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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on the atlantic city expressway at 3:00 this afternoon. new jersey state police tweeting out more than 130 crashes have been reported since the snow got under way. >> the snow has been falling all day as the last hours of winter tick away. nbc10 cameras were in germantown as the flakes fell steadily. >> a look at conditions on i-295 south in mt. laurel burlington county. traffic moving along at a crawl. >> the first flakes began falling this morning and the winter weather continues. here's a look at nbc10 first alert radar. >> first alert weather team tracking the snow with temperatures hovering near the freezing mark. let's get right to nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the snow is winding down in parts of the area. the flakes are getting smaller. you can see i-95 more clearly. the snow is accumulating at the parking lots but not on i-95 itself. we do have a first alert continuing through the night.
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even if the snow stops, that slushy snow we may have some freezing drizzle as we go through the night. there's going to be a lot of moisture just sitting around possibly creating icy spots for early saturday. of course, the sun will take care of that very quickly, so you can just wake up later. you can see the back edge of this. this is six hours' worth. it's been moving very steadily. there's no doubt that it is over in lancaster county. most of berks county, over. parts of the lehigh valley and poconos, over. but nowhere near over in burlington county and atlantic county and ocean county. you can see some of the rain spreading up to the north. also some sleet. look at the back edge here coming into chester county now. getting the last burst. look at this rain/snow line. it's moving to the north, so it
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may actually turn to rain in philadelphia and wilmington over the -- in the next hour or so. that means the temperatures are even more critical. meteorologist brittney shipp has more on that. >> that's right. we were close to that freezing mark that threshold throughout most of our area. look at pottstown, 33 degrees. 33 in philadelphia. 33 in wilmington. as we zoom you in closer roxborough at 34. temperatures are at 33 degrees in south philly. we're going to keep a close eye on these temperatures. as we head through the next couple of hours, even overnight hours. red lion at 32. again, you can see throughout all these counties even when we head to chester county swedes borrow, 33 degrees. we're very close, within a few degrees of the freezing mark. when we see the leftover moisture from the snow even as it departs, the next concern is going to be freezele drizzle heading into the rest of the night. that's going to create slick
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spots on your parking lots on your side streets. you want to be very careful walking and commuting home. a closer look at our future weather shows for this particular region wilmington stretching out to philadelphia and mt. holly we'll continue to see rain working into the system. and then also the system tapering off closer to 8 p.m. but the concern for the freezing drizzle is really going to continue overnight tonight into early morning hours on saturday. let's check out the evening commute, what it's doing on the roads. >> christine maddela is watching hundreds of cameras in the first alert traffic system. >> we've seen hundreds of accidents throughout the day. now with the afternoon rush hour and volume on the roads, that issue has compounded the accidents we're seeing look like this. cars run off the road into the snow. be careful as you head out there, even though you may see blacktop and the roads could just look wet. there are definitely slick spots. we've seen accidents throughout our area. this is along interstate 80 at the pocono interchange. and the situation has improved
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there as cars moved the majority of that accident out of the way. things are stacked up on the schuylkill expressway. an earlier disabled accident is causing problems out there. snow is still falling. watch out for limited visibility as you drive home on this friday afternoon. take a look at the pennsylvania turnpike. an accident slowing some things down on portions of the pennsylvania turnpike westbound. 31, 33 is your drive time between valley forge and route 1. snow winter weather could impact the evening commute for a while now. >> it can. nbc10's jesse gary is live in center city where it really is a slow go out there. jesse, describe things where you are. it's coming down steadily. >> reporter: steadily all day, heavy, wet flakes and that's adding to the slushy mess that's on the sidewalks here. this is all slush. it's heavy and thick. you heard glenn talk about the ice coming tonight. a difficult reminder that no matter what the calendar or
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clock may say, it's still not spring. >> it's sad this is the first day of spring. >> reporter: jerry logan may have had help clearing his mini but what he really wanted was heat from warmer weather. >> i'm ready for spring to come for real. you know, this here is -- it's winter. any time we get this much snow it's winter. >> reporter: the start of spring seems stuck in the starting blocks. big, wet flakes blanketed sidewalks and vehicles stretching from the city to the suburbs suburbs. even for those putting mind over matter on snow. i notice you're wearing shorts. >> yes, i've had it. it is the first day of spring. >> reporter: it's going to be spring for you no matter what. >> no matter what, it is. i've got my coffee. had a good run. today is the first day of spring. >> reporter: lisa hughes wasn't along. amid the struggling masses in center city, we found this family. happy to take a near spring
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stroll with their baby. >> it's the best one. >> going out with a boom. >> reporter: back live here in center city yes, it has. it has definitely impacted the commute home this morning. hello, guys. as we see people trying to get out of town before it starts to ice over. on that note this is some snow that i just pulled off this post right here. this is more of -- i can't even squeeze it. that's like an ice ball. when it gets colder tonight, it's going to be much more difficult. we'll check conditions again coming up in the next hour. live in center city jesse gary "nbc10 news." >> makes it tough to stay out on the streets and the roads. an umbrella is a great idea to take with you. nbc10 at 7th and arch in center city where the wet snow stuck to cars, stuck sidewalks. not so much on the streets. >> we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. but remember to get important weather information on your smartphone or tablet you can get it with the nbc10 weather
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app, a free download as well as the "nbc10 news" app. new information in the murder of a man walking his dog in the overbrook section. the high school freshman accused of pulling the trigger turned himself into police today. our cameras were rolling when police searched the home of 15-year-old tyfine hamilton's family in west philadelphia. police say hamilton shot james stuhlman in the chest during a botched robbery attempt last thursday night. >> how much money can you possibly have walking your dog? i mean anybody that's a dog -- most you got your keys with you, but you're walking your dog. so, what are you going to get from something like that? it's just stupid. >> 15-year-old brandon smith was arrested in connection to the murder earlier this week. a 14-year-old is charged with lesser crimes. protesting a penn state fraternity. today dozens of students came together to demonstrate against capita delta roe. this is what it looked like at state college today. the fraternity accused of
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posting photos of naked or nearly nakd women on a facebook page. some of the women were asleep or passed out. protesters say they want to show supported for the victims and also urge the university administration to take more action. state college chapter of kappa delta rho has been suspended for a year. the university is helping police with the investigation. so far they've identified at least two photos they believe could lead to criminal charges. philadelphia mayor michael nutter says there are more opportunities than ever before for minority women and disabled business owners in the city. nbc10 in center city as mayor nutter highlighted the office of economic opportunity's annual report. the mayor tauted a more than 29% minority participation rate for 2014. that's up from the year before. and this year mayor nutter says he believes the city can reach the milestone of 30%. >> in a city that celebrates diversity, like the city of philadelphia, you need leaders
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who are focused and committed, who know about the world of business and know that if you push hard, you will certainly make results. >> mayor nutter says philadelphia has more than 35-year history of expanding economic opportunities for minority women and disabled business owners. here's a story with a happy ending. along the jersey shore tonight, mystery solved, the camera washed up onto the beach of cape may. for months police had no idea who it belonged to. ahead, how they linked it to its owner. on the prowl, villanova wildcats won their first xak game. next we go live to pittsburgh as they get ready for another key match-up. and nbc10 continues to track winter conditions out there. this is a live look at cape may. only rain falling there. but points south, snow still falling in much 6 every of our area. the seven-day forecast is next.
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conditions across the region. route 73 in mt. laurel burlington county new jersey. slushy mess on the roads there. and a shot from philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. light snow continuing to fall here tonight. the great thing is you can already see the clearing edge of this system. it is going to push out of our area the next few hours.
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the next thing we're watching is freezing drizzle leading to icy spots. i'll go over all the details in my seven-day forecast. for the first time efrl federal fracing rules are in place. fracing has dramatically increased gas and oil production in the u.s. driving down costs. these new rules would apply only on federal and native american lands. they require reinforced bore holes, better leak prevention and disclosure of the chemicals pumped underground. >> use about 3 million pounds of steel and cement in each well to make sure the ground water is protected. >> we don't believe these regulations, which are essentially partial measures will make fracing safe for public health and the environment. >> the obama administration wants states to adopt these tougher new rules and apply them on private land where three-quarters of all u.s. fracing is done. fracing's been a controversial issue across pennsylvania for years. in january pennsylvania governor tom wolf restored a natural gas drilling moratorium on state
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parks and forests. fracing contributed to close to $35 million to the state's economy in 2012. between 2011 and 2013, shale development generated more than $2 million in state taxes. speaker of the house john boehner is expected to visit israel in about a week. that is according to senior israeli officials. boehner has yet to announce his trip publicly, however, officials say he finalized the trip during benjamin netanyahu's united states visit two weeks ago. that's when the israeli prime minister spoke to congress without white house approval. boehner admits he bipassed white house officialed to make the arrangements. netanyahu insists his speech was not intended to show disrespect toward president obama. he thinks both countries have differences but can work together as allies. the prime minister says ties between israel and the united states are strong. going on to say israel has no greater ally than the united states.
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there's evidence this evening the world health organization delayed telling the world about the severity of the ebola outbreak in west africa. internal documents show the u.n.'s health agency resisted calling last summer's epidemic an emergency until last summer two months after staff raised concerns. the reasons, worries of angering the african countries involved and interference with the annual muslim pilgrimage to mecca. some experts say the delay may have caused lives since an emergency declaration would have triggered international aid sooner. rap mogul shuge knight collapsed in a courtroom after judge set bail at $25 million. he's accused in a deadly hit-and-run. this shows the frantic moments after he collapsed. his attorney says he noticed him dripping in sweat moments before. the death row records co-founder is pleading not guilty to murder charges after allegedly running down two men, killing one back in january.
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good evening. we're still tracking snow. this is an all-day affair. you can see outside of our window looking over 95 slow going on the roads. you can still see the snow is flying. we'll see over the next hour or so, first off, clearing. the rain/snow line will shift to the north. a lot of areas seeing snow will switch to rainfall. this is outside of our studios. snow still coming down. you can see most of the accumulations are on the grassy surfaces. not so much on the roadways. but you're still going to want to take it easy as you are heading home from work and running whatever errands you have tonight. our radar shot shows where the rain/snow line is. rain is gloucester and points south. philadelphia still seeing snow at this time but it's rapidly changing. we'll see more rain mixing in with the snow for areas north of
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philadelphia. from millville down into cape may, mostly rainfall as well as dover and southern parts of delaware. future cast shows us over the next couple of hours, again you'll see more rainfall shifting to the north. really this system tapering out as we head into your 9:00 hour. the new concern, if you take a look at our temperatures, very close to freezing around this time. is going to be the possibility of freezing drizzle. you're going to want to be very careful on the roadways especially parking lots. we're expecting icy spots. you could slip and fall. you want to take it easy especially on the secondary streets as well. as we head into your 10:00 hour most of our locations are at freezing like northeast philadelphia, just above freezing. mt. holly at 33 degrees. the poconos, below freezing. 31 degrees in allentown. same thing in reelding. that's why we have our first alert weather through tonight. the slushy snow chance of freezing drizzle and icy spots, which will stick around even into your early morning hours on saturday. you do want to take it easy until we warm up tomorrow.
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which will happen. we are going to see dry conditions. much warmer temperatures. you can tell by our visibility we are still dealing with moderate snowfall in places like allentown. visibility has dropped down to a half mile. not only are you dealing with slushy roads, you're also dealing with decreased visibility. take it easy call your loved ones traveling and tell them to slow down out there. half a foot of snow in doylestown. 5 inches in media. 2.1 in claymont delaware. snow will end early and chance of freezing drizzle sets in. temperatures drop down from 32 degrees. heading into tomorrow, drying out and milder conditions. temperatures range between 46 and 50 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows we are going to see temperatures tomorrow at 48. 42 on sunday. much colder monday. back to the 30s.
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and then we track another chance of showers. temperatures in the 60s next thursday. >> can't wait for thursday. now the big dance for the convincing win under their belts, confidence high for nova nation. >> the villanova wildcats are already looking ahead to their next challenge. they take on north carolina state tomorrow. comcast sportsnet's neil hartman is live in pittsburgh with the team, with skoch jay wright who i'm sure is happy and very focused, neil. >> reporter: yes, he is. he is focused. he also hasn't gotten a lot of sleep. you win last night by 41 points. you have no time to enjoy it, do you? >> no. you get a little afterwards, and then you come back and eat a nice meal. the meal tasted good. but then we watch the lsu/nc state game right away and you start thinking about nc state. >> reporter: nc state concerns you? >> yes, very good team. they've beaten very good teams,
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beat duke, they're very talented. great depth up front. that's the kind of teams you play although this point in the tournament. >> reporter: no philadelphia school has ever won 33 games. temple with john cheney with 32 but never 33. is this, prapsz, the best team we've seen in philadelphia? >> you know what there's been a lot of great teams in philadelphia. i don't know if the number of wins determines if you're the best team or not because you have to see how you do in this tournament. at the end of the tournament you can have a final evaluation of this team. >> reporter: he wants to win a national championship on april 6th in indianapolis. jay, thank you. good luck tomorrow. >> thanks. >> reporter: back to you, jim and jacqueline. >> thanks, guys. nbc10's keith jones continues his reports on wildcats tomorrow morning on "nbc 10 news today" from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and from the a.m. to 10 a.m. counsel on nbc10 and comcast sportsnet to bring you
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highlights on the showdown tomorrow night. long-time sixers great allen iverson is talking about returning to the team. but a.i. says this won't involve him lacing up. and winnings on the line. gamblers who took home more than $1 million from an atlantic city casino that uselessed unshuffled cards are now betting their cash on the legal system.
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let's take another live look at weather conditions across the region. can you see the center city skyline? the view from adventure aquarium in camden looking through the snowflakes. philadelphia high school showcased his short film in washington during the white house student film festival. produced by conestoga junior high school student jason kim. 15 students were chosen in all after creating short films centered around the impact of giving back. nbc10 spoke to jason after attending today's screening and reception. >> when i got the e-mail back from the white house, i was -- i was really excited. i couldn't believe it. and i told these guys, we're just really happy to be here. >> the event organizers say the film festival continues president obama's vision of
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giving every child a chance to reach their full potential. former 76er says he wants to be back with the team allen iverson, but not necessarily on the court. he stopped by the broadcast booth wednesday. he said he wants to work in the team's front office as talent manager. he says he's the perfect person to evaluate talent and toughness in new players. >> i would like to be in that war room. you know, even if you know they don't go with my decision or whatever, just to have an opinion. and putting out what i think, you know what i mean? and trusting the organization to do what's right. >> iverson may know a thing or two about drafting players. he was the number one overall pick going to philadelphia in 1996. >> see if he gets the job. >> we could see a lot more of a.i. snow continues to fall behind us and across the area. >> nbc10's christine maddela is watching the friday evening commute. it's a messy one.
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>> it is a messy one. you can see the rain/snow line in our area and a lot of red on the map. those are all the delays that we've been watching. plus, in these delays there's also some accidents. i'll walk you through where they are and where to avoid when we come back in a few minutes. and i'm tim furlong live in chester county. we've been all over the area checking on the roads and sidewalks and all the unhappy people who wants this stuff gone, jacqueline. >> i think i'm one of those people who would like it gone. still ahead at 6:00 lawsuit settled after this deadly crash involving actor tracy morgan. the big payout walmart will be giving to the family of the man who died. @ish we're officially in the midst of march madness. the games will rake in billions of dollars. sunday we discuss if student athletes are entitled to a slice of that pay. coming up 11:30 sunday morning
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following "meet the press."
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right now at 5:30 the friday evening rush under way as snow continues to fall across the area. live look at continues along i-95 in south philadelphia. traffic moving along, a little slower than normal maybe because of the weather. take a look at snowy conditions right here in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. it's pretty.
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if you still want more snow. >> there's a lot of it too, out there. no doubt, many are tired of the snow. after seeing this video, we're not so sure about the kids. we found two children playing in the snow in gloucester county. that's almost as big as he is. >> it is. are they trying to make a snowman? it's good snowman-making weather. it's dense. >> it is. and heavy. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp tracking the snow for us. how long can we expect this to continue? >> for some areas it's already ending. if we take a look outside of our studio right now, the snowflakes are still flying here but that's changing especially if you look closer to allentown. you can started to see the clearing from west to east. allentown will be one of the next cities to see the snow tapering. reading already seeing drying continues. same thing for west cowen. if we take a look at wilmington in the last 20 minutes, we've seen it go from more of a mixed precipitation to rainfall in wilmington.
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thornbury snow still coming down. winslow, all rainfall. brown mills is right in that transition area where we're starting to see the rain move up to the north. it's going to take over some of the snowfall we're seeing. if you're closer to the shore, cape may, you're mainly seeing rainfall. how long is this going to stick around? it shows by 8:00 9:00 we start to see clearing. our next concern is the chance of freezing drizzle, especially with the temperatures very close to the freezing threshold. so, for tonight, first alert weather day stays in effect for the slushy snow. the slippery conditions and icy spots we expect to see into your early morning hours saturday. i'll have your full weekend forecast coming up. nbc10 and philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood this afternoon. our cameras caught these kids all bundled up as they made their way home from school. the snow started falling early this morning across the western suburbs. >> where it soon will be ending.
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tim furlong in kennett square. looks like it's ended where you are? >> reporter: it's kind of ended. it's not coming down as snow. it's fine rain. we were all over northern delaware, chest heer county montgomery county. it looks like the snow has stopped. you can see what it left on the sidewalk on state street kennett square. as for the amount this is about how much they got since it started snowing this morning. happy spring, everybody. it doesn't look like spring but we know what the first day of spring means. >> everybody gets free rita's water ice. >> reporter: the owner of that rita's in north wilmington doesn't sound so enthusiastic because today also meant shoveling snow. this is about as un-springy as can you get. winter weather warnings on the roads. we did find some slushy spots on the back roads, particularly in hillier parts of chester county.
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you know what else we found today? disgruntled people who are done with all this. >> i would like it to be 60 and sunny to go trout fishing. >> reporter: at least that guy doesn't have to work out in this mess like david. >> a lot of people don't believe that. that's how you get sick feet wet first, you go home your throat gets itchy. >> reporter: he herds all the shopping carts. he's kicking up his heels knowing at some point we have to get warm weather. as we come back live penndot tells me the road surface temperatures have been warm for the last few days. that's helped minimize problems on the roads. side streets and back roads are still a little slushy and they can freeze tonight. sidewalks are the other big issue. as you come back to state street you can see, there's a layer of this slush in a lot of places around here haven't treated their sidewalks. we saw one restaurant shoving a little while ago. other than that, a lot of people sleeving the snow. so, if it refreezes tonight, it could get dangerous so be
5:34 pm
careful if you go out. tim furlong, "nbc10 news." >> good advice there. let's talk about the impact of the storm on the friday evening rush. >> nbc10's christine maddela is watching our hundreds of cameras in the first alert traffic center. it's a busy night. >> it is with several accidents throughout our area. hundreds even. just delays due to the friday afternoon commute. take a look at schuylkill expressway. we're seeing a lot of red out here. that's what we don't like to see, brake lights as people try to make their way through. same thing on the blue route. there was an earlier accident there, a disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway all contributing to some of these delays. now, depending on where you are, the road conditions will vary. especiallily on the major interstates and highways they have been treated. you can see the blacktop and the precipitation, the wet these cars are kicking up. it could be deceptive. tim furlong was talking about the slushy layer, possibly an icy layer in some areas that
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haven't seen the treated roadways. we have seen hundreds of accidents in new jersey alone, the new jersey state police reporting more than 130 accidents today alone due do this weather. they say people are driving too fast for this condition. 95 southbound woodhaven to vine street speedway take you 30 minutes. schuylkill from the blue route to the vine expect a 45-minute commute. you heard about the power of positive thinking, so here we go. spring, a little more than an hour away now. officially arrives tonight at 6:45. yeah what pay way to welcome spring. we'll check back in with the first alert weather team in a few minutes for the seven-day forecast. from our delaware bureau police in sussex county are searching for three men wanted in connection with a home invasion around 8:00 this morning. the victim was warming up his car outside his home on bacon's road in del mar. police say three men walked up
5:36 pm
pointed a gun and took him back inside his home. they tied his hands, took money, several guns and his car. the victim is okay pop. a car with three off-duty new jersey police officers crashed into a truck early this morning. two people died including one of those officers. police say the officers were driving the wrong way on a new york city highway. here's nbc's brian thompson. >> reporter: what happened early this morning on staten island is beyond words for many but within hours at linden city hall black bunting was being hung over the main entrance. >> my heart and my prayers go out to these families. >> reporter: one officer died in the crash, 28-year-old, critically injured were 23-year-old officer patrick kudlacak and 27-year-old pedro abad who was driving the group. he lives in this house with his mom, according to a neighbor who once baby-sat for him. >> right now i'm worried about the mother because to come home
5:37 pm
to this i had to come home to find my husband was gone. that's not easy. >> reporter: outside officer viviano's home, a neighbor remembered someone who loved to fish. >> i knew him. i fished with him and his older brother and father constantly. it's very upsetting to hear. >> reporter: the fourth person in this wreck and the other to die was 28-year-old joseph rodriguez. he was unemployed a former county employee who we were told was active in democratic political circles. the severity of the shock to this 120-man police department could be seen in how many turned out for a midafternoon news conference. i asked chief police what he said to his force earlier. >> i addressed them briefly. i brought everybody up to date on what happened. i told them that this is a day that with live with them for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: the police chief would not get into the circumstances of this accident how the four men were leaving a
5:38 pm
strip club in staten island coming back to new jersey. as for the truck driver had just delivered a load of flour and was returning home to pennsylvania. until linden, brian thompson, "nbc10 news." gamblers ordered to return $1.5 million in winnings to an atlantic city casino are trying to keep their money. 14 gamblers won the money playing at golden nugget in 2012. the atlantic city casino says it unknowingly used unshuffled cards. once players realized a pattern in the cards, they upped their bets and won 41 straight hands. last month a judge ordered the players to return that money. they are appealing that decision. delaware governor jacksays no new charter schools should be done until a study shows exactly what students need. they will do a comprehensive needs assessment to get that information. once the study is done the
5:39 pm
state would come up for a plan how they could offer students services they aren't getting now. until then the governor says they shouldn't authorize more charter schools. last month pennsylvania approved five new charter schools for the city. teachers and parents opposing the plan say charter schools will only take away money from public schools that are underfunded. they're calling it a medical miracle this evening. doctors revived a toddler from pennsylvania who did not have a pulse for more than 100 minutes. the 22-month-old boy is back in his mother's arms in union county pennsylvania north of harrisburg. he fell into a creek and drifted downstream where a neighbor found him facedown in the water. medical crews air lifted him to a hospital where doctors worked on his lifeless body. along with no pulse, he wasn't breathing on his own. >> no signs of life for an hour and 41 minutes. >> i just can't thank them enough. very unworthy and very grateful.
5:40 pm
>> doctors say the boy's temperature dropped to 75 degrees. that slowed down all his functions and gave him a chance to survive when they slowly warmed him up, his pulse and heart rate came back. a live team weather coverage continues, but also still ahead -- >> reporter: mystery no more. we now know who lost a camera full of precious memories that washed up on a jersey shore beach. >> seven months. i thought it was swallowed into the sea forever. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg with how the case was solved.
5:41 pm
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from our jersey shore bureau, seals are showing up in big numbers along the coast and experts believe our winter weather is a major factor. >> sightings are raising concerns about safety. they are being spot add long the jersey shore. seals turning up on the sand. in just over a week at least 40 harbor and gray seals have been reported. seal sightings are common in
5:43 pm
march, but not necessarily this many in such a short time span. the head of marine mammal stranding center says blame the brutally cold winter that froze the region's back bays. >> seals that were back there were stuck back there. now that the ice is melting, they're out in front beaches feeding, waiting for the herring to come up the coast. >> with the exception of two seals still recovering at the stranding center, most have been healthy. more will likely surface in the coming months. precious personal memories lost and then found. tonight, we have new information about a mystery at the jersey shore. a camera full of vacation video washed up in the cape may surf. tonight after months of searching, police know who it belongs to. after an all-day snow event, we're slowly seeing the storm move out of our area. i'm also tracking the possibility of freezing drizzle and what to expect as we head into the weekend. and a live look at conditions in maple shade, burlington county. roads here mostly snow covered
5:44 pm
still. we could see some slick spots once the sun goes down tonight. first alert weather continues to track the last winter blast next. "ride away" (by roy orbison begins to play) ♪ i ride the highway... ♪ ♪ i'm going my way... ♪ ♪i leave a story untold... ♪ he just keeps sending more pictures... if you're a free-range chicken you roam free. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ two wheels a turnin'... ♪
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good evening. the good news is we're starting to see the storm system clear from west to east, so places like allentown will start to see the snow tapering off. we've already seen the snow stop in reading and norristown is up next. but we're still going strong in philadelphia. mt. laurel gloucester. waterford just starting to switch over from snow to rainfall. as we push further south here near burlington county, also more of a moderate rainfall. good we're getting warmer air
5:47 pm
moving into the system here. it's even better we're starting to see most of the system move out. it's all rainfall for dover, cape may, stretching up to atlantic city. you can even see the tail end of this. even the rain will start to end over the next few hours. our temperatures will be our next concern because hovering around freezing. that's going to create icy spots for us. we'll see any of that moisture refreezing as we head into the rest of tonight. so, driveways are a concern. some of your secondary streets, your sidewalks. you want to be very careful. this is 10 p.m. you can see most of the snowfall is out of here with the exception of a few lingering snow showers. closer to trenton and northeast philadelphia. 31 degrees in doylestown at this time. 31 in allentown. below freezing in reading. that's our next concern, is the freezing drizzle. we have a first alert going to stay in effect through tonight. we're dealing with messy roads and streets, driveways, parking lots. the chance of freezing drizzle as our temperatures hover around freezing and drop below freezing and icy spots will be a
5:48 pm
possibility even as we head into early saturday morning. also our visibility is down. you still want to take it easy on the roadways. down to 1 mile in doylestown. 2 1/2 in pottstown. improving in philadelphia. that means the snowfall is getting lighter as it continues to taper off. we're down to 3 miles in wilmington. we've seen impressive snow totals. the most impressive coming out of pennsylvania. 4 inches in florence. voorhees at 4 inches. a little over 1 1/2 inches for vineland. our snowfall forecast -- our actual totals i should say, 6 inches in lyntown. media picking up 5 inches of snow. heading into the rest of tonight, our snow ends early but then the chance of freezing drizzle. you want to be very careful on the roadways. 30 degrees for philadelphia. as we head into tomorrow fog in the morning.
5:49 pm
milder conditions with temperatures ranging between 46 and 50 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows clearing conditions. we'll dry out as we head into saturday and sunday. it's actually a nice weekend as we finally move into spring. temperatures will be a little below average on saturday but cooler air is on the way for us once again. take a look at monday. our temperatures dropping down to 39 degrees. so, winter just does not want to let go. as we head into next thursday we warm back up, 62. we also track another chance of showers. >> we're going to have blinders on until thursday. we'll focus on that. thank you. >> is thursday here yet? >> not yet. we still have to get through all this. it's not the way we expect to start a new weather system for millions living in the northeast. >> not exactly. spring officially begins in a little under an hour. it's hard to tell with a fresh coat of snow blanketing much of our area. nbc10 national correspondent jay gray has more. >> reporter: the seasons have changed. but for millions across the north and northeast, the conditions have not. >> i think it's crazy we have snow on the first day of spring.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: a fresh coating of snow will keep things covered up and cold from new york to the nation's capital. a system that will push to the north and east through the weekend. >> i woke up this morning, first day of spring. thought maybe i'd see some flowers blooming or something. no there's snow where every. >> reporter: but right now those blooms are covered in a blanket of white. it's no blizzard but enough snow and ice to make a mess on roadways and walkways. and crewings on long island are preparing for even more overnight. >> as the evening goes on and the temperature drops, we're expecting some accumulation on the roads. we feel we'll have more on the grass and the roofs of houses and sheds and things like that. >> reporter: which means no relief from what for so many has been a brutal winter. >> i want snow to go away right now, this moment! >> please warm up. 75 degrees, please. i can't take it. no more shoveling. no more cold. >> reporter: unfortunately that break from the cold that so many are wishing for is, well in the
5:51 pm
deep freeze. for at least a few more days. jay gray, nbc news. >> we should all have the attitude of the little girl with the umbrella with all the flowers on it. >> glass half full. if you think there's no such thing as a happy ending, you better stay tuned. >> have we got an update for you. we told you how a camera washed up on shore. after months of wondering, police now know who it belongs to. then coming up on nbc10 at 6:00 putting people back to work. next, the project to revitalize a vacant plant in south jersey and bring it back to life. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh...
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5:54 pm
let's get another live look at weather conditions across the region. this is the snowy, slushy scene along burlington county new jersey. >> stormforce10 is live along maple shade, burlington county new jersey. traffic alert for anyone who takes lincoln drive in philadelphia. it is closed right now in both directions because of a downed tree. glenn told us just how heavy that snow is out there. we have an update on a story we brought you last night on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. the search to find the owners of a video camera that washed up on a new jersey shore beach is over. the story also aired on our sister stations in new york and connecticut. >> and a viewer who saw it
5:55 pm
helped solve the mystery. nbc10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg tells us how. >> i thought it was swallowed into the sea forever. >> reporter: lost no more. >> just that it turned up is amazing. >> reporter: this video camera full of jersey shore vacation memories for eileen her husband and their four kids will soon be back in their hands. after taking a journey to the ocean floor and beyond last summer. >> it's crazy. when i lost it i was kind of like, i'm never seeing it again. >> reporter: thursday night, we told you how cape may police needed help identifying the family seen on videos in a gopro camcorder that washed up on a beach in august. >> i thought it was like one of those messages you put in a bottle and someone in china has the gopro right now. >> reporter: but a viewer who is friends with the basking ridge, new jersey family recognized them and quickly sent this e-mail to eileen after watching
5:56 pm
the story, solving the mystery. >> i couldn't believe it. i couldn't. i can't wait to see it and relive those wonderful memories of last summer. >> reporter: cape may police are mailing the gopro back to the family. they're grateful to the police as well as the honest person who found the camera and turned it in. >> it's given me a priceless gift. it's not the gopro he's given me. he's given me refound trust in people and something i can pass onto my children. >> reporter: ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 one last blast from old man winter. the late march snow covering the delaware valley today. the snow will start to taper off as spring arrives in less than an hour now. a new threat could be the falling temperatures this evening. glenn? >> yeah doesn't have to fall much. we could see some slick spots on the roads once the sun goes down. i'm tracking that freeze threat and when the rest of the snow is finally going to move out in my exclusive "nbc10 news" first alert forecast. null. i'm jesse gary live in
5:57 pm
center city tracking how all this snow is impacting the ride home. we'll have that coming up. plus several south jersey businesses in jeopardy. why their owners say the closure of a major intersection could hurt their bottom line at a busy time of year.
5:58 pm
and this could be weather-related, this new video just in of a building collapse in camden. investigators looking to see if
5:59 pm
it's related to the snow. two abandoned homes on chestnut street affected by roofs collapsing here. no one was hurt, fortunately. oh man. this is crazy. i'm ready for sunshine. i had enough of this winter. he's not alone. but winter is not going away without one last blast. the delaware valley dealing with a late season snow today. we're less than an hour away from the start of spring. go figure. a live look from philadelphia's overbrook section, where it looks like a winter wonderland. sidewalks and cars covered along that street right there. let's take a live look at road conditions right now from stormforce10. mostly wet and slushy for drivers out is there today. and lincoln drive in philadelphia closed right now in both directions because of a tree that's gone down near gypsy lane. as spring arrives this evening, any leftover rain and snow could create icy conditions on the roads. that's why nbc10 has first alert team coverage to keep you
6:00 pm
prepared. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. where's the rest of the snow right now? >> well it is exiting stage right into new jersey. you can see the live shot of i-95. we've been watching all afternoon. not seeing snowflakes. the traffic is moving fine. and the visibility is improved. we continue to have the first alert out there. not just for the messy roads that exist right now but also for the potential of freezing drizzle as we go into the night. there will be a lot of moisture hanging around. not a lot of wind. we're not going to see the humidity drop a lot. that could create some icy spots early on saturday until the sun comes up. you can see over the six-hour period, everything is moving. to the east. and ending in lancaster county berks county lehigh valley poconos, about to end in chester county. it's even changed to rain in some areas. and what a sharp edge from heavy snow i


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