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tv   NBC 10 News at 5am  NBC  March 21, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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. . nbc 10 news starts now. if you are just waking up on this first full day of spring you'll see the leftovers from yesterday's snowstorm and we are still under a winter weather advisory because of some freezing rain out there. but we are expecting warmer and drier conditions a little bit later on today. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. let's get right to that weekend weather with first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. >> it will feel more like spring as we head into the start of your weekend, which is nice although winter makes a return. temperatures dropping back down
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into the 30s and 40s. the rest of that system is starting to clear up. there's a few rain drops right now on our camera in center city. you can see the flags atop the aramark building, breezy conditions. we have a winter weather advisory for most parts of central new jersey. that's drew to the drizzle moving into burlington and atlantic county. temperatures most locations below freezing this morning. any moisture has the possibility to refreeze. icy spots this morning, 32 in philadelphia 30 degrees in pottstown, 34 in wildwood and for today, the good news as we head into the afternoon, our temperatures push into the 50s which is closer to our average for this time of year versus yesterday, we stayed in the 30s. by 1:00 p.m. 45 degrees and cool.
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by 4:00 p.m., 50 degrees and untreated sidewalks and untreated surfaces are at risk for icy spots. we want to be very careful out there. this is all from nbc's storm. jesse gary is live along boat house road. >> good morning. you talk about icy spots, they are out in areas where you had slush from yesterday's heavy snow and the freezing rain that fell, too. when you walk you can hear it. this is all starting to refreeze again. you want to be careful. it's not just on the sidewalks but out on the streets. this is kelly drive, boat house row. it's a little slick, not everywhere but patches. bear that in mind as you head out today. we have road closures to tell you about on this side of the river and the other side of the river. we'll wrap all of that coming up in the next 30 minutes. live on boat house row, jesse gary nbc 10 news. this morning, new jersey state police will resume their investigation into this deadly crash on the atlantic city
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expressway. this happened during yesterday's snowstorm. according to authorities, two people were killed when their jeep liberty lost control and slammed into a car on the shoulder. the jeep also struck a man standing outside of the car. he is in stable condition. at the time police said people were driving too fast in the snowy conditions. winter's last stand created some problems for drivers on lincoln drive in fairmont park neighborhood. a tree fell in the middle of the road yesterday afternoon. lincoln drive was closed for about four hours while crews removed the tree. we are learning more about the two victims killed in a bucks county crash possibly involving a drunk driver. we now know one of the victims was charlie richelle. they were returning from an event at their church. sharon vince was an interior designer who created some of the fabric work you see here.
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nbc 10's george spencer spoke with a friend of hers who described his emotions in just one word. >> anguish. >> anguish? >> yes. >> you were that close to her? >> yes. to get hit by a drunk driver is just a big loss for her family and myself. >> a woman driving an suv slammed into the car carrying the two victims. we've learned the driver may have had an open container of alcohol inside the car. as of now, no charges have been filed. authorities are investigating if alcohol played a part in a deadly wrong-way crash involving three off-duty new jersey police officers and another friend on a new york city highway. according to investigators linden officer pedro abad was behind the wheel. a fellow officer was killed in a crash along with another passenger. o+ the 27-year-old post a photo on
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instagram a few hours earlier showing three shot glasses filled with alg$ol. his blood alcohol level is being tested. authorities say the men had been at an exotic dance club on staten island just before the crash. another instagram post shows abad as a member of the honor guard for the funeral procession of slain philadelphia police officer robert wilson just last week. breaking news out of brooklyn authorities there say that seven children have died in a house fire two other people are critical. the kids range in age from 5 to 15 years old. the fire broke out just after midnight. the investigation is just getting under way. we'll continue to update you on this breaking news out of brooklyn. new from overnight in our area, two young boys were taken to children's hospital when the car they were riding in was struck by a bullet. the boys were injured by broken glass. they were not hit by the gunfire. this happened at spruce and
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south 52nd streets in philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. the gunman was taken into custody a short time later. police have identified the mother found murdered inside of a philadelphia boarding house. the victim is 29-year-old geneva owens. police are still looking for her killer. owens was found shot inside of a house on spruce street in west philadelphia early yesterday morning. police say her body was found underneath a burned mattress. they're asking anybody with information to give them a call. we have more details about a teenager who was found strangled in philadelphia's kensington section. her name is margaret molina. the 18-year-old was a student at olney high school. she was discovered inside her house on heartville street yesterday afternoon. police have questioned several people but there are no confirmed arrests. today a gun violence prevention group plans to rally outside of a delaware county gun shop. the interfaith group will hold a
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demonstration at miller's gun shop in linwood. the group is urging shop owners to refuse to sell to straw buyers. they purchase guns for anybody who cannot legally buy a gun on their own. news from our trenton bureau marijuana supporters plan to come together for a legalization rally. the spring smokeout rally will begin at 2:00 this afternoon with a march from the new jersey transit river line station to the statehouse. once there, demonstrators plan to light up and smoke marijuana. a state senator from north jersey is expected to introduce a bill on monday that calls for legalizing and taxing marijuana for recreational purposes in new jersey. it is the round of 32 in the ncaa tournament today. the villanova wildcats are looking for another win after cruising in their first round game against lafayette. nova takes on eighth seed nc
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state later on tonight. nbc 10's keith jones continues his reports on the wildcats live from pittsburgh. he'll be with us later on this morning. you can watch him during our the time right now is 5:08. a bizarre scene at a new orleans airport ended with a tsa agent shooting a man. police say he was armed with a machete and wasp spray and he use them both before an airport worker stopped him in his tracks. detail on the investigation. plus beer lovers, we'll tell you about a local festival where you can take your pick from hundreds of different brews.
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now your nbc 10 first alertys weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the start of your weekend we'll see improving conditions, especially compared to how we ended your workweek. a live look outside, a live look at the radar. freezing drizzle for burlington,
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atlantic county. these areas under a winter weather advisory until at least 7:00 a.m. be careful if you're heading out early, especially before 7:00 a.m. slippery conditions out there on@rcf1 o ll. our current temperatures almost everyone at or below freezing. 32 degrees in philadelphia. 32 in wilmington. below freezing in pottstown, 30 in allentown, 26 in mt. pocono and 33 in wildwood. visibility is down to two miles in atlantic city. looking good everywhere else. we expect to see patchy fog throughout this morning. temperatures will recover today versus yesterday in the 30s. take a look at what happens sunday, 42 degrees. that's the beginning of a cooldown. i'll go over all the details and how cold we'll get in the first week of spring coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. >> more than 24,000 people are
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expected today at the atlantic city beer and music festival at the convention center. beer lovers can choose from more than a thousand different brews. the event6s that created the campaign may be on its way out. the marketing group has a $30 million annual budget but officials want to use the money elsewhere. still, the alliance is planning to launch a new promotional campaign on social media next month, dubbing atlantic city the entertainment capital of the jersey shore. speaking of entertainment, atlantic city does have big names coming to town this summer. madonna, the who, joan jett tony bennett, lady gaga and jerry seinfeld are all set to perform. we're learning more about the investigation into the death of an african-american man found hanging from a tree in mississippi. what we now know about the person at the center of the case. plus penn state protest,
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students rally against a fraternity accused of posting nude photos of women online. what actions they want the school to take.
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this is nbc 10 news. at 5:15 on this saturday morning, here's a live look over center city. it is foggy out there this morning. we'll be dealing with that for the next few hours. meteorologist brittney shipp was telling me it should clear by the 8:00 or 9:00 hour and hopefully as the temperature rises today we'll see some of the snow out there start to melt. we are watching a developing story this morning. authorities say a man attacked tsa agents at new orleans international airport before he was shot several times. according to government officials, richard white sprayed two agents with wasp killer and then swung a machete at them. a police officer shot him three
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times. he's in surgery right now. a tsa agent was also struck in the arm by a bullet. investigators are trying to figure out why white was in the airport in the first place. now to news in canada. one person was shot in a shooting at an apartment complex. three others were shot including two police officers. one was shot, the other stabbed. police are still investigating exactly how this are unfolded but they say they are not looking for any suspects. 30 federal and state local investigators are trying to determine whether an african-american man found hanging from a tree in mississippi is a case of murder or suicide. we now know the man otis byrd had served time in prison for killing a woman during a robbery. but he was paroled in 2006. the family reported him missing more than two weeks ago. the fbi says it will be days before autopsy results are complete.
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>> make some noise. >> more than 100 penn state students are calling for action amid a fraternity scandal. kappa kappa dell saro. protesters want the university to cut ties with the fraternity. >> we demand all responsible parties, those who are founded to have participated both actively and passively in exploiting and endangering our fellow penn staters be expelled from the university. >> the fraternity's national organization has already suspended the chapter in state college. a new law could come out of this scandal at penn state. two pennsylvania lawmakers are proposing a bill that would expand the state's already existing revenge p 0. rn law. the new bill would add penalties for people who publish unauthorized pictures of strangers. the current law only applies when the victim has a relationship with the person who
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publishes the photos. former philadelphia state senator vince fumo wants a judge to end his supervised probation two months early. he's only served one year of his three-year term. his lawyer says fumo will soon turn 72 and he's dealing with health issues including heart problems and prostate cancer. back in 2009, a jury convicted fumo of defrauding the state senate and two charities out of millions of dollars. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is standing firm on his controversial picks for pennsylvania's top cop. this despite several republican lawmakers calling on the governor to withdraw his nominee. colonel marcus brown was the head of the maryland state police before becoming wolf's choice to head the pennsylvania state police. earlier this week brown apologized for taking down two roadside signs that criticized him. his actions sparked a misdemeanor theft investigation. yesterday, governor wolf
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addressed the controversy. >> he acknowledges that he made a mistake. he was acting as a father and was upset with what he saw, that his children were seeing and he's apologized for it. seems to me he's done the right thing. >> brown says the signs were put up right in front of his churn's bus stop and as a father, he didn't want his kids to see them. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the rest of your saturday, expect improving conditions, especially compared to what we saw yesterday. but freezing drizzle is still a possibility as we head into the rest of your morning hours. you want to be very careful traveling. milder conditions expected today and then cold again. it will feel like spring today but then saturday or sunday and monday we'll see the temperatures dropping back down. philadelphia, 32 degrees. we are seeing partly cloudy skies. the feels like temperature at 25. it's a cold start. wind speeds sustained out of the north at 8 miles per hour. 31 degrees in reading.
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temperatures in atlantic city at 32 with mostly cloudy skies and the main concern is for parts of south jersey where we are still seeing a little bit of leftover moisture. temperaturewise, we're below freezing in the poconos, 36 degrees, 30 in pottstown, 32 in atlantic city. the radar shot shows sleet and moisture here throughout parts a winter weather advisory stays in effect until at least 7:00 a.m. be careful on the roadways. the temperatures are at or below freezing in most locations. the possibilities of icy spots or moisture from yesterday freezing will continue at least until we get above freezing. 8:00 a.m. a few scattered showers hugging atlantic city and parts of the shore. the temperatures again, still below freezing. as we progress the model and head into the rest of the afternoon, by the time you head out for lunch, the temperatures
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are closer to the low 40s and they keep climbing even more than that which is great. temperatures pushing into the low 50s. pretty close to average, which is 54 for this time of year. it will be short lived because as we head into tomorrow temperatures start to drop again. fog in the morning and then miler conditions settle in for us. the seven-day forecast shows the temperatures dropping back down into the low 40s on sunday and then if we take a look at monday, 39 degrees and cold. heading into tuesday, mid-40s, coal conditions expected for us. and then we track warmer temperatures heading into thursday. we'll see a chance of showers on thursday but at least our temperatures are heading above average. 62 degrees. we finish off your workweek pretty close to average. once we get to next thursday it will actually start to feel like spring. next a huge night for sixers rookie nerlens noel.
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he even made it into the record books. we'll break down the big-time numbers, straight ahead in sports.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> at 5:24 on this saturday morning, here's a live look over i-95 by the girard point bridge. this is a picture from the wells fargo camera. all is moving just fine this morning, however, yesterday afternoon, yesterday during the day, much different story with that snow coming down. we don't have to worry about that. there's no snow in the seven-day. however, we are going to have to wait for what's on the grounded to melt. meteorologist brittney shipp will have the details throughout the morning news casts. happening right now, nbc 10's vincep\ lattanzio is among the hundreds of young professionals sleeping on the streets. the sleepout event took place in five cities across the country to raise awareness about child homelessness.
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here in philadelphia participants are sleeping outside of the covenant house in germantown. the city's only kids homeless shelter. almost 40% of the u.s. homeless population is under the age of 18. today, the pride of the taney dragons, mo'ne davis has a book signing in philadelphia. the local superstar will be at the barnes & noble in center city this afternoon at 2:00. she'll be signing her new children's book called "mo'ne davis, remember my name." it's a memoir of her success on and off the pitcher's mound. she's the first girl to throw a shutout in the little league world series. what a sixers game last night, the best game of nerlens noel's rookie seas. he becomes the youngest player in nba history with 20 points 57 steals and 3 blocks in a game. wow, what a dunk.
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nerlens stole the show and the ball right here. he runs down the floor. look how quickly he gets down there. 23 points 13 rebounds. sixers win, 97-81. nerlens is getting more confident and comfortable. >> it's coming along with my confidence and continuing to wanting to be assertive on this team and be the go-to guy. continuing progressing dominating any way possible. villanova is in pittsburgh getting ready for their second game of the ncaa tournament against ny state tonight at 7:00. if nova wins they'll be in the sweet 16 for the first time in six years. how sweet was the win over lafayette by 41 points? the most lopsided game in the tournament so far. the cats have 33 wins this season most in big five
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history. neil hartmann asked jay wright if this team is the best this city has ever seen. >> there's been a lot of great teams in philadelphia man. i don't know if the number of wins determines whether you're the best team or not. you have to see how you do in this tournament. at the end of this tournament, you can have a final evaluation of this team. >> we will see. phillies don brown had an mri on his achilles. they say it's tendinitis. could miss some days, maybe a week. mike calfranco was sent down to the minors. he says he's disappointed. here's a two-run shot off vance wehrli. mason was pulled on thursday night. their relationship is fine the flyers play the oilers tonight, coverage starts at 9:30. the union postponed last
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night's match against fc dallas at ppl park. you can see why. they'll take the pitch today at 4:00. 51 degrees today instead of snow. enjoy your spring. i'm john clark. the time right now is 5:28. winter weather advisories are sticking around on this first day of spring. nbc 10's jesse gary is checking out the conditions in fairmont park. hey, jesse. guess what else is sticking around lots of slush and ice, still here from yesterday. we'll talk about the conditions, coming up after the break. at least we're going to warm up. we'll get a chance to melt some of the snow with temperatures pushing close to 50 degrees today. i'll also let you know what's in store for the rest of the weekend. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 10 news today, it may be spring but we are still under a winter weather advisory. here's a live look outside at a foggy and cloudy center city skyline. it's cold this morning but some neighborhoods will hit the low 50s by the afternoon. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the turnaround from yesterday and brittney before the temperatures warm up you are keeping an eye on some the freezing conditions outside. >> that's right. we saw a lot of moisture come in yesterday. our temperatures are at


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