pointed a sawed off shotgun at police in north philadelphia. they fired at him. we'll get the latest on the investigation. >> and in south philadelphia a person is killed in a house fire. we spoke to neighbor who said he thought no one home when this fire started. >> and the last day of spring
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and we're tracking check it out that snow. here's a live look from hagerstown, maryland a reporter getting ready for a report not far from the pennsylvania line. what it looks like on radar, all that green, will be snow messy, find out when it will hit, how much we'll get in your nbc 10 first alert forecast. gom. this is nbc 10 news today. >> i'm vai sikahema. this is the first day of spring. >> starts today but yes. >> okay. let's find out how the first day will treat us right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> we earned the final hours of winter. you will need your winter gear as snow and rain is on the way. what they're seeing in maryland may be what much of the area cease in our region accumulation on grassy surfaces not so much on the roadways. it's cloudy outside and we're waiting for wet snow and rain to begin. it is the first alert weather day. slippery conditions slushy conditions later today especially.
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that's when temperatures will be dropping and most of the storm will be past us at that time. the commute could be challenging for much of the area. not so bad this morning. this is hagerstown maryland the roadways just fine the accumulation on the colder grassy surfaces on the trees. hagerstown showing the snow overhead. that snow is getting started in parts of our area. chester county into lancaster, burkes county and upper montgomery county seeing some snow but in delaware that is rain and it's going to be a rain/snow mix in new castle county and delaware. farther north and west will be snow and that's where we'll see the greater accumulations during the day today. your hour by hour forecast calling for snow and rain getting started at 7:00 this morning. parts of the area will be looking at cloudy skies at that hour. by 9:00 most of the area will be getting some light snow. with the exception being south and east where wit ill be rain and a rain/snow mix at noon time today. wind up with a slushy mess later
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today. hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, katy zachry has a look at first alert traffic. good morning katy. >> good morning, bill. i feel like you, watching the radar this morning. this is the shot of your radar. as we zoom in i'm going to pull a traffic camera out from the downington area. view from route 30 at 340. from what we can see the snow and precipitation is not making it to the roadways yet. it's evaporating before it hits the roadways. i'm watching all of our traffic cameras and as soon as it starts sticking i'll bring that to you. for drivers in north philadelphia taylor street expect delays at montgomery avenue. a fire this morning flared up after an overnight fire in the same area so crews are out there and i believe sky force 10 is headed to that scene. up in germantown good news on morris street closed at lincoln drive right before walnut avenue. but it is clear. we hear from fire officials. >> it's 6:03. to our breaking news a third person is now in custody in the deadly shooting of a man who is
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walking his dog in philadelphia's overbrook section. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at police headquarters in center city getting new information. monique, what have you learned? >> hi tracy. i've been working my sources for the past hour and we have confirmed that 15-year-old tyfine hamilton is here inside police headquarters on the third floor talking to detectives. this is what we've been able to gather from a source. police say they were in this neighborhood this morning preparing to pick him up. they saw his father. he then helped facilitate hamilton's arrest at a different location. investigators say hamilton and his friend 15-year-old brandon smith, chose to rob stuhlman james stuhlman because he appeared old and his dog appeared weak. now he was found shot in the chest. his dog molly by his side in overbrook at 64th and woods crest last thursday night. he was out walking his dog. something his neighbors say he did every night about 8:30.
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now a 14-year-old was also with the teenagers, according to homicide investigators, he is cooperating with police and so fares has not been charged. we're going to stay in touch with detectives and find out where they are in the investigation and the charges that could await the 14-year-old. live for now outside police headquarters monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. breaking news from overnight, philadelphia police arrest a man with a shotgun. an officer fired a shotgun during a chase that happened blocks away from where police sergeant robert wilson iii was gunned down. matt delucia is live in north philadelphia. what's happening with the investigation right now in. >> the officer who fired his weapon is being interviewed by internal affairs. meanwhile, detectives have been spending the night talking with the suspect as well as the witnesses in this case. they saw the 30-year-old man walking around with a gun near 22nd this morning. in the first instance a woman flagged down police at 22nd and
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allegheny. she says she saw a man with a very large gun in his hand. two officers saw the man in front of a barp. they tell the guy to drop the gun but instead police say he pointed the gun at them. one of the officers fired a shot missing the suspect who managed to run in and out of the bar but police did end up finding him about three blocks away. they think the guy may have wanted to rob the bar or settle a dispute that happened earlier in the evening. no one was injured fortunately. live in north philadelphia matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we have breaking news from overseas. police in japan have arrested a man suspected of making death threats against the u.s. ambassador to japan caroline kennedy. the 52-year-old man is accused of calling in the threats to the u.s. embassy in tokyo. the state department says the threats against kennedy are not connected to the recent knife attacks on the u.s. ambassador to south korea. new from overnight we have learned that a house fire in south philadelphia claimed the
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life of a person. sky force 10 was over the scene on south warknock street after 11:00 last night and at that point we had not heard if anyone was hurt but this morning we did learn that a man died. we spoke to a neighbor who thought no one was home when the fire started but learned about the death during the interview. >> yeah. i thought everything was fine. i didn't know. >> nbc 10 was there as investigators continued to examine the home this morning. they do have the area blocked off as they try to determine a cause. several people were hurt in a fire at a high rise apartment building in the germantown section of philadelphia. nbc 10 at the four freedoms apartment building on morris street in germantown. the fire started around 1:00 on the 8th floor. it's under control now, but medics took several to the hospital including a woman in her 60s who suffered burns to 60% of her body. we're working to learn how she and others are doing.
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right now in north philadelphia, row home fire has rekindled and fire crews back on the scene. flames sparked at the house along taylor street after midnight. at least 3 homes are affected all vacant but one firefighter was hurt. we still don't know how badly. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what caused a chemical spill that forced the evacuation of a rehab center in ocean county. these pictures here are from our news partners at the lakewood scoop. people reported smelling a strong odors at the crystal lake health care center in bayville. crews evacuated about 300 people moving residents to a nearby facility. no one was hurt. and now to march madness. villanova is off and running in the ncaa tournament. the wildcats rolleded in their first round game against another local team lafayette out of easton. keith jones joins us live from pittsburgh. what's going on there after that huge villanova victory? those wildcats still out partying, the fans? >> yes.
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thousands of fans for that matter traveled from philadelphia area all the way here to pittsburgh. this arena was rocking last night for most of the fans that were here. it's just a game it's a sporting event, it's fun to attend. well, others though it's more than that. take a look at the video. we're talking about the families of these players, namely the parents. on both sides, not only just my alma mater villanova but lafayette. they describe the anxiety watching their sons in the national spotlight some with dreams of playing in the pros others hoping their sons just enjoy the moment make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before they graduate. >> he's a senior and graduating this year i kind of went back and looked at the little film of him. 18 months old dribbling around the house. i don't think i could have imagined this. >> each time you come to the game there's a lot of anxiety as parents to make sure they get going and ryan individually. >> back live now quiet console energy center home to a nova/nc
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state matchup. when our backstage pass runs in the tournament continues, what we'll be covering for you is what fans will be doing waiting until tomorrow's game. today they have the night off. villanova has a closed practice around 1:30 and then availability with the news will be in there around 3:00 but for fans they're going to take in the sights around here. we'll explore the city with them. live in pittsburgh keith jones, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're tracking snow and rain. this is a view from hagerstown maryland, where the snow is coming down. it's sticking to grassy surfaces. the temperature right now in hagerstown is 33 degrees. one degree above freezing. we are going to see similar conditions in our area. 35 right now in philadelphia. above freezing. not only in philadelphia, but in parts of delaware and south jersey. north and west colder. that's where we're going to see more snow and greater
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accumulation. south and east it is rain. some areas only going to see rain. and for wilmington for philadelphia, trenton it's going to be a rain/snow mix. especially we'll see that greatest accumulations on grassy surfaces but the hard surfaces will wind up with a wet snow too. the roads, the sidewalks, the driveways, just some light snow just getting started in lehigh county. pocono mountains could see half a foot but the rest of the area will see less than that. 10:00 this morning, 37 in philadelphia, that is prime weather for grassy accumulation. colder fofts and west this afternoon and that's when we're going to see more of the slushy slippery conditions but look at the warm air surging at 2:00 in the afternoon maybe for a rain/snow mix likely in philadelphia. it's going to be wet snow and rain. temperatures in the 30s this morning. we'll fall later today, that will make more challenging conditions for the evening commute. the weekend. the first weekend of spring will
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be drying out. could see ice saturday morning but a nice warmup in the afternoon. a chillier day sunday. a look at the forecast for how much snow to expect neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten. >> all right. of course you can count on nbc 10 for the latest forecast and any traffic troubles from today's snowstorm. get advisories and alerts to your smartphone or tablet. our app is a free download at the app store. >> find out if there are traffic troubles just yet at 6:12 as you're heading out the door. >> katy zachry with the details. >> we have a crew in chester county and as i move out you can see this is a shot of the radar and a lot of precipitation has been moving into our area west and north. but as we zoom in this is a picture of route 1 right where i was told in parts of chester county snow is sticking to the surfaces but i was just told by a crew out there that it has since stopped. it looks like over here on some of the pavement and grassy surfaces there might be a little bit of dusting of snow but it's hard to tell with the angle. i'm going to check our other
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cameras throughout the area and take a look in upper montgomery county where we're hearing reports the precipitation is moving in. >> all right. thanks for the update. 6:13. riding for honor. hundreds of philadelphia police officers and community members pay tribute to fallen sergeant robert wilson iii. also what et's in a name. for one school a lot. students at odds with alum.
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we are following breaking news. in the past 30 minutes we have learned the third suspect accused of killing a man walking his dog last week is now in police custody. tyfine hamilton turned himself in overnight. monique braxton is following sources trying to get more information and have a live update at 6:30.
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a rolling tribute hundreds of motorcyclists honored police sergeant robert wilson iii. sky force 10 captured the memorial ride last night in northeast philadelphia. riders included members of the philadelphia police department and the community. and riders told us this is their way of showing support for sergeant wilson for his family and friends and fellow officers left behind. >> what he did was the ultimate sacrifice, it was, not just a term you use. he paid the ultimate sacrifice for that community and that's why we're here. >> sergeant wilson was shot and killed during a robbery at a game stop store in north philadelphia. police have charged two with his murder. a former traffic court judge will spend 20 months in prison for lying to the fbi. a judge sentenced willie singletary yesterday. he is one of four traffic court judges convicted in the city's ticket fixing case. prosecutors say the judges fixed tickets for their friends, family and allies. singletary was acquitted of conspiracy and fraud charges. >> the state of new jersey will
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honor a fallen marine on monday. governor christie has ordered state flags to fly at half staff for captain stanford henry shaw iii. shaw was from somerset county and 31. he was one of the 11 national guardsmen killed in a black hawk helicopter crash last week. the chopper went down in fog off the -- in the waters off of florida's gulf coast during a training mission. there's a heated debate in wilmingtons the school decides to change its long-time mascot. the mascot of the conrad school of sciences has always been the redskins but a group of students and staff is pushing to retire the logo and nickname over concerns they're offensive to native americans. the change moving forward even as some alumni leaders say they've been blindsided by it. >> i don't know where it really stops because that word doesn't mean the same to us. that word means love that word means honor, it means tradition, it means community. >> some alumni are looking for a
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middle ground solution retiring the redskins name but keeping the native american headdress logo. supporters of the change hope to have it complete in time for the next academic year. as predicted the snow is starting to move in depending where you are you might see wet roads. >> katy zachry in the first alert traffic center. >> i'm hearing it's on and off ins chester county. this is a looks at the radar over our traffic maps. as we zoom in i'm going to show you a camera from the downington area along route 340 where you can see it's a grainy picture but what i'm hearing from crews who are out in chester county is that light snow had been falling sticking to the roadways but then it stopped. it's a little bit of off and on. the reason you see precipitation in our radar is because it is very well in our area. it's just evaporateing before it gets to the roadways bill will go into that. a live look not live look but live update for those in the bucks county area. there is a route closure route
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563 closed between north lane and old bethlehem pike. dispatch called us to alert drivers to that and that should be out there the next hour or so. driving on 95 your drive times between naymens and 476 looking good six minutes in both directions. area bridges clear and no reported delays to mass transit. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it is a first alert weather day for snow and rain and some slippery conditions especially later on this morning, a dry view of 30th street station. it's 35 degrees in philadelphia that number is going to be falling during the day and that's going to allow for more accumulation later this afternoon. 95 in south philadelphia that is dry. it's going to be a mix of snow and rain for much of the area including philadelphia. the temperature is the key, look at washington township wrights town at or below freezing potential for slippery conditions there and especially
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north and west where snow accumulation is more likely. coatesville is below freezing. look at redding at 36 degrees. even oxford in southern chester county is a little bit above freezing. just enough to make grassy surfaces more likely to get the accumulation than roadways. upper 30s right now in dover and middletown and that's why i'm expecting to see mainly rain in delaware and south jersey as it stays warmer. go farther north and west that's the colder air, you can see the snow starting in burkes county lancaster into chester county and we watch snow for the last three hours in hagerstown with temperatures just above freezing similar to the conditions that we have set for our area and so this is the view from hagerstown. see the roadways are just fine. there's that grassy accumulation. so, on the grassy surfaces three to six incheses especially north and west but this is where it's going to be colder so we're more likely to see the accumulation also on roadways and sidewalks and driveways. could end up with a slushy 1 to 3 inches for philadelphia.
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the 3 number more likely north and west where it's colder. the 1 is more likely in delaware and south jersey. and farther to the south, less than an inch is likely. it's primarily going to be rain. but it is going to be a wintry end to winter appropriately. spring arrives at 6:45 this evening and the first weekend of spring, is looking a whole lot better. bit of fog, maybe a bit icy tomorrow morning but a nice warmup saturday afternoon. chillier sunday and monday and tuesday will be in the 40s but then a nice warmup wednesday and thursday. >> makes it sound nice, doesn't he? a wintry end to winter. 6:22. a family is overcome with joy after a toddler nearly drowned. >> the wonderful part of the story. another part that will make you ask yourself how is that possible? just ahead how long the toddler went without a pulse. >> and get ready for years of delays and detours. next the stretch of 95 getting a major upgrade.
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good friday morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at your roads as the snow is moving in. live look at route 202 at route 209 in the mall vern area. we are getting reports that snow intermittently has been sticking to the surfaces as bill will show you moving in north and west on the radar but it is not quite making its way to the roads right now. moving on your drive times on 9 95 76 476 looking good. >> tell us what it's going to be like out outside this morning. >> we will see this scene change. live view of boat house row, but the radar shows the rain and snow is moving into the area. you will see accumulation on gassy surfaces north and west.
6:27 am
i'm monique braxton outside police headquarters. police sources tell us they have the third suspect wanted in connection with the shooting death of an overbrook man. after the break we will tell you how they caught him. >> i'm matt delucia live in north philadelphia where a man is accused of pointing a gun at officers in the same area robert wilson iii was killed. details coming back right after the break.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> at 6:30 this friday morning we're following two breaking news stories in the past hour we have learned the suspect accused of killing a dog walker is in police custody and calling sources right now to find out why he turned himself in. a suspect points a shotgun at police. how they finally track down the suspect. and old man winter just won't go away so quietly. there's snow on the way and it
6:31 am
could stick around for several hours. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm trayedy davidson. the snow starting to show up on our cameras. meteorologist bill henley is tracking it. >> we will see a steady snowfall as we go into the later morning and afternoon hours but it's getting started right now. it is a first alert weather day. conditions will deteriorate later today but right now, it looks impressive on the radar. it shows the rain and snow moving into the area. that's rain in delaware and south jersey starting, though to show signs of cooling down in delaware where we'll see a rain/snow mix. 7:00 this morning, 34 degrees. temperatures above freezing will allow grassy surfaces to get snowfall while we may end up with a slushy mess today on the roadways. may take much of the day to see that accumulation happen. so standby for a chilly wan today with temperatures in the 30s. occasional snow and rains this morning and this afternoon coming to an end this evening. we'll go through it hour by hour
6:32 am
with the future weather when i'm back to show you what to expect in your neighborhood. katy zachry is watching for snowflakes on the traffic cameras. >> good morning, bill. you said it best impressive on the radar and i snagged those radars and put it over our traffic maps to show you it is moving into our area as bill said, but unfortunately, i can't show you how it's affecting the roadways because it's not coming down it's evabporateevaporating. live route 100 and our cameras in chester and montgomery county and the lehigh valley and we're not seeing it hit the roadways yet. for drivers in bucks county be aware route 563 is closed between north lane and old bethlehem pike. wires down and crews out there trying to fix that. and for drivers on the 42 freeway between 55 and the walt whitman bridge in both directions about five minutes right now. >> thank you. 6:32. following breaking news, we have confirmed philadelphia police now have a third suspect in
6:33 am
custody in connection with the murder of a man gunned down while walking his dog. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at police headquarters in center city. what have you learned? >> hi tracy. police sources tell us the third suspect right now is on the third floor of police headquarters here and they're talking to him. this is the 15-year-old police say pulled out a handgun announced a robbery and then fired that gun at 51-year-old james stuhlman. the 15-year-old is tyfine hamilton. police say they were in tyfine's neighborhood this morning preparing to pick him up. they saw his father. he helped facilitate the arrest at a different location. investigators tell us hamilton and his friend 15-year-old brandon smith, chose to rob stuhlman because he appeared old and his dog appeared weak. police spent the past week reviewing individual tape. sources tell us they spotted the teens in the area yesterday and arrested them. 14-year-old who witnessed the murder is cooperating with
6:34 am
police and also faces charges. stuhlman was found shot in the chest, his dog molly by his side near 64 and woodcrest thursday night. nothing was taken from him. now we're also talking to investigators about where they are now in the investigation as far as identifying the handgun used. we'll have that for you in 25 minutes. live for now outside police headquarters monique braxton, nbc 10 fuse. >> thank you, monique. this other breaking news from overnight, a man police say was roaming the streets with a shotgun is now under arrest but not without a shot fired during the search for him. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in north philadelphia. matt, this played out near 22nd and fox street not far from where police sergeant robert wilson iii was gunned down. >> absolutely. police describe it as a stressful situation early this morning. let's walk you through what happened. just after 1:00 a woman flagged down police up the road at 22nd and allegheny and says she saw a man with a large gun in his
6:35 am
hand. two officers went down the street and found the man in front of the bar. they tell him to drop the gun. police say he pointed the gun at them. one of the officers fired a shot. now the man was not hit but he tried to escape by running in and out of the bar but police did end up finding him about three blocks away. >> officer wilson was shot and killed just blocks south of this lowcation location, the fact ha a police officer was shot and killed just recently has all police officers on edge. added stress for all police officers when they get a radio call of a person with a gun. >> reporter: especially looking at this particular gun, it was a .12 gauge shotgun. police think that the motive right now that this guy may have had was to rob the bar or get revenge for an earlier argument. fortunately no one was injured in this incident. live in north philadelphia matt delucia, nbc 10 news. it's 6:35. happening today, a judge in
6:36 am
lehigh county will decide if this soldier accused of killing his girlfriend's mother will go on trial. 20-year-old caleb barnes has a preliminary hearing. police say on sunday he stabbed cheryl silvonek outside her home. she said silvonek was trying to make her 14-year-old daughter break up bit barnes stationed at fort meade maryland. happening today a school in wilmington will launch an anti-crime campaign. students and staff at parkway academy north plan to hold a moment of silence in a balloon release to remember victims of violence. the students say the campaign is their way of saying that they're tired of crime and they want to feel safe in a city that news week dubbed murder town usa. >> relief for your rattled car frame. today pot hole patches is expected to wrap up on city aech. they've been resurfacing from the delaware county line to the montgomery county line in lower marion township. that stretch was riddled with
6:37 am
craters that left many vehicles with flat tires. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a waiting game but we are seeing the first rain drops and snowflakes move into the area. it's a first alert weather day for wet snow and rain. much of the area will see the greatest accumulation on grassy surfaces but as the temperatures drop down today a slushy slippery condition even on the roadways. just in time for the evening commute. but then the system will quickly come to an end this evening. right now, clouds over mount pocono tren trenton and wilmington showing on the radar rain and snow moving into the area, so far dry here at the nbc 10 studios. see the clouds overcenter city. those clouds will start producing and it's going to be going on much of the day. that will bring the temperatures down. we'll start to see the 35 degrees drop to the lower 30s. and the temperatures will be staying in the 30s during the day today and colder north and
6:38 am
west. that's where you're more likely to see accumulating snow. the rain in southern delaware that will just stay as rain and in between for new castle county in delaware philadelphia trenton, it's going to be a rain/snow mix. snow is falling in the redding area and into lehigh county the first snowflakes in allentown, pocono mountains potentially could see half a foot of snow. future weather showing by 10:00 most of the area is seeing snow but as the day goes on there's warmer air going to be pushing in so it's a rain/snow mix for parts of the area this afternoon and that's going to keep the snow amounts on the lower side. so wet snow and rain. looking for 1 to 3 inches in the philadelphia area more north and west. 30s this afternoon with easterly winds to 12 miles an hour. spring arrives this evening. the first weekend of spring will be drying out after an icy start on saturday morning with some fog, partly sunny, 53 in the afternoon. chillier on sunday. a look at how much snow it to expect in your area along with
6:39 am
the seven day when i'm back in 10. >> thank you. of course count on nbc 10 for the latest forecast and any traffic troubles from today's snowstormp. get advisories and alerts to your smartphone or tablet or app. free download in the app store. as good as what the app is it can't give you the personal touch that only katy can give you. >> you've been talking with our photo journalist matt reporting light snow falling in westchester. that's one of the places we know it's falling already. >> right. earlier it was not sticking and i'm hearing it's sticking a little bit. i will have a traffic camera in just a minute. first on 95 problems if you're headed northbound. a disabled vehicle between 23 and 25 there is a lane restriction. 501, philadelphia pennsylvania, just is a traffic system that we follow, it tweeted that out. i wanted to get that to you as soon as possible. we were talking about we have a crew in westchester area. let's look at a camera on the ground. see the radar over our traffic
6:40 am
camera very impressive but not really impressive what we're seeing on the roadways. very light snow falling if it is accumulating at all it's a very slight dusting and not hearing any reports that it's causing any issues. vi? >> thank you we'll following breaking news of a case of a dog walker murder. >> my wife for an hour and 41 minutes. >> what some are calling a miracle happened. a toddler came back to life. that's straight ahead.
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at 6:43. philadelphia police have the third suspect in custody accused of killing a man who is walking his dog in overbrook last week. tyfine hamilton turned himself in overnight. nbc 10's monique braxton has been talking with sources how it
6:44 am
happened that involved that teenager's father. more at 6:55. a live look snow is falling in westchester, chester county. the kidnapper is going to be the commute, both going and coming back from work. bill henley will be along with the first alert forecast in few minutes. a philadelphia family suing the tropicana casino in atlantic city for $30 million following what prosecutors call a deadly drunk driving crash. >> get help for my mom. >> those cries were recorded on a cell phone moments after the accident that happened on the atlantic city expressway last summer. two people died including a 4-year-old boy. the family says they were escorted out of the casino hotel for no reason. yesterday, an attorney filed a lawsuit against tropicana for denying the group a hotel room. they feel racial discrimination was a factor. >> to put them out of their hotel room it wasn't right. it wasn't right. okay. you ban them from the casino
6:45 am
floor but you don't kick them out of the hotel in the middle of the night. with a 4-year-old. >> we tried to reach out to officials at tropicana but we've not heard back. the grandmother who was driving the morning of the crash is still facing charges. we have new information op the jersey jam bridge scandal. federal prosecutors issued a subpoena to the port authority of the new york and new jersey. they've interviewed members of the borrow council in fort lee. governor christie denied any prior knowledge of lane closures on the george washington bridge in 2013 that caused gridlock for days. the growing investigation into real estate heir robert durst the fbi is looking into whether he's linked to disappearances of two women back in 1997. police have already charged durst with first-degree murder in the 2000 shooting of susan burman. he is in custody in louisiana waiting to be transferred to los angeles and now the feds are working with local police on cold cases in several cities.
6:46 am
the fbi would not give any details on the widening investigation. >> i know we are doing a number of different things to run down leads, that's the powers of the fbi everywhere in the united states. if local partners need help with the homicide investigation or somewhere else they will ask us to run out the lead in new york or san francisco or some other place. >> this morning durst is in a mental health facility on suicide watch. >> police and the fbi plan to go dor to door interviewing people as they investigate the death of a man found hanging from a tree in mississippi. authorities will conduct an autopsy to determine if the death is a homicide or suicide. police found the man's body yesterday hanging from a tree with a bed sheet tied around his neck. family members say the man is 54-year-old otis byrd who went missing on march 2nd. the depth of homeland security says agents allowed a former terrorists to pass through an airport security line designed to speed up wait times for people not considered a
6:47 am
threat. officials say the man is a convicted felon and a former member of a terrorist organization. he was not registered to use tsa's precheck program. officials issued a classified report to tsa saying it needs to make changes to its precheck vetting and screening. >> new this morning a cafe in sydney is back open three months after gunmen took 18 inside the cafe hostage. a crowd of customers waiting when a lindt cafe owned its doors. the staundsoff in december ened when police stormed inside and killed the hostage taker. two hostages were killed during the standoff. plaques dedicated to the victims are displayed inside the cafe. more than 13 years after the 9/11 attacking medical examiners identified another victim who died when the twin towers if fell in new york city. the city identified matthew yannarell by retesting dna from remains found during the original recovery efforts at
6:48 am
ground zero. yannarell who is from jersey city worked on the 97th floor of the south tower that now brings the total number of positively identified victims in the attack to 1,640. new jersey education officials will review standardized testing to make sure students hang on to their privacy. standardized testing firm is watching social media sites to look for leaked test questions. state education official say they will take a look at the firm's practices. officials said their review will also check the integrity of the tests themselves. they are calling this a medical miracle. here's what happened. doctors revived a toddler who didn't have a pulse for more than 100 minutes. the 22-month-old boy is back in his mom's arms in union county pennsylvania, north of harrisburg. he fell into a creek and drifted downstream where a neighbor found him face down in the water. medical crews air lifted him to the hospital. doctors worked on his lifeless body. he had no pulse and he wasn't breathing on his own.
6:49 am
>> no signs of life for an hour and 41 minutes. >> i just can't thank them enough. we feel very unworthy and very grateful. >> an hour and 41 minutes. doctors say the baby's temperature plummeted to 5 degrees and that actually slowed down all of his functions. when they slowly warmed him up his pulse and heart rate returned. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a first alert weather day for snow and rain a wintry mix as winter comes to an end. right now dry for much of the area but that's going to be changing as the day goes on. cluz over center city very little wind. this is a live view from nbc 10 studios. the temperatures above freezing 35 degrees in philadelphia. this is going to be one of those systems that brings us lots of snow on the frasy surfaces but as long as the temperature is a little bit above freezing the roadways are going to be in pretty good shape. until later today then it gets
6:50 am
colder. westchester snow falling, it's just starting, see a little dusting on the driveway there. this is a view from westchester. meantime in hagerstown maryland hours of snowfall and look at the road. it's just fine. the grassy accumulation. hagerstown starting to see some drying spots where it's going to break up a little bit and it's going to come to an end there before it does here. in our area it's just getting started. that's rain in delaware and south jersey warmer temperatures south and east but it's colder north and west. this is where we're going to see the greater accumulation. look at that patch of steadier snowfall moving through redding right now. moving in to bucks county right now trenton is dry, it's going to be a mix of rain and snow in philadelphia to begin with. so grassy surfaces will see three to six inches north and west but it will be colder for allentown, jim thorpe into the pocono mountains, pottstown and doylestown. won't just be the grassy surfaces that will see accumulation. the roadways too. especially this afternoon.
6:51 am
philadelphia, into delaware and south jersey 1 to 3 inches. the 3 number that's more likely north and west where it's going to be colder. the 1 number farther south and east and you go far enough south and east less than an inch because it is almost all going to be rain in those areas with the system. it's a wintry end to winter with wet snow and rain through the day today, by this evening, it will be moving out. the temperatures 30s will warm up over the weekend after a cold start tomorrow morning. if it's still on the ground it's going to be freezing up tomorrow morning, 29 degrees. add to it fog that can make for some slippery conditions too but 53 in the afternoon. chillier but above freezing for sunday monday tuesday afternoon. then a warmup. that's more spring like for wednesday and thursday afternoon. 57 degrees. >> thank you, bill. a warning for drivers next week. penndot starts construction monday night on a $160 million project to improve i-95. the work will rebuild ramps and
6:52 am
improve connections. i-95 the betsy ross bridge in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. i'm not worried about monday. >> let's worry about getting you to work on this friday morning. katy zachry is watching the roads for us. >> so far so good for drivers in our area. i stole bill's radar and put it on our map so you can see for new jersey and delaware just rain moving in. but for parts of chester county which is where we just zoomed in on there is snow falling, light snow. this is a shot of route 30 right in downingtown and if you look closely at the traffic cameras you can see the light snow blowing on the pavement surfaces there. 511 philadelphia just alerted us that there is a disabled vehicle on 95 northbound between girard and allegheny causing delays there. but not too significant because if you look at the drive times on 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine taking you 20 minutes, 7 minutes longer than taking you to go northbound. i'm nbc 10's monique braxton live outside police headquarters
6:53 am
where the alleged gunman who killed an overbrook man walking his dog thursday night is talking to homicide sdektstives. we'll tell you how he was arrest and update you on the status of the weapon used next. >> i'm matt delucia live in north philadelphia a police officer fired his gun at a man police say pointed a gun at them we'll it tell you how this one ended when nbc 10 news comes right back. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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ú i'm nbc 10's monique braxton live outside police headquarters where the alleged gunman wanted in connection with the murder of a man walking his dog in overbrook is here on the third floor speaking with homicide investigators. take a look at this picture. this is 15-year-old tyfine hamilton. police say he pulled out a
6:57 am
handgun, announced a robbery and then fired at 51-year-old james stuhlman killing him. police were in hamilton's neighborhood this morning preparing to pick him up. they saw his father he helped facilitate hamilton's arrest at a different location. investigators also it tell us hamilton and his buddy 15-year-old brandon smith decided to commit the robbery after a game of basketball. a 14-year-old who witnessed the murder is cooperating with police and may face charges. stuhlman was found shot in the chest near 64th and woodcrest with his dog at his side last week. nothing was taken according to police. now wednesday night police sources tell us they raided a home in west philadelphia they confiscated several guns. right now they are awaiting the results of forensic it tests to determine which one was used in the murder. we'll be following this investigation. live outside police headquarters monique braxton, nbc 10 news. i'm matt delucia live in
6:58 am
north philadelphia where police fired a shot at a man they say pointed a gun at them earlier this morning. this was about 1:00. this got a tip there was a guy with a large gun in his hand and find him outside the bar and the two officers tell him to drop the gun. one cop fired missing the suspect but they got the gun and arrested the man. all happening about three blocks away from where officer wilson was shot and killed three weeks ago. matt delucia nbc 10 news. good friday morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at the roads this morning. snow is moving into parts of chester county. route 202 at 209. look closely you can see the light snow blowing along the pavement. this is a new development we have not seen this in the last half hour so we are seeing snow falling and again, blowing on the pavement as you'll hear from bill. it will be sticking to grassy surfaces as we move on right now, a look at your drive times on 95 76 and 476. slow going on 495 northbound you
6:59 am
may find a lane restriction between exits 23 and 25 girard and allegheny because there's a disabled vehicle and north philadelphia there is fire department activity on taylor street at montgomery avenue. expect delays there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. here's a look at what's parts of the area we'll see. live view from hagerstown maryland snowing for four hours. the roads, driveways are fine it's the grassy surfaces that are seeing the accumulation and westchester, that's a live view. no accumulation on that light but on the parking lot just a dusting throughout just getting started in chester county and the rest of the area. a first alert weather day for wet snow and rain accumulating mostly on grassy surfaces. later today a slushy slippery mix in time for the evening commute on the roadways too. and rain in delaware and south jersey that's going to be mixing with snow in the wilmington area and philadelphia as well.
7:00 am
so good-bye winter. >> yeah. >> happy spring everyone. >> ouch. >> the "today" show is up next. another update in about 25 minutes. good morning. plowing into spring. the new season beginning today with a snowstorm stretching from d.c. all the way up to boston. disturbing delivery. the judge in robert durst's 2003 murder trial speaking out saying she believes he was behind a gruesome package left on her doorstep as authorities look into whether durst could be responsible for unsolved murders in at least six states. devastating consequences. monica lewinsky opening up about her affair with president clinton. >> you can insist on a different ending to your story. >> why she says the scandal is still costing her today. and bracket busters. >> for three -- score! >> shocking upset.


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