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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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shooting through the roof of that building. >> more videos shows crews responding to the scene. firefighters trying to get the fire out. a lot of people watching and waiting to get more information on what caused this explosion and we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as they become available. right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00, this was no accident. the violent deaths of 150 passengers and crew aboard the doomed germanwings jet was instead a case of murder in the sky. french investigators say the co-pilot was at the controls the entire time the plane dropped from the sky toward the french alps. >> and the pilot was not in the cockpit. nbc 10's drew smith is live in the digital operations center tracking new developments. what have you learned? >> we're watching reaction from the families who have arrived in the french alps. they're so upset to see the final spot where their loved ones spent their final moments. >> families of the victims from the germanwings flight that crashed into the french alps tuesday paid a visit to the crash site on thursday
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afternoon, only a few hours after authorities confirmed they believe a co-pilot deliberately flew the plane into the mountain. >> translator: the co-pilot manipulates the buttons of the flight monitoring system for the descent of the aircraft. it can only be deliberate. >> the families were taken here to seyne-les-alpes and then they were taken to the mountaintop two miles away where they can see the mountain range where the plane crashed. there was a makeshift monument there and they stopped in a moment of silence. you can see many of them had tears in their eyes. they were there to pay respects to their relatives, but at the same time they knew most likely one man, the co-pilot a german first officer did deliberately fly that plane into the mountain taking 150 lives. now they were taken away from the crash scene with the knowledge also that their relatives knew exactly what was happening until the last moments the audio recordings, we understand contain the screaming and the crying of the passengers in the background and the banging on the door of the pilot trying to get in.
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>> french investigators are now concentrating on the reasons behind this criminal act by the co-pilo ch cf1 o in the digital operations center, i'm drew smith nbc 10 news. >> thank you very much. travelers at philadelphia international airport were shocked and stunned after learning these new details surrounding this crash. some said it makes them think twice about flying internationally. when we spoke with one airline worker worker, the exception not the rule. >> it's truly unfortunate, but, no, i will continue to travel as i'm quite sure that everyone should continue to travel. i feel it's 100% -- well it's more than adequately safe for people to travel. >> the international airline pilots association says its prayers are with all of the victims' loved ones. it will work to advance safer air transportation worldwide. >> we've been talking about it all night so far. there is a deadly plane crash in
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france. today we learned the other american woman killed in the alps grew up in our area and although she no longer called this area home her roots still run deeply. tim furlong is live in springfield with more. >> reporter: jackie all day long we've been seeing people put two and two together yes, i remember her. she grew up a few blocks from here and went to springfield high school. >> it's unbelievable. >> carol's reaction to the crash in france like so many others sad for the young drexel grad who was killed but when she heard emily selke's mom yvonne mentioned she made the delaware connection. >> remember seeing it on the rsvp list for the 40th reunion. she was a classmate of yvonne ciarlo. we went through the old class of '75 yearbook and found photos of a very accomplished young lady. she went on to a great career before the crash took her life.
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yvonne's family still lives in this home. her sister-in-law greeted me at the door and told me the family was not up to speaking on camera. she'd be at the class reunion of '75, they posted on the website. >> it was a tight-knit group. everybody knew everybody. she was always very kind to everybody, very outgoing and just very personal. >> reporter: and everybody that walks past springfield high keeps coming up to us saying what are you guys doing here in the word is slowly spreading to the community and i spoke to a teacher who was teaching in 1975. he didn't remember yvonne but there are surely lots of people that as they see this on the news on channel 10 they'll be saying the same thing, oh, yeah i totally remember her and everyone is devastated about what happened to she and her daughter in the french alps. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> we are learning more about the victims of the crash with local connections. ahead in our next half hour we
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will introduce you to emily and yvonne selke's pastor and what he's saying about their lives and their deaths. a few umbrellas in the streets of philadelphia. nbc 10 at spring garden rain showers falling for much of the day now and the heavier rain is still to come and as you look behind us we were talking about this. see the ominous, heavy clouds in the background. >> how dark it is and you wonder what's to come later tonight. sheena parveen is watching the radar for us. >> that's right, jacqueline and keith. you notice those clouds and they've been coming and going through the day. we've seen the sunshine and that sun is low pressuring to warm things up and the warm air will give way to thunderstorms later this evening. on top of the wells fargo center. you see the clouds in this view not much in the way of rain through the area until you get into parts of atlanta county and burlington county and stafford
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township. as we go through this evening we are watching the development of thunderstorms and they're just off to our west and it's this large area that we're seeing from west virginia into central, pa. this is a thunderstorm in the development -- thunderstorms in the development for tonight and that will be our thunderstorm threat. now here's a look at future weather. temperatures fairly warm for this time of year as we go through the next few hours. we should start to see a line of thunderstorms developing areas north and west and through 9:00 p.m. that line should be moving into the philadelphia area with temperatures quickly dropping behind the rain and could be seeing upper 30s in the poconos by then and we'll continue seeing this move through the rest of tonight and big changes with our temperatures and coming up i'll show you the timing of this and how you can expect locally and the timing over the weekend. you can keep track of the storms through your smartphone and tablet through the nbc 10 weather app and also the ability to pin points conditions right in your neighborhood. it's a free download just like
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the nbc 10 news app. now to new developments in the case of a delaware county mother who vanished nearly a year ago. investigators now believe she may be a crime victim. 25-year-old amanda deguio disappeared in drexel hill in june of last year. police say she hasn't used her phone or credit cards. at a news conference today they revealed they're in touch with homeland security to look at the possibility of any ties to amanda's disappearance and human trafficking. amanda's family was also there to plead for her return. >> i would want her to know not to be scared to come home that we love and miss her and that her daughters miss her. we just want to make sure she's safe even if it's just a phone call from her. >> amanda deguio has two young daughters. anyone with information about her should call upper darby police. saying good-bye to a local sports legend, eagles fans friends and legends are
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beginning their farewell to one of the best ever to wear the uniform. chuck bednarik died at the age of 89. deanna durante is live at the funeral home. >> reporter: they remember watching concrete charlie play on the field with the philadelphia eagles back during the '50s and they say they are proud to call him their friend. >> nobody will ever ever meet his standard. >> it was a normal day when beverly and terry ritz went shopping at a grocery store ten years ago. >> i said to my daughter and said that's chuck bednarik and he sat there and talked and what not. just enjoyed the conversation we had with him. >> and there would be more conversations weekly in fact. >> we used to meet him at the q mart in quakertown area once in a while when they'd go shopping. we followed him during his football day you know. we're going to miss him. >> the stories are all of the same, local hero hall of fame
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inductee and a very good friend. >> chuck bednarik is just a best friend. i could go over to the house any time i wanted to and sit with him and talk. >> when his best friend asked him to name one of his race horses concrete charlie it was the least he could do. >> chuck had a heart of gold. i'm going to miss him. >> eagles owner jeffrey lori was here a while ago and he talked about what an icon this former player was and you'll hear from him tonight at 6:00 and he also says plans are under way for honoring him on the field of the philadelphia eagles. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. to this now. we continue to follow developments in the deadly plane crash. one of the biggest questions remains, how could the pilot have been locked out of the cockpit? post-9/11 safety procedures like the locked cockpit door could be the reason. ahead, we take a closer look at how the crew controls who comes in and who goes during flights.
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it's one of the most staggering images showing hurricane sandy's power. we've all seen it. this roller coaster washed into the ocean. now the jersey shore pier where it once sat will soon be coming back. and sellthe importance of staying in school. the program pairing philadelphia school leaders with business pros. back to breaking news a collapse and possible explosion in manhattan. this is a live picture now of fire fighting efforts. 12 people have been taken to surrounding hospitals. we'll continue to follow this breaking news story next.
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here is a live look at the nbc 10 weather radar. we are watching the development of thunderstorms. just to our west we can expect them to move in this evening. coming up we'll talk about the timing of it and what you can expect locally. developing now, two americans are accused of trying to join isis. they were arrested in chicago. one is a current member of the illinois national guard. hassan edmonds was arrested in chicago midway airport as he tried to fly to egypt. his cousin was arrested at his home. the justice department said the two planned to launch an attack in the united states. chlt the fight to stop isis continues in iraq. this is the department of defense video showing air strikes against isis targets near tikrit. this is the first time u.s. coalition forces have been part
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of the operation to liberate the city. prosecutors in the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev focused on the bombs themselves today. an fbi bomb expert told the jury that the bombs used in the 2013 attacks weren't difficult to build and that the parts and instructions could easily be found on the internet. tsarnaev's lawyers admitted that he and his brother detonated those bombs. 260 others were injured. a detroit mother whose two kids were found dead in a freezer was arraigned on abuse charges. michelle blair confessed to killing her 13 and 9-year-old children two years ago. she was arrested earlier this week after officers serving an eviction notice opened the freezer and found the bodies of a boy and girl. police say blair could face more serious charges once they determine exactly how the children died. >> both sides involved in a controversial arrest will get more time before they head to court. that was the decision today for
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university of virginia sent to martise johnson. he was blooded and bruised when raefted last week. the arrest sparked campus protests. he'll be back in court in may. an ohio firefighter is dead after falling down an elevator shaft while fighting a fire in madisonville. a second firefighter suffered second-degree burns. several residents had to be rescued from the apartment building using a ladder truck and a few were treated for minor smoke inhalations and no word yet on what started the fire. families across arkansas and oklahoma are cleaning up after the first major strike of the tornado season. violent storms ripped across the area yesterday and overnight, splintering communities and including previously-hit moore, oklahoma. jay gray reports from there. >> reporter: the damage is severe and widespread. >> tornado on the ground! >> after a string of tornadoes unleashed their fury across the oklahoma plains. >> get it on video!
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>> at least one of these twisters following an all-too-familiar path through the city of poor. >> this is deja vu all over again and fortunately for us this was not a major occurrence like the last one was. >> the last one was a massive f-5 tornado that killed 24 injured dozens and left this community in ruins. this time while the damage is intense, everyone in moore survived and a day later many are seeing signs of hope and recovery here. >> we've been down this road before. we know what to do. >> the most severe damage came in as a powerful twister ripped through the tulsa suburb of sand springs. >> it didn't just hit the ground and move. it was jumping around. shattering this community of mobile home killing one of the residents inside. a few miles away though somehow there were no serious injuries when this gymnastics studio collapsed with 60 to 70 people inside. >> it is a miracle. god was watching over aim high
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academy and every single one of the kids in this building last night. >> now thousands are moving back into the areas hardest hit. people are survivors here. we're very resilient and we will continue to be. a resilience in strength, again, being pushed to its limits here. look clearing away all of the debris here will take weeks. the rebuilding and recovery will take much longer. jay gray nbc news, moore oklahoma. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, milder day d today, but we are now tracking thunderstorms and they're mostly off to our west but thunderstorms as we go through this evening and they'll be developing as we go through the next few hours and moving in. then we go into tomorrow. showers will be lingering for the start of the day and temperatures will be dropping too, especially as we go into the morning on the saturday and sunday.
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a colder weekend in store especially on saturday. here is a live look at the radar and most of the area not seeing rain unless you're in parts of new jersey and thunderstorms developing off to the west right now. locally, though, here's how it looks outside. clouds have been moving by pretty quickly and it's windy outside, too and it's warmer. temperatures are in the upper 60s through parts of the area right now. as far as the storms we expect this evening, we do expect heavy rain and the chances for that will be high. that's more of a medium chance. any hail or tornado chances will be staying on the much lower side. so for tonight, we do expect thunderstorms which could be producing locally heavy rain. rain in parls of burlington county seeing light showers and then we look out to the west and williamsport to harrisburg. we have showers and heavier showers developing with those thunderstorms and also developing. so it's this line off to the west that we're watching. this one we expect to move in
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later this evening and possibly bringing some thunderstorms and that could be providing locally heavy rain and lightning. >> only within the next couple of hours we should see a line moving in. this is through the poconos, lehigh valley and parts of lancaster county and getting closer to philadelphia by 9:00 p.m. this evening and trenton into wilmington and spreading to jersey and delaware by 11:00 p.m. tonight and then the rain lingers overnight tonight. for friday morning we expect showers waking up and there is the potential, at least these models are showing the colder air meeting up to it briefly. so we are going to watch that closely and then through the day friday and the clouds definitely linger and you will feel the temperatures colder through the weekend. for tonight, showers and thunderstorms briefly-y rain. 46 for the low in philadelphia and 41 north and west and tomorrow morning showers around the afternoon and colder temperatures and today will be around 50 degrees. low 50s for some and then we go
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into saturday and look at the high temperature, 40 degrees and there is a chance that we could see snow showers moving in. some of the models are hinting toward that and on sunday more sunshine, mid-40s next week and we're back in the 50s. >> say it ain't so sheena. thank you. this is great. a little girl from maine had trouble making friends so what does she do? she asked the president to help her out. because of that letter she's headed to the white house. 8-year-old katie osmer asked the president on how to make friends. she also got an invitation to the white house easter egg roll. a staff member said she may even get the chance to meet the obamas and get a personal tour. >> i figured that he must have to make friends with people he's working with. >> she's much happier. she started to be more outgoing. the fact that she's joining clubs is really amazing. >> listen to that. >> since writing the letter katie's mom says she's made two
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best friends and joined three new clubs which is something she wouldn't have done without this new confidence. we'll talk about friends in high places, jack. >> and everyone will be writing the president asking for that advice, too, to get that invitation to the white house. police in delaware county are on alert after getting calls about a suspicious man at a busy wawa store. some say this man is a peeping tom. what police say he did inside the store. and the changing face of philadelphia. new census results are in. what we are learning about the population of the city and the suburbs. and we are following breaking news from philadelphia's fairmount park section where police are investigating a reported abduction.
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breaking news from philadelphia's fairmount park. police are investigating a reported abduction. nbc 10's harry hairston is live. what do you know about this. >> police are releasing information about the reported kidnapping. i want to take you live to the scene. this is a live picture from the area of gerard avenue and blue ring hills drive. police tell us it happened a short time ago. investigators are looking into a report that a man in a truck kidnapped a woman from this area around 3:00 this afternoon. they tell us the truck was dark blue pontiac grand prix with tinted windows and also a
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partial plate of jt. again, listen to this carefully, folks. they tell us it was a truck with a dark blue pontiac grand prix and a partial plate of jt. as we get more information we'll bring it to you. reporting live from a digital operations center harry hairston, nbc 10 news. the deadly french alps plane crash. >> police reveal the plane was intentionally brought down. how could this have happened? next we'll take a closer look at the cockpit door designed to protect pilots. why those safety procedures may have led to this week's disaster. the coast guard prepares for a unique mission by taking to the skies over the jersey shore. >> it's not the first thing that people think of when they think to start. >> i'm ted greenberg. why homeland security could be having you see more of these. >> more thunderstorms to the west. these will be moving in in the
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next few hours. i'll track these for you and show you the timing and what you can expect where you live. that's straight ahead. plus fallout from the fight about an officer-involved shooting. new tonight at 6:00 the justice expected by community activists from police after officers were cleared of any charges.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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why did he do it? that is the question investigators want to answer in the crash of that germanwings flight in the french alps. they say co-pilot andreas lubitz deliberately locked the captain out of the cockpit and crashed the plane. there's no indication at this point this was an act of terrorism. investigators are focusing on the co-pilot's personal family and professional environment to look for motive. 150 people died in the crash. we learned two of the three americans who died in that crash have ties to our area. emily selke was a 2013 graduate of drexel university and her mother yvonne grew up in delaware county.o=-g some of her mother's family still live near springfield high school. audio recordings can be heard the captain that was locked out. the germanwings pilot banged on the door and then tried entering using a keypad. what he didn't know at the time was the co-pilot used the switch
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to override the pilot's code. this was one of the switches that pilots have access to. you can see behind me that there are three different positions there. it's unlock it's normal and also locked which, of course keeps everyone out of the calk might. here's what we know about the co-pilot at this point. he is known as a very calm responsible man. andreas lubitz had been working for germanwings since 2013 and tonight we're hearing from those close to drexel university grad emily selke and, of course her mother yvonne. >> they were among three americans to die when the germanwings plane slammed into a mountainside. parishioners in northern virginia say they feel like they've lost two members of their family. her mother yvonne was active in the children's programs for many years and emily sang in the choir. the pastor says he's having a hard time with this and offers these words of comfort to emily's father. >> we are told to embrace the
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light. stay in the light. don't give into the darkness so that's what i tell everybody and that's what i'll tell him. >> the selkes have been active members of their church for more than 20 years. volunteering much of their free time. our coverage continues on nbc 10 news at 6:00 and then be sure to watch nbc nightly news for the latest on the crash investigation and the victims. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we have seen a warm day with on and off showers and made it into the mid-60s. >> just amazing, right? almost 70 near delaware. more clouds are building and we're tracking storms for later tonight. sheena parveen has details. >> that's right, jacqueline and keith. the reason why we expect thunderstorms is because of how warm we are. we have them developing off to the west right now and we're looking toward harrisburg and williamsburg and we expect thunderstorms later on this evening so we will be tracking this as we go through the next several hours. there you see the line that i
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circled, a line of developing showers and thunderstorms, so again, this is what we're really keeping our eye on and this is the area where we expect the developing storms to be moving into our area and as we go through the next few hours and allentown, 54 in redding and 66 philadelphia and yes, we did hit a 70-degree mark now and 61 millville and 68 in dover and as we get warmer through the rest of this afternoon. we do expect this to be fueling any thunderstorm. so here's a look at future weather by about 6:00 p.m. we should see a line moving north and west. this is north and west of philadelphia and closer to 5:00 tonight, we could see thunderstorms approaching the philadelphia area from will ming torn to trenton and some of this could provide locally heavy rain and coming up we'll talk about storm threats as we go through this evening and when it will clear out and how much colder it will get as we get into your weekend. >> you can keep track of the
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storms right through your smartphone and tablet through the nbc weather app and it can give you the forecast and pinpoint weather conditions just like the nbc 10 news app. we continue to follow this breaking news from manhattan. crews are on the scene of a building collapse and possible explosion. 12 people have been taken to surrounding hospitals. three of those people are considered in critical condition. this is video from shortly after that explosion. you can see all of the chaos around that scene on the ground. so much smoke and debris. the location of this is second avenue in the east village. no word yet on the cause of the explosion. stay with nbc 10 as we follow this breaking news. >> this is happening closer to home. breaking news from fairmount park. a live picture from the scene of a possible abduction. the area is gerard avenue and brewery hill drive. police it would it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. investigators are looking into a report that a man in a truck
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kidnapped a woman from this area around 3:00 this afternoon. they tell us the truck was a dark blue, pontiac brand prooe with tinted windows. as soon as we hear more about this we'll get back to you from nbc 10. take a look at the new video we have showing burglars in action. yesterday morning in northeast philly police say three men broke into the philly pharmacy taking several box of medication around 3:00 a.m. two men in a pick up. three men in a silver suv also took pills and the surveillance system from the pharmacy on academy road. spying in the ladies room at wawa, that's what police say happened this weekend in delaware county. take a look at this picture. investigators believe this is the man who stuck his head under a bathroom stall in the ladies restroom to get a peek at the woman inside. it happened in the wawa in the upper chester township and witnesses say the peeping tom
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took off in a red tractor trailer. >> a man will spend life in prison for murdering his victim over a pair of headphones today a judge sentenced arkel garcia to life without a possibility of parole. he killed christian massey after confronting him in an alley in 2013. he tried to steal his beatz by dre headphones and shot massey as he was trying to run away. delaware wants to give a boost to small businesses and mom and pop shops. the delmarva broadcasting company came up with the idea for small business saturdays. it's a push to get more of us to shop at the state's nonchain stores. the chamber of commerce joined with governor jack markell this morning at wel radio's wilmington studios. it's our partner. you'll hear lots of promotion for small business saturdays on wel and the sister stations up and down the state of delaware.
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>> small businesses are creating opportunities. they are creating jobs. they are making things happen. long after the big guys are gone. >> and of course remember that when you shop at delaware you don't have to pay sales tax. a lot of applause today as philadelphia mayor michael nutter signed a new ordinance. it authorizes a ballot question regarding the establishment of a commission for women in the philadelphia home ruled charter. the question will appear on the may 19th primary election ballot. the commission would help level the playing field for women in the workplace. choppers in the air and all along the coastline. if you live at the jersey shore or plan to visit any time soon you will see them. >> that's right upon. the u.s. coast guard is extending training missions. ted greenberg is live in ocean city. tell us about it ted. >> reporter: keith and jackie this training is happening during the day and night with the focus on protecting critical airspace.
5:37 pm
>> more choppers more often. >> there's just going to be a pretty solid increase in helicopter activity. >> but this six-week mission isn't what you might expect from the u.s. coast guard. >> it takes pilots in a different direction than they're used to. >> thousands of feet above the jersey shore, coast guard helicopter pilots already skilled in search and rescue maneuvers are practiceing tactics that could be used to protect the nation's capital. >> basically, it only comes from one place in the coast guard and that's right here in atlantic city. pilots newly assigned to coast guard, they have to undergo rotary wing intercept train and it's to qualify them for homeland security flights in the washington, d.c. area. >> these missions are used to identify aircraft that are in airspace that they're not supposed to be in. >> much of the training is taking place over inland waterways between ocean city and stone harbor and barnegat
5:38 pm
township. two full search and rescue crews remain at the ready for the coast guard's primary mission here. >> those are still on duty and standing by for anything that comes up. >> reporter: the training also calls for each pilot to fly twice a day for at least two hours at a time. live in ocean city i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. let's go live to a possible explosion in new york city. a partial building collapse followed in manhattan's east village. at least 12 people hurt and let's go live to this news conference. that's mayor bill de blasio. [ inaudible ]
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>> there are approximately 250 of our members on the scene. the first call came in at 17 minutes after 3:00. >> the fire commissioner there in new york city updating the situation. a building collapse there, partially, after a possible explosion happened in the east village section of manhattan up in new york city. we'll be sure to detail you on exactly what happens there at the news conference as soon as we're able to do that we'll go on air with what the fire commissioner is revealing. a new cafe is serving up more than just coffee. it's serving up hope for young people. the monkey and elephant opened today. it's offering employment opportunities to young adults who are leaving the foster care system in the city. the cafe was founded by the former a murmurper americorps alum. an opportunity to work
5:40 pm
pennsylvania representative leslie acosta hosted a job fair at the center in north philadelphia. there was a resume and interview skills work shop and folks met with effective employers including healthcare retail technology and social services. local residents can also meet with members of the military to talk about enlistment opportunities. a roller coaster sitting in the atlantic ocean. it's one of the most unforgettable images after hurricane sandy struck. the remains of the amusement ride are now gone and the pier where it once sat still out of commission. but it will soon be coming back with one significant change. we'll tell you about that. also coming and going. the results are in for the latest census. what that means for the population of the city and for philadelphia suburbs.
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sglooz welcome back. i'm nbc 10's vince lattanzio. we now know prosecutors believe the germanwings crash was intentional and such so-called
5:43 pm
suicide by plane incidents have happened in the past though they're pretty rare. there have been five other intentional plane crashes in recent history. the most recent one actually happened two years ago in 2013 november of then a mozambique airplane crashed in western africa. the crash killed all 33 people onboard. right now on the nbc 10 app you can tap to find out and read more about the other four incidents and more about the mozambique crash in the digital exclusive story. >> thank you. hurricane sandy damaged homes and businesses up and down the jersey shore. the pier it was attached to will soon be coming back to life with one change.
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well a warm and windy day
5:46 pm
now. winds are increasing. all ahead of developing thunderstorms and they are tracking storms. they're developing off to our west right now and they will be moving in as we go through this evening. for your friday we do expect showers to be lingering especially in the morning hours and then we go into the weekend and it is going to get a lot colder behind this rain believe it or not. here issa i live look out at center city, philadelphia. we have dark clouds just a couple of minutes ago, but they are moving quickly, so you could tell it's windy outside and later this evening we'll have heavy showers and possible thunderstorms moving through. right now in philadelphia, 66 degrees as the temperature and the wind is at a sustained 20 miles an hour. so, yes, it is continuing to stay windy outside. 64 right now in redding and 69 westchester and 68 now in wilmington wilmington. mid to late 60s and dover coming in at 68 degrees so these warmer temperatures will help to fuel any thunderstorms that are moving through. right now on the radar we are mostly dry and very light
5:47 pm
showers down toward the shore, but the area that we are really watching with lightning strikes now is from harrisburg up to porter and we're watching this west of the area. this will be moving in over the next few hours. so it's all getting more organized now and it's a large line that we're seeing stretch down to west virginia and this will be moving in as we go into the next few hours and as far as the storms moving in tonight and our severe threat tracker, we expect heavy rain and lightning. these are pretty much expected with most of the storms moving in. that will be a medium risk and the hail and tornado risk that will stay on the lower side. so we're not really seeing that type of a setup, but we will be watching storms moving in. the future weather here as we go through the next few hours and we could see a line of thunderstorms through 7:00 p.m. approaching the philadelphia area by about 9:00 this would include areas around mercer county and northern delaware. by 10:00 tonight the line progresses and it could break
5:48 pm
apart, and kind of widespread with heavier pockets, too. >> overnight we keep the moisture around so we don't clear right away and early tomorrow morning lingering showers with the colder air rushing in at the same time and some models are showing the potential for a brief burst of snow areas north and west. not long lasting, though. we go through the afternoon and the clouds pretty much hang around and we could have areas of drizzle and otherwise we will not see storms like we'll see later on this evening. for tonight, showers and thunderstorms briefly heavy rain. 46 for the low in philadelphia and 41 north and west and tomorrow morning around showers around afternoon and it should be on the cloudy side and 49 to 53 for the high temperature. we do get colder tomorrow and then we get much colder as we go into saturday and 49 for the high temperature and there is a chance we could see snow moving in and some models are indicating that with the colder air and lingering moisture moving through and on sunday more sunshine 45 degrees and that will be the better day out of the weekend and next week we start in the 50s.
5:49 pm
there are more people living in philadelphia and that's according to a report from the census bureau. last year more than 4200 people moved to the city. that's actually a slower growth rate than in years past. between 2011 and 2012 more than 21,000 people moved to philadelphia. out of all of the surrounding county chester has the largest growth with an increase of more than 32,000 residents. two, three. [ applause ] >> with the turn of a few shovel bristol township began construction on its newest elementary school. officials, faculty and students took part in today's ground breaking for mary divine elementary in bucks county. the new facility will combine students from three different schools and the third new school in bristol township. it is adding the new building to replace nine of its ageing elementary schools. ♪ ♪
5:50 pm
nbc 10 in delaware county for a solemn ceremony hallowed ground. officials broke ground at a new memorial at the naval asylum national cemetery. nor than 2400 marines, soldiers and american allies were buried here. it was on this day back 150 years ago that the first of those burials happened. on hand for today's ceremony were students from penwood high school and they'll be researching the cemetery and helping to preserve it. >> in addition the students will be asked to participate in sharing the stories about these veterans in a public forum setting and in turn reach out to other school districts throughout the philadelphia region across the country and overseas. for a time the cemetery held the remains of the most famous flagmaker, betsy ross. it became an unforgettable image. the ocean county roller coaster knocked into the sea by the storm.
5:51 pm
now they want to rebuild and they've submitted their plans. the expansion over the beach and won't just out over the water like the original pier. it should be done by next year. and a north jersey landscape, the company will pay a hefty fine for price dodging during sandy. they agreed to pay $33,000 to resolve the state's allegations. the state says the company was selling recalled generators at elevated prices during a state of emergency issued because of that storm. the state also says the company was selling gas without a license. talking about schools next. the declining enrollment absent students and two of the many problems schools are facing. >> there is a rallying cry to change all of that. ♪ ♪ >> next, a unique program pairing philadelphia school leaders with business pros. international travelers close to home share their emotions tonight. a co-pilot was supposed to keep
5:52 pm
them safe. instead, deliberately brought the plane down. what local flyers are saying about the tragedy next. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!!
5:53 pm
no? must be the honey!!!
5:54 pm
markets your school may sound strange coming from a philadelphia high school but it's happening. >> it is all thanks to a new partnership between business leaders and school principals. nbc 10's katy zachry shows us how it's working. >> what do you want to do?
5:55 pm
there's something new happening in the halls of nussbaum high school in kensington thanks to the partners program. it's new to philadelphia and pairs business leaders with school principles. >> we both feed off of each other's energy and ideas and from the start it was a great partnership. ♪ ♪ the technical school is one of the few philadelphia schools taking part. it's been through some difficult times with declining enrollment and needing to improve those numbers to maintain teachers and funding. their principal meets monthly with local entrepreneur bob mow to talk strategy. the atmosphere is businesslike to start marketing the school online and in a video for prospective students. >> for me, this feels like a school doing things right and how do we get the good word out about that. >> worting from kensington katy zachry nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 nbc 10 first alert
5:56 pm
weather is tracking storms closing in on the delaware valley tonight. glenn? >> we saw a few spring showers earlier today, but this line of storms is developing very quickly. i'm tracking the timing plus how much longer the warmer temperatures will stick around. it's horrible. i mean there are no words. >> recalling the last eight minutes of a germanwings flight before its co-pilot intentionally crashed the jet in the french alps. how local flyers say the murder in the sky is changing their travel plans. plus saying good-bye to a local hero and a sports legend. we are live coming up. jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city.
5:57 pm
a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. we begin in philadelphia's fairmount park neighborhood. tonight, police are investigating a woman's reported abduction. nbc 10's harry hairston is live now with the digital operations center with more on this story. what have you been able to find out about this? >> jacqueline police released information to us about an hour ago about this kidnapping that went on. i want to take you live to the scene right now. take a look at this picture. we have a live picture near brewery hill drive. police tell us it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. investigators say they're looking into a report that a man drove off with a woman after kidnapping her. they tell us she was taken in a dark blue pontiac grand prix with tinted windows and it had a
5:59 pm
partial license plate of j.t. that's all we have for you at this moment and we'll continue to monitor this situation and we'll bring you more details as we get them. live in the digital operations center harry hairston back to you. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of new york. a preliminary investigation reveals pluming and gas work being done inside a building in manhattan may be the cause of an explosion, fire and partial collapse. >> it happened just before 4:00 inside a building on second avenue in manhattan. 12 people were injured and taken to area hospitals. the first two floors of the building are coded for commercial use and the other three floors are cosed as residential apartments. we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them. >> another big story we're tracking tonight. spring storms closing in on air area and this line of storms is coming in from the west and we could see heavy downpours, gusty winds and even lightning. glenn, where is the threat right
6:00 pm
now? >> that line is centered right here harrisburg at the moment but is strengthening pretty quickly and you can see more and more lightning strikes right along that line that goes down into maryland and it is moving to the east and it's moving to the east fairly rapidly and at this pace it would be near redding, around 7:00 and philadelphia closer to 8:30 tonight. >> now that will continue to be strong as long as the sun is up and once the sun goes down, the energy will start to go down a little bit. so the threat this


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