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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  WCAU  March 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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it's still very much stuck. >> it's hard. you know something's wrong. >> reporter: they were disney-bound on the frontier plane sunday night when it suddenly made a hard stop two minutes after it began taxiing. >> it just feel like boom. this airplane just -- one side the other side just go down. you can feel it. >> reporter: with the 105 passengers and 5 crew members felt their jet went off-roading. the pilot drive off the side of the concrete. i saw a guy who saw it happen. >> in the mud. front gear in some mud or something. i thought it would get out but then realized it was stuck. >> reporter: passengers tell me everyone was okay but a flight attendant got knocked into the wall pretty well. all passengers were told to go home or given a hotel voucher. they were back this morning. lots of families trying to get kids to the warm orlando theme parks. a replacement plane was flown in from denver's frontier hub. a tow vehicle was able to inch
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the plane forward but more towing muscle had to be brought in. it's an expensive headache for frontier and an inconvenience for passengers. it could have been worse. >> better to have it happen on -- while you're taxiing than to blow a tire on takeoff or landing. >> reporter: you see they did bring in a fleet of these really high-end heavy-duty wrecker trucks to try to pull it out. i was also told they're bringing in air bags. that's what they're looking at under the "f" of the frontier on the plane. you see that orange bag? that's been inflated under the right wing to nudge it up. passengers have arrived safely at orlando. i'm told once this airplane is out of the mud they're going to reel it -- roll it down this part of the runway to another hangar and inspectors will go with it. they'll make sure it's out of the way and make sure it's safe before it goes up into the air. as soon as they start pulling this thing we'll call you back on tv and let you know so can you see it for yourself. i think we're all kind of
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anxious to see how this will play out. live in new castle county airport, tim furlong, "nbc10 news." >> we have an aerial pilot taken by the pilot of skyforce10. you can see that picture and more video of the stuck plane right now on the "nbc10 news" app for your smartphone or tablet. back to a developing story out of raleigh, north carolina where three people have died in a scaffolding action. according to officials at the scene, portion of scaffolding fell from an 11-story building. one person survived and is in the hospital. investigators don't know why it happened. a wild attack on a subway platform is caught on camera. now philadelphia police want your help finding those responsible. you can see a group of teenagers attack the victim as he sat on the bench at the walnut locust station. this all happened around 4:15
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last thursday. the victim suffered minor injuries. a barn fire at bishop farm in burlington county reached two alarms today before firefighters brought it under control. skyforce10 over the scene at mt. pleasant and island roads in mansfield. fire officials say no animals are kept inside the barn and no one was hurt. the report is in on the philadelphia police and their use of deadly force on the streets. >> the police commissioner was the one who asked the feds to look into this. investigators with the justice department found serious deficiencies in police policies and training in philadelphia. and they've made 91 recommendations for changes. nbc10 investigative reporter harry hairston have been studying the federal report. >> what are the biggest criticisms and concerns? >> reporter: it comes down to one word -- training training training. that's the biggest issue the report sets which is among the rank and file and supervisors. >> the truth hurts but i think we all recognize selective
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ignorance is fatal. >> reporter: department of department of justice's community orienting policing organization released a critical report of the philadelphia police department. it has 91 recommendations for philly police. >> as you'll see in the report we've identified 48 findings that do identify what we would call serious deficiencies in some key areas with regard to the use of force. >> reporter: davis tells us the department of justice report finds officers in the academy or on the streets are not properly trained when it comes to the use of deadly force. >> we're making definitely strong representations there be an established field training program, which does not exist at this moment. >> our officers qualify once a year. >> reporter: commissioner charles ramsey, who asked for the justice department to conduct the report does point out there is already some deadly force training. >> the recommendation is we do it twice a year. and include within that reality-based training which puts officers in scenarios where they have to make decisions, not just about deadly force but any use of force.
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>> reporter: the report also calls for better training of supervisors who handle officer-involved shootings. >> just for an example, the one that stands out the most would be that the department is still taking typed statements -- interviews from officers versus audio or videotapes. we believe that makes it more of a summary statement than an exact statement from the officer. >> reporter: also among those 91 recommendations, the report also calls for the department to share data including data that comes from deadly -- use of deadly force by a group of citizens who also investigate police complaints. reporting live in center centre, harry hairston, "nbc10 news." sunshine greeted people in pottstown today. they needed that burst of sun to warm up from the unseasonably cold temperatures. >> chief meteorologist glenn
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"hurricane" schwartz is here to tell us how low the mercury will dip and if we need the heat on tonight, glenn. >> yes, you'll need the heat again. and a lot of what melted today with that warm sun will refreeze tonight as temperatures go into the 20s. and wilgts out there making it feel even colder than it actually is. and it's cold enough. 41 degrees, the average for this time of the year would be 55. it's only 35 in pottstown and ail allentown. 37 in wildwood. that is pretty amazing. now, we have clouds coming in from the west. if those clouds weren't there, we would be getting down into the teens tonight. as it is we'll get down to the freezing mark near 10:00 tonight. that's in the city. the suburbs will already be below freezing. we'll see when it warms up big time. and also when to expect the rain again with the seven-day in a few minutes. a former delaware deputy
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attorney general was in court today but on the other side of the law. 35-year-old daniel simmons pleaded guilty to raping a teenage boy. simmons worked for the jult department justice department's misdemeanor unit. they say simmons and an unnamed college student met the 16-year-old through social media. simmons now faces up to 15 years in prison. the college student is awaiting trial. after simmons' plead, the victim's family released a statement saying we want him held account aktable and don't want him to hurt anyone else. the pennsylvania state troopers association is asking tom wolf to rethink his nomination. colonel brown is under investigation for misdemeanor theft for removing roadside signs that criticized him. brown was head of maryland state police before becoming the governor's nominee. the president of the pspa said in part the actions and circumstances surrounding mr. brown have garnered embarrassing national attention.
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20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this. swiped right out of the steering wheel. somebody broke into local cars and stole the air bags inside. five cars were hit overnight and the suspects had very specific targets. the latest smash and grab crimes involved air bags in hondas on hartel avenue. this isn't the first time something like this happened. on march 1st nine hondas were targeted not far from there. nbc10's deanna durante has been looking at recent threats. tell us about the demand for air bags and where the stolen merchandise ends up. >> reporter: police and the national insurance crime bureau suspects they're ending up in karsz just like this one. this is the piece we're talking about here, the center of your steering wheel. what's happening, police say, is that thieves are hitting the streets. they are looking for parked cars unsuspects owners and leaving their handiwork, breaking into cars in the middle of the night and pulling those items out for resale.
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>> i'm upset, you know. what can i do? it happened you know. you've got take care of it. >> reporter: taking care of it could cost edward anywhere from $500 to $1,000. before the sun came up he and his neighbors found out they had fallen prey to a thief or thieves targeting air bags from honda. >> i heard two weeks ago they took about nine up by sally avenue. you know, that's the first i heard, you know. >> reporter: he knew the thieves struck not far from his house earlier this month. he hopes he wouldn't become a victim. >> they steal them for -- probably for another car that was in an accident and they were deployed. that's the only reason somebody would need to have a used air bag. >> reporter: mike thompson says no two air bags are alike and you can't put a chevy air bag in a honda. he says the thieves are targeting one type of vehicle, there must be a demand for that type on the black market. less than reputable car shops
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are passing them off as new. can you make sure they're new by asking for a receipt or part number. if they don't give it up -- >> if they don't tell you where they got them from, then they are probably hot parts. >> reporter: and here's another problem. if you can't tell where it's come from then you can't tell what you're buying. the national insurance crime bureau says that one thing that can also happen is these parts may not be reliable but are being installed into your cars. again, auto repair places say you can ask for a receipt as to where they bought their parts from. reporting live, deanna durante, "nbc10 news." we have new information about a teacher's sex scandal in montgomery county. jessica streeper pleaded guilty to having sex with a 14-year-old student last year. she was a teacher at eisenhower science and technology leadership academy in the norris norristown area school district. a judge postponed sentencing until she undergoes a sex
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offender evaluation. a man working on his truck was hurt when the pickup fell on top of him. skyforce10 was over the scene this morning in northeast philadelphia. authorities say the truck slipped out of gear and landed on the man. he was rushed to the hospital where he is listed in stable condition. authorities say the stabbing of a man and woman in camden late last night was not a random attack. it happened before midnight at sixth and cherry streets. the man is in stable condition. the woman in critical. police haven't made any arrests in the case. we have some new information now on the car crash that killed an off-duty new jersey police officer last week. police say two other officers injured in the crash, including the driver remain in critical but stable condition. the three officers and a friend were going the wrong way on a new york highway when their car hit a tractor-trailer head-on. the men had just left an exotic dance club. 28-year-old linden officer will
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be buried on thursday. >> flags in new jersey are in half-staff honor willing a marine killed in last week's helicopter crash. governor christie ordered lowering of the flags on government buildings. one of the seven marines who died in the florida training mission was from basking ridge. shaw graduated from ridge high school attended the u.s. naval academy and was based in north carolina. the blackhawk helicopter crashed in heavy fog during a nighttime training mission. in addition to the seven marines, four army national guard members died in the accident. right now investigators aren't sure why the helicopter went down. right now repairs are under way to brink oyster creek nuclear power plant back on line. an electrical problem forced it to shut down yesterday afternoon. it happened in the steam pressure control system. plant officials insist nothing unusual happened during the automatic shutdown. you'll soon be seeing a lot more coast guard helicopters in
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the air starting wednesday and continuing through april. the coast guard begins helicopter training. the pilots are practicing coverage of the secure air space over washington. you can expect to see and hear the choppers at least twice every day during the special training. those flights will be between ocean city to stone harbor. news out of delaware where governor sooind a new liquor law, allowing smaller eateries the opportunity to apply for a liquor license. those restaurants must seat at least a dozen people and serve complete meals to be granted a license. senator bob casey of pennsylvania is pushing for universal pre-kindergarten for all kids. today philadelphia educators joined him in the fight. senator casey recently introduced a bill called the prepare all kids act. legislation is meant to strengthen coordination between early childhood programs and elementary schools. in a statement, casey said universal pre-k will lay down a foundation for a long-term
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economic growth that will ensure our nation's children can compete with any throughout the world for the jobs of the future. here's a look at some of the things the bill will do. support states to provide at least one year of voluntary pre-kindergarten to all children. it also limits class size to a maximum of 20 students and provides funding to full-day year-round program. pennsylvania's first lady visited bucks county today to discuss how her husband's budget will improve public education. francis wolf held a roundtable with teachers and administrators at lafayette elementary school in bristol. the stop was part of her schools that teach tour. after hosting the roundtable the first lady read to a classroom of students. robert kennedy jr. is calling for parents to be able to choose for themselves when it comes to vaccinating their children. kennedy, who was the nephew of president john kennedy, spoke at a news conference in trenton today. standing with groups that oppose mandatory vaccinations.
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he believes the pharmaceutical industry profits from government requirements that mandate vaccines. kennedy did admit all six of his children have been vaccinated. now to breaking news. skyforce10 is live over breaking news in prospect park delaware county. you can see this vehicle through the trees. it crashed into a house on summit avenue. there are no reports of any injuries. count on "nbc10 news" for new information on this breaking news story. in other news today the bodies of seven siblings who died in a fire in new york over the weekend were flown overnight to israel. the children ranged in age from 5 to 16 years old. the three girls and four boys were members of an ultraorthodox jewish family. when they arrived in israel today, their bodies were taken to a jerusalem cemetery and a convoy with police escort. the mother and one daughter survived and remain in critical condition. the family lived in brooklyn.
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investigators believe that a hot plate left on for the sabbath malfunctioned and set off flames that trapped the children in their second-story bedrooms as they slept. new information about a developing story in virginia. police say they could not substantiate the claim of a gang rape at the university of virginia fraternity house. you can remember the accusation was made by a student in the explosive "rolling stone" story last fall. >> nine of the 11 residents were interviewed, who were present -- or who were in the house in 2012. were interviewed and had no knowledge regarding a sexual assault. >> police say this doesn't mean something bad did not happen to the victim. this just means they don't have the evidence to prove it. and the investigation is not over. it's just suspended. the pentagon now says all 100 of the u.s. service members on the so-called isis kill list have been contacted. those service members are being advised to be aware, exercise
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caution and stay off of or limit activity on social media. a group called the islamic state hacking division published the names and some of the pictures of military members and called for isis sympathizers to go after them. we had snow just a few days ago. it still feels like winter out there. but things are going to be changing a bit this week. we do have a refreeze tonight. some of the snow we got that melted is going to refreeze tonight. we'll be warming up this week. one day especially. we're also tracking showers, maybe a thunderstorm before the week is over. you see the flags blowing, the cold air still in there. and it is not feeling like it's a week from april. 41 degrees and a 12-mile-an-hour wind. the relative humidity is very
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low. so as this moisture to the west, these clouds move in we're not expecting any precipitation out of it, but it will come across the sky and prevent the temperature from dropping into the teens like it would if it was clear tonight. it's 41 in philly. 39 in pottstown and allentown. 43 in atlantic city. way below average for this time of the year. now, take a look although what could be coming our way. 73 degrees in nashville. 72 in little rock. 67 in st. louis. there's plenty of warm air. not that far away. it's pretty cold up in canada. and we're still going to get little blasts from there before this month is over. but it's going to warm up first. we're kind of dry right now. and there are the clouds coming in as we go through the night tonight.
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this first little area of moisture with snow is going to fall apart. we're waiting for the bigger system to come in. that's going to take a while. we could see a couple showers on wednesday, but the main threat comes on thursday along with a surge of really warm air. we could get showers and even thunderstorms. some places could hit 70 degrees on thursday. but it's just a one-day thing. not a change in the overall pattern. mostly cloudy and cold. 28 for the low in philadelphia. 21 north and west. during the day tomorrow we start off with the clouds and then it gives way to sunshine. temperature still 10 degrees below average. the seven-day forecast it's chilly on wednesday as well. and 48 degrees with just a chance of a shower. thursday is the day where we get showers, thunderstorms. 68 degrees. again, possibly up to 70 and
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then it gets colder again. look how cold it is over the weekend. high of only 38 degrees on saturday. nbc10 is following a developing story. >> the sex attacks on two teenage girls. today the local man now in custody for the crimes. also stuck on the sidewalk. why some people in our area shouldn't expect the trash man to come collecting any time soon. plus a famous slugger takes a swing at a problem in his hometown. today what professional baseball player mike trout is doing to help control a growing animal crisis. next, ease up on the gas. the message to local drivers. the push to get you to slow down. now.
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warmer weather means more road construction. penndot wants to make sure the crew doing that work stays safe. penndot is teaming up with local and state police kicking off construction zone awareness
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week. here are a few things penndot wants you to keep in mind. drive the posted work zone speed limit. stay alert and pay attention to signs and flaggers. turn on your headlights if signs instruct you to do so. and expect the unexpected. >> we understand work zones may be an inconvenience, but we ask for your patience and understanding. since it is not only the safety of our workers that is at stake, but your own safety. >> according to penndot, in 2013 there were more than 1600 crashes in pennsylvania work zones, with 16 people killed in those crashes. a new report finds driving in the garden state doesn't come cheap. car owners there pay almost 50% more than the rest of the country for car insurance. in our area new jersey has the costliest car insurance at $1220 a year. the most expensive in the nation. delaware is next at $1,065 and pennsylvania follows at $827.
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the national average is $815. now back to our top story. >> a commercial jet stuck in the mud at new castle county airport. the frontier airlines plane was departing for orlando when it left the pavement and got lodged in the mud. all 105 people on board got off safely. now crews are working to dislodge the plane. plus this -- >> you could see how face -- her face just -- >> now in our second half hour new, one girl's medical success story. how she found help here had when she couldn't find it anywhere else. another cold night ahead. but i'm tracking a warm-up and spring showers. find out when you'll need that umbrella in my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast. coming up tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 more than just turning the other cheek. wait until you hear how mo'ne davis' reaction after being
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insulted on twitter by a college baseball player.
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here are some stories making headlines on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. crews are trying to free this plane after it veered off the taxiway and got stuck in the mud at new castle county airport. everyone on board is okay. the delaware national guard is there helping to free that plane. the report is in on the philadelphia police department's use of deadly force. investigators with the justice department made 91 recommendations for changes. commissioner charles ramsey requested the review in 2013 because of a number of officer-involved shootings in the city.
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a case of stolen air bags. someone broke into five cars overnight in philadelphia's ron hurst neighborhood and made off with the air bags inside. all of the vehicles were hondas. this isn't the first time this has happened. just weeks ago, nine hondas were targeted nearby. we are learning that a worker at a group home is accused of sex crimes involving two teenage girls in south jersey. 48-year-old larry holliday is accused of sexually assaulting one teen girl and he's accused of inappropriate contact with another teen girl. holliday works at a group home in waterford township. he's in jail this afternoon. a strong breeze had the flags at the samuel lambert vfw post in riverside moving today. it was sunny out there but cold. nbc10's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with the nbc10 first alert forecast. >> glenn, feeling more winter-like than spring. >> absolutely.
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and temperatures are down in the 20s this morning. and going to be in the 20s again tomorrow morning. it's only two weeks away from the home opener at citizens bank park. looking real nice with that blue sky. but, you know, you don't want this weather pattern when you're playing baseball. temperatures now 39 in allentown. barely 40 in reading. poconos, 29 degrees. with sunshine all day. here come some clouds. that will help us a little bit overnight tonight because it will create a little blanket there blocking some of that cold from leaving into space and that's why the temperatures don't go as low at night when you have cloud cover. so, the temperature does go down below the freezing mark in the city towards midnight. and, of course in the suburbs before that. i'll tell you, though about a really major warm-up. plus showers in the seven-day in a few minutes. in newark new castle county, police are looking for
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suspects involved in a violent robery. investigators say two men robbed a 61-year-old woman at knife point in the parking lot of an apartment building on oe daniel avenue. the suspects held a knife to the woman's neck. she suffered a minor scratch. the suspects then took off with her wallet. delaware state police want to know if you've seen these guys. investigators say the two men are responsible for a string of four armed robberies at gas stations. the incidents happened at locations around new castle county earlier this month. if you know anything about these men, police want to hear from you. police arrested a trio of men for swiping pricey power tools from cars in three counties. whitemarsh township police say they received complaints of multiple thefts from work trucks. police arrested the three men with 197 counts of theft. police announced today they will issue body cameras similar to these to members of the department in willingboro.
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officers say it's because of improvement in camera technology. they believe the cameras will reduce frivolous lawsuits and officer complaints. all uniformed sfrsz will wear them. detectives will have to wear them on assignments. and cameras will be replaced with new ones every 30 to 60 months. texas tea party conservative ted cruz announced his candidacy for president today. >> cruz is not the best known or the best financed candidate for 2016, but is he the first. "nbc10 news" national correspondent steve handelsman reports from washington. >> reporter: held close by conservative christian, texas senator ted cruz launched his campaign in virginia. at jerry falwell's liberty university pledging to return americans' freedoms. >> our rights they don't come from man. they come from god almighty. >> reporter: cruz is aiming at iowa, the first primary contest next february.
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>> about 40% of the iowa caucus vote among republicans is conservative christians. a lot of competition in that space. >> reporter: before pastor mike huckabee or scott walker or jeb bush or anybody else announced, cruz did today on twitter. >> i hope i can earn your support. >> reporter: conservative activists love the 44-year-old freshman tea party senator, but the republican establishment does not. to kill obamacare, cruz talked nonstop. >> i would not eat green eggs and ham. i do not like this. >> reporter: he blocked senate business for 21 hours and helped shut down government. obamacare will be a key to cruz's campaign. >> imagine in 2017 a new president, signing legislation, repealing every word of obamacare. >> reporter: imagine so many republicans running. >> i think there's eight or nine who could be the nominee. there are eight or nine more who's going to run. we've never seen a race like this. >> reporter: but only one went first. the big question is if ted cruz
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can raise the money he needs after iowa. from washington, steve handelsman, "nbc10 news." today curbside concerns. an eye sore in some local neighborhoods could get worse. we'll explain. also help for his hometown. the famous baseball player who delivers a message about a growing crisis in the south jersey community where he grew up. and next potent pot. the new findings about this common drug. it may not be as harmless as so many people think.
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if you're in doubt, parents who smoke have an impact on their children's heart health as the kids grow up. according to a new report out of finland, adults who were exposed to parents smoking were 1 1/2 times more likely to have arteries clogged with plaque. the study tested children in the 1980s and then again as late as 2007.
4:39 pm
getting high on pot packs a stronger punch than it used to. researchers say the levels of thc in marijuana sold in colorado turns out to be three times higher than it was 30 years ago. thc is a compound that actually gets people high. scientists say they also discovered today's marijuana has more con tanments in it. today a medical breakthrough involving a health problem that's been around for decades. >> that breakthrough is happening right here in our area. >> so happy that i got it over with and now i'm able to just live, like, regularly. >> today the efforts to pioneer a change to the way that condition is treated. nbc10 talks to one girl who's living proof of the success. well it's the first full week of spring but still feels like winter out there. let you know when we'll get a warm-up. plus, spring showers. my exclusive nbc10 first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 she's still in school but showing
4:40 pm
she's actually thinking like an adult. hear mo'ne davis respond to a college player's online insults.
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a ground-breaking treatment is changing lives in philadelphia. curved spines of children are now being made straight with innovative technology. >> shriner's hospital for children is one of the few hospitals in the country to perform this rare surgery to treat scoliosis. nbc10's jacqueline london shows us how they're making a difference. >> for children with debilitating spinal injuries a specialized procedure can heal an entirely new way and allows patients to recover so much faster than before. as one family we spoke to learned, shriner's is vastly improving lives one spine at a time. >> reporter: at 15 years old jillian cohen looks like your average teenager.
4:44 pm
focused on studies and sports. but a few years ago her parents weren't sure if she'd ever be able to do this. at the age of 11 doctors determined jillian's spine was curved greater than 10 degrees. she had scoliosis that was only going to get worse. >> a formal spine is when your spine is completely straight and they said that mine was curved like an "s". >> reporter: her doctors fitted her with a brace she was supposed to wear 22 hours a day. difficult for the entire family. >> the brace was so uncomfortable. it would be pushing my back. and i would just complain all the time. >> her other doctors were nice enough but they just kept telling her, you have no choice. have you no choice. this is the only option. >> reporter: the family from long islands, new york desperate for other options, was referred to shriner's hospital in philadelphia. the reaction from nurses when they walked in the door was life-changing. >> you all come with that ugly brace we all hate.
4:45 pm
you could see her face -- her face just -- i'm sorry. her face just lit up, like oh my god they're going to listen to me. >> reporter: at shriner's there's a new treatment option for patients like jillian. it's a surgery that corrects the spine with a flexible rope inserted into her back rather than the traditional stiff rod. it's a fusionless surgery that will allow her to move and function much easier in life with a rapid recovery. >> out of all the patients we've done, we've not had to place screws and rods in any of those patients. >> reporter: these x-rays show the difference in jillian's back before and after the surgery. her alignment improved by half and she was back to normal activities in just 30 days. >> we really made advances that have pushed -- pushed the field forward and improved the care of these children. >> so happy that i got it over with and i'm able to just live like regularly. >> reporter: when you see her
4:46 pm
now playing volleyball tennis, running track, what are you thinking? >> like it never happened. >> reporter: after the minimally invasive surgery, the spine is realigned and can continue to grow with flexibility. it is expected to remain straight without any additional procedures. jillian and her family drive from long island to philadelphia every six months for routine checkup at shriner's. >> we will drive here as often as we have to for her treatment forever, as long as they'll have us. >> she is doing so well. now, since offering the treatment, more than 100 patients between the ages of 10 and 15 have undergone the surgery. they have all been able to resume their regular activities including sports after about one month. now, prior to this type of surgery being developed, it would have taken six months to a year for patients to recover. plenty of sunshine out there
4:47 pm
today, but that winter chill continues. we got a little melting of that snow again today. refreezing again tonight as temperatures drop into the 20s. we do see a significant warm-up this week. but it's only temporary. we have some showers that we're going to be tracking and possibly some thunderstorms as well. great visibility here. remember last week when the visibility was practically nothing with the snow? 41 degrees, a 12-mile-an-hour wind and 6 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. and we have had some pretty cold weather. friday's high of 37. yesterday, 48. today so far 41. the average high is 55 for this time of the year. and, of course enough cold weather to keep the ice and the lake is not totally ice covered but a lot of ice for this time of the year. and look how cold it was today. 16 for the low in mt. pocono. 20 in pottstown. 21 in doylestown.
4:48 pm
24 in northeast philly. 26 in millville. 18 in toms river. that's a really cold morning for late march. and we're only in the upper 30s to the low 40s right now. even with all that sunshine. we have the clouds coming in from the west that's going to prevent the temperature from dropping much overnight. this light snow there is not going to make it as we go into the night tonight. it's just too dry on top of us. but the warm air, that's going to be moving in. it's going to take a while. maybe a couple showers on wednesday. but thursday is the day where this front comes in the warm surge comes in ahead of it and we get some showers again. maybe some thunderstorms. at least one day a bit of a tease towards spring. mostly cloudy and cold tonight. 28 for the low in philadelphia. 21 north and west. that's well below average. so is this.
4:49 pm
a high tomorrow in the mid-40s. about 10 degrees below average. starting off with clouds. giving way to sunshine. but at least the sun and the sunset are giving us a longer day. every day is a longer day. this time of the year. wednesday, still chilly. chance of a shower but the main threat of showers is thursday. that's the main warm-up. look at that. 68 degrees. it's possible we could hit 70 if everything goes right. but then it's colder on friday. and look at how cold it gets next weekend. a high of only 38 on saturday. low temperatures back in the 20s. so, that is back to winter just as we're heading toward april. >> it's cold but at least we have some sun. >> yeah. and we have that one little tease day of getting the real warmth. >> we'll take it.
4:50 pm
thanks, glenn. this car crossed the golden gate bridge on its way to new york yesterday. nothing unusual about that except that it has no driver. it will be the first and longest coast-to-coast drive by an automated vehicle. the car is designed to navigate roads without a human hands on the steering wheel. in this case, there will be a person in the driver's seat in case of any trouble. a problem could be piling up outside your front door. >> we hate to tell you, but it may not be going anywhere any time soon. today, turmoil over sdprash why the garbage in some local neighborhoods might be hanging around longer than usual.
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skyforce10 over more breaking news. this time a vehicle has crashed into a cvs along route 73 in maple shade, burlington county. you can see some of that damage in the building as the car's been taken away. there are no reports of injuries. you can see the car. it had been pulled out. count on nbc10 to bring you new information on this breaking news story. if you live in philadelphia and your trash isn't getting picked up on time blame it on the bad weather. the streets department says the extreme weather took a toll on their trucks. as a result, trash pickup has been impacted with scattered one-day collection delays. in a statement, the streets commissioner said there had been several occasions where sanitation trucks have benefitted with snowplows to assist in snow removal. in these instances, sanitation trucks account for over one-third of the vehicles used during snow removal. a pro athlete from our area known for hitting a baseball has put his fame behind a different
4:55 pm
cause. this one involving pit bulls. mike trout, who grew up in cumberland county, will pop up on billboards feature a new spay and neuter campaign. they will loin state roads in bridgeton and millville. it will offer low income families to have their pit bulls spayed or neutered for free. trout is now an outfielder for the los angeles angels. last year he was named the american league's most valuable player. he graduated from millville senior high school back in 2009. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. here's jacqueline london. next all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- why septa police say they had to turn their tasers on a passenger at a busy center centre regional rail stop. and the whole incident was caught on tape. also ahead, we continue to follow developments from delaware where this jet remains stuck in the mud. nbc10's tim furlong joins us to
4:56 pm
update. the first week of spring begins on a chilly note. it's about to cool down even more tonight. ahead, when more normal temperatures move in. plus, i'm tracking rain for later in the week. and she has a little league arm but it's attached to a much bigger person. a college baseball player recently insulted mo'ne davis online. but wait until you hear mo'ne davis react after that player got punished. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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right now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 still stuck. this frontier airlines jet was supposed to take off from delaware last night, but nearly 24 hours later, the plane remains off the taxiway and stuck in the mud. crews have been hard at work all day long. >> but this retrieval job isn't as easy as getting the plane back onto the concrete. passengers who planned to leave the airport in new castle county for florida around 10:00 last night finally took off on a replacement plane today. tim furlong has been at the airport all day so tell us how things are progressing. >> reporter: slow. that's the best word for it slow. very slow. crews have been nudging and tugging and pushing this plane all day. they really only got to to move a few inches. now they have air bags under the right wing.
5:00 pm
that's the one that's tougher to see from our perspective here. the gear on that side of the plane is deep in the mud. the engine that hangs from that wing is a few inches off the ground. they're trying to inflate the bag, lift it up so they can then drag it and twist it over to the concrete. it really is just a good thing everybody was okay. >> it felt like a tire blew. >> reporter: the tires on this orlando-bound frontier jet didn't blow. the pilot just veered off the concrete. >> the whole plane went like that and we stopped. we got deplaned and i could see the tires were half in the mud. >> reporter: frontier says the 105 passengers and 5 crew members were okay. they don't say how or why the pilot ended up in mud. we saw people who saw it happen from the parking lot. >> the engines were revving. the normal taxi engines were revving. >> reporter: everybody is glad this didn't happen at higher speeds but kids were bummed they didn't get to disney and universal on ti


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