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tv   Today  NBC  March 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. airport rampage. chaos in new orleans as a man runs through security and attacking with bug spray and machete. frightened passengers running for safety. the suspect stopped being shot by police. breaking overnight. a fire rips through a new york city home. seven children are dead. two critically injured. an investigation now under way. this is spring? a nasty snowstorm hits tens of millions in the northeast leading to deadly trouble on the roads as the south braces for potentially flooding rain to cross the region. and one down. one direction prepares to take the stage for the first time since zayn's departure from the
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tour. leaving fans to wonder if and when he will rejoin the group. today, saturday, march 21st 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today," with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin in for lester. we have sheinelle and dominica davis in for dylan. >> how are your brackets? >> i like it. >> we have a good reason to be confident. we will reveal that coming up. >> lots of march madness. we want to start with the top story. the chaotic scene at the new orleans airport triggered by the man wielding a machete.
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stephanie gosk is there with the latest. >> reporter: erica, it is hard to imagine the scene. an average friday night. people getting ready to start the weekend when they heard the gunfire. one witness described it as bam. when people realize what had was go on nothing over furnish. the man was shot several times. it was a scary situation. terrifying moments inside louis armstrong airport. the scene erupted before 8:00 p.m. local time. richard white armed with cans of wasp spray and a machete. >> he was challenged at that point by tsa officer. the response was he pulled a can of wasp spray and sprayed the officer in the face. >> reporter: police say white did not stop there. spraying a second officer as he tried to get past security. it was then that police say
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white pulled out a machete and starting swinging. >> he proceeded to pass the checkpoint and encountered the second tsa officer. one a female. one a male. he sprayed the male in the face. >> reporter: then shots rang out. three bullets hitting white. fired by another police officer. >> did you see the exchange? >> i did not see her get injured, but backing up and shoot him. >> reporter: people ran for safety trying to get away from the gunfire as quickly as possible. witnesses described the scene on social media. posting video and pictures for the world to see. white was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery. police say white did not hit the tsa agent with the machete. that agent and several other people received medical treatment for minor injuries. the airport was shutdown for about 20 minutes, but as you can
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see, things are back up and running. police are saying they are looking into the motive trying to figure out why all of this happened. erica. >> what a story. stephanie, thanks. to a tragedy unfolding in new york. seven children ranging in age from 5 to 15 years old were killed in an overnight house fire in brooklyn. nbc's ron mott is at the scene for us. >> reporter: craig, good morning. a sad terrible story in brooklyn this morning. seven children are dead in a house fire here in brooklyn. we'll step out of?ñ thewñ way. there are a few fire officials still down here at the scene. the house is six or seven houses in on the right. from the front, it doesn't appear there is a lot of fire damage. perhaps most of the fire damage was to the rear of the house. there are pictures here we can show you from the scene a few hours ago. officials are going to update us here later this morning. the children ranged in range from 5 to 15. there were two other people in
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the house who are in critical condition at area hospitals here. an adult and other child. the cause is under investigation. there was weather that moved through the area a bit colder than it had been in recent days here yesterday. perhaps that may factor into the deadly fire at this house. as we mentioned, seven children dead in the house fire in brooklyn. >> ron mott thank you. across the northeast, this morning, it is tough to tell today is the first full day of spring. the region hit by another snowstorm dumping half a foot in areas. domenica davis is here for dylan. you picked a good day. >> the alleged spring. well a spring may have officially sprung. don't tell that to the 40 million americans dealing with the impact of what we hope is the last blast of winter. signs of spring struggling to break through this weekend as
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yet another round of snow wrecks havoc on the northeast. this latest storm hitting some 32 million people causing treacherous conditions on friday. two people died on friday after this accident on the atlantic city expressway in new jersey. no surprise folks in maryland were not pleased sdplchlt. >> i had enough. >> please warm up. >> reporter: many people felt the same way posting snow-covered yards announcing happy spring. meanwhile meanwhile. it is a flash flood watch in the south. parts of texas could see up to 5 inches of rain this weekend. and could washout the south by southwest music festival in austin. where they have readying boat teams. back in the east mother nature just won't take the hint and leave. sorry to be the bearer of bad
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news but this is all just par for the course for places like maine and boston and philly to see snow in april. remember the blizzard in 1997 which dumped more than 2 feet of snow in more than 24 hours on boston and southern new england. people are optimistic that the weekend's snow is the last blast in new york's long island. they will have just enough to salt the roads. >> we are right at the edge of our budget. it will be close. >> here is a look at the snow totals yesterday. they are very impressive. freehold new jersey. over 7 inches of snow. weston connecticut, 4.5. and islip, they picked up 5 inches. and we are so far in new york looking at one of the snowiest marches on record. in philadelphia, impressive. we still have the last bit that is pushing over the eastern end
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of long island and snow moving through eastern new england as well. this is all wrapping up. we are looking at a cold front coming through. spring highs today, sort of. near average and it gets cooler by tomorrow. that's what we are going to be looking at. spring has sprung. >> no it hasn't. >> i can't believe you. >> just not here sheinelle. >> we are going to all get there together girl. >> there you go. strength in numbers. the investigation is widening to the disturbing death of the african-american man in mississippi. he was found hanging from a tree limb. the circumstances surrounding his death remain suspicious. kerry sanders has more. >> reporter: otis bird was found with two feet from his feet to
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the ground. there were no signs of a ladder or chair or something he would have stepped off of. they say that there were no signs of a struggle and his hands were not bound. this morning, more than 30 state and local police officers are trying to unravel a mystery. the facts suggest an ugly mississippi past. a black man found dangling from a tree limb. hanged with a bed sheet. otis bird was discovered deep in the woods in port mississippi. >> all of a sudden bam. we don't do stuff like this. not these days. >> when he became missing, no not him. not uncle otis. >> the evidence said it was a lynching and we will find out who they are and try to get a conviction. >> reporter: bird had served time in prison for killing a
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woman during a robbery, but paroled in 2006. officials tell nbc news bird had recent financial problems. he was last seen leaving a casino on march 2nd and reported missing days later. while investigators are leaning toward suicide, the fbi says it is too early to say. >> we are trying to paint a picture as to what was going on personally and professionally to help us identify a reason. >> reporter: because bird had been missing for more than two weeks, it is possible authorities say his body had been in the woods for more than two weeks. that means the autopsy conducted was a slow process and it could take weeks before they have full results from the autopsy that may provide some important answers here. >> kerry sanders, thank you. problems are mounting this morning for illinois congressman aaron schock.
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he abruptly resigned this weekend. authorities are launching an investigation in he broke laws in office. nbc's kristen welker is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: erica, good morning. that's right, a law enforcement official confirms ats are looking into the spending of schock. at issue is the campaign spending and taxes. a stunning fall from grace for the bright star. a young republican that rocked the political world and party leaders that announced his resignation. >> i was stunned by the announce many. >> reporter: 33-year-old aaron schock citing a heavy heart after the questions of lavish spending and travel. now the feddings are stepping in. the fourth term congress member is known for his savvy. his famous abs and a cameo on
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"top chef." >> when you become a new member of congress the first day is spent on ethics. >> reporter: but questions emerged about the office makeover styled after "downton abbey abbey." schock repaid the government for some of the expenses and tried to explain. >> when you rent a plane, you go around your district. i get it. >> reporter: this past monday reports emerged that schock may have double billed for car mileage and a day later, he stepped down. the fall from grace for one of the youngest members of congress could impact the voters he hoped to inspire. >> young voters will see a young member of congress who misspent money and become further disengaged with the political process and voting. >> reporter: no comment yet from
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schock from the allegations. earlier this week a spokesperson for the congress member said he would repay the government for all of the mileage he claimed in office. the irs is expected to be involved in the investigation. erica. >> kristen welker thanks. sheinelle is here with the fallout to the major terror attack. >> good morning. investigators this morning are checking claims by a terror group with ties to isis that it launched a massive attack in yemen. suicide bombers hit mosques on friday killing more than 130 people. if confirmed, it means the terror group has expanded the operations into an area where the u.s. is already battling al qaeda. nuclear talk was iran are on hold. negotiators walked away from the table on friday with ten days left to reach a deal. six nations are trying to reach an agreement for iran to limit the nuclear abilities. now to alabama where a grandmother faces the death penalty in the death of her
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granddaughter. joyce hardin gerrard accused of forcing her 9-year-old as a punishment for lying about candy. walmart will pay $10 million to the family of the man killed in the crash that also injured tracy morgan. the walmart truck struck the limo bus last june. rap mogul suge knight passed out cold. the judge set bail at $25 million on friday. knight collapsed and hit his head on the table. he is accused of running down two men and killing them in a parking lot. u.s. secretary-general ban ki-moon says we should all sing a song to make us happy.
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pharrell williams addressed the u.n. the top ten happiest countries are in latin america. the u.s. is 25th on the list. >> a happy song sheinelle? >> i have a great idea. could you tell? light bulb. we should do a report group trip. go some place warm in latin america and report why they are so happy. >> can i say how much i love you? >> we'll pitch it to the bosses. domenica davis? >> happy spring. >> yeah. don't be mean. >> you are terrible today. we do have the spring weather on the map to show you. we want to start with the northeast. they getting much-needed rain. we pick up 1 inch and they will have more rain at the beginning of the weeks. spring-like temperatures along the northeast. we are getting near normal. new york 50.
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d.c. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of today, our temperatures will be much warmer than what we saw yesterday, ranging between 46 and 50 degrees. fog to start and milder conditions settle in for us which will be a nice start to the weekend, especially after yesterday's snow. heading into sunday cooler temperatures breezy and cold with a high of 42 degrees. that's just the beginning. take a look at monday colder air drops our high to 39 degrees. we recover nicely pushing into the 60s by next thursday. and that's the look at your saturday forecast. >> domenica thank you. march madness is upon us. for you who pride yourself on picking the winners in the pool. it is maddening. the second round wrapped up overnight. higher seeded teams did better on friday than thursday. the drama is rising as the next round gets under way. here is jacob rascon.
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>> reporter: of the more than 11 million brackets filled out on espn's web site, there is now only one still perfect. but the thrill of the tournament never seems to get old. the four top seeds still alive. duke wisconsin, villanova and undefeated kentucky. but in the big dance, the cinderellas are often the stars. the georgia state panthers led by guard kevin ware. ware took last year off after the leg injury in 2013 in the elite eight. his team the louisville cardinals, went on to win the championship. this year his teammates have upset baylor. the r.j. literally knocking his father out of his seat. >> i wish every dad had that opportunity. >> reporter: another one did when ucla beat smu on the
7:18 am
goaltending call. >> that is the madness of march. >> reporter: three-pointers from two sons for one-point victories. the tournament first day saw a record five games decided by a single point. in this tournament tomorrow is promised to know one. even basketball royalty north carolina. >> i feel like i won the lottery. >> reporter: a little luck and madness might just go a long way. for "today," jacob rascon nbc news. >> the biggest is wofford losing thursday night. >> i picked wofford. >> it came down to the last two or three seconds. >> i never heard of them. >> i just heard of them five minutes ago. >> just kidding. >> here is the play. this is midnight or close to
7:19 am
midnight. oh, yeah. next season. did you say wofford? >> i don't know what you were saying. >> we are out of time. this is "today" on nbc.
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back now with the "download" to catch you up on the stories of the week. >> from the robert durst case to something enough in your coffee. there is a lot going on. >> resounding victory for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> and a new headache for president obama. >> to win, netanyahu took a hard right turn. today he tried to walk it back. >> i want a sustainable peaceful solution. another terror attack. this time in tunisia targeting
7:22 am
foreign tourists. >> gunman stormed the bardo museum killing at least 23. this morning, isis claimed responsibility for the attack. a millionaire arrested for murder after an apparent confession caught on tape. >> on the documentary "the jinx" he mumbles. >> killed them all, of course. >> protests at one college campus after the arrest of a black student. >> johnson is seen on the ground yelling as officers handcuff him. >> i go to uva. you racist. lot of buzz featured on magnum p.i. could the president and mrs. obama be living there? >> reports say the actual property worth $9 million was just sold to allies of president obama. some think the president an may
7:23 am
relocate from. starbucks hoping to stir up more conversations about race. >> shall we overcome written on one of them. a lot of backlash. bob writes i don't need to be preached to when i get my coffee. and sweet revenge. matt has a ball getting back at ellen in their prank war. >> if there is one thing nobody likes is having one pulled over on you. again and again. >> i was really surprised to see what he had in his dressing room. >> and again. >> right there. >> call this mission revenge. >> seriously? damn you, lauer! >> i don't know if you want to mess with ellen. >> not to doubt matt. >> we love matt but ellen has
7:24 am
advantage. this is not over. how about the magnum p.i. house? i want to be there now. >> the white house by the way, we should note insists that the obamas are not behind the purchase of the property. that's what they are saying. it is time to start thinking about where he will live after 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> it is absolutely beautiful. >> they have to get the girls through high school. they said it will depend once the term is up where the girls want to finish school. that is how we will decide where to go. >> stay in d.c. >> we could be the caretakers in hawaii. why not go do a story on that? >> before we go to latin america. >> i'm full of ideas. >> we are building up frequent flyer miles. >> we're taking it for the team. still
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nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 7:30. we are waking up to a little bit of fog out there on this saturday morning. let's check in with meteorologist brittney shipp.
7:26 am
>> good morning. it's a cold start to the morning and that means with our temperatures close to freezing or below freezing we could see icy spots. be very careful with the leftover moisture from yesterday's storm. here's a look outside right now. foggy conditions to start throughout our region. and if we switch over to our radar, we're checking out a few isolated snow showers lingering in the region. so as we head into the rest of today, our temperatures will continue to warm in fact we'll head into the 50s which will be nice. 32 degrees in philadelphia. 29 in pottstown 28 in allentown and 34 in wildwood. today's temperatures will break down like this by your late morning hours we'll warm into the mid-30s by 10:00 a.m. by 1:00 p.m. 45 today's high 50 degrees. rosemary? >> thank you, brittney. a gun violence prevention group plans to rally in delaware county. the interfaith group will hold a demonstration at miller's gun shop in linwood. they want to bring attention to uhl legal guns on the street.
7:27 am
talking sports no you it's the round of 32 in ncaa men's tournament. villanova looks for another win after cruising past lafayette this week. they take on nc state tonight. nbc 10's keith jones continues his reports on villanova, live from pittsburgh. we'll check in with him during our 9:00 news cast. be sure to stick around for that. i'm rosemary connors, now back to the "today" show brz brittney and i will see you back here in about 25 minutes for another local update. have a good one.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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♪ we dance all night with the best and every night ♪ ♪ i can't remember ♪ >> a jam. >> you know what? my kids love that song. we listen to it a lot in the car. i know the words. we are back on this saturday morning. march 21st 2015. one direction is now down a man. taking the tour to the philippines. the first concert since zayn's departure. could more than just stress be to blame for the exit? also ahead on saturday morning, we will put you on the road to success as we get set to run for today. sheinelle jones has been training. >> i think you meant erica. >> no no.
7:31 am
>> and sheinelle. >> you will run, right? >> this morning, what you need to do an hour before your workout to help you fuel through. and also ahead, a dramatic rescue for you and touching reunion. a puppy missing for nearly a week. look at that love. stranded on a frozen lake erie. there is a happy ending. we will show you how the little guy got back to his owner. and let's start this hour with a disturbing case in north carolina. the celebrity chef and husband. the handy man is charged and police believe his arrest could help them solve another cold case. here is nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: a southern butte which california flair. cristie schoen codd. a contestant on food network. >> fresh organic. >> reporter: she was about to cater the filming and cooking
7:32 am
for brad pitt and steve carell. >> i will make you jumbalaya. >> reporter: full of life she just got married, gotten pregnant and moved to rural north carolina. on friday her family reported she and her husband, j.t. missing. >> i don't understand why someone could do that. >> reporter: police soon arrested robert jason owens. a handy man who worked on the couple's house and charged him with two counts of first-degree murder and killing of an unborn child. the search warrant alleges his wife hit and killed while driving the truck. now the sheriff says human remains have been found in owens' wood stove. >> admitted to taking the bodies and storing on his property. >> reporter: owens arrest could jump start a 15--year-old cold
7:33 am
case nearby. teenager zeb quinn disappeared after leaving work. owens knew him, but never has been charged in the case. >> has been arrested on three counts of murder. that is a huge event in the zeb quinn case. >> reporter: investigators this morning are trying to piece together a motive in the codds murder. now a family is grieving the loss of a star chef. her mother saying she is looking for closure that does not exist. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. let's step outside to domenica davis. >> this is the rowdy crowd ever. they have spring fever. although we still have flurries out here on the plaza. let's get to it and show you what we have on the radar. we start with the south because they are looking at a soggy
7:34 am
weekend down through texas. they will have some heavy rain. flash flood watches will be posted. 2 to 4 inches of rain with the possibility of 5 inches. that will be a problem through the weekend and for much of the south. you will see rain saturday into sunday. the rain mainly going to be 1 to 2 inches in most spots. a wet weekend there. elsewhere around the country, we will see highs, spring-like along the northeast. the warm air to the west coast. that would be nice to be in arizona. temperatures in the 80s. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of today, our temperatures will be much warmer than what we saw yesterday, ranging between 46 and 50 degrees. those milder conditions settle in for us which will be a nice start to the weekend, especially after yesterday's snow. heading into sunday cooler temperatures, breezy and cold
7:35 am
with a high of just 42 degrees. that's just the beginning. take a look at monday colder air will drop our high to 39 degrees. we recover nicely pushing into the 60s by next thursday. you guys i'll warn you when you come out here. it is a rowdy crowd this morning. everybody wants a little camera time. i'll try to get it. be aware, guys, spring has sprung out here on the plaza. >> we love it. our favorite kind of crowd. coming up given the success of the college basketball tournament and millions spent on brackets. is it finally time to start paying college athletes? not so child proof. you may be shocked to see how easy it is for kids to open those supposedly child proof medicati ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪
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okay... and on passat models you can get a $1,000 volkswagen credit bonus. one more time. pinch me. it's not a dream. it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, do it again. and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 passat and jetta models. back with a "rossen report" alert. a warning of how easy it is for young kids to get into your medication. "today's" correspondent jeff rossen is here with more. >> good morning. new report out this week about safe kids. they are alarming. there are more than 1,100 emergency calls about a young child getting into medicine or getting too much medicine by accident. we are talking about the stuff we have in our homes.
7:39 am
you assume the safety caps on the prescription bottles, they keep our kids out. you have to push down and twist. as you are about to see, even for preschoolers it can be child's play. >> look it. >> reporter: this 4-year-old just opened a bottle of cough syrup syrup. this boy got into painkillers. how did they do that? all of the bottles are sealed with safety caps. >> whatever is inside here could kill your child. >> reporter: kate is with the watch dog group safe kids and says the caps may be part of a bigger problem. the bottles. gummy candy. >> they think it is great. candy. they will swallow it and go after more. >> reporter: you are about to see how fast it can happen. we invited the group of 4-year-olds to a play date. then we bought several
7:40 am
medications. from acetaminophen to cough syrup and iron pills and prescription. we bought drain and floor cleaners. if swallowed by a child, these products can be deadly and poisonous. that is why they have child resistant safety caps. before our test we dumped everything out. we even cleaned and sanitized the bottles so nothing was left behind. back with the play date with their parents looking on we get started. we want to see how quickly you can open these bottles. one, two, three. go! within three seconds, watch. you got it that fast? francesca pops the safety cap on acetaminophen. the number one drug. a minute later, she opens
7:41 am
another bottle. number three on the list. >> you opened that one too? >> yes. >> was that easy to open? >> yes. >> reporter: the boys are doing it too. mark here opens the cough syrup. the dangerous painkillers. remember this could be poison for a child. there is brayden opening bottles. no problem. in fact every single child in our group opened one bottle. olivia opened two within minutes. >> how do you open that? >> i opened it myself. >> really fast. >> i am really fast. because i'm a big girl. >> reporter: her mom watched in horror. >> i was frightened. you buy these items expecting them to be child proof. my 4-year-old sat there and opened it. >> one after the other after the other. >> easily. >> reporter: what you may not know under federal law, these caps don't have to be child proof, just child resistant. >> are the regulations tight
7:42 am
enough? >> i think they are. we don't want to make it impossible to open. we want to make sure kids don't get to medicine. >> reporter: it comes down to us as adults. we leave medication in our bags as a reminder to take them. that can make them accessible for small kids. for francesca's dad. it was a wake-up call. >> i got to check the medicines and put it away. it is easily opened by a 4-year-old which is dangerous. >> those kids are cute but frightening to watch. how do you protect your children? safety experts say it is unrealistic to lock up your medication entirely take it off your night stand and put it up and away where you can reach it but your kids can't. by the way, at the end of the play date, we told all the kids this was a test. we made it clear to them. these products are dangerous. they should never, ever try to
7:43 am
open it again. hope it helps. back to you. >> thanks jeff. >> that's scary. >> it is scary. i have things up but things are sometimes left on the counter. >> now they have the stools to get up and brush their teeth. >> if you are taking something, oh if mom or dad is taking it. >> the kid's acetaminophen. >> or the multivitamins. i have to put them where i can't reach them. >> that's not very high. >> it has to be extra high. >> you just put them on the counter and you have trouble reaching them. >> stop talking. up next if you want a boost to your exercise routine, what should you do before during and after your next workout? i don't think these tips include the
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7:45 am
7:46 am
back now with the series run for today. this morning, one of the most important parts of any exercise program. fuelling. >> if you are training for a race or daily workout, what and when you eat can be a key to your success. >> exercise and fitness regardless of a race or not, should be part of your life. >> if you are just getting started, for anyone it is important to have something in your stomach before you run. about an hour before you head
7:47 am
out for a run or you hit the gym, you want to have a light comfortable snack that is rich in carbs and protein. a banana and string cheese or orange and handful of almonds. a nutrition bar or cereal and skim milk. a lot of cool products on the market. gels and goos. these are specifically designed for athletes that are looking for a quick burst of energy. >> this is just a simple gel where it is light. you can store it in your shorts or arm warmers. it is a bit of substance with clif bar. it is a light snack with more calories. other options would be the shot bloks. it is where you chew on them. it is all doing the same thing. then these are called sports
7:48 am
beans. they are all fuel you need to get into your system. which way works best for you. >> fuelling up. >> i'm a big banana fan. >> me too. we are doing half of that right. we posted more ways to fuel your workout at if you can, join us on april 19th for the women's half ma marathon. let us know why you run using the #runfortoday. craig is trying to convince sheinelle to run. >> i don't understand the judging eyes. >> i'm excited about it. >> it's your birthday? >> i didn't know that. >> there's the excuse. >> you don't run on your birthday. up next march madness. the painful way that some of the fellow men are going to to skip work and watch the college
7:49 am
basketball tournament. but first this is "today" on nbc.
7:50 am
7:51 am
just curious, over the last couple of days how much work you have gotten done? march madness is underway. more time spent checking brackets and working out the details of the pool. the essentials. >> as it should have been. sheinelle is in the orange room with the impact of the tournament on offices all over america. >> craig and erica, this is fascinating. i'll put it like this when the brackets go up the productivity goes down. how far? according to the firm challenge egg, gray and christmas, $1.9 billion down. have you heard of vas madness? a growing trend as doctors report up to a 50% rise in the
7:52 am
number of scheduled vasectomies. why? so they can take time off from work and recover on the couch in front of the tvs. convenient timing. this is not a last-minute thing. many mencer search in january. some doctors are offering 2 for 1 madness. you can go with a friend for the procedure. look at this web site from the university of utah. you have chips and dip, check, remote, check. and vasectomy? you have scissors. you cannot make this stuff up. >> not scissors. >> remember you do a march madness story and there were the programs that make you look like you are working. those are gone by the wayside. vas madness. share with a friend. a beautiful thing. have you asked who you will take
7:53 am
with you? >> a friend doesn't. anyway moving on. still to come, the conversation with ashley judd this morning. the fight against internet trolls and if she is planning to run for governor of kentucky. and the home video that meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. lowe's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck. wow, i can't believe you did this deck yourself. >>well me, lowe's and zeus and apollo. now get the porter cable 20-volt max combo kit
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yes, when others focus on one thing you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 8:00 on this saturday. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the cold and cloudy conditions outside. brittney? >> that's right.
7:56 am
also cold conditions. that's going to lead to patchy ice, you want to be careful as you're driving around and really walking around. take a look at the snowy fixture here. it does not look like the first day of spring. as we head into the afternoon things will improve as we see temperatures pushing into the 50s. we're seeing a few snow flurries near allentown and burlington county county pushing into trenton. current temperature 32 degrees, 34 in wildwood, 29 in pottstown. the feels-leak temperature down to 26 in millville, 28 in wildwood. heading into the rest of today, we're in the mid-30s by 10:00 a.m. by 1:00 p.m. 45 degrees and today's high 50 degrees. this morning, new jersey state police will resume their investigation into this deadly crash on the atlantic city expressway. it happened during yesterday's snowstorm. two people were killed when the jeep liberty they were in lost
7:57 am
control and slammed into a car on the shoulder. the jeep also struck a man standing outside of his car checking on a flat he is in stable condition. an overnight shooting in cobbs creek sent two children to the hospital. two young children were taken to children's hospital of philadelphia when the car they were riding in was struck by a bullet. the children were injured by broken glass, not hit by the gunfire. this happened at spruce and south 52nd streets. the gunman was taken into custody a short time later. it is the round of 32 in the ncaa men's tournament. villanova looks for another win after cruising past lafayette. the top-seeded wildcats take on number eight nc state tonight. keith jones continues his reports on villanova, live from pittsburgh. we'll see him this morning at 9:00. i'm rosemary connors.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning. it is saturday march 21st 2015. here is a look at the top stories. a man wielding a machete terrorizing tsa agents and passengers. this morning, the suspect is hospitalized as the tsa at recover recovers. a dramatic rescue on lake erie. a dog stranded for days. a failed coast guard attempt to rescue him and little time to spare. an unlikely group of rescuers saves the day. and boy band break up? say it ain't so. a member of one direction quits the show. claiming he is stressed out. craig melvin wondering if a scandal could be looming back
8:01 am
stage. ♪ >> look at that. amazing crowd. >> domenica was not kidding. quite a crowd out here on saturday morning. you guys are awesome. they are everywhere. they are out on the entire plaza all the way down there. >> we should walk. >> we should walk. >> we should walk down. >> we are walking. you guys are awesome. we have not had a crowd this loud since 2014. >> i think so. oh a chant. cats! kentucky fans. go cats. >> i'm erica hill with craig melvin who is in for lester enjoying a morning off. >> dylan dreyer is enjoying a morning off. sheinelle jones is inside. we start with the frightening
8:02 am
scene in new orleans. >> in new orleans a police injuring a tsa agent wielding a machete. we have stephanie gosk with the breaking details of the story. >> reporter: the airport is back up and running, but that was not the scene last night. it was a normal friday. people getting ready for their weekend when they heard the gunfire. one witness described it as bam, bam, bam and then chaos. people running for cover. they saw richard white with a machete in his hand over his head swinging at the tsa officers. a female tsa officer confronted him and shot him. that tsa officer is injured and in the hospital this morning. as is white. this was a terrifying scene, but it could have been a lot worse. several people were injured in the melee in the hospital. all of the injuries are minor. they are expected to be released. police say they are still looking into motives. they can't figure out why white
8:03 am
did this. back to you. >> stephanie, thanks. seven children died overnight when fire tore through the brooklyn new york home. more than 100 firefighters responded to the blaze in the early morning hours. witnesses say the mother screamed for someone to rescue her children as she jumped from the burning building. the children range in age from 5 to 15 years old. firefighters say two more people are critically injured. secretary of state john kerry says there is genuine progress in the talk was iran but gaps remain. negotiators negotiators walked away from the table on friday. six nations including the u.s. are trying to reach agreement for iran to limit the nuclear abilities for exchange for lifting sanctions. the ft. lauderdale police department is under scrutiny after the investigation on officer behavior. three officers have been fired and a fourth resigned after a racist videos appeared.
8:04 am
the officers did not break any laws but were terminated for misconduct. first lady michelle obama is in cambodia on tour promoting education for girls. nbc's ian williams is traveling with the first lady. >> reporter: the students who greeted michelle obama with the wife of the cambodian leader. nationally 20% make it through high school and a quarter of them girls. in the school on the out skirts she met girls who stuck with school and shared with the first lady the hardship and ambitions. >> all the way and i'll become. >> reporter: mrs. obama said she was proud and moved by what she heard. >> we need your input. >> reporter: this school is doing better than most. it remains a challenge in this area simply keeping girls coming back to class. poverty is the main reason. in rural areas, home to these
8:05 am
children women are under pressure to marry young and stay home. many families not seeing the value of education. one way the initiative will counter that is create role models. girls like the 18-year-old wanting to become a doctor met the first lady. >> i hope to become like her. >> reporter: the first lady talked to peace corps volunteers that education for girls is critical. >> when girls get educated and learn to read and write and think, that gives them the tools to speak up. >> reporter: she visited the temple and she didn't see the girls who need the program who face challenges. bobbi kristina brown is in a rehab facility.
8:06 am
she was moved from the atlanta hospital on friday. very little is known about her condition since she was found unresponsive in a bathtub in january. breath taking pictures of the solar eclipse. several spectacular shots taken from airplanes. eclipses are rare enough, but this occurred on friday on the first day of spring and in conjunction with the super moon. beautiful pictures. >> it was. thank you, sheinelle. >> we want to get a little check of the weather. there was a beautiful sun event on the first day of spring and weather event in the northeast. domenica davis has made her way to central park. a beautiful scene this morning. one that a lot of folks would like to see in january or february than on the first full day of spring. >> she made some friends. >> doesn't it look like a beautiful spring day out here? we have 4 to 5 inches of snow in central park.
8:07 am
i lost my friend. buddy is loving the first full day of spring. we have a check of the forecast. we will show you what is happening out here. look at the snow we have been dealing with. 7 inches in morrisville, pennsylvania. baltimore with over 1 inch as well. cold front swings through today. today's temperatures will be average. then we see a big cool down by tomorrow. enjoy it today. near normal temperatures. there is a look at the morning lows. it will get sharply colder here by sunday once again. the roller coaster ride continues. there is a look at the "today" forecast. rain to the south. it will be stormy and warm weather i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of today, our temperatures will be much warmer than what we saw yesterday. ranging between 46 and 50 degrees. fog to start and those miler
8:08 am
conditions settle in for us which will be a nice start to the weekend. especially after yesterday's snow. heading into sunday cooler temperatures breezy and cold with a high of 42 degrees. that's just the beginning. take a look at monday colder air will drop our high to 39 degrees. we recover nicely, pushing into the 60s by next thursday. are the cutest. that's the look at your saturday forecast. well buddy just ate my breakfast. what will you do? back to you. >> one cute dog. maybe buddy wants to be friends with wrangler. >> that background looks unreal. turning now to march madness. the question asked should the players get paid for generating the excitement and an estimated $1 billion in ad revenue. nbc's ron mott has more. >> reporter: if you ask some people, what's maddening about the ncaa march basketball is how
8:09 am
nearly everyone gets the money. millionaire coaches, schools, tv networks and sponsors and fan was winning brackets. everyone except players. >> the topic came up this week on "last week tonight with john oliver oliver." >> there is nothing wrong with making huge amounts of money, but troubling about $1 billion sports enterprise where the athletes are not paid a penny. >> reporter: the debate over paying players an old argument. the ncaa considered them student athletes and not employees. they can receive scholarships to help pay tuition and housing and meals and ncaa schools are examining how to meet the needs of the athletes in the future. basketball hall of famer charles barkley says that's enough. he says there are not that many good college players. less than 1% will play in the nba. what about the other 99% that
8:10 am
are getting a free education? think about it. critics charge the players deserve a cut of the action because of the national exposure can mean for colleges. significantly increased enrollment and revenue to say nothing to help recruit more athletes. >> there has to be some compensation where they are paid for the amount of time and effort they put in. >> reporter: the ncaa is appealing the ruling of the lawsuit brought by former player ed o'bannon. for the next two weeks, images will be seen by tens of millions. for "today," ron mott nbc news new york. >> when we have that conversation we look at it through the lens of a larger institution. ohio state and michigan state. the reality is you look at the small colleges and universities and not just football players or basketball players, but lacrosse
8:11 am
team and swim team. that will bankrupt a lot of programs. >> i'm surprised how the big schools and teams a lot of scholarship money for athletes. i not realize how little there is for the other sports. >> you are right. it's a hot topic. has been for years. >> it will continue to be. let's stick with this. with college athletics. kentucky wildcat super fan ashley judd is making headlines for the love of the game and the hateful comments online about the kentucky opponent. we sat down with ashley judd to talk about the latest movie and call to the cyber violence. >> this is extraordinary. a significant part of my day today will be spent filing police reports at home about gender violence that is directed at me on social media.
8:12 am
we're a masgynistic society. it is not just boys and men. it is a system in which girls and women participate and including me covertly and overtly. the challenge is to take that inventory with myself and say in what ways do i enjoy the compliment about my appearance when we were talking about content that was significant. >> politics. two years ago, there was talk about ashley judd would be a senator for kentucky. you decided not to run. now talk of you wanting to be governor of kentucky. you continue to dip your toe in the water. why not plunge head first in? >> first of all, that was an unpre-med unpre-meditated remark on my part. i set that in motion. i have other things going on that i'm creating with other talented individuals. i'll see what happens. >> you will not rule it out?
8:13 am
>> i don't rule anything out. i encourage everyone to consider running for public office. the county commissioner or school board. >> "insurgent" is set in futuristic college. it is about the desire to belong but the desire to be independent as well. the second movie in the franchise will pick up on that theme? >> i think "insurgent" takes "divergent" to a new level. it is more about passion and more about love and being an outsider trying to fix the catastrophic happenings that are happening in a post apocalyptic society. i think you nailed it just like aaron harrison hits his threes. it is about our fundamental need to belong. we have an equally compelling need to individualate. it captures that perfectly.
8:14 am
>> "insurgent" in theaters nationwide. ashley judd has never been one to shy away from expressing herself. >> she is confident in her convictions. >> immelman am impressed. >> it needs to be a better conversation. >> she will spend her day filling out police reports. she wants to send a statement. i read some of the things that people say to my friends and colleagues online. in some cases, charges should be filed. absolutely. >> and it happens all the time. >> i think we talk about it and we delete and move on. sometimes it is the same people. we will see if others follow suit. >> all right. thanks craig. up next the dramatic rescue of a dog stranded for days on a
8:15 am
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if you have medicare part d, walgreens gets that you might be at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more." that's why walgreens makes it easy to switch your prescriptions and save money. just stop by. and leave all the legwork to us. switch your prescriptions to walgreens where you could save even more on medicare part d with copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy. people with a good view. we are back on a saturday morning. they say every dog has its day. a black lab mix got her day after being stranded for days on lake erie. we have the story from our
8:18 am
affiliate. >> good morning to you. the puppy was stuck in the frozen lake and the lake was starting to thaw. it is a miracle she is alive. that is kimberly. >> she knows she is at home. >> just hours earlier, she was nowhere near here. >> right in the middle. we are calling her elsa. >> she saw the black lab running on lake erie. she tried to lure the dog with the smell of hot dogs. when that failed she called the coast guard. >> i watched her run. i could see her. so bad. so sad. i woke up and she's right here. >> reporter: concerned residents took watch over the dog. >> i want to walk out there and get that dog. i don't care who it belongs to. i want to save the dog.
8:19 am
>> reporter: officials said the thawing ice was dangerous. many turned to twitter. including the reporter who would rescue kimberly. mike o'mara. trying to save dog trapped on lake erie. our local affiliate in ohio wkyc stepped in and sent out an air boat. this time she did not run. >> come on. all right. all right. >> hey, baby. >> reporter: officials tracked down her owners and learned she went missing playing in the backyard last sunday. no surprise they spent the last five days searching for her. >> we were going to canvas the neighborhood. >> reporter: a successful effort that resulted in happy tears and a happy and now warmer puppy to lick them away. the family says kimberly is
8:20 am
relaxing and eating and saying cozy indoors. >> i think we all wept awe. still ahead, our joe fryer rides shotgun with the thunderbirds. did he pass out or give up his lunch? we will find out. first this is "today" on nbc. nn state is right here in greater philidelphia. ♪ we are top ranked by corporate recruiters. ♪ there's new scholarship money available. ♪ we have four year degrees so you can finish here. or at another penn state campus. ♪ and there's no application fee when you visit here. penn state in greater philidelphia. download your application fee waiver at:
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8:22 am
♪ still to come on "today," a boy band heart breaker. >> say it ain't so. >> one member of one direction walks away from the tour. did he quit because of stress? we go live to london. what is on your home introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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8:25 am
they start a game of license plates and quickly find kentucky. then brother spots alaska! he's never felt so lucky. and no one's counting minutes, they're counting cows instead. and "are we there yet?" is a phrase that's happily unsaid. goldfish crackers. the snack that smiles back. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:25 on this saturday. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the weather on this first full day
8:26 am
of spring. brittney? >> it's a cold start. we are seeing temperatures mainly at freezing. you want to be careful with icy spots. you can see ice on the lens there and the flags are calm. that's overlooking the delaware river and a closer look at the feels like temperature when you step outside. 27 degrees in philadelphia. it feels like 29 in pottstown 18 in mt. pocono. the actual temperature 30 degrees in mt. holly, 31 in atlantic city and 34 in wildwood. eve even seen a few snow flurries in allentown. we're starting to see everything clear up what we can see as we head into the rest of today, warmer temperatures mild conditions expected with a high today of 50 degrees. >> looking forward to it. thanks brittney. it's too soon to tell if weather played a factor in the crash in the cheltenham section of philadelphia. two cars collided head on leaving both vehicles a mangled mess. multiple people were injured but there's no word on the conditions of the victims.
8:27 am
police say the roads were slick but, again, the cause is still under investigation here. in north jersey authorities are testing the blood alcohol leave of linden police officer pedro abad. he was behind the wheel going the wrong way when he crashed into a tractor-trailer on a new york highway. a fellow officer was killed in the crash along with another passenger. abad and a third officer are in critical condition all of them were off duty at the time of the crash. a post on officer abad's instagram account from the last weekend shows him as a member of the honor guard for the funeral procession of fallen philadelphia police officer robert wilson. it is the round of 32 in the ncaa men's tournament today. villanova takes on number eight nc state tonight. we'll check in with nbc 10's keith jones in our 9:00 hour. i'm rosemary connors. we'll see you then.
8:28 am
♪ ♪
8:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together.
8:30 am
♪ welcome to the "today" show baby. >> we're west virginia girls in nyc. >> from the "today" show plaza. >> i came from germany. >> hi mom. >> all the way from tennessee to nyc. ♪ >> super excited. wow. could it be there are people from connecticut in the crowd?
8:31 am
what's up home state? love that. we are back on this saturday morning. it is march 21st 2015. that's what we're talking about. huge amazing crowd on the plaza. the first full day of spring. totally feels like it. >> jackpot. >> warmer. >> gloves and hand warmers in our pockets. we have had a basketball team there with our open of this half hour. we're going to reveal our picks because we did brackets. sheinelle and i have a similar strategy for picking teams. you should listen. you may want to borrow this next year. >> are you taking it seriously? >> we take everything seriously craig. we will reveal all of that including wofford. >> wofford college. shortest team in the tournament on average. >> with the height? >> not like sheinelle jones short.
8:32 am
6'1". the heart of the terrier. >> we're terriers at boston university. not in the tourmentnament. we will take that one off live. still to come in the half hour a chance encounter for a husband and wife years before they walked down the aisle. the surprising discovery made on an old home movie. could this marriage truly been fate? also ahead, a bird a plane, our joe fryer. the top gun inspired maneuvers and dizzying to say the least. joe survived and is here to tell us about it. the news that put all the pre-teens an flutter. one member is now back home after leaving the tour. we have keir simmons following the story. keir what happened? >> reporter: craig, the one direction statement is clear.
8:33 am
zayn needs time to recuperate from stress. brace yourself one direction fans. there is speculation about the future. it is reported that zayn went to see his fiancee in the u.k. as fans wait and worry. zayn landed back in london looking somber. one direction saying in a statement it's due to stress. ♪ we dance all night ♪ >> reporter: the group continuing the world tour without him. speculation over what happened on a night in thailand putting pressure on the world's biggest boy band. zayn pictured with this girl on instagram while his fiancee is back in britain. he denied cheating saying i'm 22 years old. i love a girl named perrie. there are a lot of jealous folks in the world. saying i'm sorry for what it looks like. ♪ you light up my world ♪
8:34 am
>> reporter: last year zayn was a no show for an interview on "today "today." >> he just needs to rest. >> reporter: this week, week, #weneedzayn is trending. >> a loss would be titanic to any of the fans. it would be a very big deal. it is. he is just taking time away. >> reporter: i love you, zayn. please don't leave us one fan tweeted. another wrote, it is not one direction without zayn. now zayn is expected to rejoin the band at the end of the month. the tour runs through october. ♪ nothing can come between us ♪ >> reporter: and one direction fans are, of course, famously protective of the boys. to be clear in case of question craig, i love one direction. i hope they get back together soon. britain would not be the same
8:35 am
without them. >> we don't want anybody giving you a hard time when you walk out of the studio. we know you love one direction. we do too. >> thanks keir. >> we love love here. >> before we get to domenica at the park, who is dylan? >> he is in tennessee and i live in kentucky. >> what is your name? >> molly. >> what did you want to ask? >> dylan, will you go to prom with me? >> it's 2015. he will text you and when he texts yes, you will tell us? >> we will go to domenica for the weather in central park. >> this is really truly march madness. one direction breaking up. we have 4.5 inches of snow here in central park. maybe dylan might go to the prom. who knows. anything can happen. we are in central park. it is freezing out here this morning. this is our first full day of spring. it will warm up. hopefully this is the last time
8:36 am
we are talking about snow in the northeast. let's check out the forecast and show you what we are looking at. signs of spring. we have temperatures that are well above normal across the country. 5 to 15 degrees. there is definitely spring weather showing up on the map. that is good. it goes into sunday. we will see it very warm out to the west. a look at the northeast. temperatures today will be near normal. then tomorrow it starts to cool off. a big dip in the temperatures once you get on with the cold front passing us by on sunday. there is the forecast. rain down to the south. it will be soggy through parts of i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of today, our temperatures will be much warmer than what we saw yesterday, ranging between 46 and 50 degrees. fog to start and milder conditions settle in for us which will be a nice start to the weekend, especially after yesterday's snow. heading into sunday, cooler temperatures, breezy and cold
8:37 am
with a high of 42 degrees. that's just the beginning. take a look at monday, colder air will drop our high to 39 degrees. we recover nicely pushing into the 60s by next thursday. and that's the look at the saturday forecast. back to you, craig and erica. >> thanks domenica. we can confirm dylan said yes to the prom. i talked to him on the phone. dylan, thanks. have a great time. talk soon. so now in the orange room with the fan of the day. prom-posal. i want you to meet olivia from boynton beach, florida. why are you coming from florida? it is so cold. a lot of them first time seeing snow. how is that possible? really? i'll stop talking. take it away. >> still to come, a love story. a husband and wife crossed paths
8:38 am
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a drop of dawn and grease is gone. ♪ this is my heart beat song ♪ if you ever thought about you and your spouse were meant to be? sheinelle is here with one new jersey couple have a lot of people pondering the question. >> here is the question for you. this is something out of a movie. they are happily married with three kids and they were shocked to discover they actually cross the paths 16 years before they actually met. it was all caught on home video. >> serendipity.
8:41 am
it is one of favorite words. >> why? >> it is a fortunate accident. i think fate defines everything. >> in the movie, two strangers fall in love after a chance encounter. a perfect story line for a romantic comedy. a better one in real life. meet georgia and ryan spencer. >> we went on our first date in 2004. my last first date. yours too. >> yes. >> reporter: it turns out this was not the first time that jordan and ryan came in contact with one another. they discovered it by happenstance. >> we watched an old family video. while we were watching it ryan walked past the scene and he said that's me. i couldn't believe it. >> here comes daddy. >> i went through a pretty
8:42 am
awkward stage. with the oversized glasses. >> reporter: the two families did not know each other and lived 45 minutes apart. >> what are the odds of this happening? >> it is fascinating. >> reporter: this was not the only time they were in the same place at the same time. they went to the rolling stones concert as kids in 1989. how could ryan miss jordan with the great hair? >> were we in the stadium on the same night? it is totally possible. >> reporter: how do they describe winding up together in the end? >> i guess there was a reason for us to be in the same place at the same time and it happened more than once. >> reporter: however you see it it is pretty cool. the future captured in a frame of video. jordan and ryan say they found the video years back and thought they lost in it a flood. they have plenty of copies of it. they will tell their kids when
8:43 am
they are old enough to understand. >> third time's a charm. >> there you go. what are the odds the same day and same frame of video. >> they are meant to be. sheinelle, thanks. up next march madness bracket fever. we are sharing our picks this morning. maybe it will make you feel better about your own. this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ in fifth grade. >> are you telling the truth on television? >> slam dunk. >> okay. enough with the short jokes. >> that wasn't a short joke. back on a saturday morning. if you are like all of us you cannot wait for the match ups in college hoops as march madness is in full swing. >> we have never been a shy
8:46 am
bunch with competition on the "today" show. we got into the college basketball action picking brackets of our own. we will check in to see who is on top. >> let's make a friendly wager. whoever ends in dead last place has to cook a nice meal of food for the entire team on air. we will do it up in the kitchen. are you in? >> i'm in. >> i make a mean salmon. >> let's start with your picks. >> let's make him lose for fun, sheinelle. my picks. sheinelle and i picked teams. if you thought my picks were interesting. i have butler in the championships. i pick them with a connection or the underdog. i like that kind of cinderella story. butler my husband is from indianapolis. my family has season tickets.
8:47 am
we are bull dog fans in the house. >> butler lost last night. making sure you are aware. >> here are my picks. i played it safe. kentucky wisconsin, virginia and kentucky and duke and kentucky winning it. >> you picked the highest seeds? >> this is one of the best basketball teams we have seen in years. >> i think so too. >> if they don't win the championship that is the big story. you know what? i'm curious. let's see yours. >> oh, wichita. >> there are a lot of people in wichita, kansas. i picked wichita because we did so well last year. my mom is a teacher. everything stops. duke because i feel like they always win. villanova because obviously i was there for the last ten years. a lot of kids i'm friends with watching there. that explains it. >> and dylan dreyer is on
8:48 am
vacation this week. she sent in her brackets. >> dylan is diehard like you. >> she spends time researching. nice. i'm surprised with the villanova pick. she has kentucky losing to arizona. >> she does. you want to talk to her about that? >> i'll shoot her an e-mail. this is where we are right now. i have a way to go. >> look at that. sheinelle! >> what can you say? >> what are you making buddy? >> mac and cheese? >> can you do something fish related? >> one of your final four teams has already lost. you're done. >> so. >> but you know what? i'll let you have your glory. i am in dead last place now. >> if i can spin it on my finger, i would. up next soaring to new heights with the thunder birds. >> joe fryer gives us a bird's
8:49 am
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sir, we're going to need you on the runway later don't let a severe cold hold you back. get theraflu. it has the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. theraflu breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. so you never miss a day. theraflu. serious power. the next story, hold on to your seat. joe fryer flies with the thunder birds. >> good morning. the l.a. county air show is taking place this weekend and no doubt the air force thunder
8:52 am
birds are the biggest draws. we were lucky enough to hitch a ride on the f-16 fighting falcons. the proud air men who fly the jets are trained pros. every now and then they let me tag along. you cannot just into an f-16 without training. let's take a quick step bangck to learn about the gear and get your body through the intense g-forces. and just in case. >> you will have two sickness bags up there. >> reporter: no worries. i'm in the hands of major tyler ellison. his nickname wolf. it is time for takeoff. within seconds of leaving the ground. >> get ready. here comes some gs. >> reporter: flying straight up. 17,500 feet off the ground which
8:53 am
is directly behind me. that is just the beginning. for the next hour, we are sample sampling maneuvers that takes upside down for a few moments. the window to the world directly below. we took a loop around like a roller coaster? >> ours took 7,000 feet. >> reporter: they call this one the eight-point roll. there is nothing like experiencing these things in the cockpit, there is nothing like experiencing it from the ground. tens ever thousands will watch from the air show. >> i'll turn away from the jets and look at the crowd. you can see on the faces, those kids are hooked. i got that one. >> reporter: our pilot major ellison knows dreams start
8:54 am
young. he earned his pilot's license before his driver's license. >> it has to be a unique experience to go get a plane and fly and then get a ride back home. >> reporter: the thunder birds have 130 crew members. eight have pilot combat experience. on this day, it is the peaceful skies, mountains and valleys and low hanging clouds. cloud chasing. of course we have to experience some gs like this rapid turn that puts an incredible amount of force on my body. 7.8 gs. so strong. for a moment my vision turns gray. finally after a journey that took us 200 miles away we returned to the airfield. >> just a perspective i never had. incredible. i'm grateful and overwhelmed. i did not throw up.
8:55 am
thank you. >> reporter: a bucket list mission accomplished. each year the thunder birds perform in 70 shows in the country. they flew over the super bowl this year. >> you said that was on your bucket list? >> it is. >> i'm happy you did not throw up. >> were you nauseous? >> midway through, there was a point where my stomach was not feeling it. i did not do a maneuver in the end. it was straight up while spinning. >> that was probably a good call. >> i said let's not do that one. >> did you get advice of what to eat? >> they tell you the day before to hydrate well. that morning, you have to have something in your stomach. they don't want you to overeat. nothing spicy or greasy. you should have something in your stomach. an english muffin. >> joe, great.
8:56 am
nice to see you on this saturday. >> that's it. >> we'll be back tomorrow with more. >> the school p good morning, i'm rosemary connors. just ahead on nbc 10 news today, a tragic fire in new york city seven children are dead after flames ripped through a house in brooklyn overnight. we have new video from the scene. here in philadelphia broken glass sends two children to the hospital. after gunshots shattered the windows of the car they were riding in. we'll update the investigation. when you wake up, it will still look like a winter wonderland. but i am tracking warmer temperatures as you head into the afternoon. i'll have injure full seven-day forecast. villanova keeps rolling. they are looking for another win over nc state tonight. a live report from pittsburgh is coming up. . those stories and much more, next on nbc 10 news today at 9:00.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news out of new york city this morning, seven children have died in a house fire in brooklyn. we have new video from the scene. in our area, there's little relief from winter on this first morning of spring. watch out for slippery spots on the roads and sidewalks throughout the region. a snow-covered scene as we take a live look over the philadelphia museum of art. some of it should melt this afternoon when the temperatures rise to 50 degrees. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 9:00 on this saturday. meet meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the changes in the forecast after winter's last stand. that's what i'm calling it. >> that's a good thing to call it. it will feel like spring with temperatures into the 50s. we're still concerned this morning because of a few slick spots. there's a closer look outside right now at the city skyline.
9:00 am
we are going to see a nice afternoon. temperatures in allentown below freezing, 29 degrees, 32 in pottstown. for those locations, icy spots are still a concern. 28 in mt. pocono 32 in atlantic city 34 in wildwood. mainly clear conditions on our radar here. we are still seeing a few passing clouds. as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures to push into the 50s. just four degrees below average. that's as close as we'll get to the average over the next couple of days. i'm tracking colder air in my seven-day forecast. for now we check in with nbc 10's jesse gary who is live in fairmont park. >> the sun is up and so have the temperatures. took my gloves off. that's how nice it is. still slush and ice impacting the people who are out here on the trail running and walking. and also for the people headed to the river. all hands on deck this morning at boat house


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