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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  March 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> snow is falling across our area now. parts of the poconos could see the most snow from the system as we look at camelback mountain resort in tannersville. and there is wet snow falling through our region. nbc 10 along westchester pike at garrett mill road, willistown township township. not too much on the road. i-95 in south philly. this is from our comcast camera at the wells fargo center. the snow could make driving a little slippery today. so be sure to give yourself extra time to get around. now a check on the snow down the shore. there say live look at cape may.
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people there will see a wintry mix throughout the day. a live look at the radar which shows there is snow coming down. you can call it winter's last laugh as the official start of spring is just a few hours from now. we have live team coverage of this end of winter snow with our first alert team of meteorologists and reporters. let's begin with brittney shipp. >> we are tracking snow moving into our area almost our entire area seeing snowfall. seeing more of a mix and rainfall a little closer to the shore. but here is a look outside of our studios now, rain continues, the snow continues to come down and then rain drops here on our camera. you can see this snow covered lawns there and trees and as we head into the rest of the day, we head into your evening commute, we're going to see snow picking up in intensity. you want to be careful driving as you head out and home from work. rainfall in cape may and most of cape may county.
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here is how it is going to progress as we head into the 1:00 hour snowfall coming down in philadelphia northeast philly allentown, the poconos. and then slowly start to see warmer air work into this system, so we'll see more of a changeover for places like millville with temperatures staying above freezing as we head into the evening hours. this entire system should start to move out closer to 7:00 can 8:00 and then we'll see clearing as we head into your 9:00 hour. we should be pretty much done with this system by 9:00 p.m. but then the next concern will be the possibility of freezing rain. here is your friday timeline, heavier snow from noon to 3:00 p.m. we'll start to see more of rain mixing in. if you're closer to the shore, the southern parts of south jersey, you'll see a wintry mix. we should see all snow for our suburbs in the lehigh valley stretching into the poconos and then the next concern is we start to see the system departing any leftover moisture with temperatures dropping close to freezing will turn into freezing rain. be very careful, slick conditions. what to expect for the rest of
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today. all snow if you're in allentown, reading, the poconos, we expect to see 3 to 6 inches of snowfall. snow to rain stretching out to trenton. if you live in these areas, 1 to 4 inches of snowfall possible. and if you're close terre cape may, stretching up to atlantic city rehoboth beach, rainfall less than 1 inch of snowfall. i'm tracking how long this system will stick around and what else to expect as we push into the weekend coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. our first alert team coverage of the end of winter snow continues now in montgomery county. nbc 10's jesse gary is live along the main line in ardmore. tell us and show us what it looks like in ardmore right now. >> the snow has been falling steadily the past few hours, within the past 20 minutes, the salt lake cities have gotten bigger. seems it is snowing much more heavily. snow is getting on my glasses. let me show you the difference between treated and untreated surfaces. this is holland avenue to lancaster. a plow just went by and spread some salt. you see it is pretty much
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dissipated the snow. melted it right off. you get to an untreated surface, the sidewalk this is where you see the accumulations on the sidewalk. see? this is what you have. this is what is on the sidewalk. that's going to lead to the biggest danger and risk of slipping and falling so you want to be careful of that. let's look at our video, snow the winter's last laugh won't get out of here. the calendar said time for the season to change but this winter will not quit. one more punch to throw our way. falling flakes hours before the official start of spring coated cars surfaces vehicles sidewalks, et cetera. despite the weather, some main line residents decided early on to treat it like first day of spring regardless of conditions. i notice you're wearing shorts. >> yes. i've had it. it is the first day of spring. >> it is going to be spring for you no matter what. >> no matter what. it is. i got my coffee. i'm ready. i had a good run. today sfiftis the first day of spring. >> reporter: dig out your car.
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if you have a vehicle, bring your scraper and your brush because you'll have to do a little bit of this. it is the wet heavy stuff. coming up in 30 minutes, while she is sick of spring one woman says it is not a bad way to say good-bye to winter. we'll talk about that and update conditions in 30 minutes. live in ardmore, montgomery county, jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> jesse just showed us the side roads there on the main line. let's get a check on the rest of the roads with christine maddela. >> things on the majors they are treated, so we are seeing a lot of black top out there. just be careful. a lot of folks are slowing down stacked up along interstate 78 up north of town. and take a look you're going to contend with not only slick roads, some wet precipitation on the roads, and also limited visibility because of the storm that is moving in. just take it easy as you head out on the roads this is 422 in montgomery county. you see most of the snow sticking to the grassy surfaces. and not as much on the actual
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pavement out there, but still, slow down there are speed restrictions in place and just be aware that especially on those rants, overpasses those bridges, those are the areas as normal that typically are iced over quicker. penndot deployed 296 snow trucks on the state highways in philadelphia. if you see any of those trucks out there, give them some room and let them do their job on this first day of spring so they can get these roads cleared and safe for us. vai? >> thank you, christine. count on nbc 10 for the latest forecast and any traffic troubles in today's snowstorm. you can get advisories and alerts right on to your smartphone or tablet. or our a. is app is a free download in the app store. a woman's body is found in a boarding house this morning and police are investigating how she got there. matt dekwlus iselucia is live at the
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scene on spruce street. what have you found out. >> reporter: the crime scene unit has been here for the past couple of hours. they're in that home where this woman's body was found this morning. we're told this is a boarding home. you see the area is taped off. a couple of minutes ago, before we went on the air, we saw that woman's body being brought out of the home. we have seen investigators going in and out of the home on the 5100 block of spruce street taking photos and collecting evidence. here is what we know at this point. philadelphia police tell us just before 7:00 this morning, a woman in her late 30s or early 40s was found dead under a mattress in the dining room. had her body was burned. one of the other residents here found her and at this point police have not made anyway rests. again, another live look out here. police are still out here on the scene. investigators are trying to figure out a number of things, including who this woman is, how she died and if someone did, in fact, kill her, then who. meanwhile, neighbors walking up and down the street here staring at the scene with the same questions. we'll be following this one throughout the day. live in west philadelphia, matt
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delucia nbc 10 news. this morning philadelphia police have a third suspect in custody accused in the murder of a man who was gunned down while walking his dog. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in overbrook. you've been following this investigation all morning long. what have you learned? >> reporter: yes, vai. we have been following the investigation for several hours now and police tell us although they believe they have the three teens responsible for killing james stuhlman, right here near this fire hydrant where you see the stuffed animal they also tell us their investigation is far from over. now, a short time ago, our camera was rolling when detectives searched one of the places 15-year-old tyfine hamilton lived. we found him in 29the 2100 block of wanamaker. police sources say they're looking for the deadly weapon. it is being described as a
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revolver. a woman who answered the door told us she's hamilton's stepmother and she's sorry. police sources also say his father helped facilitate hamilton's arrest overnight. we spoke with commissioner ramsey about that. >> this child murdered someone. and i would hope that a parent would step up and take their kid in so they can be you know dealt with accordingly. >> reporter: investigators also tell us hamilton and his friend 15-year-old brandon smith, chose to rob stuhlman because he appeared old and his dog appear appeared weak. a 14-year-old who witnessed the murder is cooperating with police and faces charges. back out here live now, stuhlman was found shot near this hydrant in the chest. his dog molly was right beside him. stuhlman was still holding his leash. he also had a flashlight. although nothing was taken, investigators say they're still charging the suspects with robbery. we're going to touch base again
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with our sources and let you know what they have to say at 11:30. live for now in overbrook, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. police are investigating a home invasion in bustleton. on the scene at murray street. investigators say intruders attacked an elderly couple with pepper spray. police are looking for two men who ran off with a number of items from that home. and philadelphia police arrest a man with a shotgun and an officer fired a shot during the chase. this all happened in north philadelphia, just blocks away from where police sergeant robert wilson iii was shot and killed. just after 1:00 a woman flagged down officers near 22nd and allegheny about a man walking with a large gun. police spotted him and told him to drop the weapon. instead, police say he pointed the gun at them. one of the officers fired a shot and missed the suspect. they caught him three blocks away. internal affairs is interviewing the officer who fired his gun.
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v for villanova, v for victory. nova nation is celebrating after the wildcats win against lafayette in pittsburgh last night. >> day after, no cars around me making matters worse for fans who traveled from the delaware valley, the snow that is falling right now. what they're up to here in the steel city in just a few minutes. and we continue our coverage this end of winter snow today, this is video just in from merchant street in camden county. i'm tracking along the snow and the snow and rain mix will stick around. plus your weekend forecast all coming up right after the break.
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one person was killed overnight in a house fire in south philadelphia. skyforce10 was over the scene on south warnock street after 11:00 last night. at that point, we hadn't heard if anyone was hurt but this morning we learned a man did die. we spoke to a neighbor who thought no one was home when the fire started, but learned about the death during the interview. take a listen. >> yeah. i thought everything was fine. i didn't know. >> nbc 10 was there as investigators continue to examine the home this morning. they have the area blocked off as they try to determine what caused the fire. and several people were hurt in a fire at a high rise apartment building in the germantown section of philadelphia. nbc 10 at the four freedoms apartment building on morris
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street. this fire started around 1:00 on the eighth floor. it did -- they did get it under control, medics took several people to the hospital including a woman in her 60s who suffered burns to 60% of her body. we are working to learn how she and the others are doing. and fire damaged several homes in south and north philadelphia. this started in a row home on taylor street after midnight. three homes are affected. they were all vacant. no one was hurt. investigators are looking for a cause. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a chemical spill that forced the evacuation of a rehab center in ocean county. these pictures are from our news partners at the lakewood scoop. people reported smelling a strong odor at the crystal lake health care center last night. crews evacuated around 300 people moving residents to a nearby facility. no one was hurt. drunk driver may have caused a crash that killed two people in feasterville bucks county. skyforce10 over the scene late
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last night at east street road near bustleton avenue. authorities tell us the two victims were in one vehicle and the driver of the other car was taken to the hospital to be tested for a possible dui. a rolling tribute, hundreds of motorcyclists honor fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. skyforce10 captured the memorial ride in northeast philadelphia. riders included members of the philadelphia police department. and the community. riders told us this was their way of showing support for sergeant wilson. the family and friends and fellow officers he left behind. >> what he did was the ultimate sacrifice. it really was. it is not just a term you use, he paid the ultimate sacrifice for that community. >> sergeant wilson was shot and killed two weeks ago during a robbery at a game stop store in north philadelphia. police charged two men with his murder. and today, pothole patching is expected to wrap up along a
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busy stretch of road across the area. this week penndot crews have been resurfacing route 1, which is city avenue. the patch work stretches from the delaware county line and haverford township to lower merion township in montgomery county. meantime penndot starts construction monday on a $160 million project to improve i-95 in philadelphia. the work will rebuild ramps and improve connections to i-95 the betsy ross bridge and aramingo avenue in port richmond. and now to march madness, villanova is off and running and the ncaa tournament. the wildcats rolled in their first round game against another local team. lafayette out of easton p.a. keith jones joins us live from pittsburgh. keith, tell us what's going on there. >> reporter: as you can see, we're dealing with the snowflakes falling here in the steel city. it is causing people villanova fans lafayette fans who have the day off today to change their plans, or alter them.
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before we do anything else i want to show you the scene here behind us. the parking lot here completely empty. and beyond that, the consol energy center that place was mobbed out front. today, not a soul in sight. those interested in the game. look at this video. we caught many lafayette fans packing up and leaving their hotel for the morning, also driving the five hours back to easton northampton county. the villanova fans are getting out to explore pittsburgh. the duquesne incline south of the city and preimanti brothers. regardless of the outcome, the fans are proud of their teams. >> it was a great drive over. bunch of guys got in the car, headed over. we knew that these guys need our support. we're here to support them no matter what happens. and despite the losses happy for the guys making it here. >> had the day off, just hanging out in pittsburgh you know seeing what the city is about,
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good city. come from philly. big rivals but, you know good city. >> reporter: 300 days of gray as photographers like to call it the clouds the fog, settling over the city on this day off for the ncaa tournament. the snow isn't collecting on the ground, but fans are staying closer to their hotels. no alumni events have been canceled up to this point. reporting live in pittsburgh keith jones, nbc 10 news. they'll take on nc state on saturday. and then louisville uva down the stretch. continuing coverage of the march madness action from our partners at csn philly on the nbc 10 app and at now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. it is a snowy friday for us as we wind down the final hours of winter. we're tracking snow and rain. it all depends where you are, but everyone is going to see
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slippery travel especially as we head into your evening commute. good news is i'm tracking a dry weekend and warmer weekend with temperatures warming almost 20 degrees from this time today versus what will be tomorrow. a live look outside now, can barely make out the comcast center with all the fog and all the snow coming down. it is coming down at a moderate rate and that's why we're not really seeing a whole lot with our cameras. for philadelphia snow coming down, 33 degrees, humidity is up windchill at 25 that's what it feels like when you step outside. wind speeds out of the east at 10 miles per hour. we'll see the snow and more of a wintry mix coming down. rainfall closer to the shore. right now radar shows us where all the snowfall is and you see a look outside of our studio here, snow is coming down at a good clip accumulating on the grassy surfaces but not so much on our roadways which is good for your monday -- or your friday commute heading into lunch time hour. your radar shot shows that we're starting to see a little more rain mixing in closer to
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wilmington near washington and as we head into the rest of today, we'll continue to see warmer air mixing in. so you'll notice more rain heading to the north as we push into the rest of the afternoon. but cape may courthouse, cape may, all seeing rainfall now about an hour ago we were seeing more snowfall. so if you live closer to the lehigh valley poconos, all snow coming down and you live closer to philadelphia, we're going to see more of a transition period as we head into the rest of the afternoon. we'll see rain mixing in with the snow. if you're closer to the shore, you're going to see more rainfall throughout today. between 3:00 and 6:00, more of a transition. you'll notice mainly rainfall for atlantic city and still all snowfall for the poconos, lehigh valley and most of our suburb locations. the entire system will start to transition out of here closer to 9:00 p.m. and then we'll be dealing with the possibility of freezing rain. be very careful driving at least through 10:00 p.m. tonight and then we'll start to see our concern going down. but our visibility shows that
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heavy snow is coming down to mount pocono. visibility decreases to a quarter of a mile. same thing in allentown. half a mile in reading. down to one mile in wilmington. one mile in philadelphia. and down to about four miles in millville. what to expect as we head to the rest of today. all snow again if you live in the northern parts of montgomery bucks county lehigh and the poconos. we'll see our higher snowfall accumulations in those areas, 3 to 6 inches of snow expected. closer to norristown, philadelphia, trenton, this is more snow and then rain mixing in. so we're going to see our snowfall amounts going down a bit from the poconos. we expect to see 1 to 4 inches. parts of camden county picking up 2 1/2 inches of snowfall. we could see more than that 4 inch mark. mainly rain for cape may stretching up to atlantic city. less than one inch of snow expected for us. and it is still going to be a first alert weather day, at least until 8:00 p.m. for the slushy snow, leading to a slick, evening rush and then freezing
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rain is expected tonight as our temperatures get closer to freezing. we're mainly close to freezing right now. 23 degrees for the poconos, le. as we progress, most of our locations, especially for philadelphia at 32 degrees. and that's just as that system is moving out. so the possibility of whatever leftover moisture we have freezing on the roads, be very careful. as far as today concerned, a range between 33 and 38 degrees. wet snow and rain. seven-day forecast it gets better as we head to the weekend. 53 degrees to kick off your weekend. by sunday 46. celebrating the miracle of life. a life that was almost lost. >> for an hour and 41 minutes. >> the amazing story of how this pennsylvania toddler came back to life is still ahead.
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nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now?
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they're calling it a medical miracle. doctors revived a toddler who did not have a pulse for more than 100 minutes. he's back in his mother's arms in union county pennsylvania north of harrisburg. he fell no ainto a creek and drifted downstream where a neighbor found him facedown in the water. he was airlifted to a hospital where doctors worked on his lifeless body. with having no pulse, he also wasn't breathing on his own. >> no signs of life for an hour and 41 minutes. >> i just can't thank them enough. we feel very unworthy and very
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grateful. >> doctors say the baby's temperature plummet to 75 degrees and that slowed down all of his functions, giving him a chance at survival. when they warmed him up his pulse and heart rate returned. when you thought winter was finally over mother nature apparently has a sense of humor. snow is falling across our area this morning and could impact the evening rush. a live look at ardmore where it is coming down. our live coverage continues just ahead. plus monopoly makeover the u.s. cities that will appear on the newest edition of the popular board game.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> sure sign of spring isn't here just yet. snowfall this morning across our
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area and your neighborhood could see a good share of it as we go through the day. driving shot this morning from smith bridge road and glen mills, delaware county. driving could be tricky today with the snow and the slush. here is a live look at market street and center city dark out there. also want to watch your steps on the sidewalks. and that's one way to keep the snow off, umbrella out there, just a little while ago at 7th street and arch in center city. we found other people with their hoods up to keep the snowflakes away. not a great day to be on the roads. here is what it looked like along the atlantic city expressway monroe township in gloucester county. you can see how wet the road is there and there is snow off to the side of the road. live look at the radar shows where the heaviest snow is coming down right now. and we have live team coverage of this end of winter snow with our first alert team of meteorologists. and reporters. let's begin with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we're watching the snow and
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the rain move through our area. and it is going to continue all day. we have our fist alert issued until 8:00 p.m. tonight. you see the heavier snow bands moving in now, to parts of philadelphia. and most of burlington county north of atlantic city. you're also seeing a little bit of rain mixed in with the snow as well. if we take a live look outside of our studio you see how much the snow is coming down. coming down at a good clip and it is mainly accumulating there in our grassy surfaces. not so much on the roads. that's good for your morning commute and heading out to lunch. by the evening, you'll see heavier snowfall amounts coming down. be careful as you head into the rest of today. and even once the storm system starts to depart the concern will be freezing rain. if we take a closer look now at our radar shot, it is showing us we're seeing a little bit more of the rain mixing in near northern parts of delaware and cape may county stretching out, and that will be the trend as we head into the rest of today. depends where you live. if you're closer to the poconos,
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lehigh valley that's all snowfall coming down. you can see the blue and the purple that's mainly snow. we start to see the pink line more of a transition there with rain mixing into the snow. and that's going to affect wilmington stretching out to philadelphia, mount holly, out to toms river and you'll notice between 3:00 to 6:00 more rain warmer air mixing in with the system. so we're going to see more of a transition. mainly green for atlantic city stretching out to cape may and that's mainly rainfall that is going to be coming down with this system. you'll notice most of it moving out, 8:00 9:00. then we could see a little bit of drizzle and because our temperatures you'll notice are close to freezing or below freezing, if we get drizzle coming down with the temperatures very cold we could see a little bit of freezing drizzle and slippery icy spots on the roadways. be very careful at least until 8:00, 9:00. timeline, noon to 3:00 p.m. heavier snow expected for us. by 3:00 to 6:00 more of a transition with snow still coming down in our suburbs, lehigh valley poconos. philadelphia, more rain mixing
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in. closer to the shore, you'll see rainfall. as the system starts to taper off, we could see more leftover moisture, rain coming down and freezing rain with our temperatures so low. what to expect, all snowfall closer to the suburbs, lehigh valley and poconos, 3 to 6 inches, all snow coming down. snow to rain for philadelphia norristown trenton, millville. snow totals closer to 1 to 4 inches. and then closer to the shore we're already seeing rainfall. less than 1 inch of snow expected for us. i'm tracking exactly when the system moves out. i'll let you know the details in the full forecast. >> thank you, brittney. ardmore, montgomery county where jesse gary is monitoring the end of winter snow. looks like it is just as steady as it was half an hour ago when we last checked in. >> that's true. the wind is kicking up a bit. that makes it feel colder. i said the snow is still coming down. you see it is slushy here in the streets. this is the corner holland avenue, near lancaster. slushy here. but you have to pay attention to
11:35 am
walkways and stairs like this we have here. this is where you have the biggest amount of accumulation and the biggest and best chance for slipping and falling because that's very slick. look at our video, short time ago, we caught some plows out and about on the mainline in montgomery county they're salting -- or pushing what is sticking to the street and salting what is left behind. the calendar may say it is time for the season to change but winter is not letting go. one more punch our way today. we talked to one university city woman who says this is a nice way, she did say this a nice way to say good-bye to winter. >> i'm glad that it is doing one more round. i don't know. it looks pretty and it is not sticking and it just looks nice. i'm okay with it. >> really? >> as long as it doesn't stick, i'm not sick of it. >> i bet that pooch is sick of it. he's wearing a parka on the first day of spring. nobody is going to be laughing tonight, though because i'll
11:36 am
tell you what all the snow and slush that is on the roads now, likely to refreeze when the temperatures drop. you heard brittney talk about that. stay tuned to our weather team all day long, have your mobile app fired up to track the conditions. live in ardmore, montgomery county, jesse gary nbc 10 news. for those of you that have to get around this mess check on the roads with christine maddela. >> we have seen several accidents out there. and good bet is that many of them are weather related. now, look at this camera here you can barely even see through it. there was an accident out here on route 202 at paoli. look at this limited visibility. that accident has cleared. take a look outside, and this is a good indication of what you're going to encounter. not only are there slick road conditions and slushy wet or possibly icy in some areas on untreated roads. on the road surfaces but you're also dealing with limited visibility as you head out and about today. be careful. give yourself extra time. in some areas we're starting to
11:37 am
see some snow stick to road surfaces, especially on the ramps, the bridges, overpasses things like that. be careful as you head out today. take a look this is our map where you see the radar, you see where all of that snow is covering our area and some of the slowdowns, we're seeing some red here on the blue routes slowing down on the blue route a little bit on the pennsylvania turnpike. and the schuylkill expressway out here. so as you head out, just be aware that -- keep your distance from cars and just give yourself extra time because the road conditions are a little bit tough out there. this is interstate 95 and you can see there is not a lot of traffic out there, no major delays. but it is just the weather. whenever there is severe weather it could be treacherous on the roads. >> thank you, christine. you can count on nbc 10 for latest forecast and any traffic troubles from today's snowstorm. get advisories as well as alerts right to your smartphone or tablet. our app is a free download and you find it in the app store. there are new developments this morning in the murder of a
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man who was shot and killed while walking his dog in philadelphia's overbrook section where nbc 10's monique braxton is live now. you've been following this investigation. tell us about the third suspect and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. >> reporter: hi, vai. from what we're told by police his father facilitated the arrest and before all three were taken into custody, investigators spent the past week working around the clock, collecting surveillance videotape from just about every place they could near this crime scene. now, right now they're out in the neighborhood gathering evidence. a few hours ago, we were in the 2100 block where detectives searched one of the places 15-year-old tyfine hamilton lived. sources tell us police believe he fired the handgun that killed 51-year-old james stuhlman as he walked his dog. molly. now police sources tell us they're looking for that deadly weapon at this hour. a woman who answered the door at the home told us she is
11:39 am
hamilton's stepmom. she also told us she's sorry. police sources say his father helped bring him in commissioner ramsey reacted to that. >> how much money can you possibly have walking your dog? anybody that has a dog knows at most you got your keys with you. but you're walking your dog. so what are you going to get from something like that? it is just stupid. in addition to being vicious. >> reporter: investigators tell us hamilton and his friend 15-year-old brandon smith chose to rob stuhlman because they thought they could get away with it. a 14-year-old who was with smith and hamilton witnessed the murder and is cooperating with police. now, back out here live now, this is definitely an investigation we're going to be following as soon as they collect more evidence from several of the places they're searching this morning, you'll know it. live for now from overbrook, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. one woman was killed and another injured in the propane explosion in oklahoma. take a look at this.
11:40 am
this used to be a duplex outside of oklahoma city. two children managed to escape this home we're working to learn the injured woman's condition and get more details on this explosion. a cafe in sydney australia, is back open three months after gunman took 18 people inside that cafe hostage. the standoff at lindt cafe ended when police stormed and killed the hostage taker back in december. two hostages were killed during the standoff. plaques dedicated to the victims are displayed inside cat fay. the state of new jersey will honor a fallen marine on monday. governor chris christie ordered state flags to fly at half-staff for captain stanford henry shaw iii. shaw was from basking ridge in somerset county. shaw was 31 years old. captain shaw was one of 11 national guardsmen killed in a blackhawk helicopter crash that happened last week. the chopper went down in the waters off of florida's gulf coast during a training mission.
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and today, first lady michelle obama is wrapping up a three-day visit to japan. she visited a popular tourist spot there. a temple in the country's ancient capital of kyoto where she watched a traditional theater performance, the first lady's first trip to japan. she heads to cambodia next. a makeover for monopoly. this fall 20 american cities will have spots in the u.s. edition of monopoly here and now. those cities will replace the names and original 1935 game which were names of street in atlantic city. hasbro held a contest where fans got to vote for the city they wanted to see in the game. get this pier south dakota received the most votes to win the top space, the boardwalk spot. up next beauty redefined. meet twin sisters who don't just have their genes in common i'll talk to them about their mission to inspire girls and women everywhere to love their bodies
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no matter what they'reir size. in the final hours of winter, i'm tracking snow moving through the area. i'll let you know how long it will stick around coming up in my full forecast.
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we just found out there are significant delays and some canceled flights at philadelphia international airport because of low visibility. all because of the snow. to check on the status of your flight, be sure to check your airline. you can call 1-800-phl-gate. the french government is
11:45 am
likely to approve a bill that banz bans excessively thin fashion models on a catwalk in an advertising campaign. models would have to present medical certificates showing that they have a body mass index or bmi of at least 18 before being hired for a job. that would be about 121 pounds for a woman who is 5'7". agencies and fashion houses who hire models under that bmi would be fined and the agents could be sent to jail. italy, spain and israel already have similar laws. and that takes us to this story. thin is in. nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. you can never be too rich or too thin. phrases you may have heard or used yourself but also ones that are potentially destructive. our next guest wants you to redefine your idea of what it means to be beautiful.
11:46 am
you're developing positive body images and moving beyond body shame. i should call you dr. kite. >> we'll take that. >> you're identical twins with ph.d.s which i think is fascinating. tell us about your research because you did a media and body imaging. >> we did. we did separate dissertations the last ten years we have been in school. but we studied the ways media affects our perceptions of reality and beauty. we know that girls and women, more than ever before are really consumed with their looks. from the roots in their hair to the toenails and every inch of them in between. we know that media exacerbates that problem. >> what are you hearing from the young women and the girls you speak to? >> we know that young women are really consumed by these ideals that they have seen in media. this ideal has become more and more narrow over time.
11:47 am
they're holding themselves to the same ideals they're seeing replicated over and over in their favorite tv shows and social media. we see girls trying to replicate the same ideals and holding themselves to the standards of beauty we see in popular media. >> how does it move into the destructive area? cutting? what are the signs? the kind of things that -- where it manifest itself? >> disordered eating is at an all time high. cutting and all forms of self-harm, especially for young women, at an all time high. depression anxiety, body shame, are all completely concurrent with this. this generation we live in where media is all consuming. it is around us every minute of the day, for so many of us. and so at beauty redefined, through online activism and speaking engagements and soon the world will be in australia and the fall we talk to people about how to recognize and reject harmful media ideals to get to a better happier, healthier, more empowering place. >> we saw a story we read before you guys came on about what
11:48 am
france is doing about it. in general, do you see the media now, even though you know they assisted in this situation, you both know but are they helping now. are they beginning to see the light? >> we see a little bit of both. as things are getting worse and beauty ideals changed into something so unobtainable we see a backlash. we see people pushing back against the ideals. there is a groundswell of change that is happening. with he see that some media are taking a more ethical stance and trying to represent women more representative of what women really look like in real life. we're seeing more diversity being represented. >> that seems to be much more popular these days seeing real women. >> we don't love that phrase, real women. >> why? >> all women are real. no matter if you fit the ideals the beauty ideals or if you don't. what we like to point out is that we're more than bodies. we have to fix body image not by telling women they're beautiful and they need to realize it but by convincing them they are more
11:49 am
than beautiful. and when we get to a place where we can convince girls and women they are more than an ornament for the world to look at that their bodies are instruments that they have things to do with their lives, we get to some place so much better. >> you guys are terrific. doctors, lexi and lindsey, i've forgotten which one is which. for more information on beauty redefined, go to our website,, with the nbc 10 mobile app and link there provided for those who want to find out a little bit more. thank you very much, ladies. appreciate you coming in today. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. tracking snow and the final hours of winter. spring officially starts into the evening. we have a mix of snow and rain. for travels expected all day, but especially over your evening commute, and even as we start to see the system moving out, we're dealing with the possibility of freezing rain. be very careful, at least
11:50 am
through 9:00 p.m. dry weekend on tap for us which is nice. we'll see our temperatures recovering. i'll go over that in seven-day forecast. look outside now, can barely make out the comcast center you see how foggy it is and we're seeing snow coming down at a good clip there in center city and outside of the city right now. snow coming down 33 degrees with the windchill at 24. wind speeds sustained out of the east at 11 miles per hour. you see through our radar here we're seeing moderate snowfall coming down near allentown where we start to see the darker blues there, stretching into philadelphia. just to the south of burlington county, all dealing with a moderate snowfall. we're starting to see a little bit of rain mix in with the snow closer to the shore and there is a live look outside of our studio. you can see the snow is mainly accumulating on our grassy surfaces, not so much on the roads. we still expect slick conditions so be very careful throughout the day. radar shot showing we're seeing a little bit more of that rain pushing closer to philadelphia, but mainly confined to cape may
11:51 am
county and to the south of atlantic city. where we're starting to see again, that rain transition up towards the north. heading into the next few hours here especially between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. that's when we'll see most of the transition between the snow and the rain. but that's only for philadelphia and those points south. if you live closer to our suburb locations, doylestown pottstown, lehigh valley allentown, poconos, we're going to see snowfall with this system as we head into the next couple of hours. you'll notice more of that transition between 3:00 to 6:00 for philadelphia stretching out to mount holly and atlantic city cape may, mainly expected to see rainfall. we already saw a little bit of snow come down with this system. heavy snow for the poconos, we're seeing visibility down to about half a mile a quarter of a mile in allentown, half a mile in pottstown. visibility decreased to four miles in millville, 3/4 in philadelphia and 1/4 in northeast philly. i'm adding up the snowfall totals for you. sicklerville, 2.5 inches of snow
11:52 am
already. west chest, philadelphia one inch. and for the northern parts of delaware half an inch of snow is already accumulated. so here is how it is going to break down. what you can expect closer to allentown and reading, all snow with this system. so that's 3 to 6 inches of snowfall closer to philadelphia. norristown, trenton, snow to rain. i showed you when the rain is going to mix in with the snow between the hours of 3:00 to 6:00. our snowfall totals will be less than the areas seeing all snow 1 to 4 inches of snowfall expected. and then mainly rain for the central and southern parts of delaware, cape may, pushing up to atlantic city. so not as impressive with our snowfall totals less than 1 inch and probably just a coating on the grassy surfaces with most of the temperatures in those areas staying just above freezing. first alert weather day, in effect until 8:00 p.m. for the slushy snow the slick evening commute and freezing rain a possibility as we head into the rest of tonight. the reason why is our temperatures, we're keeping a close eye on the temperatures
11:53 am
which are pretty close to freezing now. as we head into the rest of the evening, even when the system starts to depart closer to 8:00, 9:00 you'll notice we're below freezing in trenton, below freezing for philadelphia and the concern will then be freezing rain whatever leftover moisture we have freezing on our surfaces and parking lots. just be very careful. for today, temperatures range between 33 and 38 degrees. wet snow and rain mixing in. rain confined to the shore. seven-day forecast is warmer temperatures and dry weekend which will be a nice way to officially welcome in spring heading into monday. back down to the 40s and warmer temperatures by next wednesday. a personal note this morning, a former member of our team deryl borden has passed away. he was with nbc for more than ten years. he produced this very show a few years ago. few people could make you laugh like deryl did. nobody did a better tom brokaw imitation than deryl.
11:54 am
he was battling cancer at the time of his death. our thoughts are with his wife kimberly and two sons. deryl borden was 56 years old.
11:55 am
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for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement. hurry - call 1.888.410.4404 today, so your business doesn't have to settle for half-fast internet. get fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month and your last chance for a $200 bonus. get a firm price quote of your total monthly charges upfront and in writing so there are no surprises. upgrade today and see why verizon is ranked highest in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. call now it's your last chance. this offer ends march twenty-first. all right, brittney shipp here with a final check of the weather. >> final hours of winter we're tracking rain and mainly snow
11:57 am
for most of our area. this is going to continue throughout the day. so be very careful. >> all right thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for brittney shipp, all of us at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> will: we have a lot to talk about. >> sonny: yeah. let's begin with this. what the hell is all this? first you sleep with paul, now you're obsessed with him? >> will: obsessed? seriously? >> sonny: then what would you call it, will? >> will: you've got this all wrong, sonny. >> sonny: then--then, wh-- >> will: i just want paul narita out of both of our lives. >> melanie: hey, brady, it's me. hope you're feeling better. i know you didn't want anybody to know about what happened, but i hope you're resting like you said you would, and i'll know if you're cheating, 'cause i have spies. um...[giggles] i'll call you later, and i do, i hope you're feeling better. eric! hi! >> eric: melanie. hey, what's up?


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