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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 25, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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and breaking news searching for a suspect in california. and you're going to need to bundle up again because it is colder outside now than it was at this time yesterday morning. and then we have rain on the way for later in the day. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today" on this wednesday. i'm chris cato. maybe a bit of a change coming tomorrow though. we'll begin with bill henley. good morning, bill. chris, you need your winter
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coat to start with but you don't need your shovel. the temperature will be moving up before the precipitation gets here, so we'll be looking at rain this morning. we are clear, which is why it is so cold this morning. that's a live view from center city. the radar shows showers moving through virginia. those will be here by late morning in the western suburbs of delaware. by afternoon, most of the area will see a few rain drops. right now it's just cold 20s for wilmington. 26 in northeast philadelphia. millville is down 15 degrees this morning. 20 degrees in atlantic city. 21 in pottstown. a very cold start. bundle up heading out the door. 26 degrees at 6:00. 32 degrees at 9:00. the clouds will take over leading to rain showers and temperatures at lunchtime are in the 40s. the hour-by-hour future weather when i'm back when the rain starts to fall in your area. but first let's go to christine
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maddela. we have an accident in ambler on mt. pleasant avenue and north ridge avenue. this is right at route 168. road conditions are clear and traffic is moving along nicely. no major delays. take a look at the drive times, green lights on 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. the blue route is clear as is 422 for now. chris? breaking news to nbc 10 this morning with police officers in two states shot and killed in the line of duty. one officer worked for the san jose police department in california. the other is a wisconsin state trooper killed in the city of fonda, wisconsin. tracy davidson is live in the digital operations center with more. >> reporter: first, san jose police came out with the update saying they are still searching for the man who gunned down one of their own. scott dunham is armed and hiding
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out in the apartment building where officers were called to last night. the officers are responding to the report of a man threatening to commit suicide. the veteran officer michael johnson was shot while responding to the call and died at the scene. right now people who live in this area are being told to stay inside. meantime in wisconsin a suspect shot and killed a trooper in a shoot-out. the suspect was driving a car to match the description of a vehicle connected to a bank robbery. police say the suspect was killed in the shoot-out and they are not searching for any other suspects. the department of justice is heading up the information. we'll bring you more as we get live from both of the shootings. tracy davidson "nbc 10 news." 4:03 and a shooting that led to a police chase has two people in the hospital with gunshot wounds. investigators say a police officer shot one of the men in the nighttown neighborhood. matt delucia is live outside the
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police headquarters with more. >> reporter: police responded to a hail of gunfire on a minivan that escalated from there. this is at 17th and cuyahoga street. a man inside the van was hit several times and when police got there they found another guy in the backseat who tried to run. the guy pointed one of his guns at the officer and the officer opened fire. at this hour both men who the police were chasing and the guy in the minivan are both stable. they are trying to figure out if this is the same man who shot up the minivan. sources want to talk to both right now that are in the hospital. this comes just a day after the department of justice came back with recommendations regarding officer-involved shootings. more on that side of the story when we see you in 30 minutes. live outside police
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headquarters, matt delucia "nbc 10 news." also new from overnight, a pizza delivery woman left a robber holding the pie in philadelphia. a man called to have a police delivered around midnight. they say he pulled out a gun and tried to rob the delivery woman. she handed him the pizza and got away but police are still looking for the robber. today a judge will sentence don cotollefson who stole more than $300,000 by selling fake sports team trips promising the money would go to a good cause. and the brother accused of murdering a philadelphia police officer during an attempted robbery will be in court today. the two men are facing murder charges. earlier this month robert wilson iii was buying a gift for his
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son at the gamestop in northeast philadelphia when the two men robbed the store. that's when a gun battle broke out killing officer wilson. philadelphia police are trying to piece together the too manyline of a murder mystery. yesterday investigators discovered a woman's body in a shallow grave near the springford l-train. they believe the woman was likely killed over the weekend, but neighbors in the building say the usual noise from her apartment had gone strangely quiet and then the building super saw freshly shoveled dirt in the backyard and called police. >> scary it happened right next door. anything can happen anywhere any time. >> now when police tried to question the woman's boyfriend about the grave, witnesses say he took off. officers used a taser to stop him. you can see cell phone video of that there. the man is now in custody. no charges have been filed at this time. it's a controversy that walked across the delaware river and tonight the topic of a
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special hearing promises a lot of trash talk. for years now many people have complained about odor coming from the waste management in tullytown, bucks county. katy zachry is live with more, what is happening there today? >> reporter: chris, this is what is going on. the landfill's permit to operate expires next month so the department of environmental protection will hear from people who live near the landfill. they will hear from them tonight about whether or not it should continue to operate. now waste management runs the landfill that sits along the water in tullytown. across the river, people in florence new jersey have been complaining to the state about a growing and noxious odor. in fact, last fall the d.o.t. cited an odor for the violation. one woman who lives in florence new jersey says it's not that the quality of life has been
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issued there but they have medical concerns. >> everybody deals with the same thing that i do with the sinuses and the allergies and the smells and the germs and pollution. and we all keep our windows shut running our air conditioners. >> reporter: you heard from one woman, so how big of an issue is this? we asked how many complaints they have gotten in recent months. coming up next hour you'll hear from people in florence new jersey about what they would like done to the site. in tullytown, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." it is eight minutes after 4:00, and it is cold outside. colder than yesterday. definitely a winter chill in the area, but it won't last as temperatures climb. and good news too, because we have showers on the way. the only view is rain showers to warm up before temperatures move in. today, rain showers. tomorrow, the wet weather
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continues. in fact, you can see the spring thunderstorms. right now it certainly feels like weather. 23 degrees for cape may. while philadelphia international has high scattered clouds. most of the area is clear and that's part of the reason temperatures have come down. a clear view across delaware this morning with no sign of rain just yet, but probably before lunchtime as we see a few rain drops in the area. the radar completely clear in our area but the wet weather is not far away just to the southwest of virginia right now. it will be moving in as temperatures are still cold at 7:00, but we'll start with sunshine. 31 degrees. look at the quick warm up. 41 at 9:00. 45 at 11:00. that's when the rain moves in from the west and we could see rain drops from delaware to push in by early afternoon. that's when the temperatures will likely be peaking in philadelphia at 49 degrees. then a chilly rain falling to
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cause temperatures to fall later this afternoon. 4:00 we're looking at the upper 30s for allentown, reading and pottstown, 47 degrees and mainly dry at that hour in millville. look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten. oh we hope it's going to be a warm one. we'll look forward to that. thank you. ten minutes after 4:00 time to get a check on the roads again. christine maddela is checking the roadways for us. any problems christine? >> here on interstate 95 and delaware route 1 we are not seeing major delays. we have an accident i've been watching in montgomery county on ambler mt. pleasant avenue and north ridge avenue. i just checked with the officials and it's still out there, so be aware of that if it's part of your commute. the schuylkill expressway the drive times and everything is looking good. green is what we like to see near the conshohocken curve. traveling eastbound from the blue route to the vine 11 minutes. same thing in the other direction. where you live could impact how long you live. new this mo the healthiest
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counties in this area and the counties that didn't do so well. plus new concerns this morning how veterans in this area are being treated. next, the investigation that's putting philadelphia's v.a. in the spotlight. and new jersey state police on a mission. the major highway they are now targeting for speeders.
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it is 4:13 and we have more information about the deadly crash in the french alps. in the past hour they announced the black box recovered is damaged but still could reveal important information about what led to the crash. search crews returned to the crash site this morning where the german airbus slammed into a mountainside yesterday. in fact, here's a live picture
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we have from the rescue site. this is the area where rescue operations are based. we have been watching helicopters takeoff and land here throughout the morning going back and forth from the crash site. now investigators say the plane descended for eight minutes before it crashed and the pilot never sent out a distress call. all 150 people on board are presumed dead. the victims include two babies and 16 german high school students who were returning from a trip to spain. bad weather today could slow down the search operation. how long you live and how well you live have a lot to do with where you live. data released just this morning ranks the health of every county in the nation. these rankings are based on 30 factors including poverty, education, transportation housing, violent crimes jobs and health impacts like smoking and obesity. we're about to show you the best and worst ranked local counties and a couple of the main factor that is led to the rankings. in pennsylvania chester county
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is the fourth healthiest county in the state. 9% are in poor or fair health. just 5.8% unemployment in chester county. philadelphia dead last in pennsylvania, 67 out of 67. 20% in poor health. 10% unemployment in philadelphia. now to burlington county they are the 11th healthiest in the garden state. 12% in poor or fair health and 10% uninsured. and dead last in new jersey 21 out of 21 cumberland county. the counties that have numbers identical, kent county is third, 15% in poor or fair health with the 33% obesity rating. sussex is the healthiest in the first state, 15% of the people in poor or fair health.
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the obesity rate is lower at 31%. this report was come pilepiled by the health institute. see all the data for every county by using the nbc 10 app or going to the department of veterans affairs is now investigating mismanagement of disability claims at the philadelphia v.a. office. authorities want to know if this is an isolated issue or if there are bigger problems here. this probe comes weeks before we expect to hear the results of a separate investigation into mishandling of claims at that same office. well, today we will hear from a former university of oklahoma student who showed us the racist chant video. this is the first time levi
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petitte will go viral. allegations of racism also surfaced at the sae chapters across the country. and investigators are looking into a possible connection between millionaire murder suspect robert durst and a cold case in vermont. the middlebury police say the disappearance of lynn schultz remains unsolved. a few years ago they got a tip that linked schultz to durst who owned a health store in middlebury at the time she vanished. and there was evidence that he had seen her before. the the police are hoping someone comes forward with information that helps lead to an end to this case. >> we hope to bring peace to her family and secondly to find out who caused this disappearance. >> durst is charged with killing a woman 15 years ago in california. the white colonial house
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where adam lanza lived with his mom was demolished on monday. he shot and killed his mom there before taking the lives of 20 students and 6 staff members at sandy hook elementary school in december of 2012. the lot of land will remain open. philadelphia voters send a republican to the statehouse in harrisburg after a special election yesterday. the republican martina white won 57% of the vote to fill the vacant seat for the 107th district in northeast philadelphia. white was against democrat sara del ricci. the seat opened when brandon boyle was appointed to congress last november. it is dry right now and cold. you may want to take an umbrella with you even though we are not looking at clouds to leave the area just yet. later this morning we'll see rain, but we'll also see warmer temperatures. 30 degrees right now in
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philadelphia. the view at this time from camden? no problem. the rainfall will continue into this afternoon. right now it's temperatures that are falling. 21 degrees in pottstown. look at wrightstown, millville, atlantic city, 19 currently in westtown and chester county. and cold low 20s for west chester as well. the showers are part of a system that's producing snow north of chicago and wisconsin. that's a steady snow. this storm will only give us the possibility of rain. because temperatures are going to warm up before they get here. in fact by 1:00 this afternoon even though we have rain we'll be near 50 degrees. a lot warmer than it got all day yesterday. the rain showers will continue on and off during the afternoon hours. into the evening commute today, that'sj'óex 5:00 this afternoon rain more likely to the north and in delaware and south jersey at that time. then this evening we will still see showers in the area.
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at this time tomorrow morning, the clouds will be here with scattered light showers in delaware and south jersey to start with as a chance of thunderstorms by the end of the day tomorrow. so you'll see some sunshine to begin with today, but it's going to be fading as clouds increase this morning. rain arriving later this morning and sticking around in the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. and that's where we're going to deal with the weekend, too. 40s to near 50 degrees. a chilly breeze blowing on saturday with less win. more sunshine on sunday. and it will be warmer. we'll get a warm up before we get to the weekend. the seven-day forecast is coming up next half hour. oh we like the news of a warm up. thank you. 20 minutes after 4:00 now. christine maddela is watching -- she has a tweet. what does this mean? >> this is a twitter update from penndot for the allentown drivers out there. there's some road work affecting traffic on interstate 78 on the
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westbound side between exit 71 and exit 67. so one lane is blocked there, but taking a live look outside at interstate 78 we are seeing things pretty clear. this is at cedar crest boulevard. no major slowdowns out there. and this accident in ambler is out there near mt. pleasant and north ridge avenue for folks traveling in that direction. take a look at the 95 drive times, southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, that's 13 minutes. heading northbound, that will take you 11 minutes. bad drivers, beware. someone is watching you. police are cracking down on the drivers as part of the national campaign to save lives. they are calling this the i-95 challenge. troopers started adding patrols along the interstate as well as the new jersey turnpike yesterday. the goal is to bust speeders aggressive drivers and anyone who has a cell phone. we talked to people who say they see more violators on the roads these days. >> these things are becoming more and more epidemic and it's
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getting faster and more reckless. >> no one is trying to end their lives, we are going where we need to go thankfully. you should crackdown to make sure the highways are safe. >> the i-95 challenge continues through sunday. a near record number of drivers hit the road last year thanks to lower gas prices. according to the u.s. department of transportation drivers traveled more than 3 trillion miles. that's the second highest total ever recorded since officials started to track that data 69 years ago. that's a long trek. a celebrity's personal and public battle against a disease she doesn't have is sparking a lot of conversation this morning. angelina jolie is talking about her actions to prevent cancer and we talked to a woman following in her footsteps.
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4:25. angelina jolie's latest surgery has people saying how far they will go to prevent cancer. she says she removed her fallopian tubes. jolie has never been diagnosed with cancer but her medical history led her to have the surgery. we found a montgomery county woman going through the same struggle and she talks about her fear of getting cancer and how she chose to fight it. sandy o'brien said she reached that difficult decision to have a by lateral mastectomy in 2011 and had a pre-cancerous lump. she also knew she wanted to do everything to make sure she continues to be there for her two daughters. >> wake up every morning and i
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would never wish what i went through on anybody in the world but i would wish going through the process on everyone. >> sandy said she'll probably have surgery to remove her ovaries as well because doctors determined those, too, are at risk. doctors and patients understand this decision is not right for everyone. in an editorial angelina jolie wrote for "the new york times" she said quote, i did not do this solely because i carry the breast cancer gene. a positive test does not mean a leap to surgery. the most important thing is to learn about the options and choose what is right for you personally. now right now on the nbc 10 app you can read her entire op-ed. and we posted a doctor's advice for women struggling with the cancer concerns.
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the winter chill is back in the area this morning. it is spring but doesn't feel like it at 29 degrees at 4:27. grab the winter coat and plan on wet weather later today. but right now things are looking pretty dry, including the roads. let's go to christine maddela now. we have breaking news into the traffic center. interstate 95 northbound at yardley langhorne road. there's an accident shutting down all the lanes. penndot says all lanes are closed as we gather more information. we'll have an update when we come back. and uberx under fire. what has some passengers rethinking their ride share service.
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several breaking news stories for you, first two officers killed in separate shootings across the country. this morning a california neighborhood is evacuated as police search for one of the alleged killers. and breaking news here at home. interstate 95 northbound shut down in bucks county right now. christine maddela has a live update moments away. and a winter-like chill is greeting us outside this morning as we track rain on the way for later. it is 4:30, good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. bill we are off to another very cold start out there. wet weather is moving in but you won't need snow gear today because temperatures will climb before the rain starts. look how quiet it is. there's no wind. boat house row, the w


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