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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> kidnapping and raping a kindergartner. today the philadelphia woman behind an abduction case that made national headlines. we'll learn her punishment. assessing the damage and mourning a death. people in oklahoma will be cleaning up this morning after the season's first major tornado it upped down. we're waking up to a foggy morning. a live look here at boathouse row. the river is calm this morning but there is some fog out there in parts of the area right now. and then this is headed our way athe first alert radar. we're tracking showers and storms for later in the day. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today on this thursday. i'm chris cato. let's begin with bill henley and
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his first alert forecast. bill, it's much warmer this morning. >> yeah 10 to 25 degrees warmer than yesterday. but with that warm air is some fog, light fog for areas north and west. it's down to under two-mile visibility in pottstown. mile and a half in blue bell. and look at the fog in wrightstown. under a mile there. philadelphia international not a problem. but the dense fog in wildwood and atlantic city as the visibility there is down to a quarter of a mile. clouds overhead have broken some, but more showers are on the way. you can see scattered showers just to our south. the showers will be moving in during the day. i'll be back with the future weather hour by hour in ten minutes. right now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter christine maddela. >> you can see that fog on some of our traffic cameras. i saw this driving in along the schuylkill expressway. just be on the lookout because it is dark out there plus the fog. there can be areas with limited
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visibilities throughout our viewing area. but overall, we're not seeing any major delays. there's not a lot of volume out there. it's still early on this thursday morning. taking a look at your drive times, still getting green lights the entire way. 95 the schuylkill expressway and 422. chris? >> all right. 4:02 now. new from overnight police are looking for two men who drove away from a home invasion robbery. it happened around 11:30 on north conestoga street. investigators say the man robbed and pistol whipped a man inside this home. the victim was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. the intruders got away with a tv, playstation and video games. happening today, the woman convicted of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from a philadelphia elementary school and raping her will learn her sentence. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the criminal justice center in philadelphia with details. matt, this is two years in the making here, right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, chris. and sentencing has been pushed back three times now. the district attorney's office has been pushing for a life sentence. now, she was convicted of
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charges including aggravated assault and kidnapping. the former day-care worker took a 5-year-old girl from a cobbs creek elementary school back in 2013. prosecutors successfully argued that she took the girl home put her under a bed and sexually abused her, later leaving her alone in a nearby playground. regusters's family and the victim's family have been emotional throughout. regusters herself showed no emotion and has undergone a mental evaluation. the maximum sentence would be life in prison. we'll let you know what happens. for now live at the criminal justice center matt delucia. >> now, this case has been a story nbc 10 has been following for more than two years now. you can read more about it on our website, and be the first to know when the sentence is handed down by downloading the nbc 10 news app for free. we'll send you a breaking news alert when we learn that decision. happening today in philadelphia, a man convicted of killing a young man over a pair of headphones is scheduled to be
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sentenced. last month a jury convicted garcia of second-degree murder. now, garcia shot and killed 21-year-old massy in november 2013 in the overbrook section of the city. police say garcia wanted to steal massy's beats by dre headphones. a judge was is it set to hand down a mandatory life sentence last month but that was delayed when garcia made a commotion in the courtroom tipping over his chair and cursing a deputy. look at this. we have new video now of one of those tornadoes that tore through oklahoma yesterday, killing one person injuring several. the aftermath is now playing out this morning, some schools in the tulsa area are closed because of power outages. that tornado that touched down in sand springs, oklahoma, also caused fires and damaged buildings and vehicles. today people will be cleaning up in several oklahoma towns. this was all part of a series of twisters that touched down in that state yesterday. the town of moore got hit again. that was the scene of that deadly twister in 2013 that
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killed 24 people and hurt more than 300. well there is conflicting information about what happened in the moments before that german plane crashed in the french alps, killing all 150 people on board. "the new york times" is reporting that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit shortly before the plane crashed. "the time" quotes an unnamed investigator that the cockpit recorder caught the sound of the co-pilot knocking on the door. there was no answer. then it sounded like he tried to smash down the door. initially french officials said there were sounds and voices on the recording but the last communication was routine. three americans are among those crash victims. one graduated from drexel in 2013 emily selke is her name. she was a music industry major and vice president of the gamma sigma national service sorority. her mom also died in the crash. we spoke with one of emily's friends. >> she wanted the best for everybody and she made everybody
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feel important. i think that's why everybody loved her because she made you feel important and that's hard to find these days. >> emily and her mom are from virginia. yvonne was a u.s. contractor. there's a hearing in philadelphia to look at tom wolf's moratorium on executions. members of the house judiciary committee who oppose that ban are holding this hearing at city hall today. they're going to listen to testimony from families of murder victims. the state supreme court is deciding if the moratorium is legal. in trenton today, lawmakers and advocates will come together to lay out a series of bills that they say will help new jersey's budget. a group called better choices for new jersey will hold a news conference today. they're expected to talk about legislation aimed at helping the state become more transparent and reliable when it comes to budget decisions. well prosecutors say both of the men charged with the murder of a philadelphia police officer, robert wilson iii, fired the shots that killed him. the court postponed the preliminary hearing originally
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scheduled for yesterday for carlton hipps and ramon williams. investigators say they tried to rob a gamestop earlier this month. officer wilson was inside that store at the time buying a game for his son. he stopped the robbers but died in a shootout. prosecutors say they plan to show surveillance video of that shootout at the preliminary hearing. >> it's going to take a lot of time to put the video evidence on, all the forensic evidence that was recovered, the analysis of the forensic evidence the crime scene, witnesses, it will be a lengthy preliminary hearing. >> that hearing has been rescheduled for may 20th. investigators have charged a former philadelphia police officer in connection with a murder. police arrested david howard yesterday. he's charged with terroristic threats and witness intimidation in the death of william blunt. blunt was shot to death on north 18th street in philadelphia last easter. howard was an 18-year veteran of the philadelphia police department. after his termination, he served
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seven years in prison for the off-duty shooting death of a man in williamsport in 2004. howard's mother defended her son. >> we think he's been wrongly accused? >> i think and know he's been wrongly accused. >> howard's ex-girlfriend is charged with the murder in that william blunt case but she claims she did not pull the trigger. eight minutes after 4:00 now and on to the race for mayor of philadelphia. a judge ruled yesterday that former state senator milton street can stay on the primary ballot for may 19th. there were questions about his eligibility to run because of claims that he hasn't lived in philadelphia for three years as required by law, but again, the judge is allowing him on the ballot. street is one of six candidates for the democratic nomination. the others are lynn abraham, nelson diaz doug oliver, jim kennie, and anthony williams. today in the lehigh valley fans will say a final farewell to eagles legend chuck bednarik.
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there's a viewing at connell funeral home in bethlehem. then there's a private mass for family and friends tomorrow. the hall of fame linebacker died over the weekend after a brief illness according to the eagles. he was known as concrete charlie and played for the eagles from 1949 to 1962. bednarik was 89 years old. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a foggy start this morning. the fog is thick in some areas, especially at the shore. dense fog to start with. showers will be here during the day. tracking some showers and a possibility of some spring thunderstorms. those look most likely for this evening. right now it is 40 degrees in mount pocono. that's much warmer than yesterday. in fact, the entire area is warmer than yesterday. northeast philadelphia is 42. atlantic city has fog as does cape may. the fog, though will be thinning out. and then the attention goes to the radar screen.
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some showers. not here yet. we're getting a dry start. a little bit misty outside with the fog. but the showers are just to the south. and more activity to the west. that's what could give us some thunderstorms this evening. and behind it that's colder air that's going to be moving in after a big warm-up today. your hour-by-hour forecast 9:00 this morning you're 50 in northeast philadelphia. here comes the rain. grab your umbrella. you'll definitely need it at times during the day in delaware and south jersey. and less of a chance of some showers off to the north and west but still enough of a threat that umbrellas will be going up in allentown at 46 degrees at 11:00. look at the heavier downpours in south jersey. 61 degrees in millville at 11:00. watch the temperatures climb. upper 50s. early in the afternoon. that's 1:00 in the afternoon. 60 for mount holly. 56 in wilmington. big warm-up will come in a break and the heavier rainfall close to 70 degrees at 3:00 this
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afternoon. dover could make it into the low 70s. and we could see some other spots that hit the 70-degree mark today. and then here comes the chance of thunderstorms this evening. look at that line of storms. 8:00 this evening, we'll still be in the 60s. but those storms will move through and drop our temperatures as we head into tonight and tomorrow. for today, yes, a foggy start for parts of the area. then get ready with the umbrella. showers and thunderstorms. but the temperatures take off. into the middle 60s to near 70 degrees this afternoon. extended forecast to show you what's ahead for tomorrow, it's going to be chillier i can guarantee you that when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right bill. we'll enjoy the upper 60s while they last. even with thunderstorms. there is the fog out there for some of you this morning. let's find out if that's impacting traffic any. our christine maddela is watching that for us. >> i'll show you some cameras where we see that fog in a minute. first, franconia, an accident at
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cowpath road and indian creek road. here's some of that fog bill was talking about. he told us that some of that dense fog was in delaware. and we are seeing that here along delaware route 1 as well as route 13. and then also down the shore in atlantic city. this is atlantic county. you can see some of that fog. so that will cause some limited visibility for some of the drivers out there. but overall, we aren't seeing too many delays or any major accidents. taking a look at our schuylkill expressway drive times out there. we're seeing a lot of green. between the blue route and the vine you can expect about a 13-minute commute. 11 minutes if you're heading westbound westbound. falling behind. a new report calls out the fbi on its efforts to keep us safe from terrorists. next where federal investigators are coming up short. plus a little girl's request letter to the president. it earned her the trip of a lifetime. >> reporter: and coming up i'll tell you how pairing business leaders with school principals is helping to turn around some philadelphia public schools.
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he spent five years as a captain of the daal bantaliban. now he could spend the rest of his life in prison. the army has charged bowe bergdahl with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. the taliban captured him in 2009. they released him last year in a prisoner swap. bergdahl could also face a dishonorable discharge. well a new report finds that the fbi has made strides in fighting terror but still needs to improve its ability to gather intelligence on global threats. this review ordered by congress finds that since the 9/11 attacks, the fbi is doing a better job of sharing information with other law enforcement agencies but it says there is still room for improvement in collecting and analyzing intelligence
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especially now dealing with threats from isis. philadelphia mayor michael nutter is creating an independent board to oversee the police department. the new civilian oversight board is aimed at improving training, investigations and community relations. in a report released earlier this week the justice department revealed more than 90 recommendations it has made for the police department. >> the officers cannot just drive around in their cars with little to no interaction with residents. that type of hands-off policing does nothing to foster better relationships or create trust. >> now, the mayor also wants funding for body cameras, tasers and more ammunition. 4:16 now. and new this morning, there's a new program in philadelphia that pairs business leaders with school principals. now, it may sound like an unlikely partnership, but in many cases, officials say it's working. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city to explain. katy? >> reporter: hi, chris.
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it's called the industry partners program and we sat down with one of the business leaders and one of the principals involved. now, there are only six schools in the philadelphia school district that boast this partnership. one of them is mastbaum in kensington. it's been through difficult times with declining enrollment and needing to improve their attendance to retain teachers and state funding. so the principal meets monthly with local entrepreneur bob mal to talk business strategy. it all takes, as you can imagine, a pretty businesslike tone. >> you need to think of yourself almost as a private school in the sense of it's about driving enrollment and driving recruitment, driving retention, driving outcomes for the students. >> reporter: now in the next hour, we're working on a story about the principal. you'll hear from him specifically about what business strategy that the school has adopted and how it is already changing things for students there. live in center city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. look at this story.
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a little girl from maine had trouble making some friends. so she asked president obama to help her out. now she's going to the white house on the trip of a lifetime. 8-year-old katie osmer wrote the president a letter asking for his advice on how to make friends. not only did she get a reply, she also got an invitation to the white house easter egg roll. a staff member says she may even get the chance to meet the obamas and get a personal tour. >> i figured that he must have to make friends with people he's working with. >> she's much happier. she started to be more outgoing. the fact she's joining clubs is really amazing. >> now, since writing that letter katie's mom says she has made two best friends. not one but two. and joined three new clubs which is something she says she wouldn't have been able to do without this newfound confidence. amazing what a reply from the president can do for you. some inspiring women took center stage in center city last night.
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our tracy davidson emceed the 2015 women's initiative gala at the crystal tea room. the guest of honor was lorena marshall blake of independence blue cross. she's dedicated herself to improving the lives of women and girls in the area with the help of the united way. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we are keeping an eye on the radar screen this morning for showers and possibly some thunderstorms. the activity is to the south and to the west. and this is the line of showers and thunderstorms that may come through this evening. it looks like during the evening hours we'll get some heavy downpours. right now it's moving into the ohio valley. and those few showers, very light stuff to the south. those will be moving in this morning for parts of the area with clouds coming back into the area after they broke off overnight. look at these temperatures. this afternoon, 3:00 67 degrees in philadelphia. 71 in dover with some scattered showers at the 3:00 hour.
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those showers will be moving in the line of showers coming in from the northwest. that's a cold front that's going to produce that line of thunderstorms or possible thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. during the 8:00 evening, it's rolling right across the delaware into new jersey and delaware. and as it moves past the temperatures come down. 50s for allentown and reading. and we'll go from the 60s at 8:00 in philadelphia and then drop down into the 40s overnight. by tomorrow morning, we are back into the chill zone. 30s and low 40s. and there's still a possibility of some scattered light showers for tomorrow. for today, grab the umbrella. you don't have to worry about the big winter coat like we have the last few days as temperatures are much warmer this morning. we have a chilly start. look at the afternoon temperatures. middle 60s to near 70 degrees with winds out of the south. that will help boost the temperatures today. making weekend plans? partly sunny skies on saturday. there's a slight chance of some showers. it will be a chilly day, 40.
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and then sunday sunshine is back with a high temperature near 50 degrees. full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> we're always making weekend plans around here bill. thank you. 21 minutes after 4 now. as you're planning your drive to work, let's see if there's any need to alter those plans. our christine maddela is watching traffic for us. christine? >> bill was talking about that morning fog and we are seeing some out here along the schuylkill expressway. but even more dense fog in delaware along route 1 and route 13. so from delaware to the shore, we are seeing some fog as well. this is along the atlantic city expressway in atlantic county. and you can just see some of that thick fog whenever there is that thick fog, the chance for limited visibility on the roads. so just be aware of that if you are heading out early this morning. that could be a problem out there. but there is also an accident in franconia, cowpath road and indian creek road to be aware of as well as just take a look at your drive times right now. no major problems out there. woodhaven road to the vine
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street expressway 13 minutes. 12 in the other direction. ♪ shut it out shut it out ♪ a big band from the '80s will headline this summer's musikfest in bethlehem. culture club were best known for their 1983 hit "karma chameleon." musikfest should be a good time. computers hacked a demand for ransom and a local school district left in limbo. next, the crime playing out in gloucester county that sounds more like a hollywood plot. plus a bankruptcy hearing with a twist. why your personal information may be on the auction block. later today.
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4:25. a gloucester county school district has to rebuild its computer servers from scratch after hackers hijacked a district server disabling it and demanding ransom. woolwich township officials received a malicious mallware message from china on saturday saying their data would be held hostage if they didn't pay $128,000 in internet ransom. the district refused. parents are relieved student data was not compromised because it was stored on another server. >> anybody that's smart enough to figure these things out, they can get access to anything they want whether it through the school system or debit cards and that type of thing. it's just the shame that that's the kind of world we live in. >> now, classroom computers are slowly coming back online. students also resume park testing on those computers. irmts a controversy over young illegal immigrants has some people claiming that kids are being illegally imprisoned in burks county. the issue centers on the burks
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county residential center. it's being used to house illegal immigrants while they await decisions about their future in this country. but an immigration attorney says that facility is not safe for children, and he has written a letter to attorney general kathleen kane about it. >> look into this matter investigate why the department of human service continually issues a license to a facility that is clearly operating illegally in the imprisonment of children. >> now, kane's office says it is reviewing those allegations. burks county commissioner mark scott says the facility does meet federal standards. happening today, a bankruptcy judge will decide whether to approve a radio shack deal to sell its assets including customer names and addresses. if you're one of the 117 million people who shopped at radio shack and given them your name phone number or e-mail address, you may be affected by this. there are several lawsuits now to stop the sale. one attorney argues the turnover of that customer data violates radio shack's own privacy
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policy stated on signs in stores saying that they won't sell their private mailing list. radio shack filed for bankruptcy last month after 11 years of losses. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> watching for fog this morning. just some light fog over boathouse row, as you can clearly see in this live view from the mellon bank building. not as cold as it has been. finally getting a break in that department. 42 degrees. but you'll still need your umbrella today as more showers and possibly thunderstorms move in. christine maddela in the first alert traffic center. morning, christine. >> morning, bill bp. we are seeing that fog contributing to limited visibility. we'll have a comprehensive look at cameras in your area when we come back. plus the impact that could impact education for thousands of students.
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convicted of kidnap and rape. today the philadelphia woman at the center of a nationally publicized child abduction case learns her punishment. the first tornadoes of the season hit a small town that is no stranger to natural disaster. we're following the aftermath of twisters that touched down in oklahoma. plus fog could greet you when you walk outside this morning. you can see or barely see the fog that's hanging around cape may. and the first alert weather radar is tracking showers and storms that will move in a little bit later on today. good morning. this is nbc 10 news to


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