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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  March 26, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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first alert weather radar tracking showers and a chance for thunderstorms later today. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm rosemary connors. i hope you brought your rain jacket with you. >> i did but not the big winter coat because it is really nice in terms of temperature out there this morning. >> yeah we definitely don't need it. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're in the 40s right now in some spots. it just dropped to 38 here at nbc 10. and we're watching for some fog. we've seen most of the fog at the shore. and you can see a little bit of light fog over center city as well. thicker fog is in new jersey but areas north and west are seeing some areas of light fog as well. the fog is down to a mile and a half visibility in blue bell. and quarter-mile visibility in wildwood. starting off with fog, but wet weather is on the way so don't forget your umbrella. i'll go through it with your future weather in ten. right now first alert traffic reporter christine maddela is standing by. good morning.
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>> good morning, bill. we can definitely see the fog on our traffic cameras. route 1 in delaware, some dense fog. this is route 13 in delaware and moving to the shore. that's where we're also seeing it. ocean, atlantic and cape may counties. that morning fog to deal with and some limited visibility associated with it. overall, though we're not seeing any major problems. in montgomery county this accident is still out there in franconia on cowpath road and indian creek wood. crews are on the scene there. but taking a look at your drive times, still getting green lights. 13 minutes on 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. also looking good on the schuylkill and route 22. if you're traveling on the bridges, all clear. rosemary? >> thanks, christine. today the woman convicted of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from a philadelphia elementary school and raping her will learn her sentence. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the criminal justice center in philadelphia with details. matt the family of the victim has been waiting a long time for the sentencing, but even with a sentence, the aftermath of this case is not over.
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>> reporter: that is right, rosemary, because there's still a civil case pending against the school district. we're talking about the criminal case. that would be the fact that christina regusters has been waiting since last year for the sentencing. it's been delayed three times already. and the district attorney wants a full life sentence here in this case. regusters was convicted of charges including sexual assault and kidnapping. the former day-care worker took a 5-year-old girl from cobbs creek elementary school an elementary school in cobbs creek i should say back in 2013. prosecutors successfully argued that she took the girl home put her under a bed and sexually abused her, later leaving her alone with only a t-shirt in a nearby playground. regusters' family and the victim's family have both been very emotional through all of this. but regusters herself had no emotion after the verdict and has undergone a standard mental health evaluation. in the meantime again, the maximum sentence here would be a life sentence. of course, we'll let you know what happens. for now live at the criminal justice center matt delucia,
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nbc 10 news. this is a story nbc 10 has been following for more than two years since we first reported the crime. read more about the history of the case on our website, and be the first to know when the sentence is handed down. download the nbc 10 news app for free and we'll send you a breaking news alert as soon as we get the decision. 5:03. here's what else is happening today in philadelphia. a man convicted of killing a young man over a pair of headphones is scheduled to be sentenced. last month a jury convicted garcia of second-degree murder in the death of kristen massy. garcia shot and killed 21-year-old massy in november 2013 in the overbrook section of philadelphia. police say garcia wanted to steal massy's beats by dre headphones. now, a judge was set to hand down a mandatory life sentence last month, but that was delayed when garcia made a commotion in the courtroom, tipping over his chair and cursing a deputy. today in philadelphia there will be a hearing to take a closer look at governor tom wolf's moratorium on executions in pennsylvania.
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members of the house judiciary committee who oppose the ban are holding the hearing at city hall. they'll listen to testimony from the families of murder victims. the state supreme court in the meantime is deciding if the moratorium is legal. in trenton today, lawmakers and advocates will come together to lay out a series of bills they say will help new jersey's budget. a group called better choices for new jersey will hold a news conference. they're expected to talk about legislation aimed at helping the state become more transparent and reliable when it comes to budget decisions. we have new video of now one of those tornadoes that tore through oklahoma yesterday. pretty dramatic stuff here. it killed one person, injured several others. and now the aftermath is playing out. nbc 10's vai sikahema is following it live from our digital operations center this morning. vai, a tough start to the tornado season in oklahoma. >> yeah you saw some very scary pictures that you just showed there, chris. this morning cleanup is just beginning throughout the region and throughout the state of oklahoma because of that series of tornados that ripped through that state.
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in fact, this morning, some of the schools in the city of tulsa are closed because of power outages. [ sirens ] those blaring siren as lettered people in sand springs about the tornado on the first day of the tornado season. it was all part of a series of twisters that touched down across the state here in sand springs. dozens of people were inside a gymnasium when it collapsed. and more than 40,000 people there lost power. the town of moore, if you recall, got hit again. this time with what experts call just a minor tornado. moore was the scene of a deadly twister back in 2013 that killed 24 people and injured more than 300. this morning those rescue efforts continue. we'll continue to keep an eye on this and monitor it and we'll bring you updates as it's warranted. live in the digital operations center, vai sikahema, nbc 10. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for a teenager who escaped custody during a trip to the
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hospital. officers say the 17-year-old slipped away after they took him to roxboro hospital. the teen was not handcuffed when he got away. also new from overnight, police are looking for two men who drove away from a home invasion robbery in west philadelphia. this happened around 11:30. investigators say the men robbed and pistol whipped a man inside of the house. the victim was taken to the hospital, but he is expected to be okay. the intruders got away with a tv, a playstation and some video games. prosecutors say both men charged with the murder of philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii fired the shots that killed him. the court postponed the preliminary hearings originally scheduled for yesterday for carlton hipps and ramon williams. according to investigators the two men tried to rob a gamestop store in north philadelphia. officer wilson was inside that store buying a game for his gun. he stopped the robbers but died in a shootout. prosecutors say they plan to show surveillance video of that
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shootout at the rescheduled preliminary hearing. >> it's going to take a lot of time to put the video evidence on, all the forensic evidence that was recovered, the analysis of the forensic evidence the crime scene, witnesses, it will be a lengthy preliminary hearing. >> the hearing has been rescheduled for may 20th. philadelphia mayor michael nutter is creating an independent board to oversee the police department. the new civilian oversight board is aimed at improving training investigations and community relations. in a report released earlier this week the justice department revealed more than 90 recommendations that it has for the city's police department. >> the officers cannot just drive around in their cars with little to no interaction with residents. that type of hands-off policing does nothing to foster better relationships or create trust. >> now, the mayor also wants funding for body cameras, tasers and more ammunition. new jersey lawmakers want to provide the state's police
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departments with more diversity training. proposed legislation would require more courses for members of law enforcement. those courses would focus on racial ethnic and religious diversity training. each police department would have to submit a plan and the curriculum for it. 5:08 now. members of the wilmington fire department will be going door to door today to beef up fire safety. those firefighters will hand out fire prevention pamphlets and they will install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. they're heading out at 9:00 this morning in the neighborhood between east 26th and 28th streets and from north church street to northeast boulevard. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> just about nine minutes after 5:00. and getting a foggy start in parts of the area. we're tracking some dense fog. that will not last. we'll see it disappear this morning. but what will reappear are showers. and there's a chance of some heavy downpours, too. and then this evening, we could see some thunderstorms roll
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through. spring thunderstorms will come through with heavy downpours and then behind them the temperatures come back down. this morning it is warmer than yesterday. but still chilly for allentown. 34 degrees. cloudy skies in northeast philadelphia. 41. look at atlantic city. that's one of the spots that is reporting dense fog this morning. cape may you can barely see beach avenue. that's the mar questionquis to lafayette hotel. the fog to start with will be thick especially at the shore. and a few spots in delaware as well. the temperatures are much warmer. almost 30 degrees warmer this morning compared to yesterday. and millville and atlantic city that really tells you how cold it was yesterday morning. dry, a little bit misty, but no rain just yet. the showers to our south and moving to the northeast. so delaware will get the first showers of the morning. but there's a potential through the morning for more wet weather. the next round is moving through north carolina just getting ready to cross the border into virginia. so this is what will cause
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umbrellas to go up in our area today. don't forget yours. the temperatures they'll also be climbing. still chilly at 8:00. 46 degrees in philadelphia. but mainly dry. then here come the showers from the south. could see some moderate showers in the millville area at 10:00 this morning. and heavy downpours streaking across the shore at times late this morning and early this afternoon. 1:00 this afternoon, 60 degrees. then quickly warming up to near 70 degrees this afternoon. so stand by for a big warm-up after a chilly start. and a dry start, occasional showers and a chance of some late-day thunderstorms. by the weekend, we'll be drying out. but it gets chillier. there is a slight chance of a shower on sunday. but sunshine returns sunday. seven-day forecast coming up in the next ten minutes. >> at least as people are getting up and getting out the door, they don't have to deal with the rain just yet. >> yeah they don't have to fire up the heater in the car as much as we have in previous mornings this week. and our first alert traffic
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reporter has another good piece of news i guess, for drivers, right, christine if >> that's right. i just checked in with montgomery county. that accident has cleared and is out of the way and montgomery county isn't reporting any other incidents this morning. but there is that morning fog especially down the shore and in delaware. you can see there are some portions of dense fog where it could limit visibility for some drivers, but that's not everywhere. elsewhere, like here along route 422 in montgomery county things are looking pretty good. and the road conditions are clear. we're not seeing too many cars on the road at this hour. drive times now on the schuylkill expressway, especially in that curve area where it tends to slow down things are looking pretty good out there. 12 minutes, your drive time between the blue route and vine street expressway. 11 minutes westbound. rosemary? underage undocumented immigrants in the u.s. we have been following this story for months. now we're digging into complaints about one of the local facilities housing the children. and a local woman among the dead this morning. we are gathering new information
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about the victims of the deadly plane crash in the swiss alps and the possible cause of that crash.
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april 3rd. 5:14 now. we're following breaking news. a home invasion in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood. our monique braxton just arrived on scene there. monique, what's going on? >> reporter: hi chris. you can see that police are still outside this house. it is under guard. detectives are en route according to police. now, i just spoke with the
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nighttime commander. he tells us they're calling this a strong-arm robbery. he says the female victim tells police she was choked during the home invasion but she was not taken to the hospital. instead, she is at south detectives being interviewed. now, although there is a language barrier, police say the victim told them nothing was taken from inside her home. she tells them it happened about 4:00 this morning. she says a male came inside asked her for money, then grabbed her by the throat. now, when i asked if there was a forced entry, police told us they do not know at this point. but the victim tells police the attacker is about 6 feet tall in his 20s and 30s. she did not say what race he is. she did say he was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans and red gloves. now, police also tell us that detectives are on their way here to process the crime scene as they continue to talk to the victim over at their offices. we're going to have much more in the next half hour for you, an update on this investigation. live for now from point breeze
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monique braxton, nbc 10 news. this morning we are learning more about that deadly plane crash in the french alps that killed all 150 people on board. an investigator now confirms that one of the pilots was locked out of the cockpit when the germanwings flight went down. that investigator says the new details emerged from recordings recovered from the plane's black box. three americans are among the crash victims. one graduated from drexel university in 2013. emily selke was a music industry major and vice president of the gamma sigma sigma national service sorority. emily's mom, yvonne, also died in the crash. we spoke with one of emily's friends. >> she wanted the best for everybody. and she made everybody feel important. and i think that's why everybody loved her. was because she made you feel important, and that's hard to find in people these days. >> emily and yvonne are from virginia. yvonne was a u.s. contractor.
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a controversy over young immigrants has some claiming that kids are being illegally imprisoned in burks county. the issue centers on the residential center in bern township. it's being used to house illegal immigrants. but an immigration attorney says the facility is not safe for children. and he has written a letter to attorney general kathleen kane about it. >> look into this matter, investigate why the department of human service continually issues a license to a facility that is clearly operating illegally in the imprisonment of children. >> now, kane's office says it is reviewing those allegations. burks county commissioner mark scott says the facility does meet federal standards. now to south jersey where a new campaign called the new jersey alliance for immigrant justice kicked off in camden yesterday. the group says it will focus on the rights of immigrant workers. their relationships with law enforcement, and identification and driver's licenses. >> the immigration system now is in need of repair and we need
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to come together to give farrow form a fighting chance. >> now, that alliance also kicked off a campaign in jersey city earlier this week. at 5:18 let's get a check on the traffic. >> yeah we've got fog out there in parts and other things that could slow you down this morning. our first alert traffic reporter christine maddela has a look at the roads. >> depending where you are, you'll see varying levels of fog. this is route 1 in delaware. there is some dense fog, not a lot of volume on the roads. in some areas like parts of delaware, this is route 13 and down the shore in ocean, atlantic and cape may counties where we are seeing more dense fog that could cause limited visibility for drivers. overall we're not seeing too much volume on the roads. no major accidents or delays out there. taking a look along i-95 this is back in delaware. take a look at drive times from 295 to 495, we're getting a green light out here. 11 minutes to are that commute. so if you're heading in that area, no problems to report. the schuylkill expressway looking good as well.
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>> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> warm air is pushing into the area. and that's what's creating the fog. you can see a little bit of it in the distance over center city. look at that flag here at nbc 10 at rest. most of the area seeing very little wind. and what wind we do have is out of the south. temperatures already running warmer. 41 in philadelphia. you see light fog in south philadelphia, too. that's the view from the sports complex this morning. the fog will disappear. so not really a big issue for most of the area but look at trent. . trenton. quarter-mile visibility. some improvement, atlantic city at the airport. but dense fog continues in wildwood. and while wilmington and dover are reporting good visibility not too far from that you can see in the droefrover area there's still fog around. this is route 1 in dover. stand by for a foggy start. but a dry start. it might be a little misty with
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the fog but no rain just yet. that will change this morning. then this evening, look to the west. that's a line of showers. and possibly some thunderstorms for our area. the heavier downpours now moving into the ohio valley. those will be here this evening. before they get here we will see occasional showers. they'll arrive this morning and continue into this afternoon. but it's not going to be an all-day rainfall. we'll get some breaks in the rain and so that's when we'll see the temperatures really warm up. middle 60s to possibly up to 70 degrees this afternoon. but it's not going to last. it gets chillier tonight. the numbers drop down with the rain moving through. 46 tomorrow morning. just 52 in the afternoon. and that cooling trend continues into the weekend. saturday, breezy and cold. 33 in the morning. 40 in the afternoon. there is a chance that we'll see some scattered showers. just a slight chance on saturday. by sunday, sunshine is back and that's the beginning of a warming trend which will have us near 60 degrees monday and 50s for tuesday and wednesday.
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>> straightening out nicely next week. thank you, bill. you know when kids need help, they often turn to a parent or maybe a teacher for guidance. but not this third grader. >> hi, i need some advice. >> she decided her problem was a job for the president. coming up in our next half hour what she wrote in this letter that got her an invitation to the white house. >> reporter: and coming up how pairing business leaders with some school principals is helping to improve some philadelphia public schools.
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there's a new program in philadelphia that pairs school principals with business leaders. the two sides talk strategy for improving the city's public schools. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city. and katy this may sound like an unlikely partnership, but in a lot of cases from what you're hearing, it's working. >> reporter: yeah, i'm seeing it definitely is working, rosemary. for most schools it's a constant battle to maintain good enrollment numbers because without that the schools won't get enough teachers or adequate funding. that's where the industry partners program comes in. it pairs successful business leaders from the philadelphia area with public school principals who are trying to improve their school's enrollment and attendance. now, at mastbaum in kensington, they've adopted a more businesslike approach when promoting their school thanks to advice from a local entrepreneur. >> working on a new website.
5:25 am
our students and one of our staff members produced a video. we're getting that out there. i think it's telling our story. many people don't know what mastbaum's all about. >> reporter: as you saw from the video, students are a big part of this new businesslike approach. for the 6:30 story, i'm working on that, what students think about this new approach. that's coming up in the next hour. reporting live in center city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. now your first alert weather. >> 5:25. 40 degrees. and we're watching for some areas of fog. the thick fog is at the shore. cape may reporting quarter-mile visibility. and that's not the only spot this morning. grab an umbrella if you're heading out the door. and let's get a traffic report from christine maddela in the first alert traffic center. morning, christine. >> good morning to you, bill. we're seeing the fog in our traffic cameras. a live look at route 70 in brick township. watch out for some decreased visibility as you head out on
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the roads especially down the shore and in parts of delaware. >> reporter: i'm nbc 10's monique braxton in point breeze are police are guarding the scene of a home invasion. we'll tell you what happened here according to the police commander after the break.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> a home invasion and attempted robbery in the point breeze
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section of philadelphia. we are live on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. convicted of kidnapping and raping a girl she plucked right out of a classroom in philadelphia. today christina regusters will learn her punishment. >> and the nbc 10 first alert weather team is tracking fog, rain and even a chance for thunderstorms. the one bright spot we are a little bit warmer. good morning, welcome. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm chris cato. and that's a big bright spot. we may hit 70 today. how about that? let's enjoy is because it may not last long. meteorologist bill henley is standing by with your first alert forecast. good morning, bill. >> we're at 40 degrees here at nbc 10. temperatures are running 10 to near 30 degrees warmer this morning. but that warm air coming in is also producing fog. you can see light fog in the philadelphia area. look at boathouse row. that's not as clear a view as we normally have at this hour. the fog is mainly light for areas north and west. blue bell has the thickest fog for the pennsylvania suburbs.
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just under a quarter-mile visibility there. it is one-mile visibility in mount holly. but look to the south. you can see wildwood has quarter-mile visibility along with toms river this morning. that's where the thickest fog is. you'll see some spots of fog. now we're seeing a little bit of activity on the radar screen. showers are moving up from the south. and yes, there's some thunderstorm activity as well moving through maryland. those heavy downpours headed for delaware and into south jersey this morning. this afternoon, a possibility of more showers, even with the big warm-up. clouds will be with us through the day. 45 degrees at 7:00. still some fog in the area at that time. a chance of showers at 9:00 even more likely at lunchtime. up to 57 degrees. and still climbing at lunchtime. we'll go through it hour by hour


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