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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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powerful storms rake across two states destroying homes and leaving at least one person dead. tonight, that same storm system is heading our way. good evening. one person is confirmed dead and
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several hurt as tornadoes ripped through parts of oklahoma and arkansas tonight. this video just came in to nbc 10 within the past hour. the storms destroyed a mobile home park near tulsa. they spotted a tornado barreling through oklahoma. the electrical lines sparked. as you recall two dozen people died in moore, oklahoma when a massive tornado struck in 2013. sheena parveen is tracking this storm. could we see this type of weather tomorrow is this. >> that's a good question since that system is moving in our direction. no, we do not expect to have that tornado outbreak like they've been seeing through much of the central plains. the energy with the storm system is just not going to be there. however, once this entire thing that you see right now moving closer to tennessee, once it gets into our area we could have some thunderstorms. that's going to be in the forecast. there you see in the middle of the country, it is moving in this direction, and for the majority of the area we'll see
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most of the rain later in the day. now, here's a look at future weather. now we're going into the morning commute hours. 9:00 a.m. we could have some rain. mid to low 50s. patchy fog. some of the rain could be locally heavy. across the i-95 area. 47 to 51 degrees with chances of flower. showers. temperatures in the morning right around the mid to low 40s. coming up, though like i mentioned, thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon possible. temperatures getting into the 70s with that. but then we go into the weekend and big changes under way, much colder. we'll talk about this in about 15 minutes. be prepared for any storm with our nbc 10 first alert weather app. you'll have access to first alert radar and we'll send you important alerts whenever bad weather strikes. it is a free download on developing right now, new information in the deadly plane crash in the alps. "the new york times" is
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reporting that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit shortly before the plane crashed. investigators said the cockpit voice recorder caught sounds of the pilot knocking to get back in. then it sounded like he was trying to smash down the door. nbc news is trying to independent live verify that information. 150 people died when the plane flew into a mountainside into the french alps yesterday. one of the american victims graduated from drexel in 2013. she was a music industry major and vice president of the gamma sigma sigma sorority. her mom was also killed in the crash. i spoke by skype with one of her high school friends. >> she wanted the best for everybody. she made everybody feel important. i think that's why everybody loved her, is because she made you feel important. that's hard to find in people these days. >> emily is from virginia. yvonne was a u.s. contractor.
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new at 11:00, a philadelphia police officer in trouble with the law again. david howard is charged in connection to a murder that happened almost a year ago. it's not his first time being accused of violence. nbc 10's denise nakano is at police headquarters and joins us with more on this. denise? >> reporter: jacqueline david howard lost his job with the philadelphia police when he critically shot a man. now some ten years later, he was brought here to police headquarters to face new charges connected to a murder case. >> they come pointing guns in my face. >> reporter: they arrested david howard today at the home he shared with his 82-year-old mother. i knocked on their door to get her take on a son who once dedicated his life to policing and now finds himself answering to criminal charges for a second time. do you think he's been wrongly accused? >> i know he's been wrongly accused. >> reporter: the former philadelphia police officer
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served seven years for shooting over a woman in 2004 in williamsport. he was off-duty at the time and fired from the police force. you think your son -- even though he had shot a man back in 2004 -- >> he never shot a man. >> reporter: david howard sits in a jail cell charged in connection with a 2014 easter sunday murder. police found a man shot to death in a van on north 18th street. a murder case neighbors remember well. >> when i had noticed the bullets, it looked like somebody knew what they was doing. three of them was in like a group. >> reporter: police arrested howard's ex-girlfriend davis on murder charges earlier this month. she claims she didn't pull the trigger. investigators agree with neighbors, only a skilled shooter could have fired rounds this cleanly into the windshield. howard's been charged with witness intimidation and making terroristic threats. they're looking into his deeper involvement in the murder case.
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denise nakano, nbc 10 news. philadelphia's mayor is creating a board to oversee the police department. mayor nutter signed an executive order today. the board will say the recommendations on the police shootings are carried out. it outlined 91 reform ideas, including better training programs clearer directives on deadly force, and increased transparency. almost 100 suspects died in police shootings from 2007 to 2014. the driver of this minivan is in stable condition tonight after colliding with a fire truck. nbc 10 on the street at 3rd and grain street at 5:00 today. the crash flipped the minivan onto its side. the van and the fire truck both came within a few feet of hitting a house. investigators tell us they are still trying to figure out just what caused the crash. new at 11:00, children in prison illegally, that's what an
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advocacy group is happening at a berks county facility. it is used to house illegal immigrants while they await decisions about their future in the country. but an immigration attorney has sent a letter to attorney general kathleen cain. he says the facility is not safe for children. >> we'll look into this matter investigate why the department of human services continually issues a license to a facility that is clearly operating illegally in the imprisonment of children. >> kathleen cain's office is reviewing the allegations. mark scott said the facility meets federal standards. tonight, investigators think hackers in china are behind the cyber attack that shut down 1,000 computers in the south jersey school district. computer hackers demanded a ransom for eliminating a virus from the school district servers. the district refused to pay, and
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instead rebuilt their servers from scratch. all sensitive student and staff data was stored on a remote offsite server. computers are coming back online and internet based testing is working again. tonight, just great news from the 4-year-old girl whose battle touched the nation. leah's cancer is officially in remission. less than an hour ago, her father, cincinnati bengals player devin still tweeted this picture, with leah giving a peace sign. earlier today he said his daughter kicked cancer's butt. comcast sports net has more on the big news. what a great day, amy. >> absolutely jacqueline. you said it best. this is the feel-good story of the football season. it has a great ending. the delaware native and former penn state star devin still and his family sharing feelings of joy after getting the good news that leah's cancer is in remission. she has been undergoing treatment here in philadelphia at children's hospital.
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it was a day for celebration. devin still posted this picture today on his instagram account, announcing the good news. it's been a long road for the stills, since leah was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 4 cancer last june. >> just amazing how much a 4-year-old can handle. she still had that upbeat spirit. i think that's what keeps our whole family going is we look at her. she shows no signs of weakness. all you see is the strength that she possesses. >> reporter: devin has been chronicling his daughter's treatments over the last nine months. >> you ready to get this cancer out of you? then do it. >> the whole video, i just gave the day of the surgery, bro gáq my daughter was looking kind of nervous and looking down in the back seat of the car. i wanted to do something to get her spirits up. >> reporter: all the while remaining positive. today those positive vibes paid off.
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also in his instagram post devin said june 2nd, 2014 the most devastating day of his life when he learned his daughter had dance cancer, but today is the best day of his life. jacqueline, we'll send it back to you. >> from the moment we saw that video of devin with his little daughter leah in the car doing the fist pump all of our hearts were taken at that point. >> absolutely. >> so good to see this ending. amy, thank you. nbc 10's reporter sat down with them months ago. you can watch the impromptu dance party on don tollefson was once the highest paid sports reporter in the city. he scammed 200 people by selling bogus sports packages and pocketing the money. the judge ordered him to pay back more than $160,000.
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a final fair well to eagles legend chuck bednarik. a viewing will be held from noon to 4:00 and 6:00 to 9:00. followed by a private mass friday. the hall of fame linebacker died over the weekend after a brief illness. the man known as concrete charlie played for the eagles from 1949 to 1962. he was 89 years old. a soldier who spent five years as a taliban prisoner could now face a life sentence in an american prison. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. in 2009 the taliban took him captive after he left his post in afghanistan. he was released in a prisoner swap last year. he also faces a dishonorable discharge, a reduction in his rank and giving up all of his pay. the woman convicted of kidnapping and raping a 5-year-old philadelphia girl will learn her fate tomorrow.
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christina will be sentenced. she posed as the girl's mother when she took her from bryant elementary school in january of 2013. they say after sexually assaulting her, she lef the child at an upper darby playground where she was later found about apasserby. she faces life in prison. a hearing in philadelphia tomorrow will put the spotlight on the death penalty. last month the governor issued a moratorium on executions in pennsylvania. members of the house judiciary committee who opposed the ban are holding tomorrow's hearing at city hall. they will listen to testimony from the families of murder victims. the state supreme court is deciding if the ban is legal. a big warm-up on the way. along with stormy weather. i'm tracking when we'll dry out and how long we'll stay in the 60s before cold weather returns. a south jersey school district announcing leadership shakeups at five of its lowest
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performing schools. i'm digging deeper into the changes that will impact hundreds of families in our area. plus residents urged to conserve water as the government declares a drought wash. which areas are impacted and why it may continue until summer.
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you know the sound, you definitely know the look. new at 11:00 one of the most popular music acts of the '80s will headline musicfest this summer. along with boy george they'll take the stage on august 8th. they were perhaps best known for the 1982 hit carmen chameleon. tonight, we are digging deeper into the school shakeup that will impact hundreds of south jersey families. camden city schools announced leadership changes at five of the lowest performing schools today. and one of its oldest school buildings will close for good.
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nbc 10's george spencer spoke to the parents and teachers who will face the biggest impact. >> reporter: despite leaders' best efforts, still one out of every five students in this district performs at grade level. today's announcement is intended to be a major step towards making every kid feel they are truly a part of camden city schools. even on this rainy night, you could see the yellow caution tape across the front steps of j.g. whittier school the 100-plus-year-old school will be closed for good. >> i'm disappointed. i'm a little disappointed. it's a neighborhood school. everybody knows everybody. >> reporter: at the announcement this afternoon, city and district leaders insisted camden students can't wait any longer. two out of every five do not graduate high school. >> we don't give them the opportunity they're due, then we're failing as leaders.
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>> reporter: so the district is bringing in new leadership and facility improvements for its lowest performing schools. that new leadership will be outside operators best known for running charter schools. >> through this partnership, we're building real signs of progress. >> reporter: outcry from opponents in philadelphia just last month when the src considered granting charters to some of the same groups now expanding in camden. but more than a third of kids here are already in charter schools. and parents say they're desperate for any improvement. the five schools slated for transformation will not become charter schools, but rather what the district calls renaissance schools, meaning they'll still be district-run neighborhood schools. reporting in camden george spencer, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, people in
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pennsylvania are being urged to con receiver their water as the government declares a drought watch. it impacts 27 counties around the state, including berks, carbon columbia lucerne, monroe pike and schuylkill. these parts of the state have low groundwater levels that might not return to normal until summer. many areas were rained on today and we'll be getting more rain tomorrow. sheena parveen with the latest. >> that's right, jacqueline. more rain tomorrow. some of that rain could be locally heavy. today it was fairly light. and even through tonight we're going to continue to keep that drizzle in the forecast. for tomorrow morning, though we have morning rain in the forecast for some of you for the morning commute. and morning patchy fog. in the afternoon, temperatures start to warm up. some of you could be near 70 degrees. and in the chance of thunderstorms comes into the forecast for part of the area. into the weekend this all clears out and cold air returns. there is a chance on saturday that we could in fact see snow
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flurries. we'll talk about that in a second. but here's a look at your thursday. 6:00 in the morning, around 43 degrees. and watch them climb through the afternoon. by noon we still have the rain in the forecast 55 degrees by 4:00 p.m., mid-60s. as we get into the later afternoon hours, we could be climbing near 70 degrees by 6:00 p.m. in some spots. then this will bring an increased threat of some thunderstorms. we start to get cooler once it all leaves friday. off in the middle of the country, storm system moving into strus. louis right now. severe weather for them. as it gets closer to our area we'll not see exactly that. here is a look at the storm threat tracker as we go into tomorrow. heavy rain lightning, those will be fairly high. high winds, a chance more like a medium chance, but the hail and tornado chance that will be staying on the lower side as we go into tomorrow. our dynamics in the atmosphere not like what we're seeing in the middle of the country where they are dealing with more of that severe weather. so it is moving our way. with it the warm air, too.
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so you are going to notice it will be a lot warmer outside tomorrow when the showers roll in. here's future weather overnight. we stay mostly cloudy with drizzle. tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m. we could see heavy rain through parts of south jersey and delaware. by 5:00 in the afternoon, we could see a little bit of a lull. temperatures really warm up during this period too. and then we can watch a line of thunderstorms moving in areas north and west. 9:00 p.m. kind of stretching through the area within the next couple of hours. but going into friday morning, i think a lot of this will be out of the area. kind of washed out by then. through the afternoon friday that's when we'll start to see more clearing, colder temperatures, and by saturday there is a chance some models are showing the possibility of some snow flurries around with the colder air. tonight, drizzle and fog. temperatures keep rising as we go through the overnight hours tonight. then tomorrow, showers around. we'll see evening thunderstorms possibly some areas could be the mid to low 70s. that is going to come with the
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rain. we go into friday. we do clear out. 52 for the high temperature. and on saturday, we're talking about a high in the upper 30s. >> i'm amy from comcast sports. returning to philadelphia as a member of the chicago blackhawks. and should kelly speak at the owners meeting in arizona. john clark has the report from the desert.
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i'm amy from comcast sports net. on tuesday, eagles owner front and center at the owners meeting in phoenix, arizona. today was chip kelly's turn. he attracted quite a crowd. john clark has more from
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phoenix. >> reporter: chip kelly was the star attraction at the nfl owners meeting today. the media wanted answers about his march makeover. why did he let go a lot of his best, most popular players. >> i think the teams that do it the best are getting players that fit. >> reporter: chip kelly is finding the players he wants for his scheme. but now, being in charge of everything, he's trying to balance his budget and build his defense. >> we were inadequate in terms of the money allocated defensively. we're trying to balance it out. >> reporter: that is why chip was willing to maybe overpay cornerback byron maxwell, but not receiver jeremy maclin. and chip for the first time said the eagles spoke to shady's agent, but they would not budge on his $11.9 million cap hit. >> that was just a really big number. they weren't moving off the number. that was where the decision was made. you're talking about the all-time leading running back
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for the philadelphia eagles. he led the league in rushing two years ago. those are real difficult decisions. but it was a decision we thought we had to make. we had too much money at the running back spot. >> reporter: he added murray and mathews for a total of $7 million this year. far less than what shady would have made. as for trading nick foles for sam bradford chip says he did not want to include nick in the deal with the rams. >> we were trying to keep nick. we were trying to -- it didn't work out that way. >> reporter: john clark, for comcast sports net. >> thank you, john. back in philadelphia tonight, a new team the chicago blackhawks against the fliers. fans giving him a nice standing ovation. the flyers bring their best against the best. cory crawford 2-0 later in the second. drew deflects a pass. flyers take a 3-0 lead.
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they win 4-1. temple and louisiana tech in the n.i.t. quarterfinals. second half morgan back-to-back three-pointers. temple advances to the semifinals at madison square garden winning 77-59. the phillies lose 7-1 in spring training. the sixers are beating the nuggets right now in denver. and that would snap if they continue to win, that would snap their 16-game road losing streak. pretty good. that will do it for sports.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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well tomorrow we have showers, even possible thunderstorms coming mainly in the evening. temperatures are going to be warm, though. just make sure you have your umbrella. 60s to the north. we get colder for the weekend. >> and the chance of snow. >> yes. sheena, thank you.
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have a great night.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mitt romney, grace helbig musical guest g-unit and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 232 sierra leone. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon!
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about right there! hey, welcome. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome! thank you for being here. thank you for being here. welcome. welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. thank you for being here. welcome and thanks for watching at home. here's what people are talking about. yesterday presidential


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